The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

CHRISTIANA PARRAN RD., 4584-Calvert Corp. to Dean S. and Gina M. Kapiskosky, $563,571.

GREEN LEAF TERR., 2401-Kai T. Wu and Brian J. Hotton to Mazie F. and Timothy L. Fitzgerald, $309,900.

HIGHVIEW DR., 3202-Merle R. and Lucretia W. Fisher to Donna S. Roberts, $256,000.

27TH ST., 3730-Mabel R. Miller to Christopher M. Woodham, $386,250.

Dunkirk Area

ASHWOOD DR., 3019-Elaine Marie and Peter J. Ciaramello to Paul D. Brenner, $468,000.

COUNTRY RD., 11235-Frank E. and Carol A. Bryant to Ophelia P. and Daniel P. Kane, $360,000.

PLANTATION DR. N., 1980-Kenneth and Carole Parmelee to Pamela D. and Stephen D. Ambrose, $699,000.

WINESAP CT., 2601-Mary V. and Samuel M. Frye to Charles Herbert Beck, $465,000.

Huntingtown Area

ABBEY LANE, 1445-Lisa S. Connell to Karen D. and Ronald P. Cipressi, $581,000.

ALAMEDA DR., 791-David D. and Barbara E. Davis to Frankie and Holly Marie Greever, $549,900.

BAY PKWY., 5115-Ann P. Fitzgerald to Lisa R. and Richard B. Collins II, $350,000.

COLONIAL OAK CT., 1641-Robert C. and Janet E. Dodson to Constance and Kenneth Lee, $351,000.

NORTHWEST DR., 60-Michele L. and Ezra N. Grupper to Stephanie Rose Sprayberry, $460,000.

WEEPING WILLOW LANE, 4250-Richard P. Nalesnik Jr. and Leslie A. Nalesnik to Vicki L. and James C. Sharp, $699,900.

Lusby Area

BALD EAGLE LANE, 727-Michael R. and Carolyn M. Hart to Petra and Matthew W. Budde, $229,000.

BAY VIEW DR., 505-Catherine L. File Erickson to Jaimie L. and Kevin J. Jeffrey, $235,000.

BIG BEAR LANE, 11687-Debbie K. and James S. Fontana to Robert D. Harris, $255,900.

BUCKLER DR., 465-Joseph Ronald Gensor II to Mary H. and William W. Leonard Jr., $275,000.

BUCKSKIN CT., 11542-Robert L. and Christine R. More to Joanna and Patrick J. Gawlik, $283,000.

CHESLEY DR., 8560-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Tia Hunt, $226,050.

CLUB HOUSE DR., 313-D. and D. Homes Inc. to Bonnie L. and John E. Bugno, $65,000.

COSTER RD., 1385-Carolyn Jean and William Dean White to Justin R. Derr, $225,000.

CRYSTAL ROCK RD., 974-Gideon O. Baugher III to Donna M. Rivera, $184,645.

DEADWOOD DR., 11601-Robert Bombard to Sharon Reaves, $329,900.

DEER DR., 303-George G. Stolt to Jane and Robert R. French, $10,000.

DUSTY HOOF RD., 12016-Kevin J. and Jamie L. Jeffrey to Barbara E. and Steve K. Kosciusko, $200,000.

H.G. TRUEMAN RD., 11388-Linda Kay and Sheldon G. Ziman to June R. Mineur, $275,000.

HICKOK LANE, 11237-Troy W. and Lisa A. Blackburn to Erica Palmer and James Trout, $280,000.

PAPA'S LANE, 2000-Shannon Dawn Willis to Alissa D. and Gregory Leonard, $399,900.

PIUTE CT., 12235-Carl J. Jr. and Janice A. Yoder to Bonnie S. and Robert W. Gillett, $244,900.

RAWHIDE RD., 11159-Patricia O. and Arthur F. Rawson Jr. to David B. Hall, $50,000.

RED ROCK LANE, 12401-Christopher J. Cass to Jennifer L. and Walter R. Patterson III, $260,000.

