The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Adamstown Area

DOUBS RD., 5616-Emma Louise Betteridge to Lisa W. Selby, $350,000.

WASHINGTON ST., 2785-Lester E. Springirth to Sarah Miller and Kevin P. Barrett, $360,000.

Braddock Heights Area

POTOMAC AVE., 4743-George J. and Geneva Barthel to Betsy and Robert W. Barber, $500,000.

Brunswick Area

A ST. E., 419-Keith and Marilyn Emery to Kathleen and Allen Royal, $256,000.

BRUNSWICK ST., 312-Beck and Hunter Properties Corp. to Keith Emery, $95,000.

GALYN DR., 112-NVR Inc. to Truc Thanh Chuong and Tam Van Doan, $546,325.

I ST. W., 38-Gerald A. Jr. and Jan Marie Campbell to Charles A. and Rebecca E. Stine, $194,900.

K ST. E., 212-Mary C. White to Eugene G. Sappington Jr., $215,000.

PEACH ORCHARD CT., 608-Lisa C. Miller to Michael McAllister, $170,000.

SOUDER RD., 614-John Preston Carnes Jr. to Eileen G. Funkhouser Rouch and James L. Rouch III, $248,000.

Emmitsburg Area

BOLLINGER SCHOOL RD., 17204-Ernest J. Fredrikis to Lori J. and David C. Downs Sr., $315,000.

RAMBLEWOOD CT., 433-Amanda K. and Philip C. Little to Deborah K. and Shaun D. Hess, $409,900.

Frederick City Area

ALEX CT., 6905-Gene S. and Linda C. McLoughlin to Sharon and Greg Duggan, $214,000.

BARTONSVILLE RD., 5739-Betty C. and Richard K. Miller to Robert David Stup, $275,000.

BIGGS AVE., 633-Derek M. Huether to Robin and Christopher A. Osborg, $301,500.

BLACK WALNUT CT., 1809-John T. and Amy K. Phillips to Barbie and Paul W. Seculer, $550,000.

BLUE HERON DR., 8202, No. 2C-Daria and Alex Curtis to Daria O. Curtis, $165,000.

BLUE HERON DR., 8207, No. 1D-Nancy L. Beaman to Lisa C. and Robert N. Lucke Jr., $211,000.

BOX ELDER CT., 5718-Eleanor C. Boyer to Eula Kasper, $235,000.

BOXFORD CT., 306-Patricia E. and Ignatius Gabriel to Ruben D. Flores, $306,000.

BUELL DR., 2059-Patriot Homes Inc. to Farhat Abbas, $295,747.

BUSHYTAIL CT., 606-Emerald Farm Corp.-Comstock to Michelle L. and Kevin J. Watson, $460,150.

BUSHYTAIL CT., 608-Emerald Farm Corp.-Comstock to Sheila and Ronald Smaw, $573,119.

CHESTNUT GROVE RD., 8629-Shanna M. and Carlo M. Merhi to Debra C. Stine, $295,000.

CLARENDON TERR., 4961-Cendant Mobility Financial Services to Victoria J. Daffenbaugh, $275,000.

COACH HOUSE WAY, 2503, No. 3D2-Robert Patrick Cavanaugh to Julius Necciai, $245,000.

COUNTRY CT., 1725-Dwight C. and Shirley A. Monnier to Laura M. Martin and Andrew J. Gonciarz, $204,000.

CRABAPPLE DR., 5663-Tana K. and Terrance W. Warfield to Helen Ruth Henderson, $316,500.

CROYDON CT., 5062-Kurt D. and Lorrie L. Allender to Colleen and Marques Samuda, $490,000.

DARTMOOR PL., 5144-Marek Kaminski to Angela D. and Christopher R. Harry, $285,900.

DRIFTWOOD CT. E., 2502, No. 3B13-Norma L. Brainard to Martha C. Barillas, $240,000.

DUKE CT., 5176-Linda Matusek to Richard A. Lindblad, $244,900.

DUKE CT., 5707-Jason K. Baxter to Michelle A. Hamer, $244,000.

