The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Broomes Island Area

BROOMES ISLAND RD., 8121-Colleen O'Hare to Lisa Connell and David A. Sampson Jr., $875,000.

Chesapeake Beach Area

BAYSIDE RD., 8229-Norman T. and Lillian M. Enzor to G.P. and H.J. Luckett, $168,000.

CHRISTIANA PARRAN RD., 4588-Calvert Corp. to Evelyn and Jerald R. Jarvi, $609,059.

OLD BAYSIDE RD., 6886-Claude N. Bowman to Keith Bageant, $289,900.

SEA GATE SQ., 4024-Seagate Investors Corp. to David C. and Becky B. Olynik, $359,000.

SILVERTON LANE, 3336-Arlene M. Acton to Ruby L. Ackermann, $294,000.

TIPPERARY LANE, 2830-Ronald S. St. Pierre to Regan and Michael J. Cashman, $345,000.

13TH ST., 3726-Agnes T. Nance to Phyllis R. Chesley, $374,900.

Dunkirk Area

LACROSSE CT., 3125-Lyons Creek Overlook Corp. to Julie Ann and Paul Sikora, $818,697.

LANDING LANE, 4201-Susanne R. and John J. Rohrer to Scott A. Fike, $690,000.

Huntingtown Area

OLD EVANS RD., 3360-John Benjamin and Sarah B. Ogle to Donna Rae and Robert Emmett Fennelly, $380,000.

ROBSHIRE MANOR RD., 29-Raymond F. Paiz to Debra Lynn Peery Wilson, $300,000.

STEPHANIE'S LANE, 3148-Marrick Properties Inc. to Robert Clifton Brown, $856,078.

SYMPHONY LANE, 3021-Mary E. and George E. Norris Jr. to Donna Toney, $435,000.

Lusby Area

BALSOM RD., 570-William J. Hill to Philip Roland Cullins, $251,100.

BAY VIEW DR., 550-Roy E. and Shelly L. Wilson to Molly A. Bechtold and Andrew C. Lynch, $319,900.

CATALINA DR., 12100-Kimberlee Koch to Katheryn D. and Richard W. Fort Jr., $278,000.

CLUB HOUSE RD., 374-Yvonne Yeh Fang Lee to Monica E. and James D. Kober, $235,000.

COMMANCHE RD., 11246-James P. Darnell to Michael and Saundra Desarno, $140,000.

CRYSTAL ROCK RD., 868-Frank Clelland to Blanche H. and Vincent J. Cook, $342,000.

DRY CREEK CT., 775-Marie L. Rudolph to D. and D. Homes Inc., $35,000.

HICKOK TRAIL, 781-Letty Uglow Cyrus to George A. Steelberg and Nikki L. Dalrymple, $226,000.

LARIAT LANE, 11537-Katherine R. and Dennis J. Kelly to Benjamin O. Blandenship, $338,900.

LONGHORN CIR., 311-Eleanor S. and Leo Maksymchock to Roger L. Reed, $30,000.

MESA TRAIL, 11641-Thomas James and Robin Rice Cattell to Frances C. and Donald J. Melvin, $304,000.

PAINTED HORSE CT., 605-Mychael S. and Jennifer Shymansky to Sandra M. and Robert P. Kaczorowski, $289,000.

PLATTE RD., 536-Gisela Maria and Carlos Victoria to Robert Bryan Melcher, $186,500.

RED CLOUD RD., 356-Ruby T. and Ernest W. Garner to David B. Hall, $19,000.

RIDGE VIEW RD., 8409-Christopher P. Coleman to Thomas F. McKay, $275,000.

RIDGE VIEW RD., 8441-White Sands Corp. to Robert Lamar Brinlee, $22,400.

SAN GABRIEL RD., 667-David G. Dickson to Natesha and Jason Hammack, $325,000.

THUNDERBIRD DR., 532-Quality Built Homes to John Patrick Thomas, $182,392.

North Beach Area

SIXTH ST., 3715-Ann E. Harman to Gail K. Bentz, $264,000.

