The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

ARUNDEL ON THE BAY RD., 3384-Blanche D. Frame, trustee, to Garth Wells and Christine Jacquette, $399,000.

ASHFORD CT., 5-Gina L. Goncz to Cynthia Garber, $330,000.

BARBUD LANE, 1219-Morris Construction to Ronald Burgos and Meivi E. Arrue Guillen, $377,500.

BURNSIDE ST., 527-Alexander C. Cutler to Brett M. and Megan R. Cureton, $865,000.

CARRIAGE RUN RD., 310-Thaddeus C. Sheehy to Jerome P. and Henriette J. Rizzo, $567,000.

CEDAR AVE., 1363-Robert W. Hankins to Bradley A. and Kelleigh C. Bennett, $440,000.

CHANNEL VILLAGE CT., 7004, No. 7004-2-Richard Ireland to Bonnie E. Allen, $365,000.

CHESTER AVE., 830-Philip Gurlik Jr. to George K. and Rhiannon N. Gelston, $668,000.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 762, No. 762E-Carol A. Larcher to Steven and Susan Vangrack, $500,000.

HEARTHSTONE CT., 40, No. C-Sherri L. Collison to Charles and Julie Derosa, $229,000.

HIDDEN RIVER VIEW RD., 3413-Gregg L. Heacock to Andrew D. and Julianne S. Bing, $1.08 million.

HOLLY DR., 410-Donald B. Rich to Joseph M. and Billie K. Cirrincione, $425,000.

OGLETON RD., 2649-John H. Heaney to Louis and Christine P. Bervid, $565,000.

PINE MANOR DR., 9-Henry C. Hirsch to Todd M. and Elisabeth J. Hirsch, $552,327.

RIDING RIDGE RD., 314-Andrew D. Bing to Gary T. and Erin S. Scruggs, $495,000.

SEVERN AVE., 201-George E. Davis to Jacqueline E. Wells, $850,000.

SILVERWOOD CIR., 13, No. 1-Jeffrey L. Myers to Daniel K. and Ann E. Hammer, $200,000.

STONECREEK RD., 1409-Harriet A. Lytle to Leonan B. Padilla, $426,900.

TYLER AVE., 1137-J. Rental Corp. to Buenaventura Garcia and Maria Villalta, $286,000.

FIRST ST., 520-Alaine H. Morrisette to Lisa Lovullo, $696,000.

Annapolis-Sandy Point

State Park Area

CHARLES CARROLL WAY, 2003, No. 50-Todd Britton Harr to Gary Weisman, $510,000.

CRISFIELD WAY, 730-Crab Cove Corp. to Robert J. and Theresa D. Reuss, $601,604.

EASTERN POINT RD., 788-Lois Bergert to Mervelyn N. Wyllie Brause and Allan R. Brause, $470,000.

GOV. THOMAS BLADEN WAY, 2024, No. 102-Robert A. Larson to Benjamin Horn, $295,000.

HERITAGE CT., 7, No. 120-Lori J. O'Brien to Wanda Turner Brown, $193,000.

HOWARD'S LOOP, 658, No. 23-Donna L. Mucha to Gregory M. Zehe, $280,000.

ISLAND VIEW DR., 132-Virginia M. Friend to Franklin O. and Linda Collins Bolling, $400,000.

JULIANA CIR. W., 17-Darnell L. Branch to Shaw M. Bossman, $249,000.

LEHMAN CT., 1412-Peter J. McNamara to Scott G. and Angela N. Simpson,


LODGE POLE CT., 1548-Steven M. Wakefield to Steven W. and Maria R. Matthews, $245,000.

NATIVE DANCER CT., 1596-Mark A. Stockett to Denise Costa, $284,900.

PEACH CT., 410-A. Beth Smith to Joseph P. Davis Jr., $308,000.

PINE HILL DR., 1260-Cynthia L. Martin to Patrick S. and Angel Fitzgerald, $429,900.

RIVERSEDGE CIR., 956-Evelyn A. Lessmann to Raya Koren and Peter Paul Jones, $285,000.

SECRETARIAT DR., 1585-Josh Ledbetter to Dawn M. Maltese, $270,000.