RICHARD LANE, 1971-Patty A. and Duane L. Decker to Daniel Hillegas, $337,000.

ROUSBY HALL RD., 12506-Michael Kent Gribble to L'Tanya Jones, $539,900.

SKY VIEW LANE, 13020-Sally Jean and Paul W. Celmer to N.D.I. of Maryland Corp., $225,000.

STOCK DR., 8543-Donald E. and Valerie K. Nickerson to Tanya L. and Ernest A. Baud, $295,000.

VENTURA TRAIL, 11511-Michael R. MacDonald to Timothy Kurt Schultes, $279,900.

WHITE SANDS DR., 1125-Keely E. Tolley and Wayne A. Floyd to Michael Boone, $315,000.

North Beach Area

FIFTH ST., 3734-Mark A. Nicholson Jr. to Gabriel Granados, $365,000.

Owings Area

SKINNERS TURN RD., 260-Wise King Investments Corp. to Christina M. and Andrew M. Schneider, $183,700.

TIMBERNECK DR., 2007-F. and L. Development Ltd. to Brenda L. and Ronald D. Tyrrell, $350,000.

Port Republic Area

ASTER RD., 2646-Mary Ray Beasley to Justina Johnson and Daniel M. Head Jr., $694,000.

MILLER'S WAY, 1531-Calvert Crossings Corp. to Sharmin and Shafquat Meraj, $250,000.

ROSEMARY LANE, 1960-David C. and Kristin J. Stanley to Amy S. and Paul D. Bunting, $433,900.

Prince Frederick Area

BRIDGEPORT PL., 544-Patricia A. Ward to Frederick Handel, $328,000.

DARES BEACH RD., 4005-Sharon K. and Herbert D. Eskins Jr. to Alice A. Kovalchik, $344,000.

HARVEST GROVE LANE, 1950-Frank S. and Dawn Hankins to Leslie and Jerry Pitts, $534,900.

MOUNTAIN TRAIL, 60-Michael Kenneth Proctor to Max P. Sacks Jr., $360,000.

SIXES RD., 3610-Tone Compito Wellington to Jennifer D. and Jeffrey R. Piatt, $323,000.

SIXES RD., 4600-Oscar and Hazel Hammett to Karen M. and William M. Fowler, $150,000.

SOLOMONS ISLAND RD., 2486-Deborah K. and Donald R. Kennedy to Paul J. and Natalie A. McCullough, $420,000.

Solomons Area

PATUXENT AVE., 14860-Mark C. and Julie V. Bruington to Robert T. and Patricia J. Schmidt, $940,000.

Solomons Landing Area

PELAGIC LANE, 217-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Mary and Glenn Stephenson, $733,332.

St. Leonard Area

CALVERT BEACH RD., 1371-Michael E. and Mary B. Holt to Christine and Charles R. Bauerdorf, $285,000.

CHERRY ST., 5564-Lawrence W. and Cynthia R. Noell to Wanda and Frederick Stehle and Edward and Augusta Wiszbicki, $475,000.

MATAPEAKE CT., 1920-Charlene and Dayne A. Brady to Tracy Lynn Cloud, $450,000.

Charles County

Bryans Road Area

DANBERRY CT., 2252-Charles L. Golden to Man Ngatiman, $280,000.

KERRIA CT., 2362-River Hill Corp. to Vincent R. Johnson, $518,924.

NEW STEAD CT., 5147-Holly Bodle and Chad Chrostowski to Sharon L. Brown, $357,000.

PISTACHIO PL., 6741-River Hill Corp. to Caldwell O. and Catherine B. Jackson, $500,082.

RIVER RD., 5950-Sam and Marion S. Hanish to Patricia and John Thiel, $495,000.

WALDEN CT., 2046-Lisa Orange to Amina Cole, $339,999.

WOOSTER DR., 3090-Carol E. Wheeler to Aaron K. Michael, $237,200.

Bryantown Area

HUCKLEBERRY DR., 5679-Craig and Jennifer Tucker to Joyce J. and Dale E. Hockett, $385,000.

