The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Montgomery and other Washington areas, visit

Ashton Area

HIDDEN GARDEN LANE, 17718-Miller and Smith at Sandy Spring Corp. to Lorraine and Henk Kolb, $644,780.

Aspen Hill Area

BAUER DR., 14614, No. 2-B.K. and Carlos D. Souto, trustees, to Natalie M. Howard, $175,000.

BAUER DR., 14620, No. 4-Eleanor C. Inniss to Philip Kern, $255,000.

CONGRESS DR., 13908-William P. Burke Jr. to Victoria E. Coripuna, $482,000.

EMORY LANE, 14904-David W. and M.A. Craig to Myra Dudley Byrd and Jeffrey Byrd, $700,000.

FLOWER VALLEY DR., 4420-Ruth Sudai to Samira Meymand and Daniel Fritchman, $705,000.

FOX VALLEY DR., 3810-Cendant Mobility Financial to Judith S. and Hernan Bascope, $925,000.

FRANKFORT DR. W., 4401-Margaret P. and Jesse W. Sinclair to Fredy A. Mendez, $370,000.

GLASGOW DR., 4625-Jacinto Corpancho to Maria C. Moreira, $449,999.

GRENOBLE DR., 13401-Wilfred Bening to Shannon B. and Ernesto C. Sarino Jr., $440,000.

HARLAN ST., 4608-D.E. and Jerome S. McKay to Edgar N. Torres, $395,000.

JANICE DR., 14713-David A. Malone to Paul G. Lotto, $494,000.

LOREE LANE, 13822-Sue C. Wilkinson to Felipe Alvarado and Digna E. Medina, $450,000.

MARLIN ST., 5449-A. and Leonardo Iacono to James McPhillips, $620,000.

MELINDA LANE, 14513-William R. Gross to Mildred E. Walker, $505,000.

NORBECK RD., 4416-Philip A. Mastro to Katherine and Olburn W. Burrell, $640,000.

ORIENTAL CT., 13415-Ann T. Philbin to Lisa C. Bowes and Reil M. Brennan, $460,000.

RUSSETT RD., 5300-Warren F. Spurr, trustee, to Robert H. Michaud Jr., $472,000.

ST. CHARLES PL., 13008-Lung Chiang Liu to Manuel A. Amaya, $449,000.

TURKEY BRANCH PKWY., 13320-Jose A. Luna to Abigail Rodriguez, $350,000.

Bethesda Area

ACACIA AVE., 5210-Christopher and Nancy Moulding to Susan F. and Eric S. Cada, $755,000.

BEECH AVE., 5500-Dana L. and Robert P. Birdsong to William A. Bronrott, $1.15 million.

BRITE DR., 5506-Dinah Seiver to D.B. and Patricia Nagle, $995,000.

BUXTON TERR., 7008-Charles S. and J.H. Marantz to Anne R. Schuyler and Joseph M. Oglander, $1.19 million.

CHASE AVE., 4614-M.C. and Marc Sandalow to Brian J. Morrison II, $814,018.

CONTENTION CT., 6303-Thomas M. Gray to Noelia J. Duchovny and Fernando G. Carbone, $755,000.

CROMWELL DR., 6207-Raymond P. and A.B. Sullivan to Faith R. and Benjamin S. Psillas, $785,000.

CUSTER RD., 8105-Peter J. and M.Q. South to Dina G. and Noah A. Brumfield, $880,000.

DEMOCRACY BLVD., 7425, No. 7-Ralph L. Madison to Shirley M. and Kenneth W. Cowell, $300,000.

DOVER RD., 4708-Philippe B. and E.R. Moulier to Sophia H. Vanderbijl and John N. Greenland, $725,000.

EARLSTON DR., 4913-Werner J. and I. Kronstein to Lisa S. and William A. Raisner, $929,000.

FERNWOOD CT., 6620-Michael J. Beveridge to Robin L. Sestero, $1.13 million.

FRESNO RD., 9320-Merry Bullock to Alicia H. Reff, $694,000.

GLADWYNE DR., 4508-W.S. and Mmichael B. Gilman to Irma C. Nogales, $680,000.

GLENNON DR., 7608-John T. Bell to Raha G. and Bobby Y. Lee, $900,689.

GREENTREE RD., 5804-William D. Newkirk to Lung Chiang Liu, $649,000.

GREENTREE RD., 6508-Norman N. Howard to Patricia R. Sommers, $1.02 million.

HARLING LANE, 4613-Matthew Holahan to Lauren C. and Carl J. Schilling Jr., $1.55 million.

HOLLAND AVE., 9421-C.K. and Joseph P. Bertoglio to Chevy Chase Investments Corp., $550,000.

KENTBURY DR., 4330-Carl E. Jr. and M.D. Plitt to Mary E. and John E. Kerr Jr., $684,000.

KENTBURY WAY, 17-Robert C. Porter Jr. to Maureen Politi, $650,000.

KING CHARLES WAY, 5127-Jennifer J. Foley to Rachel Z. and Benjamin M. Azoff, $570,000.

KIRKWOOD DR., 5418-John W. and L.D. Bisselle to Kathy Rhinehart Tigani and Stephen Patrick Tigani, $850,000.

MAIDEN LANE, 6305-Stephen M. and Lynn Potter to Barbara A. Butrica and Alex W. Stricker, $800,000.

MCKINLEY ST., 5313-Katharine H. Berman to David A. Burgoon, $742,000.

PARK OVERLOOK DR., 8041-Masatoshi Omori to Andrea S. and Mark C. Hill, $740,000.

PYLE RD., 6713-Leonardo Neher, trustee, to Stacey A. and Ralph E. Catron, $850,000.

RISING RIDGE WAY, 8314-David Berman to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $834,500.

SEVEN LOCKS RD., 9405-Bobby Y. and Raha G. Lee to Nancy W. and Paul A. Chin, $725,000.

SPRING LAKE DR., 7553, No. D-2-Charles Asante to Rebecca Laryea, $225,000.

VORLICH LANE, 6216-Gail W. Tayler to Karl J. Alt, $645,000.

WESTBARD CIR., 5301, No. 228-Mary Katharine Rankin to Mary Louise Meyer, $250,000.

WEYMOUTH ST., 10687, No. W-203-Daniel S. Saxinger to Mariela Vivas Mateus, $285,000.

WISCASSET RD., 6312-Mildred P. Crowder, trustee, to Steven E. Fesler, $850,000.

WISCASSET RD., 6440-Treehouse Builders Corp. to Heidi J. Stock and Frank G. Laprade, $2.16 million.

Boyds Area

ASHMEADE RD., 18418-Paul M. and Deborah A. Kelley to Golnaz Zojaji and Matthew H. Zarrabinia, $760,000.

BARNESVILLE RD., 15705-Justin A. Carr to Jose P. and Fabiola Alvarado, $220,000.

FESTIVAL DR., 18913-B.C. and Michael F. Ferguson to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $649,900.

KIMONO CIR., 14325-Smart Development Premiere to Oak Soon Kim, $145,646.

OLD BALTIMORE RD. W., 12808-Pulte Home Corp. to Luqman Ahmad, $734,525.

RIMFIRE CT., 14403-Krzysztof J. Grzegorzewski to SIRVA Relocation Corp., $690,000.

SATURN WAY, 14423-S.P. and Kenneth M. France to Mary Louise Buck, $664,900.

SENECA AYR DR., 21801-Pulte Home Corp. to Hyung Pill Kim, $493,025.

SENECA AYR DR., 21811-Pulte Home Corp. to Sun Kyoung and Kang Yul Lee, $438,850.

TAPWOOD RD., 18409-Toll Maryland Limited Partnership to Yong S. and Eui K. Sin, $807,874.

TAPWOOD RD., 18411-Toll Maryland Limited Partnership to Sridhar M. and Sirisha A. Durbhakula, $811,464.