Owings Area

CARDINAL WAY, 2321-Paul D. and Jennifer L. Weaver to Brandi Desautels and Jonathan Maxson, $305,000.

CHANEYVILLE RD., 4205-Dorothy C. and Fred I. Rider to Lester Hill King, $654,500.

MOUNT HARMONY RD., 51-Francis L. and Anna Mae Bishop to Jerrilyn A. and James E. Boyd, $396,000.

OLD SOLOMONS ISLAND RD., 9444-F. and M. Builders Inc. to Tina Marie and Thomas Bronk, $465,175.

PARIS OAKS RD., 1631-Dimitri and Emma Gerondidakis to Caroline Freeland and Craig Collins, $400,000.

TIMBERNECK DR., 2086-W. Michael Royer to Stacy F. and Jeffrey P. Halbert, $265,000.

WILD FIRE LANE, 9700-Philip Keith and Kimberly A. Jester to Ann G. and Allen R. Marquis, $565,000.

Port Republic Area

ACACIA RD., 2417-George Liston Tatum to Kathleen J. Daniel, $625,000.

MILLER'S WAY, 1520-Calvert Crossings Corp. to Mary M. Collins, $250,000.

Prince Frederick Area

CAMBRIDGE PL., 250-Edward Deogracias to Daniella A. and Thomas E. Nicholson Jr., $310,000.

CLAY HAMMOND RD., 755-Valerie L. Moore to Benny L. Goldsborough, $629,000.

HALLOWING POINT RD., 2590-Max P.T. Sacks Jr. to Denise M. and Chad E. Boggs, $246,500.

JESSICA LANE, 2025-Julie F. and Joey P. Paskevicius to Tone Compito Wellington, $520,000.

SPARKLEBERRY CT., 4140-James McPeak to Elizabeth F. and James W. Grisso III, $499,900.

Solomons Area

RUNABOUT LOOP, 504-Elizabeth A. Denny to Deborah A. Furey and Alan Morisato, $303,000.

Solomons Landing Area

MARLBORO CT., 541, No. 45-U S Home Corp. to Shahid Siddiqui, $516,519.

PADDINGTON CT., 14420-Roy C. and Ethel K. Manley to Elaine A. and Lee C. Tanavage, $435,000.

SUMMERSET CT., 538, No. 38-U S Home Corp. to Lorena G. and Ilmar M. Perez, $364,238.

St. Leonard Area

BOND ST., 6960-John T. and Marie A. Turner to Timothy Michael and Amy Dent, $719,867.

HILL RD., 6063-Jeffrey W. Greene to Emily R. Harms, $215,000.

LONG BEACH DR., 6519-Kenneth J. and Jean L. Lee to Ann and Kenneth Pollack, $440,000.

MAJESTY LANE, 5340-Albert J. and Dana L. Guidotti to Claire M. and Dennis Campbell, $498,500.

MARYLAND AVE., 4812-Jesse L. and Crystal J. Barrick to Margaret E. and George T. Groom, $260,000.

PICTURE DR., 1085-King J. Coleman to Melinda J. and Barry N. Thomas, $359,900.

Charles County

Bel Alton Area

CRAIN HWY., 8700-Shaheen A. Matin to La Plata Church of Christ, $299,900.

Brandywine Area

PEPPERMINT PL., 5123-Linda M. and Alan G. Parker to Lisa P. Jackson, $540,000.

Bryans Road Area

ARBOR LANE, 6872-D.W. Minter to Matthew Lagamma, $263,000.

ARBOR LANE, 6909-Barbara A. Anderson to Bradley P. Swint, $290,000.

BLACKBERRY CT., 2417-Andrea E. Moodie to Lashonia R. Matthews, $320,000.

BOXWOOD CIR., 2102-Maria C. and Gregory Murray to Thomas K. Gunderson, $260,000.

DAKOTA ST., 2607-Shirley K. and Hilary O. Igbon to Dwayne Adamson and Salenna B. Travis, $260,000.