Charles Street-

Trinity Church Road Area

OAKS RD., 15035-Vernon L. and Charlotte J. Sampson to Jason Mitchell and Angela Forbes, $350,000.

QUIET PL., 9280-Jeffery and Sandra S. Pappaianni to Sandra M. and Bryan W. Felty, $580,000.

WHISPER CREEK CT., 12394-La Plata Somerset Corp. to Dierdre N. and Clyde Porter, $152,000.

Cobb Island Area

AUDREY RD., 17467-Nancy D. and Robert J. Rice to Miles B. Norris Jr., $250,000.

CYPRESS DR., 17971-Craig Thompson to Andria J. and James E. Corby, $299,000.

HIGH AVE., 14330-Letitia J. Lapierre to Kimberly A. Long, $260,000.


Prince Frederick Road Area

LOGAN ROBEY PL., 14100-Donald P. Purdy to Charles Williams and Richard Purdy, $363,000.

PALE MORNING CT., 6915-Wilkerson Construction Inc. to Alfred M. and Lisa M. Parrell Jr., $626,000.

PALE MORNING CT., 6955-Keystone Associates Corp. to Lee Homes Inc., $275,000.

Indian Head Area

CABINWOOD CT., 5718-U S Home Corp. to Carolyn and Michael Clark, $498,011.

CHICAMUXEN RD., 5305-Linda F. and John W. Downing to Mark Rollins Jr., $320,000.

HARD BARGAIN CIR., 6297-Michael and Laurette Goforth to Oronde N. and Lakisha M. King, $635,000.

MEADOWSIDE CT., 16-Gloria F. Houck to Kia Williams, $170,000.

METROPOLITAN CHURCH RD., 3326-Nazim and C. Khan to Edith L. and Thomas E. Savoy, $472,800.

OAK FOREST CT., 5815-U S Home Corp. to Leslie E. and William G. Greene, $523,472.

VIBURNUM CT., 5095-Patriot Homes Inc. to Cynthia P. and Harold A. Jewett Sr., $399,196.

Issue Area

BUCKINGHAM CT., 14810-Anthony A. and Jennifer M. Lancianese to Melissa A. and Matthew J. Zalesak, $445,000.

HONEYSUCKLE WAY, 14555-David and Judith Kern Erickson to Aud Rozakis and David Boone, $310,000.

La Plata Area

ANNE ARUNDEL AVE., 805-Chad L. Nutwell to Michael J. Harmon, $299,900.

GLEN ALBIN RD., 7572-Craig J. and William J. Heurich to Melissa C. Smith and Deon S. Clark, $284,900.

GLEN ALBIN RD., 7584-April E. Higgs to Anthony Noll, $270,000.

GOOSE CREEK DR., 300-Kelly K. Sharpless to Lemuel R. and Josephine T. Jones, $169,000.

HAWTHORNE RD., 6780-Aspen Builders Corp. to Andrew P. Fitch and Melinda D. Ward, $429,900.

KALMIA CT., 138-Kimberly A. Green to Michael C. Plumer, $149,000.

MALCOMS RIDGE PL., 7355-Somerset Trading Development Corp. to Charlotte R.W. and Jeffrey L. Johnson, $530,341.

MYRTLELEAF CIR., 103-Frank J. and Janet L. Ferritto to Ann H. and David M. Lovejoy, $419,900.

RAY DR., 4010-Pauline K. Brown, trustee, to C.O. Facchina Companies and Bryans Road Business Park Corp., $834,450.

ROBERT MORGAN PL., 8750-Anita Morgan to Robin M. McDevitt, $50,000.

ROBERT MORGAN PL., 8870-Robert S. and Loretta L. Wilkinson to Tammy and Brandon Pierce, $430,000.

ROBIN RD., 7461-Charles K. and Ruth C. Rexroth to Yaroslav and Tatyana Chumak, $325,000.

ROBIN RD., 7477-Perry D. Pierce to Alma G. and Robert K. Wrenn, $344,000.

ROSE LANE, 6935-Thomas W. Morgan Jr. to Monika and Daniel Nagle, $315,000.

