The following cases were received recently by Loudoun County Animal Care and Control. For information, call 540-882-3211 or 703-777-0406 or visit

Pit Bull Checks Out Fine

STERLING, Huntley Court, Nov. 18. An animal control officer responding to a report of a pit bull being abused and confined in a basement met with the dog's owner and examined its living conditions. The dog appeared in excellent health, and the owner said the dog had free run of the home. No violations were found.

Dog Tours Warehouse Store

LEESBURG, Edwards Ferry Road, Nov. 18. A bulldog was reported to be running loose in a warehouse store. Animal control found the dog confined in the shopping cart area. The dog was not wearing any identification, so it was taken to the animal shelter. Reports of lost animals were checked, but no match was found.

Loose Goat Taken to Shelter

LEESBURG, Sycolin Road, Nov. 18. Animal control found a goat running loose on the road. The female pygmy goat, about a year old, was wearing a blue collar with flip-flops on it. The goat was taken to the animal shelter, where reports of lost animals were checked but no match was found.

Stray Cat Bites Boy

ASHBURN, Downington Court, Nov. 18. A boy was bitten by a stray cat he was trying to befriend. His father confined the cat in a carrier for animal control. An animal control officer found no identification on the cat and took it to the animal shelter, where it was quarantined by the health department.

Injured Cat Euthanized

LEESBURG, Richard Drive, last Sunday. Animal control was called to pick up an injured cat found in a back yard. The black male cat, which had no identification, appeared to be dragging its hind legs. An animal control officer took the cat to a veterinary hospital, where it was found to be suffering from injuries and severe neurological problems. The cat was euthanized because of its poor condition.