Fairfax County

The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit www.washingtonpost.com/realestate.

Alexandria-Belle View Area

BOULEVARD VIEW, 6608, No. B1-Robert G. and Marsha N. Nolan to Heidi M.L. Brissette, $253,000.

DUKE DR., 6907-Robert Earl and Edwina W. Prince to Luis and Melitza Ramirez, $469,902.

KENYON DR., 6726-John O. Cormier to Mary E. Gallentine, $330,000.

PARK TERRACE DR., 7115-Joseph T. Morton to Robert E. and Melissa M. Manaker, $892,000.

WAKEFIELD DR., 6621, No. 602-Merrill K. Wood to Makenzie Mazin, $380,000.

WILLIAMS DR., 6721-Susan M. Rodriguez and Christopher Lyons to Marie Doyle, $450,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

DOROTHY BOLTON CT., 5949-Robert L. Rawlins to Juan and Maria Miranda, $880,000.

HIGH MEADOW RD., 5935-Daniel H. and Catherine P. Doyle to Moti Lal Sharma, $474,000.

KELSEY POINT CIR., 6523-Barbara A. Presgrove to Rene Rodriguez, $500,000.

KNIGHTS RIDGE WAY, 6056-Diane K. Dannelly to Lawrence and Gladys Gardner, $499,000.

LARRUP CT., 7305-Herman J. and Pauline M. Hohauser to Jose L. and Julie P. Navarrette, $338,500.

LAWSONS HILL CT., 5705-John F. Donovan to Christine Boucher, $449,900.

LEEWARD LANE, 5210-William J. Lamont and Kathleen L. Roberts to Lashawn Dickerson and Regina Nixon, $440,000.

OSPREY POINT LANE, 6506-Mary L. and Larry E. Camp to Renato T. and Emmalyn Nicolas, $566,000.

RIDGE VIEW DR., 5659-Todd J. Scott to Kenneth Jason and Julee Anne Daniels, $475,000.

ROXANN RD., 7022-Michael S. and Mari K. Kelly to Erica J. and Wiley D. Holland, $710,000.

STONE WHEAT CT., 7717-Paul B. and Cynthia G. Olsen to Kevin L. and Elke W. Crabbe, $781,500.

SUMNER RD., 6022-James J. and Zelma G. McShane to Robert A. and Leone A. West, $600,000.

SUTCLIFFE DR., 6468-Patrick B. Allen to Andrew Blair and Kathryn Marie Rogers, $649,000.

Annandale Area

ANNANDALE RD., 3901-James Alfred Seale to Milton Ortega, $570,000.

BRENTLEIGH CT., 4659-Messelu Tadesse and Tadelle Teferra to Abdul Hafeez, $410,000.

ESTABROOK DR., 4003-Cay E. Seref and Metin A. Cay to Wilder Soto, $518,950.

FALLING CREEK CT., 8933-Adam R. and Victoria Lipinski to Andre and Jane W. Oskam, $558,000.

INVERTON RD., 7804, No. T3-Huong Tran to Anh Thi Pham and Camvan Thi Nguyen and Toan Cong Dinh, $294,900.

KING EDWARD CT., 4557-Robert Carter to Geum Ja Choi, $465,000.

LUTTRELL RD., 3411-Francis R. and Mary Margaret Harper to Aws K. Albayati and Osama A. Aljubori, $415,000.

MASON RIDGE DR., 4104-Elizabeth Berry to Virginia Grant Saavedra, $600,000.

MAXFIELD DR., 4510-Jayashri Pari and Kodanate A. Lakshmanan to Chadaporn Duangsuwan, $430,000.

MEDFORD DR., 4421-Abdelhak Abdelmoumen and Mohamed Amriui to Pong Y. Ocolarien, $565,000.

PENCE CT., 3504-Tue N. Vu and Q. Diem to Aijaz A. and Safia Khan, $720,000.

PONDEROSA DR., 4818-James and Kathryn Aultman to Hiep Duc and Huong T. Nguyen, $581,000.

ROSE LANE, 3912-Marc E. Zoellner to Mary Ann Dundon and Robin D. Hohweiler, $575,000.

ROSEWOOD ST., 6727-Scott C. Parks and Sean D. McArthur to Emeterio and Hilda Orosco, $630,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

GEORGE MASON DR. S., 3701, No. 317N-Jay Brown to Mohammad H. Rashid, $330,000.

PINEWOOD TERR., 3848-Orlando E. and Carlos Perez to Efrocina Rojas, $475,000.

SKYLINE HEIGHTS CT., 5912-Glenn J. McLoughlin and Maria J. Santos to Atikem Haile Maiman and Pupi Demissie, $675,000.

STEPPES CT., 3891A-Mohd Ikhsan Keliwan and Tetty Juliani Ikhsan to Maria Mercado, $350,000.

WASHINGTON DR., 3506-William M. Puetz to Navid and Niloufar Nawab and Nader Nawab and Mina Haghighatian, $625,000.

