The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

AMBERSTONE CT., 30, No. 30C-Brian C. Meck to Kelly Ann Medlin, $295,000.

ARBOR HILL RD., 3-Anthony T. Banda to Guillermo A. Lopez and Blanca Contreras, $340,000.

ARUNDEL ON THE BAY RD., 3159-Lonnie Murray to Gregory O. Jackson, $120,000.

ARUNDEL ON THE BAY RD., 3271-Zebbie D. Atkinson IV to Nicholas and Linda Ann Zafiriou, $295,000.

ARUNDEL ON THE BAY RD., 3306-Lisa E. Schatz to Gordon Bennett and Lianna Dozor, $240,000.

BAY RIDGE AVE., 1402-Gregory J. Segretti to Tyler Avenue Corp., $685,000.

CHANNEL VILLAGE CT., 7030, No. 7030-102-Janet L. Campion to Steve and Janet Chad, $533,500.

CHESAPEAKE HARBOUR DR. E., 2205-Albert W. Caiazza to William and Dawn Morton, $1.452 million.

DUMBARTON CT., 11, No. 5-Shirley A. Dennis to Anthony L. and Cynthia Y. Reed Boyd, $210,000.

GARDEN GATE LANE, 301-Thomas M. Kelly to Saviel Cruz and Elba D. Garcia, $309,000.

HOMEWOOD RD., 2038-George M. Perrin to Jerome I. Feldman, trustee, and Alan W. Bernstein, trustee, $3.9 million.

IRONSTONE CT., 50, No. 50G-George E. Altevogt III to Heather M. Rancourt and Nicole D. Deveny, $280,000.

LANGDON CT., 931-Brett M. Cureton to Jeffrey W. and Susan E. Wilson, $495,000.

LINDEN AVE., 1327-Douglas N. Perrygo to Kenneth J. Barrette and Maeyee Lee, $351,025.

MIZZEN CT., 5-Rachel Aponte to Kristofer M. and Ruth A.F. Webb, $300,000.

PRESIDENT ST., 1302-Jack E. Meade to Scott Shippy and Carrie Amsbaugh, $362,000.

RIDING RIDGE RD., 320-Scott M. Ceccorulli to Bradley C. and Christy A. Julian, $502,500.

SILVERWOOD CIR., 24, No. 2-John L. Grandin IV to William A. and Laurent G. Swander, $176,000.

SILVERWOOD CIR., 24, No. 9-Paul M. Smith to Verna R. Price, $255,000.

SPRING VALLEY DR., 113-Steven F. Kellogg to Farhad Hejazi and Eva Hajazi, $380,000.

TIBURON CT., 1-Carol S. Breitzman to William R. Grigsby, $275,000.

WAINWRIGHT AVE., 29-Neil M. Melofchik to Prudential Relocation Inc., $837,500.

Annapolis-Sandy Point

State Park Area

BERMUDA CT., 808-Helen Eileen King to Robert T. and Margaret M. Peters, $425,000.

BOOM WAY, 908-Homer E. Dowdy to Alfred and Patricia Lookingland, $395,000.

CHARLES ST., 115-Mary Susan McLaughlin to David W. and Kathleen Stock, $500,000.

CLAY ST., 82-Arundel Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Mark Beavers, $170,000.

COYBAY DR., 710-Crab Cove Corp. to Barney C. and Cheryl E. Parrella, $605,676.

COYBAY DR., 725-Crab Cove Corp. to Frank J. and Virginia C. Deluca, $655,215.

DUKE OF GLOUCESTER ST., 104-Kenneth F. Morrell to Jonathan P. and Marine T. Kagan, $1.29 million.

DUKE OF GLOUCESTER ST., 126, No. 4-Linda B. Duvall to Thomas R. Sink, $700,000.

FAIRFAX RD., 1928-Robert K. Penner to Adam J. and Mary J. Eckert, $261,500.

FAWNS WALK, 500, No. 49-Anne W. Dawsey to Francine R. Carl, $450,000.

GENESSEE ST., 617, No. 21-Edward L. Dozier Jr. to Cynthia L. Petty, $150,000.

GOV. THOMAS BLADEN WAY, 2024, No. 202-Robert C. Mueller to Gregory K. and Barbara J. Carroll, $315,000.

HARBOUR HEIGHTS DR., 72-Georgan Pantelides to Zachary A. Samaras, $297,000.

HARBOUR HEIGHTS DR., 86, No. 864-Jonathan Carpenter to Gary T. Burgess, $326,000.

HIGHVIEW DR., 1201-Cynthia E. Edwards to John H. Randolph Jr. and Michelle L. Edwards, $345,000.

ISLAND CREEK CT., 621-Robert S. Roggio to Zohreh Jafari, $242,000.

LATROBE DR., 1208-Amar N. Sharma to Michael A. Anspach, $180,000.

MARKET ST., 105-Theodore L. Oldham to Leigh and Ellen Turner, $1.375 million.

MERRYMAN CT., 121, No. 11-Raymond F. Johnston to Aaron M. and Dawn M. Jeffords, $185,000.

MOUNT PLEASANT DR., 1249-Teri Barnett to Dawn M. Haas and Richard A. Bowders, $457,000.

