The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

BREEZY POINT RD., 5051-Charles L. and Katharine C. Hurrey to Jung J. and Stephen Kim, $300,000.

DELORES CT., 7971-Mark A. and Tracy V. Williams to Jennifer and Michael J. Loomis Jr., $310,000.

SEA GATE SQ., 4005-Seagate Investors Corp. to Ronald E. Griffin Jr., $445,000.

SILVERTON CT., 8252-Scott A. Buchanan to William James Dewitt Soward, $309,900.

SILVERTON LANE, 3328-Regina M. McClellan to Leslie M. Jackson, $309,999.

SILVERTON LANE, 3397-Melissa A. Lanzendorfer to Ray A. Tolson, $299,900.

WINDWARD KEY DR., 8197-Florence E. and H.J. Luckett to Roland D. Pelletier Sr., $689,900.

Dunkirk Area

CROWN DR., 11903-Gary C. and Mary G. Spangler to Nancy Jo and Fred Stephen Parnell, $537,000.

THREE DOCTORS RD., 10311-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Eugene C. and Kathleen A. McNerney, $700,000.

Huntingtown Area

BIRCH DR., 4215-Kenneth M. and Deborah A. Trabue to Harmie W. and Nathan R. Victoria A. Best, $359,900.

DEER RUN CT., 2150-Brian and Theresa Gephart Curtis to Gretchen A. and Edward H. Sparkman, $445,000.

FENWICKE CT., 1800-Herman and Antoinette D. Braxton to Andrea and Susan Carioti, $580,000.

WALNUT CREEK RD., 197-Patrick K. and Anne M. McConville to Jennifer A. and Kevin P. Prom, $632,500.

Lusby Area

AUSTIN LANE, 12707-David C. Houghton to Lisa and Paul M. Marsh, $300,500.

CATALINA DR., 12546-John T. Bell to Andrew May, $220,000.

DODGE TRAIL, 523-Virginia L. and Robert J. Danvers to Theodore William Glotzbach III and Katherine M. Winfrey, $265,000.

H.G. TRUEMAN RD., 10855-Patricia J. Pointer to O'Hennon Corp., $135,000.

HICKOK TRAIL, 767-Nancy Lavorgna to Roxanne and William Granberry, $289,000.

HISPERIA RD., 12448-Kenneth W. Chambers Jr. to Everett Owens, $16,000.

HOOFBEAT TRAIL, 11543-Christine M. McNelis to Marywendyna and Rondall Mitchell Jr., $223,500.

HURON DR., 12959-Isidro Delgado to David L. Brown, $185,000.

LEASON COVE DR., 150-Anita B. Williams to Emily Susan Buckley, $650,000.

OVERLOOK DR., 357-Charlotte S. and John T. Bunyan to Reginald V. Sr. and Gloria T. McKoy, $860,000.

PIONEER TRAIL, 707-Sandra L. Eaton to Alice J. Scrivener and Jason A. Armacost, $238,900.

RANGE RD., 1105-William L. Farr III to Joyce A. Totty and Steven D. Cannaday, $221,000.

RANGE RD., 1119-Billy E. and Lillie York to Glacier Development Corp., $35,000.

RANGE RD., 1123-Billy E. and Lillie York to Dawn A. Nava and Aurora Schmidt, $217,500.

RANGE RD. E., 410-Robert Leroy Bohn to Robert E. Jones Jr., $262,000.

REDEYE RD., 1055-Emma Vernelle and Thomas Daniel Cox to Candyce B. Kelly, $299,000.

REDLANDS LANE, 11416-Bison Corp. to Mickey Jean Farrell and Timothy James Whitehouse, $355,000.

SAILBOAT LANE, 12963-Weichert Relocations Resources Inc. to Danielle B. and Mark L. Walker, $285,000.

SAILBOAT LANE, 8432-Sandy Kaye and James Allen Wilson to Christopher P. Coleman, $340,000.

SAN ANGELO DR., 1090-Joseph W. and Joann E. Bell to Donna M. and Karl A. Baranek Jr., $35,000.