Burke Area

ANNABERG PL., 5926, No. 191-Melody R. Barrett to Scott Dunn and Amanda Tyler, $377,000.

BALD HILL PL., 8923-David A. Divine to Frank W. and Christian A. Vegerita, $520,000.

BESTWICKE RD., 6621-Scott A. Sipe to Brian B. and Vrinda Cross, $510,000.

BUFFIE CT., 6333-Sanjay and Ritu Khera to Shitaye Mela, $405,000.

BURNING BRANCH RD., 9521-Ahmad Z. Abbasi to Atiqullah Abbasi, $564,000.

BURR OAK WAY, 10806-Anthony C. and Joanne P. Vesay to Stephen C. and Sarah T. Gallagher, $609,000.

CAPELLA AVE., 6201-Marilyn Stavisky to Susan Bradley and Dorothy Richter, $499,900.

CLEAT CT., 9401-James T. and Darlene J. Futch to Houria Abbou and Hocine Hadj Ali, $710,000.

MARSHALL POND RD., 10193-Kenneth V. and Barbara C. Spiro to Jay L. and Rebecca M. Coplon, $635,000.

MARTINS LANDING CT., 6147-John D. Mingione to Moon B. Choi, $402,000.

MASON BLUFF DR., 5727-Hyeon Wook and Sae Yeon Kim to Matthew M. and Stacy A. Orlowsky, $438,000.

MCCARTHY WOODS CT., 9364-Martin A. and Ruth S. Coleman to Allan Catchpole, $472,000.

MINSTEAD CT., 9607-Rebecca Respess to Gene Hopkins and Viratta S. Hopkins, $482,700.

OAKSHORE CT., 5747-Jennifer A. and Aurelio Cabestrero to Nicholas J. and Sydney Kisseberth, $435,000.

STONECUTTER DR., 6740-Terrence S. and Michele A. Higgins to Charles J. and Kay L. Emerson, $699,883.

VELILLA RD., 9713-Kim T. and Virginia L. Starke to Robert J. and A. Catherine Tate, $650,000.

VILLAGESMITH WAY, 9607-Gerald A. and Margaret J. Michalsky to David K. Young, $649,900.

WALNUT WOOD LANE, 5719-Patricia A. Sellers and Jill D. Goetz to Zviad and Erin Guruli, $424,900.

WHITEWATER DR., 9921-Katherine Andrea Little to Mariella Marin, $403,000.

WOODEDGE DR., 9609-Chad and Suzanne Peterson to Kyung Hee Chu, $731,000.

Centreville Area

BATAVIA DR., 14713-Lam T. and Phuong Nguyen to Dong Bin and Su Jung Kim, $582,000.

COACHWAY DR., 14409-Lane T. and Coleen K. Hartle to Franz Herrera, $560,000.

COOL OAK LANE, 14437-Jill T. Delgado and Melanda I. Todas to Augustine M. Kim, $310,000.

CREEK RUN DR., 6589-William D. and Barbara A. Stewart to Curtis A. and Alice Dixon, $550,000.

CRYSTALFORD LANE, 5429-Nowruz Rasteh to Jahed Wali, $420,000.

FARMING WAY, 14612-Craig Melton to Rosa C. and Mario A. Morales and Mynor Alfredo Orellana, $450,000.

FOREST POND CT., 13651-Sukhdeep Singh to Jose W. Zurita and Claudia Vocal, $325,000.

FROSTY WINTER CT., 6202-Robert D. and Julianna P. Havlu to Tuyet T. Nguyen and Hung K. Vu, $430,000.

GENERAL JOHNSTON PL., 13925-Edward G. Hook and Louann Smith Hook to Sheldon M. and Elizabeth J. Groner, $760,000.

GLADE SPRING DR., 14212-Bryan G. and Zaida I. Downer to Kwen Soo and Che Suk Yoon, $420,000.

GREEN TRAILS CT., 13908-Bok H. Lee to Soon Nam Han, $570,000.

GUARD MOUNT CT., 6410-Seung S. Lee to Choon Won and Hee Yeong Suh and Peter Dong Suh and Young M. Suh, $755,000.

PLEASANT FOREST DR., 5150-Thomas V. and Annamaria M. Reilly to Nathan Bailey and Kaye Stewart Bailey, $1.5 million.

ROCKY RUN DR., 5601-Lee M. and Malinda Nash to Amarjit Singh, $590,000.

SERVICEBERRY ST., 5476-Derrick Y. Ma to Young Lan Kim, $675,000.

STARGAZER TERR., 13526-Abdul Hayee Dar to Hyosil M. Lee, $499,900.

STONE MAPLE TERR., 6721-Sooyoung Chon and Min Je Sung to Ok Jewel, $390,000.

SURREY HOUSE WAY, 15299-Christopher J. and Diane S. Mullins to Terry J. and Elizabeth L. Morrison, $775,000.

TRAVIS EDWARD WAY, 5106C-Yeounhee Cho to Neel and Bijal Shah, $365,000.