SPANISH MOSS DR., 113-Patricia E. Chastain to Crystal Bellfield, $233,000.

STATION DR., 1106-Jeffrey G. Reed to Kevin Shifflett, $345,000.

THOMAS JEFFERSON ST., 108-Pauline and Carolyn Woods Bloom to Irene F. and James J. Gambino, $280,000.

Marbury Area

CREEDS MILL RD., 5050-Michael T. Lukenich to Barbara and Joseph Garrett, $295,000.

Nanjemoy Area

LIVERPOOL POINT RD., 2675-Yvon J. and Donald L. Posey to Isaiah L. Cunningham, $100,000.


Rock Point Road Area

BRANDON CT., 13645-Mickey J. Deavers to Linda L. and Michael Grosstephan, $350,000.

RIVERVIEW DR., 12128-Jacjuelyn M. and Paul C. Minning to SMIG Corp., $75,000.

Pomfret Area

PRESTON LANE, 4971-Michael Fitzgerald to Derrick P. Ferguson, $330,000.

TULIP DR., 4385-Patricia L. and Philip Riedel Sr. to Karla R. Douglas, $385,000.

Port Tobacco Area

CARLEY DR., 7650-Frank R. and Barbara D. Epps to Antonia S. and Ishmael D. Camp, $955,000.

LOCUST CT., 7700-Joseph M. and Amelia W. Harrison to Kathleen and Juan Mestre, $635,000.

LOCUST PL., 7815-Timothy Phil Whiston to Kathryn and Scott Colver, $490,000.

Ryceville Area

SOMERVILLE PL., 10221-Thomas G. Johnson to Gloria M. and Bernhardt E. Neumann, $389,500.

St. Charles Area

AUGUSHIRE WAY, 11850-Washington Homes of Maryland to Gary O. Palmer, $520,875.

CHURCHILL CT., 3028-Bernette M. Clinton to Angela P. Lytes, $199,900.

CRANSTON CT., 4880-Lamont A. and L. Cambrel Brock to Cynthia M. and Nathaniel F. Davis, $464,990.

DARNELL CT., 2009-Nida Kristina and William Anderson to Carlos Garcia, $210,000.

DORSET DR., 1017-Krista L. Waselewski to W. White III and Stephanie A. Phipps, $185,700.

DUCKWALK CT., 2142-James R. and Christine M. Lebrun to Gary A. and Agnes L. Smith, $282,500.

GARNER AVE., 610-Phyllis L. Bolton, trustee, to John and Angelique C. Robinson, $276,000.

GATEVIEW PL., 3867-Richard S. Carney to Trinette Greene, $250,000.

HAMLIN RD., 1125-Mattie L. and Jason G. Few to Gayle L. Williams, $290,000.

HEATHCOTE RD., 3034-Louis R. Sledge Jr. to 3034 Heathcote Corp., $106,890.

KEARNYS INN PL., 3845-Julius A. Brown to Cornelius M. Wilson, $199,000.

KNOLEWATER CT., 3109-Sheryl M. and Dale L. Crowl III to Charles F. Latenser, $316,000.

MILSTEAD CT., 3401-Ernest J. Keller III to Nakiea and Kevin Dade, $162,000.

OAKLEY DR., 2602-Margaret L. and Jermaine M. Neal to Wisterria V. and Henry M. Easely Jr., $322,000.

PINE CONE CIR., 3845-Lynne S. and Maria M. Dean Adamson to Sheila D. and Frederick C. Frey III, $375,000.

ROCK CT., 4360-Ann V. and Paul L. Wright to Holly S. Mansueti, $312,500.

RYAN PL., 4552, No. 52-KR-Audwin Chandler to Ryan Epstein, $156,250.

SHEFFIELD CIR., 4780-Lemuel W. Moore to Timothy Noel, $475,000.

STODDERT AVE., 1008-William H. and Dawn M. Daly to Veronica M. and Billy J. Gregory, $299,900.

SWEETWOOD PL., 12202-Letessa and Michael A. Jackson to Dawn Jones, $273,000.

