Fairfax County

The following sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit www.washingtonpost.com/realestate.

Alexandria-Belle View Area

BELLE HAVEN RD., 1515-David Sendi and Susan Buenaventura to Jason L. Tengan, $679,000.

WAKEFIELD CT., 2106-Bruce E. and Denise D. McBrearty to Stephen and Marian Sieke, $1.775 million.

WAKEFIELD DR., 6621, No. 206-Mary E. McGee to Christopher and Natasha Keever, $175,000.

WESTHAMPTON DR., 6945-Max W. Cluff to Timothy H. and Kathryn L. Robison, $332,000.

15TH ST., 6414-Shawn D. McCaslin and Lisa M. Bourne to Elizabeth K. Kane, $700,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

BALLYCASTLE CIR., 5232-George W. Criss and Erin M. Bozzi to Dana and Troy Harting, $515,000.

CHINA GROVE CT., 6591-Judy Silvia to Sanjay Kumar Jindal, $415,000.

DARBY TOWNE CT., 7034-James J. and Elizabeth A. Larkin to Deeba Khaliqi, $522,000.

DOVE DR., 5933-David T. Jacobs to Trang Ho, $435,000.

ELLESMERE CT., 6003, No. 19E-Peter Stemniski to Michele A. Forte, $346,000.

KINGS LANDING RD., 6403-Raymond A. and Carol S. Mocarski to James M. and Betty V. Sixsmith, $602,000.

STEGEN DR., 6132-Thomas F. and Linda B. Caver to Joan C. and Steven L. Stockton, $830,000.

TERRAPIN PL., 6045, No. 102-Mary V. Loenichen to Connie Harris, $330,000.

THACKWELL WAY, 6602, No. A-Ronald W. Taylor to Donald J. and Mary L. Virostko, $355,000.

WATERFIELD RD., 6467-Moises and Anna Behar to William J. and Vanessa C. Spendley, $580,000.

WESCOTT HILLS WAY, 5848-Kevin D. and Kathleen A.W. Taylor to Karen E. Hughes, $417,900.

Annandale Area

ACCOTINK PW., 4206-Priscilla W. Shea to Jeffery D. and Carmen G. Fuller, $520,000.

AMERICANA DR., 4251, No. 203-Masoud Keyhani to Fredy A. Cruz, $231,000.

BRIARWOOD CT., 4415, No. 58-Eliana Salamanca to Homestretch Inc., $255,000.

CONQUISTADOR CT., 3338-Paul J. and Andree S. Miller to Cynthia L. Sullivan, $441,000.

CONWELL DR., 4530, No. 228-Eugene D. Saupp to Mi Yeon Han, $335,000.

DODSON DR., 4817-Thomas H. and Judith H. Nyman to Richard A.T. Smoot, $645,000.

PENNYS TOWN CT., 7160-Yong S. So to Chan Gyu Kim and Jae O. Yoon, $670,000.

RAVENSWORTH RD., 4545-Gladys Castillo to Haisha Zhou and Miaoyan Zhang, $432,000.

TERRACE DR., 3718-Kent A. and Karen S. Womack to Segundo and Norma Mayta, $560,000.

WOODLAND AVE., 8204-Monica R. Lamont to Weiss and Mariam Nawabi, $500,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

ARDLEY CT., 3337-Kevin M. and Elizabeth A. Wolf to Michael J. and Stephanie C. Beavin, $465,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3709, No. 1608-Joel R. Rhoades to Mohammad A.A. Gari and Hanan Alshargi, $310,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3713, No. 1711-Larry J. and Catherine D. Sovich to Park Mi Choe, $402,500.

Burke Area

ANDROMEDA DR., 9048-Michael S. and Shirley J. Pasek to Carol M. Brown, $490,000.

BLUE JUG LD., 9118-Jong S. Kim to Shirin A. Abdelsalam and Rawya M. Hassan, $549,900.

BURKE MANOR CT., 5824-Chang S. and Song H. Moh to Karen C. Takaoka, $350,000.

