The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Adamstown Area

DENFIELD PL., 5640-Mark A. and Angela L. Mayer to Kim Z. and Steven V. Degenaro, $569,000.

Bridgeport Area

TANEYTOWN PIKE, 11929-Fred L. and Helen M. Hawk to Lloyd A. and Susan E. Shumaker, $325,000.

Brunswick Area

ORNDORFF CT., 1036-Harbor Buoy Ventures Corp. to Rebecca S. and Aaron P. Parde, $179,000.

Burkittsville Area

MAIN ST. W., 109-Irmtrand R. and Raymond C. Head Jr. to HKJR Horizon Corp., $750,000.

Emmitsburg Area

IRISHTOWN RD., 17449-Sustainable Conservation Inc. to Christoper Larose, $450,000.

MAIN ST. E., 118-Leslie and Steven N. Calimer to Jessica Brett, $199,987.

SETON AVE. S., 203-Catherine and Joseph Marsden Sr. to Amanda Gearhart, $185,000.

Frederick City Area

ALL SAINTS ST. W., 155-Susan and Henry B.R. Beale to Rhonda Jane Christmas, $87,000.

ANDOVER LANE, 1553-Mary and Andrew L. Stimson to Roberto Morales, $300,000.

BALDRIDGE TERR., 6134-Michael O. and Laura K. Cartner to Theresa E. and Michael E. Royce, $309,900.

BARRINGTON DR., 6406-LandAmerica OneStop Inc. to Sandra L. and Bert R. Sawyer, $517,900.

BERKLEY LANE, 9418-Margaret A. Sweitzer to Unlimited Realty Corp., $265,000.

BLACK DUCK CT., 6730-Sally T. Stanley to George W. Kagunya, $263,000.

BLUE HERON DR., 8205, No. 2B-Andre Brunel to Donna L. Easterday and Gary B. Morris, $203,500.

BRIAR CT., 839-Jose M. Davis to Salvadora Mejia and Jose L. Galo, $290,000.

BUELL DR., 2013-Patriot Homes Inc. to Solange Irene Koud and Alain A. Bobongo, $250,564.

BUSHYTAIL CT., 603-Emerald Farm-Comstock Homes Inc. to Monica Boateng, $460,950.

BUSHYTAIL CT., 605-Emerald Farm-Comstock Homes Inc. to Karishma B. and Balram Narang, $520,312.

BUSHYTAIL DR., 621-Emerald Farm-Comstock Homes Inc. to Zinash Ayele and Zewdneh Shiferaw, $505,013.

CANVAS BACK CT., 5001-Josue A. Joge to Rolando Rosales, $255,000.

CARROLLTON DR., 482-Dorothy V. and Donald E. Hazlett to Antonio J. Vista, $267,000.

CARROLLTON DR., 479-Melinda D. Moss to Hummmara and Syedali Wasti, $230,000.

CATOCTIN AVE., 356-Robert R. Simmons to Vijay J. Patel and Samad Ghaderi, $205,000.

CHESTNUT HILL WAY, 111-Randolph E. and Anne M. Whitby to Emmanuel O. Kuffour and Josephine Osei Bobie, $300,000.

DAVID LANE, 1365-Jerry W. and Kerstin Thompson to Rose Marie and Darryl Bronson, $227,400.

DEERVALLEY DR., 220-Cheryl J. and John W. Kershner to Paulo M. Seidl, $194,500.

DOCKSIDE DR., 1566-Matthew S. and Kathryn Philbrick to Terry S. and Steve M. Fox, $252,000.

ELLISON CT., 563-Jeremy D. Michaels to Elizabeth Woodward Curtis and Mark B. Curtis, $340,000.

EMORY ST., 1736-Julie G. Eyler to Brandi L. Smith, $320,000.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 10-Hugh and Charlotte B. Lee to Karen F. and Larry G. Strauss, $380,000.

GLEN HEATHER DR., 8206-Bernd A. and Beate Andreas to Julie E. and George E. Saxon, $599,000.

GRAYSTONE LANE, 2411-Christopher M. and Diana M. Garcy to Laurie B. and David E. Chaney, $435,000.

GREENLEESE DR. N., 1805-Kettler Forlines Homes at to Hasnain Shaikh, $455,990.

HEATHER LANE, 1754-Erin M. Misner and Dawn M. Long to Luka K. Rotich and Gladys J. Cheruiyot, $234,500.

HIGHLAND ST., 503-Debra R. Griffith to 503 Highland Street Corp., $300,000.

HORIZON DR., 12-Francisco and Veronica Chavez to Felicita Jimenez and Gladys S. Reynolds, $250,000.

JEFFERSON BLVD., 6119-Stephen L. and Karla L. Held to Lisa L. and David P. Bucheimer, $356,000.

JEFFERSON BLVD., 6520-Gary E. and Ingrid A. Stefan to Mary C. Mills and Thomas L. Kretz, $490,000.