TURTLE DOVE PL., 12435-Victor P. III and Linda C. Grabis to Edith and Michael Cooper, $282,000.

TURTLE DOVE PL., 12443-Cathy C. Carter to Karen M. Burfeind, $280,000.

UNDERWOOD CT., 4821-Sonyia M. Smallwood to Rodney and Pecolla A. Scott, $114,000.

VALERY CT., 2305-Barbara C. Beavers to Xuejing Chen, $274,900.

YELLOWTAIL CT., 5706-John Page to Letha R. Trimmer, $405,000.

Waldorf Area

ANGEL FISH CT., 5021-Belinda D. and Andrew T. Overby to Denise V. McAllister, $324,000.

ASHFORD CIR., 10668-Edith L. and Thomas E. Savoy to Veronica Harley, $519,000.

AYRES CT., 3117-Lance B. and Melissa S. Sigmon to Dennis J. and Dawn R. Eflein, $450,000.

BARRINGTON DR., 717-Stephen E. and William R. Trumbull to Victor L. Terry, $169,900.

BIGHORN CT., 6206-Ladell and Brandy N. Marshall to Marianne and Derek Lovett, $327,000.

BILTMORE ST., 9450-Centex Homes to Heidi and Tommy Allen, $479,030.

BILTMORE ST., 9458-Centex Homes to Virendra Saxena, $466,900.

BIRCH CT., 5003-Lori K. and Johnathan J. Strickland to Sheryl A. Williams, $305,000.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4051-Susan E. Sheldon to Florence M. Smith, $216,800.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4082-William H. Walker Jr. to Josephus L. Ashton Jr., $225,000.

BRIDLE PATH CIR., 10922-Keleigh A. and Kevin M. Keelan to Krystal A. Gross, $308,000.

BUTTE PL., 2314-Rosanna W. and Willie York Sr. to Tammy L. Diehl, $284,950.

CASSIDY CT., 10358-Tina R. and Cedric Myrick to Matthew Brown IV, $385,000.

CHARTER OAK CT., 12452-Joann M. and Robert L. Andrews Jr. to Janelle Lee, $314,000.

COPLEY AVE., 1123-Michael R. and Elaine M. Derry to Ivy K. and Gerald Gilliam, $301,100.

COPLEY AVE., 869-Frank T. and Mary Ann Degeorge to Tina and Robert Dillard, $275,000.

COURTNEY DR., 8655-Janet L. and David R. Allen to Frederick L. Dendy, $950,000.

ELSA AVE., 3400-Gilbert R. and Brenda L. Settle to Frances B. and George A. Smith, $600,000.

ENTERPRISE PL., 2573-Callista Harris to Kingsley Sarpong, $232,500.

FALMOUTH RD., 1112-Robert W. and Terri L. Koven to Marle Jackson and Lucy Chapman, $325,000.

FENDLEY WAY, 8709-Mildred Andres, trustee, to Lisa N. and Vincent L. Curry, $442,000.

FERNWOOD CT., 2553-Victoria L. and Michael L. Johnson to Nathan H. Shaw, $223,000.

FLORA SPRINGS ST., 2290-Edward E. and Tara B. Esteron to Claude and Chantal John, $460,000.

FORMAN CT., 2170-Wexford Village 4 Corp. to Coletta A. Treakle, $533,025.

GOLDEN EAGLE PL., 11306-Tiffany D. and Anthony Scott to Winston S. Garvey, $275,000.

GORAL CT., 6351-Jose E. and Hilda R. Torres to Ginger J. and Patrick Vilmenay, $320,000.

GRAY WOLF CT., 6122-Sara L. and Lonnie J. Thompson to Paul T. Harris, $360,000.

GREEN PINE CT., 2505-Eric and Karen Wiltanger to Phyllis A. and James S. Skelton, $379,999.

HARVEST FISH PL., 5432-Savilla I. Thibeault to Robin E. Anderson, $287,000.

HARWICH DR., 4616-Gayle L. Fortney to Aron Perel, $220,000.

HERON PL., 11213-Christine L. Smith to Shelly Belton, $302,500.

