The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Accokeek Area

BEECHDALE CT., 112-Herma J. Hightower to Sharnika R. Kelly, $1.13 million.

MAPLE DR., 15313-Sarah A. Nuckley to Lawanna and John Ewing Jr., $315,000.

MEDINAH RIDGE RD., 2400-Antonio R. and Crystal Kilpatrick to Maria Melgar and Edwin Castro, $595,000.

Adelphi Area

CHAPMAN RD., 2511-Vilma and Valentin Chi Fuentes to Norma A. Turcios and Miguel Rivera, $300,000.

FLANDERS DR., 6513-Reyna Saravia to Maria L. and Julio Hernandez, $350,000.

LANGLEY WAY, 1703-Franklin and Ilda Rivera to Cynthia Tejeda and Rafael Mendez, $360,000.

LEWISDALE DR., 2415-Matias I. Escobar to Wilfredo Santeliz Rivera, $260,000.

RIGGS RD., 7977-Cybele General Partnership to Monica Deori and Charles Rego, $150,000.

TUCKAHOE LANE, 9210-Nicole K. Raines, trustee, to Miguel A. Flores, $415,000.

17TH AVE., 8208-Maria A. Cruz and Nelson A. Ferman to Jose D. Martinez, $382,100.

Beltsville Area

BROAD BLVD., 4513-Margarita and Guillermo Sanchez to Vincent L. Abell, $157,000.

BROKEN BOW CT., 11343-Edith M. Henry to Nojim F. and Ganiat Aruna, $276,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11326, No. 203-II-N-Paul F. Gomez to Ramesh Gundu, $127,000.

HARFORD AVE., 4923-Kerry P. and Starla R. Collins to Kala and Edwin Joseph, $425,000.

MONTGOMERY RD., 10705-Carol L. and William J. Miller to Steve Jaggernath, $345,000.

MONTGOMERY RD., 11507-Bernice J. and Herman O. Lubbes to Edwin L.S. Perez, $298,900.

ROMLON ST., 4417-Abraham M. Myles to Kevin Myles, $120,000.

RUNNING BEAR CT., 11413-Michael Agyare to Francis Kessie, $270,000.

STANMORE DR., 7706-William D. Ford to Patricia M. Glover, $570,505.

Bladensburg Area

EMERSON ST., 6011, No. 716-Edna J. and Willie L. Andrews to Juliana Fasusi, $53,000.

56TH AVE., 4210-Annie F. Watson to Jose R. Espinoza, $290,000.

Bowie Area

AGATHA TERR., 15901-Gwendolyn and Cornelius P. Lacour to Ronald T. Evans, $479,000.

ANNAPOLIS RD., 15412-Deborah Curtis to Kim Barnes, $222,500.

BOOTH BAY WAY, 11323-Rita and Tarun Mathur to Yigebahal Mulugeta, $261,000.

BRYANT CT., 8707-Younus and Yasmine I. Chaudhry to Shanay C. and Lindsy K. Wheeler, $489,900.

CRUTCHFIELD AVE., 13202-Kenneth J. and Susan G. Sturek to Telisa R. and Aaron D. Combs, $412,000.

DEEPWOOD CT., 4624-Serge H. Deutou to Elizabeth Smith, $255,000.

EASTHAM CT., 16215-Patrice D. and Melvin H. Battle to Shaya Knox and Ian Samuel, $343,000.

EASTHAVEN CT., 15825-Brooke Larman to Lamont Spruill, $221,000.

EDENWOOD DR., 16106-Susan J. Potter to Charles Olawole, $310,000.

EVES CT., 16402-Abby and William R. Schneider to Deborah A. Atkinson, $349,000.

EXCALIBUR CT., 3714, No. 202-Jermaine L. Bailey to Cheryl Goodwin, $237,000.

FAIR LANE, 2608-Donna E. Horrom to Maria Perez, $310,134.

FLAMINGO LANE, 12322-Sylvia and Sherman Krasney to Monica Lucero, $317,000.

FOXHILL LANE, 12208-Quang Nguyen and Amanda Morgan to Zina D. Hernandez, $369,000.

GLADYS RETREAT CIR., 12602, No. 86-Rocky Gorge at Fairwood Corp. to Susan M. Wallace, $403,137.

GLADYS RETREAT CIR., 12604, No. 85-Rocky Gorge at Fairwood Corp. to Tamara Cort and Dwayne Sam, $385,084.

GLADYS RETREAT CIR., 12606, No. 84-Rocky Gorge at Fairwood Corp. to Krystal and Patricia E. Donald, $404,881.

GOTHIC LANE, 6117-Carolyn Austin Diggs to Sylvester T. Youlo, $370,000.

GRASON LANE, 11920-Franklin T. Jr. and S. Costello to Jovonsia M. and Eugene C. Taylor, $505,000.

GUARDIAN CT., 14101-Marie D. and Bruce G. Berkey to Ismael Martinez, $514,809.

KILLIAN LANE, 12611-Richard W. O'Brien and Sandra L. to Franya and Chaun Cook, $348,500.

KINGSLEY LANE, 2616-Martin O. and Louise C. Milrod to Beth A. and Timothy A. Scholze, $334,900.

LONDON LANE, 14570-Jung L. and Young H. Sohn to Charlotte Nelson Francis, $290,500.

LONDON LANE, 14769-Sheriff Drammeh to Carolyn T. Adams, $220,000.

LYNNS RETREAT DR., 5200, No. 137-Rocky Gorge at Fairwood Corp. to Cleo V. Millender, $451,049.

