The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince William and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit www.washington

Bristow Area

BATHGATE WAY, 13037-Daungjai Inlupate to Megan M. and John Holden, $408,000.

BRISTOW RD., 10808-Caroline M. Noel, trustee, to BHP Enterprises Corp., $260,000.

BROADSWORD DR., 10078-Brookfield Braemar Corp. to Leslie A. and Timothy G. Goodrich, $595,065.

CAMP JONES CT., 11680-Centex Homes to Gingguo Gao, $518,238.

CASCADE FALLS DR., 9215-Joanna B. and William M. Pumphrey to Danielle M. Bruno and Anthony M. Gross, $420,000.

CHIPPENHAM CT., 12529-Eve and Richard Eric Dahlberg to Eva Molina and Jose Bailon, $599,900.

COLD STREAM GUARD CT., 12326-Victoria and George J. Brozovich to Donna J. and Thomas J. Taylor, $649,999.

COLUMBIA SPRINGS WAY, 12317-Miller and Smith at Victory Lakes Corp. to Sherry L. and Christopher T. Hibbs, $555,880.

CRAIGHILL DR., 9699-Mary J. and Walter L. Purdy to Rebecca A. and Ambrose Jackson Jr., $469,000.

DUNSTABLE LOOP, 8855-Su Jung Kim and Dong Bin Kim to Moon Bae Kim, $365,000.

EARLS FERRY CIR., 9850-Corinne Denise Lee to Calene M. and Robert C. Westover, $425,000.

FALCON VIEW CT., 13480-Clinton Wade Oliver to Anna C. and Daniel C. Blair Jr., $570,000.

GLEN MEADOW LANE, 9242-Lisa L. and Kenneth J. Stevenson to Karen and Joseph Mihalick, $584,900.

HARTWOOD MEADOW PL., 12080-Washington Homes Inc. to Janice L. and Donald W. Barrett, $762,907.

HESSIAN HILL CT., 8443-Mary Clare and Marc D. Savoia to Abdul Baig and Shamima Baig, $755,000.

HOWLAND PL., 8846-Sharon L. and Roland M. Nadeau to Vincent L. Abell, $209,500.

HUDDERSFIELD WAY, 8654-Michelle L. and Michael B. Babecki to Delmy A. and Rafael A. Telles, $510,000.

JARROW LANE, 12306-Julie Mabbit and Matt Barker to Christopher T. Chamberlain, $379,900.

LANARK CT., 12205-Lisa Cottrell and John James Maxvill to Jo Michael and Paul Michael Villanova, $450,000.

MARR LODGE LANE, 13505-NVR Inc. to Rumeel Kazi, $664,240.

NAUGHTON CT., 10025-Anne L. Shelton and Jonathan H. Shelton to Prudential Relocation Inc., $544,900.

NOLTLAND CASTLE DR., 12829-Peggy Brono Block and Michael A. Block to Shanin Smidt Burum, $529,900.

NUGGET CT., 9801-Kimberly C. and Richard L. Martin II to Laura Alvarez, $569,900.

RUSTIC WAY, 9101-Andrea R. and James A. Starry to Din Kaleen, $555,000.

SELKIRK CIR., 12446-Donald W. and Stephanie A. Hylton to Dyanne V. Liga and Arlene S. Bopp, $349,750.

SOLITARY PL., 9909-Brenda and Aaron Mudryk to Katherine P. and David L. Joyce Jr., $550,000.

TARVIE CIR., 9508-Brookfield Braemar III Corp. to Leigh A. Bradley and Douglas E. Wade, $508,515.

TOMBRECK CT., 9769-Lynda Elizabeth and John Murray Goodman to Raj Rajmohan, $540,000.

TUMMEL FALLS DR., 10008-Karen K. and William A. Lopez to Donna A. and Charles R. Meyer, $549,900.

UNDERWOOD CT., 12016-Elizabeth F. and Robert Brian Hunter to Carolyn and Matthew Dalkiewicz, $591,000.

VICTORY LAKES LOOP, 12809-Vickie and William Baitinger to Stacie J. Montoya and Garrett N. Brown, $580,000.

WEATHERSFIELD DR., 9190-Cynthia and Terry Douglas to Michelle A. Goland, $560,000.

Broad Run Area

WHEELER LANE, 6014-Clara H. and Mark A. Pierson to Donna L. and James A. Keeney, $640,000.

Catharpin Area

RICHLAND DR., 12200-Lynn Marie Fasciano and Michael Lee Ampula, trustees, to Fatima and Myriam Fusilier, $800,000.