DUKE CT., 5807-Shawkat Hassan to Amy L. and Michael A. Watson, $246,500.

EDEN DR., 1488-Frederick L. Hash to Leonard G. Roussell, $324,000.

ELLROSE CT., 533-Pamela J. Meyers to Abdul Basit Khan, $214,900.

FLEETWOOD WAY, 9729-Dennis J. and Lorie D. Karol to Catherine McKalip Thompson and Lee A. Thompson, $435,000.

GLENMEADOW CT., 7195-Blanquy L. and Saul G. Hernandez to Jose Santos Martinez, $255,000.

GRANVILLE CT., 6610-Emily M. Baldwin to Svetlana D. Cheshmedjieva and Biser I. Cheshmedjiev, $310,500.

GREENLEESE DR. N., 1807-Kettler Forlines Homes at to Carlos A. Castedo, $411,995.

GROUSE CT., 1417-Sarah M. and Vincent E. Schrader to Joseph Anselmo, $315,000.

GUERTIN CT., 8506-Ellis P. and Linda Schlossnagle to Joanne S. and Richard L. Durst, $690,000.

HALLARD PL., 6811-Say and Somaly Lok to Susan C. and Nicholas J. Matesa, $460,000.

HAMES CT., 7026-Stephanie and Thomas R. Gabsa to Jason Brinkley, $260,000.

HEATHER RIDGE CT., 1450-Betty J. and Charles R. Hoffman to Varughese Thomas, $160,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 650-F-Xiaohu Zhang and Wenbin Ma to John Trevor Jones, $154,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 700, No. 13-F-Rodney A. White to Reuben Roberson, $157,500.

HOPE COMMONS CIR., 3723-Stephen T. Hall to Melvin F. Gomez, $400,000.

HUNTERS CHASE CT., 2402-David G. and Dea Lynn Lenhart to Susan M. and Mark F. Guillen, $489,000.

INSLEY CIR., 837-Michael J. and Valerie L. Kiernan to John B. Hage and Maria Fuenzalida, $305,000.

JUBAL WAY, 813-Gretchen McLaughlin to William B. Stalnaker and Sandra Peters, $310,000.

KATSURA CT., 5756-MVA Holdings Inc. to Marisol Umana and Jose Rodriguez, $279,900.

KINGSTON PL., 9534-Raymond C. and Dorothy J. Firestone to Jennifer and Michael B. Gerlock Jr., $435,000.

KLING CT., 2900-Richard J. Kowalski to Patricia and David W. Young, $355,000.

LAMBERT CT., 6372-Mohan Ram Prasad Devineni to Laura M. Quarles, $479,900.

LEE PL., 624-Isabel C. and Richard A. Sliger to Gregory A. Marlow, $246,051.

LINDFIELD DR., 1015-Robert D. and Margaret S. Gillie to Diane L. and Ronald P. Simmons, $430,000.

MASSER RD., 9719-Kathleen G. Dinning to Cristy A. Stup and David E. Jenkins, $351,500.

MONARCH RIDGE RD., 726-Donna A. and Stephan C. Kuhl to Cendant Mobility Relocation Co., $426,000.

MONARCH RIDGE RD., 735-John G. Jr. and Sherri L. Grubbs to Kerstin and Michael Savage, $425,000.

MONOCACY FORD RD., 2609-Wormald Development Co. to Ahmad and Frozan Babazedeh, $358,235.

MOUNT PHILLIP RD., 6637-Royce M. Donahoe to Kathleen G. and Frederick M. Buck, $350,000.

OBERLIN CIR., 7172-Raymond Wilson Jr. to Magdalena and Ireneusz Jozwiak, $301,000.

OLD SWIMMING POOL RD., 6216-Brenda S. and Edward M. Lupcho to Sky Development Corp., $1 million.

PALACE GREEN TERR. W., 2211-Andrew J. and Heidi A. Hartman to Kisha and Todd Rose, $300,000.

PALACE GREEN TERR. W., 2226-Suzanne C. Morris to Nicole Maldo and Aaron M. Horst, $299,900.

