The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

BAY HIGHLANDS DR., 1102-K.B. Investment Properties Inc. to Timothy D. Marsh and Pamela A. Wickard, $602,000.

BEACH DR., 423-Dane Gray to Joseph E. Fagiolo, $320,000.

ERVIN CT., 3116-Thomas Joseph Gerkin to Nochum and Hindy Light, $580,000.

HICKORY LANE, 108-Louis N. Phipps III to Mohyeddin S. and Robin R. Majd, $365,000.

HILLTOP LANE, 280, No. 1-Tracy Welsch Bockkmiller to 415 Severn Avenue Corp., $245,000.

MUIR WOODS CT., 8-James K. Hern to James P. Vollono, $290,000.

THORN CT., 4-Gary A. Watts to David C. Manning and Terrell J. Briggs, $301,750.

TIMBER CREEK DR., 1032-Elizabeth A. Bowers to Rosemarie Rosse, $425,000.

VICTOR PKWY., 207, No. 207D-Kevin Howell to Katie Killian, $205,000.

Annapolis-Sandy Point

State Park Area

BAY HEAD RD., 1669-Clayton R. Barrow to Christopher Fargher, $425,000.

BERMUDA LANE, 952-Josephine T. Mattingly, trustee, to Samantha J. McKenna, $489,900.

CANANARO DR., 1636-William E. Lee to Michael S. and Christina M. Calhoon, $330,900.

CAPT. JOHN BRICE WAY, 623, No. 106-Douglas R. Allen to Christine Posey, $395,000.

CHERRY GROVE AVE. S., 199-Michael A. Giglio to Tracy A. McGuinness, $569,900.

CHESTER TOWN CIR., 1508, No. 36-Jeffrey S. Lind to Carol M. and Frank Tighe, $390,000.

CHESTNUT TREE DR., 895-Ameri Star Homes Inc. to Robert E. Dudley and S.L. Gettier Dudley, $471,590.

CONDUIT ST., 71-Mark G. Schmidt to Vollie D. and Margaret M. Melson, $687,000.

CYNDER CT., 1252-Carmax Auto Superstores Inc. to Tatiana Kolina and Aleksey Nazarov, $359,900.

FORBES ST., 300-Sharon Gibb to Alexandra Titus, $207,500.

GREENBRIAR LANE, 680-Gloria P. Hall to Ray D. and Kathy Q. Joyce, $131,000.

HERITAGE CT., 25, No. 103-David D. Buono to Eric Ditter, $160,000.

ISLAND CREEK CT., 603-Laverne D. Williams to Cyntha Matthews, $258,000.

LANCASTER CT., 112-Frank Tighe Jr. to Drew R. McGovern and Kathleen H. Dooley, $627,000.

LIGHTHOUSE LANDING LANE, 613-Thomas D. Probst to Greg R. and Laura A. Ellison, $639,900.

MURRAY AVE., 24-Emilie A. Martin to Chandler Limited Liability Co., $699,000.

PEARSON POINT PL., 708-Crab Cove Corp. to John S. and Mary Ann McLaughlin, $776,121.

PEGGY STEWART WAY, 2008, No. 202-Paul I. Bowen Jr. to David G. and Alexandra H. Prevost, $299,000.

PEMAQUID CT., 2663-Jayne C. Barrett, trustee, to H. Lawrence and Dorothy N. Garrett, $500,000.

PHILLIPS TERR., 2000, No. 5-Michael C. Leys to Steve Britz and Carmel J. Snow, $274,900.

PINCAY CT., 1609-Richard D. Taylor to Robert E. and Kimberly A. Stokes, $340,000.

PLEASANT ST., 54-Norvain T. Sharps to Selena V. and Eric Elston, $150,000.

QUAKER WAY, 2056, No. 14-Donna Wynn to Mary C. Holder, $282,000.

RAMBLEWOOD DR., 1213-Morris Construction Co. to Guido R. and Gonzalo R. Medina, $499,900.

SEAHORSE CT., 950-Jeffrey R. Dodge to Francisco A. and Reyna I. Mayen, $399,900.

SEVERN ISLAND CT., 613-David J. Price to Ann M. Lipscomb, $276,500.

SEVERN RIDGE RD. E., 104-Jimmie D. Emerson to Joel J. and Michelle L. Emerson, $335,000.

