The following cases were received recently by Loudoun County Animal Care and Control. For information, call 540-882-3211 or 703-777-0406 or visit

Dog Left Outdoors Is Fine

STERLING, Felsted Court, Nov. 5. A dog was reported left outdoors without food, water or shelter. The owner told an animal control officer that the dog is left out when he and his wife are at work and the weather is nice. The officer advised the man of the requirements for adequate outdoor shelter. The officer examined the dog and found him in excellent condition and recently groomed.

Dog Hurt in Fight With Raccoon

ALDIE, Oatlands Road, last Sunday. A raccoon and dog got into a fight, and the raccoon bit the dog on its lip. The dog was taken to an animal emergency hospital. The raccoon was fatally shot by a farm worker, and an animal control officer took it to the animal shelter for rabies testing by the county health department.

Stray Kitten Taken to Shelter

ASHBURN, Deepwood Terrace, last Sunday. An 8-week-old kitten, thin but apparently healthy, was found. It was taken to the animal shelter, where reports of lost animals were checked. No match was found.

Sick, Old Hound Found in Barn

PURCELLVILLE, Mountain Road, last Sunday. A basset hound was found in a barn. The elderly female dog had injuries to its eyes and a mass on its shoulder. Animal control took the dog to a veterinary clinic, which then released it to the animal shelter. Reports of lost animals were checked, but no match was found.

Dog Owner Has Change of Heart

ASHBURN, Point Bay Terrace, Monday. A man reported that he had found a pit bull running loose and had confined it in his back yard. Animal control took the dog to the animal shelter. The next day, the man called the shelter and said that he was the dog's owner and that he wanted to reclaim it. He was told he would be charged for having the dog picked up and was informed of the consequences of filing a false report. At the time this report was filed, the man had not picked up the dog from the shelter.