FRASER RD., 3001-Deborah S. and Donald R. Ford to Reina I. Jimenez, $350,000.

KAREN CT., 5754-Felicia D. Denman to Eddie C. Davis, $225,000.

OAKWOOD CT., 2400-Andrew P. Fitch and Melinda D. Ward to Reginald L. Bell, $225,000.

Charles Street-

Trinity Church Road Area

DUBOIS RD., 9100-Total Homes Inc. to Rachel K. and Michael B. Grote, $678,500.

NORWOOD DR., 12834-Neal H. Larson, trustee, to Heinze Realty Corp., $280,000.

Cobb Island Area

ORIOLE DR., 17610-Jonmarie Huffman to Lorraine Jones, $128,000.


Prince Frederick Road Area

CRACKLINGTOWN RD., 6115-Cheryl E. and Sidney A. Pennington to Richard Zetty, $289,900.

FORESTAL CT., 17360-John K. Gardiner to Dennis K. and Mary F. Sager, $430,000.

STILES PL., 6315-Branchwood Construction Inc. to Karen L. and Lemuel L. Houston Sr., $602,400.

Indian Head Area

BERTHA CIR., 104-Linda A. and Ernest S. Mahoney to Karl McDonald, $155,000.

BLAIR RD., 14-Ray Y. and Debra A. Walden to Ifeyinwa R. and Iheanacho E. Usoh, $293,000.

BREEZEWOOD CT., 5083-Patriot Homes Inc. to T. Jackson and Donita Reid Jackson, $409,506.

BREEZEWOOD CT., 5096-Patriot Homes Inc. to Tami R. and Steve D. Carter, $434,264.

ELLERBE DR., 200-Old Branch Builders Inc. to Cheronda S. Ford, $298,000.

HEATHER CT., 253-William D. Spangler to John J. Bales, $140,000.

OAK FOREST CT., 5795-Patriot Homes Inc. to Travisha and Edric Spruill, $492,801.

OAK FOREST CT., 5807-Patriot Homes Inc. to Shona and Ervin Fields, $429,691.

OAK FOREST CT., 5816-U S Home Corp. to Elizabeth and Michael Johnson, $515,751.

RIVERWATCH LANE, 17-Centex Homes to Harry J. Singleton, $454,800.

RIVERWATCH LANE, 19-Centex Homes to Michael E. Burley, $416,935.

Issue Area

BALSAM CT., 14610-Patricia D. and Joseph T. Shahady to Christine L. Smith, $380,000.

WOLLASTON CIR., 11577-Mark E. Guthrie to Lee Homes Inc., $87,000.

WOLLASTON CIR., 11762-Margie K. and Steven H. Hofberg to Lee Homes Inc., $80,000.

La Plata Area

CHARLES ST., 12142-James B. and Patricia Sams to Crystal and Charles Sparks, $415,000.

CHARLES ST., 9884-Margaret E. and John S. Harding to Randolph L. Tusing, $350,000.

DARLEY DR., 9035-Raymond A. and Joyce W. Long to Linda and Bruce E. Perkins, $389,900.

DOWER HILL FARM PL., 4822-William D. and Amy Bragunier to Kristi L. and Louis P. Goldsmith, $320,000.

FREDERICK DR., 301-Richard A. Hastings to Maureen A. Swymer, $170,000.

HAWTHORNE RD., 5100-Billy W. and Elizabeth L. Dixon to Amanda and Howard Grieninger II, $233,000.

HOLLY DR., 830-Parveen Begum to William E. Austin, $179,990.

LAUREL LANE, 913-Valerie M. and William M. Allen to Thomas Sellers, $170,000.

MARTIN DR., 1023-Somerset Martin Corp. to Tanisha D. and Gregory L. Sanders, $364,288.

MIMOSA DR., 9204-Lennard J. and Mary C. Wolfson to Amy E. and Joel R. Carney, $409,000.

MORGANS RIDGE RD., 154-Cynthia K. and William H. Harrison to John D. Golden, $575,000.