PARTNERS CT., 5381-Hina and Ritesh Patel to Viktoriya Grinberg, $321,500.

PAXTON TERR., 2110-Jeffrey D. Martens to Thomas Patrick Sessoms, $265,000.

PENDLETON CT. S., 30-Luis A. and Patricia A. Gonzales to Jose J. Cornejo and Roberto E. Zavala, $235,000.

PRINCETOWN DR., 101-A-Nilesh Rawal to David Ding, $250,000.

PROVIDENCE CT., 1134-Pasquale Jr. and Pauline E. Marino to Erica and Michael Winpigler, $201,000.

RIDGEFIELD CIR., 9255-Mary B. and Channing T. Kemp to James J. Isakson, $294,100.

ROBIN HILL TERR., 1003-Elmer N. Velasquez to Francisco Serpa, $208,000.

SHADBUSH CT., 5806-Joseph H. and Peter E. Heisler to Wade D. House, $174,000.

SNOW DR., 5000-Nicolas and Kathy M. Carrillo to Lisa A. and Arthur L. Core, $446,000.

SOUTH ST., 135-Dilks Properties of Frederick Corp. to Kathleen M. Conlee Griffin and John Myers Griffin, $231,000.

SPRINGHOUSE CT., 1702-Elizabeth D. Voitel to Carlos H. Flores Jr., $245,000.

SPRINGHOUSE CT., 1715-Diana Fleming to Chad Campbell, $195,000.

SPRINGWATER TERR., 6126, No. 1600B-Sandra P. Wolfe McNaughton to Steven R. Kachadorian, $239,900.

SPRINGWATER TERR., 6343, No. 1024-James C. Bunnell to Bobbi L. Pollitt and Jason E. Thompson, $230,000.

STRATFORD WAY, 811-M-Mary Ellen Wilkins to Sabrina Nelson, $177,900.

TANEY AVE., 602-Heather and Jason Kokoszka to Rita K. Ward, $339,000.

THAMES DR., 236-Stephanie T. and Mark D. Bitler to Cristina Barrera, $350,000.

TURNING POINT CT., 900-Gerald W. Thonet to Gursharnjit Muti and Chintu Singh, $265,000.

UPPER MILL TERR. N., 5515-Asha R. and Siddhartha K. Nagar to Elba S. Capurata, $349,900.

VICTORIA SQ., 25-Effie J. Kane and Matthew D. Pitman to Alida D. and Didier Milongo, $277,000.

WADE CT., 5640-G-Michelle Wichman and Fathy Majadly to Brenda J. Smith, $214,900.

WAYSIDE DR., 2103, No. 1-C-Evelyn M. Kegley to Pauline E. Hernandez, $220,000.

WITMER CT., 7914-Norman E. and Anna L. Ray to Samantha E. and Kevin W. Jenkins, $300,000.

WYNGATE DR., 255-Joseph Frizzell to Ana Gutierre De La Cruz and E.A. Portillo, $345,000.

FIFTH ST. W., 106-Duane E. Browning to Lynn L. Holahan Taylor and John W. Taylor, $259,900.

Frederick City-

Adamstown Village Area

BEAR DEN RD., 2250, No. 205-Tuscarora Condominium Co. to Audrey T. and James K. Cooper, $220,017.

BEAR DEN RD., 2250, No. 212-Tuscarora Condominium Co. to Ellen B. Martz, $256,329.

Ijamsville Area

BRAVEHEART CIR., 3951-Advantage Homes Corp. to Paulette A. Torres and Heriberto Colon Jr., $609,965.

BRAVEHEART DR., 3844-Edward Amaya to Jessica L. and Michael F. Byrne, $560,000.

BRAVEHEART LANE, 3824-Greivin and Sandra L. Retana to Walter and Tanya Rae Mundo, $850,000.

BRIGADOON LANE, 9521-Alexander Sarau to Laura N. and Marc Dress, $415,000.

BROADMOOR TERR. N., 5635-Michael A. and Elsie M. Bishof to Judith C. and Bobby K. Clay, $699,000.

BROOKSIDE CT., 11306-John W. and Darlean J. Wagner to John Parker and Elizabeth Sanford, $490,000.

