Fairfax County

The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit www.washingtonpost.com/realestate.

Alexandria-Belle View Area

BURTONWOOD DR., 7204-Mark S. Koster and Katharine R. Mountcastle to Joseph J. McCarthy and Mary Tiemann, $1.25 million.

CAVALIER DR., 6510-Kevin P. and Kimberly McDermott to Harold Hancock and Elizabeth Maurer, $461,000.

DUKE DR., 6925-Ronald W. and Vicki L. Gibson to Nelson Rodriguez, $495,000.

KENYON DR., 6824-J.L. Edwards to Bertha Gonzales De Araoz and Juan Araoz, $353,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

AUSTIN AVE., 3607-Phuong T. Pierson to Kieu Linh Tran, $500,000.

BOLD LION LANE, 7813-Jaime C. Chai to Jay H. Dick and Charles R. Salvetti, $539,000.

CURTIER DR., 6002, No. E-Loretta J. Barrett to Jeffrey A. Suttell and Rebecca L. Lentz, $355,000.

DORSET DR., 6607-Alfred E. Walker to Lorenzo G. Coplin and Raquel L. Arias, $427,000.

FIELDHURST CT., 7035-Tracy A. Amos to Tina M. Donbeck and Katherine A. Stover, $531,000.

GOVERNORS POND CIR., 5768-Thomas D. and Tanya S. Clark to Dwight S. and Judith A. Hughes, $690,000.

GOVERNORS VIEW LANE, 5809-John S. Morgan to Carolyn J.O. Malley, $835,000.

HICKMAN TER., 6586-Michael I. and Tabitha S. Byrd to Jorge A. and Rocsana Palomo, $625,000.

HIGH VALLEY LANE, 6621-Jay H. Dick and Charles R. Salvetti to Cameron H. Hardy, $390,000.

LAYNE ESTATES CT., 5506-Lisa V. and Gregory D. Scalzo to Azieb Tekle, $840,000.

ORDSALL ST., 6707-Robert S. and Melissa C. Jones to Michael Stollenwerk and Andrea De Gatica, $662,000.

PARKLEIGH WAY, 7401-Jay L. and Erica R. Stewart to Brian P. Burns, $425,000.

PICOT RD., 4611-Elias G. Mekonnen and Yewebdar Tadesse to Criselda Pena and Edys Conteras, $507,000.

RIDGE VIEW DR., 5905-Geremew Geresu and Mekoya Liben to Asefa and Christine H. Gabriel, $602,000.

SNUG HARBOR CT., 7110-Samuel Camacho and Molina Marina to Michele Holman, $479,900.

SULLIVAN WAY, 6707-Rana Housien to Abdul Hafiz Khan, $625,000.

WOODSIDE RD., 3428-John W. and Patricia N. Getter to Eric Johnson and Tina Sphar, $725,000.

Annandale Area

DEGROFF CT., 7151-Rajinder Singh to Solmaz and Engin Celik, $631,000.

DOWNING ST., 4101-Cheryl A. Wooden and Deborah A. Bobbitt to Peter G. Blizniak, $725,000.

HERKIMER ST., 4901-Dung M. Nguyen to Van Nguyen and Trinh T. Tran, $475,000.

HILLCREST LANE, 3806-Marcia M. Cathey to Abraham McAllister and Serena Chan, $850,000.

IVYDALE DR., 3805-Julia Rodenburg to Joseph D. Pham and Mai Q. Nguyen, $570,000.

IVYMOUNT CT., 4360, No. 28-Christopher F. Horan to Cedric Mustafa and Rodica Tache, $220,000.

LAUNCELOT WAY, 3515-Deborah D. and Joseph C. Scott to Timothy D. Smith, $618,550.

Baileys Crossroads Area

LAKEWOOD DR., 6372-Catherine Hassinger to Peter Galgano, $420,000.

RIO DR., 3245, No. 108-Hae Seung and Ihn A. Chang to Fouad Fillali, $275,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5501, No. 1013S-Aida M. Negron to Indu Dhanjal, $271,000.

Burke Area

BRIDGETOWN CT., 5972, No. 108-Lei Wang and Shang Zhang to Shady Bou Akl, $387,000.

BROKEN OAK PL., 9176, No. 66A-Michael L. Brazelton to Jason S. Goldman, $300,000.

KLIMT CT., 9716-Hans and Barbara A.M. Duerr to Michael W. and Melissa S. Raeder, $745,000.

