While Southern Marylanders were preparing last week for Thanksgiving, the Lone Wolf Documentary Group, a film production company from Portland, Maine, was in Historic St. Mary's City making a film about the Pilgrims and the Mayflower for the History Channel.

The movie focuses on the Pilgrims' lives before the first Thanksgiving -- their futile search for a home on the European continent, their decision to come to the New World, and what happened after they landed.

A number of local residents participated in the shoot as on-screen Pilgrims, sailors and townspeople and behind the scenes, sewing, catering and managing production details.

Scenes were filmed on the Maryland Dove and in the re-created 17th-century buildings in Historic St. Mary's City, all of which stood in for settings in England, Holland and Massachusetts.

The film is scheduled to be shown on the History Channel next November.

Producer Yoram Astrakhan, center, checks the camera angle as actor Keith Bartlett runs through his lines for a movie about the Pilgrims filmed last week in Historic St. Mary's City. Below, Cyndie Boehm touches up Bartlett's makeup for a scene that would be filmed in the Old State House.