LYNNS RETREAT DR., 5204, No. 139-Rocky Gorge at Fairwood Corp. to Toni L. Turner, $373,097.

MAIDEN DR., 11003-Michael W. and Maria Masten to B. Joshua Browne and Kelli V. Peterson, $331,750.

MITCHELLVILLE RD., 2340-Aaron D. Jones to Lapreea Gary, $226,000.

NEW COACH LANE, 3103-Robert W. and Lisa D. Platt to Carlene A. and Floyd L. Freeman, $350,000.

NEW COACH LANE, 3203-Cyril and Andrea Amann to Elizabeth D. and Gary Somerset Jr., $345,000.

NEW OAK LANE, 3006-Tammy E. and Jason D. Peterson to Osinachi Nwaneri, $255,000.

NORWEGIAN CT., 15530-Rebecca S. Weaver to Monica L. Christofaro, $270,000.

OXFORD CT., 16211-John M. and Louisa M. Venhaus to Lisa Frueh and Edward Kurydla, $500,000.

POINTER RIDGE DR., 16112-Ulysses Redd to Yasmin and Francisco Martinez, $325,000.

POND MEADOW LANE, 16112-Jack J. Nuckols to Sara and William Stallworth, $339,900.

PRESSWICK LANE, 15806-Elfrieda M. Walter to David and Tasha Davis, $310,000.

QUARTERBACK CT., 12332-Darrel Morrison to Michele C. Bartley, $355,000.

QUILL POINT DR., 8012-Rose C. Kornegay to Abid Saleem, $370,000.

RIVER VALLEY WAY, 4807, No. 130-James E. Gray Jr. to Olalekan O. Akodu, $197,000.

SADDLE RIVER DR., 4301-Lisa and Tony Kim to Kwabena Manful, $590,000.

TRADE ROW, 12728, No. 47-Goodier Builders at the Choice to Lee and Denise Greene, $362,500.

TRAYMORE LANE, 3028-Tami E. Lei and Nicholas R. Cicale to Sebastiao R. Neto, $300,000.

VICTORIA HEIGHTS DR., 13026-Walter B. and Velma Dorsey to Cynthia T. Whatley, $359,900.

Brandywine Area

BADEN WESTWOOD RD., 14000-Woodmeade Homes Inc. to Oscar A. Nolasco, $299,900.

CHESTNUT OAK LANE, 13800-Oral S. and Sandra V. Cephas to Annie L. and David Lindsey, $867,000.

ELMWOOD DR., 12003-NVR Inc. to Lavett L. and Marvin D. Parker, $508,400.

FLORAL PARK RD., 3201-Clifford C. and Beverly J. Blend to Blake C. Cooper, $189,900.

GRAYDEN LANE, 8135-NVR Inc. to Andrew A. Mohan, $440,145.

GRAYDEN LANE, 8144-NVR Inc. to Oluwatoyin and Joseph D. Adams Jr., $474,249.

MEADOW WOOD LANE, 21511-Emma H. and David C. Boswell to Middleton Homes Inc., $135,000.

MOORES RD., 7111-Margaret I. Miller to Dalton R. Jones, $299,000.

Brentwood Area

MONROE ST., 4325-LAFA Inc. to Lesley A. Beard, $279,000.

34TH ST., 4531-Nelson H. and Ana D. Franco to Cruz A. Moreno and Miguel Vigil, $350,000.

40TH AVE., 3414-George Basiliko to Banana Enterprises Inc., $195,000.

40TH ST., 4112-Ebenezer Abiona to Francisco Garcia and Salvador Romero, $300,000.

Capitol Heights Area

ADDISON RD., 5101-Roberto L. Brooks to Natasha Akingbade, $187,000.

ALABASTER CT., 808-Mark A. Johnson to Karen P. Tilghman, $257,000.

BIRCHLEAF AVE., 605-Legacy Funding Corp. to Annette Garrett, $170,000.

BIRCHLEAF AVE., 615-Latara A. and T.C. Miller to Ayodotun A. Akingbade, $178,000.

BOOKER DR., 801-Mojisola A. Davis to Omonike Scott, $185,000.

BURGUNDY ST., 5813-Otis Crisp to Michael B. White, $55,000.

BYERS ST., 4203-Harrison B. and Mary Anthony to Simon D. Reed and Simon Reed Jr., $240,000.

CEDAR HEIGHTS DR., 807-Lyle Barksdale to Reginald A. and Felicia D. Taylor, $265,500.

FOOTE ST., 6314-Devonna D. and Reginald N. Pea to Steven L. Jones, $117,000.

HIGHVIEW DR., 1008-Ronald L.B. and Donald L. Crampton to Julia M. Simmons, $155,000.

HOLLY SPRINGS DR. N., 5816, No. 1-3-Johnniece N. Geter to Barbara C. Liverette, $190,000.

LEROY GORHAM DR., 4903-Veronica Martin to Engel Leatham, $176,000.

LORTON AVE., 1515-Daniel Wilson to Valerie N. and Edward C. Tolson Jr., $200,000.

MORNINGTON PL., 1106-Tonya D. Walker to Teresa Townsend, $223,000.

RONALD RD., 6547-Denise R. and Mahdee Sabir to Chuter Coerbell, $220,000.

SEAT PLEASANT DR., 6314-Senine W. Stroughter to Linda V. Ford, $158,000.

WALKER MILL RD., 5803-Beharry Investments Inc. to Michael M. and Shirnita Thomas, $265,000.

61ST AVE., 919-Rick L. and Gail N. Lee to Tarinna N. and William R. Terrell Jr., $285,000.

