The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Howard and other Washington areas, visit

Clarksville Area

GALWAY DR. NW, 6455-Laurence S. Sevrin to Adam C. and Rachel I. Wilson, $870,000.

GENTLE CALL W., 5922-Wendy Lynn Lewis to Eric S. Murakami, $569,000.

SIGNAL FLAME CT., 6058-Jerome S. Jones to Tara L. Prendergast and Craig L. Landauer, $489,900.

WINTER GRAIN PATH NW, 6004-RAC Closing Services Corp. to Timothy J. Collins and Drenda M. Collins, $824,500.

Columbia Area

APRIL JOURNEY, 5648-Erica J. Figge to Iraj Sardari, $382,000.

BARRINGTON CT. N., 5504-Ben Savage III to Ronald A. and Elizabeth A. Hendren, $435,000.

BASKET RING RD., 9702-Sophia Day to Leslie P. Chacon, $275,000.

BELLFALL CT. SE, 9224-Gene E. Bigler II to Patrick and Vasholz Gall, $324,900.

BLUE SEA DR. NE, 8821-Samuel P. Orlando to James S. Tang and Yun H. Tang, $480,000.

BRIGHT PLUME SW, 6372-John N. Skrief to David W. and Virginia Farrell Chandler, $475,000.

CALM SUNSET NW, 7271-Thein Maung to Amber D. Goetz and Bryan T. Smith, $375,100.

COTTONWOOD WAY, 10724-Andrew D. Thompson to Mark A. and Jessica S. Zirkle, $500,000.

CROSS FOX LANE, 10536-Sherry M. Woodson to Jeanette M. and Thomas Christian Brennan, $165,000.

DARING PRINCE WAY SE, 6309-Travis A. McHugh to Ajay Mehta and Kimberly McCarty, $649,900.

DAYSTAR CT. N., 10304-Lauren Benjamin to May K. Chen, $275,000.

DEEP RIVER CANYON N., 6239-Edwin D. Bonet to Michael Breault and Anna Christina Hogan, $375,000.

DOCKSIDE LANE, 7240-Karl M. Friedheim to Kwang Young and Young R. Jang, $313,700.

EACH LEAF CT. S., 8432-Gregory Hodgkinson to Neal Lutz, $349,900.

ENDLESS OCEAN WAY, 8719-The Ryland Group Inc. to Luther Kennedy Jr. and Mark Gooding, $621,100.

ENDLESS OCEAN WAY, 8750-The Ryland Group Inc. to Konstantinos and Karla Balourdos, $505,371.

ENDLESS OCEAN WAY, 8793-The Ryland Group to John M. and Sara A. Utermohle, $561,836.

FALLRIVER ROW CT., 5441-George Morgan Dailey to Andrew N. and Frederick Ashby, $263,900.

FLAGFLOWER PL., 5753-Jason E. Ferenschak to Marcia Forrester, $290,000.

FRIETCHIE ROW S., 6562-Samir Siljkovic to Lorettaa Walker, $239,282.

GARLAND LANE S., 6928-Jonathan Manuel Sanchez to Lisa D. Brockington, $370,000.

GOOSE LANDING CIR. SW, 8821-Jessica Regaldo to Hannah W. Kamau, $357,000.

GRATEFUL HEART GATE SE, 6400-Robert B. Rawlings to Andrew and Karen V. Hollingsworth, $525,000.

GRAYWING CT., 5413-Kim A. Elder to Mark A. Johnston and Candace N.E. Shea, $420,000.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 10850-Anna F. Dehoff to Bryna Wasserman, $135,000.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 5003-P. and G. Properties to Chestine E. Cole, $135,000.

GUILFORD RD., 8793-Cornerstone Holdings Corp. to Virendra K. Sexena, $654,950.

HICKORY LIMB, 9495-Dorothy Elizabeth McGuire to Raymond and Severa Sinanian, $279,000.

HIGH TOR HILL E., 5523-Bobbi Lynne Rathell to Harvey L. Shubert, $501,000.

HOUND HILL CT. SW, 5460-Charles R. Frohlich III to Jijun Chen and Gu Xiujing and Gu Xiujing, $375,000.

LIGHTFOOT PATH, 5216-Robert Scott Ryerson to Rosa M. Corcoran, $410,000.

LITTLE PATUXENT PKWY., 11411-Monirieh Lahijani to Mehrdad Moghadam, $169,000.

LONE TREE CT., 11788-Eric Schrott to Kevin J. Federici and Heather L. Whalen, $355,000.