MULBERRY HILL RD., 2246-Carol A. Kraker to Susan A. Okula and Douglas H. Bigelow, $1.4 million.

NEPTUNE PL., 1168-Barbara J. McClernon to Eugene B. and Christine A. Walp, $389,000.

PEGGY STEWART WAY, 2008, No. 102-Kenneth R. Larson to Caren E. Eirkson, $301,000.

PEGGY STEWART WAY, 2008, No. 103-Mark A. Laubach to Julie and Danny R. Lunsford, $245,000.

PENNYPOND LANE, 2826-Sean T. Chaney to Leslie S. Scott, $437,000.

PLEASANT LAKE RD., 1445-Scott E. Smith to Brian E. and Laura C. Kamoie, $960,000.

POPLAR AVE., 1004-Gary S. Elliott to Kevin A. and Ellen B. Chase, $510,000.

POPLAR LANE, 2721-Andrew S. Gabler to William P. Sapp, $550,000.

RIVA RD., 2574, No. 12A-Susan J. Kirkpatrick to C. Michele Rockhill, $160,850.

RIVER BAY RD., 1234-Edgar A. Reeves Jr. to Sheila L. and Elihu I. Leifer, $800,000.

RIVERBOAT CT., 1107-Mark T. Dunphy to Barbara E. Devine, $220,000.

SCOTTS CROSSING CT., 2159, No. 201-Mark Rath to Kelly M. Rohrer, $275,500.

SHILEY ST., 8-Barbara Mehr to Steven R. and Leslie M. Raabe, $860,000.

STAR PINE DR., 1582-Cora J. Bruner to Stephan R. Neidenbach and Jennifer L. Watkins, $280,000.

SUMMERVIEW WAY, 2710, No. 1304-Brenda M. Wiles to Patricia McKim, $330,000.

WAGNER ST., 19-Beate R. Von Oppen to St. John's College, $320,000.

WHITE TAIL DEER CT., 1526-John B. Hosmer, trustee, to Gregory A. and Isabel C. Miller, $835,000.

WILLIAMS DR., 45-Sarah H. Long to Mark Luchs, $515,000.

WINTERS CHASE WAY, 2937, No. 31-Kimberly A. Scheibach to James C. and Deborah J. Pyles, $369,900.

WOOD LOT TRAIL RD., 630-Lynn R. Singleton to Glen R. and Tracy Gibson, $830,000.

WOOD VIEW CT., 338-Terry Watts to Lester C. Carr and Catherine M. Jenkins, $270,000.

Arnold Area

ALAMEDA PKWY., 421-David W. Geipe to Utz Enterprises Inc., $500,000.

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 1396-Stephen L. Treat to Thomas J. and Julie P. Lapham, $719,900.

BURNETT AVE., 930-Vincent R. Pereira Jr. to Paul W. and Suzanne C. Sullivan, $800,000.

DONCASTER RD., 209-Kenneth A. Diblasi to Roxann M. and Robert L. King, $490,000.

FINNEANS RUN, 1209-Richard G. Schmidt to James and Kelly Meehan, $599,900.

GATOR CT., 1183, No. 213-Jeffrey R. Perlstein to Nick James and Scott Umberto Pitocco, $250,000.

GREENBLADES CT., 521, No. 171-J. Kirk Ritchey to Todd M. Jackson, $230,000.

HEARTWOOD CT., 1204, No. 47-Nicholas A. Cifolilli to Brent R. Hunter, $268,000.

JUPITER HILLS CT., 630, No. 5D-Timothy T. Harris to Joseph D. and Mary Ellen Gattie, $204,500.

MAGO VISTA RD., 870-James H. Keller Jr. to Matthew S. and Sarah L. Smith, $340,000.

OVERLEAF CT., 295-Shavrub J. Sheth to Daniel W. Miller, $340,000.

OVERLEAF DR., 262-Charles Christy to West River Investments Corp., $305,900.

PAULINE CT., 203-Robert Thorton to Jeffrey R. and Deborah A. Dodge, $885,000.

POINT-O-WOODS CT., 1434, No. 7-Warner P. Terhes to Bryan E. Jones, $240,000.

QUAKER RIDGE CT., 590, No. 128-Danielle L. Sewell to John Krikorian and Emily E. Clarke, $327,500.

RUXSHIRE DR., 783-James W. Himes to Tyrone and Dawn M. Dorsey, $515,000.

SONG SPARROW CT., 915-Joel D. Newman to Matthew and Karin D. Mosk, $550,000.

STIARNA CT. N., 1162-Ronald E. Quigley to John C. and Shannon P. Overend, $510,000.

VIKING DR. S., 1241-Pamela L. Hand to Patrick M. McNelis and Pamela S. Privette, $328,000.

Brooklyn Area

CHURCH ST., 522-Frank A. Ruff to Steven S. Horton and Heather R. Klemkowski, $130,000.

CRESSWELL RD., 213-Dennis P. Jones Sr. to Georgean R. Wheeler, $183,900.

DORIS AVE., 314-Donna M. Jolly to Jessica M. Jolly and Steven K. Lee, $140,000.

EDISON ST., 309-Ethel M. Quattro to Mark R. Megna and Stacey R. Lancaster, $225,000.

HAMMONDS LANE, 101-Rachael E. Stegall to Avery J. and Emily D. Moore, $233,000.