PRINCE CHARLES DR., 10705-Galia Kurgansky to Karen G. Dunlap, $385,000.

PRINCESS DIANA CT., 10629-Sandra J. and Denell R. Brown to Stephanie and David Howard, $485,900.

SPRING OAK DR., 7680-Melvin B. Jr. and Patricia D. Bowling to Suzanne M. and David Reyes, $339,950.

STATION DR., 1100-Robert O. Jr. and Melissa L. Rice to Lisa and Charles Parker, $355,250.

WICKER LANE, 7852-Paul E. Redmond Jr. to Robin H. and Mark L. Fischer, $125,000.

Nanjemoy Area

PORT TOBACCO RD., 5180-Melvin L. Davis Jr. to James M. McCoy Jr., $140,000.

WILLIAM DALE PL., 4515-Dana Marie and John Mark Dennison to Kevin J. Mackey, $499,900.


Point Road Area

LAKESIDE CT., 12034-Teresa Saluja Revocable Trust to Smig Corp., $90,000.

Piscataway Park Area

BRANITAN PL., 6915-Francine B. and A. Grima Johnson to Mount Vernon Ladies Association of the Union, $2.5 million.

OVERLOOK DR., 1130-Harriet B. and Donald H. Taylor to Meredith Murray, $540,000.

Pomfret Area

MARSHALL CORNER RD., 9415-Henry C. Jr. and Nancy E. Kilby to Sharon V. and David W. Legal, $539,000.

WOODLAND RD., 9330-David D. and Margaret Conklin to Maria and Dwayne A. Simonsen, $442,000.

Port Tobacco Area

SIMMS LANDING RD., 7597-Elsie H. and Donald Head to Loren N. and Justin R. Belfield, $240,000.

St. Charles Area

ADAMS RD., 1226-Marianne and Patrick F. Wheeler to Lakisha Johnson, $319,900.

BARKSDALE AVE., 321-Sandra M. and John M. Cheseldine to Daryl K. McElvene, $300,000.

BARRINGTON DR., 711-James R. Angelini to Aaron C. Williams, $185,000.

BARRINGTON DR., 721-Bonnie S. Herscher to J. Heilmeier and Arundel A. Robinson, $169,999.

BEAUMARIS CT., 12068-Damon A. Darden to Jeffrey D. Freeland, $489,900.

BRIGHTWELL CT., 1734-Bryce Drum to Derrick Gayles and Chimere N. Gordon, $190,000.

CAVE CREEK CT., 4824-Kenneth E. Jr. and Nisa M. Boone to Tamara and Bryan McDonald, $416,000.

DERRYFIELD CT., 4973-U S Home Corp. to Tisha and Carl Phillips, $535,009.

FAWN CT., 2185-Brian Hancock to Evan Miller, $240,000.

GLEN ABBEY CT., 11717-April D. and Bryan G. Major to Michael M. McIntosh, $425,500.

HARROW CT., 3173-Joan F. and Wayne A. Johnson to Jennifer L. Rector, $322,900.

HEATHCOTE RD., 3031-Chevron and Herbert Carlene Wright to Elizabeth E. Kessebeh, $175,500.

HEATHCOTE RD., 3101-Jenese C. Brown to Clarence McLeod, $185,000.

HUNTINGTON CIR., 3296-Steven D. Randall to Wanda R. and Kevin A. Willis, $330,000.

KEEPSAKE PL., 30-Linda G. and Kenneth D. Rye to Robin Nelson, $195,000.

LIGHT ARMS PL., 3807-Sharon M. and Rafael L. Alaniz to Jonathan B. Burroughs, $198,500.

LIGHT ARMS PL., 3943-Kenneth M. and Mary Z. Irwin to Eugene K. Lauer Jr., $190,000.

MAIL COACH CT., 2362-Denise B. and John P. Nichols to Ivan E. Clemons, $340,000.

QUINN CT., 4467-Carl J. Johns to Delores Jasper, $350,000.

REDCAR CT., 5-Elsie L. Walters and Donna L. Loyd to Beth and David S. Kregar, $295,000.