SEVERN GROVE RD., 1930-Robert A. Starr Jr. to Heather N. Turner, $427,500.

SEVERN GROVE RD., 1960-Philip R. Sweeney to Mike Noon and David Bowen, $159,000.

SHADEWATER WAY, 970-Monica G. Peck to David W. Larson, $715,000.

SHERWOOD TRAIL, 351-Kenneth A. Godlewski to Brian and Donna Wiggins, $1.1 million.

SHIPSVIEW RD., 1513-Richard McMillan Jr. to Scott D. Hatch, $1.875 million.

SOUTHVIEW DR., 1171-Anna E. Reeden, trustee, to Timothy A. Grossman, $339,900.

THOMPSON ST., 21-Peter B. Lauck to Brian and Jennifer Snead, $645,000.

TRINITY PL., 1705-Kathy Nelson to Mary T. Filosi, $688,000.

WAINWRIGHT DR., 102-David E. Woodling to W. Brooke Leister III and Nancy W. Bartel, $225,000.


Sherwood Forest Area

ROBIN HOOD HILL, 821-Chas B. Dickinson to Robin Hood Hill Corp., $800,000.

Arnold Area

BAY GREEN DR., 530-Scott W. Reed to Sarah E. and Robert E. Harris, $425,000.

BIRCHCREST CT., 1238, No. 113-Judith A. Morsy to Jason Sherbert and Stacey Werner, $272,000.

DIVIDING CREEK RD., 755-Albert J. Meade to Charles and Susan Priola, $590,000.

EAGLE CT., 1475, No. 157-William F. Jones to Cora J. Bruner, $349,900.

FARLEY CT. S., 1322, No. 13227-Priya K. Nanjappa to Paul W. and Nina M. Schroder, $285,000.

KNOTTWOOD CT., 440, No. 163-Richard A. Simmons to Deborah B. Harris, $268,000.

LAKE DR., 930-Donald E. Mosely to Matthew and Kathryn Kelley, $373,000.

NOMINI DR., 205-Virginia Pritchett to Michael J. and Molly E. Campion, $431,000.

PINE VALLEY DR., 748, No. 25-Barbara K. Sprague to Douglas W. and Deborah V. Collins, $390,000.

QUAIL RUN CT., 650-Timothy B. Atkins to Jeffrey L. and Mary E. Jenson, $789,000.

SOUTHERN HILLS DR., 672, No. 4A-Rachel Penska to Wendy B. Markos, $215,000.

TERNWING DR., 321-Mary L. Reynolds to Yagoob Misri Khan, $389,500.

VOLLEY CT., 382-Leroy M. Kellner to Jeffrey P. Kellner and Vanessa Davis, $225,000.

WILLYS DR., 889-Frank J. Weaver to Keith and Dawn Doyle, $390,000.

WINTERBERRY DR., 1533-Shaun Raines to Gary Randolph Thompson, $260,000.

Brooklyn Area

HOLY CROSS AVE., 609-Ameri Star Homes Inc. to April A. Jackson, $381,477.

FIFTH AVE., 435-Santiago Herrera to Brian C. and Jeanne M. Hill, $105,000.

Crofton Area

ABERDEEN CIR., 1822, No. 39-Claudia B. Thorpe to Evarist Francis, $253,000.

BANCROFT LANE W., 1616, No. 145-Newman Enterprises Corp. to Dean M. and Brenda L. Brown, $255,000.

BANDURY CT., 1566, No. 138-Peter G. Madrinan to Leonine Lee, $325,000.

BELLARBOR CIR., 1926, No. E-Gloria Miles to Philip Craig Pritchard, $245,000.

CARLYLE CT., 1468, No. 115-Timothy A. Cansler to Christian Buonocore, $332,900.

CHAPMAN CT., 2802-Marc A. Heppding to Steve C. and Judith Kennedy, $600,000.

CHELMSFORD DR., 2415-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Charles H. and Jennifer R. Shaw, $637,500.

ELLSWORTH AVE., 1559-Hewitt Relocation Services Inc. to Ralph and Phyllis Kruck, $590,000.

FALLOWFIELD CT., 1630, No. 163016-Lauri Heinlein to Lori A. Destwolinski, $265,000.