JOHNSON ST., 5727-Naomi M. Arnold to Fred W. and Darlene M. Lang, $97,000.

MEADOW RD. W., 170-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Suafa H. Asgeirsdottir, $98,500.

MIDLAND AVE., 207-Clifton Cornish Jr. to Benjamin E. Jones Jr. and Carolyn R. Adams, $160,000.

SEWARD AVE., 450-Charlene E. Hardee to Tiffany M. Palen, $138,000.

SOUTHERLY RD., 214-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Arthur E. Bucklew III, $67,101.

WALTON AVE., 411-William T. Groome Sr. to Brandy L. Mason and John M. Randall, $276,500.

NINTH AVE., 104-William S. Beckman to Brandon M. and Andrea L. Farmer, $240,000.

SIXTH AVE., 105-Michael F. Alt Jr. to Donald D. Martin Jr., $285,000.

Churchton Area

CARVEL ST., 5529-Charles W. Rygg to David A. Prout, $238,500.

Crofton Area

BANCROFT LANE E., 1718, No. 292-Daniel R. Tewell to Napre Bell, $180,000.

BOLTON LANE, 2421, No. 11-Scott Crandell to Carol A. Daniels, $320,000.

CROFTON PKWY., 1773-Lawrence G. Rose, trustee, to Christopher M. and Rita M. Hurst, $565,000.

DENTON CT., 1719-Robert J. Nash to Pablo G. Willstatter and Teresa Bermudez, $323,000.

ELWYN AVE., 1508-Lance T. Brasher to Christopher and Margaret Allen, $557,750.

ETON WAY, 1520-Marvin H. Stockett to Sally W. and Glenn C. Halfpap, $250,000.

ETON WAY, 1560-Raymond J. Harvey to Charles R. and Andrea M. Brewer, $474,900.

FALLOWFIELD CT., 1612, No. 161216-Alison R. Brown to Eric A. Konopacky and Michelle L. Fitch, $265,000.

FALLOWFIELD CT., 1672, No. 167212-Jonell B. Urbaniak to Bernard K. Warnowicz, $245,000.

HIGHTEE CT., 2433-Robert D. Peterson Jr. to Thomas A. and Donna E. Rudnicky, $540,000.

JEFFREY DR., 1177, No. 44-Kathryn K. Hughes to Mandy M. Prevo, $318,500.

LINKWOOD LANE, 1730-Thomas A. Rudnicky to Anthony Wayne and Andrea Moran Najarian, $431,000.

LIZBEC CT., 2404, No. 1B-Jonathan B. Schiller to Rokitansky and Tina Casibang, $279,000.

LOWELL CT., 1524, No. 25YF-Patricia J. Flynn to William L. Patriarea, $172,000.

NOTELY LANE, 2204, No. 105-Rosemary Vuong to Lakeya Richmond, $230,000.

ORLEANS CT., 1428, No. 93XB-Heather D. White to Crystal S. Goodman and Kenneth R. Austin Jr., $225,000.

PEPPERTREE CT., 1329-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Garvin D. Masengale, $476,000.

SCRIBNER PL., 1757-Robert K. Kellner to David G. and Erica A. Smith, $499,900.

SHADYWOOD CT., 1501-Scott T. Kirby to Casely B. and Angela M. Essamuah, $509,900.

SHARWOOD PL., 1845, No. 71-Michael V. Paolino to Timothy W. Garvin, $175,000.

STRATTON RD., 1733-George J. Wojtech to William M. and Anne H. Anderson, $515,000.

URBY DR., 1701-Carla S. Mulhern to Carl and S. Michelle Thornblade, $559,900.

WALLEYE DR., 1668, No. 212-Donald E. Snow to William T. and Karen E. Schroeder, $250,000.

WEYMOUTH LANE, 2331-Scott D. Rager to Duane and Ashley Denison, $325,000.

WICKFORD CT., 1168-Richards Group of Washington to Kenneth P. Marmen, $258,000.

Crownsville Area

ALGONQUIN RD., 1205-Todd F. Esenwein to William Anthony and Jennifer Laurence Earner, $1.25 million.

BOXWOOD TRAIL, 827-Cynthia L. Taylor to Scott A. MacKinnon, $330,000.

FAIRFIELD ESTATES LANE, 1207-Harold T. Brooks to Gregory C. Hall and Elizabeth A. Dalton, $779,900.

FAIRGROVE LANE, 1302-Norwood Properties Corp. to Vivian R. Thompson Goldstein, $1.082 million.

UPTON SCOTT WAY, 1601-Gregory B. Butler to Gary and Sally Dix, $1.225 million.

WHITNEYS LANDING DR., 756-William A. Bryant to Linda K. and Scott T. Parker, $479,900.

Curtis Bay Area

DOUBLE CHESTNUT CT., 1127-Cynthia R. Howard to Mildred N. Pipkin, $305,000.

HOLLOW GLEN CT., 1300, No. 368-Donald L. Emge to John E. Barnes, $270,000.

STONELEIGH CT., 1365, No. 198-Carol J. Moore to William R. Murphy, $280,000.

Davidsonville Area

PADDOCK DR., 2556-Robert P. Garland to John D. and Shelly McKnight, $612,500.