MARSHALL POND RD., 10171-Robert P. and Sharon E. Kane to Fausto Cabrera and Armida Araujo, $619,900.

MERSEA CT., 5422-Jeffrey D. Gromada to Charles J. and Geraldine M. Spencer, $495,000.

MEYERS LANDING CT., 6042-Michael C. Lane to Khatira Teresa Alvarez and Alvaro J. Gamarra, $400,000.

PINE CROSSING LANE, 5207-Woon S. Kim to Jae Y. and Misung Chong Kim, $815,000.

STEAMBOAT LANDNG LANE, 10209-David B. and Sue A. Bradshaw to Frank W. and Mary C. Spence, $659,000.

SUNSET WOODS CT., 6708-Vinesh and Jaya Vonteru to Jonathan Y. Way, $465,000.

VEERING LANE, 7023-William R. and Carolyn H. Sugg to Shelley P. Turner, $650,000.

Centreville Area

AUTUMN CIR., 14137-Mark S. and Nichole D. Schumacher to Dave Demeny, $381,000.

BASINGSTOKE LOOP, 14775-Tessa L. Kerns to Rachel Day, $291,000.

BATTERY RIDGE LANE, 14618-Fernanda Reyes to John M. Meehan and Kelly J. Kight, $416,000.

BIG YANKEE LANE, 13959-Cheryle J. Arnold to Dwight Branch, $385,000.

BRASS BUTTON CT., 6414-Raymond L. and Nancy P. Killgore to J. Fabian Amador, $435,000.

GRAY VALLEY CT., 13460-William and Kim Johnson to Moon Y. Choi, $1 million.

GRISBY HOUSE CT., 5942-Melody H. and Mark E. Paschetag to Linus H. and Janet R. Brandt, $335,000.

KENTWELL CIR., 15424-Norman J. and Joy R. Worrell to David M. and Lee A. Bergman, $1.125 million.

LA PETITE PL., 6474-Paul C. Jun to Betty L. and Alice A. Farves, $733,000.

LIERMAN CIR., 5672-Beazer Homes . to Danny C. and Deborah C. Taglienti, $735,473.

MEHERRIN DR., 15471-Richard C. and Linda L. Jarman to Jeffrey A. Dixon and Kristin M. Colangelo, $745,000.

STILLFIELD PL., 15099-Susanna C. Lawson to Timothy and Catherine Deely, $699,000.

STILSBY CT., 14517-Robert Walter and Patricia M. Bodenstein to Won Hyo Cho, $376,000.

VIRGINIA INFANTRY RD., 14705-John R. and Laura J. Kenyon to James E. Darby, $686,100.

WATER POND CT., 13941-Duong T. Vo and Lien K. Ma to Guillermo R. Flores, $400,000.

WETHERBURN DR., 15159-James R. and Victoria J. Sheahan to Kenneth J. and Deborah A. Bergstrom, $835,000.

WINDING RIDGE LANE, 13927-Jorge Vasquez and Mirtha Miranda to Luis Suarez, $400,000.

WINTERFIELD DR., 14657-Rosemary A. Segar to Andrew Goon, $389,999.

WOOD LILLY LANE, 13469-Bradley A. Seipel to Bum Jung and Hyeon Joo Lee, $650,000.

WOODFIELD DR., 5156-John D. Allison and Stefani M. Adkins to Thomas Sung and Hye Won Chang, $510,000.

Chantilly Area

BEECH DOWN DR., 3620-Laurence G. and Pia Marie McGinnis to Robert B. and Michele V. Sullivan, $690,000.

EAGLE CHASE CIR., 14067-John R. and Jamie M. Scoggin to Joseph M. and Lisa R. Lowe, $799,900.

NORRIS CT., 4602-Kwang S. and Jennie A. Ko to Anita Crawford Murphy and Slade Murphy, $499,900.

PRESGRAVES CT., 4145-Sang Kook Jung to Min Ho and Eun Ji Kim, $585,000.

Clifton Area

COMPTON HEIGHTS CIR., 6836-Kenneth P. and Patricia A. Stulik to Khalid and Farishta Ahmad, $720,000.

LAUREL ROCK DR., 13785-Lee and Cindy Wilbur to Xinyuan Wang and Ning Li, $679,900.

NEWBY HALL CT., 6901-Mark G. and Lavonne M. Dimitroff to Christopher T. and Carol G. Anderson, $1.065 million.