SANDY WASH CT., 813-Stanley W. Roller to Mary Beth and Don D. Gates, $305,000.

SANTA ROSA CT., 968-Byron Terrell Cooke to Robyn and Scott Duty, $24,000.

SHIP CT., 12967-Thomas W. and Alicia E. Williams to Rachel A. and George T. Kuss, $280,000.

SILVER ROCK RD., 659-Dennis M. and Charlotte D. Long to Lyndall L. and Harold J. Aurand, $299,700.

VALENCIA TRAIL, 680-Ibell Enterprises Inc. and to Cheryl and Mark Waite, $265,000.

WAR BONNET TRAIL, 724-David L. Richards to Deborah L. and Ernest W. Baldwin Jr., $269,900.

WOODBANK RD., 13165-Benedict F. Fiore to Ellen J. and Carl T. Jones, $35,000.

North Beach Area

SIXTH ST., 3642-Ryan Michael Epstein to Amanda and Ryan Maher, $350,000.

Owings Area

BRISCOES TURN RD., 2530-Nancy L. and John W. Bateman to Brooke Home Buyers Corp., $325,000.

SOUTH POINT CT., 9623-David L. Oreskovich to Alison J. and David C. Kretser, $615,830.

Port Republic Area

ROSEMARY LANE, 1970-Steven D. and Sharon L. McIntosh to Sheryl L. and Franklin P. Operchuck, $425,000.

Prince Frederick Area

ALLEN EARLIE RD., 4701-William Brent and Michelle Parrott to Lisa Marie and Chamroeurn Touch and William E. and Patricia L. Hillage, $450,000.

FAWN CT., 2430-Kent Alan Lee and Linda Marie Wood to Susan H. and Brian C. Stoneburner, $399,000.

GERMAN CHAPEL RD., 1655-Louis and Leslie Allen to Pollanae L. and Alfred T. Johnson Jr., $459,900.

SHILOH LANE, 1960-William G. and Julie M. McBride to Michele and John P. Emory, $115,000.

WHISPERING DR., 3124-Linda S. and Michael L. Herdeman to Brenda L. Kecskes, $550,000.

Solomons Area

PATUXENT AVE., 14741-Nancy and John Burgoon III to Michael J. Marra, $199,900.

Solomons Landing Area

FOXHALL RD., 14166, No. 5-U S Home Corp. to Karen and Mark Adriani, $493,674.

PELAGIC LANE, 216-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Jennifer and Jeffrey Samilton, $628,266.

ROLLING HILLS RD., 568-Bonnie and John L. Wilkins to James S. and Sheri McDonald, $825,000.

St. Leonard Area

CALVERT BEACH RD., 1242-Kathleen M. Eichfeld to Leah Richardson, $245,000.

CANARY LANE, 6125-Craig R. and Gayle H. Myers to Barbara D. and Curt A. Burton Jr., $457,500.

CONSTITUTION DR., 1969-Carlus L. and Sherdana T. Watkins to Lynda L. and Madhat N. Astafanous, $500,000.

Sunderland Area

SUNDERLEIGH DR., 5953-Thomas F. and Marci A. Vitale to Diane and William Koffenberger, $600,000.

Charles County

Bel Alton Area

BEL ALTON-NEWTOWN RD., 9625-Robert M. Hardy to Anthony L. King, $245,000.

Brandywine Area

MALCOLM RD., 3282-Christopher Hall to Thomas Kerner, $413,000.

Bryans Road Area

BLACKBERRY CT., 2436-Richard A. and Lynda Russell to Kimberly J. and Dennis Scott, $340,000.

DAKOTA ST., 2619-Springhaven Homes Inc. to Jennifer Massey, $279,900.

HAMMOCK CT., 2734-Annette M. Demory to Renee A. Walker, $240,000.

LANTANA DR., 6763-River Hill Corp. to Marvin R. and Elicia F. Atteck, $440,217.

RATTAN CT., 2245-Lolita R. and John D. Ellis to Andrea M. and Lorenzo Henderson, $470,500.

SIR DOUGLAS DR., 5463-Sarah R. August to Rhonda and Michael Dozier, $375,000.