TRILLIUM HOUSE LANE, 6514-Joe G. and Mary J. Vanderdys to Gregory F. and Linda S. Tennille, $735,000.

WOODLAND RIDGE CT., 6363-Kenneth E. and Esperanza R. Gilbert to Mark J. and Melinda R. Soltys, $572,500.

WOODSIDE DR., 1349-Solitaire Homes Corp. to Martin M. and Nancy R. McNerney, $2.314 million.

Chantilly Area

BARE ISLAND DR., 13588-David J. and Karin Turner to R. Kurt and Debra D. Duesterdick, $725,000.

DEERWATCH DR., 4652-William N. and Anne M. Smith to Pia Marie Fay McGinnis, $489,900.

HENRY POND CT., 13760-Sekhar and Malini Puli and Kusuma K. Puli to Yamini and Hemanth Ganta, $930,000.

KIMBERLEY GLEN CT., 4026-John and Patrice Thigpen to Godofredo Garcia and Trancito Zamora, $440,000.

LEES CORNER RD., 4407-Grace M. Zettler to Scott Ethan Ebol and Lazaro Arnoldo Lopez, $489,900.

Clifton Area

BUNKERS CT., 6707-Walt B. and Marisa M. Keel to Steven E. and Regan L. Judd, $899,500.

CLIFTON FOREST DR., 6998-Dirk Smith to Stephen C. and Le Ha M. Anderson, $700,000.

COMPTON HEIGHTS CIR., 6820-Richard M. and Barbara B. Johnson to Vikas and Swati Mehrunkar, $734,000.

STONEHUNT PL., 6200-Russell W. Curran to John F. Ryan, $712,325.

Fairfax City Area

ANNAMOHR DR., 4877-John R. Hinson to Jerry R. and Maureen E. Varnon, $975,000.

ARGONNE DR., 4401-Jean D. Stevenson to Randall A. Gacek and Cecilia M. Llach, $686,100.

ASHLEIGH RD., 5471-Robert M. and Jane E. Rader to Niels and Riza Harild, $859,000.

BARN SWALLOW CT., 10608-Hye Kim to Adela Taylor, $620,000.

BIDEFORD SQ., 4751-Hao A. and Chuc Anh T. Nguyen to Kyung Hee Park, $537,900.

BRIAR PATCH LANE, 4717-J. William and Ann F. Harrison to Jonathan D. and Belinda R. Lee, $660,000.

FAIRFAX GREEN DR., 4155-James and Soyoung Kim to Hossein A. and Nahid F. Shahbazi, $535,000.

FAIRFAX HUNT RD., 12100-Sam and Kathy Yow to Joseph T. Trapeni and Marulyn H. Trapeni, $875,000.

FRIENDSHIP CT., 10287-Lan Yue and Kai Zhang to Jose and Alba Benitez, $431,000.

GREGG CT., 4008-Kishore Majji and Raja Vutukuru to Jeffrey S. and Jennifer A. Allinder, $480,000.

HARVESTER FARM LANE, 4353-Trinidad and Virginia L. Rios to Joseph R. and Karen Sue Meisenheimer, $570,000.

HARVESTER FARM LANE, 4379-Phong C. Ngo to Suporn Patitanawan, $632,000.

HIGHLAND LANE, 3316-John A. Pagliuca to Elizabeth Ann Burns, $675,000.

INVERNESS RD., 3842-Lisa A. Alberse to William R. Ashworth, $527,500.

JAMES HALLEY DR., 10822-John Joseph and Helen Y. Garrity to Karl Stoermer, $635,000.

JASPER RD., 13201-Cheng Z. Zhou to Somsre Gaston, $460,000.

JOHN TURLEY PL., 10709-John L. and Elizabeth E. Griffin to Luis A. Angarita and Sintia D. Angarita, $630,000.

KENERSON DR., 5044-Michael Sungdo Choi to Kyung Weon Kim, $550,000.

PEARSALL LANE, 13223-Ruby L. Chiu to Darryl Forrest and Emily Anne Elizabeth Zasada, $436,000.

PORTSMOUTH RD., 5028-Mark D. Carney to Mustafa Sungar, $595,000.

PRINCE WILLIAM DR., 3219-Peter R. and Susan N. Noe to Andrew Schechter and Sarah A. Kline, $689,000.

PUMPHREY DR., 5251-William R. and Sarah H. Winston to Ye Kyong Hai, $560,550.

QUAIL CREEK LANE, 13116-Joseph R. Ziska and Carolyn M. Thorne to Allison Yu Ju and Irene Yu Ying Chang, $447,500.

ROSE ARBOR CT., 3011-An Y.P. Nguyen and Le Khanh to Edward F. and Catherine J. Morris, $899,000.

TWINBROOK RD., 4820-Andrea J. Chambers and Lowell J. Chambers to Daniel D.T. Nguyen and Phung M. Luu, $519,000.

WALNUT COVE CIR., 4078-Kathleen McLaughlin to Annette Marie Gwensberg, $632,500.