KESWICK PL., 1120-Deirdre and Christopher Perez to Khai Pau, $205,000.

LAKESIDE DR., 2445-Li and Jie Cheng Wu to Marvelle E. and Edward H. Rau, $277,500.

LITTLE SPRING CT., 5848-David E. and Kim A. Osmond to Karen and Norvis D. Villarreal, $555,000.

LOGAN ST., 532-Barry E. and Teresa I. Lafratte to Norma Amaya and Jose Garcia, $255,501.

MAPLE AVE., 211-Elizabeth S. and Peter M. Salvano to Amy K. Burner, $215,000.

MEADOWSIDE DR., 6749-Edward L. and Susan R. Nolan to Ethan J. Mueller and Abbie M. Price, $525,000.

MILL RACE RD., 2626-Shawn H. and Bethany M. O'Day to Mary S. and William J. Futrell, $403,500.

NEWPORT TERR., 6159-Kimberly A. and David H. Bowers to Rene Gonzalo Maldonado, $330,000.

OLEANDER PL., 5804-Dinah S. Kesecker to Yan Leng and Weihan Wang, $211,000.

PARKERS FARM LANE, 7261-Millennium Development Corp. to Shannon M. and Kevin M. Goodman, $255,685.

PENDLETON CT. S., 52-Lorena Derienzo to Blanca C. Carranza and Luis Alonso Salamanca, $226,000.

PROVIDENCE CT., 1105-Brooke L. Ahalt to Reyna I. Gonzalez Ayala and Wilson R.Q. Rivas, $205,000.

REGAL CT., 5338-Rebecca J. and Justin M. Skelly to Laura M. Venturini, $277,500.

RIVER MEADOW DR., 8401-Un Sun and Kenneth K. Bae to Anthony T. Giovacchini, $639,500.

SHANNONBROOK LANE, 203-Lorenza E. Jordan to Patricia L. and Ty J. Crompton, $359,900.

SHAWN CT., 6301-James L. and Elisabeth N. Edwards to Basil and Irini Kokolakis, $281,000.

SNOW GOOSE CT., 6797-Robert J. Smith to Jeannette Quintanilla, $257,000.

SPRINGWATER CT., 6509, No. 6302-Robin L. Regester to Linda A. Fisher, $235,000.

SPRINGWATER TERR., 6126, No. 1600C-Pamela A. Gross to Rebecca Von Ashton, $239,900.

SPRINGWATER TERR., 6344, No. 1122-Bruce W. and Martha T. Hamill to Mary Anne and James Ritenour, $230,000.

STRATFORD WAY, 810-F-Corey Lee Simms to Gordon J. Puckett, $170,000.

SUMMERFIELD DR., 7022-LandAmerica OneStop Inc. to Ann Marie Lynch and Robertus A. Pastoor, $482,900.

TEEN BARNES RD., 4932-Lester M. and Virginia B. Luhn to Liudmila N. Salekh and Mohamad Toufic Saleh, $316,000.

TERRY CT., 414, No. A-2-Charles H. Reinhold to Ryan N. Lancaster, $150,000.

UPSHUR SQ., 5534-Amy J. and David M. Friedman to Richard P. Hammett Jr., $321,894.

VIEW POINT CT., 6438-Carmen Vannoy to Gloria and Lina J. Urquieta, $271,000.

WARREN WAY, 2634, No. 2-A-Michelle L. and Andrew J. Puharich to Steve E. Smith, $205,000.

WATERSIDE DR., 2500, No. 410-Edgar F. Nicodemus to Anne M. and Thomas J. Kapfhammer, $332,500.

WATERVIEW CT., 8031-Daniel Valverde to Marisol and Victor M. Grajales, $283,000.

WETHERBURNE WAY, 2261-Keith M. Dubiel to Cynthia L. and Warren L. Dorsey, $292,000.

WHEYFIELD DR., 1718-Mary K. and Jose O. Ponton Jr. to Haya and Samir O. Morrar, $519,900.

WHITEHALL RD., 2106, No. 1B-Carl R. and Rebecca A. Harbaugh to Kimberly D. and Dennis F. Butts, $189,900.

WILLIAM FRANKLIN DR., 2043-Javier and Candida Montenegro to Jody A. and David C. Sullivan, $535,000.

WYNFIELD CT., 2405-Billy K. and Bonita Cook to Joie N. and Brian C. Walsh, $310,300.

EIGHTH ST. E., 22-Donald W. Smith Jr. to Anne L. Dudley and John F. Switzer, $259,900.

SEVENTH ST. E., 118-John D. Crum to Joan D. Nielubowski, $248,900.

Frederick City-

Adamstown Village Area

BLACK CREEK LANE, 7209-Tommy D. Duffy to John V. Moyer Jr., $295,000.

Ijamsville Area

BIG WOODS RD., 3725-Chris and Andrea Holcombe to Susan T. and Richard L. Straus, $695,000.