SHARI CT., 4415-Valerie C. and Ralph F. Moyer to M.L. and Kenneth R. Tennyson, $449,900.

Dumfries Area

ANTRIM CIR., 3075-Marrisa Goldsmith and Carlos Clarke to Ernest K. Bogyah, $367,000.

CLANCY DR., 3056-Janelle M. and Jason S. Franz to Timothy W. Rogers, $395,000.

CUSACK LANE, 17375-Kevin L. Nguyen and Hong B. Woo to Willie Worthy, $345,000.

DEWEYS RUN LANE, 17594-Irisia and Carl R. Brown to Adriene Williams, $649,500.

DUNES CT., 18019-Rana and Abdul Malik to Dennis M. Prebensen, $580,500.

FORT MONROE CT., 1910-Nicholas Butts to Jose Sanchez Nunez, $260,000.

FORT MONROE CT., 1983-Hope M. and Garnett E. Hinson II to Deborah and Kenneth Staton, $265,000.

FRANCIS WEST LANE, 16854-Ruth and David J. Tetreault to Tanya and Kenneth Whiting Sr., $469,900.

HETH CT., 2616-Jose A. Mendez and Jose Lopez Sanchez to Carlos O. Cruz Aleman, $250,000.

LARKIN DR., 17175-Miller and Smith at Southbridge Corp. to Azhar Ikram, $377,440.

MYRTLEWOOD DR., 2775-Lawrence D. Gonzales to Cherah and Michael B. Diehl, $634,000.

SLIGO LOOP, 17353-Delia E. and Terrence W. White to T. Harrell and Russell Dillard, $355,000.

TUCKAHOE CT., 3400-Cherale Jackson to S. Denise and Kelvin R. Carnell, $349,999.

VAUGHN LANE, 17271-John C. Bonifilia to Angela R. Jones, $404,000.

Gainesville Area

CAMDENHURST DR., 18258-NVR Inc. to Kristen M. and Mark J. Friefrich, $459,640.

CHARISMATIC WAY, 13756-Ernest Kallmeier to David S. Watrous, $544,500.

FLYING FEATHER CT., 14011-Ann N. and Gary L. Danner to Theresa M. and John M. Hinnant, $491,500.

GAFFNEY CIR., 15080-Shahbaz Zaheer to Ghazula and Raza Murtaza, $364,000.

GENERAL LAFAYETTE WAY, 6848-Anne P. Rollins and Walter B. Rollins to Brenda F. and Robert F. Zikowitz Jr., $385,000.

HARNESS SHOP RD., 8398-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Regina L. and Mark D. Pickett, $570,000.

HURON DR., 7617-Kirk M. Balcom to Brandon S. Ade, $395,000.

LEGEND GLEN CT., 14269-Freda Azzouz and Brian Resto to Hai N. Nguyen, $410,000.

MANNS HARBOR CT., 10470-Amy L. and Ricardo A. Trinidad to Dina Gonzalez Avalos and Alexander R. Sandoval, $645,000.

MORVEN PARK LANE, 6400-Hilda Oweisy and Navid Asgari to Elizabeth M. and Henry L. Marche, $609,000.

PEDIGRUE CT., 8382-Entre Builders Inc. to Giselle Falla, $959,900.

RODERICK LOOP, 6666-Emmanuel and Omoniyi O. Ladipo to Bruno Bille, $392,000.

SELBOURNE LANE, 6704-Robert F. Garrett to Jacqueline V. Zepeda and Martha Martinez, $514,000.

SELBOURNE LANE, 6711-Ali Cheloei and Shiva Etessam to Madelyn R. Chappell, $540,000.

SHERINGHAM WAY, 16124-NVR Inc. to Freda Azzouz and Brian Resto, $580,815.

SNOW HILL DR., 4363-Dina M. and Sinan R. Berberoglu to Norma H. and Marcial J. Rubio, $525,000.

WELSH PONY CT., 8586-Carolyn A. Shelton to June and David Bowman, $610,000.

Haymarket Area

ALDERBROOK DR., 15605-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Gloria M. Weiss, $648,512.

AMBER RIDGE RD., 5912-Karen A. and Kurt R. Kuzniczci to Willia R. Clemons and Gilbert A. Griffin, $620,000.

ANNENBERG CT., 5639-Rhonda and Stephen Chambal to Amy B. and Eric B. Nelson, $650,000.

ARROWFIELD TERR., 5560-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Jisuk and Jinseo Rhee, $489,314.

ARROWFIELD TERR., 5568-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Sung Soon Yoon and Baek Jin Yoon, $500,625.