INNSBROOK WAY, 11133-Vijay Patel to Daniel J. Dorward, $729,990.

MACKENZIE PL., 6602-Wayne R. and Kathryn Edelen to Cari L. and Ronald F. Dadd III, $799,900.

ST. GEORGES PL., 7705-Steven E. and Alicia N. Dirk to Tamara and Eric J. Ruggiero, $795,000.

SUGARLOAF PKWY., 3866-Main Street Homes at Urbana Corp. to Deng Yuming, $521,386.

Libertytown Area

LIBERTY RD., 11920, No. 208A-Felicia Marie Hollenbaugh to Robbin Edwards, $155,000.

Middletown Area

BANKBARN CIR., 23-Paul E. and Marjorie Gauthier to Jennifer F. and Ronald E. Shank, $350,000.

FELDSPAR DR., 4614-Charles A. and Susan F. Algire to Lisa M. and James M. Clearwood, $549,900.

GLORIA AVE., 8901-Francis X. and Charlotte L. Sis to Donald P. Bauer and David W. Miller, $419,000.

KELLER LANE, 4-Alfonse A. Gioia to Carol A. and W. Noel Werking, $378,000.

LIMESTONE LANE, 7211-Earl G. Brubeck to Kimberly A. Mounts, $285,000.

NORTH HILL CT., 3295-Michael L. and Jennifer C. Clabaugh to Courtenay C. and Joseph E. Diederich, $700,000.

PETE WILES RD., 8751-Jack C. Jr. and Virginia C. Harley to Jacqueline K. and John R. Libeau, $675,000.

PICNIC WOODS RD., 7210-Roy W. and Gladys M. Sigler to Kimberly L. and Jerry C. Harris Jr., $230,000.

TOBIAS RUN, 9-Kelly L. and Frank S. Starnes to April Daniels Rosenfeld and Paul J. Rosenfeld, $640,000.

YOUNG BRANCH DR., 24-Brian J. and Stephanie L. Mitchell to Kimberly A. and Brian R. Duckett, $469,900.

Monrovia Area

HANFORD CT., 12415-Antone P. and Elba L. Crasto to Joni H. and Ralph E. Aloi Jr., $730,000.

LINGANORE WOODS DR., 4983-Frank B. and Kathleen A. Wilkinson to Belinda and Eduardo Mondonedo, $385,000.

Mount Airy Area

BEACH DR., 6648-Scott M. Waschler to Robyn J. and James W. Smith, $289,900.

COUNTRY CLUB RD., 11315-John and Doris C. Teti to Loretta B. and Douglas C. Warfield, $725,000.

COWMANS COURT CT. N., 4804-Omenitsch Brothers Inc. to Christine S. and Stephen Quirolgico, $527,398.

EAST RD., 114-Kathleen H. and Peter M. Fisher to Patsy A. Kinna, $319,900.

FOX CHASE RD., 7025-Dale E. and Maureen Novak to Matthew W. and Katrina B. Barclay, $379,900.

FOXWOOD CROSSING, 5740-Veronica A. and William O. Noah to Theresa Elizabeth Corbett, $455,000.

HIGHBEACH CT. E., 6628-Rebecca Ann Russell to Pamela S. and Bobby D. Noble, $265,000.

HIGHBORO CT., 4603-Edythe O. Rotruck to Cynthia L. and Christopher S. Kluth, $300,000.

LOMAR DR., 4055-Judith G. and Patrick M. O'Brien to Jennifer L. and William A. Yakel Jr., $475,000.

MATER WAY, 13985-Gloria J. and Cecil E. Conner to Mark Coakley, $305,000.

NORTH SHORE SQ., 6501-Thomas A. and Kim L. Ledoux to Cynthia S. and Derek M. Huether, $315,500.

OAK VIEW DR., 1305-Mark A. Johnson to Creston D. Tate, $260,000.

POND FOUNTAIN CT., 11121-George T. and Deborah McCullough to Catherine A. and Paul R. Battaglia, $445,000.