62ND PL., 610-Juanita B. Pea to Eric Tomasi, $140,000.

68TH ST., 502-Iris Y. Cuchillas to Judith C. Richards, $141,200.

Cheltenham Area

MARLBORO WOODS DR., 10320-Sandra Y. and Ronald N. Boston Sr. to A. Watkins, $392,000.

WESTWOOD DR., 11001-Scott E. Bakka to Cecil K. Barrett, $323,010.

Cheverly-Landover Area

ALLENDALE DR., 7529-Lisa V. Barnes to Constance Morgan, $155,000.

BELLEVIEW AVE., 2330-Tammie E. Davis to Pamela and Hector C. Aguiniga, $265,000.

BELLEVIEW AVE., 3317-Robert M. Hoffman to Joseph C. and Allison M. Pickard, $330,000.

CHEVERLY AVE., 2707-Lisa L. and Andrew E. Lincoln to Catherine C. McNamee, $350,000.

GREENLEAF RD., 7619-John F. and Mary E. Holley to Edith and Samuel Alfaro, $125,000.

HILL RD., 406-Felix Cruz to Yekini A. Sani, $322,000.

INWOOD ST. E., 7110-Erick R. Burgos to Carlos Gonzalez and Wilfredo Lemus, $194,000.

JEFFERSON ST., 4805-Ligali A. and Risikat G. Gazal to Matilde D. and Martir O. Rubio, $340,000.

MERRICK LANE, 7717-Tasha R. Lincoln to Janelle Crumb, $170,000.

NADINE CT., 900-Meriam Sellers Haynes to Mbayo Ahmadu, $215,900.

PARK WAY, 2419-R. Kennedy and Mary M. Skipton to Leonard G. Muhammad, $315,000.

ROOSEVELT AVE., 1514-Claudina J. Gibbs to Patricia Linares and Vilma Quijada, $190,000.

RYDERWOOD CT., 1848-Deshanda D. Ganus to Jose Rodriquez, $149,000.

63RD AVE., 3700-James R. Billings to Edwin Escamilla, $325,000.

Clinton Area

BIRCHVIEW DR., 12305-Jason M. Smith to Karen B. Davis, $280,000.

DANGERFIELD RD., 8504-Timothy and Scott Lucas Lawson to Terri J. and Troy L. Dixon, $125,000.

DENNISON DR., 6205-Iquo J. Williams to Brandon Turner, $535,000.

DUNNIGAN DR., 6909-Cynthia McFall to Larry Holmes, $308,000.

FISHERMENS CT., 5630-Clarence M. Buford to Kelly Y. Jackson, $295,000.

GWYNNDALE DR., 9656-Nathaniel F. and Cynthia Davis to Eric Smaw and Chamlong Muntrat, $288,000.

JERVIS ST., 12903-Lucas E. Caruana to Trinia R. and Marc A. Fitzgerald, $435,000.

JOHNSAM RD., 8108-VDB Inc. to Jaleel H. and Tracy L. Davis, $112,750.

JORDAN LANE, 7200-Maurice C. and Barbara Wright to Mary L. and Rodney Gatlin, $355,000.

KAINE DR., 6212-Pamela P. and Thomas Moore to Iniece E. Holt, $276,500.

MARY CATHERINE DR., 11822-Troy C. and Kiea W. Banks to Ann and Victor English, $575,000.

NEW ASCOT CT., 9105-Yul D. Campbell to Marichu Placides, $380,000.

SALIMA ST., 5301-Cynthia Greene to Lory Rodriguez, $280,900.

SARAKAL RD., 7902-Leslie A. and George D. Murphy Jr. to Florencio Ferufino, $273,000.

SERENADE CIR., 7322-Nicole T. and Tremayne J.W. Belle to Minita K. and Gladys K. Moniba, $325,000.

STREAM VALLEY LANE, 9406-Ronald S. and Fannie J. Boyd to Yan Y. Yang and Ming Jiang, $557,000.

SURRATTS RD., 6701-Twanna P. Shi and John D. Clark to Laurentine R. George, $245,900.

THRIFT RD., 10308-Marcelo W. Rivas to Blanca E. Martinez, $306,000.

WINDBROOK DR., 12900-Vincent E. and Bhagnatee M. Young to Jose R. and Ana D. Portillo, $430,000.

College Park Area

CALVERT RD., 4604-Nancy L. Kennedy to Nelly and Boris Zusin, $354,000.

DUKE ST., 3424-Donald L. and Iris W. Scott to Patricia A. and Kevin L. Colabucci, $390,000.

GERONIMO ST., 5007-Jimmy E. Duncan to Maureen Malone, $343,000.

GUILFORD RD., 4704-Kevin Latner to Steven F. Hill, $442,500.

HARTWICK RD., 4330, No. 518-Jeanne W. and Daniel C. Cashman to KCM Corp., $185,000.

LACKAWANNA ST., 5300-Sandra and Luis Portillo to Maria M. Ventura, $325,000.

METZEROTT RD., 4101-Nelly and Boris Zusin to Dessire L. Oladotun, $350,000.

OSAGE ST., 4804-Hoa N. Truong to Quay Dong, $380,000.

PATRICIA CT., 8815-Dee C. and William Newman to James M. Donley, $388,250.

POTOMAC AVE., 8516-Michael A.K. Potter to Tamara Sadowski, $315,000.

SWARTHMORE DR., 5820-Tomika W. and Thomas J. Kanditi to Claudia Castro, $376,000.