FALLOWFIELD CT., 1683, No. 168310-Heidi L. Hardy to Edward W. Kennedy III and Marianne L. Hurney, $250,000.

FALLOWFIELD CT., 1703, No. 170310-Khrista B. Issacs to Lensa Jalleta, $265,000.

FALLSWAY DR., 1716-James D. Polucha to Deborah Weatherholtz, $332,500.

FALSTONE LANE, 1528, No. 38-Kenneth W. Lamont to Joseph A. and Margaret Feiler, $345,000.

FENDALL CT., 1619, No. 48-Edward Chalgren IV to Margaret Dowell, $197,900.

FENDALL CT., 1623, No. 49-Timothy A. Wade to Edward J. Casey, $240,500.

HARROW AVE., 1459-Elizabeth L. Kipila to Roger Merrill Weller and Linda Eileen Pollock, $465,000.

HARWELL AVE., 1466-Charles H. Shaw to Robert G. and Susan P. Gibson, $490,500.

HARWICK CT., 1452, No. 86XC-Richard L. Bond to Lisa M. Altman, $225,000.

HOWARD CHAPEL TURN, 2014-Melissa T. Deacon to Mark Chester, $330,000.

REMINGTON DR., 1736-Albert C. Lister to Stanley L. and Eddie J. Simmons, $529,900.

ROXBORO PL., 1807-Kenneth L. Brown to Gene A. and Kathleen S. Reese, $579,000.

SELKIRK CT., 2554-Jason G. Boothe to Janice Clerkin, $369,900.

STOW CT., 2569, No. 53-Steven B. Cabral to Joseph and Jeannie Fazio, $385,000.

TWIG'S CT., 1609-Gregory Stafford to Timothy A. and Claire M. Spencer, $605,000.

WALDORF CT., 1744, No. 54-Edward D. Olsen to Gina R. Deleone, $260,000.

WICKFORD CT., 1158-Richards Group of Washington to Robert D. and Alison R. Wisnom, $294,990.

WICKFORD CT., 1160-Richards Group of Washington to Bernard Olaniyan, $279,900.

WINDY OAK CT., 2506-Lisa M. Hooper to Michael Rendina and Meredith S. Friedman Hurvitz, $379,900.

WORRELL CT., 2665-Matisse Gilson to Ethan H. and Marcella W. Karp, $385,000.

Crownsville Area

BARGER DR., 766-Oak Tree Corp. to Donna and Perla P. Aquino, $270,000.

FAIRFIELD LOOP RD., 1346-Douglas K. Howser to Jeffrey M. and Angela T. Lataille, $355,000.

FLOURMILL CT., 2000-NVR Inc. to St. Partners Corp., $156,540.

LONG POINT RD., 259-David R. Messersmith to Michael J. and Mae Kee Oberender, $1.6 million.

WATCHERS LANE, 1446-Golden Builders Inc. to Thomas and Diane Borden, $597,000.

Curtis Bay Area

CREEKLAND CT., 1315, No. 41-Lorraine L. Rossbach to John T. Scali, $204,000.

RIVER ROCK WAY, 7961, No. 407-Patanachai Harris to Daryl H. Flood, $359,000.

SEA SHELL CT., 1305, No. 70-Edward W. Turner to Michelle L. Mangold and Leslie K. Taylor, $425,000.

STONEY BEACH WAY, 1549, No. 106-Eric W. Lauterbach to Bethann M. Horvath, $250,000.

SWANHILL CT., 1250, No. 312-Deborah C. Brieker to Heather M. Vahovich, $309,000.

SWANHILL CT., 1264, No. 319-Gregory Hoffman to Brian Russell, $263,000.

Davidsonville Area

ALCOVA DR., 1567-Jason C. Johnson to Anthony D. and Leanne Jett, $371,000.

MOUNT AIRY RD., 1182-Benjamin A. Winter III to Emerson and Joyce P. Bentley, $615,000.

Deale Area

GULL DR., 642-Craig D. Tyler to John L. Petrosino and Stephanie R. Voytek, $359,995.

ROCKHOLD DR., 5934-John J. Stueckler to Karen J. Cocchairo and Regina L. Augustine, $799,990.