RIMROCK RD., 6527-Gregory W. Steele to Tedra and Layn J. Lesniewski, $320,000.

STEAMBOAT WAY S., 6180-Tim J. and Patricia J. Busche to Kathleen M. and Steven C. Spencer, $259,000.

TWAIN DR., 6104-Donald E. and Mary E. Johnson to Erin L. and Paul Zusi, $442,000.

WOODFOUNT GLADE, 5741-Diane Elaine and Jeffrey N. Green to Stephen T. Chang, $389,900.

Myersville Area

CHURCH HILL RD., 11115-Judith and Alfred W. Saunders to Christopher W. Pollatos, $270,500.

COXEY BROWN RD., 4140-Janelle Christine Harlan to Kristin S. and Nelson J. Ginebra, $340,000.

MOUNTAIN TERR., 209-Shelli R. Grossnickle to Leslie R. Clayton, $245,790.

MOUNTAIN TERR., 230-Leslie P. Grams to Donna J. Reed, $221,450.

WOLFSVILLE RD., 10840-Ronald E. and Ruth M. Wachtel to Courtney and Fain M. Moran, $175,000.

New Market-

Lake Linganore Area

QUEEN ANN CT., 5639-Rachel Michelle Bodmer Bussard to Donna Pollon, $260,000.

WORCHESTER DR., 11106-Brennan M. and Aimee L. Breidenstein to Michele C. and Jason W. Interlichia, $369,900.

New Windsor Area

HEMP AVE., 14906-Dwayne P. and Julia L. Higgins to Cindy Weikert and Sandy Unsworth, $520,000.

Sabillasville Area

BROWNS QUARRY RD., 6519-Jamie P. and Tammy L. Gillis to Susan and Matthew Pastor, $250,000.

DEBOLD RD., 6312-Ronald I. and Lori S. Sewell to Catherine M. and Patrick F. Fritz, $525,000.

Thurmont Area

COLLIERY DR., 18-Linda A. Waroblak to Angela D. and Brian S. Sullivan, $280,000.

COLLIERY DR., 9-Lamar R. and Bernice N. Wagerman to Richard E. and Kelly S. Thornton, $270,900.

IRONMASTER DR., 119-Michael S. and Urszula Witherell to Jennifer and Joseph B. McCallion Jr., $327,500.

IRONMASTER DR., 14-Sharon L. Guyer to Leslie A. Hill Calimer and Steven N. Calimer, $259,900.

LOMBARD ST., 27-Darren and Letitia Wachter to Brooke L. and Karl Reinsfelder, $262,000.

MEADOWS LANE, 19-Allison J. Chapman to William D. Chism, $290,000.

TOCATI ST., 41-Dan Ryan Builders Inc. to Dorothy R. and Ray M. Gladhill, $329,642.

Union Bridge-

Libertytown Area

KEYMAR RD., 11003-Bruce A. and Michelle Grimm to Jesse W. and Margaret P. Sinclair, $299,900.

Urbana Area

BIERSTADT CT., 105-Ausherman Homes Inc. to Deborah Z. and Harold A. Brown, $500,390.

EMERSON DR., 2528-Ausherman Homes Inc. to Jennifer Burrell and Abdu Mathis, $367,150.

EMERSON DR., 2532-Ausherman Homes Inc. to Anuoluwapo Falusi and Oluwatosin Osinusi, $356,850.

SHELLEY CIR., 2507, No. 4-1B-Nancy J. and Ronald E. Terwilliger to Carla L. Thomas, $249,900.

SINGLETON TERR., 3657-Stephanie G. and Timothy Mennitt to Arlene and John R. Burley Sr., $390,700.

TRITON LANE, 3836-Tracy S. and Donna M. Wallace to Poonam and Atul Sahai, $647,500.

Walkersville Area

INSPIRATION AVE., 8515-Margaret A. Sherald to Scott and Christy Powers, $335,000.

MAPLEWOOD PL., 276-Jacqueline Johnson and John Cesere to Megan K. McKenney and David A. Lucas, $449,900.

SANDALWOOD CT., 109-Gary L. Preston to Gregory James Waddell, $205,000.