HOLLOW OAK CT., 5910-Jack W. and Mary J. Ogg to Stephen P. and Kimberly C. Gibson, $685,000.

MARSHALL POND RD., 10009-Allen E. and Theresa A. Wickman to Gregory and Diana Lynn Sturgeon, $600,000.

MERSEA CT., 5480-Randall Sanders to Patricia L. Ulrich and Joseph A. Dogonniuck, $397,900.

POINDEXTER CT., 9692-Iris Curtis to Benjamin H. and Jennifer S. Devore, $440,000.

SILCHESTER ST., 5815-Edith Maravilla and Jose Solis to Catalina Espinoza, $470,000.

SPRING OAK CT., 10660-Lorre M. Taylor to Xung Nham, $355,000.

TUCKER WOODS CT., 9396-Heather M. McLellan to Soon Hak Kwon, $465,900.

VEERING LANE, 7034-Paul N. Dergarabedian and Staci A. Barrera to Kenneth J. and Debra K. Kelley, $510,000.

WALNUT WOOD LANE, 5702-Roger W. Bogue to Lance F. Cunningham, $338,100.

WOODEN HAWK LANE, 5736-Michael B. and Judith L. Cooper to Phan N. Vu and Tu T. Nguyen, $705,000.

WYE OAK COMMONS CIR., 12209-Stephen R. Lomicka to Dorothy H. and Bo F. Thibblin, $436,000.

WYE OAK COMMONS CT., 5830, No. 15-Steven G. and Toni M. Schliesman to Geraldine Clearwater, $425,000.

FIRST LANDING WAY, 5967, No. 80-Michael D. Esparza to Daemian Schreiber and Elise MacCubbin, $285,000.

Centreville Area

ASHER VIEW., 14175-John M. and Miriam A. August to Juan C. Gonzalez, $445,000.

AUTUMN CIR., 14130-Joseph N. Soos to Damian G. and Maria C. Gladysiewski, $378,000.

BASINGSTOKE LOOP, 14845-Andrew M. and Marie G. Bolton to Ostorga Meybel E. Romero, $387,000.

BEAUMEADOW DR., 14713-Steven J. Long and Joanna C. Westfall to Orlando Melendez, $430,000.

BLACK HORSE CT., 14517-Kevin P. and Tricia A. McMahon to Ramon Morrobel, $350,000.

JOSEPH JOHNSTON LANE, 5470-Anh Tu Thi Do to Venkata Cheboli and Nagakamala Amalapurapu, $752,000.

UNIFORM DR., 14317-Lynn J. Patton to Eun D. Doe, $450,000.

WATERY MOUNTAIN CT., 14369-Rodolfo T. Elmore to Sajeda Yesmin, $368,000.

WESTWATER CT., 5838-Harry and Christine Stavridis to Richard Antoine, $395,000.

WINTERFIELD DR., 14616-Tai S. Chao and Pao Chu Chen to James T. Hammer and Carrie F. Davis, $490,000.

WYCOMBE ST., 14712-C.C. Mirko to Susama Panda and Salai Dhavakodi, $288,100.

Chantilly Area

CARMEL TER., 4201-Craig T. Noto to Michelle S. and Alan J. Emigh, $488,000.

CUB RUN RD., 4525-David M. and Kellee L. Jenkins to Rafat Haddad, $450,000.

MARBLE ROCK DR., 13443-Edward J. and Mary A. Lauer to Stephen A. and Tasha M. Virostek, $725,000.

STREAM VALLEY DR., 13455-Jeffrey and Vicki Liles to William G. and Margot O. Leslie, $645,000.

Clifton Area

CHESTNUT ST., 12726-Mark P. Harrington to John and Andrea Neyland, $745,000.

CLIFTON RD., 7240-Phillip P. and Suzanne M. McEachern to Michael H. and Karen S. Rogers, $795,000.

CLIFTON HUNT CT., 7902-John J. and Elizabeth M. Curry to Robert D. and Jane S. Childs, $1.275 million.

SIERRA DR., 13530-Kwang H. and Choon J. Yoo to Sung Soo and Jung Ae Choi Kim, $391,000.