Edgewater Area

CARRS WHARF RD., 1120-Paul D. Crouthamel to Michael W. Gillespie and Catherine A. Guyer, $600,000.

COLONY POINT PL., 306-Carolyn W. Colvin to Anthony J. Drago, trustee, $520,000.

FAIRMOUNT DR., 405-Linda K. Cano to Geoffrey Ennis and John Hinzman, $177,163.

HOLLY RD., 304-Julie B. Sinclair to Jon P. and Bethany Mahoney, $293,000.

LOCH HAVEN DR., 3587-Maureen K. Dickerson to David R. and Karen R. Sims, $410,000.

MAYFIELD RD., 1505-Henry E. Chadwick to Erwin T. Nelsen, $288,000.

MILLHAVEN DR., 2108, No. 108-Michael J. Zelin to Rachel M. Hyson, $410,000.

MILLHAVEN DR., 2125, No. 12524-Thomas Woodling to Robert C. Bigler, $420,000.

MONARCH DR., 3511-Prudential Homes Corp. to Michael D. and Kerryann M. Kiely, $840,000.

POPLAR LEAF DR., 436-Paul P. Marcellino to Flagship Corp., $170,000.

RIDGE AVE., 47-Thomas D. Creech to Zeb Corp., $311,000.

RIVERDALE DR., 1719-Carolyn P. Cann to Amy B. Lago, $320,000.

SHORE DR., 810-Charles M. Grimley to Joey A. Reedy, $264,900.

TACOMA RD., 1702-Shawn L. Cobbs to George Andrew Martinez and Diana Dycus, $320,000.

WALNUT DR., 447-Richard W. Suter to Jason and Melissa Wanner, $525,000.

WASHINGTON RD., 126-Timothy M. Carroll to Michael and Kelly Golkin, $385,000.

Friendship Area

WILSON RD., 6508-James E. Beam to Charles D. and Catherine M. Walton, $599,900.

Gambrills Area

AUTUMNWOOD DR., 947-Joanne Jasper to Susan D. Baudoin, $399,000.

EDENWOOD LANE, 2101-Douglas J. Smith to Michael W. and Silke B. Hagee, $1.4 million.

FROST VALLEY LANE, 872-Kenneth K. Hembree to Michael J. and Katherine E. Hillegas, $293,550.

TIME DR., 2249-William T. Schroeder to John F. Connolley, $300,000.

Glen Burnie Area

BROADVIEW BLVD. N., 1104-Brian Thomas to Cosilyn L. Lacey, $268,000.

CLEAR DROP CT., 6526, No. 202-Dana R. Dorn to Marilyn L. Bergen, $185,250.

EUGENIA AVE., 116-Florence E. Murray to Malinda L. and Curt L. Schneider, $230,000.

FERNDALE AVE., 12-C.E. Stricker to Kathleen A. Spears, $218,000.

FERNDALE AVE., 21-Thomas S. Campbell to Melty Herrarte, $260,000.

GEORGIA AVE. NW, 112-Robynn D. Squires to Steven N. Finch and Marilyn S. Miller, $259,900.

HUNTINGTON CT., 106-Leon W. Fredericks to Albert J. and Michelle L. Cooke, $387,000.

JUNEBERRY WAY, 204, No. 204-2D-Mary Beth Turpin to Geoffrey S. Sage, $167,000.

KIMBERLY LANE, 1237-Edwin A. Junkerman to Fred M. and Trisha M. O'Neal, $252,350.

LONGTOWNE CT., 475-Jae K. Park to Keith Paterno, $212,000.

LOTUS AVE., 1100-Joseph B. Wissel to James M. Digloria Jr., $215,000.

MACKINTOSH DR., 244-George D. Fowler Jr. to Marianna A. and Richard N. Cappiello, $280,000.

MAIN AVE., 213-Bateman Builders Inc. to Wayne and Ching Mei Hsieh, $337,000.

PACKARD AVE., 403-Lester W. Pruitt Jr. to Kathleen Steele, $255,000.

ROOSEVELT AVE., 110-Deborah S. Brunetti to Sheila Taylor Allsup, $325,000.

ROSE AVE., 305-John R. Osborne to John Gilbert Mudge Jr., $190,000.

ROXBURY DR., 7921-William K. Purdum to Carlos Olivares, $315,000.

SAUNDERS WAY, 1603-David W. Gover to John R. and Joy L. Evans, $207,500.

SHETLANDS LANE, 335-Jeffery L. Gray to Richard J. Ramirez, $177,000.

SHETLANDS DELL, 7970-Stanley L. Kennell Jr. to Jonathan Markland, $215,000.

SHETLANDS DELL, 7972-Suzanne C. Gonzalez to Shaun P. Warner and Angelina M. Gellert, $215,500.

SPRITE WAY, 626-Nicole C. Faulkner to Jason M. and Julie A. Goad, $240,500.

TURNWOOD CT., 210-Robert W. Parsons to Perrt R. and Kimberly L. Horn, $285,000.

TWIN RIDGE DR., 7886-Robert L. Truax Jr. to Robert T. and Annie M. Durrette, $345,000.

WASHINGTON BLVD., 400-Robert K. Condon to Elizabeth M. Asbury, $239,000.