SHERWOOD FOREST RD., 931-Rick L. Hardy to Matthew H. and Holly G. Ficca, $845,000.

SUMMERVIEW WAY, 2709, No. 8104-Patricia S. Dudley to Thomas C. Briguglio Jr., $301,400.

WINTERSWEET CT., 529-Paul E. Battaglini to William S. and Marilee M. Bushnell, $651,000.

Annapolis-Sherwood Forest Area

LITTLE JOHN HILL, 531-W. Britton Moore to Thaddeus C. and Kathleen S. Sheehy, $825,000.

Arnold Area

ASQUITHPINES PL., 1209-Robert B. Paxton Jr. to Anthony M. and Trisha A. Corbi, $990,000.

ELMWOOD CT., 405-Angela L. McCroey to Timaria Gaither, $155,000.

GREENHILL RD., 1159, No. 117-Dennis W. Frantum to George W. and Elizabeth A. Sarvinas, $180,000.

KINGS COLLEGE DR., 401-Kenneth A. Manning to Helen M. Ankney, $435,000.

LONG MEADOW WAY, 391-James E. Bader to Darin J. and Jeanne M. Nelson, $480,000.

PLACID CT., 956-Sohail N. Zaidi to Thomas K. and Sarah E. Saxe, $750,000.

RIVERBREEZE PL., 115-Fred S. Bednarik to Andrew J. and P. Joyce Walter, $1.6 million.

SOUTHERN HILLS DR., 634, No. 2F-Joyce I. Russell to Cheryl Beech, $237,000.

Brooklyn Area

BROOKWOOD RD., 5012-Shawn P. McCarthy to Sherri L. Bowen, $110,900.

CRESSWELL RD., 412-Gene S. Newman to Alan C. Birckhead, $195,000.

DORIS AVE., 227-John J. Frick III to Matthew Wilson, $150,000.

MAGIE ST., 5705-Daniel E. Stamm to Ronald J. and Tania M. Deal, $260,000.

MEADOW RD. W., 169-Hillside Investments Corp. to George F. Amador, $134,000.

MEADOW RD. W., 232-Wendy R. Williams to Karaina Lantzky, $122,510.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 5200-Christopher P. Anderson to Geoffrey Ennis and Jeffrey Mohler, $74,000.

SEWARD AVE., 304-William L. Murphy to Biemar A. Olivera, $225,000.

12TH AVE., 111-Annapolis Specialty Houses Inc. to James E. and Tammy J. Wilburn, $242,500.

Churchton Area

CARVEL ST., 5605-Hensley Home Improvement Inc. to Lance R. and Melisssa A. Youmans, $415,000.

RED MAPLE VIEW TERR., 1000-Daniel S. Norton to Michael A. and Shelly S. Simi, $625,000.

Crofton Area

ABERDEEN DR., 2223, No. 264-Michelle Moo Young to Jason Leidner, $241,000.

BELLARBOR CIR., 1938, No. D-Logan R. McNally to William J. Middleton, $225,000.

BLOCKTON CT., 1452, No. 70YF-Sara M. Kociemba to David G. Jennings, $226,100.

CAMBRIDGE DR., 1922, No. 54-Denise M. King to Glen Berkeley, $254,900.

CAVALIER CIR., 1907, No. A-Charles C. Poole Jr. to Daryl H. Sims, $225,000.

CAVALIER CIR., 1912, No. B-Ronald D. Sears to Tomasz G. and Agata B. Stojecki, $210,000.

COPLEY CT., 1712, No. 199-Brian Ravanbakhsh to Stan Udhiri, $265,000.

CRANSTON CT., 1104, No. 12B-Daniel J. Catalano to Kelly E. Wardell, $292,000.

CRANSTON CT., 1140, No. 18E-Mark N. Ouellette to Michelle A. Capitanio, $296,000.

FAIRHAVEN LANE, 2301-William Shackett to Jonathan B. and Laura R. Bellcase, $440,000.

FARMINGTON CT., 1724, No. 179-Christine J. Salb to Lisa M. Thomas, $237,000.

FLATWOOD CT., 1412-Dennis A. Parkinson to Wesley A. Golden and Sheri L. Williams, $252,000.

