The three key aspects of the "Way to Work" legislation being considered by the Government Operations Committee today:

Living wage: Employers that benefit from city funds would have to pay their workers at least $11.25 an hour. Some on the committee might try to increase that to $11.75.

The measure would affect recipients of government grants, tax abatements, loans, industrial revenue bonds and tax-increment financing worth $100,000 or more a year. The bill would exempt students, part-time employees, utility workers and certain retail employees. It would affect fewer than 2,000 workers. Some on the committee might try to eliminate exemptions to increase the number of workers affected to as many as 11,000.

No requirement to hire D.C. residents: The mayor's original bill would have required businesses to put up 10 percent of the value of their government contracts or $200,000 until they proved that 51 percent of new hires were District residents. The requirement is gone from the latest version, but some committee members might try to reinstate it.

Job opportunity bank: This effort to provide unemployed residents with marketable skills would be funded by development projects that receive government aid. The job bank has broad support.