The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Brunswick Area

A ST. E., 113-Paul F. and Catherine Weitzel to Sherri L. and Craig A. Wright, $270,000.

A ST. E., 205-Robert Seeley to Willie Combs and John Barczak, $140,000.

BRAD ALAN DR., 14-Kevin Kelly to John Huang, $487,000.

MAPLE AVE., 207-Maudie and James H. Stephens to Alfred D. Barger, $168,000.

MAPLE AVE. N., 805-Donna L. Cummings to Mary F. Nix, $249,900.

ORNDORFF CT., 1049-Herbert D. Daugherty Jr. to Donna L. Cummings, $196,000.

ORNDORFF DR., 118-Tiffany D. and Jack D. Hardy to John Franklin Hockman, $180,000.

Emmitsburg Area

EMMIT CT., 8-Kerri L. West and Jason O. Brantner to Phyllis T. Clark, $182,000.

HERITAGE LANE, 15-Pamelyn R. Sullivan to David Victor Barker, $228,900.

WAYCROSS CT., 7-Mary Jo and Andrew P. Trout to Nathan Adelsberger, $253,000.

Frederick City Area

ALL SAINTS ST. W., 5-Thomas P. Campbell to Angela N. Blasiola, $284,000.

APPLE WAY, 68-Lucas M. and Angelica Alfaro to Maria D. Meraz and Joel Ventura Mejia, $246,000.

APPLE CREEK RD., 113-Beverly E. and Raymond R. Jordan to Jose Hidalgo, $276,800.

AUTUMN LEAF LANE, 7117-Heather C. and Michael J. Willette to Rosibel Castillo, $385,000.

AVONDALE CT., 1198-Ruth L. Bowers to Ashley Kells, $297,500.

BEAR DEN RD., 2509-Richard T. Sr. and Eileen K. Long to Donald G. and Virginia T. Palmer, $487,000.

BEAR DEN RD., 2621-Nikolaos K. Manolopoulos to Anthuanette Kudjordji, $564,000.

BLOSSOM LANE, 422-Doug B. and April T. Washburn to Armando Reyes and Mauricio D. Rosa, $292,500.

BLUELEAF CT., 902, No. 8-3D-Suzanne Martin to Rose A. Lawson, $210,000.

BOULDER RD., 9410-Kenneth Pryor to Jessica D. and Sean T. Warner, $209,900.

BOX ELDER CT., 5793-Marion M. Michaelson to Patricia and John Stull Jr., $110,000.

BOYSENBERRY LANE, 508-Arnold D. II and Katina K. Landry to Miryam C. Moncada, $242,000.

BRACE CT., 6757-Benjamin M. Kiser to Kelly and Brian Keegan, $225,000.

BROKEN REED CT., 8015-William M. Castle to Meghan A. and Alan R. Duncan, $305,000.

BUSHYTAIL CT., 602-Emerald Farm-Comstock to Yesenia L. and Estanislao Rodriguez, $484,153.

BUSHYTAIL DR., 622-Emerald Farm-Comstock to Sara Barrera and Milton Yanes, $552,600.

CANVAS BACK CT., 5018-James Morgan to Mario R. Rios, $253,000.

CHARSTONE CT., 5723-Rebecca Von Ashton to Mahmoud Karimi, $245,000.

CHESTNUT HILL WAY, 109-Susan D. and Carleto A. Linton to Adriana S. Guardia and Charles J. Antelo, $305,000.

CLENDENIN WAY, 9064-Michael S. and Tricia M. Peny to Amanda and Shawn Fleming, $530,000.

CLENDENIN WAY, 9076-Robert E. and Lura D. Wright to Mary E. and Joseph E. Wagner III, $600,000.

CROSSING STONE CT., 1941-Dawn E. McGowan to Maria E. Troconis and Jose R. Mora, $355,000.

DANIELLE DR., 1252-Harry W. Jr. and Mary E. Baker to Deysi M. Benitez and Pedro Rodriquez, $195,900.

DILL AVE., 223-Delores Michaels to Keith A. Brockgreitens and Anthony Disalvo, $296,500.