SIERRA DR., 13520-Somawathie Saunders to Tho T. Truong, $405,000.

STONEHUNT WAY, 6302-Edward C. Rozelle to Eric M. and Veronica A. Shields, $646,000.

UNION VILLAGE CIR., 13633-Horace L. and Gwendolyn W. Rose to Scott D. Bargas and Donna L. Fairbrother, $659,000.

Fairfax City Area

ARLINGTON BLVD., 9314-Gordon and Rosemary Duncan to Albert Norman Ayoub, $410,000.

BLACK OAK DR., 5405-Michael C. and Mary L. Blanchard to Peace and Joyce Ahn, $670,000.

CARRIAGEPARK RD., 4926-Seung H. and Sun O. Lee to Hasan Naghmi, $440,000.

CHESTNUT KNOLLS DR., 9343-Michael D. Pratt to Timothy C. and Laura Risinger, $599,900.

EASTWOOD CT., 4409-Marie W. Tomlinson to Abner and Martha E. Prophett, $710,000.

ELAND CT., 4914-Valerie F. Phail to John F. and Jennifer F. Kurtz, $565,000.

FIELDWOOD DR., 10809-James K. Edmundson to Joseph and Lisa R. Molofsky, $750,000.

FOUNTAINSIDE LANE, 4132, No. 103-Sarah E. Tedeschi to Ulku Kaya, $370,000.

GAGNE CT., 5131-Robert E. and Valeri J. Matthews to Michael D. McCarty and Patricia A. Froyo McCarty, $870,000.

HOLLINGER AVE., 13323-David W. and Tara M. Vick to Hussein Abdelaziz, $480,800.

HONEY BROOK CT., 5408-Carolyn P. Vicinus to Gregory J. Kava and Nermeen N. Michael, $665,000.

PLATTEN DR., 3035-George Tran and Yi Ching Liou to Dung Ngoc Vo, $832,500.

POINT PLEASANT DR., 12836-Ethel E. Dwork to Alberto Gomez, $400,000.

PROSPERITY AVE., 3754-Guy B. and Helene W. Roberts to Charles Swisher and Melissa R. Stoddard, $865,000.

ROYAL WOLF PL., 12562-Steven C. Daly to Wendy Rogers, $617,000.

SHIRLEY GATE CT., 11406-Minh V. Dang to Muhammad Asad and Naureen Siddiqi, $839,000.

SLEEPY LAKE CT., 12301-Ki Taek and Catherine Y. Huh to Seong In Kyu, $480,000.

STANHOPE PL., 10821-Paul H. Harpin to Paul N. and Deborah D. Cannon, $585,000.

STEVENS BATTLE LANE, 4306-Michael R. Moyer to John M. and Emily T. Meadows, $460,000.

STRINGFELLOW CT., 3510-Lorenzo R. and Kim R. Savage to Alan J. Wood and Janet Ahn Shearer, $699,000.

SUBTLE LANE, 2838-Ronald G. and Robin D. Brooks to Steven P. Schmidt and Anita L. Riddle, $960,000.

TIMBER LOG WAY, 4166-Ann Nichols Seline and Susan C. Stefano to Preston T. Parrish and Amanda G. Noblett, $445,000.

TWINBROOK RD., 4509-Edward P. Williams to John R. and Maria T. Stewart, $649,900.

VALLEY RIDGE DR., 3948-Timothy W. McGraw and Suzanne Del Gizzo to Ahmet H. and Dilek Kirca, $475,000.

WERTHERS CT., 4040-Lori N. Childers to John Ristaino, $564,000.

WORCESTER DR., 4240-Charles L. White to James B. and Angela F. Sizemore, $586,000.

Fairfax Station Area

BURNT OAK DR., 9602-Craig P. and Sandra A. Decampli to George K. Saba, $700,000.

CHASE GLEN CIR., 8620-John H. and Karen A. Heinz to Jason P.K. and Robin Renager, $805,000.

CHINN HOUSE DR., 11288-Harry L. Dorsey to Steven C. and Deanna Q. Daly, $855,000.

COGSWELL PL., 10708-Charles R. McCreery to Jay A. and Evelyn W. Bradley, $725,000.

HANRAHAN PL., 4717-Daryoush Nejadian to Nizamu U. Ahmed, $540,000.

MAKELY DR., 6044-David H. and Martha A. Heggestad to Wendy W. Thompson, $810,000.