WOLF VALLEY DR., 12139-John M. and Mary C. Grimshaw to Nicole R. Smith Berndt, $967,000.

Fairfax City Area

ADARE DR., 10921-Eric Emmanuel Dawson to David A. Orth, $562,750.

ALTURA CT., 4435-Josephine Lunsford to Juan J. and Ofelia Torrico, $512,500.

APPLE ORCHARD CT., 12200-Tan S. Cheung to Veronica Pacheco, $515,000.

BABSON CT., 9508-Cha Sook and Peter Yong Lim to Byoung S. and Chong I. An, $550,000.

DIXIE HILL RD., 4624-Donald Warhurst to Watermark One Corp., $630,000.

ENFORD CT., 10003-Michael D. and Joanna H. Kim to Douglas J. and Pamela K. Milton, $539,000.

FAIRFAX CENTER HUNT TRAIL, 4027-Elisabet Pons and Kurt F. Neubauer to Jayant and Reena Sood, $584,900.

PORTSMOUTH RD., 5021-John M. and Patricia F. Stallard to Lawrence R. and Mildred O. Flint, $570,000.

RIVERBOAT WAY, 5402-Daniel A. and Ashley Herman to Mark Walker, $360,000.

ROSE PATH CIR., 12471-Larry R. and Bette A. Fuller to Won S. Hong, $630,000.

STEWARTS FORD CT., 12409-Richard Jerome and Phyllis L. Nibe to Paul and Janet Rainey, $685,000.

ZION DR., 10815-Bennett G. Ravy to John R. and Cynthia T. Grano, $585,000.

Fairfax Station Area

BARSKY CT., 6316-Robert H. and Rebecca K. Zeiller to Robert J. and Jennifer W. Caskey, $900,000.

HADDINGTON CT., 8117-Michael A. and Kay M. Degiorgi to Melanie Ann and Baoloc Xuan Ngo, $995,000.

HAVENNER RD., 11663-Michael E. and Kathleen V. Lyden to Ari J. and Barbara H. Colin, $860,000.

SOUTH PARK CIR., 9804-Charles B. and Betty G. Cochrane to Edwin and Susan Harris, $825,000.

Falls Church Area

ANNANDALE RD., 3206-Dorothy Y. Newman and Nancy N. Bartlett to Jorge A. and Zoila M. Alas, $515,000.

ANNANDALE RD., 3338-Theodore W. and Maria P. Koufas to Trinh Mai and Duc Dang, $910,000.

CAMP ALGER AVE., 7309-Susan D. Eroh to Pablo and Marcelina Almanza, $569,900.

CHESTNUT AVE., 6704-Ruth W. Boyer and Francis Odea to Nely Alba, Wilder Balderrama and Emilio Balderrama, $525,000.

COVEWOOD CT., 3151, No. N-Keith R. Brudin to Marci Ann Stoterau, $310,000.

CYPRESS DR., 3409-Jason A. and Michella Calhoun to Stephanie J. Aaronson, $533,000.

W. GEORGE MASON RD., 2825-Luis A. and Teresa Navarro to Jose Luis Choque, $540,000.

WILLOW ST., 6921-Rachel A. Young to Michael J. and Karen L. Reid, $540,000.

WILLOW POINT DR., 7690-Susan L. Craig to Guy Gicquel and Martine Cicquel, $389,900.

WOODLEY PL., 2627-Scott M. Boyle and Elizabeth C. Miller to W. Scott and Lynda A. Howard, $618,000.

YARLING CT., 2992-Maureen Donovan to Sara G. Burgess, $389,000.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

DIPLOMAT CT., 1912-William L. Corcoran to Robert F. and Mary K. Gilmartin, $664,000.

HILLTOP PL., 2147-Ahmad M.S. and Laura A. Baltagi to Paul K. Blake and Nicole Cober, $730,000.

PEABODY DR., 1836-Diane M. and Peter V. Seroskie to Scott C. and Holly S. Stevenson, $455,000.