WASHINGTON BRICE RD., 12411-Christopher P. Miller and Helena Wallin Miller to Benjamin H. Carter and Melisa A. Gladysiewski, $620,000.

WEIRICH RD., 9328-David and Helen Ton to Joon Kyung and Du Han Song, $659,900.

WERTHERS CT., 4029-Guillermo Fonseca and Maria Fernanda Alva to Juan Carlos Rodriguez, $570,000.

WILSON WOODS CT., 5208-Palmer Murray and Carol S. Esau to Patria P. Medina and Nicasio G. Medina, $705,000.

Fairfax Station Area

BRESSINGHAM DR., 7865-Hak K. and Ok J. Kim to Barry S. and Lisa S. Goldstein, $910,000.

CANTERBERRY RD., 10640-Francis E. and Suzanne A. Jepson to Kenneth V. and Barbara C. Spiro, $960,000.

CLARA BARTON DR., 11566-William E. Mounts and Sylvrid K. Mounts to Rebecca E. and Clyde A. Weirick, $965,000.

PREAKNESS LANE, 7806-James J. and Ann E. Mercer to Sung C. and Katie K. Yun, $917,500.

ROLLING RIDGE DR., 9714-Mark M. and Shelia P. Hodge to Andrea E. and Eric Feigenbaum, $899,900.

TABOR LANE, 8308-Tinette D. Chan and Hung V. Dinh to Tinette Chan, $825,000.

WHITE RIDGE LANE, 7111-Jackie L. and Coleen J. Haun to Adam R. and Victoria Lipinski, $970,000.

WOOD POINTE WAY, 9144-David A. and Olga R. Lennox to Benjamin T. and Anette Walker, $724,900.

Falls Church Area

FRENORA CT., 3408-Jerome F. and Jill T. Smith to Christopher C. and Carole A. Worley, $723,000.

GRAHAM RD., 3141-Jose O. Lara to Luis Giron, $545,000.

LAKESIDE VILLAGE DR., 7604K-Kelly D. Dickens to Francisco Gonzalez, $320,000.

LEE HWY., 7609, No. 204-Timothy L. Walker to Carmen A. Pineiro, $267,500.

LITTLE JOHN CT., 7528-Hassan and Minoo Aliabadi to James C. and Laura J. Wright, $550,000.

QUINCY AVE., 7132-Barbara N. Steiner to Edgardo Castellon, $560,000.

SLADE RUN DR., 3330-Xuan T. Nguyen and Ellen Pham to Vinh Lai, $460,000.

WEST ST., 2620-John and Laurie Laszakovits to Gabriel Cossio and Ruperta Carlos, $579,000.

WESTCOTT RD., 6721-Deborah A. Chapman to Walter Palencia, $456,000.

YANCEY DR., 7963-E.M. Stohrer to Paul Lloyd Gross and Joanne Louise Clark, $575,000.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

ANDERSON RD., 1935-Mehdi Sarbaz to Danny Halim, $517,000.

CHERRI DR., 2005-Douglas Rima to Timothy W. and Carol C. Myers, $490,000.

GORDONS RD., 7127-Steven Frith to Mark A. and Nancy A. Bossard, $735,000.

KIRBY CT., 6633-Marjorie S. Heins to Chong C. Kilroy, $703,000.

METROPOLITAN PL., 7008-Donna J. Evans to Juan A. and Esperanza Soldevilla, $449,900.

NORSHAM LANE, 7706-David R. and Philippa P.B. Hughes to Phillip A. Bates, $375,000.

PIONEER LANE, 2730-Frank J. Kelly and Claudia N. Deverall to V. Brian, $630,000.

Fort Belvoir Area

POINT REPLETE CIR., 7115-Michael B. and Linda D. White to Duwayne T. and Jennifer T. Gilbertson, $639,900.

Fort Hunt Area

FORT HUNT RD., 8409-Eric and Stephanie Wunderlich to Thomas J. and Jean M. Noon, $680,000.

GLADSTONE PL., 1207-Hugh Elliot to James D. and Eileen H. Houser, $485,000.

KARL RD., 8107-Wahnne C. Clark to Jeffrey and Tricia Sneath, $542,500.

Great Falls Area

AKHTAMAR DR., 10210-Robert L. and Sherri Walker to Stephen W. and Suzie L. Bailey, $1.995 million.

LANDY LANE, 11293-James D. and Vicki A. Cotton to Bruce D. and Maria T. Marshall, $1.25 million.

MINE RUN DR., 9126-Ann A. Park to John Son and Kyung S. Chung, $2.275 million.

RIVA RIDGE DR., 1024-Michael J. and Cornelia V. Kowalchik to Kevin M. and Tracy E. West, $858,000.

SENECA RD., 706-Otto W. and Courtland Hoernig to Jon and Leigh Freund, $1.37 million.

SENECA RD., 841-Mirfarhad Shahlavi to Arthur H. and Christine R. Osgood, $2.14 million.

SPRINGVALE CT., 10603-Alan L. and Marcia H. Ross to Ali Fazel, $912,500.