Charles Street-

Trinity Church Road Area

SHREWSBURY CT., 13502-Jeanne M. and Jeffrey P. Trinidad Sr. to Gary A. Summers, $484,950.

TRINITY DR., 12600-Thomas and Dawn Lohr to Sandra Jo and Clifford M. Roddy, $243,800.

TUCKER FARM PL., 11110-Mohler Construction Inc. to Deirdre M. and Allen E. Reynolds, $430,000.

Cobb Island Area

CYPRESS DR., 17961-Kimberly A. Williams to Heather D. and Joshua D. Hottenstein, $279,900.

NEALE SOUND DR., 11926-Maurice R. Landes to Evan Mitchell, $560,000.

Faulkner Area

JOE CT., 9555-Lynnel S. and Steven A. Matthews to Bridget R. Holland, $525,000.


Prince Frederick Road Area

CARRINGTON PL., 14580-Litz Custom Homes Inc. to Ronald J. Oliver Jr., $780,000.

LOST RIVER CT., 14870-Wilkerson Construction Inc. to Joyce C. and John B. Davey, $687,706.

LOST RIVER CT., 14878-Wilkerson Construction Inc. to Kelly D. and Rick A. Schultz, $623,434.

ORCHARD VIEW LANE, 6970-William R. Jr. and Anita L. Sollars to Jacqueline C. and Scott A. Mueller, $385,000.

STONELEIGH CT., 7260-Heritage Green Corp. to Regina Blain and Mark E. Brandenberg, $622,400.

TRIPLE CROWN CT., 16440-William S. and Deborah L. Willett to Melidda L. and Robert O. Rice Jr., $460,000.

Indian Head Area

BETH CT., 3-Theodore A. and Catherine R. Voltz to Marilyn L. and Frederick J. Borrell, $285,000.

BLACK CHAW ST., 5034-Patriot Homes Inc. to K.A. Mohamud and Abdirahman Mohamed, $409,806.

CABINWOOD CT., 5738-Patriot Homes Inc. to Everton and Beverly Rowe, $482,806.

CABINWOOD CT., 5742-Patriot Homes Inc. to Joseph and Bulan J. Antonio, $466,643.

DALE DR., 5-Sylvia A. Richardson to Brian A. Mitchell, $200,000.

DEER POINT CT., 5069-Patriot Homes Inc. to M. Forrest Smith and Kenneth A. Smith, $409,333.

DONCASTER DR., 4465-Donnie H. and Rose M. Winfrey to Loretta L. and David A. Berard, $580,000.

FALLEN TIMBER WAY, 5050-Paul Jun to Denise A. and Bruce D. Garrett, $559,600.

NELSON POINT RD., 5001-Shawn Montague to Vivian Lyles, $380,000.

RIVERSIDE RUN DR., 25-Robin E. Anderson to April Kinloch, $160,000.

RIVERSIDE RUN DR., 47-Stephen M. and Jessica L. Rosier to Terrence G. Richardson, $172,000.

SQUAWROOT CT., 5160-Hunters Brooke Corp. to U S Home Corp., $86,000.

Issue Area

BAYSHIRE PL., 15116-William E. Jones to Belinda H. and Kevin J. Keller, $389,900.

LORD BALTIMORE DR., 11370-David B. and Kayla M. Mariner to Laurie A. and Louis C. Schmidt III, $440,000.

WISTERIA CT., 11510-Porfiria Sanchez to C. Thompson and Leah Estevez, $327,900.

WOLLASTON CIR., 11512-Christopher and Julia Armstrong to Barbara J. and Richard D. Jenkins, $115,000.

La Plata Area

BUMPY OAK RD., 6015-Southern Maryland Real Estate Inc. to Michael F. and Kelly C. Clawson, $349,000.

BURNING BUSH PL., 113-Tamik Enterprises Inc. to Irene V. Turnage, $500,000.

CHARLES ST., 9658-James C. and Jamie Dykes Dowd to Myriam Rivera and Wilfredo Gonzales, $379,500.