SECOND AVE. S., 103-Holly Builders Inc. to Ward Vernon and Kristy M. Brumfield, $385,000.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

BARBARA CT., 809-Charles D. Harris Jr. to Strategic Equity Group Corp., $169,000.

CASTLE HARBOUR WAY, 1102, No. 1A-Karla A. Horn to John M. and Charmaine E. Shifflett, $111,000.

FABLE CT., 6602-Cipriano B. Dauz to Jose A. Lopez, $280,000.

FRANCIS RD., 7642-Robert E. Bichell to Carmen J. Lopez, $275,000.

MARLEY NECK RD., 25-Irwin Union Bank and Trust Co. to Lawrence Olugbade, $139,900.

PHELPS AVE., 307-Hugh D. Evans to Jerome K. and Unice D. Milton, $355,900.

POLYNESIAN LANE, 6505-Cynthia H. Fisher to William C. Kruger, $263,000.

QUEEN ANNE RD., 212-Thomas D. Mrozek to Bridge C. Cooper, $283,000.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6604, No. 203-Patricia C. Avanzato to Elaina T. Carroll, $189,900.

SANDSBURY AVE., 106-Ruth Wilcox to Jason P. and Gerri L. Brewster, $317,800.

SHELLYE RD., 7841-William E. Phillips to Andrew and Christine Baldwin, $227,000.

Hanover Area

BEAR PAW LANE, 1616-Dennis W. Holden to Brian T. Stolar, $575,000.

FAIRBANKS CT., 7605-Paul M. Rudzinski to Kelli A. Mattox, $217,000.

FAIRBANKS CT., 7691-Ofelia Gonzales to Ofelia G. and Juan A. Frontan, $72,923.

FOREST AVE., 7140-Ezra L. Dye Jr. to Rafael and Tomas Estrada, $370,000.

GREENKNOLL BLVD., 54-Denis L. Hinz to William D. and Jennifer A. Sparks, $315,000.

RIDGE CHAPEL RD., 7691-Jasen A. Harryman to David Kyung H. and Yong H. Kim, $478,000.

Harwood Area

OWENSVILLE RD., 21-Carter Chaney to John S. and Julia R. Thackrah, $775,000.

Jessup Area

MONTEVIDEO CT., 7531-Jerald E. Shook to Richard E. and April E. Westover, $274,900.

Laurel Area

BARBERSVILLE RD., 416-William A. McConkey to Nery Alberto Belloso, $262,000.

CHERRY BLOSSOM CROSSING, 3500-Mark H. Lineberry to Brian M. and Karen U. Arakelian, $505,000.

DOMINION S., 3328-Bruce E. Weibel to Alan T. and Jamie M. Schankweiler, $315,000.

EAGLE HARBOR S., 333-Donald A. Rouiller to Charles E. and Carolyn A. Trent, $285,000.

IRONSHIRE S., 250-Francis M. Ledroux to Marvin A. Guevara and Sonia Maribel Del Cid, $313,650.

LYNDHURST ST., 8201-Genia Wilbourn to Katea S. Murray, $284,900.

LYNDHURST ST., 8328-Charles E. Basham to Michael T. and Kiersten V. Corey, $440,000.

PURPLE LEAF LANE, 3247-Temitope O. Olaniyi to Hokyung A. Roh, $399,900.

RIPPLING WAY, 3529-Thomas M. Deveans to Ray C. and Lora B. Antoine, $530,000.

WOODLAND MANOR DR., 8400-Kevin Clark to Barbara Ayesu, $345,000.

Linthicum Heights Area

CLEVELAND RD., 545-Lewis S. Heyser to Land Research Associates Corp., $75,000.

CLEVELAND RD., 551-Donald L. Hamilton to George R. and Kathy S. Sauble, $260,000.

EXETER CT., 201-Albert J. Brocato to Linda A. Johnson, $272,000.

FAIRMOUNT RD., 564-Clarita Y. Donahue, trustee, to Georgianna Pumphrey, $266,500.

ORCHARD RD., 6305-Claude S. Stewart to Robert M. Gast, $250,000.

Lothian Area

MOUNT ZION MARLBORO RD., 355-Joseph L. Tucker to Jeffrey Crandell, $162,500.

NUTWELL CT., 70-Thomas G. Mullen to Sherri L. and Justin Tupik, $625,500.

TRAVELLER CT., 600-Keith B. Wright to Michael D. Paxson, $850,000.

Millersville Area

ANNA LANE, 808-Craig W. Boyko to Roy L. and Christina Hines, $489,900.

ASHBURTON DR., 1307-William J. Ziegler to Kristi B. and Patrick D. Worley, $393,000.

LINDA LANE, 170-Dale P. Hunt to Ramona Austin, $503,000.

PADDLE WHEEL CT. W., 651-David J. Hawk

to Sean Korbrin and Jennifer Yeagle,


PADDLE WHEEL CT. W., 655-Russell S. Clark to Patrick M. Bell, $239,000.

PUMPHREY FARM DR., 710-Mark A. Seaman to Timothy C. Bowers and Deidre A. Galarneau, $765,000.

ROCK RIDGE RD., 210-William Howie to Christopher W. and Barbara J. Hoage, $780,000.

SCARLET GLEN CT., 8386-Mahesh S. Ochaney to Suk Chan Lee, $790,000.