WILDMAN CT., 18000-Anthony S. and Laura M. Tripaldi to Kiran and Sameer Malik, $800,000.

Brookeville Area

ABBEY MANOR DR., 19104-Jose A. Matos to Ines and Alex G. Wong, $780,000.

MOUNT AIREY RD., 19105-Barbara S. Berger to David I. Goldberg, $495,000.

ST. ALBERT TERR., 2435-Michael J. and Jennifer L. Petronis to Steven and Stephanie Lang, $490,000.

Burtonsville Area

ALDORA CIR., 14137-Atemo Buliro to Yesica D. and Julio A. Santos, $260,000.

BALLET WAY, 3908-Albert F. Policicchio Jr. to Jean F. Onana and Priscille A. Booto, $439,500.

CHILDRESS TERR., 3552-Karen M. Morrow to Mario O. Orellana, $332,000.

GREENCASTLE RD., 3336-J.M. and Delmar L. Robertson to Marco A. Castellan, $679,000.

ISLESWOOD TERR., 4325-Dudley and Maria Plunkett to Agnes Njenge and Mvengue Appollo, $346,000.

WEXHALL TERR., 14500, No. 3-31-Mary L. Brodie Henderson to Sam Chin, $315,000.

WEXHALL TERR., 14652, No. 1-2-Diana McCalpin to Roberto Rada Prada, $305,000.

WEXHALL TERR., 14758, No. 24-261-Moosa M. Khan to Jamil and Nakisha Ramsey, $310,000.

Calverton-Colesville Area

ANGELWING DR., 1604-Jean Williams to Edith M. and Charles H. Jackson, $590,000.

CANYON RD., 1021-Vitaliano Duran to Ilo Mutombo, $530,000.

CARTER HOUSE WAY, 13814, No. 16-149-David F. Marks to Jaime Nespor, $315,500.

CASTLE WAY, 3427-Ricardo and Lourdes K. Pinto to Zulma Hernandez and Walter R. Melara, $285,800.

COLLINGWOOD TERR., 13201-K.K. and Alan J. Evans to Michael K. Farris, $550,000.

COLLINGWOOD TERR., 13311-V.S. and Jong H. Lee to Seonh K. Lee, $430,000.

COPLEY LANE, 801-Edmund W. Fitzgerald Jr. to Alexander Michael Pikas, $525,000.

CRIMSON LANE, 11937, No. 134-Ana C. and Vander S. Camargo to Michael Tennant, $280,000.

CROCKETT LANE, 1224-Joseph R. and Y.S. Orchowski to Beth and Kenneth Stewart, $516,750.

NORCROSS CT., 12605-Marco Nicoli, trustee, to Antonia S. and Adriano Valeri, $665,000.

OLD COLUMBIA PIKE, 12001, No. 403-Belvian W. and G.D. Carrington to Bonnie C. Davis Isom and Gary D. Isom, $131,500.

ROYAL FOREST LANE, 14102-Leslie J. and P.F. Hartmann to Ah L. and Fu T. Cheung, $745,000.

SHADY KNOLL DR., 13406-Dean H. Overland to Roberta L. Gambale, $235,000.

TAMARACK RD., 13020-Carlo and M. Faustini to Fernando and Mariela D. Camargo, $480,000.

TURNSTONE CT., 12114, No. 74-Alice M. Thompson to Victor Jenkins, $300,000.

VALLEYFIELD DR., 14200, No. 5-3737-Shantelle M. Stroman to Carolina B. and Gabriel Nieto, $260,000.

Chevy Chase Area

BRADLEY LANE, 4409-Lisa M. and Charles E. Graf to Merlyn R. Nolan, $1.09 million.

BROOKVILLE RD., 7006-Tom J. and S.O. Truss to Kristen and John Dettleff, $800,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 8101-C-Patricia B. Karlsen to Joanne S. Martin, $460,000.

LARRY PL., 8210-Jeanne B. Weigel, trustee, to Nalini Srinivasagam, $650,000.

PINEHURST PKWY., 7409-Jose E. Ellauri to Michael J. Tyler, $950,000.

PLATT RIDGE DR., 8808-Kenneth A. and K.K. Ingber to Nazir A. and Mojdeh Waroich, $1.75 million.

WALNUT HILL RD., 8807-John and C.C. Kunin to Ann J. and Gary N. Smith, $850,000.

WASHINGTON AVE., 2313-Beverly C. Klein, trustee, to Thomas Gaffney, $685,000.

WILLIAMS LANE, 3716-M.E. and W. Kenneth Thompson to John W. Fisher, $990,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 5610, No. 1009-Ruth R. Sheppe to Jacob Harris, $1.54 million.

WOODMONT AVE., 7111, No. 814-Crescent Plaza Partnership to Thomas P. Papadopoulos, $334,900.

Clarksburg Area

BIRCH MEAD RD., 23041-Clarksburg Skylark Corp. to Helen Miriam Cade, $544,048.

BIRCH MEAD RD., 23053-Clarksburg Skylark Corp. to Marcy L. and David S. Sussman, $501,623.

CATAWBA HILL DR., 23921-Miller and Smith at Clarksburg Corp. to Guncha and Ajit S. Chawla, $526,430.

CATAWBA HILL DR., 23945-Miller and Smith at Clarksburg Corp. to Nabeela and Tahir Yaqub, $507,560.

CATAWBA MANOR WAY, 13306-NVR Inc. to Jenny Tsang and Keat Y. Yeoh, $671,620.

CHESTNUT GLEN RD., 12048-Clarksburg Skylark Corp. to Michael R. Koch, $490,087.

CLARKS CROSSING DR., 12811-Jon David G. Marchand to Pedro Julio Velazquez, $540,000.

CLARKS CROSSING DR., 12928-Miller and Smith at Clarksburg Corp. to Gregg Little, $504,310.

CLARKSBURG SQUARE RD., 12958-Ellen V. Quach to Bryan Soler, $509,900.

CLARKSBURG SQUARE RD., 13003-Town Center Corp. to Hung Nguyen, $516,265.

CLARKSBURG SQUARE RD., 13007-Town Center Corp. to Sanae Saidi and Abdellatif Ouardi, $143,836.

CLARKSBURG SQUARE RD., 13009-Town Center Corp. to Blanca Nery Garcia and Tung Nguyen, $512,360.

CLARKSBURG SQUARE RD., 13033, No. 18-Town Center Corp. to James J. Flood, $372,610.

CYPRESS SPRING RD., 12138-Clarksburg Skylark Corp. to Elizabeth A. and Jonathan J. Kim, $585,691.

FAIR GARDEN LANE, 22117-Toll Maryland Partnership to Nawaid Isa, $474,279.

SHORT HILLS DR., 12815-Miller and Smith at Clarksburg Corp. to Felix Sokolsky, $482,090.

TRADING POST DR., 23915-NVR Inc. to Paul Bandholz, $541,490.

Cloverly-Ednor Area

EDGEWARE ST., 2145-Successful House Solutions Inc. to Kenneth E. Carpenter and Nichola R. Carpenter, $500,000.

FARMGATE LANE, 205-Gary J. and A. Henkin to Elizabeth C. and James B. McCullough, $756,000.

GRAND CYPRESS CT., 511-Abel and Cheryl El Alfi to Monica M. and Pablo A. Figueredo, $1.55 million.

HOPEFIELD RD., 1704-Margeau E. Gilbert to Song K. Chang, $510,000.

KINGSHOUSE RD., 2029-William H. and J. Hahn to Maria D. Amaya and Pedro Amaya Veliz, $540,000.

NOTLEY RD., 15016-Paul E. Jr. and E.G. Farrell to Eve Lyn M. and Deno M. Johnson, $775,000.

PEBBLESTONE CT., 705-Susan L. Kensic to Jar Chan and John Montano, $635,000.