CURRANT CT., 604-Patricia D. Jones to Joseph B. Gibson, $335,000.

HAWKINS GATE RD., 6291-David H. and Cheryl L. Hirschman to Debra L. and Roy Gibson Jr., $557,200.

HOLLY DR., 854-Jenny L. and Jason D. May to Charles E. Stewart, $120,000.

HORSESHOE DR., 6730-James M. Jr. and Dorothy J. Tarleton to Tanya C. and Corey R. Specht, $360,500.

KALMIA CT., 140-Jonathan Cooper to Charles Tolbert, $170,000.

KLINE DR., 9689-Scott Hunter to Mary L. and Leonard F. Blocker, $284,500.

LEICESTER DR., 1312-Scott M. and Diana L. Carlson to Paula S. and Kenneth B. White, $511,000.

MARTIN DR., 1026-Somerset Martin Corp. to Lisa M. and Kerry P. Dull, $392,794.

QUAIL CT., 109-Stanley R. and Frederica D. Harvey to Patrice L. and Wayman P. Ashburne, $550,000.

REDWOOD CIR., 1409-Suzan L. and Levin N. Kates to Steven D. Wilcox, $375,000.

STARKEY CT., 213-Henrietta Barnhart trust to Benjamin R. Brashears Jr., $250,000.

WALES DR., 1059-Bruce W. and Jill C. Blackstone to Sara L. and Lonnie J. Thompson, $600,000.

WILDFLOWER DR., 3001-Donald A. and Rita I. Daugherty to Stacey and Scott G. Johnson, $439,000.

WINKLER LANE, 9342-Mary F. and C. Holbert Fazenbaker to Cindy A. Johannessen, $305,000.

WORCHESTER ST., 708-Walter A. and Mary L. Brown to Laura and Michael Metz, $270,000.


Rock Point Road Area

FENDALL LANE, 9424-Kase Builders Inc. to Jacqueline R. and Mark F. Miller, $301,735.

WOODLAND POINT RD., 15665-Harvey J. Jr. and Mary D. Stine to Christopher B. and Dianna L. Swann, $268,500.

Pomfret Area

COLUMBIA PARK RD., 4160-Aaron J. and April C. Kellerman to Mary A. and Richard S. Carney, $350,000.

WARREN DR., 8510-Agnes E. Proctor to Nannette and Lemuel Howard IV, $267,800.

Port Tobacco Area

CARLEY DR., 7650-Frank R. and Barbara D. Epps to Antonia S. and Ishmael D. Camp, $955,000.

CHAPEL POINT RD., 7745-William M. and Janet M. Marsh to Susan F. and Jefferson M. Ball, $434,900.

DEEPWATER VIEW PL., 8110-Vincent P. Mona to Amy J. and William D. Bragunier, $186,803.

JOHNS PL., 7995-Dotty L. and John Stafford to Ricky Cooksey, $260,000.

SIMMS LANDING RD., 7325-Donald M. Griggs to Gary Keyes, $385,000.

TIVERTON DR., 8190-Michael J. and Debra S. Isaac to Cathy Thornton and Glenn Stewart, $725,000.

St. Charles Area

AUGUSTA ST., 4225-Kristin Dubois and Michael P. Mergen to Kimberly L. Reed, $475,000.

BISMARK ST., 2780-Mark D. and Lori V. Stillwagon to Patrice R. and John R. Thigpen, $450,000.

BRIGHTWELL CT., 1742-Charlotte W. and Robert A. Finley to Anita Wade Hawkins, $175,000.

CONISTON CT., 1-Christopher J. Bilitsky to Patricia L. and Eric J. Piper, $345,000.

FREEMANTLE CT., 2153-Barbara A. Baumler to Rochelle L. and Darrol V. Williams Jr., $296,000.

GARNER AVE., 408-Julia M. Atkocius to Diane A. Yates, $235,000.

GARNER AVE., 512-Lynda L. and Madhat N. Astafanous to Luis A. Morales, $320,000.

GATEVIEW PL., 3854-Ronald and Evelyn M. Dawson to Brent A. Sweet and Ronald G. Davis, $250,000.

