The following home sales were recorded recently in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun and other Washington areas, visit

Aldie-Braddock Road Area

LENAH RUN CIR., 40630-Tara J. and Benjamin Speaks to Kelly and William Philbrick, $860,000.

ONYX TERR., 42299-Jennifer Walter and Paul B. Fecke to Louise B. Critchfield, $395,000.

PROVERBIAL TERR., 41832-NVR Inc. to Sandra Reyes and Francisco Robles, $572,990.

VISIONARY CT., 41924-Two Greens Kirkpatrick Corp. to NVR Inc., $114,114.

Algonkian Regional

Park Area

BICKEL CT., 77-Beatrice Laura Ryan to Juan Salinas and Yessenia Rivera, $293,000.

BRIARCLIFF TERR., 20358-Ronald S. and Buffy Marie Bennett to Elizabeth B. Sellers, $459,900.

CARROLLTON RD., 42-Susan B. and Fredrik Hartsuiker to Glennon K. and Craig H. Melton, $570,000.

CEDARHURST DR., 46510-Veena Pandiri and Rajesh Kolluri to Sally Jo and Robert T. Weber, $555,000.

CHELMSFORD CT., 305-Debbie D. and Michael R. Hahn to Freshta and Azizullah Nawabi, $350,000.

CLINTON CT., 14-Sheri Howard and Mathew P. Newman to Celia C. Garcia, $405,000.

CUTWATER PL., 20588-Lisa and Greg Vigrass to Amy and Michael Strange, $820,000.

FATHOM PL., 47779-Encarnacion and Anthony F. Trueba to Laura and David Mesko, $770,000.

KENTWELL PL., 47016-Kim W. and William H. Davis Jr. to Prudential Relocation Inc., $750,000.

MCPHERSON CIR., 31-Andriy Fomenko to Amanda L. and Matthew A. Marks, $444,000.

MCPHERSON CIR., 9-James M. Poponick to Deborah Akers Maykrantz, $480,000.

MIDDLE BLUFF PL., 47309-Steven F. Chien to Daphna and Ronnie Yaron, $972,000.

MILLARD CT., 23-Homa M. and Sher A. Sherzoy to Dennis J. Shea Jr., $380,000.

MUDDY HARBOUR SQ., 20673-Ruth H. Carver to Marcela and Kenneth T. Jarman, $545,000.

SAFFRON CT., 46462-Robin and Jeffrey Shaw to Kari and Terje Iversen, $779,900.

SNOW HILL WAY, 46787-Rebecca L. and Stephen Yong to Mario Garcia, $690,000.

SPARROW PL., 21375-Janice and Dan Mabey to Laura J. Wolinsky, $867,000.

TRINITY SQ., 20900-Arlene A. and Glenn T. McGee to Susan and Steven Ciecwesz, $599,900.

VISTA CT., 47327-Deborah D. and Robert E. Lemaster Jr. to Selina and Michael Johnson, $730,000.

WATKINS ISLAND SQ., 47626-Aundrea T. and Darrel L. Foster to Sandra A. McAuley, $462,800.

Ashburn Area

APOLLO TERR., 20729-H. Hoang and T. Chau and Ho N. Hoang to Khalid Ali, $409,500.

ARCADIA CT., 21281-Usha and Krishnan Swaminathan to Chandan Mukhopadhyay, $620,500.

ARDMORE ST., 43300-Alyssa J. and John P. Von Herbulis to Ginger D. and Jeffrey K. Briggs, $535,000.

BLACKSMITH SQ., 43580-Christie and Theodore Tidmore to Jacqueline E. Westberry, $474,000.

BLACKWOLF RUN PL., 20016-Belmont Land Partnership to Tanya Sabara and Stephen S. Larese, $783,896.

BOWFONDS ST., 20429-Miller and Smith at Belmont Greene to Gulbanu Alper and Serdar Gurleyici, $477,000.

BOXWOOD PL., 20181-Toll Virginia IV Partnership to Janice N. and Dorian O. Ritchie, $735,452.

BRAE TERR., 45090, No. 104-Tammi Whorley and Paul Bellefeuille to Michelle F. and Gary S. Allo, $380,900.

BROOKTON WAY, 43008-Mary Ann and Gregory A. Petras to Nicole Rae and Thomas Gaffney, $660,000.