BERKELEY DR., 16001-Trista and Glenn Miller to Melissa and Christopher Long, $1.1 million.

CANYON CREEK WAY, 5234-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Martha M. and Remigio Leal, $517,780.

CORNER POST PL., 14712-Rebecca Ann and Lorien Clark Faulkner to W. Babst Douglas, $450,000.

DUNNBROOK TERR., 6064-Donna K. Stephens and Keith D. Stephens to Young Mi Choe and Yeong Il Lee, $579,900.

ERINBLAIR LOOP, 6075-John T. and Marianne P. Griffin III to Leia M. and Alan G. Santos, $725,000.

GOLF VIEW DR., 15287-Geraldine E. and A. Lawrence Curtis to Barbara and David Harris, $789,999.

HARCLIEF CT., 14155-Karen Lynn and William Scott Eden to Jessica and Jonathan Rothfolk, $1.33 million.

HYLAMORE CT., 13007-David N. and Kathy P. Linenberger to Kathleen D. and Michael G. Rudd, $930,000.

JEFFERSON ST., 6745-James A. Boehm, trustee, to Megan T. Bailey, $360,000.

JUPITER HILLS LANE, 15059-Brenda and John T. Mitchiner to Ruth M. and Andrew J. Castor, $715,000.

JUPITER HILLS LANE, 15154-Douglas R. Hoffman to Heather J. and Daniel A. Bennett, $725,000.

KEAVY RIDGE CT., 14772-Tousa Homes Inc. to Song Su Son, $476,530.

LATHAM DR., 4023-Margaret E. and Roycroft C. Jones Jr. to Anne L. and Dwayne A. Young, $675,000.

ROLLING RIDGE RD., 15030-Marian H. and Charles J. Kelly to Gabriela and Fidel Bazan, $550,000.

TINLEY MILL DR., 6025-Kathleen E. and Franklin L. Stitely Jr. to Marianne P. and John T. Griffin, $860,000.

TULLOCH SPRING CT., 5915-Aileen A. and Joseph Speegle to Sabrina Sanfillipo Webb and Thomas D. Webb, $619,900.

VERDE PL., 14378-Jeffrey A. Savage to Chima Igwe, $499,900.

WHEELWRIGHT WAY, 5683-Andrew M. Horwat to Susan C. Bon and William G. Gerrick, $595,000.

Manassas Area

ANSLEY CT., 6054-Margaret D. and Garvin C. Shedlock to Allison Rene Austin and Jeffrey Beaupre, $699,900.

BLUE GRAY CIR., 7875-Jose Escobar and Rosa Rivas to Elly E. and Jose E. Flores, $385,000.

BRIGHTON WAY, 7931-Irene and Edmundo Morales to Carlos and Lucia Chai and Raul Guox, $265,000.

CAMPBELL CT., 7530-Nina Carlson to Jose Mauricio Arias and Ana Dilia Arias, $320,000.

CHATHAM ST., 9505-Tracy A. and Robert P. Hunt to Scott C. Olson, $372,260.

CLAWSON LANE, 12690-Moon K. Kim and Tae B. Kim to Ann Masuda, $700,000.

COLONIAL VILLAGE LOOP, 6421-Veronda Powell and Elliott Powell Jr. to April C. and Daniel C. Jones, $620,000.

COLTON LANE, 7399-Blanca D. Ventura to Tanya C. and Richard L. Milland, $336,000.

COLTON LANE, 7403-Carl R. Mullins to Aurelio V. Garcia, $350,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 8148-Jose S. Melendrez and Atanacio Ramirez to Dennis G. Del Cid and Wilfredo Bautista, $270,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 8154-Stephen E. Mayes and Christopher Scott Duns to Jose N. Gonzalez and Myriam M. Gonzalez, $290,000.

COPELAND DR., 10320-Marilee E. Getz and Jeffrey L. Higgs to Alice L. Basnight, $470,000.

DUET CT., 10699-Leslie M. Rios and Thor A. Simensen to Corina and Gregorio Gutierrez, $549,990.

DUNEIDEN LANE, 7594-Olga E. Sanz to Sofia Mekonnen, $355,000.

EMERALD DR., 7381-Vincent H. Porter to Lucy Nombo, $325,000.

HELMSDALE PL., 7561-Lorena A. and Alejandro Argueta to Jose David Medrano, $380,000.

HUGH MULLEN DR., 7939-Bradley Pribble to Theresa L. Preston, $225,000.

HUMPHREY LANE, 8243-Frederick M. Rappina to Rashida Begum and Umma K. Chowdhury, $398,000.