GIBBONS CT., 2119-Pankaj C. Pant to Jean Gondwe and Kenton Kayira, $276,000.

HARVARD RD., 1171-Wanda J. and John H. Lawson III to Theresa A. Babczak, $270,000.

HEATHCOTE RD., 3071-Charles Woodland and Shirley Baker to Toni A. Valentine, $175,000.

HEATHCOTE RD., 3119-Jennifer Hooks to Tyrese M. Blagmon, $165,000.

JUSTICE CT., 3371-Michael Lee Harrison to Randal Allison and Lindsey M. Wilson, $147,500.

KEEPSAKE PL., 16-Janice E. and Kenneth R. Clark Jr. to Alfred Diotte, $198,500.

KEEPSAKE PL., 50-Mignon M. Green to Tarshia and Lamont E. Brown, $165,000.

KNOLEWATER CT., 3102-Antonio D. and Jennifer S. Daquila to Timothy E. and Ericka S. Hodge, $298,000.

MOONCOIN CIR., 9-Kerry and Rhonda Darden to Darryl and Christine Anderson, $319,900.

ORCHID PL., 3461-Tracy D. and Kief D. Green to Armajeanne E. Harmon, $285,000.

OWEN CT., 3811-John E. and Gail W. Leahey to Victoria and Antonio Fortaleza, $319,900.

PALMETTO CT., 3584-Joseph J. and Karen Wharton to Sean T. Brady, $293,000.

QUINN CT., 4470-William A. and Felicia Shands to Loress Griffin and David A. Brown Jr., $300,000.

SAVOY PL., 4902, No. 17-M-Eagle Bay to Markus J. Shelton, $172,500.

TURTLE DOVE PL., 12511-Vickie L. Cooper to K. Sawyerr and Ledoyle M. Carter, $270,000.

WALNUT CT., 3427-Alice M. Queen to Todd Martindell, $209,750.

Waldorf Area

ALYSSA LANE, 10875-10875 Alyssa Lane, trustee, to Roy and Tia Bowman, $345,000.

ASHFORD CIR., 10664-Lisa J. and William G. Bast Palomo to Faitheleen and James Henderson, $510,000.

ASHFORD CIR., 10672-Mary A. and Dan V. Weatherman to Shaki Dobbs, $497,000.

BANNISTER CIR., 1214-Faye E. and Harry S. Walton to Cheryl Conner, $287,000.

BARNSWALLOW PL., 11206-Erica L. Richardson to Dinesh Madaan, $281,000.

BILTMORE ST., 9460-Centex Homes to Teresa A. and James A. Warren Jr., $483,345.

BISON CT., 6114-Wendy J. Warner to James H. and Harriet L. Young, $345,000.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4184-Iris M. and Carlos A. Gautier to Idowu Olaosebikan, $225,000.

BRIDLE PATH CIR., 10920-Thomas A. and Susan M. Angelini to Alfred Meyer and Amber M. Behe Meyer, $300,000.

BUCKNELL CIR., 303-Brenda G. and Stephen M. Jones to Anita L. Kyle, $340,000.

BUENA VISTA CT., 10911-Lionel A. and Jacqueline A. Chasse to Carolyn L. and Charles Coaston Sr., $418,000.

CARIBOU CT., 6908-Letha R. Trimmer to Sandra L. and Hal N. Orbits, $245,000.

CEDARWOOD DR., 10754-James B. Beavan Jr. to Joan A. Brown, $300,000.

CEDARWOOD DR., 10755-Claudia L. and Paul J. Rollins to William N. Shill, $340,000.

CHESTNUT DR., 3105-Donna M. and John Riley Jr. to Lavon P. Butler, $417,500.

CITRUS PL., 11060-Frank S. Smith Sr. to Lloyd B. Bullard, $380,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 2280-Christopher W. and Laurie B. Keller to Melissa N. and Walter K. Pauli III, $399,900.

DOUGLAS CIR., 6214-Anne L. and Kenneth A. Reck to Brenda S. Vaccaro, $355,000.