CHETWOOD TERR., 20429-Belmont Land Partnership to Michele L. Moore and Ting J. Myauo, $394,253.

CHETWOOD TERR., 20431-Belmont Land Partnership to Shannon D. Bush, $416,367.

CHETWOOD TERR., 20437-Belmont Land Partnership to Katrina and Ivo Bilikha, $391,994.

CLAPPERTOWN DR., 21372-Milan W. and Jean B. Shepherd to John D. and Mary C. Cerimele, $680,000.

CORNSTALK TERR., 20602, No. 302-Bradley J. Lanier to Kelly J. Hlavka, $250,000.

CREW SQ., 20138-Priscilla M. and Jerry E. Walsh Jr. to Roxana Moreno and Carlos Martinez, $410,000.

FERNRIDGE WAY, 20986-Susan E. and George N. Boras Jr. to Sarah and Jerold L. Sappington Jr., $615,000.

FOWLERS MILL CIR., 21009-David G. Degroote to Sandy Y. and Kenneth F. Mak, $580,000.

GARDENPOST SQ., 43144-Kristie P. and Kurt B. Jarrett to Jose Montalvo and Mirna Reyes, $448,050.

GLENBURN TERR., 20964-Rochelle Newton and Justin Newton to Manohar Rajan, $507,500.

INCAS TERR., 20203-Shila and Hamid Barish to Naim Sabir, $474,000.

JARVIS SQ., 21778-Neetu Notani to Yumeira Gonzalez, $385,000.

KATHLEEN ELIZABETH DR., 43255-Kathleen and Kenneth Davenport II to Emily E.B. and Fernando L. Pagan, $750,000.

KILLAWOG TERR., 20957-Desiree and Keith T. Andreassen to James L. Elcesser, $414,400.

LA BELLE PL., 43339-Sung E. Park and Michael S. Han to B. Cozzi and Constantine Macris, $800,000.

MARYMOUNT TERR., 43300, No. 203-Pijush K. Roy to Maleeha and Shahab Hasan, $320,000.

MIDDLEBURY ST., 20474-Kim W. and James M. Layton to Sarita L. and Jason D. Belser, $699,990.

MILLSTEAD DR., 20254-Toll Virginia IV Partnership to Shefali and Devendra Tyagi, $630,786.

MINTWOOD CT., 20816-Kathleen M. and David W. Thorne to Carol A. and Donald E. Dick, $660,000.

MOSSY GLEN TERR., 21083-Ronda D. Robey to Maria Esther Balboa, $438,900.

MUIRFIELD VILLAGE CT., 20099-Christina and Todd Owens to Michelle M. and Anthony M. Gilbert, $789,900.

RAINTREE CT., 21102-Jennifer Oseid and Timothy Gorman to Cynthia L. and William F. Hack, $730,000.

SPERRIN CT., 43392-Amber L. and Mark H. Davison to Gail A. and Terrence E. Kolb, $650,000.

TOBACCO SQ., 20972-Molly H. and Ken H. Morse to Edith Ordonez and Luis Pedemonte, $420,000.

Bluemont-Frazer Hill Area

RAILROAD ST., 18308-Carpenter Bullock Properties Corp. to Kathryn Rogers, $340,000.

Broadlands Area

AIRMONT HUNT DR., 22726-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Malak A. and Manouchehr Soheily, $1.38 million.

ASHTON WOODS DR., 22876-Christine and Richard Stone to John O. Brookens Sturman, $775,000.

CHELSY PAIGE SQ., 22108-Khue Thanh Thai to Michelle Thai, $560,000.

FOCHE TERR., 21498-Nathalie and Edward Moriarty to Kevin Shumelda, $470,000.

HAMILTON CHAPEL TERR., 43700-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Naomi L. Berg, $128,300.

MAISON CARREE SQ., 22519-Timothy J. Sybert to B. Guruswamy and Senthil Anguswamy, $457,000.

MARSH CREEK DR., 21329-Debbie F. and Aaron Barbosa to Melissa R. and Rene S. Payes, $675,000.

MECHANICSVILLE GLEN ST., 43454-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Jie Cui and Lin Jia, $642,435.

