The managing director of Community Ministries of Rockville was ordered to take anger management classes, perform 60 hours of community service, stay away from Best Buy and repay the store $318 after prosecutors agreed last week not to try her in the alleged assault of two store employees and a police officer after a dispute over a refund.

Agnes Giovanna Saenz, 41, of Rockville was arrested at the Best Buy at 1200 Rockville Pike on Sept. 29 after she slapped a Rockville police officer and threw two MP3 players and a CD player from a counter, striking a store employee, according to a police document.

Saenz said yesterday that she "experienced crucifixion and resurrection" in the case, which she said in a written statement was the result of "injustices, mistreatment, unnecessary force and lack of effective communication with the Best Buy Employees and Police officers."

Store employees called police after Saenz became "upset and irate" upon learning that she would not get a refund for a Creative MP3 player, police said.

At the request of Best Buy employees, Rockville police officer John Berry repeatedly asked Saenz to leave the store, but she ignored him, police said. Berry took Saenz "by her right arm in a motion toward the front door. Saenz then struck [Berry] on the left side of the face with an open right hand," according to the police document.

On her way out, Saenz pushed another Best Buy employee who "fell into a kiosk and bruised her right hip."

Saenz resisted arrest, and the two officers at the scene were "forced to fight Saenz to the ground to place her in custody," according to the document.

She was charged with three counts of second-degree assault, destruction of property, trespassing, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Montgomery County Senior Assistant State's Attorney Dan Barnett said his office decided not to prosecute Saenz at the request of the two employees and the officer.

Saenz, whose organization provides social services to homeless people and immigrants, said the ordeal has made her a stronger person.

"Perhaps God wanted me to experience what many of our clients experience so I can have a better understanding and appreciation for their circumstances," she said.