WEYBURN RD., 8165-Sherri Y. Griffin Wright to Scott and Loretta Hammon, $334,900.

North Beach Area

WALNUT AVE., 956-Bank of America to Donald and Katherine Dixon, $280,000.

Odenton Area

ASTILBE WAY, 2078-U.S. Home Corp. to Erin M. Whitehead and Dale E. Whitehaed, $317,406.

AUTUMN HARVEST CT., 2400, No. 203-Tony E. Uranga to Jennifer L. Millar, $241,100.

AUTUMN HARVEST CT., 2400, No. 301-James P. Carey to Durke Anthony Wright, $249,500.

AUTUMN RIDGE CT., 8725-Anita R. Shamburger to Shawn Brady, $283,000.

BRIGADIER BLVD., 2133, No. 175-Brian J. Morgan to Prudential Relocation Inc., $310,000.

BUCKWHEAT CT., 1979-SHC Seven Oaks Corp. to Lisa L. Hill, $203,400.

COLLINS AVE., 1215-Samuel D. Jackson to Greentree Builders Inc., $155,000.

COMMISSARY CIR., 2238, No. 190-John W. Lawrence to Clement Anim and Marian O. Asamoah, $315,000.

DAYSPRING DR., 703-Edwin J. Sligar to Peter S. and Marly P. Koenigseder, $344,900.

EDWARDS DR., 556-Roy E. Erickson to Toan D. Nguyen, $307,000.

ESTUARY DR., 836-Bradly W. King to Christopher S. and Brandy M. Curran, $317,000.

FLUTTERING LEAF TRAIL, 8621, No. 204-Beazer Homes Corp. to Wilfred and Mary A. Thorpe, $266,499.

FLUTTERING LEAF TRAIL, 8621, No. 302-Beazer Homes Corp. to Stanley and Theresa P. Weinberg, $345,333.

FLUTTERING LEAF TRAIL, 8621, No. 306-Beazer Homes Corp. to Nancy C. Harris, $302,306.

FLUTTERING LEAF TRAIL, 8621, No. 403-Beazer Homes Corp. to Stuart L. and Davideen S. Werner, $317,362.

GATEHOUSE LANE, 308, No. 308F-C. Lachanda Green to Latifou Bouraima, $200,500.

GLADHILL RD., 514-Lowell E. Miller to Lynn and Syeed Mahdi, $339,900.

JUNCO CT., 2572-Thomas Kim to Vernon E. Grimes Jr. and Susan L. Cunningham, $405,000.

KILLARNEY TER., 2419-Winchester Homes Inc. to Samuel L. Ely and Amy L. Zahurones, $376,315.

KILLARNEY TER., 2427-Winchester Homes Inc. to Steven W. and Jacqueline A. Bramer, $428,940.

KING MALCOM AVE., 522-Joseph Lorentzen to Angelika S. and James C. Waters, $282,900.

LITTLE PATUXENT CT., 8720-Jessica C. Denham to Norman G. Kluge, $395,000.

MILES RIVER CT., 225-James E. Robinson to Mariatu A. and Haroun Zubairu, $307,000.

PINE MEADOWS DR., 8716-Scott W. Secrest to William John Ross Suter and Layla Dawn Crisp, $281,000.

PIPISTRELLE CT., 1062-Beazer Homes Corp. to Andres J. Gomez, $393,632.

PIPISTRELLE CT., 1070-Beazer Homes Corp. to Constantine S. Kerasiotes, $423,295.

RAILBED DR., 1002-Tin Roof Court Corp. to Rose and Meredith Holcomb, $408,898.

RAILBED DR., 1010-Tin Roof Court Corp. to Tuso Chen, $422,482.

RUNNING WOLF TRAIL, 2525-Whitney Michaels to Shane J. and Karen E. Hess, $390,000.

RUNNING WOLF TRAIL, 2533-Anthony McGlinn to Jose L. and Rachel W. Delgado, $350,000.

SAPPHIRE CT., 1509-Pulte Home Corp. to James C. Graham and Barbara E. Smith, $348,095.

SCAFFOLD WAY, 1834-NRV Inc. to Joseph I. and Belinda P. Stevenson, $388,065.

SCAFFOLD WAY, 1883-PCI Seven Oaks Corp. to Orion Thant, $406,366.

SOUR DOCK DR., 2616-Summit Chase Corp. to Kimberly M. Vatis, $415,478.

SOUR DOCK DR., 2618-Summit Chase Corp. to Kevin W. and Karen M. Lawrence, $415,884.

STAR STELLA DR., 1532-Winchester Homes Inc. to James E. and Tina M. Morris, $849,085.

STAR STELLA DR., 1546-Winchester Homes Inc. to Tony Chul and Linda M. Kim, $731,450.

STREAMVIEW DR., 2640-F. Clyde Jones to Justin Nolan and Stefanie L. Bachmann, $401,000.

SUSQUEHANNOCK CIR., 2817-Thomas E. Trainor III to Jon D. and Megan Evans, $330,500.

THORNBROOK DR., 8743-Stacy A. Williams to Joseph L. and Lindia Alexandra Pistone, $355,000.

TIMBERBROOK CT., 329-Barry E. Thompson Jr. to Amanda S. and Adam R. Sharp, $362,000.