HYLA DR., 13051-Kathy J. Schatz and Raymond T. Voelkl to Pamela M. and Greyson B. Bass, $550,000.

LABRADOR LOOP, 10465-Ramona K. and George R. Wetherill, trustees, to Kimberley A. and Barry L. Hill, $553,000.

LACY DR., 8079-Lynda and Dennis Gernat to Hope Marie Kopasek, $295,500.

LOCKERBIE WAY, 10629-Jennifer and Jason Perilla to Marla M. D'Aloise and Jason A. Trunzo, $365,000.

LOMOND DR., 10125-Dianna M. and Michael W. Carter to Philip B. Davis, $326,600.

MALLARD POND CT., 7351-Janet Ann Gingery and Lee Scott Gingery to Mari A. and Michael T. Hern, $650,000.

MEADOW CT., 7913-M. Bouryaphonh and Edwin J. Middleton to Ricardo E. Munoz, $283,000.

MIDDLEBURG CT., 8830-Edis A. Garcia and Carlos Flores to Maria Elda and Reynaldo Ortiz, $285,000.

MIKEN CT., 13804-Frederick H. Farnham to April D. and Stephen P. Dunnigan, $449,000.

MONITOR CT., 7623-Jill E. and Stephen M. Fox to Patricia Martinez Paz, $355,000.

MOONGLOW CT., 10512-Pansy M. Norton and Michael J. Norton to Lidia I. and Matilde U. Vaquerano, $640,000.

OAK HOLLOW CT., 8823-Vera Velasquez to Fredy Garcia Perez, $295,000.

OLD COMPTON RD., 7309-Shirley B. and Aaron C. Terry to Olivia N. and Luis Montano, $255,000.

OMEGA LANE, 6084-Bernard Asiedu to Jaime Ortiz, $510,000.

OMEGA LANE, 6085-Ridgedale Inc. to Mohammad Shahbaz Ahmed Khan, $466,883.

PERSHING DR., 13094-Lynda S. and John C. Claspy to Colleen M. and Carlton M. Rosengrant, $635,000.

POSTERN CT., 10927, No. 39-Shawn M. Potter to Robert Nguyen, $280,000.

QUAIL RUN LANE, 7514-Enio Tobar to Juan Ramon Tobar, $315,000.

RIVER FOREST DR., 6207-Kelly A. Dillon and Michael F. Dillon to Michael S. Fajna, $675,000.

ROKEBY DR., 7304-Ahmad Afridi and Sahibzasa Khan to Mahnaz Bibi, $307,000.

ST. JOHNS CT., 7284-Laura J. and Darrin C. Decoster to Andrea S. and Armando D. Garcia Jr., $361,000.

SALEM ST., 9526-Scott C. Urban to Guillermo E. Joya and Maria D. Menjivar, $370,000.

SARANAC PL., 12061-Margaret Kamper and Jeffrey R. Kamper to Tammi L. Bailey Case and Geoffrey P. Case, $745,000.

STONEBROOK DR., 11021-Joanne and Anthony Falcone to Carleton S. and Cynthia M. Garrison, $779,000.

STONEWALL BRIGADE CT., 8068, No. 201-Robert P. Scherer to Edward G. Cleary and Majid Masso, $257,000.

TEMPLE LOOP, 11670-Craig A. Dockter to Ryan L. Bishop, $250,000.

THREE OTTERS PL., 15548-Yvonne C. and Alexander M. Magallon to Charles Nketia and Yaw S. Opoku, $345,000.

THREE OTTERS PL., 15584-Severa and Dominique A. Delarosa to Linda A. and Gerald M. Laporte, $322,500.

TRENTON CHAPEL WAY, 8659-Donna N. and Paul S. Polansky to Jose C. Medrano, $575,000.

TRUMPETER SWAN LANE, 6924-Kathleen M. Bailey and Thomas J. Bailey to Mary S. and Terry L. Reed, $626,000.

WALLACE LANE, 8284-Lisa and Jerry Bennett to Vilma L. and Mauricio O. Mora, $365,900.

WINCHESTER CT., 10224-Yudi Gonzales and Isaias Perez to Miguel A. Aguirre, $305,000.

WINSTEAD PL., 8226, No. 203-Janet Coleman Scott to Jessica M. Arnold, $295,250.

Manassas Park Area

BLANDSFORD DR., 8151-Bonnie L. and John F. Marston to Sandi K. and Steven L. Stewart, $540,000.

LEVITY PL., 8122-David C. Nguyen and Clarissa Huynh to Mohamed S. Roshantha, $473,000.

SOMERSET LANE, 7668-Edward F. Clay Jr. to Tarek Mounib, $200,000.