TREVINO LANE, 7745-Tarek Mogharbel to Guadalupe Soto, $445,000.

WOOD MIST LANE, 7574-Margaret E. Wiegenstein to Christopher W. McCrea, $385,000.

Fort Belvoir Area

POINT REPLETE CIR., 7142-William T. Griffin to Cedric and Amy L. Leighton, $630,000.

Fort Hunt Area

ALEXANDRIA AVE., 1502-Rolando J. and Cynthia H. Diaz to Christopher V. and Ursula M.H. Pece, $535,000.

ARCTURUS LANE, 1110-Stephan C. and M. Elizabeth R. Lord to Kevin and Ellen Wayer, $1.083 million.

NEAL DR., 1005-Raymond L. Colotti to William C. and Kelly Demaso, $593,650.

NEW MARKET RD., 8012-Paul C. Waugh to Kamil Akcali and Wendy Shell, $481,000.

STACEY RD., 8221-Elmer and Julia M. Frasure to John D. and Michelle E. Crabtree, $642,500.

WAKEFIELD ST., 2102-Pamela E. Deemer to Jody L. Blanchfield, $590,000.

Great Falls Area

BEACH MILL RD., 11317-Richard L. and Linda J. Maurer to David M. and Teresa A. Snell, $1.5 million.

ELLSWORTH AVE., 750-Rueben and Hasmig Eskandarian to Xiaopeng Zhang and Yuhui Li, $1.1 million.

FORESTVILLE DR., 1211-Robert I. and Gilda A. Shafer to Sean and Bridget A. Manley, $895,900.

HOLLYVIEW DR., 11771-David M. and Amy L. Hunt to Lawrence S. Burwell and Shannon C. Saulet, $954,000.

OLDE GEORGETOWN CT., 800-William J. Atkins to David M. and Eileen W. Pickei, $1.7 million.

PRESERVE CT., 1025-Rick E. and Karon S. Torrence to Reza and Debbie K. Rafi, $1.45 million.

Herndon Area

ANGELINE DR., 2484, No. 104-Jamie H. Shin to Sung G. and Eun K. Hong, $350,000.

APRIL WAY, 1321-William J. and Tracey E. Baroody to Santos and Merlin Aguilar, $508,500.

ASHBURN ST., 894-John R. and Patricia J. Guck to Roxana Rios and Juan Carlos Dominguez, $450,000.

BARBARALYNN PL., 751-Donald W. and Bonnie J. Wenzel to Roberto A. Salinas and Marta A. Cerritos, $525,000.

EXBURY ST., 12313-Robert J. and Rebecca S. Hornyak to Gwyneth A. Jones, $505,000.

FANTASIA DR., 12718-Mel Davidson to Sarah M. and Sean B. Corwin, $576,000.

FORTNIGHTLY BLVD., 133-Fortnightly Square Inc. to William R. and Karen C. Brown, $749,990.

FRANKLINS WAY, 3115-Edward S. Marek to Patricia R. Bowdish and Steve E. Odette, $895,000.

HIGGS CT., 13491-Timothy J. and Heidi C. Grandinetti to Eleanore F. Walker, Joseph T. Hartman and Terrell R. Johnson,


HIGHCOURT LANE, 2107, No. 2107-303-Monica M. Slade to Malena Testino, $299,900.

WEST OX RD., 2718-David and Paula Essig to Daniel J. and Alecia M. Connelly, $730,801.

WILLOW SPRING CT., 12668-William E. and Agnes M. Cook to Cristina Rojas, $470,000.

WOODROW WILSON DR., 2526-Hector R. Ruiz and Margaret K. Fishkin to John and Kathy Clifford, $505,000.

YOUNG DAIRY CT., 891-Ronald L. Bryan and Cynthia M. McCarthy to Nassir and Shahla Riaz, $480,000.

YOUNGS POINT PL., 1526-John S. and Sue Banks to Tyler B. Bunch, $461,500.

Huntington Area

EDGEHILL DR., 5868-James R. Dalkin to Ryan and Carla J. Bouma, $364,500.