ROBERT CARTER RD., 11124-Ray O. and Joan I. Johnson to Catherine H. and William R. Haley, $862,500.

ROLLING RIDGE DR., 9729-David C. and Stephanie S. Ralston to Michael L. and Patricia Brown, $895,333.

SILVER POINTE WAY, 9113-Paul B. and Robin Kennedy to Robert Oehrlein, $650,000.

SILVERLINE DR., 8217-William and Patricia A. Sullivan to John C. and Ann Noulis, $889,998.

Falls Church Area

CAMP ALGER AVE., 7519-Walter Palencia to Vera A. Barrera, $630,000.

LINDEN LANE, 2907-Judy N. Hook to Derek P. and Deanna K. Toman, $635,000.

POPLAR CT., 7327-Martin and Randle Emmrich to Joseph G. and Eileen R. Cosby, $510,000.

QUINCY AVE., 7219-Freddy Zamorano to Carlos Mendoza, $500,000.

RAYMOND CT., 2834-Heather J. Gardner to Diane C. Malcom, $440,000.

SUMMERFIELD RD., 2834-Edward P. and Ruth M. Grogan to Epifanio Argote, $549,999.

WELCOME DR., 2741-Gary R. and Fern M. Hernberg to Patricia Anaya and Santos Heredia, $613,000.

YANCEY DR., 7955-Samer Alshantir and Huda Abushar to Thuy N. Ngo, $569,000.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

GILSON ST., 1746-John Charles Moresko to Faik Sen, $535,000.

HAYCOCK RD., 7021, No. H-Carl W. Shepherd to Mary E. Kuntz, $598,000.

HILLSMAN ST., 2682-Salvatore and Dianne Parisi to Bin Duan and Xiao Ying Xiong, $855,000.

LEE LANDING CT., 2817-Karen L. Mason to Sung Sim Yang, $383,000.

LEELAND DR., 2216-John J. and Ruth H. Smith to Tamara Lynn and Jeremy Ryan Freeman, $570,000.

MAGARITY RD., 7731-Gerard T. Lynott to Sheila G. Cheatham, $588,000.

WHITESTONE HILL CT., 2375-William W. Nutter and Joan E. Bullard to Tudan and Cideng Liushar, $1.015 million.

Fort Belvoir Area

FOREPOND CT., 6982-Wesley L. and Marlene C. McClellan to Lac Dang, $660,000.

Fort Hunt Area

FORT HUNT RD., 8823-Valerie L. Bond to John F. Cassidy and Anita J. Feidler, $699,000.

HERBERT SPRINGS RD., 827-F. Douglas and Caroline B. Smith to James F. and Alice G. Coakley, $3.5 million.

LONDONDERRY RD., 2510-Stephanie Wilson to Douglas Benson and Karen Douglas, $637,000.

WEST BOULEVARD DR., 8014-Robert D. Browing to William E. Schuiling,


Great Falls Area

NALLS DAIRY CT., 561-Sang H. and Sanghee E. Kim to Kamran and Soheila Hashemi, $1.39 million.

WYNKOOP DR., 10712-Mark A. and Theresa B. Yarish to Michael L. Snitman and Tambra Riggs, $1 million.

Herndon Area

ALABAMA DR., 711-Kent Warren Munn to Luis A. Melgar, $485,000.

AUTUMN HILL CT., 3228-Wayne C. and Tanya Garland to Jennifer L. and Fred E. Gorter, $660,000.

BLUEMONT CT., 1409-Steven E. Angelo and Elizabeth M. McCall to Walter and Karen M. Ordonez, $416,510.

BRIGHTFIELD LANE, 13509-Stacy M. Jennings to Richard C. and Lise L. Greenfield, $625,000.

CALKINS RD., 2740-Serge H. and Carolyn S. Etienne to Cheryl Brown, $707,000.

CEDAR RUN LANE, 13644-Maryam Shoobiri to Devesh and Ruchi Gupta, $610,000.

ELEVATION LANE, 13419-Jaclyn L. Neham to Yolanda Gonzalez, $440,000.

FOREST HEIGHTS CT., 11810-Clinch Road Associates to Steven M. and Kerry A. Toole, $1.309 million.

GRANITE WOOD CT., 2792-Thomas S. and Kathryn A. Lyon to Danut and Florentina Sandru, $625,000.

HORTON HILL RD., 2664-James H. and Gail I. Hale to Robert W. and Kimberly A. Hodes, $575,000.

