Davis Ford Road School

Would Mean More Traffic

A number of citizens residing in the Davis Ford Road corridor are slowly becoming aware of plans by the Prince William County School Board to build a middle school on Davis Ford Road.

Unlike the citizen notification process for projects typically submitted to the Board of County Supervisors for approval, the School Board may apparently develop site selection and preliminary project plans to a high degree, prior to seeking the final approval to begin construction from the county Planning Commission. The proposed school would have a capacity of approximately 1,500 students and is scheduled to open in 2008. The Planning Commission will vote on the construction in late December.

While no one disputes the need for school expansion in the county, the site selection of the proposed Davis Ford middle school raises questions about the School Board's awareness of how vital the Davis Ford corridor is to area commuters. A significant number of daily commuters rely upon Yates Ford Road to access Fairfax County.

A school of any kind in this area will introduce a significant number of buses and other school associated traffic to Yates Ford and Davis Ford roads during peak commuting hours.

Those who use this mid-county route are keenly aware of the daily congestion and additional delays that occur when school buses make their rounds for the students that live in these areas.

Adding the traffic of an entire school to the current situation will effectively shut down the Yates Ford route into Fairfax County during commuting hours and force the use of alternate routes.

Commuters and residents affected by the proposed Davis Ford middle school site should notify their School Board, Planning Commission and Board of County Supervisors representatives of the need to develop an alternate location that does impact this vital corridor to our employment.

P.J. Saxton


Drive the Speed Limit

Or Pay the Price

In response to the letter to Dr. Gridlock in the Prince William Extra "Slowing Down to Save Fuel: Smart or Unsafe?" [Dr. Gridlock, Nov. 10]:

It is a lot smarter and safer to drive at posted speed limits. Those reckless drivers speeding along are so wrapped up in getting through the next light that they often run the red light at a breakneck speed. Excessive speed has become the norm in the metropolitan area, as well: on the roads that is, but not in the courts.

The smart driver obeys the laws; the stupid ones take the chances and put everyone at risk. There are posted speed limits on every road in this area. You got a problem with them, try and get them changed. Break the law and pay the price.

Take Route 210 in Maryland or Route 5. In a few places the posted speed limit is only 45 mph and at best it is 55 mph. Where does anyone get off driving 75 to 85 mph?

I strongly suggest every speeding driver slow down to the posted speed limit one time. Watch and feel the idiots driving around you, if not purposely attempting to drive through you. What you will see is a pack of cutthroat drivers "racing" to the next light, running the red lights.

When the price of fuel went over $2 per gallon, I slowed down to the posted speed limit on every road I travel. When I'm on the road doing my thing, I'm among others who have decided to be safer and smarter. God help those speeders who use the excuse "I was only keeping up with the traffic, your honor."

Ed Kaplin

Waldorf, Md.

Lawns Prohibited

In Prince William?

Thousands of Prince William County homeowners were mailed directives in June stating that the establishment of lawns on much of their property was not permitted. This directive from the Department of Public Works stated:

"Some activities may or may not be permitted by the County. These projects require a longer special review process, perhaps a Public Hearing and payment of various fees. Activities that may or may not be permitted include: additions to existing structures (and) secondary structures such as sheds, gazebos and pools. The following activities are not permitted -- establishing lawns."

Wait a minute! Could this be true? Are we in America? What form do you have to fill out to have a garden or plant a rose bush? How long does it take to get approval?

Pinch yourself! Are you dreaming? Have you been sleeping? This, I regret to say, is not a piece of fiction. I wish it were.

Did you receive one of these letters? Let's wake up.

Many of us who are also environmentalists are very concerned about the potential loss of our rights and of our property. We are loosely organized as Concerned Citizens of Prince William County. Come join us.

MacDougal Rice