From Sex Education

To Sex at School

Re: "Sex at School Increasing, Some Educators Say" [Metro, Nov. 6]:

It used to be taboo to discuss sex outside the family setting.

However, sex education teaches teenagers to discuss sex with each other, in class and outside the family setting.

It is a small step from discussing sex casually to practicing it casually.

Arthur G. Purves


In the Name of 'Progress,'

A Fine Restaurant Is Lost

As you read this, Connaught Place in downtown Fairfax City will have served its last meal.

The Oct. 30 closing of this renowned landmark Indian restaurant is a grave loss to anyone who has enjoyed the remarkable care and dedication given toward every aspect of white-glove dining excellence.

Under the auspices of Fairfax City's definition of "progress," Connaught's building is slated for the wrecking ball, much to the dismay of a legion of loyal fans.

What, pray tell, will we see take its place? Probably another shallow, heartless chain restaurant. Who among us would call the demise of beloved Connaught Place progress?

John P. Gaffigan

Fairfax Station

Editor's note Ashwani Ahuja, co-owner of Connaught Place, said the restaurant's chef and about 60 percent of its dining staff have relocated to a new restaurant owned by Ahuja called Infusion, near Hecht's at Tysons Corner Center. Infusion also serves Indian food.

Connaught Place on Fairfax City's North Street is to be demolished.