KINROSS CIR., 3234-Jun Shi and Lijuan Wang to Aaron and Myriam Braun, $590,350.

METHVEN CT., 1074-Mou Mei Fu to Steve Shuangjian and Jin Jiang Chen, $975,000.

MISTY DAWN DR., 13301-Vanitha and Vishal Khera to Morteza and Javad Banaei, $548,250.

MONROE ST., 909-Christopher T. and Susan B. Oliver to Rafaela and Marvin Hernandez, $770,000.

MOTHER WELL CT., 2931-Patrick K. and Susan S. Maloney to Lee and Lorraine Nguonly, $865,000.

PEMBROOK CT., 510-Timothy K. and Reiko O. Bovee to Frank M. Puckett, $415,000.

PETER JEFFERSON LANE, 2543-Robyn D. Casey to Quang Dang and Dung T. Ho,


PREUIT PL., 13370-Juan A. Perez and Maria C. Nunez to Gladys Luz Acevedo, $350,000.

VIKING DR., 2707-Steven Edward and Judith R. Bracht to William D. Leith, $585,000.

VIRGINIA AVE., 484-Maria Olivia to Mauricio A. Dubon, $397,400.

Huntington Area

FARMINGTON DR., 2614-James G. and Julie K. Smith to Daniel J. Murphy, $403,000.

FORT DR., 2306-Lawrence E. and Marlita L. Simpson to Roger Gomez, $400,000.

FORT FARNSWORTH RD., 2622, No. 216-Jimmy P.W. Chan to Hamed Kabiri, $264,000.

TOWANDA RD., 3903-James E. and Eve E. McGovern to Edgar N. and Sandra Lemus, $502,000.

Hybla Valley Area

AUDUBON MEADOW WAY, 7686-Jeffrey N. Strahan to Michael R. and Cindy L. Ford, $647,000.

HOLLAND RD., 8038-Mirza M. and Razia S. Jamil to Mushtaq Ahmed, $860,000.

MIDDAY LANE, 7863-Gary W. and Jennell P. Charles to Patrick W. and Carol A. Scally, $690,000.

TOLLIVER ST., 7104-Brendan D. and Jessica Kelly to Henry and Paula Perkins, $345,000.

Lincolnia Area

PARRAMORE DR., 6359-John A. and Sandra J. Phelps to Martha Choque, $600,000.

TARTAN VISTA DR., 6557-Muriel B. Stewart to William L. Peters, $532,000.

YOSEMITE DR., 6201-Thinh and Nhi Nguyen to Vang Ngoc and Linh Gia Nguyen, $562,000.

EIGHTH CIR., 6345-Luis G. and Bonnie L.G. Gonzalez to Carlos Portillo and Maria Ventura, $410,000.

SEVENTH ST., 6305-Nancy L. Smith to Vijayalakshmi Vellayan and Arvind Nair, $612,250.

Lorton Area

BIRCH BAY CIR., 8972-Mohammad Talib to Ara Mafil, $760,000.

DORCEY PL., 11391-Linwood D. Howard to John C. and Kathleen M. Gurnee, $1.2 million.

ENOCHS DR., 8534-Tami F. Turner to Salameh Halim, $432,000.

FALLSWOOD WAY, 7623-Thomas M. and Synthia Leninger to Jamil and Shakil Ahmed, $490,000.

FUREY RD., 9048-Nam Wookhyun to Myung Jun and Sang Sook Kim, $770,000.

GUNSTON COMMONS WAY, 8212-Noorhan and Abdul B. Rashidi to Kyong T. Yoo, $620,000.

McLean Area

ALHAMBRA CT., 6433-William D. and Sandra C. Wester to Tiffany A. White, $950,000.

BLUE STAR DR., 6911-Frederic C. Slingluff to Andrew W. and Diane J. Pittman, $700,000.

BROOK RD., 8824-Clair D. Mayer to Farshad Shahparast and Mahnaz Hooshmand, $1.13 million.

ELIZABETH DR., 7004-Myung S. and Kyu S. Kim to Kevin S. and Myong J. Lee, $860,000.

ELNIDO DR., 6518-Beverly Esmailaraghi to Francisco Daniel and Maria Del Rocio Sainz, $734,000.

FOXHALL RD., 1912-Christopher T. and M. Cathleen Mark to Nevin M. Katz, $705,000.

GREENSBORO DR., 8340, No. 212-Michael J. and Paulette Hamberger to Lawrence E. Gladieux, $600,000.