REGAL WOOD DR., 42577-Wei C. Liang to Kyung Hee Choi and Mark J. Sanders, $720,000.

RIDGEWAY DR., 42705-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to K. Kianpourian and William Lam, $795,958.

RIDGEWAY DR., 42977-Sara E. and Steve M. Barteau to Kristin and Kenneth M. Fetterman, $887,000.

SONG SPARROW LANE, 23023-Gulick Group Inc. to Michelle and Tony Newgen, $936,005.

VALLEY PRESERVE CT., 22802-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Suzanne and Jeffrey Hansen, $1.13 million.

WELBORNE MANOR SQ., 22576-Christopher M. Sweatt to Robert E. Bates, $575,000.

WHISPERHILL CT., 22114-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Don May Lee and Hsu Kwang Hwang, $832,988.

Dulles Area

BAGGETT TERR., 45450-Sharon Trujillo and Chad W. Wach to Jill M. Cargotch, $442,500.

MANNING SQ., 22046-Amy N. and Kelly R. Bangerter to Colleen M. and Steven R. Taylor, $409,000.

THOMPSON SQ., 21963-Kimberly Ann Guill to Richmond M. Sutherland, $435,000.

WILLESDEN JUNCTION TERR., 21798-Maria H. and Scott R. Yarmuth to Melissa Schroeder and Seth Pukatch, $442,500.

Hamilton Area

APPLEWOOD CT., 110-Kathleen H. and Frederick L. Metzger to Linda L. and Douglas L. Davis, $489,000.

KARLINO CT., 39278-NVR Inc. to Wendy G. and Dannie Lee Lingren, $862,012.

NORTHWOODS PL., 17267-NVR Inc. to Mary Gallagher and Donald Farrow, $783,205.

STILL MEADOW LANE, 39375-Christine and John S. Dokos to Dorothy Rich and Jeffrey Cramer, $875,000.

Leesburg Area

ACCOKEEK TERR., 18853-Lansdowne Community Development to Wayne Robert Welch, $637,890.

ADAMS DR., 111-Shawntaya Michelle Davis to Tony Ruano Corado, $240,000.

APPLETREE DR., 509-Julie M. and Jerald F. Ernst to Rosa Barrera and Victor M. Chicas, $440,000.

ARROYO TERR., 19056-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Solon Michel, $148,203.

BURBERRY TERR., 605-Cynthia Moore and Matthew Curtis to Isaac Smith, $470,000.

BUTTONWOOD TERR., 893-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Priscilla M. and Jerry E. Walsh Jr., $400,696.

CANNON CT., 1207-Maryann and Samuel C. Felts to Cynthia B. and Edward T. Amrhein, $524,900.

CANONGATE DR., 41063-Toll Land IX Partnership to David Tindle, $1.3 million.

CARRADOC FARM TERR., 43605-Lian Jin Huang and Sau Wing Wu to Anthony Tran and Becky Tran, $700,000.

CARRADOC FARM TERR., 43618-Lansdowne Community Development to M. Shannon and Christopher C. Bonk, $733,100.

CEDAR WALK CIR., 138-Chad J. Augustine to Bibhu Sharma, $344,990.

CLAUDE CT., 107-Richmond American Homes to Barbara and Donald Satterfield, $550,782.

CYPRESS POINT TERR., 18212-James R. Rogers to D. O'Sullivan and George Koutsoukos, $844,000.

CYPRESS RIDGE TERR., 19365, No. 822-Mary H. and Randy L. Rexford to Catherine J. Rollman, $350,000.

CYPRESS RIDGE TERR., 19375, No. 210-Joseph A. Grecco to Diane S. Juliano, $347,400.

CYPRESS RIDGE TERR., 19375, No. 318-Annette Culler Penney to Jean Stevenson, $340,000.

DEERPATH AVE., 408-Miguel A. and Ashley B. Aubertin to A. Monteblanco and Daniel Tamsett, $436,500.

FORT EVANS RD., 118-C-Sherry S. and George A. Wilson to Cheryl J. and Bennett P. Lacy, $253,000.

GLEN OAK WAY, 18270-Renaissance at River Creek Corp. to Denise M. and Jonathan W. Mohler, $1.09 million.

GLYNN TARRA PL., 42036-Glynn Tarra Estates Corp. to S. Benetis and Gilbert F. Matta, $709,427.

