The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Brunswick Area

GREENWOOD ST., 102-Rhonda Dee Lambert to 102 Greenwood Steet Corp., $150,000.

JEFFREY LANE, 7-H.D. Investments to Scott M. Eade, $454,075.

Emmitsburg Area

ROBINDALE DR., 26-Wayne E. Weszka to Daniel N. and Matthew T. Whitehurst, $174,000.

Frederick City Area

ANGELWING LANE, 608-William D. Dentinger, trustee, to Jean L. and James M. Delong, $410,000.

BAMBURG CT., 5257-Mark and Angela D. Liberto to Suzanne and Darren Borg, $260,000.

BEAR DEN RD., 2557-Richard P. and Kristin Erickson to Heidi L. Stone and Leonard E. Bienkowski, $460,000.

BLOSSOM LANE, 450-Samantha E. and Kevin W. Jenkins to Gilberto Mata Flores, $290,000.

BRIARCLIFF WAY, 6304-Paul and Erin L. Zusi to Julie and Claude Hayn, $317,500.

CAMERON WAY, 2646-Carrie Spanos and Brian Harrington to Jonathan K. Liggie, $340,000.

CAMERON WAY, 2660-Glenis and Robert Baldwin to Hilary J. Harris, $325,000.

CANADA GOOSE CT., 6659-Bryan E. Brandenburg to Beth A. and Darrell L. Groves, $247,000.

CANVAS BACK CT., 5026-Jason B. Hollenbaugh to Rita C. and Folajimi I. Oladimeji, $267,000.

CARROLL PKWY., 220-Brenda R. Keagan to Jonathon M. Nash, $430,000.

CHAPEL CT., 100-O-Sylvia D. Pyles to Martha R. and Martin Zweig, $183,500.

CHARSTONE CT., 5711-Deborah A. and Scott Sabatano to Richard L. Blackman, $250,900.

CHEYENNE DR., 313-Michael S. Decriscio to Byron S. Speak and Anna M. Rini, $324,900.

CLARENDON TERR., 4961-Scott A. Kucharski to Cendant Mobility Financial Service, $275,000.

CLARENDON TERR., 4975-Stephen C. and Rebecca Truppner to Francis L. Delauter and Christopher A. Smith, $267,000.

CORRAL LANE, 5505-Robert W. and Marcy N. Jubach to Elizabeth and James L. Edwards, $488,000.

CROYDON CT., 5055-Robert W. Jr. and Deena R. Myles to Kelly R. and Charles F. Hiltz, $525,000.

DAVID LANE, 1363-Rebecca Emory to Sein Chaw, $231,000.

DAVID LANE, 1386-Lawrence S. Hartman to Stanislav Beloglazov, $241,000.

DEERVALLEY DR., 216-Dixie J. Sumpter to Lois C. and James A. Peterson, $209,500.

DERRS SQ E, 1705-Heidi N. and Daryl B. Pynn to Jennifer Yates Dellone, $325,000.

DOCKSIDE DR., 1586-Paul C. and Bambi Lynn MacPherson to Corey L. Simms, $245,000.

DRIFTWOOD CT. E., 2502, No. 1B13-Jeanette R. Boyer to Nellie and Sam Lasorsa, $270,000.

DUKE CT., 5323-Jennifer E. Kubinak to Geoffrey M. Brown, $305,000.

ELFIN CT., 1404-William E. and Kelly M. Fox to Ana G. and Anacleto Cedillo, $455,000.

ELLINGTON WAY, 6556-Ronald M. and Melissa M. Pelton to Sharon K. and Kenneth Dyball, $319,900.

EMORY ST., 1719-Herman E. and Doris M. Sudbrook to Theckla and Nickolas J. Pantazes, $310,000.

FALLOW HILL CT., 6736-Kelly F. Thornton to Omar Cruz and Maria R. Membreno, $212,000.

FARMBROOK CT., 6814-Robin L. Knable to Jaime S. Duran Torres, $237,000.

FIELDCREST DR., 6157-Robin Lee and Mary C. Quillon to Kristine M. and Michael E. Carey, $599,900.

FINGERBOARD RD., 7864-Bertha R. and Chas D. Musser to David B. Darnell, $326,000.

FIVE SHILLINGS RD., 2450-Buren T. and Sue W. Hanson to Lynne H. and Mark C. Smith, $445,000.

GRANVILLE CT., 6626-Rebecca L. Schubert to Allison Wack and Peter C. Wood, $322,000.

HAMPSHIRE DR., 1332, No. 7F-Deborah and Kevin Lee Boone to Vijay Patel, $214,900.

HAYDOWN CT., 6611-Jennifer G. Dwyer to Kevin Senn, $262,000.

HOLLOW REED CT., 8005-Heidi L. Horine to Allen R. Soles, $290,000.