48TH AVE., 8125, No. 510-Andre and Christina Barlow to Sophie A. and Allan W. Laird, $258,000.

53RD AVE., 9706-Alicia M. and Jennifer A.F. Deeny to Jennifer A.S. and Sven C. Moller, $307,500.

District Heights Area

BRETON DR., 2306-Olakunle Ashaye to Angel Square Inc., $112,000.

CEDAR POST DR., 6029-Kirsten I. Johnson to John W. Bennett III, $220,000.

CHERYL LANE, 5810-Ladorsa J. and Larry M. Porter to Jose M. Castro Romero, $230,000.

DONNELL PL., 7254, No. A-4-Thomas L. Glover to Gertrude N. Umstead, $45,000.

EDFELDT DR., 2712-Vesta Inc. to Renita and Earl Genous, $205,000.

GATEWAY BLVD., 7005-Christal L. Bailey to Dionne R. Murphy, $220,000.

HALLECK ST., 6403-Sandra J. and Caldwell B. Bowman to Anderson T. Bray Jr., $173,000.

HALLECK ST., 7004-Carrie Agbenyeke to Marcia S. Graham, $242,500.

HIL-MAR DR., 5107-Ethelyn R. and Clifton D. Redd to Sean Thomas, $250,000.

HIL-MAR DR., 5143-W. Alfred Williams to Dalerie C. and Carl E. Williams, $200,000.

KAREN BLVD., 1562-Mildred C. McFerrin to Rebecca and Chris Sundberg, $175,000.

MILLTOWN CT., 6700-Lakeesha Brown to James Whisonant, $135,000.

OLD SILVER HILL RD., 6005-Malik Waleed to Lloyd E. Pope, $175,000.

PHELPS AVE., 2601-Linda D. Jefferson to Roylene Gomillion, $245,000.

RITCHIE RD., 2308-Kelley S. and Darryl K. McGuire to Rayifou Alabi, $231,500.

STONEY MEADOW DR., 5415-Sandra R. Fitzgerald to Monica Taylor, $245,000.

SUNVALLEY TERR., 6324-Roland A. Carter to Gregory C. Millard, $232,000.

WALTERS LANE, 3809-Cheryl R. Tandia to Ella Strother, $269,000.

Fort Washington Area

ALLENTOWN RD., 8310-John and Toshiko Asaka to Leslie R. and Randolph A. Stoddard, $263,000.

ARTHUR DR. E., 17-Dante E. and Regina Cross to Emelia R. Zelaya and Elvin Moreno, $308,000.

BERWICK CIR., 12800-Alicia B. and John R. Bryant Jr. to Pedro Magana, $420,000.

CENTENNIAL DR., 1028-Wanda Mims to Ayanna Thomas and Bobby Smoot, $325,000.

COLFAX DR., 13318-Saundra L. and Joseph D. Bivins to Carmen R. Mercado, $299,000.

COLONEL SEWARD DR., 8515-NVR Inc. to Willie L. Melson, $639,705.

COOPER DR., 9105-Israel A. Hernandez to Maria De Romero and Carmen R. Moreno, $275,000.

DEN MEADE AVE., 7908-Grover C. and Jo Ann Britton to Gloria and Harris Bright, $325,000.

DEVON HILLS DR., 8624-Phyllicia R. Moten to Eusebio A. Serwit, $197,000.

ENTWOOD CT., 6415-Lovanda M. and Ivelaw D. Christie to Florence Watkins, $135,000.

EPPING AVE., 7604-Charles R. and Teresa M. Hardeman to Kevin and Anakia Walker, $285,000.

EVERHART PL., 5822-Andrea and Faith Maloney to William L. Brooks, $240,000.

FIRTH OF TAE DR., 12220-Krause Design and Construction Inc. to Mary P. Thomas, $815,000.

FORT FOOTE RD., 9637-James A. Jr. and Mary P. Proctor to Iris G. and Gerald A. Thomas, $130,000.

GABLE CT., 12602-Leonard and Hattie B. Hart to Christopher and Thomy Mararac, $360,000.

GLADE DR., 7509-Wade and Rodney Dowdle to Teresa Neely, $279,900.

GOSPORT CT., 2904-Shawna M. Purvis to Jesus A. Palma, $310,000.

GRANGE HALL DR., 7509-Patricia D. and Carl E. Cross Sr. to Myrtle M. Heade, $257,000.

JACQUELINE DR., 9505-Kathleen Vickery to Angela M. Ivey, $310,000.

LANHAM LANE, 7306-Mary T. and Robert J. Anderson to Old Branch Properties Corp., $135,000.

LOUGHRAN RD., 9123-John M. and Rise G. Schnizlein to Ivan L. and Amilcar Funes, $385,000.

MAJOR KING LANE, 307-McDaniels Homes at Potomac Ridge to Wayne Richardson, $180,000.

MELISA DR., 2817-Washington Homes Inc. to Carlette and John R. Makins Jr., $471,230.

PALMER RD., 1802-Ernestine and Edward Walden to Palmer Road Corp., $285,000.

PALMER ST., 9002-Miriam Kanu and Munda K. Banya to Jose A.S. Rivera, $294,000.

PARKTON ST., 12219-Demone A. Dewalt to Miguel and Gregorio Garcia, $340,000.

POTOMAC RIDGE DR., 209-NVR Inc. to Gertrude D. and Joseph A. Queen, $571,900.

RED COAT PL., 539-Louis E. Thornton Jr. to Allan R. Bella, $179,000.

REDFORD DR., 1505-Acie E. Burkes to Cedro Limited, $194,821.