VERMONT PL., 8251-Paulette M. Butler and Kevin A. Curry to Fanny and Joseph J. Meredith, $335,000.

WILCOXEN FARM PL., 7801-Medhat M. Youssef and Priscilla R. Grant to Reynaldo Perdomo, $647,500.

Nokesville Area

BRISTOW RD., 12730-Jacqueline and Manuel J. Sousa to Susan A. and Barry S. Carney, $625,000.

BUFORD LANE, 13556-Barbara and Dennis Michael Antonucci to Emma and Angel Aviles, $410,000.

ORLANDO RD., 13722-Bonnie Jo Braun and Helen J. Lisak to Andrey Veretenov and Elena Kosareva, $337,000.

OWLS NEST RD., 14905-Brian R. Pretty and Barbara Jean McAtlin to Nicole and Christopher Rhodes, $425,000.

PICTURESQUE CT., 10245-Sonia M. and Jorge Gomez to Katrina J. and Richard C. Crotty, $604,000.

RAIN SLICKER PL., 12143-Richmond American Homes to Anjana Chauhan and Ajay Bhadauria, $565,740.

Occoquan Area

BRAWNERS FARM PL., 208-Betsy Horton Fuzy and Eugene Anthony Fuzy to Petra T. and Anthony D. Casipit, $575,000.

Triangle Area

HEMLOCK POINT CT., 3104-Antonio N. Dias, trustee, to Karen Logan, $775,000.

HUNDRED ACRE LANE, 18814-Wall Neighborhoods Corp. to V.D. and John H. Reid, $639,000.

SAPLING WAY, 4059-Wall Neighborhoods Corp. to Savy C. Pak and Nykum Kim, $665,673.

WHARF LANE, 3576-Tira D. Jackson and Everett D. Woolen to Jennifer M. Golden, $275,000.

Woodbridge Area

AEGEAN TERR., 11381-Cheryl H. and Ernest B. Clatterbuck Jr. to Kenneth Svejkovsky, $332,000.

AIDEN DR., 1530-Sharon O. and George W. Callaghan Jr. to Dora Hernandez, $405,000.

AMARA PL., 11618-Rita B. and John W. Winston to Kijuana C. Wright, $420,000.

ARKANSAS ST., 14768-Alvin L. Starks to George L. White, $280,000.

AVOCET LOOP, 15668-Kenneth J. Smith to Barbara and Rich Owens, $480,000.

BATLEY PL., 11743-Linda M. and Roger K. Ashpole to Thomas J. Dugan IV, $450,000.

BETHEL CHURCH DR., 3269-James and Anne P. Talkington to Maria and Oscar Rodriguez, $425,000.

BIRCHDALE SQ., 3246-Robin L. Holmes to Wilder Cortez and Maria Morales, $267,000.

BOBOLINK DR., 15828-Robert A. and Sabine Slover to Christopher Keith Villamil, $529,900.

BOBSTER CT., 16504-R. Oaks Corp. to Gurbans K. Gill, $447,505.

BOWES LANE, 2873-Harbir Singh to Roxana A. Artiga and Evelio A. Romero, $340,000.

BRADDOCK DR., 3437-Modcon Inc. to Mohammad Bashir, $310,000.

BRAZIL CIR., 15301-Michelle D. Mitchell to Trang T. Doan and Vy H. Ho, $395,000.

CAMBRIDGE DR., 2933-Sandra L. Wade and David B. Wade to Ronald Carranza, $340,000.

CAPON TREE LANE, 16705-Bayartogtokh and Dae Son Andersen to Omar Azimi, $355,000.

CARA DR., 12755-Faisal Mughal to Moinullah Niazi, $260,000.

CARDAMOM DR., 11983-Edith F. and Albert R. Brunner to Angela M. and Nathan L. Kitta, $255,900.

CAROLINE ST., 14214-Giovanna and Joseph W. Boston to Rina A. Ramirez and Oscar Barahona, $430,000.

CASTILE CT., 12685-Stephanie Morris and Kevin O. Morris to Ruth R. and Irfan A. Dass, $260,000.

CHARLTON CT., 4645-Carole M. Schlottman to Oscar Busch, $280,000.

CHARLTON CT., 4646-Mid-Atlantic Development Corp. to Manuel D. Villanueva and Dinora A. Torres, $320,000.

CHATSFORD CT., 13401-Raymond M. and Pamela A. Thormin to Carin O. and Gregory R. Mogavero, $469,900.

CHERRYDALE DR., 14837-Molly and Joseph M. Roze to Mobeen Khan, $273,000.