WARWICKSHIRE CT., 914-Paul and Marna K. Plaia to Mohsen and Mohammad Ghafouri, $1.05 million.

Herndon Area

FOX WOODS DR., 12722-Douglas W. and Mary I. Wolf to David R. and Judy M. May, $970,000.

GREENSTONE CT., 3216-Benoit Simon to Christophe and Myriam Goyet, $635,000.

GREY FRIARS PL., 13023-William F. and Marie T. Inman to Elisabeth Joy and Jon Kenneth O. Thomas, $757,500.

HARRINGTON CT., 12902-Jerry L. and Kathi G. Williams to Nina Chin, $880,000.

KINGSTREAM CIR., 1538-Kari J. and William T. Doescher to David B. and Tracy J. Fisher, $675,000.

MOTHER WELL CT., 2900-Jean M. Binkerd to Bernard H. Kagan, $690,000.

OAK FARMS DR., 12722-Maria Cholakis and Bernardus H. Heijst to Sunil and Nandha Madhugiri, $1.015 million.

OAKHAMPTON PL., 2527-John W. and Lorraine J. Kies to Geraldine Hanson, $565,000.

SHEA PL., 13355-Oscar A. Orellana to Anibal Romero Lovo, $350,000.

THORNGATE DR., 3311-Charles and Wanda Tonjes to Lawrence C. and Susan L. Gallagher, $700,000.

TURBERVILLE LANE, 12814-Tien H. Nguyen and Uyen N. Ha Diem to Garrett H. and Nancy K. Teselle, $575,000.

WEATHER VANE WAY, 13110-Hyo L. Hong to Sridhar and Usha Narasimhan, $895,000.

WREXHAM RD., 12811-Pamela S. Hays to Carmen Lizama, $530,000.

Huntington Area

ELMWOOD DR., 3411-Zafar A. Subzwari to Vanegas Marizol Zelada, $484,900.

FORT DR., 2416-James K. Surdam to Jeffery Brian Burton, $460,000.

GLENDALE TERR., 2319-Edward A. and Martha M. Merkli to Wanda L. Claudio, $310,000.

KATHRYN ST., 5652-Katie K. Weeks to Glen R. and Beverly A. Anderson, $400,000.

WILLIAMSBURG RD., 5929-Christopher S. and Samantha Cook to Ethan and Jennifer Ackerman, $375,000.

Hybla Valley Area

DAPHNE LANE, 2403-Pamela S. Tonglao and C. Erik Johnson to Bruce E. and Heather Z. Watenpaugh, $596,000.

DOCTOR CRAIK CT., 8223-Thomas H. and Katherine Z. Gailliot to Karen J. Roberts, $525,000.

HERITAGE SPRINGS CT., 3005-Teresa L. Johnson and German W. Fuentes to Frederick N. Peal and Nutu E. Peal, $435,000.

KOMES CT., 4106-Brian J. and Janet M. Creelman to Samuel Camacho and Molina Marina, $691,600.

LINDBERG DR., 7549-Peter J. Elliott to Patrick V. Mack and Tasha L. Ginet, $694,900.

RICHMOND HWY., 6431-E. John and Deborah H. Mohler to Maria Nazareth and Emidio Mendonsa, $181,000.

ROLLINGBROOKE CT., 4420-Raymond N. and Karen D. Miller to Jose Maria Saravia, $550,000.

WINDBREAK DR., 2603-Phyllis J. Dean and Deborah J. Merchant to Mary Ann Wolfe, $398,000.

Lincolnia Area

CANARD ST., 5267-Geraldine E. Crosby to Claudio Perez Labrayo, $550,000.

CHEYENNE KNOLL PL., 5433-Adiscarla and Mark C. Simonik to Gavin C. and Jennifer S. Rodkey, $520,000.

CHIEFTAIN CIR., 5421-Bradley D. Joelson to Charlene Banks and Norman Pardo, $499,900.

DEMING AVE., 4608-Allen Ford to Gregory F. Wells and Sarah F. Bollinger, $757,000.

EDWARDS ST., 4725-Jason D. Oxman and Kristin A. Loiacono to Donald J. Debolt and Long Ngo, $560,000.

FAIRLAND ST., 6400-Joan T. Sadick to Robert Capozzi, $513,300.

RIVER TWEED LANE, 6547-Amy M. Smith to Phyllis Reagan, $510,000.

ROBERT TODD CT., 6334-Marbella Alvarez to Tam Vu Dinh and Beba T. Bui, $525,000.

SKY BLUE CT., 6624-Scott M. and Kelli A. Hagen to Samuel Appiah Jusi and Monica Telfer, $500,000.

ZION CT., 4102-Wesson L. Thresher to Valerie D. Taylor, $430,000.

Lorton Area

AMERICAN HOLLY RD., 8161-Bryan D. Pommer to Michael A. and Joyce A. Curci, $860,000.

ASPENPARK RD., 7415-Mairion A. Johnson to Oscar Cuellar, $365,000.