DOVER CT., 5598-Misty A. Minnick to Lynn M. Fearing Cavagnaro and Michael C. Cavagnaro, $375,000.

DRAWBRIDGE CT., 5803-William Wendorf to Leonor L. and Edwin Villegas, $182,000.

DUKE CT., 5337-Raymond L. Sicotte to Loyda E. Lugo Goff and Arthur J. Goff III, $296,000.

DUKE CT., 5806-Brett Richard Etzler to Brandi May and Brian A. Powell, $229,000.

EARLES CT., 5224-Beverly Lawson to Derek F. and Kristen S. Baskerville, $296,100.

EASTBOURNE CT., 1009-James and Bonnie Sonderegger to Dena M. and Darryl L. Whiten, $390,000.

EISENHOWER DR., 517-Arthur L. Jr. and Lisa A. Core to Rajni and Praveen K. Agarwal, $305,000.

EISENHOWER DR., 594-Primacy Closing Corp. to Peijie and Edward M. Dimaio, $308,000.

EISENHOWER DR., 606-Constance Clark to Elisabeth Annick Monthe, $315,000.

ELLSWORTH WAY, 2408, No. 3C-Michael R. Franklin to Maria P. Escobar and Jose G. Reyes, $220,000.

ETZLER RD., 5748-Clemons B. and Janet V. Sink to Barbara S. and Christopher W. Kunkle, $435,000.

FIELDCREST CT., 6133-C. William and Ellen L. Angus to Lauren J. Young and Paul M. Hanyok, $450,000.

FLOSSIE AVE., 4963-W. Noel and Carole A. Werking to Michelle M. Wichman and Fathy Majadly, $500,000.

GLEN VALLEY TERR., 6220, No. 3L-Mary A. Pinterits to John C. Trout, $277,500.

GRAYMONT DR., 6116-Nancy Brauer to Gautam C. Patel, $545,001.

GREENLEAF DR. W., 2207-Charles C. Jr. and Ann Marie Gears to Diana P. and Jose Z. Canaza, $465,000.

HAMILTON AVE., 4-Charles E. Winpigler to Shefali Gupta, $195,900.

HARPERS CT., 1915-Brenda L. Albaugh to Lynsey Bateman and Matthew Fohner, $332,500.

HASTINGS CT., 6224-Karin L. Flint to Michelle Renee Piper and Jayson Eugene Mobley, $279,900.

HEATHER RIDGE CT., 1452-Benjamin H. Hardy to Donald C. Barnes, $179,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 730, No. 14-D-Joan B. Miller to Grace Williams, $142,000.

HIMES AVE., 621, No. IV-109-Robert Edward Arnold to Margaret E. Redding, $175,000.

HITCHINGPOST LANE, 1361-Burt and Karla Pritchett to Jinmi A. Lara and Juan A. Bernales, $335,000.

HOKE PL., 100-Dorothy L. Etzler to Jewels P. and Robert A. Swenson, $440,000.

HOPE COMMONS CT., 3604-Barnabas D. Jones to Robin E. Manning, $411,000.

KEY PKWY., 1481-Rodney James Lewis Jr. to Karen Jones, $180,000.

LADD CIR., 7124-Dhara Corp. to Marjorie and Selvin Inparaj, $310,000.

LAKE COVENTRY DR., 244-Mercedes Tamanaha to Jai and Daniel Ko, $496,000.

LANTANA CIR., 5802-East Coast Rentals Corp. to Ronnie Perla Benitez, $173,485.

LEW WALLACE RD., 8810-Jeffrey L. and Kathryn G. Trewhitt to Lea H. and Safwan T. Hallab, $439,900.

LIBERTY OAK DR., 11581-Richard G. and Kathi H. Heslin to Donna J. and Mark A. Dassen, $335,000.

MCKAIG RD., 7731-James A. Wallace III to Lori M. Masters and Derek A. Huzzy, $270,000.

MOTTER PL., 901-Dianne S. and Charles C. Masser Jr. to Robert W. Larkin, $225,000.

MULBERRY CT., 1312-Terry S. and Craig E. Schulz to Van Ling, $313,000.