ST. IGNATIUS DR., 6300, No. 202-Ernestine M. Elliott to Latonya Nichols and Unit 202, $180,000.

THISTLEWOOD DR., 2001-Harold and Cecilia Thomas to Reginald L. Pace and Leisa A. Coles, $585,000.

Glenn Dale Area

FACCHINA PL., 11610-Jan M. Carroll to Marcia A. and Michael A. Taylor, $545,000.

WINGATE DR., 7914-Diane M. and Steven G. Snow to Oyekemi Akanbi, $570,000.

WOOD POINTE DR., 6404-Owen G. and Mercy E. Whyte to Annie and Ned Peake, $520,000.

WORRELL AVE., 10038-Golden Star Corp. to Marie S. and Ilfaut Datis, $359,000.

Greenbelt Area

CANNING TERR., 8405-Nudo Family Trust to Clarisse and D. Kendall Repass, $305,000.

GREEN CRESCENT CT., 6808-Catherine A. Lynch to Andy Okhuereigbe, $570,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8455, No. 202-Helen Brooks to Terri M. Taylor, $170,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8685, No. T-1-Mona E. Felder to Tamara Horsey, $130,000.

GREENBURY DR., 7926-Amon A. Martin III to Barry Lake, $480,000.

LAKECREST DR., 7938-Delise M. Cousins to Leda Lorenzo Jayne, $198,000.

MANDAN RD., 8013, No. 525-Edward A. McKelvey to Rose M. Wimbush, $190,000.

Hyattsville Area

EMERSON ST., 4103-Ireis Corp. to Elizabeth Arnold, $313,000.

43RD AVE., 6217-Timothy C. Stanceu to P.J. and Melanie Fiore, $335,000.

52ND AVE., 5007-Humberto Salazar Torres to Juan F. Rivera, $300,000.

Lanham Area

BARKER PL., 5405-Maria L. Martinez to Mayra E. Campos and Alex Fuentes, $320,000.

DUBARRY AVE., 9302-Gladis M. Rey and Benjamin Vega to Yudis M. Reyes Ventura, $396,000.

EVERLEY TERR., 10224-Ralph Jr. and Farah F. Cook to Garry and Lisa D. Allen, $690,000.

FINNS LANE, 7612-Kishane Davis to Josiah N. Ukaegbu, $180,000.

GOOD LUCK RD., 8508-Chianugonum C. Okocha to Ignacio Escobar Echeveria, $380,000.

LAMONT DR., 6706-Sonia R. and Gevan R. Makle to Jorge Martinez, $350,000.

LANHAM STATION RD., 5617-Paulette Y. and Curtis L. Jones to Lasonya Neal, $283,000.

LINDLEY CT., 10001-Sandra Y. and A.J. Stewart to Anita B. Prah, $600,000.

NASHVILLE CT., 7010-Roy L. and Joy H. Blaylock to Dorys P. and Carlos M. Lizama, $358,000.

PALAMAR TURN, 7071-Angela J. Gillespie to Judith Davidson, $285,000.

PRESLEY RD., 7141-Serena A. Wyckoff to Michael D. and Ann S. Herman, $350,000.

STORCH DR., 10303-Pamela J. and Ronald D. Depas to Kathy Y. Rice, $305,000.

UNDERWOOD ST., 9503-Everett V. Pope to Michael Hunter, $170,000.

WALNUT AVE., 5727-Joseph P. McMahon to Westpoint Corp., $20,000.

WOOD STREAM DR., 6811-Daisy Ligons to Olayinka Ayeni, $340,000.

EIGHTH ST., 9120-James E. Thompson to Virgilio R. and Nenita C. Mandapat, $299,000.

Largo Area

CASTLETON DR., 54-Harold D. Dawkins to David W. and Annette S. Tolson, $350,000.

CASTLEWOOD PL., 607-Wilma F. and Robert H. Johnson Jr. to Gloria Smith, $315,000.

CINNAMON TEAL WAY, 1721-Bowie IV Corp. to Grace O. and Omotayo Oriowo, $497,900.

CLEMATIS CT., 11502-Washington Homes Inc. to Charlene T. Brown, $474,949.

CRANAPPLE CT., 9903-Nakia N. and Wesley C. Graves to Eric R. Scott, $285,000.

GALESHEAD DR., 2504-NVR Inc. to Sandra and Norman L. Riendeau, $794,622.

GOLDEN EYE CT., 1402-Tyrone R. Lindsey Jr. to Erica M. and Dannie D. Ellis, $555,000.

HEXHAM TERR., 15611-NVR Inc. to Renita and Travis Fergerson, $590,850.

HUMBERSIDE WAY, 15606-NVR Inc. to Rosemarie and James Poole, $663,520.

IDAHO PL., 10104-Norma Ruffin to Theresa L. Long, $552,887.

PERTH AMBOY CT., 116-Sophia E. Beckford to Temitope Abass, $310,000.

TOWN CENTER CIR., 8911, No.111-Dorothy C. Coleman to Mamie Moore, $155,000.

TOWN CENTER CIR., 8951-L-Linda Young to Felicia C. Brooks Gadson, $205,000.

TYROL DR., 3609-Sandra and Blancho Drummond Jr. to Vivian R. England, $265,000.

WATER FOWL WAY, 13803-Ronald and Terri Wilson to Veronica B. and Anthomy D. Lansey, $545,900.

Laurel Area

CARLETON CT., 6602-Cassandra M. and Delano Ruffin to Kwang B. and Sung H. Sunwoo, $399,000.