EAGLE CT., 4379-Patrick I. Stewart to Timothy P. Whiston, $115,000.

GORAL CT., 6348-Troy G. and Deborah A. Batson to Monique and Renard McDaniel, $335,000.

GRAY WOLF CT., 6115-Kimberly S. Spangler to Tracey L. and Thomas P. Talactac, $335,000.

GROUSE PL., 4518-Lisa and Charles Parker to Latoya M. Whittle, $217,000.

HALIBUT PL., 5317-Cheryl A. and James G. Bare IV to Mandy and Matthew Cameron, $260,000.

HAMLIN RD., 1110-Michael T. and Toisha D. Gary to Deanna L. and Brant J. Treadway, $267,000.

HAPSBURG CT., 2049-Centex Homes to Becky P. and John E. Gay, $474,605.

HARVARD RD., 1101-Paul L. and Lina P. Malkoun to India Pope Jones and Cornelia Pope, $315,000.

HARVARD RD., 1151-Stacy L. and Ralph L. Thompson to Nghiep T. Luu, $290,000.

HUMBERSIDE CT., 2859-Stephanie A. Young to Keith G. McGlen, $310,000.

JOSEPHINE RD., 6321-Thomas M. and Janice L. Maloney to Armida and Jose T. Alvarez, $325,900.

JUREL CT., 5009-Terrill R. and Teresa L. Ewald to Benita Wilson and Rasheed Townsell, $379,900.

KENYON AVE., 816-Sandra M. Ginyard to Tiquom Murry, $250,000.

MINK CT., 6728-Sheila and Bernard Reynolds to Belinda L. Martin, $330,000.

MONROE CT., 2511-Richard R. and Sherry A. Gibson to Elena M. and Keith E. Chamberlain, $475,000.

PECCARY ST., 6018-Harriet L. and John H. Watson to Thomas D. Bennett, $348,000.

PIMPERNEL DR., 2403-Ronald P. and Karen D. Cipressi to Margaret B. and Andrew Matarese, $579,900.

PIN OAK DR., 1622-Robert M. Nargi to Leila P. Warren, $215,000.

PINEFIELD RD., 2318-Jason J. Schelke to Misti and Justin McGowan, $292,000.

PINEFIELD RD., 2418-Melissa J. and Roberto R. Lopez to James A. Gantt, $339,900.

RED SQUIRREL PL., 6074-Billie Ray Clodfelter Jr. to Sandra O'Neill, $255,000.

SANDPIPER PL., 15210-Forrest Builders Inc. to Tyria L. and David W. Hall, $551,000.

SEA LION PL., 6140-Jennifer D. and Nicholas R. Kalokoski to Brian L. Cason, $250,000.

SEA RAVEN CT., 5316-John T. and Aimee L. Cunningham to Jane I. and Craig A. Lawrence, $410,000.

SHADE OAK CT., 2405-Jennifer E. and David W. King Jr. to Sonya K. Clayton, $350,000.

SPICE CT., 8825-Guadagnoli Properties Inc. to Cora and Jefre Tschudi, $428,638.

SUNFISH CT., 5907-Chad F. and Jennifer J. Hartman to Sharon D. and Shannon A. Pankey, $375,000.

SUZANNE RD., 6016-Michael J. and Frances B. Bilek to Tiffany and Michael Huber, $364,900.

TRURO LANE, 920-Jeffrey Alan and Laureen D. Apperson to Anthony L. and Sandra A. Johnson, $383,000.

UNIVERSITY DR., 767-William M. and Edith M. Palmer to Deborah R. and David N. Bennett, $310,000.

VALLEY DR., 8645-Darrin S. Thiriot to Linda and Michael P. Hodgson, $329,900.

WALLEYE CT., 5913-Jacqueline M. and Bruce G. Barnes to Christie Smith, $385,000.

WESTDALE CT., 3244-Floyd and Floyd Wheeler Sr. to Shnesha and Michael Hanks, $235,000.

WILDMEADOWS ST., 11303-Wexford Village 4 Corp. to Donald R. and Wendy C. Herring, $409,100.