Owensville (West River) Area

CEDARLEA DR., 5163-Richard L. Howard Construction to Richland Homes Inc., $267,500.

DUNNINGTON PL., 1010-James C. Bierach to Carter Ruefly, $200,000.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

BAR HARBOR RD., 304-John W. Conrad to Thomas Sabia and Lee Ann Sapp, $580,000.

BEACHWOOD RD., 245-George H. McCready, trustee, to Michael D. and Lisa H. Pallett, $320,000.

BELHAVEN AVE., 7877-Morris C. McQuay to Donna L. Disney and Lisa L. Callaway, $470,000.

BRAID HILLS DR., 1630-Route 173 Partnership to David W. and Terri T. Miller, $914,584.

BRAID HILLS DR., 1634-Alexander A. Miller to Leonard H. and Donna D. Bush, $995,990.

CYRIL AVE., 626-Gary A. Kelbaugh Sr. to Christopher E. Allgauer and Kerri A. France, $234,900.

DELAWARE AVE., 221-Yong I. Lee to Thomas P. and Marjorie H. McGuire, $300,000.

DORSHIRE CT., 3611, No. 37-Shane Neal to Teresa M. Russ, $239,900.

DORSHIRE CT., 3616-Edward J. Wefelmeyer to Robert J. Ruschell, $265,200.

DUNLAP RD., 143-Daniel R. Tewell to Julie M. Salatto, $167,500.

DUVALL HWY., 723-Tivis McElroy to Noe Avelar, $205,500.

ELKWOOD CT., 8208-John L. White to Adam and Theresa Sayor, $425,000.

GRAY STONE LANE, 8103-Kristina Ignatavicius to Chul W. Park, $271,000.

KENT AVE., 601-Edward McGowan to Kent Avenue Land Corp., $399,900.

KINGSLEY CT., 3501, No. H-F. Doelle and Dorothy Harold to Karen R. Smith, $159,900.

LAKE CIR., 7708-Stephen G. Kniffen to Erin L. Scammell, $308,000.

LAKE DR., 2269-Gary M. Honaker to Andrew and Lorraine Davidson, $395,000.

LONG POINT RD., 1570-Ronald L. Carver to Patricia A. Ashburn, $325,000.

LYNN CIR., 8396-Michael Housley to Robert L. Maylor, $250,000.

MACHIAS HARBOUR, 8660-Constance N. Savoy to Robert J. and Amy L. Ridenour, $235,000.

MAGOTHY BEACH RD., 211-William P. Klaschka to Christopher A. Tucker, $270,000.

MAYWOOD AVE., 8033-Christopher Michael Baguley to Francis Monticelli, $275,000.

OLD CROWN DR., 3486-Dean E. Razmus to Melissa J. Rode and Timothy D. Kelly Jr., $186,000.

OLD HOUSE RD., 7776-William E. Humphreys to Allen J. and Karen E. Seward, $326,000.

PINE RIDGE RD., 8042-Cecilia MacKenzie to Darren L. Dzielski, $330,000.

POINSETTIA TER., 8184-Stephen A. Isbell to Catherine C. Garris, $300,000.

POWHATAN BEACH RD., 773-Randolph W. Schulze to Steven T. Podwojski, $278,000.

RAMBLING RIDGE CT., 316-Deborah L. Peterson to Gregory Skipper, $269,900.

RAMBLING RIDGE CT., 341-Mark I. Fernandez to Lucas M. Maciolek and Colleen E. Plitt, $251,000.

RIVERSIDE DR., 603-Patricia J. Nickalo to Allen J. Stanton, $320,000.

ROCK HILL RD., 1280-Dana A. Clemens to Gary D. and Teresa A. Owens, $312,000.

RUGBY RD., 8482-Charles K. Smith to Stephen L. and Wendy G. Schueman, $233,000.

SAIL CIR., 8347-Michael R. Yeager to Joseph V. and Jennifer Lynn Lee, $394,900.

SILLERY BAY RD., 159-James R. Brown Sr. to Thomas A. and Jamie J. Solano, $368,000.

TICK NECK RD., 7828-Carl E. McCormick Jr. to Frederick W. King Jr., $255,500.

VALLEY RD., 1217-Brian Evans to John P. and Laurie A. Marrotta, $412,000.

WEST SHORE RD., 7719-Mandrin Homes Limited to Rana D. Wiggins, $324,900.

204TH ST., 709-John L. Werner to Carrie L. Mankin, $194,900.

Riva Area

APPLE RD., 5-David Scheffer to Frank E. Nanney, $450,000.

CEDAR DR., 2790-James P. Parrish Sr. to Jose Abel and Reina Isabel Ventura, $430,000.

GLEN ISLE RD., 2817-Archie E. Shaw III to Michael P. Asman, $595,000.

WESTBURY DR., 380-David L. Graham to Joseph F. and Ruth L. Mullineaux, $595,000.

Severn Area

ARWELL CT., 1829, No. 14E-Sandra M. Fletcher to Edsel Billingy and Duan Drakes, $64,000.

ARWELL CT., 1847, No. 15D-Cynthia C. Campbell to Samson O. Olugbemi, $75,000.

BUSH RD., 1420-Corey R. Futrell to Harrison L. and Jonda H. Morton, $532,875.