HAMPTON HILL CIR., 1506-Richard H. Levine to C. Irvin and Christine McClelland, $1.099 million.

HAZEL LANE, 6643-Andrew J. and Jean M. Sommovigo to Joseph F. and Marianne P. Polito, $899,000.

INGLESIDE AVE., 1112-Robert S. Lotstein and Kristin S. Huffman to Gary W. and Lisa Pruessing, $2.5 million.

INTERNATIONAL DR., 1645, No. 411-Christopher E. Norris to Ivan T. Jackson, $450,000.

KENNEDY DR., 1956, No. T1-Christina E. Hess to Michael A. Picard, $345,600.

KIRBY RD., 1338-Gabriel Nossovitch to Lorey A. and Brenda L. Hoffman, $2.1 million.

LINCOLN WAY, 1530, No. 204A-Nalini Srinivasagam to Wieslaw and Izabella Kargol, $310,000.

MATTHEW MILLS RD., 7114-Nelle W.T. Brown to Robert F. Dacey and Lauri S. Castillo, $925,000.

MAUGH RD., 6610-James W. and Judith M. Moses to Joo Mee Kim and W. David Wallace, $1.583 million.

OLD DOMINION DR., 9012-Anne L. Fitzpatrick to Roger L. and Kara Campbell, $1.35 million.

SADDLEBACK CT., 914-Jean Claude and Christine K. Reck Laboudigue to Kevin C. and Stacie C. Steinke, $1.15 million.

SPENCER RD., 973-Richard M. Millman and Kathleen M. Haggerty to Deborah Vanvechten, $1.75 million.

TREMAYNE PL., 7720, No. 302-Anna M. Miller to Michelle A. Miller, $350,000.

WELLER AVE., 8328-Stephen Benowitz and Marilyn Campbell to Michael A. and Morgan W. Holtman, $1.375 million.

YOUNGBLOOD ST., 1820-J.E. Leach to Sean M. Casey and Shannon L. Stedt, $515,000.

Mount Vernon Area

BROCKHAM DR., 8353-James and Dorothy Smith to Carlos Alvarado and Sayra Cruz, $350,000.

SOUTHLAWN CT., 8552-Linda K. Bennett to June Ricard, $350,000.

WALUTES CIR., 8722-John Willemin to Daniel D. Liang, $235,000.

WOODHUE PL., 3948, No. 18-Jorge and Ana C. Barrientos to Jacobo Hernandez, $250,000.

North Springfield Area

BRADDOCK RD., 6807-Eugenia Rodriguez to Jorge Claros Perez, $510,500.

BULLOCK LANE, 8119-Brian D. Feikema to Katherine X. and Ly T. Moore, $461,000.

LARRLYN DR., 7104-Joseph H. and Michelle E. Turner to Thu Nga Nguyen, $614,000.

YORKSHIRE ST., 5519-Mark J. and Donna Sullivan to Richard K. and Samantha Bohn, $596,000.

Oakton Area

BLAKE LANE, 10201-James L. Beller to Gregoria C. and Edward D. Garcia, $449,900.

WILSON AVE., 2964-Barbara K. Smither to Keykhosrow and Shirin Salehi, $625,000.

Reston Area

DAYFLOWER CT., 10804-Edmund M. and Jennifer P. Crump to Michael G. and Colleen S. McLain, $725,500.

DRY RIVER CT., 11712-Charles H. Stange to Brett Richard and Kimberly Marie Tobin, $475,000.

HERITAGE OAK CT., 11429-Leon and Nancy Chatelain to Azadeh Kokabi, $655,000.

HUNTERS RUN DR., 2230-Debra Ventimiglia to Lisa M. Stokes, $359,900.

INSHA CT., 12015-Frederick A. and Peggy C. Becker to Daniel M. Summer, $425,000.

IVY BUSH CT., 11528-Kathryn Witucki to Brian C. and Theresa Blase, $406,000.

LAKE SHORE CREST DR., 1724, No. 32-Glenn E. Barber to Peter Battikha and Vanessa D. Snowden, $385,900.

LINKS DR., 11526-John G. and Carol A. Steele to Adam L. Salassi, $499,000.

MAPLE RIDGE RD., 11513-David A. and Elaine N. Bess to Michael W. Smith, $515,000.

PENNY ROYAL LANE, 2521-L. John and Margaret L. Hoover to Jon C. and Tara Murray, $749,900.