Edgewater Area

BAYSIDE DR., 3977-Carolyn G. Williams to Maria Lenor Vasquez, $630,000.

BRAXTON WAY, 223-Nicolas Duchastel to Donald E. Chaney Jr., $415,000.

CHURCH CREEK LANE, 2703-William L. Muehlhauser to Chad and Deborah L. King, $1.35 million.

MILLHAVEN DR., 2133, No. 13324-Eugene C. McNerney to Chris L. Pettit and Yu Ting Pan, $420,000.

PENWOOD DR., 439-Mary J.R. Van Nostrand to Michelle M. Borzillo, $595,000.

POPLAR AVE., 203-Shirley S. Cleary to Jeryl B. Cramblitt, $409,900.

RIDGELY RD., 1745-Kenneth Krasko to Piper A. Mullins and Michael J. Hinson, $239,900.

SHORE DR. W., 3927-Raymond L. Dunlap Jr. to Robert G. and Linda L. Taylor, $550,000.

TARRAGON LANE, 78-Robert C. Davey, trustee, to Joel M. Zelepsky, $490,000.

WAKEFIELD RD., 1541-William Karunaratne to Kevin Passero and Diane Hallila, $485,000.

WILLIAMS ST., 938-David Clark to T. and D. General Partnership, $325,000.

SECOND AVE., 3573-Charles J. Dinenna to Nicholas and Tracy Dimauro, $435,000.

Gambrills Area

BOTTNER RD., 3264-Bradley D. Scott to Scott D. and Carolyn W. Lacoss, $800,000.

NANCARLES DR., 2309-David O. Campbell to Clint and Katherine Baker, $801,000.

SYMPHONY LANE, 2461-Deana E. Green to Saul and Dilcia Avila, $550,000.

Glen Burnie Area

ALLWOOD DR., 236-Douglas N. Shade to Matthew B. and Bethany T. Hill, $270,450.

ARBOR DR., 411-Home Quest Inc. to Randall S. Marvel and Christopher J. Price, $272,500.

AUGUSTA AVE., 7245-Cedar Square Homes Inc. to James D. and Sana K. Campbell, $461,431.

BALEEN CT., 7550, No. 173-Louis A. Hawkins to Janelle C. Williams, $234,000.

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 7110-Fresbindo R. Eligio to Elaias Boulew, $120,000.

BUCKINGHAM DR., 103-Lydia P. Wilkins to Katherine E. Thompson, $197,200.

CAYER DR., 1070-Gwen Carson to Christopher J. Ambrogio, $207,500.

FOXFARM LANE, 7820-Kenneth D. King to Hubert E. Kowalewski and Joanna N. Seck, $274,000.

FOXMANOR LANE, 201-Christopher T. Devaughn to Robert A. Evans Jr., $299,900.

GLEN CT., 546, No. 32J-Glade F. Flake to James R. Hinkley, $162,000.

GRAFTON GARTH CT., 6427-Donna C. Cyr to Jarius R. Hayman, $172,000.

GRAFTON GARTH CT., 6446-Maureen Dale to Ifeany T. Phillips, $164,000.

HERITAGE HILL DR., 6423-Michelle L. Kopp to Taren R. Jones and Miles A. Dixon III, $176,000.

JAMES RD., 720-Barbara M. Burke to Sharon Steinheiser, $315,100.

JEFF MAR DR., 8913-Molly E. Coffman to Michael L. Ware Jr., $304,500.

JUNEBERRY WAY, 302-Richard P. Esham to Xiaodi Hu and Yeqin Yin, $169,900.

LAMPLIGHTER RIDGE, 6437-Ranga R. Challuri to Maria C. Cabrera, $162,000.

LAMPLIGHTER RIDGE, 6440-Karen R. Sedgwick to Tracy Mellott, $115,000.

LINWOOD AVE., 20-Utz Enterprises Inc. to Edward and Terry Connell, $307,772.

MACKINTOSH DR., 272-Cheryl A. Reynolds to Linda R.P. Cornett and Learline Taylor, $343,000.

MAINVIEW CT., 475-Peter Adamovich to Anna Floeck, $230,000.

ROSE AVE., 407-Glenn G. Carson to Robert Allebach, $249,900.