WILLIAMSBURG DR., 3415-Carol P. and Robert Kuhnow to Angel L. and Fabio R. Rodriguez, $415,000.

Welcome Area

HENSON LANDING RD., 7250-Dorothy C. Duffield to Clinton G. Jr. and Mary J. Cupples, $175,000.

White Plains Area

BARCLAY PL., 7911-Lisa M. Cockerham to Georgia C. Sumiel, $335,000.

HANSON RD., 4024-Unsuk and Carl L. Heath to Terri L. Culp, $373,900.

HEDGEMEADE CT., 3907-Lenhart Hunter's Run Corp. to R. Purnell Porter and Anthony Porter, $477,050.

HEDGEMEADE CT., 3939-Lenhart Hunter's Run Corp. to Gwendolyn Edwards, $421,000.

JACKSONHOLE PL., 10670-Tamika J. Stewart to Margarene and Ingram Munn, $273,500.

KINGSBENCH CT., 8308-Cornelia and Trevlin Bransom Verret to Jeanette and Ronald Harge Jr., $392,000.

SAXTON CT., 3865-Laurie A. Von Roemer to Sheryl M. and Dale L. Crowl III, $405,000.

WAMSLEY CT., 10064-Haynes Enterprises Inc. to Carolyn G. and Christopher A. Smith, $430,125.

WAMSLEY CT., 10068-Amani S. Ahmed to Evelyn M. and Ronald Dawson, $485,000.

WHITTIER CT., 10340-Haynes Enterprises Inc. to Sharon E. Kennedy, $440,300.

WINDSOR HEIGHTS PL., 4080-Karen L. Shaller to Jacquelyn Wilkerson, $285,000.

St. Mary's County

Bushwood Area

PLEASANT LANE, 23145-Ernest S. Carter to Wanda Carroll, $228,500.

California Area

KEYPORT CT., 45278-Honor Ashley Peacock to Marsha and Howard Wentworth, $195,000.

KILBEGGAN CT., 45523-Hickory Hills North Limited to Chamecia C. and Thomas L. Shorts, $199,983.

MYRTLE POINT RD., 23672-Margaret D. Lang to Betty June and Paul James Manchak, $175,000.

PARKVIEW DR., 22659-Frank R. Sr. and Jean T. Jones to Cynthia A. and Lanny J. Nelson, $239,000.

ST. ANDREWS LANE, 44152-Michael Glenn Pitt to Matthew Thomas Odell Sr., $227,236.

Clements Area

ALICE WAY, 38707-Mary Wood to Peggy P. French, $243,000.

Coltons Point Area

BAYVIEW RD., 38451-Norman R. Sullivan to Patricia A. Montgomery and William C. Burgess, $672,000.

Great Mills Area

FLAT IRON RD., 19822-Stephen W. Greenwell to Sandra R. Pectol, $375,000.

FRIGATE PL., 45689-Barbara J. and Jeffery R. Smith to Susan J. Lewis, $263,500.

GORDON CT., 21556-Oakridge Housing Corp. to Lawrence E. Hobson, $295,152.

SCHOONER CT., 45684-Robert D. Cissell to Deborah and Willie F. Bullock, $260,000.

Hollywood Area

APPLE TURNOVER LANE, 24645-Chapel Point Development to Cynthia K. and Michael R. Hair, $533,668.

TARA LANE, 23374-Qualshire Land Development Corp. to Kristen K. and Darrell D. Lack, $85,000.

Leonardtown Area

ABRAHAM DR., 23626-Chung Tran to Abdul M. Kaleem, $479,000.

BIRD HAVEN DR., 42279-Scott D. Keller to Thomas C. and Abby K. Cecil, $410,000.

HELEN LANE, 21910-Henry S. Bunting to Debora D. and David R. Messersmith, $1,075,000.

J.M. GOUGH CT., 23689-The Villages at Leonardtown Corp. to Maryanne and Gregory H. Crewse, $423,510.

J.M. GOUGH CT., 23690-The Villages at Leonardtown Corp. to Gianjeet K. and Surinderpal S. Gill, $435,468.