FOREST HILL LANE, 2034-Carol Carr to Jeffrey and Maria Hartnett, $289,900.

HIGHER CT., 2107-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Michael and Kathleen Groody, $479,900.

HYMAN LANE, 1822-William A. Wilder to Joseph E. and Larissa A. Torreyson, $511,000.

LACONIA CT., 2301-Mark L. Deatley to Craig T. Distelhorst, $374,900.

LAKE GROVE LANE, 2074, No. 5-Ginger A. Biba to David J. Hill, $319,500.

LOWELL CT., 1479, No. 13XB-Daniel E. Camus to Reginald E. Harrison, $250,000.

MAYFAIR PL., 1728-Monte Ward to Michael S. Johnson and J. Jeffrey Dieringer, $555,000.

MAYNARD RD., 2709-Daniel F. Murphy to Clark A. and Crystal L. Crider, $640,000.

SHARWOOD PL., 1788, No. 36-Bambi J. Grimaud to Tommy R. Kvichak and Karen A. Darr, $265,000.

TIPTON DR., 1722-Robert K. Burkhart to Leonard and Lani S. Dollaga, $550,000.

WENTWORTH DR., 2479, No. 18-Gregory M. Boehmer to Erich Chetelat and Eleanor Minor, $220,000.

WHITES FERRY PL., 1822, No. 3-Paul R. Rivest to Frank R. Romero Jr., $342,900.

Crownsville Area

BLUE BIRD LANE, 1153-Thomas P. Martin to Michael and Jessica G. Barnes, $369,900.

BROOKSTONE DR., 605-Norwood Properties Corp. to Paula C. and Paul R. Anderson, $857,355.

BROOKSTONE DR., 617-Norwood Properties Corp. to John J. Hooks and Barbara Detrick, $929,201.

BUTTONWOOD TRAIL, 918-James E. Ross to Bobbie L. and Heather B. Myers, $365,000.

HOLLY TRAIL, 386-Ronald G. Seits to John A. Kovach, $340,000.

WHITNEYS LANDING DR., 778-Dorsey L. Weaver to Patrick and Lara Cobb, $385,000.

Curtis Bay Area

CHESTNUT WOODS CT., 904-Lisa H. Ewald to Jessica L. Melton and Bert W. Hanson, $275,000.

CREEK SHORE WAY, 7833, No. 80-Michelle L. Mangold to Daniel L. and Colleen L. Paxman, $319,900.

CREEK SHORE WAY, 7836, No. 130-Molly M. Cheng to Douglas A. Hustead, $375,000.

DOUBLE CHESTNUT CT., 1111-John E. Archibald to Bruce E. Archibald, $230,000.

Davidsonville Area

APPOMATTOX RD., 724-James L. Gallagher to Maureen K. Dickerson, $520,000.

BLACKBERRY LANE, 3309-Matthew Yeatman to David M. and Jennifer A. Rivet Heller, $805,500.

SOARING EAGLE CT., 902-Stan G. Tobin to Beverly and Michael A. Cauley, $1.175 million.

Deale Area

DRUM POINT RD., 6071-Donaleen Millard to Todd W. and Marina V. Painter, $242,500.

PARKERS CREEK DR., 6020-Jane D. Hylton to David C. Hylton, $800,000.

Edgewater Area

BEVERLEY AVE., 211-Laura L. Barlag to Raymond J. Angermier Jr. and Christine M. Germann, $300,000.

BISHOP RD., 1613-Stephanie E. Potts to Timothy P. Mooney and Iku Sugawara Mooney, $255,000.

BRANHUM RD., 3639-Robert L. Catterton to Ian T. and Amy Hanigan, $1.08 million.

COLONY CROSSING, 101-Brian P. Stanton to Gavin J. and Jacqueline C. Brady, $995,000.

ELKRIDGE DR., 1742-Robert L. Osborne to David Edwards and John W. Warren, $247,000.

FAIRHILL DR., 1719-Lawrence Thompson to William N. Villalta, $220,000.

MILLHAVEN DR., 2123, No. 25-Bobbi J. Doorenbos to Dennis S. and Mary V. Holloway, $430,000.

MILLHAVEN DR., 2135, No. 13524-John E. Dedrick to Jane A. Isaac, $439,900.