RYAN RD., 309-Brian A. Raska Sr. to Fawn L. Merson Sparks and Mark L. Merson, $279,999.

VALIANT CIR., 373, No. 37315-Cheryl D. Ballard to Penny and Brad Hales, $180,500.

WASHINGTON SQ., 6427-Mary R. McGlinchy to Duane C. and Doris E. Merkel, $133,010.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

CASTLE HARBOUR WAY, 1111, No. 3C-Mary Moscker to Gregory L. Sizemore, $155,000.

COUNTRY CLUB DR., 27-Thomas E. Harrison to SM Homes Corp., $180,000.

GATEWATER CT., 350, No. E-Alan Plonsky to Tristram A. and Cathryn Aubuchon Jones, $150,000.

HIGH OAK RD., 8034-Allan T. Dotson to Xuan and Giao Nguyen, $440,000.

M ST. NE, 413-R. and K. Properties Corp. to Stephanie McCloud, $179,900.

MOUNTAIN RD., 106, No. 1A-Michael A. Boryk III to Richard C. and Sharrie K. Wade, $130,000.

NORMANDY DR., 9-James A. Pridgeon Sr. to Mary H. Swain, $242,000.

RAINWATER WAY, 305, No. 103-Grace M. Cornet to James and Hazel Thalberg, $195,000.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6608, No. 101-Robert L. Dye to Lawrence R. Morris Jr., $186,000.

RIDGE RD., 108-Karen R. Harvey to Paul R. Kingsbury, $300,000.

SOLLEY RD., 7624-Mollie E. Solley to Thomas R. and Caroline G. Wiley, $189,500.

SUNNYBROOK DR., 1016-Jeffrey W. Rodrigues to Robert J. and Janet L. Earickson, $274,000.

TWIN VIEW, 1013-Mark D. Chapman to Hok Kan Tank, $240,525.

WATER FOUNTAIN WAY, 107, No. 303-Michael J. Cierniak to Fara F. Leone,


SIXTH ST., 1036-David R. Grice to Arundel Improvements Inc., $99,000.

Jessup Area

MONTEVIDEO CT., 7525-Brian W. Shipe to Mark T. Gratkowski, $309,900.

Laurel Area

EAGLE HARBOR S., 338-Charles D. Miller to Denise A. Branson, $190,000.

GALAXY WAY, 3154-Thomas L. Lewis Jr. to Robin Farmer, $391,000.

LITTLELEAF PL., 3430-James N. Fox to Yitiki N. Lars, $299,900.

OLD LINE AVE., 394-John H. Boteler to Evelyn Jandres and Walter A. Fuentes, $320,000.

PIDGEON FORK LANE, 8307-Marvin D. Carr to Jacob Mammen and Bobby K. Thomas, $425,000.

SHOAL CREEK DR., 8105-Celeste K. Adams to Olive and Arnold Paul, $372,000.

WOODLAND MANOR DR., 8405-Eric K. Croft to Marcus and Sybil Jones, $375,000.

Linthicum Heights Area

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 6841-Bonnie M. Gracy to Angelo V. and Albert C. Montante, $220,000.

CLEVELAND RD., 415-Wayne J. Bellman to Daniel Tull and Leslie Corrigan, $352,500.

HAMMONDS FERRY RD. N., 107-Gershon Hoffer to Michael S. and Alina M. Mazzotta, $310,000.

MANSION RD., 2-Howard P. Landgraf III to Denis R. Mermod and Jennifer E. Piper, $275,000.

SYCAMORE RD., 114-John J. Rourke to Chad J. and Patricia R. Doran, $330,000.

Lothian Area

MARLBORO RD., 794-Joseph E. McCafferty to Robert F. Simon, $460,000.

Millersville Area

CHALET CIR. E., 248-Katherine A. Wittig to Beverly Bishop, $236,525.

COUGAR DR., 759-John W. Carman to Steven and Amanda C. Krasic, $485,500.

HOPE POINT CT., 8303-Dong Ha Kim to Paul and Joan M. Kostacopoulos, $715,000.

NORWOOD DR., 8428-Joshua M. Molnar to Daniel Carpenter, $170,000.

OLD ORCHARD CIR., 471-John W. Hayes to Mark and Amy O. Lawrence, $785,000.