BUSKIN CT., 304-Andre S. Feldman to Thomas B. and Patricia A. French, $510,000.

CARTIER CT. S., 7905-Wyatt W. Webb to Jeffrey D. and Summer D. Leifer, $305,000.

CHALICE RD., 7916-Karen E. Fentress Martin to Robert Eastwood, $325,000.

COLDBROOKE DR., 7860-Silliman Corp. to Stephen A. and Sharon K. Isbell, $558,707.

COLONIAL PARK DR., 1261-Washington Homes of Maryland Corp. to Karen L. Wilson, $562,670.

DOVE CT., 1831, No. 2-Cornelius W. Stepney to John H. Stepney IV, $117,500.

DOWNEY RD., 8713-Andrew F. Batch Jr. to Jonathan and Brenda Fitzgerald, $277,997.

GARFIELD AVE., 8408-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Jerome Francis, $486,601.

GARFIELD AVE., 8414-Washington Homes of Maryland Corp. to Noel R. and Lisa A. Adams, $485,752.

GOLDEN PINE CIR., 7851-Sandra L. Holmes to Corine Morris, $345,000.

GRAINFIELD RD., 8215-Jeffrey W. All to Jeffrey A. and Sarah M. Burke, $379,900.

HORSEDRAWN CT., 1607-Steve M. Thompson to Anthony J. and Bethany L. Nash, $316,000.

INNKEEPER DR., 7959-Phoebe A. Allen to Wendy E. Pierce and Ivan L. Keene, $415,000.

LEXINGTON DR., 8509-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Ricky A. Williams and Mirna D. Ventura Williams, $425,388.

MONAEGAN CT., 8205-Carol J. Thibodo to Kenneth L. Perry and Nicole C. Barksdale, $125,000.

OLD BAY LANE, 1602-Steven J. Dolina to Joseph and Stacy L. Grimes, $445,000.

PIONEER DR., 8617-Sanjay Khanna to Esther Wilson, $119,000.

PORTSMOUTH DR., 8260-Xu Van to Jae Sook Kang, $195,000.

RICHARD AVE., 103-Georgette D. Brown to Gary Turner, $315,000.

SEA PINE CIR., 1757, No. 181-Michelle Whitley to Raphael Cordero, $285,000.

SEVERN TREE BLVD., 7882-Preston T. Johnson to Hubert C. and Merceil M. Bowditch, $550,000.

SEVERN TREE BLVD., 7921-James A. Walker to Shamsu U. Khondaker, $354,900.

SPARROW CT., 1814, No. 1-Thomas L. Priester to Toland D. Anderson, $149,500.

TOMLINSON CT., 8215-Alane Spaulding to Sonette O. Beadle, $95,000.

WATCH HOUSE CIR. S., 1814, No. 43-Moncia Salazar Deleon to Brian P. Dunphy, $251,000.

WEST HATTON CT., 8207-Washington Homes of Maryland Corp. to Brandon Scott Smith and Jennifer Marie Brown Smith, $405,275.

WOODRUFF CT., 1605-Carl Wehrenberg to Americo G. and Lisa M. Cottely, $455,000.

Severna Park Area

BERRYWOOD DR., 177-Robert C. Smith to Vincent T. and Melissa V. O'Dell, $625,000.

BLACKSHIRE RD., 471-Todd A. Milbrandt to Kurt C. Schultheis and Amy B. Tate, $485,000.

CYPRESS RIDGE DR., 216-Ralph M. Marcoot to Jonathan A. and Chong Y. Dahms, $596,900.

INVERNESS RD., 179-William L. Hammer to David and Ann Keith, $1.089 million.

KAGEE CT., 5-Charles E. Miller to Caje and Kimberly A. Knight, $925,000.

LYMINGTON RD., 468-James A. Hall to Margaret and Christopher Dean, $700,000.

MADARY RD., 5-Justin W. Bonner to Earl and Lori Janssen, $435,000.

NORTH DR., 263-E. Wesley Adams to Jeffrey D. and Tina M. Carlsen, $585,000.

OLD COUNTY RD., 613-Dreamcraft Homes Inc. to Frank R. and Melissa M. Campbell, $310,000.

PINEVIEW AVE., 144-Byung Oh Kang to Thach Ung and Tom A. Voong, $368,000.

SEQUOIA RD., 39-M. Ruth Eaton to Saadia J. Malik, $468,000.

SUNSET DR., 23-Virginia F. McCormick to John D. and Judith O. Harris, $395,000.

Shady Side Area

CHESTNUT ST., 4946-Isabella M. Gale to Annapolis Speciality Houses Inc., $90,000.

CHESTNUT ST., 4946-Annapolis Speciality Houses Inc. to Bare Studs Corp., $140,000.

GROVE AVE., 1176-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Bruce M. and Wendy M. Strong, $320,400.

HAYES RD., 1206-William T. Wheeler to Steven F. Schwat and Lisa B. Yampolsky, $1.5 million.

JUNIPER ST., 1310-Neil R. Thompson to Thomas F. Jackson IV and Dana Bennett Jackson, $263,000.

NICK RD., 5207-David B. Helvey to Richard L. Jones and Toyna M. Sullivan, $223,500.

SHADY REST RD., 1418-John A. Blake to Cynthia Ann Lowman, $320,000.