CHARTERHOUSE RD., 9107-NVR Inc. to Amy Mei Yee Cheung and Eric Chang, $784,640.

GREENSWARD LINK, 10145-John Bradford and Elizabeth B. Byrum to Eric D. Trexler and Patricia E. Torregrossa, $698,000.

INNSBROOK WAY, 11133-M/I Homes of D.C. Corp. to Vijay Patel, $659,585.

MUIRFIELD DR., 5232-James T. and Lora C. Samaras to Chhaya S. and Sujal H. Lagowala, $799,900.

PLEASANT GROVE DR., 3491-Richard M. and Linda L. Curphey to Michelle L. and William T. Eby, $450,000.

Jefferson Area

LANDER RD., 2507-James D. Planer to Margaret L. and John L. Blanchard, $470,000.

NEWINGTON RD., 4669-Sirva Relocation Corp. to Shawn P. Poole, $442,000.

Libertytown Area

SOUTH ST., 11941-Lisa L. Sulima and Dorothy V. Hall to Jessie Sulima, $140,000.

Middletown Area

BOILEAU CT., 55-Dorothy C. Hines to Karen Lemley, $234,500.

GREEN ST. W., 502-Andrew D. and Deborah A. Cieslowski to Charity H. and Frederick M. Thornton, $252,297.

IVY HILL DR., 121-Marjorie A. and Brian E. Thomas to Beverly S. Lawson, $440,000.

KNOLL SIDE LANE, 20-Kimberly A. and Matthew T. Shea to Manishkumar B. Desai, $494,000.

Monrovia Area

GLADHILL BROTHERS RD., 11624-Heritage Development Corp. to Linda L. Clay and Abell A. Norris III, $631,724.

MID COUNTY DR., 11907-Deborah and Donald M. Chrobot to Jose A. Ramos, $385,000.

THOMAS SPRING RD., 11791-Kathy F. Schmidt to Barbara J. and Steven B. Fleisher, $445,000.

WINDY HILL WAY, 4198-Marshall R. and Phyllis B. Field to Susan M. Barney and Nancy A. Harper, $532,000.

Mount Airy Area

COLDSTREAM DR. E., 6635-Gregory A. and Cassandra M. Brannan to Janey Lai Kuen Tam Ng and Jackson Kitsang Ng, $525,000.

COUNTRY CLUB RD., 11286-Richard T. and Toni A. Kuhn to Cynthia and Robert A. Bell, $600,000.

DETRICK RD., 6510-Steve A. and Margaret A. Sorrells to Mary A. and Patrick W. Tercero, $539,000.

DOUGLAS AVE., 6047-Paul F. and Kimberly L. Hustler to Yolanda N. and Reginald L. Freeman, $435,000.

FOX CHASE RD., 6912-Carla Brill to Elizabeth P. and Jason A. Anderson, $379,000.

HORIZON RD., 1005-Steven P. and Christine L. Dorsey to Elena and Agustin C. Diaz, $360,000.

ILLINOIS CT. N., 6220-Kathleen L. Schlappal to Renee Patterson, $270,000.

RAVENWOOD RD., 6106-Patrick W. and Mary A. Tercero to Christina L. and Steven P. Dorsey, $400,000.

WESTRIDGE DR., 105-Central Atlantic Conference to Anna T. and Peter D. Kurupas, $400,000.

Myersville Area

FOX ROCK DR., 33-Mark F. and Melissa M. Kimble to Stephanie and Ronnie Flores, $325,000.

New Market-

Lake Linganore Area

JOSEPH CT., 5664-Brian A. and Amelia J. Perry to Krista and David S. Pizzi, $279,900.

OLD NATIONAL PIKE, 10817-Charles E. Bitler estate to Barbara A. and Robert Cole Jr., $345,000.

Thurmont Area

DOGWOOD AVE., 100-Robert E. and Donna K. Riley to Katherine P. and Daniel W. Peters, $299,000.

EASY ST., 102-Michelle Lynn Cavender to James T. Bise and Natalie P. Bowers, $230,000.

FOXVILLE DEERFIELD RD., 15932-Barbara and Christopher R. Forrest to Jeffrey Shaffer, $225,000.

MOUNTAIN VIEW CIR., 5-Thomas E. and Reba J. Wolfe to Jilian F. and Justin A. Bowley, $270,000.

SUNNY WAY, 109-Norman Redden Jr. to Robert E. and Peggy S. Tobery Jr., $205,000.

Urbana Area

BRAVEHEART CIR., 3902-Advantage Homes Corp. to Irisneia and Brian Merscher, $615,547.

SHETLAND CT., 3816-Mahmooda Z. Ansari to Walter A. Siguenza, $825,000.

Walkersville Area

CAPRICORN RD., 129-Washington Homes to Nicole N. Glassman and Mary Elizabeth Chewning, $394,960.

POLARIS DR., 126-C. Marcela and Scott N. Miller to Robert A. Vaeth, $509,900.