RUSTLING OAKS DR., 987-Donald Bossone to Paul and Janice Hoffman, $680,000.

SCARLET OAK DR., 394-Raymond F. Lopes to Reuben E. and Brenda G. Wilkinson, $609,978.

WAGNER FARM CT., 908-Robin A. Langley to Randy W. and Julie L. Holland, $497,758.

Odenton Area

AMBER ORCHARD CT. E., 2496, No. 1024-Brian P. Flynn to Alison C. Damarodas, $283,250.

ASTILBE WAY, 2023-U.S. Home Corp. to Fernando and Aeron J. Pineiro, $333,651.

AUTUMN HARVEST CT., 2402, No. 102-Michelle D. Lewis to Frances S. Milord, $249,900.

BLUFFS ISLAND CT., 1730-Neelam Goel to Irene G. Irby, $465,000.

BRIGADIER BLVD., 2135, No. 176-Noah J. Hayward to Matthew L. Floyd and Kathryn A. Bowman, $315,600.

COOPER POINT CT., 2003-Nole E. Remagen to Joan M. Lutmer, $274,900.

DIDELPHIS DR., 2643-Beazer Homes Corp. to Michael A. Pearson and Stephanie L. Scheper, $394,352.

DIDELPHIS DR., 2651-Beazer Homes Corp. to David K. and Kelly S. Mayo, $413,084.

DIDELPHIS DR., 2657-Beazer Homes Corp. to Stephanie R. and Jose L. Gelabert, $399,694.

GOLDEN CHAPEL RD., 2301-Richard Billings to Daxter D. Solomon, $529,000.

GRAND CT., 2249-Mark O. Mace to John W. and Susan M. Harrison, $315,000.

HICKORY KNOLL CT., 2717-Debra J. McCain to Robert R. Kistner, $302,500.

HOLLYOAK RD., 1215-Thomas R. Mason to Miguel A. Ramos, $420,000.

ISAAC CHANEY CT., 928-NVR Inc. to Sherman L. and Devon M. Paul, $379,140.

ISAAC CHANEY CT., 930-NVR Inc. to Arthur E. Jacobson, $391,140.

KILLARNEY TERR., 2434-Winchester Homes Inc. to Christina L. Diangelo, $411,776.

KILLARNEY TERR., 2436-Winchester Homes Inc. to Richard S. Rehovich, $390,460.

KIRBYS LANDING CT., 237, No. 11-Antrone Hedgepeth to Luella D. and John P. Bressler, $294,900.

MAPLEVIEW CT., 2710-Gabrielle M. Melka to Scott W. Dibasio and Melissa E. Evans, $355,000.

MEANDERING WAY, 1005-Ian H. Stevenson to Gregory A. Gaddy, $420,000.

MERLIN CT., 2656-Beazer Homes Corp. to Steve and Maria Kerasiotes, $479,990.

MIDDLE NECK RD., 2703-Chad D. Harris to Traci E. Hurst, $307,500.

ORCHARD OVERLOOK, 703, No. 102-Verus P. Cummins to Michael A. and Susan L. Parker, $250,103.

PINE DRIFT DR., 769-Michael Harrison to David A. and Rachael C. Chipkin, $320,500.

PINECOVE AVE., 200, No. 51-Dante J. Stellar to Rebecca Pippenger and Paul Van Opens, $317,000.

PINECOVE AVE., 201, No. 97-John D. Williams to Rosanna L. and Arnold T. Delarosa, $325,000.

PINECOVE AVE., 210, No. 56-Christine D. Blaketucker to James A. Ensley, $290,000.

PINECROFT CT., 2013, No. 69-Michael S. Deschenes to Kilinda M. Franklin, $330,000.

RAILBED DR., 1008-Tin Roof Court Corp. to Parker and Julie Schenecker, $433,490.

ROLLING HILL WALK, 608, No. 102-Nancy Rose to Joshua A. Ederheimer and Donna L. Anderson, $180,500.

RUNNING WOLF TRAIL, 2507-Thomas G. Stapleton to John Coppola, $345,000.

SALTOUN AVE., 538-Anthony R. Gaulmard to John P. Gambriel, $285,000.