INDIAN SPRINGS RD., 8949-Cathy Sue Brown to Linda D. and Emmitt E. Gibson, $231,000.

KERNEL CT., 6711-Mary Elizabeth Rieger to Linda Lee Walker and Matthew Warburton, $205,000.

LANTANA CIR., 5804-Larry G. Jackson to Joseph A. Msays, $169,750.

LIVINGSTONE TERR., 1-Homer O. Elseroad to Olga and Eleazar Serrano, $241,900.

MALLARD CT., 6706-Jennifer L. Roderick to Stacie A. Roderick, $257,500.

MOBLEY CT., 1454-Wendy A. and Shawn B. Martyak to Shellome K. Walters, $213,900.

MOBLEY CT., 1486-Sharon K. and Frederic L. Cudlipp to Kelly Lynn McGill, $205,000.

OBERLIN CIR., 7106-Michael L. and Kerstin R. Savage to Tifany S. Manion, $289,900.

OBERLIN CIR., 7107-Brian D. Jeffers to Savita Prabhakar and Mohamad F. Jamiluddin, $298,000.

PATRICK ST. E., 347-Mildred M. Sier to Margaret C. and Stuart H. Frazier, $156,000.

PATRICK ST. W., 607-Dorothy B. Heymann to Sharon Denise Goens, $400,000.

RAMBLING WAY S., 1518-Jennifer L. and Michael B. Gerlock to Lucie S. Ngaingne Kammegne, $299,900.

RED CT., 601-Hector N. Velasquez to Armando Villegas and Gilma A. Gaitan, $490,000.

REED CT., 8014-Calvin B. Carpenter to Steven D. McMorrow, $284,900.

SANDPIPER CT., 6714-Regina A. and Stanley M. Margeson to Pablo Enrique Reyes, $250,000.

SOUTH ST. W., 222-Sid Hassel to Sheila Cunningham and Paul R. Deasy, $239,900.

STRATFORD DR., 807-L-Cindy L. and Robert A. French to Sharon A. Yahan, $179,000.

STRATFORD WAY, 823-J-Joyce A. Marshall to William Michael Grey, $175,000.

THOMAS AVE., 217-Steven M. and Traci R. Small to Gary M. Acord, $230,000.

THORNHILL PL. E., 1070-Alicia Douglas to Marie A. Assa, $233,000.

THURSTON RD., 2069-James P. and Toni L. Turner to Kathryn M. and Wayne R. Edelen, $1.05 million.

UPPER MILL TERR. N., 5529-Todd Lawrence Goff to Michael and Vasilios Kavathas, $338,000.

UPSHUR SQ., 5524-Kyle T. Whitehair to Maria Delgado Mendoza and Jose A. Mendoza, $328,000.

VICTORIA SQ., 44-Roy W. Good to Laura and Lee S. Simkins, $258,000.

WATERFORD DR., 839-Bruce Reid White to Kimberley K. and David E. Webb, $255,000.

WEATHERBY CT., 6405-H-Ronald W. Fisher to Raymond Milton Conrad, $206,500.

WETHERBURNE WAY, 2279-Cesar Antonio Pena to Kay and Darrel Calton, $299,900.

WHITFIELD CT., 5813-George Privitera to Fariba Keshmiri and Amir H. Banan, $164,000.

WILSON PL., 902-Etta Ryden to Maria E. Nieto, $295,000.

WYNFIELD CT., 2421-Florence A. and Mark L. Weiner to Mark H. Frankel, $329,900.

YELLOW SHEAVE CT., 6818-Fonda S. and Anthony E. Engle to Girard Ordway, $232,000.

SIXTH ST. E., 141-John I. Martinez to James Clark Hobson, $275,000.

Frederick City-

Adamstown Village Area

BLUEWING CT., 1405-Bradley T. and Kathleen Riggleman to Sharon K. and James W. Bear, $460,000.

Ijamsville Area

BRIGADOON PL., 9604-Martelise and Hendrik Bezuidenhout to Mauricio Rodriguez, $429,900.

CARRIAGE HILL DR., 3850-Parkwood Homes to Cristine R. Renner and Kenneth F. Traugott, $541,334.

FREMONT CT., 3598-Wanda P. Denney to Martha Reyes and Vicente B. Zavala, $385,000.

HILLSIDE CT., 2733-Charles Y. and Mary Wrigley to Diana L. and David E. Hobbs, $525,000.

RITCHIE CT., 9805-Janae and Charles F. Hart to Brad J. Markiewicz, $312,000.

ROYAL CREST CIR., 9684-Kareem O. and Patricia Yusuf to Mirela B. and Vikas Gulati, $499,900.

SINGLETON TERR., 3616-Anthony O. and Julie A. Stuart to Maria D. Teixeira, $405,000.

