Thanks to Neighbors

Who Help Neighbors

This holiday season, the Prince William Chapter of the American Red Cross extends profound gratitude for incredible support from the greatest force for compassionate action on earth -- the residents of the Prince William community.

Because of your generosity, the Prince William chapter has been able to give critical support to those affected by the hurricanes, while still providing help and hope to your neighbors in need here in the Prince William area.

As chief executive of your local Red Cross, I'm extraordinarily grateful to be associated with an organization that makes a difference in our community every day. The residents of Prince William who support the Red Cross through volunteer time, money and blood donations share in the special kinship of neighbors helping neighbors, whether they are around the block or across the globe. It is only through your incredible generosity of spirit that the Prince William Red Cross stands ready, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Hurricanes are just part of the story. The Prince William chapter is made up of friends and neighbors responding to community disasters including house and apartment fires, teaching first aid and CPR classes, collecting lifesaving blood and serving the military and their families. The Prince William Red Cross also helps reconnect families separated by crisis and conflict around the world.

The Prince William Chapter of the American Red Cross offers all disaster services free of charge -- but only thanks to the generous support of people like you.

Karen Wayne

Prince William

American Red Cross