PINEBROOK CT., 9-Jeffrey A. and Mae Saleik to Matthew D. and Pamela L. Parvis, $505,125.

WINDMILL LANE, 1336-J.F. and James A. Nickerson to Joe X. Qiu, $589,000.

Damascus Area

CONRAD CT., 25217-Richard W. and H.H. Brenkert to Jennifer A. and Roberto Conte, $489,500.

CUTSAIL DR., 24400-Adrian J. and E.M. Wilamowski to Santos B. and Reynaldo Gomez, $465,000.

GUE RD., 9010-Y.P. and Andrew D. Adcock to Joseph W. Purdum, $325,000.

HOWARD CHAPEL DR., 26691-Ronald T. Smith to Jesus Hernandez Martinez, $426,000.

HOWARD CHAPEL DR., 26905-Donna J. Benoit to Laura and David Browning, $360,000.

LOCUST DR., 10044-Stacy L. and William E. Rouse to Gabriel Joseph Stone, $300,000.

RIDGE RD., 25727-Virginia H. Smith, trustee, to Kathleen M. Flynn, $440,000.

SHELLDRAKE CIR., 10193-Jason D. Davis to Gwendolyn Robinson, $207,000.

WOODFIELD RD., 24824-Heritage Development Corp. to Diane Kavanagh, $430,000.

Derwood Area

DEER LAKE RD., 16137-Robert J. and N.E.V. Rice to Liliana C. Campos Dudley and Joseph P. Dudley, $760,000.

DUNLOGGIN DR., 103-Edward Samsa Deen to Lakshmi J. Asuri and Kalyan K. Chakaravarthi, $830,000.

EPSILON DR., 7844-Roberto A. Parada to Cuong Viet Hoang, $328,000.

GRANDE VISTA DR., 16305-K. and Stephen C. Rice to Rasika J. Padmaperuma, $560,000.

GRINNELL DR., 7221-Stephen P. and Cowan to Rosena and Kamal U. Saikh, $636,000.

INDIANOLA DR., 15612-Robert V. and P.A. Planck to Olanrewaju A. and Abimbola O. Ajala, $572,300.

NEEDWOOD RD., 7508-Richard M. and D.D. McCaffrey to Carlotta N. and Michael W. Davidson, $590,000.

NEEDWOOD RD., 8030, No. 8030-104-Redline Express Whm Limited to Cynthia Cotton, $287,190.

NEEDWOOD RD., 8141, No. 8141-201-Redline Express Whm Limited to Sandy Ferreira Frederick, $271,890.

VINYARD LANE, 17817-Joshua J. and A. Grauer to Susan F. and Allen G. Kay, $545,000.

Dickerson Area

NICHOLSON FARM RD., 22405-S.J. and Russel W. Rachel Sr. to Eric Vance, $295,000.

TRUNDLE RD., 17900-Steven R. Houston to Ruth M. and Anthony A. Mereos, $65,000.

Gaithersburg Area

AMBIANCE DR., 15621-Joseph A. and R.J. White to Sun Hee and Seung Koo Kim, $360,000.

ARGOSY DR., 312-Hong S. and C.S. An to Suchita Y. and Steven E. Vozenilek, $716,250.

AUTUMN FLOWER LANE, 103-Ali Haririnia to Elias N. Branco, $400,000.

BAYSHORE CT., 6-Richard T. and C.A. Wilks to Kelly and Jack Gardner, $425,000.

BLUE RIBBON CT., 26, No. 5-6-Marsha Givens to Erica L. Druin, $310,000.

BOAT HOUSE CT., 5-Robert R. and H.G. Harris to Xiaoling Chen and Ping Ren, $680,000.

BOOTH ST., 305-Matthew E. and Mary E. Peterson to Denese Basile and Alan M. Margolius, $1,150,000.

BRASSIE PL., 19431, No. 19431-302-Jose Eliberto Leon to Amique T. James, $205,000.

BRENISH DR., 7519-Marguerite A. Kirkendall to Salvador Guevara, $305,000.

BRENISH DR., 7542-Huy Luu to Jeanne A. Dossou, $379,000.

BROUGHAM WAY, 14656-George M. and N.L. Thibodeau to Monica E. and Hector M. Ramirez, $700,000.

CALYPSO PL., 18713-R.E. and Marshall L. Peterson to Evangeline J. Wotorson, $465,000.

CARRY BACK DR., 14941-William J. and J.M.M. Howden to Sayed M. Zahraei and Heidi Sheibani, $685,000.

CASE ST., 38-Isabel De Juan Jocher to Ranjana Srivastava, $585,000.

CEDAR SPRING ST., 608-Centex Homes to Anuradha Francis, $507,160.

CEDAR SPRING ST., 612-Centex Homes to Nisan Sayag and Zahi Zach Sayag, $593,380.

CHERRY LAUREL LANE, 18557-Sanjay and J. Arora to Alix and Luis Liscano, $335,000.

CHERRYWOOD TER., 105-Robert A. and C.I. Rahal to Stacey P. and David M. Simon, $610,000.

CHESTERTOWN ST., 729-Peter L. and Elizabeth Votruba Drzal to Ilene C. and Grant M. Perry, $749,900.

CHESTNUT ST., 20-F.C.M. and John R. Barry to Zion Avissar, $250,000.

CHESTNUT HILL MEWS., 609-Andrew D. Cohen to Lisa C. Miller, $557,500.

CHEVY CHASE ST., 164, No. 164A-Stacy L. Deorzio to Venicia G. Holmes, $489,000.

CORIANDER DR., 7911, No. 7911-103-Joseph Marion Jr. to Abigail M. Nyame, $235,500.

CORIANDER DR., 7917, No. 7917-104-Ellenora E. Simpson to James M. Hunt, $182,000.

CRABTREE PL., 8010-L.L. and Mark S. Littrell to Patrick J. Taylor, $392,000.

CROSS COUNTRY LANE, 18641-Yadolah Najafi to Belinda L. and Kristofor Kelly, $330,000.

CROSS GREEN ST., 341, No. 341A-Nick Aponte to Adam D. White, $410,000.

DEER PARK LANE, 117-Michael B. and H.A. Goodman to Maria S. and Gerardo Rios, $365,000.

DEER PARK RD. W., 398, No. 13-E-Julio Perez to Maria Gloria Otero, $320,000.

DELCRIS DR., 8668-Veronica L. and Michael J. Foisy to Janet W. Collegeman, $380,000.

DUVALL LANE, 104, No. 35-301-Curvin R. Jones to Anastasia and Kyle Sennott, $136,000.

DUVALL LANE, 114, No. 101-201-Susil N. Abeysinghe to Shiroma P. and Rohan S. Abeysinghe, $180,000.

EDGEWOOD DR., 9208-Linda P. Walcott to Amy Sue and James L. Keilson, $569,000.

FELLOWSHIP WAY, 15605-Neil W. and S.V. Marshall to Robin and Howard Cheris, $645,000.

FIELDS RD., 9701, No. 506-Ramsey S. Hassan to Kwan S. Kim, $165,000.

FOAL LANE, 11914-Carl D. and Sonya G. Udler to Sondra and Kenneth W. Rothermel, $315,000.

FOUNTAIN GREEN LANE, 250, No. 250-100-Amy L. Butscher to Eugene Wu, $405,000.

FRANCES GREEN DR., 11401-Susan Vaiya to Christina Lee, $730,000.

GIRARD ST., 412, No. 76-Deborah A. Jenkins to Arturo V.C. Parks, $207,000.

GIRARD ST., 418, No. 105-Abel C. Ho to Zandalio A. Martinez, $237,000.

GREEN RUN CT., 20109-Allen C. and A.W. Fowler to Mapata Mupeka and Nzundu Disasi, $463,000.

GREENBRIAR PRESERVE LANE, 11204-Greenbriar Investments Corp. to NVR Inc., $569,468.