DORSET RD., 16048-Anita and Gilbert J. Nicholson Sr. to Evelyn Manful, $330,000.

DOVE CIR., 12178-Oluwabukunol Ogungbade to Emmanuel T. Aduayi, $230,000.

EXBURY LANE, 14714-Leanna L. Nic and Janet K. Essmann to Prabhjot Batra, $557,000.

FOREST MILL LANE, 6409-Barbara E. and Jeffrey L. Rein to Walter Linares, $411,000.

HOLGER CT., 5806-Jee R. Wilson to Jessica L. Proctor, $604,000.

KILLBARRON DR., 7808-NVR Inc. to Justin U. Harris, $815,650.

LONDONDERRY CT., 8124-Ann A. Vanlare to Henry Mason, $289,000.

MAPLE ST., 8309-Oakcrest Corp. to Christie Ademiluyi, $525,000.

MCCAHILL DR., 6500-Cathy E. Graham to Jose L. Lemus, $387,000.

MILL CREEK CT., 7203-Monica Dorsey to Jerry J. Mathins, $250,000.

MOUNT PLEASANT DR., 12305-Cindy L. and Mark A. Haag to Thomas C. Schmidt, $400,000.

OXFORD DR., 14211-Felicite T. and Henry Stanley to Abou and Bahima Coulibaly, $333,000.

SANDY ST., 6404-Mark A. and Dianne W. Lessman to Kelsie and John P. Bernot, $376,000.

SPINNAKER RD., 7808, No. 32-Andrew A. Spalding to Simon A. Holmes, $225,000.

VISTAS DR., 14034, No. 107B-Jasmine M. Mehta to Robert C. Watson, $170,000.

WESTMEATH DR., 14211-NVR Inc. to Phoebe and Lauren Matthews, $611,985.

WISS DR., 6008-Scott E. and Kim B. Henderson to Rebecca Geshelin, $411,000.

SIXTH ST., 401-Audrey W. and Arthur T. Duffield to Maria C. and Juan R. Romero Sr., $380,000.

Montpelier Area

APACHE TEARS CIR., 12243-Carmen L. and William R. Middleton to Surulola Fagbamila, $365,000.

BOVELDER DR., 8601-Sharon V. and Allen R. Dedrick to Haiyun Ratliff, $436,000.

CREEKVIEW DR., 9307-Grace S. and James Fischetti Sr. to Nancy A. Wiest, $421,000.

FARM POND RD., 9914-Richmond American Homes of Maryland to Obiageri and Marcel Nwadibia, $598,615.

GRAYSTONE LANE, 8704-Caren C. and Adam W. Smith to Howard E. Tucker Jr., $440,000.

IMPERIAL DR., 8509, No. III-Cedro Limited to Elizabeth T. Dtomgo, $265,000.

ORWOOD LANE, 8803-Lee S. and Allen L. Snyder to Ronie G. Loberto, $303,500.

OXWELL LANE, 8754-Holly M. Dahl to Tracie L. and John A. Lamirande, $415,000.

SILVERBIRCH LANE, 12600-Deborah and Clifton J. Porter II to Oswald N. Gilliam, $387,000.

TUSCANY DR., 11713-Dino S. Lutchman to Obinna C. Ibegwam, $398,000.

Mount Rainier Area

37TH ST., 3710-Alva C. and Frank R. Williams to John R. Potter, $166,400.

New Carrollton Area

FREDERICK RD., 7735-Samuel K. Adofo to Edgar M. Pastore, $262,000.

HARLAND ST., 5705-Margaret A. McCombs to Cedro Limited, $231,500.

KAREN ELAINE DR., 5542, No. 1515-Marcus J. Matthews to Katrina R. Mills, $85,000.

MACBETH ST., 5433-Vernell and Makesha Price to Oscar R. and Elsy M. Portillo, $195,000.

OSBORN RD., 6404-Edgar Julian to Robert Robinson, $290,000.

QUENTIN ST., 8329-Irmgard and Frank M. Borovatz to Remi Duyile, $260,000.

STANTON RD., 6614-Guadalupe and Mauricio Hernandez to Eduardo Gonzalez, $305,000.

65TH AVE., 3554, No. 7A-Image Development Corp. to Francisco A. Martinez, $169,489.

85TH AVE., 5440, No. 102-Jaime F. Alcazar to Roger Bell, $112,500.

Oxon Hill Area

ARAPAHOE DR., 5612-Jack G. and Linda J. Bannister to Jimeen A. and Terrence A. Doles, $310,000.

CAREYBROOK LANE, 216-Xuan and Cuc Nguyen to Minh D. Nguyen and Luan Bui, $465,000.

DUNWOODY AVE., 1501-Jennifer and Jerry Eades to Martin Gonzales, $240,000.

ELKHART ST., 1103-Tirrell E. Bush to Blanca M. and Oscar A. Marquez, $245,000.

HAMPTON DR., 600-Eric D. Hodges to Kimberly M. Parker, $175,000.

LIVINGSTON RD., 6049-Denise L. Holley to Edna A. Craddock, $225,000.

ROLPH DR., 134-David T. Bailey to Jaoquin Melendez, $275,000.

Riverdale Area

BEALE CIR., 6209-Cassandra Patterson to Eva C. Brown, $339,900.

PATTERSON ST., 6609-Elizabeth A. Andrews to Anita L. Harding Green, $165,000.

QUEENSBURY RD., 4813-Jennifer M. and John Ruby to Oscar and Johanna O. Rousseaux, $301,900.

SORA LANE, 5800-Darryl G. McCallum to Ebenezer Ekuban, $296,000.