FAIRVIEW TER., 2308-Patricia A. Kugler to William J. Gunneson, $315,000.

HUNTINGTON AVE., 2059, No. 508-Roger W. and Cinda J. Sorensen to Gary R. and Sharon K. Hakes, $179,000.

SUNBURST CT., 4107-Kevin E. Rusnak and Gail E. Garrison to Robert Ciochon and Wendy Loewer, $450,000.

TOWANDA RD., 3804-Margaret T. Long to David M. and Patricia J. Work, $470,000.

Hybla Valley Area

AMLONG AVE., 6715-Thays Alvarez to Edgar and Andrea Reyes, $429,000.

AUDUBON MEADOW WAY, 7704-Monica S. Goode to George C. and Gwendolyn L. Walton, $430,000.

BEDDOO ST., 6616-John A. and Karen S. Medina to Joshua and Viveka Neveln, $529,000.

OAK DR., 6700-Tu Hien and Dan H. Ngo to Carlos A. and Rosa A. Andrade, $475,000.

SHERWOOD HALL LANE, 1604-Robert G. and Claire T. Watson to Charles R. Draper, $648,000.

TAVENNER LANE, 7334, No. 2A-Jose A. and Arcadia E. Rosales to David Sey and Amma Agyekumwa Vida, $235,000.

WINDBREAK DR., 2463-Ana Baylon to Martha P. and Manuel Canizalez and Jennifer Murillo, $400,000.

Lincolnia Area

BIRDS VIEW LANE, 5303, No. B-Amy Daniel to Tamera Kennard, $451,350.

HILLCREST PL., 6346-Phu T. Nguyen to Florian Claros, $585,000.

IRVIN SQ., 4723-Paulette R. Widmann to Jill A. Martin, $525,000.

MEDINAH LANE, 6610-Carolyn D. Campbell to Damir and Svjetlana Badic, $446,000.

MEETINGHOUSE WAY, 6304-Teresita R. Calderon to Mouloud Kerfal, $430,000.

SUMMIT PL., 4120-Carlos M. Bertoncini and Robert G. Swift to Pedro and Delmy Gomez, $490,000.

Lorton Area

BROOK ESTATES CT., 8793-Johnnie M.M. and C.arl T. Bright to Ahmed and Touria Ouchene, $887,000.

CARDINAL FOREST LANE, 9276, No. 201-Ronald C. Goodison to Paul A. Witt, $321,000.

DOGUE INDIAN CIR., 7804-Richard Davis and Barbara A. Sergi to Steven K. and Cheryl L. Furman, $440,000.

EATON WOODS PL., 9656-Ralph D. and Martha M. Pickard to Jose A. and Virginia Jimenez, $412,000.

FITT CT., 8311-Marion A. and Rhonda J. Black to Dale E. and Julie M. Debruler, $637,255.

SAMUEL WALLIS ST., 8087-Anthony Chin to Eileen Hunkins, $599,000.

SNOWY EGRIT WAY, 8312, No. 42-Randall and Jeannine Best to Pamela M. Behbahani, $371,000.

WAITES WAY, 8908-Richard D. Cronin to Dennis J. Cronin, $325,000.

McLean Area

BAKER CREST CT., 1300-Gregory S. and Sheila M. Hearne to Edward G. Magur, $895,000.

BIRNAM WOOD DR., 7806-Gerald T. and Mary B. Lewandowski to Richard C. Choi and Sooghin J. Jung, $1.427 million.

CALLA DR., 5903-John E. Welch and Suzanne Vaslef Welch to BDT Homes Corp., $795,000.

DUNCRAIG CT., 7005-Martin J. Votaw to Seungyong and Moim Suh, $990,000.

FARM MEADOW CT., 7217-Hampstead Village Corp. to Anthony A. Nozzoli, $2.168 million.

GIRARD ST., 7002-Margaret L. France and Roger A. Hart to Yubei Zhang, $700,000.

MACBETH ST., 1350-Terry L. Hall and Dorothy G. Shilling Hall to Brian and Nushin Todd, $900,000.

