The following were among animal cases received recently by the Prince George's County Department of Environmental Resources Animal Management Division. Call 301-499-8300 for directions to the Prince George's County Animal Shelter, hours of operation, and adoption and licensing procedures. The shelter's Web site is at; click on "Government," then go to "Department & Agency Index."

Akita Kills Skunk

UPPER MARLBORO, Hillrod Lane, 13300 block, Nov. 1. Animal Management received a report of a dead skunk in a back yard. The skunk had been killed by an Akita that belonged to the caller, who said the dog had a current rabies vaccination. An animal control officer requested that the owner sign a form agreeing to quarantine the Akita.

Menacing Stray Reported

FORT WASHINGTON, Glen Way, 10100 block, Nov. 1. A stray dog was reported to be menacing two people and a dog at a residence. It was hiding under a truck in a neighboring yard. An animal control officer picked up the 2-year-old, brown neutered mixed Presa Canario, which had a blue nylon collar. The case was continuing.

Bat Trapped in Basement

UPPER MARLBORO, Old Colony Dr., 12100 block, Nov. 1. A resident reported a bat trapped in a bucket in the basement of the property. An animal control officer removed the bat and took it to the shelter. It was euthanized.

Dogs' Welfare Investigated

CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Cabin Branch Rd., 600 block, Oct. 30. Animal Management was called about two dogs being kept on short leashes at a residence; they did not appear to have access to food or water. One, a Labrador retriever mix, was reported to be very emaciated. An animal control officer impounded the 8-year-old brown male retriever and a 1-year-old, tan and white female pit bull. The case was continuing.

Bulldog Caught in Dragnet

CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Seat Pleasant Dr., 6500 block, Oct. 31. While on patrol looking for two stray dogs, an animal control officer captured a 1-year-old, white male American bulldog. It was taken to the shelter and claimed Nov. 2 after its owner paid $210 in fines and fees.

Tabby Found on Porch

LAUREL, Kerr Rd., 15800 block, Nov. 1. An animal control officer picked up a 3-year-old, gray female tabby from a front porch at a residence. The cat had a red nylon collar but no identification. It was held as a stray.

Squirrel Spends Week in Trap

OXON HILL, Owens Rd., 1000 block, Oct. 31. A resident reported that a gray squirrel had been in a county trap on the porch of a trailer for 11/2 weeks. An animal control officer advised the resident of legal trapping procedures, which require that traps be checked regularly. The squirrel was released to the wild.

Stray Dogs Taken to Shelter

LAUREL, Cherry Lane, 9000 block, Nov. 1. An injured stray dog was caught then confined in an entrance at a nursing home. An animal control officer picked up the 18-month-old, tricolor male mixed beagle, which was favoring its rear right leg. A veterinary evaluation found the dog had a sprain. The beagle, which wore a multicolored nylon collar, was taken to the shelter to be held as a stray.

HYATTSVILLE, Parkwood St., 6700 block, Nov. 1. An animal control officer picked up a 2-year-old, black and white female pit bull that was being held in a back yard at a residence. The dog did not have identification. It was held as a stray.

Dead Fox Found in Yard

HYATTSVILLE, Sargent Rd., 5000 block, Oct. 30. An animal control officer picked up a dead fox from a back yard and took it to the shelter for disposal.

Cats and Dogs Available

The Prince George's County SPCA/Humane Society will offer dog adoptions from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday at Petsmart, 5154 Nicholson Lane, Kensington; and cat adoptions from noon to 3 p.m. at Petco, 6181 Old Dobbin Lane, Columbia. The pets' foster owners will answer questions and accept adoption applications. The adoption fee is $115 per cat, $180 per dog. For more information, call 301-262-5625 or go to

-- Compiled by LISA MARTIN