ST. MICHAELS CIR., 257, No. 64-Michael J. Thomas to Jennifer L. Hensley, $335,000.

STAR STELLA DR., 1542-Winchester Homes Inc. to Mark H. and Deborah K. Browning, $904,703.

TIMBERBROOK CT., 325-Patricia A. Miller to Paul M. and Maureen Merzlak, $370,000.

WINDING STREAM WAY, 687, No. 202-Todd Bortnick to Jacob F. Autrey and Mary M. Scible, $245,000.

Owensville (West River) Area

BILTMORE AVE., 1021-Harry M. Sages to Christopher M. and Kristina L. King, $371,000.

BILTMORE AVE., 1027-Gary R. Gibson to Joshua and Tiffany Crabtree, $372,500.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

APPLE ORCHARD DR., 3902-William M. Carver to Steven W. and Eva C. Nettleton, $340,000.

BIRCH AVE., 714-Milton D. Hiteshew Jr. to Patrick J. and Dara E. McBee, $210,000.

BRISTOL CHANNEL CT., 2908-J.M. Collins to Tyrone and Patricia A. Drummond, $270,000.

CARVEL CT., 5-Brian M. Deveaux to Lawrence S. Scheufele, $232,000.

ESCALON AVE., 8005-Michael A. Beckman to Rafael A. Villalta, $309,000.

ESCALON AVE., 8045-Zenia A. Smith to Thomas D. Wieland, $292,000.

EVERD AVE., 7751-Claude Morelli to Michael W. and Christine M. Howell, $304,000.

HADFIELD CT., 8003, No. 44-Lloyd K. Butts to Erin L. Kelly, $218,000.

HALIFAX CT., 3421-Carl A. Farrow to Brian D. Schwartz, $314,926.

HOLMESPUN DR., 1129-John J. Richter to Nicholas A. Carroll, $295,000.

HUNT RIDGE RD., 7957-Stephen R. Haupt to Kathryn A. and George Fold, $265,000.

JEANNINE AVE., 7642-James Thalberg Sr. to Timothy A. and Robin Erickson, $510,000.

KINGS BENCH PL., 7839-John P. Kline to Bryan and Dorothy Kernan, $310,000.

KINGS BENCH PL., 7902-Jeffrey A. Meyer to William J. and Maria E. Fogarty, $350,000.

LIGHT STREET AVE., 117-Dwayne A. Raiford to Freya C. Wiemann, $250,000.

LOCHEARN CT., 3502, No. J-George W. Kelser to John M. Jones Jr. and Lindsay M. Connor, $164,755.

LOGAN CT., 4008-Monica C. Schmidt to Pamela J. Querio, $335,000.

LONG POINT RD., 1590-Jerry M. Robertson to Joseph and Katrina Clausen, $365,000.

MAGOTHY BEACH RD., 60-Richard L. Damey Jr. to Robert W. and Dorothy K. Voelkel, $230,000.

MARYLAND AVE., 429-Robert G. Szulczewski to Brian and Alyssa Hamilton, $250,000.

MARYLAND RD., 8446-Steven J. Luthardt to Candace B. and Bobby Joe Keaton, $360,000.

MAYFORD AVE., 7808-Simon Bobic to Frank A. Ruff, $172,800.

MOUNTAIN VIEW CIR., 8139-William T. Naylor to Michael J. and Christina Davidson, $295,000.

NICHOLSON DR., 22-Patrick W. Moyer Sr. to Steven T. and Kristen R. Krause, $333,750.

QUIET RIDGE CT., 206-Herbert S. Glasby to Robert Paulson and Heidi J. Pennypacker, $278,000.

SENECA TERR., 246-James E. Osman to Jessica Burke, $335,000.

SKIP JACK PL., 8539-Frederick S. Leong to Michael J. and Tammy L. Cierniak, $290,000.

SUNSET KNOLL RD., 558-Jack W. Drexel to Cornerstone Custom Homes Inc., $80,000.

TURF VALLEY DR., 873-Vance S. Hubbard to Ventures Corp., $245,000.

TWICKENHAM RD., 1708-Stephen J. Rethemeyer to Countrywide Home Properties Corp., $500,000.