GUILDBERRY DR., 18411, No. 18411-202-Joseph Esparraguera to David L. Holcomb, $185,000.

HIBISCUS CT., 16, No. 1-8-Flor Coreas to Elva Quintanilla, $327,000.

HIDDEN PONDS WAY, 16214-Winchester Homes Inc. to Christine M. and Eugene O. Major, $1,242,108.

HIGH GABLES DR., 300, No. DU-Jung S. Park to Weijun Su, $315,000.

HILLSIDE LAKE TER., 1011, No. 1005-Mary Jane Russ to Margery I. Gehan, $360,000.

HOLDCROFT LANE, 108-Tricia M. and Kevin Hill to Brian Berube, $373,000.

HUMMINGBIRD TER., 9223-Stephanie A. Roy to Edna Ibe, $320,000.

KENDRICK PL., 104, No. 104-28-Sheng and Benjamin D. Gibson to Ruth A. Nelson, $335,000.

KENDRICK PL., 114-Kathryn E. Atkinson to Claire Schuster, $375,000.

KNOLL MIST LANE, 1207-Kadijatu Mansaray to Betty E. and Cornelius F. Simms, $341,000.

LAKE VARUNA MEWS, 686-Karen W. and Joseph T. Kearney to Jaree D. Donnelly, $849,000.

LAKELANDS DR., 422-Tim and C.W. Koubek to Lenore G. and Douglas E. Gladstone, $984,000.

LAMONT LANE, 139-Lawrence A. Sheingorn to Bonnie Blair Johnson and Robert R. Johnson, $380,000.

LANDSEND DR., 20-Steven R. and M.E. Nagle to Marlene Vega Bonet and Eduardo Rafael Pupo, $372,000.

LINSLADE ST., 614-Steven and E. Kramer to Jill E. and Douglas A. Ewing, $890,000.

MARKET ST. E., 531-Andrew and Dana Ettinger to Linda D. and Scott A. Minor, $625,000.

MARKET ST. E., 542-Michael J. and Rory E. Zapor to Janice and Michael A. Stevens, $612,500.

MARSH HAWK LANE, 18913-J.R. and Richard A. Cooper to Kevin Orellana, $480,000.

MEADOW GREEN WAY, 8412-Elie and V.R. Aoun to Angela and Hamid Aoun, $370,000.

MEADOW GREEN WAY, 8472-Ha X. To to Liset G. Lopez, $369,000.

MIDDLE POINT CT., 109-Kou C. Lee to Kam S. Ng, $315,000.

MIDSUMMER DR., 403-Judy Ming Chu Shih to Amy and David Sarano, $835,000.

MILLS CHOICE RD., 18906, No. I-3-Frank and S. Hodge to Guido F. Erazo Lara and Silvia C. Calderon, $156,700.

NUTHATCHER LANE, 18625-Edwin V. and P.A. Superczynski to Sanju and Raju Malakar, $319,000.

ODEND'HAL AVE., 546-Centex Homes to Balaram Dey, $487,146.

PAINTED POST LANE, 151-David and Amy Sarano to Meeka Ruffin Harris and Dana Harris, $585,000.

PELICAN AVE., 515-Centex Homes to Mei Hung Zhou, $479,245.

PINEAPPLE GROVE DR., 12006-Jane Marte Prindeville to Laveda J. and Craig D. Dart, $650,000.

PORTSIDE CT., 21-Myriam and Oscar R. Piris to Lutgarda N. Ramirez, $310,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 798, No. 202-L. and Alex Leiderman to Jessica Mollard, $203,500.

REED FARM WAY, 14229-Douglas A. and Jill E. Ewing to Heather and Marc Rubinstein, $1.18 million.

RICHTER FARM RD., 14002-Karen L. and Ronald E. Seeholzer to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $739,000.

SHADOW GLEN CT., 112-Tun C. Mao to Emine Duran, $770,000.

SHADOW GLEN MEWS, 15-Thomas Carcaterra, trustee, to Michael H. Komack, $730,000.

SHADY SPRING TERR., 17608-Millie P. Grotte to Djuanita Mahalim and Aji J. Asantosa, $240,000.

SILVER BIRCH LANE, 21109-Phi D. Mai to Nu T. Tran, $649,000.

SPARKLING WATER DR., 18821, No. 2/301-Kevin W. and Kimberly T. Maloney to Seong K. Ko, $322,000.

STORY DR., 31-Eun J. Yoo to Young Ae Kim, $314,000.

SUFFIELD DR., 608-Carrie H. Mann to Scott B. and Michelle A. Markow, $360,000.

SWEETBOUGH CT., 12364-Debbie J. and John R. Hoffman to Randall Hoffman, $450,000.

TIMBERBROOK LANE, 127, No. 202-Ching Fong to Therese M. and David L. Worcester, $320,400.

VIRGINIA PINE TERR., 21126-A.M. and Willie A. Greene to Yvette V. Pratt, $650,000.

WATER ST., 17, No. 27-Leyuan Shi to Maira Delgado Lopez and Juan N. Delgado, $185,000.

WAXWING TERR., 8801-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Patricia and Derrick L. Page, $460,000.

WHEELWRIGHT DR., 19908-Ingrid L. Navarro to Ramiro Javier, $297,000.

WHITE ROCK RD., 15705-Jackson L. Thompson, trustee, to Karen E. Shoal Eposito and Samuel K. Esposito, $669,000.

WILDPARK AVE., 1115-Charles R. Climpson to Erin J. and Thomas P. Heise, $350,000.

WINDBROOKE CIR., 19-Susan M. Jones to Toni Ann Talavera, $209,000.

WINDJAMMER WAY, 1826-Andrew T. Price to Josephine C. Miller, $350,000.

Garrett Park Area

KENILWORTH AVE., 11022-Niemeyer Trail Corp. to P. Joy and Jon M. Siegel, $415,000.

Germantown Area

AMBASSADOR DR., 13654-S.K. and John B. Balman to Faith A. Hayden, $319,000.

AMBASSADOR TER., 20420-Kathleen M. Flynn to Alexander Albert Pierola, $305,000.

APPLEGRATH CT., 29-Bradley S. and M.M. Marggraf to Maria D. and Benjamin Alvarez, $305,000.

BAYBERRY DR., 13316, No. 18-Lilian J. Jacinto to Pearl and Prince C.K. Addo, $276,000.

BEACONFIELD TERR., 20332, No. 203-Jamie McMillian to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $215,000.

BEACONFIELD TER., TERR., 20332, No. 203-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Kathyrn Ellis, $215,000.

BIRDSEYE DR., 18811-Adebowale Adeleke to Luz S. and Carlos L. Gomez, $219,900.

BRIARCLIFF TERR., 13101, No. 9-911-Louis M. and Edna Naida to Irina and Gregory Frolenkov, $275,500.

CABANA DR., 20426-M.A. and Arun R. Kalelkar to Ruben Romero, $470,000.

CHURCHILL RIDGE CIR., 12907, No. 8-12-Gaylen M. Garnand to Anita and Anil K. Dubey, $288,000.

CLOVERDALE PL., 13417-Sujal H. Lagowala to Hamid Sepehri, $425,000.

COUNTRY RIDGE DR., 13137-James R. and L.E. Trimm to Genovava Ibrahim and Gamal I. Hassan, $360,000.

COUNTRY RIDGE DR., 13422-James M. and J.M. Breen to Farshad Lashgari and Afsaneh Avazpour, $299,900.

CREOLA CT., 13716, No. 198-Kristy and Michael Henning to Melissa A. Garcia, $320,000.

CRUSADER WAY, 13608-Allen J. Horwitz to Pilsieditas and George Sayther, $479,900.

CRYSTAL ROCK DR., 19920, No. 5-Angela and Carlos Osinaga to Rosemary A. Calabrese, $310,000.