CHEVINGTON CT., 734-Centex Homes to My Chau Falkner, $462,050.

CHRISTOPHER PL., 13423-Mildred C. and Anthony S. Tangeman to Lydia A. and James L. Collins Jr., $587,500.

CHRISTY LANE, 3517-Alan J. Heid to Rosemond Nkansah and Rockson Asante, $379,000.

CLOVERDALE RD., 14919-Robert Louis Adams to Molly and Joseph M. Roze, $371,000.

CLOVERDALE RD., 15112-Ali Imran and Mohammad U. Choudry to Edwin Castellon, $345,000.

COHASSET LANE, 12995-Petra T. and Anthony D. Casipit to Juan Jose Gonzalez and Patricia M. Cervantes, $440,000.

COLBY DR., 12824-Karen Navarro to Tomasa S. and Pedro T. Gonza, $460,000.

CORBETT PL., 1238-Joyce A. Williams to Nicole L. Rea, $366,500.

CRANES BILL WAY, 1333-Mary C. and Roderic Spencer to Charles L. Anderson, $439,900.

CUDDY LOOP, 14192-Unchong Lee to John M. and Jacqueline D. Nickols, $265,000.

DAPPLE GRAY CT., 12215-Kathy Lucia and Frank Lucia to Deborah L. and Paul R. Ellis, $431,001.

DARBYDALE AVE., 14706-Janet M. Huber to Jose A. Guzman, $410,000.

DASHIELL PL., 4904-Asma N. Khan to Adama Jalloh Jamboria, $535,000.

DASHIELL PL., 4922-NVR Inc. to Karen Stephenson Shields, $517,690.

DELANEY RD., 13806-Jose O. Aguilar to Bayron Salazar Hernandez, $431,000.

DELANEY RD., 13823-Deborah L. and Lawrence E. Jackson to Robert E. Willis, $435,000.

DENSMORE CT., 12205-Karen S. Shields to Jeffrey W. Lewis and Jennifer C. High, $327,540.

DEVONWOOD WAY, 4202-Asuncion C. and Shane P. Forsythe Newell to J.B. Warren International, $330,000.

EAMES LANE, 4413-Gilberto Bonilla to Nakangu Chiyoge, $280,000.

EDISON CT., 14780-Terri L. McArthur and Barry M. Stephens to Jo A. and Timothy A. Adam, $557,000.

EMPIRE ST., 14815-Karen P. and George F. Kurtz to Shahid and Tanveer Amir, $454,900.

ENDSLEY TURN, 14664-Rita Ascencio and Josue Benitez Vasquez to Ana A. Martinez, $286,000.

ENDSLEY TURN, 14669-Suncha and Donald W. Hunt to Jorge, Ismelda and Orsali A. Mendez, $295,000.

ENSOR CT., 14807-Gina C. and Robert M. Simmons to Roseanna M. Martinez, $324,000.

ENSOR CT., 14850-Thomas Hudgins to Kenneth G. Jr. and Kim N. Johnson, $281,000.

FAWN HOLLOW LANE, 1469-Ann M. Gacek to Mary L. and Gregory J. Bachman, $450,000.

FIR CT., 1318-Oscar F. Fuentes Iraheta to Sobeyda Guillen and Mauricio A. Romero, $276,000.

FLORIDA AVE., 1704-Stephen C. Smith to Nicolas Jimenez, $381,900.

FOX RIDGE CT., 2561-Jakia Bowers and Marvin Chalmers to Rufino Velasquez, $259,000.

FOX RUN PL., 1200-Francis M. Allman to Adrise Nazir, $325,000.

GLENDALE RD., 4203-Jose Argueta and Pedro A. Gutierrez to Maria L. and Jose F. Ortiz, $387,000.

GORHAM WAY, 13040-Judith A. and Robert W. Hart to Joann E. and Dwayne L. Griese, $612,500.

GRIST MILL TERR., 15396-Anabel T. Garlarza to Faustino Alejo Medina, $278,000.

GROSBEAK CT., 1526-Paul W. and Carol S. Darezzo to Stanley Henry and C. Thompson, $454,900.

HARBOR DR., 12405-Georgia M. and Thurman W. Bell to Jimena Rios and Juan Moises Vargas, $469,900.

HEDRICK LANE, 4745-Sherry L. and Jerry M. Krebs to Mobeen A. Khan, $251,000.

HERONS RUN LANE, 927-Michael and Amanda A. Quigley to Anne Marie and David Bradley Reinke, $480,000.

HYDEN PL., 1821-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Suyoung Kim Lee and Michael Lee, $585,000.