SUNDANCE CT., 12101-Frances R. Harmatuk to Fatemeh Pasban, $375,900.

TALIESIN PL., 12000, No. 13-Daniel A. Dovell to Romeo C. and Sylvia A. Garcia, $375,000.

TIMBERHEAD CT., 11155-David B. Lawson to Jonathan S. and Kathleen O. Lockwood, $800,000.

WHISPER WAY, 2137-Claire E. Tanner to Paola Quiroz Hasson, $326,000.

WILD HAWTHORN WAY, 1263-Jose M. and Ingrid C. Badia to Amira Hannawi Lewis, $590,000.

WINTERPORT CL., 1966-Karen S. Reeves to Kimberly Marshall, $445,000.

Seven Corners Area

BARGER DR., 3415-Jonathan J. Newlander to Hewitt Relocation Services Inc., $745,000.

CASTLE RD., 3036-William J. and Esther B. Breedlove to Donald E. Norwood, $563,000.

CHERYL DR., 6238-Robert E. Rolls and Thomas H. Blake to Stephen W. and Stephanie Weber, $599,000.

FEDERAL HILL DR., 3049-Michael K. Fowler to Maria J. Santos, $579,000.

Springfield Area

ABILENE ST., 6312-James E. and Bonnie S. Moore to Neftali M. Reyes, $455,000.

BEACHWAY LANE, 9205-Emil E. and Pamela C. Spillman to Jaime and Sandra Maldonado, $690,000.

BYEFORDE CT., 7303-Pablo and Aura Lopez to Jose Rodriguez and Narcisa Briones, $420,000.

CARMELA CIR., 8475-Moses A. Hausien to Nabila Sarwar, $518,000.

CHERRY OAK CT., 9529-William L. Roberts to Aldo Elguera, $416,000.

DEERCREEK PL., 8110-James and Goldie Gutmann to Michael P. and Sherri L. Connolly, $850,000.

HIBBLING AVE., 6205-John C. and Suzanne M. O'Keefe to Jose Y. Palma, $505,000.

JUNE ST., 7518-Michael A. and Constance C. Adams to Ly and Tuyet Tran, $491,100.

LAZY CREEK CT., 8498-Ryan M. Davis to Roman Princess, $266,900.

LEVI CT., 6298-Donald A. Hoying and Diane J. Reed to Linda M. and Kenneth W. Bullock, $524,950.

MINERAL SPRING CT., 7602-Sang A. and Ok K. Chung to Don Van and Emerlyn Nguyen, $580,000.

MOUNTAIN ASH DR., 8914-Douglas D. and Everdel Bullock to Michael S. and Jina P. Lee, $825,000.

NEWINGTON FOREST CT., 8554-Rogarciano and Lourdes Florido to Nepthaly and Maritess Pita, $420,000.

PINTO PL., 6104-Benjamin F. and Gloria A. Abbott to Herbert D. and Kimberly D. Thacker, $500,000.

RESERVATION DR., 7409-Steven M. and Donna L. Cunningham to Catalino Urias and Reina Alfaro, $560,000.

TERRA GRANDE AVE., 8220-Max A. and Alice S. Harball to Martha Ramos, $595,000.

THOMAS DR., 6105-Paul R. and Lisa G. Schultz Palmer to Javier and Rosa C. Benavides, $540,000.

TURLOCK RD., 7770-Ronald J. and Patricia A. Slakie to Ken J. and Donna Kroupa,


VALLEYFIELD DR., 7923-Andrea M. Solomon to Joe D. and Anita G. Dunaway, $519,000.

WALNUT KNOLL DR., 7309-Fred R. and Nancy L. Nelson to Asmaa Jamal Ashqar, $623,000.

WESTHAVEN LANE, 6500-Mohammad M. Traish to Jose F. Hernandez, $495,000.

Vienna Area

ABBOTSFORD DR., 1914-Russell G. and Eileen Dowe to Nutan Bhasin Chada and Trevor John Parker, $801,210.

CENTERBORO DR., 2765, No. 166-Marquis at Vienna Station to David W. Kreiling, $451,900.

CENTERBORO DR., 2791, No. 472-Leela Singh to Pawan Kumar Bajpai, $569,000.

CHARNITA CT., 1612-John S. and Lynn Locke to James and Dana Lees, $842,000.

CRICKLEWOOD CT., 9121-John L. and Zona M. Deweerdt to Feng Mao and Rong Wei, $800,000.