ROBINSON PL., 2537-Zakir Chowdhury to Patricia L. Weixler, $180,000.

ROCK CT., 4364-Karen G. Dunlap to Darlene W. Jordan, $299,900.

ROXBURY CT., 803-Frances A. and Gerald E. Johnson to Jose E. Rivas, $298,000.

SAVOY PL., 4905, No. 19-KR-Direse H. Hastings to Cora P. Wharton, $181,900.

SWEETWOOD PL., 12234-Lisa Robinson and James H. Foster Jr. to John E. Leo, $203,500.

TOMMY MIDDLETON LANE, 12770-Wayne E. Coulby, trustee, to Carol A. and Paul J. Buzolich, $282,000.

WALBROOK CT., 2369-Michael F. Clawson to Rene J. Bedard, $300,000.

WALNUT CT., 3429-Jo Lynn Ashlock to Spencewood Investment Properties, $200,000.

WILLOW VIEW PL., 12614-Anita Mason to Lakeisha M. and Michael L. Bullock II, $277,000.

Waldorf Area

BEAR CT., 6421-Robert A. Crocker to Wilberto M. Sanchez, $315,000.

BEECHWOOD DR., 10532-Darra E. and Corey P. Worthington to Elanda L. Blue, $336,000.

BIGEYE CT., 5044-Gillian P. and Ronald G. Hammond to Aliah Goddson, $319,500.

BILTMORE ST., 9456-Centex Homes to Michelle M. and Jonathan L. Vieley, $468,485.

BREAKWATER CT., 2508-Deirdre M. and Allen E. Reynolds to Lucky O. Oligie, $350,000.

BRYANTOWN RD., 4827-Branchwood Construction Inc. to John and Latisha A. Evans, $555,000.

CAPTAIN DEMENT DR., 3205-Lyn and Christopher Saitta Albright to Kristena and David M. Branstetter, $392,900.

CHIMNEY SWIFT CT., 4043-Susan White and Philip Aronson, trustees, to Tyrone I. Savage, $310,000.

CONSTITUTION DR., 10879-John W. and Linda M. Hopson to Robert G. Grimsley and Diana Berg, $487,000.

COTTONTOP CT., 4065-Regan M. and Michael J. Cashman III to Ana I. Alvarenga, $295,000.

CYGNET DR., 11705-Theresa D. and Robert J. Reuss to Arnisha C. Walker, $458,000.

DOCTORFISH CT., 5011-Frank and Lillian E. Davila to Holly S. and Brian J. Wessmiller, $295,000.

DOUGLAS CIR., 6212-Cathryn A. Chicoine to Gloria M. Oliver, $312,500.

DRAKE CT., 4307-Jason T. and Vanessa R. Hardy to L.C. Companies Corp., $167,000.

DRAKE CT., 4313-Sue E. Boston to Dominique Adams, $240,000.

ELSA AVE., 2950-Charles R. Fisher Jr. to Jose L. Estrada Sr., $525,000.

ENTERPRISE PL., 2543-Juliet V. Ross and Cloretta Lloyd to Jason D. Frantom and Taisha M. Palin, $275,000.

FISHER CT., 6402-Derrick and Veronica Ducharme to Denise and Russell Maimone, $390,000.

FORDINGTON PL., 3390-Richard Berends to Terri T. Peebles, $269,900.

FOWLER CT., 905-William R. Singletary to E. Wooden Jr. and Cynthia D. Fletcher, $248,900.

GOLDEN EAGLE PL., 11307-Candace R. Hill to Myung S. Skym, $258,000.

GOPHER CT., 6222-Craig A. and Jane I. Lawrence to S.B. Combs and Gilmore G. Gavigan Jr., $310,000.

GRAY WOLF CT., 6130-Thomas J. Harris and Joey R. Fellner to Melissa Rucker, $364,900.

HERON PL., 11216-Delane Investments Corp. to Robin Smith, $298,000.

HUMMINGBIRD DR., 4703-Brandon and Holly Shaffer to Vera Paladino and Edwin O. Haynes Jr., $341,000.