HOLM OAK DR., 12207-Miguel A. Deleon to Richard Gallegos, $390,000.

JUMPROCK CT., 5108-Gary W. and Wendy E. Smith to Shenine L. and Rafyel G. Brooks, $383,000.

KEMPSFORD FIELD PL., 3613-Alma Sumaray and Robert K. Wrenn Jr. to Mejebi Amaju, $195,000.

KNOLLWOOD CT., 10609-Janet A. Young to Dai Nguyen, $535,000.

KNOLLWOOD CT., 10619-John A. Rice to Joseph and Wambui G. Gichuri, $521,000.

MAJESTIC PL., 17780-Annie P. Drakeford to Angela Thomas, $220,000.

MARION LANE, 4310-Stacy Engelhardt to Aaron and Delores Hardy Little, $309,900.

MARSH HAWK DR., 2933-Christopher L. and Laura G. Eichorn to Tyrese Proctor and David Bowman, $400,000.

MINK CT., 6732-Edward S. and Kristi L. Lukenich to Cathleen W. and Eric J. Desmond, $340,100.

MOJARRO CT., 5209-Bryan W. and Sandra M. Felty to Joy M. and Howard J. McGowan, $419,950.

NORTHGATE PL., 3900-Dean G. Greenlee to Mickey Deans, $205,000.

NORWOOD CT., 3532-Andry West to Wilfredo J. Valle, $270,000.

PANTHER CT., 6216-John C. and Darlene O. Vann to Noriah and Nicholas D. Caron, $379,000.

PETZOLD DR., 13790-Goldbert Investments Inc. to Rosalie and Jeffrey H. Delwarte, $400,000.

PINEWOOD DR., 2677-Wayne R. and Deborah J. Kempson to Jovetta W. and Carlus I. McCormick, $321,000.

POOKA CT., 6107-Carl E. Jr. and Katasha G. Humphrey to Anthony and Tiffany D. Scott, $349,900.

PORTOBELLO CT., 2818-Luz and Louis Gamber to R. Shumaker Jr. and Lisa M. Cockerham, $499,000.

RACQUET PL., 2108-Addison R. Johnson to Latonya D. and Joseph Strozier, $116,638.

ROCKSPRAY CT., 11355-Joshua D. and Tamara E. Craven to Diane V. and Brian T. Langhorne, $350,000.

ROXBURY CT., 826-Donald J. and Dorothy M. Wisniewski to Kersha and Donovan Stephens, $303,900.

SASSAFRAS DR., 3651-Joseph G. and Elizabeth J. Bayerl to Unsuk and Carl L. Heath, $310,000.

SEWICKLEY ST., 11198-Terry R. Williams to James E. and Deirdre K. Gilbert, $350,000.

SHEARWATER DR., 11519-Monica L. Johnson to Kevin P. and Angela McGhee, $400,000.

SIRENIA PL., 6069-Takia L. Dunn to Zina and Christopher D. Murillo, $225,000.

SPRINGFISH PL., 5744-Mark A. Jr. and Erica L. Bourgeois to E.M. Chappelear and Timothy P. Ritter, $225,000.

TANGLEWOOD DR., 2019-Richard and Lola Avazova Lydick to Mirian Cepeda and Raul Castro, $186,000.

TARPON CT., 5105-Bridget R. Holland to Letessa and Michael Jackson, $400,000.

TIMBERBROOK DR., 11529-Leigh A. and Michael A. Batty to Tiffany J. Lopez Winters, $310,000.

UNIVERSITY DR., 505-Linda W. and Carlos Garcia to Hansaben and Ishvarlal Mistry, $325,000.

UNIVERSITY DR., 786-Steven A. and Donna R. West to H. Nalley and Christopher M. Williams, $308,000.

WENDELL PL., 15194-Fallon Homes Inc. to Gina M. and John T. Stokes, $255,000.

WENDY LANE, 12213-Melissa K. Sampson to Claressa Williams, $310,000.

WESTWOOD DR., 2196-Mark S. Rollins Jr. to Brian P. Hydock, $290,000.