OAKWOOD RD., 137-John D. Pulliam to Timothy A. and Aimee N. Pfoutz, $240,000.

RIDGE AVE., 46-Virginia M. Stominski to Michael L. and Joanne L. Galey, $445,000.

RIDGELY RD., 1736-Andrea Kostin to Rachel Penska, $270,000.

RIVERDALE DR., 1627-George S. Major to Vanessa Vidunas and Kristen J. Larson, $321,000.

RUXTON RD., 1616-Victoria Ann Best to Jose J. Pineda, $272,250.

WESTFIELD CT., 3749, No. 24-Elizabeth L. Doroshuk to Andy C. and Holly V. Ruckman, $495,000.

Friendship Area

NEW SOLOMONS ISLAND RD., 6701-John E. Sauder to Donald E. and Tina M. Hedler, $547,900.

Gambrills Area

BRANCHWOOD CT., 2164-Harold D. Lloyd to John R. Perreault and Joyce A. Catignani, $515,000.

BRIGGSDALE CT., 906-Timothy F. Riordan to April D. Brooks and Tracy D. Perreten, $695,000.

EDENWOOD LANE, 2110-Donald Davidson to Gerald and Michelle Walker, $775,000.

HUNTFIELD CT., 2208-Harold C. Guy III to Francis J. and Tracy A. Weber, $675,000.

MAYTIME DR., 2416-William D. Kemble to R.F. Bailey, $302,600.

SAPPINGTON DR., 1554-Ronald W. Drewen Sr. to Anthony M. and Charlynn R. Manning, $651,500.

Gibson Island Area

BROADWATER WAY, 738-Ann M. Curtis, trustee, to L. Nash Gordon Living Trust, $1.5 million.

Glen Burnie Area

ARCHWOOD AVE., 122-Daron K. McNabb to Louis A. and Anitra M. Hawkins, $327,000.

DELMAR AVE., 520-Erik R. Kornmeyer to Robert R. and Becky L. Beach, $290,000.

EAST PARK CT., 555-Raymond L. Sykes to Michael E. and Judith T. Trippett, $240,000.

ELLWELL CT., 437, No. 1-Malcolm Johnson Jr. to Rorey A. Williams, $232,000.

FERNDALE RD., 9-Utz Enterprises Inc. to Walter and Kristina Watson, $269,000.

FLEAGLE RD., 351-Richard Backus to Lyandra Emmanuel, $322,000.

FOXVIEW DR., 141-Elisa A. Carter to Anselmo Bencosme, $260,000.

GLOUCESTER DR., 200-Anthony Tully to Lisa R. Droege and Edward L. Kane, $274,900.

GRIFFITH RD., 702-Edward T. Connell to G.L. and Michele L. Berry, $224,900.

PHIRNE RD., 378-Timothy S. Castle to Duo Yong Chen and Mei Chan Zhang, $282,500.

SPRITE WAY, 613-Ronald K. Gamble to Candice M. Mattingly and Nicholas T. Hester, $255,000.

SPRITE WAY, 660-Robert Evans Jr. to Leola G. Parker, $245,000.

TRUMPETER CT., 8008-Robert J. Corace to John J. McNulla Sr., $327,000.

VERNON AVE., 201-Clarence A. Irwin to Mahmood and Zaheer Ahmed, $240,000.

WEST CT., 432, No. 7B-Lisa A. Brown to Troy O. Hawkins, $195,000.

THIRD AVE. SW, 311-Keith S. Moerbe to Aaron D. and Dana M. Hedetniemi, $225,000.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 7685-Philip T. Fiore to John J. Hammell Jr., $115,000.

CASTLE HARBOUR WAY, 1102, No. 3C-Stephen B. Pallett to Lance Bellma, $168,000.

CASTLE HARBOUR WAY, 1121, No. 2B-Benjamin S. Gary to Pamela R. Thorne, $165,000.

CLARA CIR., 4-Mary E. Hamilton to Ravinder Singh and Satnam Kaur, $233,100.

FROGS LEAP CT., 609-Cattail Associates Inc. to Michael D. and Latawnya Y. Askins, $386,186.

HAMMARLEE RD., 243-Gary J. Denson to John and Betty Harvey, $350,000.