HORSESHOE COTTAGE CIR., 8053-Robert S. Jolly to Ki H. and Kyung C. Yeon, $529,900.

JANDELL RD., 8907-Betty M. and Sherry L. Collins to Jose E. Nunez, $485,000.

MALLOW TRAIL, 5714-Mija Romer to Eugene and Veronica T. Banez, $850,000.

STONEGARDEN DR., 9157-James C. Gabeler to Kyung P. Chang and So Young Kim, $650,000.

SYLVANIA ST., 8802-Andres F. Basto and Rosario S. Costas to Marta and Marta E. Benitez, $525,000.

McLean Area

AUTUMN CIR., 14175-Adam T. Karst and Kathleen E. Ford to Rebecca R. Valois and Steve G. Carroll, $380,999.

BEVERLY RD., 1245-Margaret A. Meyer and David C. Kushner to Mark A. and Margaret A. Raitor, $1.035 million.

DANFORTH ST., 6801-Dermot M. and Maria P. Winters to Sung Kook and Ju Kong Park, $770,000.

DUNTERRY PL., 1600-Kathryn Rutcho to Mary Roberts Baker and Ezra M. Crawford, $625,000.

ELDORADO ST., 7380-Roberto Vazquez and Lilia Bocanegra Vasquez to Tamaki Kurusu, $650,000.

ENOLA ST., 7821, No. 7-Mehrdad Sarbaz to Michael F. Hequibal and Dwight Haskins and Frances Haskins, $316,500.

FRANKLIN AVE., 2017-Reinold and Rikstina Van Til to Caroline M. Leies and Wade S. Kirschner, $1.2 million.

LINWAY TERR., 6239-Thomas P. Friel to Jonathan F. Evans and Elizabeth Bowen, $1.275 million.

MERRIEWOOD LANE, 858-William A. and Dolores A. Homan to Gary Latham and Ruby R. Qurashi, $1.275 million.

NORTHWOODS TRAIL, 1036-Lawrence P. and Norby K. Gasho to Howard N. and Peggy S. Flaxman, $1.3 million.

PINE CREEK CT., 6720-Howard N. and Peggy S. Flaxman to Holly K. Salamido and Philip A. Rickey, $930,000.

SANTA MARIA CT., 7032- Pamela L. Chafin to Les E. Buday, $616,000.

TURKEY RUN RD., 910-Charles F. Vance to Steven J. Ricchetti and Amy E. Blanchard Ricchetti, $2.25 million.

WILSON LANE, 1935, No. 104-Edward S. Baran to Khalil and Solaiman Zalmai, $360,000.

Mount Vernon Area

BEEKMAN PL., 8633D-Dale R. Kern to Marissa N. Wackel, $180,500.

BLACK ALDER DR., 8808-David Stallings to Mohammad Younis and Luqman Younas, $680,000.

CHERRYTREE DR., 9208-Tom B. and Judi A. Foulk to Warren E. and Katie S. Cox, $750,000.

DANDRIDGE TERR., 4212-Carol Bujold to Robert S. and Sylvie Winters, $699,900.

REMINGTON DR., 5213-Russel H. Phelps to John R. Sullivan and Danette L. Delmastro, $678,000.

ROXBURY LANE, 3739-Madeline Maldonado to Pablo L. Sangiovanni, $405,000.

SOUTHLAWN CT., 8569-Sajjad and Chaudhary Hafeez to Juana Rivas and Maria Chavez, $350,000.

TOWNE MANOR CT., 8551-Valarie Lafaye and Jimmy Carrasquillo to Diane K. and Barbara A. Struck, $376,450.

VAN CT., 4823-Larry D. and Brenda I. Cox to Alma A. Mejia and Herlin A. Mejia, $470,000.

North Springfield Area

COSGROVE PL., 7602-Jae H. Lee to Solange Morales, $540,000.

LEESVILLE BLVD., 7304-Daniel M. and Melissa D. Taylor to Le T. Tran and Tuyen N. Nguyen, $531,000.

LONSDALE DR., 5216-Richard A. and Kathy D. Austin to Charles R. and Samantha M. Miller, $420,000.

MILLAND ST., 5216-Jose and Elsa N. Penafiel to Mery Condori and Cristobal Chambi Rocha, $540,000.

MITCHAM CT., 5539-Allan L. and Susan D. Mink to Bradley J. and Elizabeth A. Dietz, $415,000.

MOULTRIE RD., 5308-Eva J. Lantz to Hong Guang Lin, $450,000.

Oakton Area

BRIDGE HILL LANE, 2556-John Kenneth and Janet Elizabeth Grelle to Marcella W. and Willie J. Foreman, $2.25 million.

SORREL RIDGE LANE, 11212-Daniel and Constance Collins to Jon C. and Mary Lee A. Brendsel, $1.301 million.

STRATFORD CT., 3155-Lawrence C. and Susan L. Gallagher to Andrew B. and Patricia M. Haviland, $520,000.