NEWPORT TERR., 6100-Michael P. and Amanda A. Griffin to Maryjane G. and Brian S. Harris, $330,000.

OLD RECEIVER RD., 7840-Kevin R. and Denise Komara Duplain to Susan P. Kelley, $575,000.

PALACE GREEN TERR. E., 2203-Dennis P. and Jill E. Salter to Dwayne A. Garner and Terresa L. Brookins, $304,000.

PALACE GREEN TERR. E., 2225-Jeffrey T. Scire to Emilienne Njeowouo Mangwa Yopa and Sandrine Leunkeu Yopa, $304,900.

PARKERS FARM LANE, 7259-Millennium Development Corp. to Jennifer J. and William Covey Jr., $241,147.

PARKERS FARM LANE, 7265-Millennium Development Corp. to Deborah L. and Walter R. McCown III, $279,930.

PARKVIEW DR., 7326-Martin O. and Barbara Heisler to Elisabeth and Kurt Holter, $499,900.

PEARL ST., 524-Jean L. and James M. Delong to Jessica and Christopher S. Elenstar, $240,000.

PINE CREST LANE, 6113-Iryna S. and Vadym L. Kravchenko to Christine Bowman, $325,900.

PINE CROFT CT., 1808-Steven Alfred and Lisa J. Munson to Nelly Del Carmen Alfaro and Reyes Alfaro, $345,000.

PINECLIFF DR., 8617-Michael C. and Janna G. Montagnino to Jeffrey N. Swope and Daniel R. Mason, $480,000.

PROVIDENCE CT., 1116-Eduardo Quijano to Juan G. Munoz, $190,000.

RAMBLING WAY S., 1511-Christopher J. Perez to Sonal and Sharad Doshi, $298,000.

RHODERICK RD., 2946-Mazie I.L. and Austin L. Reeder to Jennifer L. and David W. Lilly, $429,900.

RIDGEFIELD LANE, 9123-David C. and Jacqueline Capobianco to Dharitree Mishra Hota and Susanta Kumar Hota, $275,000.

RUTHERFORD CT., 6395-K-David E. and Tamara Wilkinson to Minxia Hua and Xinyang Zou, $219,500.

SANDPIPER CT., 6727-Mary Beth and Jack A. Cochis to Caren D. Crawley, $233,000.

SENECA DR., 1007-Monita L. and Pierre D. Reed to Barbara P. Dean and Walter J. Barry Jr., $385,000.

SHANNON CT., 427-Susan W. Buckel to Karen H. and Mark J. Oliver, $239,900.

SINGLETREE CT., 6798-James C. and Billie S. Sturgill to Kerry L. and Edward R. Rodriguez, $400,900.

SPRINGWATER PL., 6109, No. 2202-Maria Grace Saia to Stacy A. Bredice, $235,000.

SPRINGWATER TERR., 6126, No. 1600E-Brenda D. Holloman to Spring Ridge Properties Corp., $240,000.

STAPLETON TERR., 5090-Bonnie Oswald to Karen Tate, $264,900.

STILLWATER CT., 7186-Jose A. and Miriam Medrano to Mary Lou Davis and Dennis B. Troup, $410,400.

STRATFORD WAY, 819-H-Susan L. Harrison to Judy Smith, $172,000.

SUGARBUSH CIR., 532-Kimberlee Armstrong to Jennifer and Edward Maher, $271,000.

SUMNER DR., 2039-Richard D. Grubb to Daniel Soller, $315,000.

TEAL LOOP, 6601-Kirk D. and Pamela A. Ainsworth to Tapasi Panigrahi and Rajanikant Rath, $410,000.

VIEW POINT CT., 6408-Thomas E. Weadon to Linda L. and Joseph A. Daniele, $286,000.

WESTCOTT CIR., 5507-Richard Douglas Price Jr. to Isabel De Juan Jocher, $310,000.

WOODRUFF WAY, 1709-Michael E. and Mattea M. Hartlove to Vani Kesava Subramanian and Venkataganesh Thoppae, $325,000.

SIXTH ST. E., 107-Duane E. Browning to Jason Kray, $135,000.