HIGHLAND RD., 112-Michael R. Dabrasky to Roland L. and Roxanne Mitchell, $250,000.

HIGHLAND RD., 12-George J. Tiani to Bryon J. and Krena M. Falen, $232,000.

HOME WATER WAY, 6506, No. 304-Audra D. Davis to Robert J. and Betty D. Noeth, $230,000.

LEYMAR RD., 7845-Matthew J. Leipold to David Adams, $485,000.

LOMBARDEE CIR., 955-John E. Becker to Cathleen A. Buckman, $739,000.

MALTRAVERS RD., 1811-Russell W. Seldon to Ray Chinault, $203,500.

MOUNTAIN RD., 118, No. 3C-James P. Kelly to Daniel J. Botto and Sarah E. Brooks, $142,000.

OVERHILL RD., 7765-Matthew J. Cook to Kenneth E. Dement and Karen E. Smith, $217,000.

RENFRO CT., 472-Diona L. Young to Styve Ogando and Kristine Kironyo, $260,000.

RENFRO DR., 400-Furnace Branch Corp. to Shui Wah Leung, $143,000.

Hanover Area

HILL BORN DR., 1302-Ronald B. Gair to Ingrid M. Savignac, $315,000.

KIDWELL CT., 7706-Tiwana D. Williams to Jennifer A. Buck, $229,900.

MORAINE DR., 7503-Timothy J. Butera to Jason E. McGinniss, $322,000.

ROTHERHAM DR., 7745-Mimi Hoang to Jerry D. and Clodel Lapid, $570,000.

STRIDER CT., 1507-Luke A. Higgins to William A. and Darcia G. Tippets, $430,000.

Jessup Area

MONTEVIDEO RD., 1819-John R. Chewning to Son Ok, $424,900.

Laurel Area

FORESTS EDGE PL., 106-Mark J. Wellnitz to Matthew R. Charvat and Elizabeth J. Paesani, $291,000.

LINDENWOOD DR., 3407-William J. Guinane to Jason R. and Elizabeth A. Holderness, $285,000.

LITTLELEAF PL., 3410-Cynthia A. Tutsch to Paul E. Meyer, $285,000.

LONDONLEAF LANE, 3418-Jimmy D. Wagner to James Kennedy, $299,000.

MISSISSIPPI RD., 8111-Michael J. Frank to William Melvin, $371,000.

OLD LINE AVE., 412-Jose V. Chavez to Milton D. Herrera, $310,000.

PARK HALL S., 311-Dale C. Ackerman to Steven T. Coffman and Dianne M. Coccio, $279,900.

RIVER BEND CT., 3112, No. H303-William R. Patsy to Kelly M. Tiedge, $257,000.

SPRING GAP S., 228-Leonard C. Wheeler Sr. to Darrell W. Billings, $281,000.

SUDLERSVILLE S., 3359-Christine L. Leslie to Daniel W. and Miriam Sauber, $334,900.

SUDLERSVILLE S., 3412-H. John Romero to Vincent L. and Diana R. Lamolinara, $200,000.

SYCAMORE RIDGE RD., 233-Lawrence O. Elliott Jr. to Juwann A. and Renee K. Smith, $289,000.

Linthicum Heights Area

FURNACE RD., 1222-Randall G. Mitchell to Thomas C. and Sophia E. Arrington, $419,900.

GOVERNORS GATE LANE, 31-Kenneth E. Stermer Jr. to Susanne P. and Matthew M. Kauffman, $252,000.

JUNIPER RD., 700-Edward H. Mallonee Jr. to Charles A. Young Jr., $135,000.

Millersville Area

BRAMPTON CT., 495-Gregory A. Harthausen to Tina L. Faul, $319,900.

COG CT., 685, No. 37-Cynthia Washington to Mitchell S. and James J. Prodoehl, $235,000.

COG CT., 687, No. 38-Kimberly M. Ryan to James and Judita Hemmen, $249,000.

FOX DEN LANE, 500-Kurt A. Brunell to Francis M. and Nicole G. Martel, $658,250.

MICHELE CIR., 204-Lyandra Emmanual to Anthony P. Kirvan, $230,000.

MILLSHIRE DR., 606-Deborah J. Kowalski to Geoffrey R. Lopes, $236,000.