HANCOCK PL., 13-Muzaffar Saigol to Jasvir Singh, $210,000.

HETZEL TERR., 752-Carol J. Dain to Guillermo A. and Mirna E. Castillo, $380,000.

KALMIA SQ., 544-Laura M. Bergmann to Rebecca D. Moats, $390,000.

MARYANNE AVE., 120-Kulthoum A. and Douglas Wilson Litke to Janice H. and Ralph Max Peterson, $430,000.

MEADOWS LANE, 243-Karen L. Marnet to Maria Fuentes and Jose A. Andrade, $365,000.

MEMORIAL DR., 2-Constance and Thomas W. Fletcher to Arlene A. and Glenn T. McGee, $695,000.

MERCHANT MILL TERR., 43576-Lansdowne Community Development to Hyo Chin and Byung Won Kim, $690,635.

PARTRIDGE PL., 20414-Karen N. and Mark A. Spiegel to Kathleen A. Lear, $845,000.

QUIVER RIDGE DR., 19073-Lansdowne Community Development to Jodi E. and Mark Thomas Stapleton, $637,569.

RASPBERRY DR., 41347-V.M.K. Associates Joint Venture to Stacey and Eric J. Hoffmann, $1.28 million.

RIM ROCK CIR., 18451-Ellen Loiacono to Dawn M. Campion, $829,900.

RIVERPOINT DR., 44121-Lansdowne Community Development to Claudette C. Schwartz, $1.07 million.

RIVERPOINT DR., 44161-Lansdowne Community Development to Irene L. and John A. Karikari, $811,785.

SHENANDOAH ST., 309-Amy H. and Roger Turner to Arlene Carvajal and Rafaela Narvaez, $327,000.

SIERRA SPRINGS SQ., 18408-Joy S. and Timothy E. Collins to Chandrarekha and Manoj K. Chaswal, $475,000.

SIERRA SPRINGS SQ., 18539-Nataliya Fox and Dennis Scheib to Terry Linn and Gary S. Luzadder, $497,500.

SMARTTS LANE, 857-Jerry Lee Hill to Janie M. and Bobby R. Horner, $300,000.

SPARKLEBERRY TERR., 433-John W. Davies to Thanh Nguyen and Long T. Do, $439,999.

THOMAS LEE WAY, 18774-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne to Priya and Vinod Moorjani, $807,293.

TWIN MAPLE LANE, 17100-Christa Bodmer Schenker to Myra and Jeffrey S. McKitrick, $1.5 million.

WATERFORD WOODS CT., 14334-Residential Construction Consultants to Suzanne and Denny R. Fox, $829,900.

WATSON RD., 21785-Sally S. and Michael P. O'Haneson to Jeanine G. and Gary E. Brunetti, $873,000.

Lovettsville Area

NORSIRE LANE, 13325-Henry J. Haussling to Janet H. and Sean S. Daryabeygi, $669,900.

Purcellville Area

MCDANIEL DR., 403-Thomas W. Jackson to Alebachew Demiss, $366,000.

MOUNTAIN RD., 13934-Kathryn H. and Matthew D. Smith to Boyd W. Long Jr., $555,000.

YORKFIELD CT., 16819-Michele L. and Joseph L. Topel to Susan J. and Richard A. Coon, $998,000.

Round Hill Area

MARBURY ST., 17572-Round Hill Investors Corp. to Sheryl S. and John R. Jordan, $455,273.

MARBURY ST., 17572-Sheryl S. and John R. Jordan to Sommany Rathigna, $550,000.

TEDLER CIR., 17508-Round Hill Investors Corp. to Mary G. and Arthur R. Behnke, $444,865.

South Riding Area

AYTHORNE LANE, 25786-Jeanine G. and Gary E. Brunetti to Regena O. and Andrew F. Williamson, $765,000.

BROWNBURG PL., 43774-Stephen C. and Joan F. Parsons to Gloria C. and Emeterio O. Arias, $850,000.

BROWNBURG PL., 43774-Pulte Home Corp. to Stephen C. and Joan F. Parsons, $752,100.

CENTER ST., 43183-Christine and Carl J. Christensen to Phuong H. Robinson and Hung K. Du, $449,000.