63RD AVE., 5718-James R. Heslep to Fredy A. Joya, $210,000.

Suitland Area

APPLE ORCHARD LANE, 4231-Sheila T. Posey to Coretta A. Hinds, $175,000.

BOXWOOD DR., 6708-Margaret A. and Michael MacDonald to Daanish Hassan, $200,000.

BROMLEY AVE., 4714-Erwin J. and E. Dith Parks to Joyce and Leroy King, $109,179.

CLACTON AVE., 5168, No. 33-Eddie Nelson Jr. to Pandora and Alfred McFadden, $135,000.

COACH LANE, 3908-Vincent D. and Anne C. Palumbo to Tillie Frank and Jimmy Johnson, $135,000.

ENGLISH CT., 4723-Shannon J. Mason to Michele Jenifer, $275,000.

EWING AVE., 2312, No. 4-Kenda P. Foreman to Melvin Holmes Jr., $110,000.

FORT DR., 2619-Patricia E. Waldrop, trustee, to Amy Hammett, $155,000.

HOUSTON ST., 2003-Karen L. and Cora M. Smith to Patricia D. Ruth, $225,000.

HUDSON AVE., 4710-Robert L. Nelson Jr. to Peter Odagbodo, $200,000.

LACY AVE., 4604-4604 Lacy Avenue Corp. to Gregory D. Staton Jr., $208,000.

LADD RD., 6024-Mary E. Lew and Herbert S. Bradley to Verletter M. and Kristan D. Curry Sr., $225,000.

MAPLE RD., 4401-Marian P. Krampf to Joyce L. and Allen H. Timmons, $245,000.

PINE GROVE DR., 6608-Linda J. and Wayne M. Mussehl to Gwendolyn Hawkins, $199,900.

ST. BARNABAS RD., 3817-Willa and Wylie J. Kynard to Terrence McKinley, $91,000.

SWANN RD., 3809, No. T-3-Joyce A. Farmer to Stacey K. Makle and Adrienne T. Loftin, $54,293.

WYNGATE RD., 2211-Andrew L. Booze to George Cooper Jr., $160,000.

Temple Hills Area

BRINKLEY CT., 6308-Albert J. and Jacqueline C. Dobson to Bellie and Manly Tolentino, $353,000.

CHADWICK TERR., 2033-James E. Alston to Lesley Sedgwick, $185,000.

CHADWICK TERR., 2069-Ann E. Armstrong to Hanna and Temesgen Negussie, $205,000.

CHESTERFIELD DR., 5519-Judy A. and Roger L. Winblade to Ravi Mani, $255,000.

CHITA CT., 2008-Therese L. and Martin Philogene to Marcella F. Sandiford, $320,000.

DANVILLE DR., 4011-French M. and Genevieve E. Burke to Pamela and Norman Price, $350,000.

GIFFORD LANE, 6412-Marjorie H. and Marshall McCants to Leslie A. Haywood, $220,000.

IVERSON ST., 2842, No. 105-Jessena Briscoe to Christopher A. Jackson, $112,500.

JOYCE DR., 6310-Selena G. Hill to Lisa J. and Derek C. Cooper, $240,000.

LESLIE AVE., 3403-Derrick Felton to Anthony R. Burton, $235,000.

OXON RUN DR., 2307-Jessie Weaver Hunter to Carl L. Davis and Kay M. Grant, $268,000.

PATTON PL., 6406-Altona and Malcolm E. Harrell to Bernard Thompson, $335,000.

SPRINGWOOD DR., 5200-Noel R. and Stanley M. Reynolds to Tamika L. Steen, $240,000.

TAYLOR MANOR AVE., 6911-Helen E. and Harvey A. Naylor to Ruth A. Barrowcliff, $235,000.

23RD PL., 3918-Larry D. Baucum to Lisa C. Waters, $285,000.

24TH AVE., 3505-Doris A. Johnson to Zarin T. Jones, $265,000.

25TH AVE., 3916, No. 3916-Mellanie Lifsey to Innovative Real Estate Services Corp., $81,000.

26TH AVE., 3837-Sherrie A. Coles to Regina D. Blaine, $100,000.

29TH AVE., 3507-Inez D. Adams to Sharron A. Williams, $270,000.

University Park-

West Hyattsville Area

BRIDLE PATH LANE, 7107-Casandra and Glenn Crockwell to Dwayne L. Crowder, $350,000.

COLBURN TERR., 5017-Sara M. Castro to Dora Umana, $207,000.

COLLEGE HEIGHTS DR., 3906-Marjorie M. Miller to Maribeth and Paul Petit, $375,000.

MADISON PL., 3545-Maria C. and Juan R. Romero to Leocadia D. Salala, $111,900.

OAKDALE DR., 1118-Lillian E. and Walter R. Tucker to Rodney F. Washington, $235,000.

UNDERWOOD ST., 4012-Mori and Pesi M. Diane to Margaret F. and Michael Black, $415,000.

24TH PL., 6642-Norson L. and Ula L. White to Martha Orellana and David Moreno, $277,000.

32ND AVE., 5825-Sylvia J. and Robert E. Warwick to Cruz D. Castillo, $250,500.

37TH AVE., 5911-Sharon R. Qui and Carol A. Frazier to Sherman L. Taylor Sr., $313,000.

39TH AVE., 6007, No. 851-Heather Matt and Michael S. Hoppe to Sonia Ayala, $360,000.

Upper Marlboro Area

AMBERFIELD TERR., 13903-Warren D. Daniels to Marsha Gorham, $260,000.