TROUSSEAU LANE, 2974-Richmond American Homes to Xiaolan Zhu and Wei Jun Wang, $989,415.

VALE RD., 9960-James D. and Brooke M. Anderson to Craig C. and Jodi L. Breinig, $1.225 million.

WAPLES MILL RD., 11825-Peter R. and Elizabeth M. Belleville to Lucy Lamb, $572,000.

WESTHURST LANE, 3008-Daniel A. Cerio to William H. Lauer, $1 million.

WINDWOOD FARMS DR., 3057-Joseph A. and Holly S. Bates to Manuela Villapudua, $515,000.

Reston Area

ANTIQUA CT., 2338-Andrew and Jessica Smith to Nicole Price, $380,000.

CASTLE ROCK SQ., 2253, No. 12C-Lisa C. Delafleur to Ekerm and Omur Tutuncu, $284,000.

CHAPEL CROSS WAY, 11615-Thomas M. and Fiona C. Palmer to Walter P. and Victoria R. Peter, $615,000.

DASHER LANE, 1325-Danielle D. Martin to Robert W. Mauck and Alisha W. Mauck, $1 million.

LAKEPORT WAY, 1958-Robert and Alisha Wooten Mauck to April A. Holmes, $585,000.

LINKS DR., 11519-Virginia E. Anderson to Robert Randall and Ruth J. Speer, $435,000.

PARK GARDEN LANE, 1378-Christa and Rainer Kuenkel to John L. Gerbino, $616,000.

PURPLE BEECH DR., 11424-Eva M. Leavitt to Raleigh J. and Joyce H. Neal and Jeffrey H. Neal, $700,000.

PURPLE SAGE DR., 1642-S. and F.A. Boswell to Cornelius Matthew Corbett, $335,000.

SAFFOLD WAY, 11006-Lynne M. Christensen to Christine L. and Peter A. Mayes, $400,000.

SHIRE CT., 11841, No. 11B-Melissa J. Peery to Charles Crafton, $300,000.

SILENTWOOD LANE, 11197-Kimberlyn Bellamy to Andrew B. Hnatiw, $395,000.

SOAPSTONE DR., 2519-Steven Brisbane to Luis Alexis Molina Chacon, $585,000.

ST. TRINIANS CT., 11879-Steven L. Armentrout and Paula Gawthorp Armentrout to Laura Kay Forest, $435,000.

STONES THROW DR., 11314-Sharri L. Dean to Devan Shumway, $1.635 million.

STUART RD., 1523-Victor and Jannette Chacon to Bruno and Laurie Nasta, $850,000.

SUNDIAL DR., 1336-Michael Riolo and Stephanie Miller to Lynne A. Harrison, $570,000.

TALIESIN PL., 12000, No. 21-Romeo C. and Sylvia A. Garcia to Tracey L. Hicks, $345,500.

Seven Corners Area

ARLINGTON BLVD., 6001, No. I515-Victor J. and Carmen M. Martinez Reimer to Rosa Larrain, $265,000.

HAZELTON ST., 3053-William L. and Sheryl W. Carmichael to Anne Womack and Chad Michael Kolton, $625,000.

JUNIPER LANE, 3228-Bryce M. and Ruth W. Gerlach to Maryam A. and Abdul Rahman Seraj, $970,000.

MANCHESTER ST. S., 3100, No. 341-Goher Azam and Naoual Elgord to Jean A. Kaplan, $289,000.

MANCHESTER ST. S., 3100, No. 704-Kevin S. Shroyer to Lyubov Gonchar, $235,000.

Springfield Area

ANDREW MATTHEW TERR., 6390-Sirak Girma and Rahel Yemane to Edgar A. Sandoval, $440,000.

ANTRICAN DR., 6558-James and Jane Blue to Eileen Serafin and Urban K. Jonson, $515,000.

APACHE ST., 6218-Ernest J. and Shelia A. Vasquez to Robert Pasnak, $445,150.

APPLECROSS LANE, 8908-Thomas G. Connors to John K. and Maureen O. Zimmerman, $665,000.

BEACHWAY CT., 7206-Gordon T. and Bonnie S. Kennedy to Adrian Vargas Jimenez, $600,000.

BONA VISTA CT., 7229-Mohammed A. and Azmath Yousuf to Sultan Faryar, $535,000.

FLANDERS ST., 5906-Sim P. and Sokunthy Tan to Edward Soto, $589,000.

FORSYTHIA ST., 6607-Ronald E. Kaufman and Eva M. Lai to Diedre K. Nicholson Lamb and William L. Nicholson, $675,000.

GOLDEN HORSESHOE CT., 7401-Jerry R. and Sue H. Kranz to Khawaja Z. Ahmed, $431,000.

GRANDVIEW CT., 8072-Sharlise L. Shulterbrandt to Catherine M. and Terence P. Murray, $332,900.

HIGHLAND ST., 7606-Ruben Rojas to Gradys Mendoza and Marlon Gutierrez, $560,000.

LARRICK CT., 7902-Bobby R. and Kyong Son Sawyer to Mohammad Aziz Samey and Halima H. Samey, $649,900.