DEEP RUN CT., 19256-Mohan Narayanasamy to Teresa Rodriquez, $300,000.

DEMETRIAS WAY, 13493-Jose E. Hernandez Bernal to Pantaleon Ramos, $274,000.

FALLING STAR RD., 18856-Frank W. and L.D. Henry to Kimberly and Christopher B. Haas, $656,000.

FINEGAN DR., 15900-K.M. and Kenneth S. Surratt to Ashfaq Shah, $877,500.

FLAG HARBOR DR., 12152-James J. Traverso to Brenda and Charles Mader, $360,000.

FOUND STONE RD., 12708, No. 3-305-Beth F. Thomas to Marlene and Mark Jacques, $315,000.

FOUNTAIN HILLS DR., 18937-Martha and Christopher Fusco to Marc Miranian, $530,000.

GUNNERS BRANCH RD., 19525, No. 223-Sheng Wen Kao to Evonne E. and Richard D. Chavez, $200,000.

HAMLET SQUARE CT., 13500-Patricia A. Phelps to Palas Sarkar, $392,500.

HARVEST GLEN WAY, 13607-Allen Hegarty to Amy Bryant, $427,000.

HICKORY FOREST WAY, 21107-Dishon O. and Hellen P. Opiyo to Robin M. and Alex Gales Jr., $725,000.

HICKORY TREE WAY, 12405, No. 624-Marian D. Larman to Johnny F. Dove, $82,202.

HOTTINGER CIR., 19326-Maria W. and Eduardo Schlageter to Joyce L. Chau, $342,888.

KINGSBROOK DR., 13914-Patrick N.H. and J.S. Groft to Tayebeh Fathi and Morteza Tofighbakhsh, $555,000.

KITCHEN HOUSE WAY, 12848-Mary M. Bautista to Luis A. Hidalgo, $335,000.

LAUREL GROVE PL., 12501-Hossein Eghbali to Sheetu and Sudhanshu Sood, $244,000.

LAUREL HILL WAY, 20123-Hem and A.J. Satsangi to Mei King and Ke Jsung Hong, $360,000.

LEDBURY WAY, 11425-Parkside at Brandermill Corp. to Lorel D. and Joseph M. Scott, $268,400.

LEDBURY WAY, 11442-Parkside at Brandermill Corp. to Gwendolyn Y. and John E. Colmes Jr., $307,900.

LITTLE STAR LANE, 18611-Brenda A. Chube to Jung Hoon Bang, $455,000.

LOCUSTDALE DR., 20118, No. 341-Jean M. Costa to Selom K. Desouza, $289,950.

LOWFIELD DR., 20561-R. and Raphael Minsky to Freda M. Spry, $335,000.

LULLABY RD., 13929-Janet G. Borchard to SE Wan Oh, $450,000.

MCFARLIN DR., 18830-Alicia Sabdul to Maryanne Nduka Anya, $330,000.

MOCKING BIRD DR., 14609-R. Michael Smullen, trustee, to Katherine Noel Thomas Tyra and Neil W. Tyra, $2,250,000.

ONAX DR., 17408-Michael J. and M.A. Jessop to Isabel and Fernando Fernandez, $395,000.

OPEN HEARTH WAY, 13053-Guillermo Aguillera to Yolanda Alarcon, $287,000.

PINE RIDGE LANE, 18916, No. 7-5-John A. Tomasello to Alirio Garcia, $279,900.

SAGE TERR., 12810-Denise A. Witherspoon to Walter Guillen, $265,000.

SENECA RD., 14550-Stephen T. and Lucy Koch Ambrosi to Vicki Donaldson Einsel and Carlton E. Einsel III, $898,880.

SHADYSIDE LANE, 13022, No. 13-222-Barbara J. Devan to Norma Azarte, $237,000.

SHADYSIDE LANE, 13121, No. 10-168-Shannon M. Freund to James Anthony Sangalan and Theresa L. Santelli, $253,000.

SHADYSIDE WAY, 20563-Michael C. Fomalont to Jason B. Smith, $260,000.

SKY BLUE CT., 5-Evan F. Atkinson to Loanne Mguyen, $330,000.

SOJOURN CT., 21033, No. 46-Ilene S. Magee to Lynn and Danh H. Thai, $400,000.

SPLIT ROCK LANE, 18555-Paul W. and J.A. Maxim to Holly R. and Keith J. Campbell Rosen, $323,000.

SUMMER OAK DR., 11851-Wilson Tun to Phat Thai, $320,000.

TARRAGON WAY, 18547-M.C. and Donald S. Kersey Jr. to Kenis Guardado, $274,000.

THUNDERHEAD WAY, 20301-Walter and Laura Flakus to Nicole and Dirk Eyman, $336,250.

TIMKO LANE, 18368, No. 54-Karen L. Brady to Audrey Perry, $265,000.

TOWN COMMONS DR., 13037-Rui Zhou to Myphoung Nguyen, $502,000.

WHITECHURCH CIR., 13305-Rock Hall Investments Inc. to Patrick D. McGeehan, $300,000.

WONDERLAND WAY, 13127, No. 12-Allan Shoulders to Edward Appiah, $175,000.

Kensington Area

BANGOR DR., 4914-C.J. and Murray A. Hunt to Javier H. Eguino, $502,700.

BYEFORDE RD., 9732-Christ and A.M. Tzarnas, trustees, to Vanda and Nicholas Petruccelli, $642,000.

FINDLEY RD., 3001-Gregory Morrison to Galo Argoti, $393,000.

FRANKLIN ST., 4609-John A. Hupfer Jr. to Kara and Thomas K. Cosgrove, $400,000.

GEIGER AVE., 3225-Chevy Chase Investments Corp. to Leonard Proctor and Maria V. Betancourt, $800,000.

HILLSDALE DR., 11116-Amy and Jay Hayes to Amad Shojaei Zambrana, $410,000.

KENSINGTON PKWY., 9808-Thomas A. and M.M. McCullough to Abigail F. and Brian Pensky, $1.15 million.

SAUL RD., 3904-Hope M. and Ronnie Gurion to Lauren and Scott Itzkowitz, $926,000.

STRATHMORE AVE., 5013-N.M. and Grant H. Berry to Alfonso E. Erestain, $520,000.

WHEATLEY ST., 10541-Joseph J. and P.H. Reyda to Laura S. and James R. Richardell, $649,000.

Laytonsville Area

DORSEY RD., 6801-Vincent J. and M.L. Capozza to Fathemeh and Hadi O. Tehrani, $585,000.

FARCROFT CT., 5-Timothy D. and Susan L. Picciotti to Shannon L. and Kyle T. Dickerson, $670,000.

GOLF ESTATES DR., 21121-L.C. and John Diclemente to David A. and Patricia K. O'Connor, $844,000.

GOSHEN PARK PL., 9100-Kerri and Micheal L. O'Neil to Eugene J. Costa, $1.3 million.

MEADOW RIDGE LANE, 9510-Michael T. and A.L. Maloney to Mai T. and Dzung A. Pho, $1.05 million.

PLUM CREEK CT., 20640-Joan M. and Lawrence T. Cullen to William E. Howard, $699,900.

RIPPLEMEAD DR., 21648-J.L. and David J. Zillich to Jesse J. and Debra S. Grimes, $1.1 million.

ROLLING FORK WAY, 23821-Andrew W. and M.B. Pecoraro to Lora A. Adams and Brian Brazil, $550,000.

WATKINS RD., 9500-P.A. and Daniel C. Juster to Andrew T. Lehfeldt, $740,000.

Montgomery Village Area

BRASSIE PL., 19452-Robert J. Dutcher Jr. to Daniel R. Ovenshire, $220,000.

BROOKRIDGE CT., 9810-Joseph D. Grous to Enma G. and Ricardo Rivas, $285,000.