Frederick City-

Adamstown Village Area

BEAR DEN RD., 2250, No. 107-Tuscarora Condominium Co. to Elizabeth M. and Randall J. Redmond, $213,952.

BEAR DEN RD., 2250, No. 112-Tuscarora Condominium Co. to Janice B. and Larry W. Seaman, $293,199.

BEAR DEN RD., 2250, No. 113-Tuscarora Condominium Co. to Pil Hee and Chul Soo Chung, $264,325.

BEAR DEN RD., 2250, No. 208-Tuscarora Condominium Co. to Mary M. and Anthony G. Chuckerel, $281,188.

Ijamsville Area

CARRIAGE HILL DR., 3824-Main Street Homes at Urbana Corp. to Maria Vargas, $656,190.

GREEN VALLEY RD., 3419-Arthur L. and Grace E. Lawson to James W. Southam and Michael L. Gentel, $1.25 million.

LINDSEY CT., 3059-Ronald F. and Cari L. Dadd to Marcia Witt and Mark Sullivan, $650,000.

SUGARLOAF PKWY., 3862-Parkwood Homes Ltd. to Diane and Thomas G. Walker, $601,747.

Jefferson Area

ELLA CT., 5109-Kenneth B. Clark to Heather K. Rybak and Christopher D. Weaver, $426,900.

NEWINGTON RD., 4635-Carl M. and Marguerite C. Koch to Elizabeth A. and David X. Menendez, $435,000.

SHADYWOOD DR., 3860, No. 2-D-Larry E. Remsburg to Roxanne M. Shifflett, $185,000.

Knoxville Area

SOUTH MOUNTAIN RD., 3636-Joseph W. Henry Jr., trustee, to Hugh Scott Kellogg, $700,000.

TRITAPOE DR., 618-Mark H. and Karin Z. Murphy to Lakshmi Hima Bindu Jakka and Srikanth Immaneni, $198,000.

TRITAPOE DR., 808-Trudy A. and Carl T. Coleman to Karen E. Murphy, $130,000.

Middletown Area

BIDLE RD., 2401-Rylea Homes Inc. to Etelvina and Jose Gaitan, $554,900.

BIDLE RD., 2405-Rylea Homes Inc. to Candace A. and David R. Minnick, $664,900.

HOLLOW CREEK CIR., 16-Bharat Jain to Bonnie L. and Andrew P. Kelsey, $690,000.

MANSFIELD CT., 8584-Willis P. and Roxann Davis to D. Sharon and Whitson Fowler III, $430,000.

ONYX CT., 4405-Kathy L. and James M. Spinks to Jennifer G. and Jamie S. Anderson, $329,900.

PIN OAK DR., 7311-Kathleen A. and Gregory McGuirk to Heather Price Smith, $375,000.

Monrovia Area

MID COUNTY CT., 4792-James D. and Brenda W. Bird to Patricia M. and Matthew J. Engel, $525,000.

ROSEWOOD RD., 3928-Glenn and Donna Huntington to Theresa A. and Lawrence B. Murphy, $399,900.

Mount Airy Area

COMMODORE CT., 6640-Kimberly S. and Raymond D. Wesley to Kelli J. Goetz, $316,000.

COUNTRY CLUB RD., 11012-Kettler Forline Homes at Westwinds to Claudine S. and Michael K. O'Byrne, $768,778.

DOLLY HYDE RD., 7641-Henry A. Jr. and Juliet E. Ciccarone to Patti and John Spicer, $377,000.

FOUR SEASONS CT., 13466-Michael F. and Angela K. Penn to Lorraine E. and David W. James, $512,000.

FOX MEADOWS CIR., 10396-Brad and Tara M. Richards to Jessica J. and Jason S. Hawes, $429,900.

FOXWOOD CROSSING, 5741-Richard Ratcliff to Lorraine M. and Michael Sullivan, $477,500.

HUCKLEBERRY WAY, 6135-Francis J. and Adeline M. Mannarino to Kathleen and Efrain Betancourt, $429,900.

LAKERIDGE EAST RD., 6641-David A. Clark to David A. McFadden, $482,900.

