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On whether the school day in high schools should start later so students can get more sleep:

"When I went to high school, I got up at 6 a.m. and school started at 7:40 a.m. I was an athlete and an honor student and it really didn't kill me to get up early. My parents would not drive me to school, so my tail was at the bus stop and darned chipper every morning. . . . Good habits you learn as a teenager can last you a lifetime and help you avoid adult health problems, obesity and stress from not having raised yourself into some sort of self-disciplined order."

"I am a parent of two Lake Braddock Secondary School students (and one graduate) as well as a personal trainer and nutrition consultant. The bottom line in this debate is, 'What is best for the health and well being of our children?' Clearly, the latest research supports later start times and overwhelmingly points to positive health benefits -- physical, mental and emotional. Sorry, the argument that 'I got up early and toughed it out when I was a kid' is in my opinion an excuse to avoid making a change. Let's move forward, Fairfax County, and do what is right for our kids today."

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