KEMPSFORD FIELD PL., 3631-Jeff J. Coppi to Melvin R. Proctor, $219,000.

LOCUST ST., 8937-Robert L. and Sharon R. Black to Susan and John Sweeney, $330,000.

LUBBOCK PL., 2670-Michael M. Gaines to Charles E. White, $335,000.

MANTA CT., 5006-James A. Moore to Stephanie C. Crews, $380,000.

MATTAWOMAN BEANTOWN RD., 2200-Lynn and Shannon R. Smack to Stephen M. Rosier, $285,000.

MICHAEL RD., 5901-Vivian Lyles to Robert K. Rank, $299,000.

MICHAEL RD., 5911-Helen M. and Joseph B. Parker to Derrick L. Franklin, $375,000.

MIRKWOOD CT., 2641-Keith Vandagriff to John Kirby Jr., $224,500.

MOFFIT PL., 9856-Debbie and Timothy Taylor to Nicole Hunt, $317,500.

ONSET LANE, 3704-Eloise and John F. Gray Jr. to Tabatha Quinn, $320,000.

OSBORNE CT., 3613-John C. and Nancy C. Linkous to Cynthia and James Chesley, $309,000.

PARTRIDGE BERRY CT., 13150-Karen L. and Lemuel L. Houston to Reginald Ellison, $450,000.

PINFISH CT., 5605-Aaron Skalicky to Andrea M. and Craig W. Coder, $360,000.

RICHMOND WAY, 2443-John D. Golden to Shawn P. Gallagher, $370,500.

ROBSTOWN PL., 9919-Crystal A. and Gregory V. Wright to Tamara and Elizabeth Gallup, $320,000.

ROLLING MEADOWS ST., 2350-Raymond N. Shumaker Jr. to Sean Earley, $345,000.

RUCHLAND LANE, 2471-SCC Canyon Corp. to Tousa Homes Inc., $200,000.

SAUGER CT., 5204-Rhonda F. Devoe to Marina and Levi Anstine, $400,000.

SEA LION PL., 6121-William J. Lange to Roberto Garza, $261,000.

SHOVELER CT., 11908-Wayman P. and Patrice L. Ashburne to Ellwood G. and Deborah M. Reid, $410,000.

STONE AVE., 1020-Deborah E. and Michael J. Koss to Paul G. Bowman, $255,000.

STONECAT CT., 5107-Kerry P. and Lisa M. Dull to Cheritty and Roger Warren, $392,900.

TALISTER CT., 9336-Centex Homes to Regina D. Magbie, $463,895.

THISTLE PL., 478-Raymond Hawkins to Corey A. Wells, $179,900.

TIMBERBROOK DR., 11522-Daniel T. Huelsbeck to Todd E. Gleghorn, $298,597.

TUCKAHOE CT., 2454-Yivetta McGhee and Winston Starke to Tamra L. and Patric E. Nissen, $440,000.

WAHOO CT., 5612-Percy A. and Zelander B. Dingle to R.E. Miles and Lisa R. Foster Miles, $385,000.

WESTWOOD DR., 2212-Richard A. Jackson Sr. to Jennifer S. and Antonio D. D'Aquila, $350,000.

WILDMADOWS ST., 11287-Wexford Village 4 Corp. to Paul L. Booze, $429,179.

WIMBLEDON PL., 10293-Candis D. Oliver to Renee L. and Louis P. Deabreu, $255,000.

WOODLEY RD., 3613-James L. and Louise T. Fleshman to Kimberly and Phillip A. DeFilippo Jr., $285,000.

YOUNG RD., 4520-Elizabeth M. and Lester J. Kraft to Susan M. Manson, $306,000.

Welcome Area

GUNSTON RD., 8736-Karen M. and Michael A. Bruce to John W. Downing Sr., $359,000.

WEDDING DR., 8475-John A. and Linda L. Gott to Kay D. and Douglas L. Risk, $445,000.