MERRIMAC DR., 7120-Dave H. and Stacey B. Bruns to Legacy Custom and Properties Corp., $730,000.

OLD DOMINION DR., 7221-Jessamae P. Palmer to G. Allen Kabiri, $1.255 million.

SHETLAND CT., 931-Mark W. and Erin G. Cross to Todd R. and Christy A. Slamowitz, $1.275 million.

STONEPATH CIR., 6223-Ashley Kleier to Chahdad Bolouri, $297,000.

SUNNY HILL CT., 6526-Ian Anthony and Glynis F. Scott to Goohon and Sungyun Kwon, $1.205 million.

Mount Vernon Area

ADRIENNE DR., 3803-Robert F. Karkanen to Luis A. Castellon and Paola J. Cespedes, $527,000.

BADGER DR., 8720-Jose A. Bonilla to John M. and Linda J. Gibbons, $705,000.

BREVARD CT., 4405-Ali Imam Shah to Daniel Chavez and Ana L.M. Amador, $320,000.

BROCKHAM DR., 8384, No. H-Margaret A. Philbin to Samuel A. and Cynthia Ann Baidoo, $216,000.

CREDOS CT., 8418, No. 18-Lawrence A. Green to Edward E. and Cherie A. Pagett, $153,060.

ORINDA CT., 8422, No. 273-Tariq Mahmood to Muncill and Kristy Smith, $225,000.

ROLLING HILLS AVE., 3512-Nancy S. Rettig to Hung H. Kim, $510,000.

SACRAMENTO MEWS PL., 5512-Craig M. Arndt and Dorothy I. Becker to Raphael and Agnes Francis, $450,000.

SUNNY VIEW DR., 3401-James Charles and Lydia M. Fox to Teresa I. Reed, $490,000.

VILLAGE SQ., 8634-Wilhemina Frederick to Rosibel Ponce, $280,000.

WOODHUE PL., 3903-Angel Caballero to Karla Rodriguez and Ingrid Martinez, $225,000.

North Springfield Area

EASTON DR., 5209-Sandra Lee Kane to Aslam Shabon, $520,000.

HOGARTH ST., 7504-Fred E. and Carol J. Romero to Carlos G. Rivera, $400,000.

Oakton Area

ASHBROOKE CT., 10202, No. C-Marsha Garnett to Ellen and Buford R. Edwards, $335,000.

HUNT FARM LANE, 11313-Darrell W. and Martha J. Duane to Paul V. and Tonya S. Taffe, $842,000.

TREVOR HOUSE DR., 3051, No. B-Jennifer G. Crotteau to Philip and Carrie Hosea, $329,900.

TROUSSEAU LANE, 2982-Richmond American Homes to Min S. Yang, $969,740.

WINDWOOD FARMS DR., 3114-Michael S. and Audrey B. Kestner to Marvin J. and Ruth Muhat, $541,600.

Reston Area

ABINGTON HALL PL., 12160, No. 303-Peter J. and Brenda Market to David Lebowitz, $539,900.

ARBOR GLEN WAY, 11727-Bruce E. and Betty S. Nelson to Joni J. Maze, $495,000.

AUTUMN RIDGE CIR., 1525-Elizabeth A. Edwards to Zinaida M. Raye, $444,900.

BELMONT RIDGE CT., 1954-Thomas F. Qualey to Brian and Jennifer Hayes, $315,000.

LEATHERWOOD DR., 11226-James P.

Bruce to Eduardo R. and Carol M. Fox, $695,000.

LINKS DR., 11358-James M. and Theresa V. Hauck to Dori A. Delph, $555,000.

LOFTY HEIGHTS PL., 2209-Lilian M. Mejia and Roberto C. Cornejo Mejia to Saul A. Acevedo, $315,000.

RIDERS LANE, 11816-Sirva Relocation Corp. to Olivier M. Langrand and Fanjatiana Andriamialisoa, $679,900.

ROUND PEBBLE LANE, 1112-Gene C. Hayman and Roberta J. Allis to James D. and Catherine B. Simmons, $1.24 million.