COMMONS SQ., 25806-Winchester Homes Inc. to David C. Herencia, $511,500.

GERTRUDES VIEW WAY, 25811-Pulte Home Corp. to Elena R. and John V. Kelly, $713,250.

LOCKLEAR TERR., 42774-Ashwani Sehgal to Vishal K. Tulsian, $560,000.

PADDOCK TRAIL PL., 27464-NVR Inc. to Joan H. and Warren J. Breaux, $1.11 million.

RACHEL HILL DR., 26208-Lynne A. and Paul S. Gartner to Kimberly Nguyen and Matthew Vincent, $600,000.

TALAMORE DR., 26037-Molly and Loren Gold to Anne and Thomas Andrew Pounder, $740,000.

TURLOUGH TERR., 25828-Joseph C. Benucci to Kiwon and Al Kamae, $560,000.

TWELVE CEDARS CT., 25608-Drees Co. to Jun Ping Zhang, $781,436.

TWELVE CEDARS CT., 25608-Jun Ping Zhang to Roy E. Minson, $919,900.

UNICORN DR., 42468-South Riding Partners Partnership to Tara M. and Gerard Barton, $658,433.

UNICORN DR., 42469-South Riding Partners Partnership to Paul D. Chaung, $662,441.

WHIPPOORWILL TERR., 25368-South Riding Partnership to Robin H. Carr, $491,992.

WINTER LANE, 25321-Catherine A. Tees and Paul S. Kaplan to Satinder and Manjit S. Toor, $800,000.

Sterling Area

ALDER AVE. S., 706-Esther L. Jovel and Jose A. Cerritos to Odilio Monroy, $390,000.

BALDWIN SQ., 21797-Barbara J. and William S. Oswald to Marieme and Abib Seydi, $360,000.

BRUNSWICK ST. E., 206-Richard Barbera and Teri Nelson to Jose R. Diaz and Jose N. Orantes, $490,000.

CANOPY TERR., 21769-Brian T. Fletcher to Geomara and Kenneth Polanco, $315,000.

COLLEGE DR. N., 106-Luis A. Rivera to Maria S. Blanco, $275,000.

EVENING WAY, 45809-Laurie Z. and Albert A. Paschall to Nancy Llanas and Juan A. Noriega, $544,900.

GABLE SQ., 45340-Sukhdev S. and Harjeet K. Mahal to F. Jovel Rivera and Mardoqueo Aviles, $389,900.

GABLE SQ., 45432-J.D. Jenkins and Jeremy Jenkins to Mini Randhawa and S.P. Ghuman, $345,000.

GOLDSTONE TERR., 21818-Susan E. Marquis to Kambiz Salari, $415,000.

GREENFIELD CT., 245-F. Arriaga and Edith A. Hernandez to Antonio C. Dossantos, $265,000.

GREENFIELD CT., 245-Antonio C. Dossantos to Jose Reyes and Rosa M. Cabrera, $320,000.

HICKORY RD. N., 120-Miguel Portillo to Oscar Hernandez, $390,000.

LOST TRAIL TERR., 45497-Amy Ludewig and Richie A. Fisher to Pamela J. and Jeffrey E. Ford, $420,000.

MAGNOLIA RD., 124-Barbara and Arnold F. Sherman to Cindy Pham and Hung M. Nguyen, $499,900.

MAPLE AVE. E., 1302-Laura and Dwayne McGowan to Juan Santos and Rosa Fuentes, $499,900.

MAPLE AVE. W., 616-Ricardo Murcia and Jose A. Rivera to Rene E. Granados, $484,500.

MARIGOLD CIR., 21782-Fauziah Badeges and Hafid Sungkar to Sherrie and Nathan Donigan, $325,000.

PARK HILL LANE, 114-Cynthia A. Wolf to Nery S. Valoy, $421,900.

POPLAR RD. W., 619-Marjorie Lind and Kathleen S. Dugger to Marcelo and Andrea Vasquez, $455,000.

SHALLOW ROCK SQ., 21885-Zainab H. and Zeeya A. Pashtoon to Jose Genaro Angulo Cuzzi, $440,000.

VERMONT MAPLE TERR., 46829-Shannon M. and Tony B. Duong to Alhan Aayadi, $535,000.