POWDERBROOK LANE, 8084-Phyllis V. Gruver to Daniel Jisoo Hwang, $459,900.

REVENNA LANE, 7972-Richard J. and Kathleen M. Desantis to Mohammed K. Anam, $470,000.

ROLLING OAK LANE, 7340-Lawrence G. and Amy Renee Pugh to Estela R. Bala and Apollo M. Bala, $429,000.

SPRINGFIELD OAKS DR., 8579-Shunnie F. Chough and Insook C. Chough to Genet Belay and Resom W. Negassi, $420,000.

STAGECOACH ST., 6605-David A. and Christina N. Dossman to Chalermporn Chaleunrath and Uthai Thaiwee and Virit Aimaree, $485,000.

TURLOCK RD., 7774-Roberto and Maria T. Fernandez to Gavin and Angela Gilmour, $585,000.

Vienna Area

DREWLAINE DR., 1720-M. Richard Porras to Vicky Wei Shi Hwa, $1.055 million.

FAIRWAY DR. NE, 1128-Jin O'Neill to Robert A. Peres and Anna Maria Marsili, $686,000.

GARRETT ST., 10103-James Jeffrey and Nancy S. Graf to Anna Marie Termini, $620,000.

GLENGYLE DR., 2542, No. 175-Lisa K. Winters to Victoria Hernandez, $369,000.

LABRADOR LANE, 1928-Donald Morris and Jeanne V. Larsen to Brian E. and Emily G. Pyatt, $699,900.

LAFORA CT., 2840-Mark P. Tally to Mark G. Melikan and Breanne C. Docal, $521,000.

LAGERSFIELD CIR., 9606-Leslie A. McDonell to Bryan and Kim Witeof, $779,000.

LANDON HILL RD., 1720-James M. and Stacey W. Graham to Jonathan M. and Karen A. Kayes, $1.125 million.

LAUREL HILL RD., 1529-Soon H. Kim to Sean and Donna Andrews, $800,000.

NIGHTSHADE CT., 1519-J. Stephen and Kelly M. Fletcher to Glen P. Kedzie, $1.09 million.

OAKDALE WOODS CT., 9922-Osmanjan Ababekri to Nelson Vasquez, $453,000.

REDWOOD DR., 1105-Victor M. Hodson to William T.K. and Eileen P. Dolan, $853,000.

SHAWN LEIGH DR., 2813-Marvin N. and M.E. Hymanson to Ahmad Nassar, $519,900.

SQUAW VALLEY DR., 9807-Neal A. and Diane L. Levene to Arjang Raoufinia, $865,000.

STOKLEY WAY, 1336-Sidney H. and Gloria P. Gordon to Wei Luo and Dong Qing Lin, $761,000.

TANGLEVALE DR., 2328-Susan J. Kinney to Lisa Aires and Mark McKinley, $810,000.

THELMA CIR. SW, 601-Russell Richard and Anne S. Rose to George Z. Hornerberger and Sharon D. Drumm, $645,800.

TIPPERARY PASS, 2972-Robert J. and Leola K. Bolger to Cynthia L. Iwan, $448,000.

TOYON WAY, 1842-R. Peter and Carol L. Smith to Steven W. and Cheryl A. Krapcho, $749,000.

TREVOR PL., 8001-Carole El Gazzar to Richard P. Butler and Shirin Fardi, $610,000.

TYSONS CT., 8523-Wilson H. Decamp and Mary A. Lazar to Francesca A. Costantino Bravo and Mary S. Costantino, $730,000.

Vienna-Dunn Loring Area

COAL TRAIN DR., 2344-David N. and Victoria I. Atherton to Kyoo Yang and Choon Hwee Lee, $1.09 million.

West Springfield Area

ARMENDOWN DR., 9056-Olga M. Kripner to Matthew and Anne Indrisano, $450,000.

CENTER RD., 8708-Jea C. and Young Y. Yoo to Mohammad Aminul Hoque, $502,100.

GREGORY CT., 6404-Lawrence A. and Lan T. Powers to Maria S. Cruz and Erling A. Hernandez, $626,400.

HADLOW DR., 7004-Edward J. and Teresa E. Williamson to Mark W. Wever and Kathylee M. Wever, $549,000.

HARWOOD PL., 6704-Julien and Gabrielle Bois to Tawab Neyazi, $500,000.

LIMERICK CT., 6400-Juan C. and Maria V. Miranda to Julio T. Ruiz, $590,000.

MILLWOOD DR., 8408-Jeffrey P. Tooker to Kadri and Songul Eren, $500,000.

SOLOMON SEAL CT., 7054-Michael P. Sullivan to Sarah E. Evans, $460,500.

TANWORTH DR., 7107-Paul G. and Nanette C. Werner to Jeffrey A. Howell and Carmen Carter, $509,000.

VIOLA ST., 7812-William F. and Jerre B. Horton to Tony G. and Jennifer S. Johnson, $670,000.