SARAZEN PL., 2029-Glen M. and Kathleen E. Rutherford to Assadollah Shahriari and Ashraf Asil, $459,000.

SILENTWOOD LANE, 11196-Margaret Stephens and Scott Henry Jerrold to James W. and Gene G. Bailey, $375,000.

STONES THROW DR., 11310-Jeffrey W. and Jill E. Lubore to Mark G. Buffum and Shannon Fitzgerald, $1.685 million.

WINSTEAD LANE, 11921-Michael K. and Gabriele E. Hughitt to Robert N. and Regina A. Thomas, $799,000.

WINTERGREEN CT., 1911-Edmund E. Christian to Heather and Michael Warstler, $702,000.

Seven Corners Area

MANCHESTER ST. S., 3100, No. 516-Juan F. Hernandez and Dorila Martinez to Hernando Chovil, $327,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 3165-Jonathan Shiu to Yuri A. Valdivia and Sherryl Y. Clarke, $574,900.

STONEYBRAE DR., 3326-Christopher J. and Sabrina W. Pabilonia to John W. Grove and Margaret C. Larezos, $739,900.

WILSON BLVD., 6245, No. 231-Xuan Chinh to Hanh Pham, $240,500.

Springfield Area

AMELIA ST., 5806-David Young and Lynn Marie Barton Lee to Hahn Gyung Rhee Oh, $481,500.

ANDREW MATTHEW TER., 6400-John J. and June B. Dwyer to Melissa F. and Judith A. Pierson, $430,000.

ATTEENTEE RD., 5945-Arden L. Weisenburger to Juan C. and Glenda Recinos, $500,000.

GREENLEAF ST., 6801-Ruth A. and Nicholas M. Carter to Juan C. Villanueva, $550,000.

HUNTSMAN BLVD., 7707-Lawrence A. and Jacqueline G. Delclos to Paul Dergarabedian and Staci Barrera, $760,000.

LAMAR DR., 7324-Boae B. Lee to Quynh My Nguyen, $620,000.

LAUREN DR., 8619-Roxanne M. Mackie to Christopher J. and Sandra Singerling, $609,000.

STEEPLECHASE CT., 8048-Jacob and Sang A. Hong to Ernesto and Jennifer Chavez, $365,000.

STREAM WAY, 7371-Gene C. and Jean E. O'Brien to Melodee Siemann, $410,500.

TERRA GRANDE AVE., 8212-James W. and Velda A. Potter to Edgar and Tawana Tillman, $599,000.

WHITE STONE LANE, 8205-Alfredo and Clara Morales to Susan M. Hinkle, $337,000.

WHITE WILLOW CT., 7709-Orlando M. and Edith F.S. Sunga to Sherae and Shelly Ellison, $700,000.

WILLSHIRE HUNT CT., 7401-Gregory R. and Julie A. Sarafian to Jason Stone and William Ng, $430,000.

WINDFALL RD., 8310-Allison D. Pritts to Rachel Kadetsky, $350,000.

Vienna Area

BATTERY PARK ST., 1826-MHI Battery

Park Corp. to Kourosh Harirchian, $1.044 million.

BELLFOREST CT., 2710, No. 301-Joseph J. Geraghty to Andrew Ko and Ko Mi Joung, $395,000.

CANTATA CT., 2005-Yvette M. Trainor to Patricia Remele, $540,000.

CENTERBORO DR., 2791, No. 289-Marquis at Vienna Station to Michele M. Catterton, $451,900.

CORAL GABLES LANE, 8593-Alexander and Kelly M. Kogan to David J. and Kathleen M. Lynch, $800,000.

COTTAGE ST., 1414-Edward T. Skotzko and Denise H. Talbert to William and Elizabeth Magness, $515,000.

FERNWOOD DR., 2513-George A. and Marion E. Craig to Jason M. and Paula Foley, $861,000.

MERRY OAKS CT., 8039-Jeffrey L. Tennenbaum to Susanna Y. Soh, $617,000.