BARENTON DR., 14206-Lynise D. and Michael A. Chandler to Sabrina Henderson, $305,000.

BIRDIE LANE, 10005-Laurita C. Onwumbiko to Paulson and Helina Esene, $605,000.

BISHOP CARROLL DR., 4606-Etta Johnson to Lorraine A. Clyburn, $281,000.

BISHOPMILL DR., 4109-Alfred Hagle and D. Martin to Bianca J. Garbutt, $300,000.

CARLENE DR., 13710-Adriane Allen to Deyonne and Renoldo Spivey, $450,000.

CHESTERBROOK CT., 9805-Rosalyn Barney to Modupe L. Taiyese, $435,000.

CHIP SHOT LANE, 12110-Patriot Homes Inc. to Rosa S. and Eluah C. Hargrove, $591,596.

CHURCHVILLE DR., 13805-Pamela J. Fingers to Barbara Thompson, $289,500.

CLEARWATER CT., 10301-Everett L. and Antonia M. Sesker to Theresa A. and Gerald V. Hall Jr., $525,000.

COLONEL CLAGETT CT., 14316, No. 320-Catherine Shifflett to Candi C. Waller, $255,000.

DARCY RD., 9142-Melanie F. Robinson to Ali Kheirandisl and Arianna Leone, $205,000.

DOWER HOUSE RD., 6712-Dower Ridge Corp. to Lucille A. and Kenneth E. Williams, $448,200.

GARNET DR., 10813-Sherri L. and Michael B. Davis to Lynise D. and Michael A. Chandler, $310,000.

GRANDHAVEN AVE., 9605-April D. and Franklin C. Cochran to Allyson Headen, $335,000.

GREEN TEE TURN, 12008-Vickie S. Kersey to Toya Thompson, $355,100.

HAMPSHIRE HALL CT., 14703-Ebony Carelock to Ramatulai Bah, $250,000.

HAVENWOOD CT., 5601-Gillian M. and Rudolph J. Tyrell to Shirley and William Berkeley, $261,000.

HINES CT., 9100-Washington Homes Inc. to Shanessa N. and Humphrey B. Palmer, $490,391.

LORD DUNBORE PL., 13438-Innovative Real Estate Services to Michael A. Grant, $159,900.

LORD FAIRFAX PL., 13944-Lariena and Robert S. Jackson to Yolanda McKelvy, $317,000.

LORD STERLING PL., 13594-Lory A. Rodriguez to Michelle L. Johnson, $147,500.

MATHEW CT., 8211-Darlene and Donald L. Bentley Jr. to Sidoine Djimbou, $321,000.

MOUNT LAUREL CT., 9605-Stephen J. and Erika Csicsek to Desundera L. and Roland M. Faison, $475,000.

MOUNT LUBENTIA CT., 657-Cherita D. Toulson to Taylor A. Sharp and Paul C. Harris, $232,001.

ORA LEA LANE, 1401-Thomas and Mariama Konteh to Simone Z. Cole and James K. Appiah, $460,000.

PRINCE PL., 10131, No. 302-Natasha L. Watts to Darnell Watts Jr., $105,000.

PRINCE PL., 10202, No. 2-201-Irvin H. Bromall to Angela Steele, $155,000.

PRINCE PL., 10243, No. 28-206-Shirley Allen to Carl V. Allen, $53,175.

PRINCE PL., 10247, No. 30-T-1-Carolyn T. and Scott R. Baker to United Property Holdings Corp., $140,000.

REVEREND EVERSFIELD CT., 4318-Michael A. Cross to Betty J. Rivers, $355,000.

RHODENDA AVE., 11205-Donald and Patricia A. Matthews to Ramesa Pitts, $350,000.

SHERRINGTON CT., 11304-Louise B. Castello to Carrie McClurkin, $326,000.

SHIELD DR., 9401-Angela F. and Daryl Coston to James W. Thomas, $400,000.

SPRING BRANCH DR., 14115-Brendan L. Fletcher to Miranda Mayo, $290,000.

THOMAS SIM LEE TERR., 5511-Kerry J. Mitchell to Leila and Afshin Abedi, $301,000.

WINNERS CIR., 13502-Glenn M. Kin and Michael D. Bolden to Richee L. Smith, $469,500.

WINSFORD AVE., 11109-Paul O. Edwards Sr. to Joyce Y. Bowman, $400,000.

WOODLAWN BLVD., 10504-Brenda B. and Daniel E. Howarth to Latasha Edwards, $300,000.


Lake Arbor Area

CHINABERRY CT., 1703-Patricia C. Taylor to Melissa K. Taylor, $330,000.

DOWNING CT., 1051-Evelyn D. Maye to Olukemi Ibikunle Olaniyi, $300,000.

GREENSPIRE WAY, 10018-Anthony B. Williams to James H. Murry Jr., $355,500.

HALLANDALE TERR., 12029-Joseph Acqua and Joana E. Oduro to Mabel I. Smith, $216,000.

LISLE DR., 708-Donelly J. Tobiere to Daniel N. Ndiki, $322,000.

PEBBLE BEACH DR., 1719-Kadiatu and Sheku Nabie to Cecilia E. Akunnakwe, $475,000.

WAESCHE DR., 11407-Jessie and Margaret E. Woody to Gerald Thompson and Lydia Hadley, $500,000.

WESTHAVEN DR., 909-Derrick S. Brown to Robert L. Jackson, $127,500.

WESTRIDGE DR., 10416, No. 5-301-James Fountain to Kiersten Fox, $155,000.