THOMPSON LANE, 9706-Jason and Nicole Furfari to Kia and Michael J. Denney, $197,000.

WHITMORE LANE, 9105-Classic Community Development to Martha M. and George G. Kelly, $690,390.

Jefferson Area

AMESBURY WAY, 4839-Cynthia Oxley to Catherine Gacquin, $269,900.

HORINE CT., 4247-Frank Lee and Margaret Lee Wollard to Kristen and William R. Shriver Sr., $470,900.

NEWINGTON RD., 4647-Douglas P. and Rosa Lee J. Riggins to Traci and Steven Small, $399,900.

Knoxville Area

CARLISLE DR., 3316-Charles P. and Carolyn Scarborough to Brittany Starr Wagner and Jason Hollenbaugh, $389,900.

Middletown Area

GRANDVIEW PL., 7808-Donald E. and Sandra E. Phillips to Cathryn S. and James Spillman, $450,000.

MANDA CT., 4-Clarence A. and Kathleen C. Fisher to Carol J. and Gregory M. Beavers, $529,900.

MOUNT TABOR RD., 8814-Jacqueline L. and Dustin O. Higgins to Carla Jean Buono, $310,000.

Monrovia Area

KEMPTOWN CHURCH RD., 3112-Christopher and Jennifer Johannes to Susan L. and Randt W. Lindauere, $589,000.

RYE LANE, 3986-Peter E. and Elizabeth M. Heisler to Stephen P. and Christine M. Parker, $410,000.

Mount Airy Area

CONTOUR RD., 108-Jamie L. and Nicholas C. Howard to Martin Baer, $322,000.

COUNTRY CLUB RD., 11231-Walter B. Dupree to Kristin N. and Paul M. Airey, $521,000.

FARMVIEW CT., 10402-Amanda M. and Patrick J. McMahon to Marion L. Blevins, $449,000.

FINN DR., 10656-Jeffrey S. and Robin L. Etchison to Paul S. and Sharon R. Hilliard, $405,000.

HILL ST., 304-Gerard and Monique E. Lacroix to Margarita G. and Brian J. Markus, $520,000.

HORN CT., 10302-Sharon E. and Lawrence E. Zelinka to Margaret Souders, $364,500.

LEAFY HOLLOW CIR., 914-Jeffrey A. and Carol A. McDaniel to Karan L. and Mark A. Johnson, $459,900.

LEGION CT., 13901-Elizabeth M. and Mark A. Shifflett to Virginia L. Hill, $360,000.

LILAC PL., 11709-Bobby K. and Judith C. Clay to Pamela L. and Ronald A. Fraumeni, $502,000.

OAKLEDGE CT., 6804-Barry J. and Robin W. Vidrick to Brian S. Cummings, $42,000.

RIMROCK LANE, 6506-Mark Berge, trustee, to Mary L. and Gregory P. Quimette, $90,000.

TALBOT RUN RD., 7321-Vito R. and Donna Cortese to Kathy L. and Lewis P. Houser, $690,000.

WEST RD., 2-Michael J. Menze to Jacqueline R. and John A. Wolfe, $350,000.

Myersville Area

ASHLEY WAY, 36-Nelson J. and Kristin S. Ginebra to Natalia M. and Nuno Gomes, $435,000.

New Market-

Lake Linganore Area

COLDSTREAM DR. E., 6634-Marilyn Scher to Matthew Sandy and Lynn Holzer, $550,000.

SANANDREW DR., 11068-Lawrence L. and Jean E. Long to Rachel V. and James A. McArthur, $643,500.

SANANDREW DR., 11088-Ernest L. and Nancy M. Gerrish to Patricia K. and Charles W. Spruill, $645,000.

Urbana Area

SPRIGG ST. S., 3608-Matthew J. and Tricia Rinn Engel to Elizabeth Lapham Davis and Todd C. Davis, $419,000.

SUNLIGHT DR., 104-Ausherman Homes Inc. to Daryl E. Jones and Allison Smith, $543,600.

Walkersville Area

BEACON CIR., 8788-Joanne Legette to Rebecca and Daniel Willard, $204,900.

DUBLIN RD., 10737-S. Douglas Jr. and Debra L. Leach to Melissa A. and Larry G. Jarvis Jr., $610,000.

FORTUNE PL., 8502-Linda C. Rudderforth to Oscar Flores, $203,000.

GLADE AVE., 9502-Joshua C. and Jeanette M. Shoemaker to Kathie L. and Thomas F. Brown, $330,000.

HERITAGE CT., 204-Tonya and Derrick Len Walden to Hamza Yakubu, $287,000.

LASSIE CT., 8396-Jeffrey W. and Susan L. Reece to Vanessa J. and Jonathan W. Cooper, $342,900.

SANDSTONE DR., 232-Elizabeth S. Van Eck to Gary and Cynthia Paquet, $389,900.