NUTLEY ST., 706-Phillip L. and Norma L. Radoff to Mohammed M. Siddiqi and Muhammad Aziz, $551,150.

QUINN TER., 8147-Linda J. Glasgow to Kumaran Sivapatham and Ramya Sridhar, $675,000.

QUINN TER., 8191-Ernest G. and Amy D. Cook to Timothy Woods, $690,000.

RIDGE LANE, 9113-Vintage Crest Corp. to Chun Jae Park and Yangmee Shin, $1.333 million

ROBIN WAY CT., 2099-Kyoo Y. and Choon H. Lee to Ryan J. and Anne F. Paul, $901,000.

WOLFTRAP RD., 601-Kenneth O. and Patricia I. Harris to Raul R. Garcia, $585,000.

WOODLAND GLEN CT., 9700-Brian C. and Elizabeth K. Seagrave to Thomas Doyle, $977,000.

WYNHURST LANE, 1410-Richard K. and Jane H. Slater to Christopher Stewart and Carol Susan Wilson, $1.922 million.

Vienna-Dunn Loring Area

PARK ST. N., 8008-Roy K. and Shawn M. Vanderhoef to Brett M. and Elizabeth B. McKinnon, $860,000.

TYSONS EXECUTIVE CT., 2145-Karun and Usha R. Khanna to Tarek M. Mogharbel and Mira Majzoub, $1.05 million.

West Springfield Area

ASHBURY DR., 7023-Daniel and Shivaulie Feliciano to Jagjit and Margaret P. Gulati, $529,200.

FOREST BREEZE CT., 9170-Edna C. Patterson and Sharon J. Quinlan to Leticia Serrano, $426,000.

GILLINGS RD., 6919-Michelle L. Kline to David M. and Mary V. Fillman, $519,000.

HARWOOD PL., 7919-Javed Bashir to Usman Choudhary, $549,000.

LOVEJOY CT., 5907-Sung Gil and Sun Young Back to Won H. Sung and Eun P. Hong, $580,000.

OAKFORD DR., 8414-John D. and Katherine H. Luddy to John L. and Nancy R. Dolan, $625,000.

SHERIDAN FARMS CT., 8741-Haeng N. Yoon to Myung S. Moon, $405,000.

SHOOTINGSTAR DR., 7712-Ibrahim Noufal Gerdak to Hae Kyung Park, $479,000.

WINDING HOLLOW WAY, 8875-Won S. Hong and Hoon K. Kim to Deborah E. Locke, $450,000.

Fairfax City

The following sales were recently recorded in Fairfax City. The information was supplied to The Washington Post by the city's Real Estate Assessment Office. This list is published at least twice a month in the Fairfax Extra.

CORNELL RD., 3607-Violet M. Clarke, trustee, and Clarke Living Trust to Thein Duc Vu and Ha Diem Ly, $543,100.

FAIRFAX BLVD., 9447, No. 303-Julie L. Jarrait to Dee E. Dana and James J. Carragher, $291,000.

FAIRFAX BLVD., 9465, No. 104-Magaly Ramos Rivera to Hendalage Jayasinghe and De Mel Udeni Sudath, $262,000.

FAIRVIEW DR., 3948-Dina M. and Nelson A. Revollo to Hyun Ja Kim, $1 million.

HERITAGE LANE, 3611-Cynthia K.C. and David Lavon Meyer to Carol Rentz, $590,000.

LAMARRE DR., 4110-Deborah M. and Gerald Aloysius Kane to Jean M. and Frederick J. Nenu, $435,000.

LAURIE PL., 10010-Gladys H. and William F. Hearne to Walter Sosa, $456,000.

RUST HILL PL., 3928-Carol K. and Robert N. Grove to Joyce A. and H. Keith Hellems Jr., $684,500.

SHERMAN ST., 3226-Karen and David E. Thurman to Cynthia and Robert Simione, $575,000.

SPRING LAKE TER., 10002-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Joseph O. Estabrooks Jr., $615,000.

WILCOXSON DR., 3935-Carol A. Rentz to Craig A. Hackstaff, $417,000.