WIMBLEDON PL., 10299-Richard L. Cowans to Helen T. and Pharoah J. Sanders, $285,000.

Welcome Area

GUNSTON RD., 8405-James W. and Mary A. Thompson to Lynsi N. Bowie and Jacob W. Weisman, $215,000.

White Plains Area

BILLINGSLEY RD., 9345-Margie L. and Landon E. Walker to Deryl D. Danner Sr., $395,000.

ESPRIT PL., 10722-Evan Mitchell to Tamika and Darryn Hyman, $292,000.

ESPRIT PL., 10743-Robert B. and Katheryn C. Walker to Crystal and Daniel Medina, $285,000.

GATEWAY BLVD., 4166-Charles E. Jr. and Manuela Robinson to Kelly Ferriter and Sean Moore, $305,700.

HEDGEMEADE CT., 3903-Lenhart Hunters Run Corp. to Mitchell L. and Sonja L. Scott, $470,910.

KNIGHTHOOD PL., 8282-Amy E. and Joel R. Carney to Brenda E. Farrare, $287,000.

PRINCE EDWARD DR., 3425-Charles and Carolyn L. Coaston to Allison and Jeffrey Blango, $474,990.

REGENT CT., 8809-Joseph R. and Kristin L. Etherage to Denise L. and Orlando D. Edwards, $415,000.

SMUGGLERS NOTCH CT., 10842-Bonita G. and Frederick B. King to Carl J. Johns, $417,000.

WINDSOR HEIGHTS PL., 4040-Darryl C. Williams to Lisa J. Creason, $285,000.

St. Mary's County

California Area

ALMOND CT., 23091-Janice E. Tyson to Stephanie N. and Vaclav Konecny, $385,000.

HOSTA WAY, 43928-Edmund W. Wettengel to Nancy E. Bressler, $250,000.

KILBEGGAN CT., 45519-Hickory Hills North Limited to Julie E. and Matthew S. Tillman, $268,482.

LOCUST RIDGE CT., 44790, No. 11B-Jonathan W. Borton to Maurita Weaver, $151,500.

OAK CREST LANE, 23274-Daniel G. Doster to Cindy L. Bishop and Guy F. Hartman, $309,900.

OLD HEWITT RD., 22456-Essex South General Partnership to Samantha M. and Matthew R. Mais, $374,780.

PARKVIEW DR., 22712-Janeal and Rickie A. Bartels to Vincent M. Diangelis, $270,000.

PLUMLEAF WAY, 43924-Stephen W. Bartlett to Isidro J. Marti, $459,000.

Callaway Area

POINT LOOKOUT RD., 21366-Sherry L. Mitchell to Terri D. and Jeffrey G. Kansy, $480,000.

Charlotte Hall Area

CHARLOTTE HALL RD., 29555-Timothy C. McNair, trustee, to Lyrel and Peter Byrne, $559,000.

Coltons Point Area

PALMER RD., 38285-Willie R. Yeargan to 717 W. Corp., $1 million.

Great Mills Area

BOYNE CT., 45569-Patrick Kittrell to Susan J. Lewis, $270,000.

CHANCELLORS RUN RD., 21277-SCH Enterprises Inc. and to William C. Foster, $294,990.

COSMOS LANE, 22250-Frank S. and Cari R. Strazzulla to Mihui and James L. Slawson, $430,000.

GORDON CT., 21568-Oakridge Housing Corp. to Felix L. Hopkins, $267,698.

GUENTHER DR., 45798-John Lance Ontko to Shevonne and Quenton C. Stanley, $275,000.

KINNEGAD DR., 22663-Hickory Hills North Limited to Michael A. Holder, $233,905.

MORGALLION WAY, 45573-Earl Patrick Duffy to Anna R. Mata, $230,000.

ST. MICHAELS CIR., 22097-Kimberly D. Carter to Amanda and Michael Putman, $205,000.

Hollywood Area

HOLLY POINT RD., 25902-Lee Edward Forman to Steven L. Norris Sr., $258,000.