GERKEN AVE., 2235-Aaron B. Donatello and Rachel A. Zachary to David E. and Ligaya Heagy, $830,000.

GLENGYLE DR., 2649, No. 82-Samana Krisanathevin to Sun Hong Bell, $377,600.

JEFFERSONIAN CT., 8505-Hossein and Mahnaz Ghannadi to Abbas Atash Sobh, $700,000.

JERRY LANE NW, 603-James G. and Ann H. Buckley to Amanda L. Hogan Dixon and Steven R. Dixon, $602,510.

KRAMER CT., 904-Andrew W. and Diane J. Pittman to Scarleth Araoz, $715,000.

LARKMEADE DR., 1724-James H. Cox to Karen J. Newman, $750,000.

PALM SPRINGS DR., 1598-Richard H. and Diane Gomez to Ernest William Wagner and Anna Lueje, $1.3 million.

PARK TERR. CT. SE, 214, No. 84-Renzo M. Aida to Christopher A. Gall, $329,000.

QUARTET CIR., 1830-Michael and Jennifer Cassidy to Cary C. Kisner and Coleen E. McGrath Kisner, $699,000.

STONE HOLLOW DR., 2779-Joseph R. and Karen S. Meisenheimer to Reza Shahmirazadi, $466,600.

SUTTON GREEN CT., 9636-Lynda S. Webster to Eva C. Kang, $527,000.

TIMBER LANE SW, 912-Charles G. and Amy L. Mann to Deborah E. and Daniel L. Gardner, $585,000.

TROTT AVE., 2310-James H. and Diane H. Ferguson to Scott and Yolanda Wartenberg, $635,000.

WILLIAMS AVE., 2301-Chun C. Shu and Mei H. Shih to Hamid Pourshojae and Hengameh Mesbahi, $1.75 million.

Vienna-Dunn Loring Area

FOURTH PL., 2316-Robert D. and Tonya R. Benson to Stephen P. and Susan O. Horneman, $950,000.

West Springfield Area

BLARNEY STONE DR., 9089-Allison L. Mechalske to Christian and Fabiola Mayer, $410,000.

BROMPTON ST., 7831-David E. and Linda G. Linderman to Raymond Joseph Smith, $525,000.

PAINTED DAISY DR., 7838-Frank P. and Regina J. Zmorzenski to Anthony G. Cook, $500,000.

RESECA LANE, 8622-D. Ross Whitlow to Jose F. and Yanguas Bonilla, $565,000.

TRILLIUM LANE, 6915-Wade H. and Dolores M. Pollard to Elias Mekonnen and Yewebdar Tadesse, $775,000.

WAINFLEET CT., 6421-Lisa B. Joyner to Colleen G. Steel, $528,000.

WESTBURY OAKS CT., 6618-Barry G. and Laura E. Clapsaddle to Tien M. Ngo, $433,000.

Fairfax City

The following sales were recently recorded in Fairfax City. The information was supplied to The Washington Post by the city's Real Estate Assessment Office. This list is published at least twice a month in the Fairfax Extra.

BRADWATER ST., 3872-Mandy G. and Robert A. Book to L. John, $405,000.

BRECKINRIDGE LANE, 10448-Kelly and Kevin M. Fitzpatrick to Adelle McIlroy and Andrew Elia, $670,000.

COUNTRY HILL DR, 3506-Mark Victor Mullen and Mary Jane Pickering to Donna and James R. Shell II, $605,000.

DEVILWOOD CT., 3610-A. and C. Whitechurch to Cheryl Greenway, $685,000.

LAMARRE DR., 4205-Milton R. Ninde to Suzanne Fleury, $485,000.

MARILTA CT., 10918-John W. Phipps to John Ayele, $572,000.

MOSBY WOODS DR., 10171, No. 201-Lucas A. Paredes to Kristine D. Fisk, $272,000.

SAGER AVE., 10213-Heather and Ari I. Tuckman to Suzanne F. Hughes and Robert J. Kalmin, $495,500.

SCHOOL ST., 10533-Washington Homes Inc. to Sami Ayish, $753,427.

STRATFORD AVE., 10210-Robert Frederick Farley to Sharon L. Terrazas, $500,000.

WARWICK AVE., 10832-Young Gon Chon to Tracy L. and Roberto O. Calizon, $467,500.

WOODLAND DR., 4029-Michael S. Webb to Lexidia Aguilar and Consuelo D. Tesorero, $507,000.