White Plains Area

BALMORAL ST., 4800-Yolaunda B. Becton to David A. Rucker, $441,500.

BLOOMSBURY PL., 8055-Laverne L. and Duane P. Brown to Walter R. Williams Jr., $300,000.

CARBERRY CT., 10502-Lenhart Hunters Run Corp. to Phuong and Thanh Nguyen, $422,800.

COASTAL BLVD., 4646-William C. Rollins to Karina S. Smith, $310,000.

HEATHERLEIGH PL., 7911-Matthew J. and Melissa A. Zalesak to Karla J. and Frank G. Frazier Jr., $297,000.

HEDGEMEADE CT., 3908-Lenhart Hunters Run Corp. to Melanie D. and Jason H. Norris, $454,069.

HEDGEMEADE CT., 3912-Lenhart Hunters Run Corp. to B.M. Clinton and John E. Fantroyal, $470,285.

JACKSONHOLE PL., 10766-Leonard Musgrove and Bruce Watkins to Gretchen A. Murray, $285,000.

PARK AVE., 4260-Christian and Melissa Keyser to Darla D. and Brian J. Hancock, $330,000.

TREE FROG PL., 10162-Kenneth E. Hill to Delcia Norciose, $320,000.

WHITTIER CT., 10344-Haynes Enterprises Inc. to Farhat and Mansoor A. Abdullah, $432,950.

WORTHINGTON ST., 3690-Maryland Homes CG Corp. to Anastasia and Gregory English, $503,782.

St. Mary's County

Avenue Area

COBRUM'S WHARF RD., 38696-Benjamin Thomas Farrell III to Owens Franklin Hayden Jr., $227,000.

California Area

BARINGER DR., 45360-George M. Aud to Jennifer and Jeffery R. Venendaal, $265,000.

MAGNOLIA DR., 21808-Brad D. and Robbin R. Edick to Sara K. Yeomans and Pete A. Arrobio, $435,000.

ONION FIELDS LANE, 21432-David Joseph Clark to Paul E. Kielpinski, $225,000.

OTHELLO LANE, 22707-Aurora Schmidt to Regina Lawrence, $165,000.

ST. ANDREWS CHURCH RD., 44697-J. and M. Partnership to A. and A. Rentals and Co. Corp., $75,000.

SCOTCH PINE CT., 23264-Ky Huong T. Phan to Ariana M. Paribello and David G. Layman, $319,900.

WESTMEATH WAY, 45511-Edmund G. Vayan to Matthew V. York, $182,800.

Callaway Area

SETH CT., 20826-Scott B. Shumway to Sandra S. and Martin R. Beaulieu, $449,000.

Drayden Area

CHERRYFIELD LANE, 46428-David L. Bahrs to Usah B. and Andrew B. Wallace, $295,000.

Great Mills Area

ALTMAN CT., 45918-Oakridge Housing Corp. to Kenya T. and Michael E. Holmes, $298,701.

BOYNE CT., 45542-Vernon C. Hunter to Keisha Genine and Zeke Alton Poiro, $265,000.

GREENS REST DR. N., 46160-Marian M. and Jerry W. Boykin to Ray Richardson, $430,000.

GREENVIEW PKWY., 22441-George H. Broxson Jr. to Diane L. and Scott A. Wells, $372,500.

MARK WAY, 19641-David P. Seaver to Jeffrey P. Kohn, $425,000.

Hollywood Area

MCINTOSH CT., 42010-Chapel Point Development to Christina L. and Robert D. Broom, $478,750.

PAPPYS WAY, 25065-Newton Manor Somerset Corp. to Kim and Jude Edward Waddy, $622,816.

Leonardtown Area

FAIRGROUNDS RD., 43232-Bobbie L. Myers to Tina M. Edmondson Berry and Sean E. Berry, $375,000.

J.M. GOUGH CT., 23674-The Villages at Leonardtown Corp. to Carmen G. and Michael Lopez Rodriguez, $405,320.

LITTLE ST. ANNES LANE, 21435-Thomas L. Barnes to Julie S. and Michael W. Cronan, $415,000.

