Two 19-year-old men driving motorbikes along a rural stretch of road in Calvert County crashed head-on into each other Monday night, leaving one of them dead and another seriously injured, according to the Calvert County law enforcement authorities.

About 7 p.m., friends Nicholas J. Schmoltze of Port Republic and Conray G. Savoy of St. Leonard were driving their Yamaha dirt bikes without using helmets or headlights toward each other along the double-yellow center line of Williams Wharf Road in St. Leonard when they collided, police said.

Schmoltze, who had been traveling east before the crash, was taken to Calvert Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, said Lt. Thomas A. Buckler Jr. of the Calvert criminal investigations team. Savoy was flown to Prince George's Hospital Center and was in critical but stable condition Tuesday, Buckler said.

Buckler said one of the motorbikes was stolen, but as of Tuesday he did not know which one. When asked whether the two teenagers had been playing a game of chicken, he said he was "not suspecting anything at this point."

No charges had been filed as of Tuesday.

The day after the accident, the crash site -- about 70 yards east of the intersection with Nicole Drive -- was transformed into a small memorial as friends left bouquets of flowers near where the bodies of Schmoltze and Savoy had lain on the ground the night before.

Evan Jenkins, 17, and Jessie Brady, 19, divided their bouquet and laid half in the grass on the north side of the street, where Schmoltze's body had been, and the other half across the still-bloodstained road where Savoy was found. Jenkins said he had watched the night before as rescuers tried to resuscitate Schmoltze.

"I stood right here next to him while they were doing CPR, and then they said he was gone," Jenkins said.

"We've all been friends with them since they were little," said Brady.

Friends said Schmoltze and Savoy had been best friends through high school. They said the two teenagers had spent the evening together driving on their dirt bikes, and Jenkins said they had been "racing each other."

A woman who lived near the crash site said Williams Wharf Road was blocked for about two hours in both directions after the accident while police cars, ambulances and helicopters responded to the scene. The neighbor, who declined to give her name, said that speeding by teenage drivers was common on the stretch of road. "We have speeding, drag-racing, kids knocking over mailboxes -- just crazy behavior," she said.

Both men had run-ins with the law in recent years. Last year, Savoy was found guilty of theft of less than $500 and was put on probation after spending a day in jail, according to court records. Records from this year show Schmoltze had been charged with speeding at least five times and with violations of his provisional driver's license. Shawn Bixby, 20, a cashier at Mom & Pops Grocery, not far from the crash site, said the store's owners had barred Schmoltze from the business about two months ago after a half-gallon of liquor was taken.

Friends of the teenagers gathered in the grocery store's parking lot to discuss the accident.

"Everybody was crying. Nobody could believe it," Jenkins said.

On Tuesday afternoon, another friend, Casey Beavers, 18, dropped yellow rose petals on the gravel by the side of the road as she remembered her friends.

"Oh my God, they were so much fun. Every time you saw them they made you smile," she said. "Every day they were hanging out and not worrying about a thing."

Staff researcher Bobbye Pratt contributed to this report.

Conray G. Savoy was in critical condition Tuesday.