INDIANA AVE., 1506-Rita C. and Mark E. Arnold to Maria Dolores Hernandez, $390,000.

IOWA CT., 1704-Dina Monh to Eliana and Juan C. Gonzales, $385,000.

IRONHORSE DR., 3161-Kim L. and William H. Anderson to Surina T. and Donald R. Marks, $454,000.

KENTLAND DR., 4417-Norma M. Lettmann to Nayouma K. and Willie Q. Taylor, $350,000.

KENTWOOD LANE, 4604-Salvation Army Corp. to J. Carolyn Russo, $333,000.

KENWOOD DR., 4321-Roberta M. and Timothy K. Burhenn to Ana M. Saravia and Felipe N. Diaz, $371,100.

KILBANE RD., 4713-Samuel C. Perry Jr. to Maria S. Cortez and Jose Pineda, $395,000.

KINGSBURY LANE, 2316-David W. Stoddard to Maria C. Mooney, $375,000.

KNOLL CT., 13302-Celio Fuentes to Marvin Vigil, $365,000.

KOESTER DR., 4736-Pedro Lazo to Lilian Vargas and Miguel Coca, $395,000.

LEATHERWOOD LANE, 12909-Mohammad Y. Mirza to Edwin Martinez, $492,000.

LEOCRIE PL., 16675-Angela K. and Arlyn K. Chesley to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $659,900.

LOCKLEVEN LANE, 12756-Kimberly K. Irvine to Rosa P. Rivera and Jose Ramon Estrada, $360,000.

LOCKLEVEN LANE, 12800-Surina T. and Donald R. Marks to Luisa and Roberto Bonilla, $370,000.

LOMBARD LANE, 4902-Matthew G. and Laurie D. Markon to Luis H. and Joel Argueta, $375,000.

LONGVIEW DR., 2360-Gloria and Michael Huestis to Rogelio B. Murillo and Paulino Rodriguez, $377,000.

LORD CULPEPER CT., 15248-D.R. Horton Inc. to Chong Im Whitesides, $595,400.

LOTTE DR., 12703-Elizabeth Dandridge to Naimatullah Abbasi, $217,000.

MACWOOD DR., 5362-Mutakaddim Ambakisye to Carlos M. Chavarria and Estela Romero, $390,000.

MADEIRA CT., 2936-Julio C. Rios to J.A. Arancibia and Carlos R. Gumucio, $330,000.

MADRIGAL DR., 14389-N. Nicholas Kelly III to Elisabeth Jones, $362,000.

MANCHESTER WAY, 12379-Sharon K. Murphy and Murrell L. Murphy to Alfredo Carranza, $340,000.

MAPLEDALE AVE., 13704-Kathie Marie Delauder to Maria Reyes and Jose Robles Maldonado, $397,000.

MARBLESTONE DR., 12834-Tatiana Kolesnikova to Randy Hostetter and Darrell McCarthy, $501,000.

MARISA CT., 3009-Ellen B. and Rodney N. Taquino Jr. to Nusrat and Majeed U. Kaleem, $640,000.

MARQUIS PL., 3828-National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Lynne A. Carliss, $472,200.

MARSH OVERLOOK DR., 15517-Hildalyn G. Rosado and Raymond Rosado to Chanta and Sammy Phannavong, $667,200.

MATHEWS DR., 14018-Matthew S. Willis to Ruth Machado, $360,000.

MAVERICK CT., 14109-Jacqueline L. and George R. Kulick II to Betty Wanderer, $382,000.

MEETING PL., 5154-Steven C. Rapids to Andrea and Adrian Autry, $360,000.

MELBOURNE AVE., 14413-Kathleen D. and David W. Cox to Kimberly A. and Anthony C. Cox, $133,927.

MOCCASIN CT., 13748-Mohammed N. Noes to Wilmer and Walter Bonilla, $386,000.

MONTEGA DR., 4694-Faten Hatab to Denis Gomez, $649,900.

MONTPELIER CT., 13009-Shirley L. and Terry W. Spyker to Donna Carol and Michael William Lewis, $639,500.

MOONBEAM DR., 5810-Daniel C. Jones and April C. Jones to Elizabeth A. Johnson, $491,000.

NELLINGS PL., 11622-Kathryn W. and Benjamin D. Lienard to Alicia R. and Robert R. Hurd Jr., $415,000.

NORTHTON CT., 5610-Jennifer J. and Michael A. Jacobs to Oscar and Alba Romero, $544,900.

ORCHARD DR., 13407-R. and R. Residential Corp. to Ahmed Hasan and Khandaker Islam, $335,000.