BROOKRIDGE CT., 9823-Sekou Yoda to Miguel A. Portela, $264,900.

CAPE ANNE CT., 6-Anne Laing to Rosemarie and Andre McBride, $510,000.

DELCRIS DR., 8731-Samuel P. Jr. and J.A. Tom to Dorothy V. and John P. Doyle, $369,900.

DUFFER WAY, 9731-Robert A. Bryan to Rita Kolycius, $372,000.

FOUNTAIN VALLEY DR., 8624-Christopher A. Rennie to Yaneth B. Espinoza, $355,000.

HAWK RUN TERR., 8525-Paul R. Stewart to Betsabeh Bayat, $313,000.

HELLINGLY PL., 10112, No. 298-Lena M. Long to Mark A. Giordano, $237,000.

HIGHLAND HALL DR., 20744-Dennis A. and Florence M. Crosby to Betty J. Willcockson, $411,700.

KANFER CT., 9650-Saeed and Farida Din to Margarita M. and Juan A. Gomez, $340,000.

KEYMAR WAY, 19307-Robert J. Bailey Jr. to Candelario and Alicia E. Portillo, $290,000.

KEYMAR WAY, 19352-Jose P. Suarez to Monwara Begum and Mohammed E. Huq, $283,000.

MAPLE LEAF CT., 20220-Nina T. Hendriksen to Rose Mendes Klaus and Luis Klaus, $334,900.

MAPLE LEAF CT., 20225-James Wong to Justo V. Cribeiro Sr., $365,000.

OYSTER BAY TERR., 20313-Christopher C. Bradford to Hsiao Kuan Chiang, $650,000.

PIER POINT PL., 18610-Raymond Farias to Samnang Chim, $236,000.

SAILFISH TERR., 9841-Christine and Matt Johnson to Michael Moran, $291,152.

SHADOW OAK DR., 9728-Paulina S. and Jin Kim to Marcie Roth, $340,000.

SMOOTHSTONE WAY, 18906, No. 1-Susan Miller Soule to Gabriel Garcia Lujan, $190,000.

STEDWICK DR., 19135-James A. Lasswell to Oscar R. Argueta, $356,000.

WEATHERVANE PL., 9201-Robert R. and V.R. Bryers to Jessica L. and Benjamin W. Corb, $350,000.

WELBECK WAY, 8703-Donald Obenhuber to Khoi Nguyen C. Dieu, $250,000.

New Hampshire Estates-

Hillandale Area

CREST PARK CT., 20-Valda G. Levensteins to Christine C. and Robert B. McNeal, $480,000.

GREEN FOREST DR., 10115-Jean F. Dunn to Velia and Luis G. Ortiz, $486,000.

GREEN FOREST DR., 10222-C.F. and Ricardo H. Anderson to Rafael F. Figueroa, $489,500.

TAHONA DR., 8405-L.C. and Eduardo Najera to Delmi H. Quintanilla, $350,000.

Norbeck-Layhill Area

ALDERTON LANE, 1309-Phyllis Newman to Wehabe K. Haile and Zeineb A. Mohammed, $350,000.

ALPINE MEADOW LANE, 14904-R. and Patrick O. Oboite to Telvis E. Garcia, $499,900.

ATHERTON DR., 12513-Segundo S. and M.V. Orbe to Kenia D. Lopez and Victor A. Avelar, $400,000.

BAINBRIDGE LANE, 2605-P.G. and Charles M. Prunkl to John Agouridis, $515,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3834, No. 4-114-Jean M. Smallwood, trustee, to Doris Martinez, $140,000.

CANDOVER CT., 15002, No. 278-C-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Katherine L. Janicki, $237,500.

CHARLES RD., 12104-Marlon E. and Dilia C. Herrarte to Gertrudes and Felipe J. Devera, $279,900.

CHESTERWOOD DR., 3913-Ridgewood I Townhomes Corp. to Mauricio A. and Elizabeth Rosales, $309,900.

CHESTERWOOD DR., 3916-Ridgewood I Townhomes Corp. to Delores N. Allotey, $274,900.

CHESTERWOOD DR., 4019-Ridgewood I Townhomes Corp. to Tiffany J. Park, $324,900.

CHESTERWOOD DR., 4039-Ridgewood I Townhomes Corp. to Brenda C. Young, $277,900.

COLD MEADOW WAY, 2347-Jane B. Ross to Susan L. Pitler, $436,030.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 13007-Montgomery County Students Construction Trades Foundation to Pui Chee Lee, $586,000.

COPPER MOUNTAIN TERR., 2447-Antonia M. Norris to Cheryl El Alfi, $475,000.

FOGGY GLEN CT., 1401-Perry M. Rosen to Ahmed Umar, $800,000.

GALVEZ ST., 13307-Jose M. Reyes to Rafael E. Dominguez, $427,000.

HARGO ST., 3521-Jose and Maria Raimundo to Rosa F. Dagama and Antonio Gama, $339,900.

HEWITT AVE., 3238, No. 5-Tanya S. Thomas to Cassandra Y. Matthews, $205,000.

HUTCHINSON LANE, 1744-Magdalena C. Banez to Grace B. and Leonard B. Sese, $450,000.

INNSBRUCK CT., 14411, No. 3-R-Brian K. Littleton to Maria and Martin Rivas, $300,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15101, No. 1-Rosina C. Bowman to Garland F. Pinkston Sr., $205,000.

LADYMEADE DR., 2434-Martine and Paul Atang to Narquita P. Wright, $373,500.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. N., 3330, No. 5-720-Joyce A. O'Brien to Steven M. and Agnes S. Kee and Rose Y. and Paul J. Rovitti, $244,500.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. S., 3005, No. 114-Rose Freedman to Katherine and Joseph Kuchinsky, $325,000.

PINE ORCHARD DR., 15316, No. 82-1D-John H. Osborne Jr. to Joseph John Valachovic Jr., $165,000.

PRINCE FREDERICK WAY, 15554, No. 115-A-Edwina S. Dike to Joseph R. Bossone, $475,000.

SELFRIDGE RD., 11819-N.K. and Robert F. Blatt to Hadish Kidane, $415,000.

SNOWBIRD TERR., 2706, No. 11-20-Robin G. Pfister to Lauren Michele Wolf, $249,000.

SQUAW VALLEY CT., 2600, No. 3-1-James J. Thibadeau to Tanoa Akou, $260,000.

SQUAW VALLEY CT., 2602, No. 3-2-M.W. and Jeffrey J. Byrne to Ruby Vogler, $277,000.

TABIONA CIR., 2608-Robert M. and K.L. Dean to Karen and Wayne Nankil, $335,000.

TREMAYNE TERR., 3802, No. 22-R. and Robert Noel to Jose Contreras, $345,000.

VALLEYFIELD CT., 23-Ronald L. and K.M. Dodson to Katherine Mazo and Francisco Enriques Rodriguez, $316,000.

VILLAGE LANE, 2709-Dok Y. and M.R. Kim to Gladys A. and Samuel E. Hetherington, $584,000.

WELLER RD., 3906-Damaris and Israel Flores to Ricardo Jovel, $436,700.

WIMBLEDON CIR., 2240-Y.C. and Earnold R.E. Ingram to Patricia McKoy, $395,000.

Olney Area

BARNSLEY LANE, 4109-Sheila A. Frank to Christa J. and William C. Sutherland, $520,000.

BENTON SQUARE DR., 3162-Samuel J. and Tiffany S. Nelson to Michael P. Moran, $360,000.

BUEHLER CT., 3308, No. 121-Vann E. and P.I. Savage to Sonia E. Thomas and Ariel J. Siguelnitsky, $320,000.

DUMFRIES CIR., 17925-Barbara L. Sheaffer to Manmeet S. Channa, $475,000.

DUMFRIES CIR., 17982-Cecilia Martinez to Lisa M. Campagnoli, $485,000.