SOUTH MESA RD., 754-Murray W. Kenyon to Gus and Sharon Siettas, $415,000.

WESTSIDE DR., 8331-Robert B. Owens to Michael Housley Inc., $270,000.

Odenton Area

AMMUNITION AVE., 206-Demetris M. Butler to Anwar Yousuf, $400,000.

ARTILLERY CT., 303-Walter W. Taylor Jr. to Stephen Levitski, $435,500.

ASPEN GROVE CT., 8700-Randolph S. Bertrand Jr. to Richard E. Barton III, $260,500.

AUTUMN HARVEST CT., 2408, No. 202-Mi Son Phillips to Stephen F. Perazzo, $252,000.

CANTEEN CIR., 2250, No. 116-Sciana Roach to Sandra D. Cooper and Donovan C. Bennett, $310,000.

CHESTNUT TERRACE CT., 2402, No. 104-Jennifer L. Davidson to Patrick J. Murphy, $287,450.

COUNTRY OAK CT., 2500-Steven E. Braverman to Mark O. Mace and Patricia A. Miller, $589,900.

DIDELPHIS DR., 2641-Beazer Homes Corp. to Sadia Zahid, $414,230.

DIDELPHIS DR., 2647-Beazer Homes Corp. to Whitney C. Scully, $395,452.

EAGLE LANDING CT., 317, No. 317E-Pamela Y. Dentley to Richard E. Zelik, $175,000.

EMERALD WAY, 706-Pulte Home Corp. to Carolyn F. Powers, $305,560.

GREEN FIELD CT., 8720-Steven M. Wilson to Marivic J. and Robert Weiss, $309,900.

HARVEST RUN DR., 701, No. 102-Nneka Mokwunye to Jaime L. Oliver, $265,000.

ISAAC CHANEY CT., 922-NVR Inc. to Gregory S. and Jennifer L. Brice, $387,790.

KILLARNEY TERR., 2440-Winchester Homes Inc. to Cynthia L. Leonard, $428,142.

KNOB CT., 836-Richard E. Kniseley Jr. to Sean T. Brady, $350,000.

LANGDON FARM CIR., 121, No. 65-Sharon D. Woodson to Elizabeth Obeng, $310,000.

LILY WAY, 1027-Tin Roof Court Corp. to William Harrison, $427,474.

LOTUSWOOD CT., 2602-Lotuswood at Piney Orchard Corp. to Russell A. and Trine B. Wicks, $387,278.

MILITIA PL., 115, No. 135-Michael L. Werre to Charles N. and Tonya J. Bowman, $299,000.

NATURES TRAIL CT., 8700, No. 3011-Samantha J. Wolin to Henry J. Kowal, $285,000.

OAK LEAF CT., 2715, No. 27153-Daniel J. Zoretic to Jeffrey N. Perez, $260,000.

PINEY PASS WAY, 2504-Michael J. Bonnefond Jr. to Hong and Chen Hua Zheng, $387,000.

PISCATAWAY RUN DR., 2904-Thomas W. Hopp to Ronald L. and Margaret F. Smallwood, $440,000.

ROLLING HILL WALK, 602, No. 5-201-Edward Seighman Jr. to Carolyn T. Welling, $186,000.

ROLLING HILL WALK, 602, No. 5-204-Richard Scott Rippeon to Rebecca L. Otte, $215,500.

ROLLING HILL WALK, 608, No. 201-Kathleen J. O'Hara to Martha A. Fredericks, $195,000.

RUNNING WOLF TRAIL, 2556-Robert C. Windish to Kevin E. and Suzanne E. Mulligan, $415,000.

SAPPHIRE CT., 1504-Pulte Home Corp. to Judith D. Smallwood, $314,495.

ST. MICHAELS CIR., 229, No. 55-L'Tanya F. Jones to Mervin H. and Shearmene M. Steals, $349,900.

SUMMER RIDGE CT., 712-Jo A. Hughes to Frederick and Lynda Rae Hughes, $362,000.

THICKET CT., 860-Lawrence Plummer to Lawrence D. and Kathleen K. Bourgard, $610,000.

THORNBROOK DR., 8712-John A. Feeley to John D. Mahoney, $390,000.

THREE SIRENS CT., 311-Timothy D. Andrews to Kenneth Carmichael, $287,000.

