Citing privacy and safety concerns, Inova Health System and Loudoun and Reston hospital centers do not release names of newborns. However, new parents can list their children by faxing or mailing a copy of the hospital's proof of birth letter. Please note the child's sex and the family's town of residence.

Sibley Memorial Hospital

NOV. 14

Luciana Fernanda Rosas, a daughter, to Angela W. Sanjines and Erick D. Rosas of South Riding.

Reston Hospital Center

AUG. 18

Christopher Lee Horner, a son, to Erika Lynn Horner and John Durward Horner of Ashburn.

Fauquier Hospital

OCT. 1

Timothy David Greenstreet, a son, to Dana Kemp and Timothy Greenstreet Jr. of Warrenton.

OCT. 3

Malachi Davon Willis, a son, to Barbara Lewis of Midland.

OCT. 5

Samuel Tesfaye Teshome, a son, to Menbere Kebede and Tesfaye Betemariam of Warrenton.

OCT. 6

William Bradford Yowell, a son, to Jacqueline and Donald Yowell of Ashburn.

Andrew Dustin Cook, a son, to Miranda Baker and Andrew Cook of Bealeton.

OCT. 10

Logan Zachary Showalter, a son, to Jennifer and Sheldon Showalter of Marshall.

OCT. 12

Sarah Paige Staats, a daughter, to Elizabeth Wilder and George Staats of Catlett.

Elizabeth Victoria Davidson, a daughter, to Kim and Richard Davidson of Warrenton.

OCT. 13

Kathryn Karen Wolfert, a daughter, to Laura and Charles Wolfert of Warrenton.

Ethan James Fauber, a son, to Carey and Daniel Fauber of Bealeton.

OCT. 14

Victoria Jessalyn Uleck, a daughter, to Jessica and Kevin Uleck of Bealeton.

Erica Corinne McGee, a daughter, to Hope and Shaun McGee of Bealeton.

OCT. 15

Lillian Grace Shephard, a daughter, to Heather and Darrin Shephard of Bealeton.

OCT. 17

Lacey Shyanne Damron, a daughter, to Julie Simmons and Joseph Damron of Bealeton.

William Michael Moreno, a son, to Stephanie Wright and Miguel Moreno of The Plains.

Jairdan Ekin Wu, a son, to Illissa Purdue and Zhen Wu of Warrenton

OCT. 18

Caleb Aubrey Wilson, a son, to Tiffany and James Wilson of Marshall.

Brody Matthew Roth, a son, to Erica Blair Roth of Warrenton.

Juddy Nadia Jolicoeur, a daughter, to Nadia and Jean Jolicoeur of Warrenton.

OCT. 20

Zoey Lynn Bennett, a daughter, to Brandi Swisher and Toby Bennett of Bealeton.

John Benner Vogel, a son, to Jill and Alexander Vogel of Warrenton.

OCT. 21

Grace Helen Butler, a daughter, to Cynthia and James Butler of Marshall.

OCT. 22

Dellante David Lee Morgan, a son, to Debbie and Bryan Morgan of Broad Run.

OCT. 24

Miranda Marianne Corsaro, a daughter, to Rachael and Daniel Corsaro of Remington.

OCT. 28

Christian Michael Huff, a son, to Angela Canas of Markham.


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