SOUTH 40 DR., 40738-Cheryl L. and James Q. Colson to Ralph and Jenny Matlack, $295,900.

Lexington Park Area

DEAN CT., 46320-Kim Anne Hunt to Catherine Elizabeth and Everett Gerard Gibson, $262,000.

DEVIN CIR., 47736-Frank P. Conway to Freda K. and Maurice T. Lusby, $181,200.

DOVE PL., 20855-Derek L. Kropp to Andrea L. and Frank T. Julian, $305,000.

EASTON CT., 48263-Abraham Valdez to SIRVA Relocation Corp., $338,000.

EDGAR WAY, 21392-Rafael Romero to David J. Castilloluna, $175,500.

ESPERANZA DR., 23367-Theresa H. Morr to D.L. and Curtis A. Hamilton, $650,000.

GREEN HOLLY RD., 23061-SIRVA Relocation Corp. to Dale A. Ford, $364,900.

HILTON RIDGE DR., 46486-Carl T. and Lina M. Parker to Suzette B. and Stephen P. Taylor, $463,500.

KING JAMES PKWY. S., 19214-Arrowhead Corp. to Brigitte and David Straub, $558,991.

MARY MARGARET CT., 21488-Empire Homes Corp. to Tabitha Lynn and Michael Anthony Roman, $332,195.

POPLAR RIDGE RD., 20260-Poplar Ridge Road Corp. to Earl Vincent Bonds and Francis Paul Bonds, $142,000.

RUE WOODS DR., 22619-H.W. Miller and Sons Inc. to Debra A. and Steven C. Ferwerda, $160,211.

SARATOGA DR., 21707-Timothy J. Faust to Michael C. Cummings, $161,500.

SILVER SLATE DR., 47314-Greenbrier Corp. to Becky E. and Benjamin M. Elfert, $100,000.

SORREL DR., 47081-LandDevco Corp. to Linda and Gary Glaser, $331,912.

TEDDY WAY, 19676-Stephen D. Terrell to Kristie L. Sanford, $189,900.

TOWN CREEK DR., 23275-Raymond Morris Florance to Christine and Anthony Cole, $286,000.

YORKTOWN RD., 46601-Jerry Dan George to Robert T. Belshaw, $155,000.

Mechanicsville Area

BAPTIST CHURCH RD., 26571-Tristan M. Taylor to Jennifer Lee Austin and Charles L. Dephillip Jr., $254,990.

BOSSE DR., 27180-Beverly J. and Gary P. Kappel Sr. to Jason A. Forinash, $279,000.

CHRISTOPHER CT., 28975-Joe C. Kloepper to Andrea D. and Eric C. Nolin, $318,000.

DESERT LANE, 38483-John Erskine Inc. to Kinnon W. and Jessica Williams, $435,073.

GUY FARM DR., 27623-William Edward Guy to Bruce E. Coates, $200,000.

HIDDEN ACRES CT., 26920-David and Jennifer Goff to Melinda E. Kerr and Bret W. Krabbe, and John V. and Linda L. Kerr, $380,000.

JENNIFER DR., 29568-William K. Winning to George J. Gott, $265,000.

LAWRENCE PL., 37970-Richard A. Grabenstein to Dean O. Hebert, $295,000.

PARLETT MORGAN RD., 40230-D. and E. Construction Inc. to Howard B. Harper, $352,450.

TRENT HALL RD., 40280-Gwynn Park Partnership to Christine Phyllis Meinhardt, $216,000.

VINCENT CIR., 29781-John W. and Karen M. Dorsey to Mary and Max A. Gould, $260,000.

ZANE CT., 38202-Timmy D. Goldsmith to Ethel L. and Mark A. Bourgeois Jr., $329,500.

Scotland Area

E WAY DR., 14511-Jonathan D. Moltumyr to Karl Martin Operle, $375,000.

Tall Timbers Area

RIVER RD., 18097-Joseph Santullo to Douglas H. Hallgren, $545,000.