RICKY DR., 25735-Bruce C. Foerster to Susan M. and Thomas M. Williams, $355,000.

Leonardtown Area

ARBOR CT., 21107-Donna M. and Glen Alan Knaust to Scott E. and Elise M. Feldman, $341,500.

DEER WOOD PARK DR., 20795-William W. Housel to Kelly and Robert A. Price, $429,900.

J.M. GOUGH CT., 23682-The Villages at Leonardtown Corp. to Cecilia L. and William F. Cords, $403,616.

JOANNE DR., 23295-Dillow at Singletree Corp. to Newtowne Construction Inc., $125,000.

MEREDITH CT., 23959-Tommy Mora and Bridid S. Mora to Karen Ann C. Tucker and Jeremy D. Tucker, $575,000.

PIN CUSHION RD., 24520-William Leonard Farr Jr. to Karen Theresa and Warren David Farr, $300,000.

ROSEBAY ST., 21080-Robert E. Miller II to Mary Ann and Robert G. Nash, $420,000.

Lexington Park Area

BIRDSEYE CT., 21352-Richmond American Homes to Ester Susantio Tioe and Kim P. Seow, $246,650.

BIRDSEYE CT., 21360-Richmond American Homes to Kimberly Diane and Scott Provost Searles, $313,100.

COLUMBIA ST., 21601-Sherry L. and Troy D. Mehl to Paul Conlin, $249,900.

CONNOR WAY, 45660-Feicht Contracting Inc. to Sharon L. and Terry S. Leininger, $415,000.

DUNLEIGH DR., 22530-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Sarah A. and Douglas M. Strickland, $297,367.

ESPERANZA DR., 22958-Richard A. Parr to Lynnette and John Curtsinger, $280,000.

ESSEX DR. S., 21505-Everett Gerard Gibson to Daniel M. Shafer, $260,000.

GREEN HOLLY RD., 23061-Gregory R. Shimp to Sirva Relocation Corp., $364,900.

MARSHALL RD., 23106-Chantal L. Golden to Patricia Gail and Albert Norman Bleakley, $260,000.

RONALD DR., 21836-Qessence Corp. to Jorge A. Camelo Suarez, $135,000.

SUNBURST DR., 48360-Arlene and Scott Marshman to Ronald S. Dittmer, $300,000.

WILLOW WOOD DR., 47310-Greenbrier Corp. to Scherry A. and Randy A. Matthes, $90,000.

Mechanicsville Area

DAVID DR., 36898-Walter A. Mason Jr. to Senan Brady and Denise Lourette Brady, $245,000.

GLENWOOD LANE, 41150-Donald R. and Elesia A. Ball to Shirley K. and John H. Belk II, $490,000.

GOLF COURSE DR., 35566-James N. and Patricia A. Powell to James D. and John M. Rose H. Pierce, $320,990.

LAKELAND DR. W., 36724-Angelina and Eggert J. Jonsson to Brandie Gorman, $278,900.

LAWRENCE ADAMS DR., 26636-William E. Males to Michelle R. and Denise M. and Frederick L. and Tamara C. Miller, $255,000.

OEMA CT., 28516-Raymond Sapp Construction Inc. to Gary and Jennifer Aldridge Guy, $475,000.

QUEENTREE RD., 27280-Norman W. Warner to Charlotte and Dennis M. Long, $359,000.

TANGLEWOOD CT., 39005-Warren Joseph Jr. and Janet M. Wilson to Hope and Brian Breckenridge, $245,000.

WIGEON PL., 39256-Robert G. Dobry Jr. to Debra W. Bonner and Crystal Bonner Hanks, $300,000.

Piney Point Area

STARK DR., 45345-George R. and Leona June Ryan to Robbin C. and David Wayne Willett, $500,000.

WALNUT ST., 45394-T.E.G. Custom Homes Corp. to Jennifer M. Irvin, $110,000.

Tall Timbers Area

WHITESTONE DR., 17590-Steven C. and Lisa S. Hockman to Maria Diminaco Zwolinski and Stanley A. Zwolinski, $749,000.