JENIFER CT., 23288-William J. Gibson to Kristin C. and Aubrey J. Johnson, $399,900.

JOANNE DR., 23305-Dillow at Singletree Corp. to Newtowne Construction Inc., $125,000.

LANEDON DR., 43939-Robert L. Pride to Barbara Ann and Thomas Redman, $211,000.

LITTLE ST. ANNES LANE, 21435-Thomas L. Barnes to Julie S. and Michael W. Cronan, $415,000.

Lexington Park Area

BRYAN RD., 46753-Nicholas Christodolou to Eric T. Baker and Jaketta R. Stout Baker, $245,000.

DOVE PL., 20849-Kenneth W. Johnson to George Mark Arvonen, $308,000.

DUNLEIGH DR., 22564-Quality Built Homes Inc. to James T. and Agnes E. Dove, $290,511.

FLOWER DR., 46848-Gloria J. Stanley to Lapaz and John R. Fisher, $127,000.

FREEHOLD DR., 48020-Julian Johnson Jr. to Joan D. and James J. Turner, $379,900.

MARIA WAY, 46087-David G. Layman to Kiet V. Du, $171,000.

MARY LYNN DR., 47894-Clarence R. Buchanan to Carrie and Brian Gooden, $207,000.

MAYFLOWER DR., 48155-Judith Ann Rinaldi to Maureen V. and Michael J. Trainor, $280,000.

MIDWAY DR., 46584-Elsie A. Hardesty to Rossy Y. Rebolledo Vazquez and Jose A. Vazquez, $125,000.

PICKETTS HARBOR CT., 48245-Jason Blankinship to Amy L. Herndon, $200,501.

PINEY ORCHARD ST., 47919-Donna M. and Joseph A. Decesaris to Joseph F. Donovan II, $219,000.

POPLAR RIDGE RD., 20260-Poplar Ridge Road Corp. to Earl Vincent Bonds and Francis Paul Bonds, $142,000.

ROBERT LEON DR., 46699-Party Walls Inc. to Edward Diego and Johann Soto, $369,100.

Mechanicsville Area

ASHER RD., 37719-Donald Wayne Farmer Sr. to Joann Cullison, $242,000.

BEACH DR., 40425-Clara L. Moore, trustee, to Kelli R. McClure, $555,000.

ERIN DR., 26877-Wallace W. Campbell Sr. to Brian Smith and Anjanette Jones Smith, $350,000.

FOREST HALL DR., 26268-Joseph Michael Russell to Tina Marie America, $457,500.

GOLF COURSE DR., 35530-Teresa L. Rollo to Jason M. Johnson, $333,000.

GOLF COURSE DR., 35740-Alyssa C. Zimmerman to Angela L. Hicks and Scott J. Kazimer, $289,900.

HILLS DR., 26017-Kristina M. Scribner to Christine A. Hester, $297,900.

RIDGE RD., 42258-R.A. Uhl Enterprises Inc. to Scott R. McClanahan Jr. and Shannon L. McConaty, $224,900.

ROOFTOP CIR., 29890-Michael Lansley to Realty Home Services Corp., $140,000.

SPICER DR. W., 37145-Molly Kathleen Morrison to April E. Higgs, $289,000.

TINTOP SCHOOL RD., 27344-John M. Bushong to William H. Gillingwater, $399,000.

TRENT HALL RD., 40240-Gwynn Park Partnership to Carrie Lee and Henry A. Meinhardt Jr., $90,000.

YOWAISKI MILL RD., 27394-Christie McDonald to Louise Clark, $260,000.

Piney Point Area

LIGHTHOUSE RD., 45086-Joseph and Emilia Malatesta to Caryn Lynch Bacon and Jeffrey A. Bacon, $440,000.

STARK DR., 45345-George R. and Leona June Ryan to Robbin C. and David Wayne Willett, $500,000.

St. Inigoes Area

LAWRENCE ST., 17754-Carla S. Tolzman to Lou Ann and Charles Toms, $460,000.

POINT LOOKOUT RD., 15207-Spence Wood Investment Properties to Carolyn S. and Michael W. Peacher, $279,000.