WHARF DR., 1127-Donald Marshall to Mark E. and Robin L. Schindler, $305,000.

WHITES COVE RD., 8121-David E. McDonnell to Mary and Eugene Klemkowski, $515,000.

209TH ST., 658-Kathleen Bowers to Tamrica A. and John G. McCarthy, $307,500.

Severn Area

ARWELL CT., 1936, No. 4D-Sun Corp. to Dante Williams, $125,000.

GEORGIA AVE., 1408-Samuel L. Thompson to James D. and Marla J. Guy, $379,900.

HAWK CT., 1857, No. 2-Craig Williams to Sonette J. Beadle, $150,000.

HEATHER MIST DR., 7972, No. 84-A.G. Woods to Jerry and Twila Witcher, $289,900.

HUGUENOT CT., 7895-Lori R. Perkins to Yon and William Miller, $384,000.

ILLINOIS AVE., 1407-William J. James to Erich Chetelat and Eleanor Minor, $200,000.

JACOBS MEADOW DR., 1711-Rodecia K. Harvey to Stacey Wages, $215,000.

JAMESTOWN DR., 1359-Naomi J. Hartzell to Robert J. Digsby and Matthew Jones, $235,000.

JENNY GAY CT., 203-Severn Run Woods Corp. to Thomas P. and Susan L. Chandler, $597,718.

LORING CT., 1576-Mark Van Winkle to Juan F. and Pam A. Hamlett, $390,000.

MANET WAY, 7866-Thomas W. Walker to Otha E. and Caryn Thornton, $422,500.

MARYLAND AVE., 1429-Shawne A. Copeland to Affordable Properties Inc., $165,000.

MCKINAN CT., 1506-Roger J. Marquis Jr. to Brian Curtis and Theresa Gephart, $550,000.

SANIBEL CAPTIVA LANE, 2-Patricia A. Coles to Harold M. Sprague Jr., $495,000.

SHERBROOKE ACRES CT., 1899-Jeremy J. Smith to Cawana and Eric Cornelius, $385,000.

STONEHEARTH RD., 7942-William Grant Jr. to Clement I. and Ethel Goodwine, $350,000.

TROTTERS RIDGE WAY, 502-Westbrooke Partnership to Vanessa Worsham, $711,781.

TROTTERS RIDGE WAY, 506-Westbrooke Partnership to Richard R. and Sandra L. Brawner, $622,270.

Severna Park Area

ALFRETON CT., 444-Mary D. Vasto to Hewitt Relocation Services Inc., $530,000.

BENFOREST DR. W., 503-Lawrence M. Hollis to Adithya Gadwale and Genevieve Dcruz, $465,400.

EMILIES LANE, 305-Williams Woods Corp. to M.J. and Karen M. Keegan, $1.031 million.

HOLLYWOOD RD., 643-Gary S. Simpson Jr. to Adam Guthrie, $355,000.

LAUREL DR., 403-Susan R. Tate to Justin E. and Elizabeth H. Meighan, $599,000.

LONG MEADOW DR., 647-Travis Kurtz to Eric J. and Melinda Van Lill, $460,000.

MARBURY RD., 6-Lawrence M. Oakey to Thomas C. Adams and Malinda R. Caouette, $549,900.

PAWTUCKET CT., 233-Brian E. Ross to John H. and Amy D. Corston, $641,000.

PINETREE DR., 607-Krsto Perunovich to Alice Kirwan, $399,900.

RIGGS AVE., 107-L.L. Crane to Christopher B. and Patricia H. Driver, $500,000.

RIVERDALE RD., 425-Hewitt Relocation Services Inc. to Jeffrey S. and Kellie B. Lind, $490,000.

ROBINSON STATION RD., 614-James R. Poling to Kelly R. Jaquet, $565,000.

WEST DR., 593-Sharon L. Bowman to Michael and Kathryn Pearce, $325,000.

Shady Side Area

ELM ST., 4968-Berry E. Moore to Jennifer S. Padgett, $175,000.

LINCOLN RD., 1517-Marlene A. Guy to Flagship Development Corp., $80,000.

SPRING AVE., 5191-David H. Jun to Daniel J. and Margaret T. Hurson, $325,000.