OTTO RD., 13101-Gail T. and Louis D. Chevalier to Jesus Manuel Garcia, $575,000.

PARAMOUNT LANE, 13333-Bruce E. and Valerie L. Border to Arthur and Lisa M. Martinez, $440,000.

PERCHANCE TERR., 12728-Anthony G. and Sharon B. Henderson to Doyle Edward Amidon Jr., $363,000.

PERSIMMON PL., 12306-Heather D. Cornetta to Pamela E. Evans, $459,000.

PLYMBRIDGE LANE, 4103-Katherine and John M. Lisenby to Eli J. and Wayne A. Hinson, $400,500.

QUALEY PL., 5312-Regina L. Segnari and Lloyd W. Johnson to Baraka M. Ibrahim, $273,900.

QUANCE LANE, 5401-Ridgedale Inc. to Yasmeen and Islamul Wakil, $679,990.

QUEBEC PL., 5256-Teresa L. and Daniel F. Troya to Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., $630,000.

QUEBEC PL., 5261-Kimberly M. and Kent W. Butler to Rodney Hamel, $569,500.

RALSTON CT., 5755-Penny B. and Jeffrey L. Hunter to Blanca E. and Eleazar Cardoza, $455,000.

REARDON LANE, 5618-Russell R. Hardley and Diane Hardley to Dora E. Ramirez and Alexander Castellon, $381,000.

REDGATE LANE, 708-Centex Homes to Robert John and Martha P. Breads, $484,897.

REDSKIN CT., 13835-Linh N. and Crispulo H. Wight to Kevin R. and Judy S. Moore, $469,990.

REESE CT., 12938-Kimberly M. and Gregory M. Peverill to Joshua Wolfe and Amanda Harrigan, $302,500.

RENATE DR., 1602-Loubna Darouri and Ron Montague to Numo Suwaneh, $213,000.

ROCHELLE CT., 1813-Sakima L. Jones to Robert K. Oppong and Linda Birago, $340,000.

ROUNDTREE DR., 5576-Linda M. Clay to Eva A. Ahiable and Johnny A. Zilevu, $440,000.

SABINE HALL PL., 15607-Laurie M. and Ronald J. Uline to Sandra Hurtado and James R. Hetherington, $569,000.

SAN YSIDRO CT., 11987-Mary C. and Robert B. James Jr. to Marguerite W. and John M. Capen, $503,500.

SAVANNAH DR., 14250-Chad and Becky Beers to Bonnie J. and Christopher G. Johnson, $325,000.

SOUTH PARK CT., 4782-Christopher L. Blue to Asfa Bashir, $260,000.

SPANISH DOLLAR CT., 5228-Washington Homes Inc. to Naqibullah Nassiri, $686,461.

STOCKHOLM WAY, 2920-Tommy Marks to Wahidur Rahman Quabili, $420,000.

SUDBERRY LANE, 5277-Penny N. and Thomas E. Shaffer to Nubia Y. Acosta and Merced Escalante Vasquez, $365,000.

TARPON LANE, 4045-Richard T. Teubner to Leann and Thomas D. Duling, $405,000.

THRIFT LANE, 13000-Jan E. Crase and Richard B. Crase to Ventura Alcides N. Ramirez, $470,000.

TIGER LILY CIR., 1790, No. 92-Julita H. and Rony A. Guija to Kevin Haug, $288,000.

VILLAGE DR., 14469-Linda J. and John James Garnish Jr. to Tiffany A. Garnish, $230,000.

WENTWOOD LANE, 15192-Irene Johnson to Naima Mabrouk and Azzeddine Haninou, $325,000.

WETHERBURN CT., 2905-Alcides Ramirez to Velbeth Ivan Compton and Pablo Acevedo, $252,000.

WHITTIER LOOP, 14977-Kathleen Lee Scott to James B. Dugger Sr., $370,000.

WINDERMERE VIEW PL., 4402-Basheer Edgemoore River Falls Corp. to Karima and Ibrahim Beg, $1.279 million.

WINGFIELD RD., 910-Joann and Anthony A. Cozzi to Stephen Andrew Cozzi, $338,000.

WINSTON LANE, 16884-Thomas B. Farley to Toufique Matin, $365,000.

WOODFERN CT., 2718-Cheryl M. and William S. Robinson Jr. to Elaine F. Fuller, $450,000.

WOODSIDE DR., 1613-Jane and Peter McClaran to Jose N. Medrano, $312,500.

WOODWAY PL., 4624-Elissa B. and Thomas McBride to Jonas J. Koroma, $316,000.