TRAVIS POINT CT., 2003-Julianne Marie Thomas to Teresa Crosby, $287,000.

WINDING RIDGE RD., 2406-Warren P. Lindgren to Mary Beth Nikitin, $350,000.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

AMHERST CT., 1215-Keith A. Parrish to Hong Sop and Ok Soo Yang, $509,900.

APPLE VALLEY DR., 8035-Charlene L. Hacha to Matthew C. and Valerie L. Broussard, $332,900.

BEDFORD RD., 8436-Bryan D. Goodwin to Virginia S. Vasquez, $239,900.

BERRY DR., 7654-Thomas Monks to Deborah S. and Michael P. Fay, $680,000.

BODKIN AVE., 8204-Kyle E. Erisman to Jeffrey P. and Roberta L. Goldstein, $499,900.

BROOKHAVEN RD., 3464-Rene E.B. Tywang to Donna L. Ruschell, $308,250.

C ST., 217-Virginia Z. Cogle to Anne K. Guillette and James H. Kitchen, $228,500.

DUVALL HWY., 983-Robert D. McDermott to Kashif Pervaiz, $268,100.

EDNA RD., 1310-James J. Bolyard Sr. to James Griffith, $450,000.

ESCALON AVE., 8029-Leonard Herd to Robert D. McDermott, $312,000.

ESCALON AVE., 8050-Scott G. McGee to Gabriel L. Medley, $319,000.

GILLIA CT., 1212-Edward W. Fischer to Susan Plews, $334,900.

GOLD BRUSH WAY, 305-Paul J. Cassavechia to Douglas R. Westphal and Gary C. Gugler, $579,900.

HADFIELD CT., 8000, No. 74-Drew W. Evans to Carol L. Hively, $220,000.

HAZY DAWN CT., 8182-Douglas D. Vick to Hany Mekhaeil and Mariam Ibrahim, $252,000.

HILLSIDE RD., 1214-Robert E. Celuska to Donna J. Bushong and Autumn B. Snyder, $380,000.

HOPELAND AVE., 7-Lowell E. Fitzgerald to Innovative Real Estate Services, $186,000.

LITTLETON WAY, 3391, No. 3H-Jacalyn C. Detrich to Sara E. Fitzgerald, $195,100.

MANSION HOUSE CROSSING, 7907-Gregory D. Hodges to Adam W. and Erin M. Palinkas, $310,000.

MARBLE ARCH DR., 3456-Charles L. Sanders to Marsha Taylor, $309,000.

MOUNTAIN RD., 4006-Alfred L. Markell to Cindy C. Goble, $299,999.

MOUNTAIN RD., 5138-Elizabeth A. Carne to Paul G. Tolzman and Karen H. Bacon, $2.01 million.

NANCY'S POND CT., 8041-Richard J. Caneff Jr. to Deborah Johnson, $321,500.

NORTH CAROLINA AVE., 233-Maryland Select Homes Corp. to William L. Moore, $365,000.

OUTING AVE., 7797-Ricky W. Ogden to Lawrence M. and Riyu A. Adams, $280,000.

POWHATAN BEACH RD., 773-Steven T. Podwojski to Kevin R. and Lorraine D. Daly, $350,000.

QUIET RIDGE CT., 213-Tara L. Pleasant to Tommy C. Pleasant and Erin M. Stallings, $283,000.

ROBIN AIR CT., 3610-Areti Afentoulis to Catherine M. Day, $230,000.

SAYBROOK HARBOUR, 1046-Autumn B. Snyder to Teck H. Choo and Han Pin Ching, $228,000.

WATER OAK POINT RD., 7600-Richard D. Baylis to Cheryl L. Querry, $618,000.

WINGED FOOT DR., 8905-Washington Homes Corp. to Jim and Deborah K. Dilacovo, $757,923.

207TH ST., 697-J. Lynn Moore to James Olenick and Maranda Kelly, $290,000.

Riva Area

PLATEAU DR., 2774-Michael G. Staed to Jeffrey L. Soper, $406,200.

Severn Area

BAFFIN ST., 1803-Jeanette K. Richardson to Yong Ik and Myung Lee, $439,900.