LIME PLANT RD., 11838-Andrew M. and Jennifer L. Bernstein to Jennifer and Kevin Hurd, $435,000.

LOMAR TERR., 4101-Joseph C. and Janice McNally to Gina and Sami Mustafa, $615,000.

MAPLE CT., 12995-Dean P. Sullivan to Wanda Joyce Kimble Sullivan, $319,800.

MOXLEY ST., 201-John W. Cherry III to Fidelicia Hernandez, $287,000.

PLAINVIEW AVE., 104-Charles D. McVey to Kari E. Stroup and Donald Ray Colson Jr., $240,000.

SANANDREW DR., 11054-Tousa Homes Inc. to Jamie F. and Howard G. Wetrogan, $556,108.

SILVER FERN DR., 14002-Elmer L. and Elizabeth J. Mockabee to Gwendolyn and Christopher Lombardi, $449,900.

WARFIELD DR. N., 708-Mary B. and Stephen M. Howe to Mary C. Cindric, $425,000.

WOODCREST CT., 6822-Beazer Homes Corp. to Debra A. and Daniel M. Burke, $441,778.

WOODCREST RD., 6828-Beazer Homes Corp. to Valerie L. and John W. Blythe Jr., $423,790.

WOODRIDGE RD., 6712-Sergey Kleyman to Donna and Joseph Kerner, $142,000.

WOODRIDGE RD., 6735-Walter F. and Lucy Morton to Jill C. and Matthew K. Decoursey, $559,900.

WOODRISE RD., 6886-Beazer Homes Corp. to Regina R. and Christopher J. Weller, $467,149.

Myersville Area

DOG RD., 2715-Stuart J. and Cheryl Feldsott to Janet and Paul L. Maxim, $362,000.

FLINTRIDGE DR., 2763-Jacqueline K. Goldstein to Edgar H. McVoy, $475,000.

WOLFSVILLE RD., 10848-Ruth M. and Ronald E. Wachtel to Vickers Inc., $180,000.

New Market-

Lake Linganore Area

JOSEPH CT., 5600-Brian Roosa to Daniel Timothy Pekala, $285,000.

Thurmont Area

JIMTOWN RD., 13937-John S. and Sandra A. Laughton to Michelle A. and James R. Jewell, $409,900.

KELBAUGH RD., 16174-Rose and Theodore R. Ridenour to Steven L. Ridenour, $80,000.

Union Bridge-

Libertytown Area

GOOD INTENT RD., 13435-Glenda A. and Richard V. Etzler to Brett Richard Etzler, $245,000.

Urbana Area

BIERSTADT CT., 101-Ausherman Homes Inc. to Amy E. and Shane M. Sievers, $547,650.

BIERSTADT CT., 103-Ausherman Homes Inc. to Brenda L. Albaugh and Brent Allen Ferree Jr., $537,325.

EMERSON DR., 2530-Ausherman Homes Inc. to Alexander K. Boadi, $352,650.

EMERSON DR., 2534-Ausherman Homes Inc. to Catherine Alexander and Santhaprabha Appavoo, $348,525.

PAXTON TERR., 2109-Young Lim Kim to Ji Hye and Sang Uk Kang, $380,000.

SINGLETON PL., 9424-Robert J. and Liana M. Whelan to Lily B. Gutierrez and Juan Carlos Salcedo Rosario, $389,900.

WARD PL., 9506-Keikhosrow Dorost to Audio Visual Leasing Inc., $395,000.

WILLIAMS DR., 8406-Roy McDaniel Ferrish to Corinne and Michael Peckham, $450,000.

Walkersville Area

CAPRICORN RD., 128-Washington Homes of Maryland to Sair Ali, $396,927.

DUBLIN RD., 10733-Edward D. and Leann F. Wachter to Melissa A. and Larry G. Jarvis Jr., $290,000.

FREDERICK ST., 33-Frank M. Jr. and Linda M. Abrecht to Tina M. and Jeffrey A. Abrecht, $275,000.

MAPLE AVE., 47-F. and I. Buyse Stockmans to T. and J.A. Heaney, $276,000.