FIDDLELEAF CT., 7-Rick W. McInturff to Yuri N. Inwood, $470,000.

MEGANS WAY, 3337-Donnell S. and P. Boykin to Robina K. and Bryon S. Barlow, $710,000.

OHARA CIR., 18021-Ilene G. Weiss to Laurie Weinstein, $271,500.

OHARA CIR., 18037-Brian M. Meyer to Carmen and David Black, $311,000.

OHARA CIR., 18052-Britania I. Cigarruista to Martha R. Lanigan, $305,500.

OXFORDSHIRE TERR., 18400-Sheila M. Weiner to Carol and Mark Friedman, $495,000.

SKYMIST TERR., 4320-Roger W. Bache, trustee, to Stefanie L. Defiglia and Dean J. Pompilio, $574,900.

THORNCROFT TERR., 4201-Barry P. and A.P. Pershan to Clara Luz and Rolando Montenegro, $630,000.

TIDEWATER CT., 3355-B-Rachael L. and Matthew Abrams to Luz A. Baquero, $300,000.

TODDSBURY LANE, 3517-Joseph R. and L. Bossone to Norma Talavera and Carlos F. Suero, $530,000.

WINTERGARDEN WAY, 2258-Jennifer L. Mason to Nicholas and Rajita M. Andrews, $444,885.

Poolesville Area

ELGIN RD., 17908-Marsha A. Ryan to Stephen I. Kelly, $775,000.

JERUSALEM CHURCH RD., 18720-Roger L. Gole to Louann Brooks and Brian Miller, $859,000.

KOHLHOSS RD., 17659-Marilyn J. Wallace to Paula Flowers, $235,000.

SENECA CHASE PARK RD., 17302-Suzanne S. and A.J. McClure to Henry and Sheri Emery, $599,900.

Potomac Area

AMBLESIDE DR., 12300-S.H. and Bryan H. Goh to Riku Rautsola, $845,000.

CODDLE HARBOR LANE, 7624-Edmundo Jarquin to Hector F. Terneus, $600,000.

COLEBROOK AVE., 10128-Timothy S. and L.L. Stuart to Julie Y. and Jeffrey Wagman, $782,000.

DALYN TERR., 11508-Michael A. and Deborah L. Rothband to Ellen B. and Stephen B. Greenberg, $2.83 million.

DEMOCRACY BLVD., 10517-Jang Yuan and Y.L. Chien to Kathleen Wu and Lee Chiang, $1,040,000.

GAINSBOROUGH RD., 11742-Otto P. and A.M. Jons to Dafna Y. and Brian E. Berman, $1.41 million.

GARDEN CT., 9328-M. and Neal Goldenberg to Glenn Stone, $925,000.

GLEN MILL RD., 12817-Kenneth R. Possenriede to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $1.25 million.

GLEN MILL RD., 12817-Cendant Mobility Financial to Warren and Lisa Marcus, $1.25 million.

HICKORY BEND TRAIL, 8729-A. and Edward Tauber to Tracy R. Stolz, $922,501.

HIDDEN TRAIL CT., 10809-Rita M. Cuddihy Kauffman to LandAmerica OneStop Inc., trustee, $1.25 million.

HUNTER CREEK TRAIL, 8521-Donald E. and M.A. Washabaugh to Leslie G. and James B. Cunningham, $825,000.

LAKE POTOMAC DR., 11505-Robert C. and Barbra A. Stoddard to Gina and Sung Ku Woo, $1.65 million.

MASTERS DR., 7804-Joseph F. and F. Weeks to Marie C. and Thierry G. Amat, $1.72 million.

OLD COACH RD., 11107-Anna Lisa Warga, trustee, to Kathleen and Glenn L. Katz, $720,000.

PALATINE DR., 11348-Ashok K. Saxena to Sook Hee Ko, $2.24 million.

PRESTWICK RD., 11803-Baldev S. and S. Saini to Lori B. and Robert S. Miller, $720,000.

RED COAT LANE, 8624-Virginia B. Reither to Julie R. and Donald L. Herman, $825,000.

RIVER RD., 11620-J.P. and Frederick H. Jensen to Medhi Pirzadeh, $885,000.

RIVERS BEND CT., 10603-Toll Maryland IV Partnership to Tammy C. and Steven H. Goldberg, $2.62 million.

SPLIT TREE CIR., 11731-E. and Ted Lau to Jason Jinsheng Liu, $1.09 million.

TOBIN CIR., 9417-Gottfried Ablasser to Suzette and Matthew J. O'Connor, $1.45 million.

TUCKERMAN LANE, 8812-Russ J. Kevala to Marina Boukhvalova and Konstantine Boukhvalov, $755,000.

TUCKERMAN LANE, 8814-C.S. and Richard H. Byrne to Mohammad Alivatan, $750,000.

TUCKERMAN LANE, 8829-Masood Khan to Julio C. Gonzalez, $699,000.

Rockville Area

ASTER BLVD., 804-Longen W. and Marian E. Chuchman to Melissa Brooke Engleson and Jay David Engleson, $635,000.

AZALEA DR., 794, No. 15-B-1-Karen A. McNulty to Terrence S. Nettleford, $330,000.

BALSAM GROVE CT., 5739, No. 61-Carrie Y. and Michael S. Oring to Michael C. Lee, $447,000.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12200, No. 214-Gema R. Guarin Ramos to Jaime Sevilla, $203,000.

CEDARWOOD DR., 11003-Tracy Stolz to Brenda J. Berberian, $790,000.

CLOISTER DR., 4952-Scott E. and J.F. Kauff to Susan E. and Dennis E. Leister, $626,300.

COMMONWEALTH DR., 11301, No. 202-Rajan Nambiar to Roselina Ferraro, $399,000.

DIAMOND COVE TERR., 15301, No. 8-C-R. and David E. Fenton to Robin Zimmerman, $407,000.

DIAMOND COVE TERR., 15305, No. 7-E-Lauren R. Bishop to Chu Hon Yi, $350,000.

EMPIRE LANE, 11327-Jacqueline Van de Kamp to Samantha and Barry Kanczuker, $655,000.

GARDEN VIEW SQ., 606-Sung Y. and Teresa Park to Amanda B. and Alan D. Prescott, $557,900.

HITCHING POST LANE, 12017-Jane T. McGarry, trustee, to Howard Dennis Budner, $695,000.

HOUNDS WAY, 11316-Horacio R. and H.M. Chacon to Rosalie W. and Jason D. Boxt, $780,000.

INMAN PARK CIR., 5804, No. 1011-Abdourahmane Sarre to John Alexandrou, $450,000.

KING FARM BLVD., 413, No. BT-101-R-Jamal and Arshanoosh Yousefi to Rita K. Twain, $465,000.

KINGS RIDING WAY, 10708, No. T-1-19-Jeffrey L. Hurdle to Christina L. Anderson, $267,000.

MARSH HOLLOW PL., 212-K-J. Patrick Lang to Lisa Carrier, $98,103.

NOLAN DR., 10304-Chang D. and K.O. Yoon to Vikas Jogi and Sarojini S. Qasba, $510,000.

NORDLIE DR., 12203-Donna J. Brown to Teresa T. Tran, $460,000.

OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 11710, No. 1127-White Flint Place Partnership to Jing Fun Lee, $454,900.

OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 11710, No. 1227-White Flint Place Partnership to Benjamin Lee, $449,900.

OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 11710, No. 1230-White Flint Place Partnership to Humberto Segura, $494,900.

OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 11710, No. 1306-White Flint Place Partnership to Bo Hyun Kim, $334,900.

OLD STAGE RD., 7105-Richard P. Jr. and S.S. Emery to Dana L. Flower Lake and Timothy K. Lake, $850,000.

PARK RD., 412-Douglas H. Miranda to Juana R. and Salvador Moreno, $270,000.