BROOKSTONE CT., 8065, No. 998-Charon D. Butts to Kellie Kwashie, $270,000.

CANTER CT., 7838-Andrew Ogden to Brian D. and Alicia Weisenberger, $327,000.

CARTIER CT. N., 7893-Arvel G. Bruce to Gunther N. Miller and Vivienne Bowman, $285,000.

CEDAR DR., 1890-Nestor R. Yap to Rodney and Arleen Herman, $237,400.

CHASE HILL CT., 302-Daniel Kranzler to Dale S. Dutcher, $525,000.

COLDBROOKE DR., 7842-Silliman Corp. to Christopher K. and Katherine P. Holman, $534,697.

EVANSTON CT. W., 7714-Roy T. Bream to Evan K. and Alyce Lyn Werner, $540,000.

GOVERNOR JOHNSON BLVD., 1406-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Timothy and Carrie Ann McGurk, $426,920.

GRANDE VIEW AVE., 1763-Emmanuel Pratt to Vesta Inc., $359,900.

MAHOGANY RD., 7705-Edgar O. Burton to Linda K. Schmidt, $440,000.

MUSICAL WAY, 7317-Robert J. Cameron to Thomas M. and Kimberly D. Keelor, $530,001.

OLD OAK RD., 519-Victor Sudnick to Michael Thomas and Christal Renee Brock, $185,000.

PASTURE BROOK RD., 547-Kenneth L. Burke to Joseph M. and Monica M. Hardesty, $450,000.

RICHARD AVE., 107-Steven Krasic to Brad A. and Corinne A. Wilcock, $355,000.

ROANOKE CT., 8248-Taren R. Jones to Ellen A. Johnson, $230,000.

SEVERN RD., 1806-Teresa A. Rosenberger, trustee, to Thomas E. Giza, $315,000.

SHALLOWBROOK CT., 7826-Darren McLenon to E. Michael Lopata and Shannon C. O'Connor, $482,700.

SILO CT., 8139-Frankie D. Clifton to Edward and Debra Fischer, $390,000.

TOMLINSON CT., 8233-Christopher D. Forte to Douglas Nana Brobbey, $139,500.

Severna Park Area

BENFOREST DR. W., 529-Chaffin Parker Properties Corp. to Melissa M. Downs, $458,000.

BOONE TRAIL, 152-W.W. Simmons to Jonathan W. and Barbara B. Landers, $820,000.

CARDIFF CT., 474-Preston D. Williams to Daniel H. and Nancy A. Harris, $630,000.

CHARINGTON CT., 518-Kenneth W. Stoppelbein to Jeffrey and Karen Shepherd, $455,000.

CHARINGTON DR., 524-Mehmet Birisik to David and Lindsay Clokey, $445,000.

FAIRCASTLE AVE., 700-Otto R. Salguero to Todd and Nan Jones, $590,000.

KNOLLWOOD RD., 588-James D. Jankowski to Bernard S. Przewlocki, $370,000.

LAUREL PL., 652-Michael H. Burrows to Andrew F. and Kimberley T. Snow, $340,000.

PRESWICK WAY, 374-Barbara Ruberg to Robert W. and Kelly G. Danahy, $619,000.

RIVERDALE RD., 425-Raymond L. Wagner to Hewitt Relocation Services Inc., $490,000.

SALTZMAN RD., 639-Morgan J. Williams to Theresa E. Polm, $359,900.

ST. ANDREWS RD., 5-Richard E. Carlson to Paul X. and Caroline H. English, $670,000.

SYCAMORE RD., 204-Elizabeth H. Meighan to Damien Deville and Taffy K. Davies, $432,000.

TICONDEROGA AVE., 753-Scott C. Calliham to James W. and Christine M. Harrell, $409,000.

VINTON LANE, 435-Arthur J. Heard to Dreamcraft Homes Inc., $125,000.

Shady Side Area

BEECH ST., 4916-Middle American Education to Lisa D. and Kevin W. Alton, $418,550.

CEDARHURST RD., 1474-Ryan E. Bortz to Kelly C. and Erick Mullen, $395,000.

LERCH DR., 5061-Harold W. Rohrback Jr. to Sean Flinn, $365,000.

SHADY SIDE RD. W., 6564-Devon R. Weide to Steven B. Wilson, $203,000.