PLANTATION LANE, 7115-Eugene R. Jr. and E.S. Smoley to Michelle A. and David B. Marquand, $769,000.

RIDGEMONT AVE., 202-Jae J. Chae to Joanne Leung, $128,750.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 11801, No. 703-Ronald A. Starr to Ngamchit Choongkitaworn and Saeed Rahimi, $275,000.

ROYAL CRESCENT, 817-S.K. and Deepa Khurana to Carrie Y. and Michael S. Oring, $839,900.

STERLING CT., 9-Gail Rogge to David H. and Christina C. Jun, $589,000.

STRUTTMANN TERR., 11325-James M. Jr. and C.M. Goff to Patricia A. and Adam J. Rubinstein, $920,975.

TALBOTT ST., 160, No. 160-Zhengguang Chen to Hamja H. Hamad, $256,000.

VANDERBILT CIR., 10119-Rita Anand to Doo Y. Lee, $500,000.

WEEPING CHERRY DR., 14040-S.S. and Richard G. Bigler to Susan Davidoff Gershowitz, $1.08 million.

YALE PL., 1720-T.H. and Cecil M. Perera to Morton E. Jacobs, $510,000.

Sandy Spring Area

LAKE NORWOOD WAY, 1518-Dorothy D. Dance to Donna M. and Jonathan L. White, $1.25 million.

WINDRUSH LANE, 1042, No. 36-Pierre Kabro to Mark Goldsman, $385,000.

Silver Spring Area

CAROLINE AVE., 9329-J.J. and Jeffrey K. Stier to Prudential Relocation Inc., $469,000.

COLSTON DR., 2208, No. C-303-Luis Vallejo to Susan C. Dewitt, $330,000.

DARTMOUTH AVE., 509-A.H.B. and David J. Kritz to Prudential Relocation Inc., $773,599.

DARTMOUTH AVE., 509-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Angela M. and Robert A. Kronenberg, $773,599.

EAST WEST HWY., 1768-James J. Cieplak to Louisa L. Mitchell, $305,000.

FIESTA RD., 10913-Solomon L. Lewis Sr. to Miriam Galdamez, $415,000.

FOREST GLEN RD., 1609-Lisa J. Creason to Larra L. Elbert, $629,000.

GRANT AVE., 10103-Mark C. McKaig to Sarah Ashe Wood and Charles Scott Wood, $474,700.

HARTFORD AVE., 8404-Maria F. Benton to Katherine P. Towle, $491,000.

LANGLEY DR., 906-Stephen W. and C.D. Brooks to Rosa E. and Juan Benitez, $420,000.

MANCHESTER RD., 8616, No. 7-London Terrace Cooperative Housing to Ghebre Tecleberhan, $228,379.

MANCHESTER RD., 8704, No. 8-London Terrace Cooperative Housing to Michael and Renita Monk, $228,379.

MISSISSIPPI AVE., 620-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Ludwig G. and Silvia F. Rivera, $399,900.

PINEY BRANCH RD., 8303-John C. Holtzclaw to Jean Cocou Kakpovi, $399,000.

PLAYFORD LANE, 1001-E.K. and Benjamin J. Goldfarb to Jose M. Flores, $439,900.

PROCTER ST., 10302-Barbara L. Booth to Annette B. and Patrick E. Bernat, $410,000.

TENBROOK DR., 10509-Primacy Closing Corp. to Rogelio and Rosa I. Marquez, $397,000.

WASHINGTON AVE., 2204, No. W-201-Thomas G. Rimer to Marcia J. Lim, $381,000.

WILLIAMSBURG DR., 208-Robert C. and Danielle M. Varnell to Karen S. and Corey J. Manley, $636,500.

WOODMOOR DR., 103-Kerry P. and Anthony Fernandez to Krista Spellum, $617,000.

Takoma Park Area

DOMER AVE., 404-Maria Petronila Mendoza to Margarita Vega, $650,000.

FLOWER AVE., 8308, No. 501-Tara L. Phillips to Dawn Gray, $230,000.

HAYWARD AVE., 817-Heather R. Mizeur to Heather A. and Jason E. Christ, $475,000.

KENNEBEC AVE., 706-Columbia Union College Corp. to Yared Asefa and Aster Debebe, $469,000.

MAPLE AVE., 7122-Imogene L. Holmes to Rachel Neild and George H. McCabe, $830,000.

PINEY BRANCH RD., 7430-Mary T. Nugent to Michael D. Caramelo, $439,000.

ROANOKE AVE., 8306-Shah Property Group I Corp. to Elsa D. Sium and Menghes Ogbamicael, $566,000.

TULIP AVE., 407, No. 202-Elise M. Ambrose to David H. Michener and Margaret M. Finn, $329,000.

FIFTH AVE., 6424-Michael Frank to Banana Enterprises Inc., $199,900.

Twinbrook Area

CLAGETT DR., 1213-Ag W. Harvey to Virginia R. Coletrane, $360,000.

LEWIS AVE., 1914-James R. Kuzma to Yanira Amaya, $370,000.

ROCKLAND AVE., 1916-Roger L. Rishel to Zinaida Kotchadze, $331,000.

Washington Grove Area

MAPLE AVE., 205-B.F. and J. David E. Gumula to Gregory K. Silber, $580,000.

Wheaton Area

AMHERST AVE., 10811-B-David J. Rosenthal to Amanda G. Abrell, $265,000.

BELGRADE RD. N., 1203-Esther Kaplan to Linda F. and Michael B. Kaiser, $489,000.

BELGRADE RD. N., 1212-Elliot A. and E.A. Schorr to Shira and Joshua J. Schulman, $517,000.

BRENTWOOD LANE, 908-Bernard F. and G.L. Cooper to Hadassah and Jacob W. Aaronson, $555,000.

BROOKHAVEN DR., 12301-John H. and K.H. Ohlmacher to Frances and George Wollner, $525,000.

CENTERHILL ST., 12038-Ernestine S. Suhana to Juan A. Reyes and Edwin A. Machuca, $302,000.

CHARLTON DR., 11506-A.G. and Howard C. Schwartz to Elmer J. Orellana, $437,000.

CLAYBROOK DR., 126-Robert L. Kaplow, trustee, to Parada Guzman, $540,000.

DAWSON AVE., 2720-Mary P. Clements, trustee, to Maribel and Jose A. Benitez, $359,900.

FLOWERING TREE TERR., 2030-Aaron G. Brown to Hewitt Relocation Services Inc., $329,900.

HILDAROSE DR., 2313-Robert M. and J.J. Simpson to Meghan G. and Joseph C. Petrucci, $435,000.

HOMESTEAD DR., 2409-Carole and Alan S. Hersh to Shhonn Taylor, $485,000.

IVYDALE ST., 2910-Timothy S. Bauer to Mary B. Stevens, $427,116.

JENNINGS CT., 2503-Jessica R. and Robert L. Grubb III to Paul A. and Rita Muentes, $410,000.

KEMP MILL RD., 11706-Alexander C. Jr. and M.A. Schafer to Fatima E. and Gustavo Rojas, $550,000.

LAMBERTON DR., 903-Robert and S.J. Segal to Pablo and Beatriz Molina, $480,000.

MARKWOOD DR., 11112-K.E.B. and Charles Votaw to R. Dale Stephenson, $451,500.

MEDWAY ST., 3125-Maria Acuna to Leonor Gonzalez, $334,000.

MILTON ST., 12010-Kimberly A. Kyle to Aselefch Wolda and Geta Bawke Wondem, $330,000.

SANFORD RD., 1818-W.B. and H. Anspacher to Areli and Jose A. Luna, $435,000.

TILTON DR., 1903-Paula A. and Cameron T. Bradford to Jose A. Leonor, $450,000.

WINDHAM LANE, 1514-Kevin D. Dukes to Sonia Seaton Metelsky and John Michael Metelsky, $448,000.