MADRIGAL TERR. N., 6579-Paul W. Rugglea III to Andrew Wellman and Alison Mannino, $395,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6051-Talesha McNear to Wael Samir El Sokkary, $180,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6089-Carolyn Carlson to Marlene Jackson, $190,000.

MILLRACE CT. E., 5900-Venjatesh Atul Bhattaram to Venjatesh Atul Bhattaram and Mathangi Gopalrishnan, $270,000.

NARROW WIND WAY N., 7338-Kyle Puhl to Anthony W. and Shelly M. Mansolillo, $505,000.

PROCOPIO CIR. NE, 7251-Michael Summer Burhoe to Shawn and Nadia Chevalier, $283,000.

QUARRY BRIDGE CT. SW, 9573-Allen J. Stanton to Miguel S. Buddle, $258,000.

READER LANE SE, 9356-Brendan R. Sticher to Bethany E. Smith and Matthew W. Hoover, $275,500.

RIVERS EDGE RD., 7131-Erik Bakke to Allison A. Holtz and Marc Litz, $635,500.

RUTLAND ROUND RD., 10252-Robert P. Singh to Maria Isabel Rodriguez, $477,500.

SCHOOLMASTER PL., 10436-John F. Liparini to Mary E. Okurowski and Douglas P. Steinel, $610,000.

SEA WATER PATH, 8132-Jeffrey D. McGowan to Christopher and Jurgita Rohde, $512,500.

STONEBROOK LANE W., 8839-Anthony Gainor to Valery and Tierry Fornishi, $329,000.

VOLLMERHAUSEN DR., 9453-James S. Roberts to James S. and Nancy L. Roberts, $510,000.

VOLLMERHAUSEN DR. NW, 9458-Joan P. Harkum to William Schneider and Barbara A. Moyer, $494,000.

WARM WAVES WAY, 8708-Patriot Homes Inc. to Mukul and Ketki Kantharia, $563,999.

WEATHER WORN WAY, 7531-Mark A. Zirkle to Kevin G. Gardner, $239,800.

WEDDING RING WAY NW, 7221-Donald Robert Cook to Xinobo Nie and Zhongzhen Zhang, $363,000.

WHITE ACRE RD., 9651-Marion Golinski to Nestor M. Benavides, $131,500.

WILD LILAC, 5489-Joseph M. Milazzo to Paul and Anet Smith, $294,900.

WILD LILAC SE, 5473-Dorothy T. Kuhlman to Syed M. and Armana H. Saeed, $289,900.

WILDE LAKE TERR., 10266-Denise Cheeks to Vitaliano Duran, $297,500.

WINCOPIN CIR., 10205-The Ryland Group to J.J. Tolbert, $391,662.

WINDBELL WAY, 9352-Scott R. Buswell to Mary T. Foster, $410,000.

WINDING STAR CIR. NE, 5206-Kenneth A. Eads to Ho Minh Son Tan, $410,000.

WOODED WAY, 5455-Rita G. Simmons to John J. and Jayne N. Kaiser, $589,000.

Elkridge Area

ABRIANNA WAY, 5915-NVR Inc. to William A. and Frances M. Bierling, $238,810.

ARBOR WAY, 6310-Christopher Marasco to John H. and Heather M. Fliehman, $365,500.

AUTUMN SPELL SW, 5964-Kevin Scott Rothstein to Venkat Kornepati and Swathi Potturi, $359,900.

DUCKETTS LANE, 6322-Zachary J. Miller to Glenda Gonzalez, $268,000.

DUCKETTS LANE SW, 6850-Edward H. Frantz to Celia and Jose M. Bianco, $248,000.

GREENFIELD RD., 6435-Michael E. Hylton to Tara B. Smith, $219,500.

GREENFIELD RD. E., 6350-James B. Meade to Paul W. Golden and Amanda E. Lantz, $251,200.

HOOKS LANE, 6165-Albert F. Grahl to Kenneth M. Johns, $235,000.

HUNT CLUB RD., 5815-LandAmerica OneStop Inc., trustee, to Howard O. and Betty M. Laster, $395,000.

KARAS WALK S., 6139-Eui Soon Kang to Michael T. and Christy Staruk, $450,000.

MILKSHED PL. NE, 7848-Dennis D. Dubbert to Janice S.D. Barry and Janet M. Dubbert, $480,000.

OLD HIGHGATE DR. SW, 6460-John H. Fewer to Robert R. Crell Jr., $360,000.

OLD WASHINGTON BLVD., 6018-Kenneth M. Johns to Mack D. and Tina D. Knight, $400,000.

ROWANBERRY DR., 5970-Andrew W. Bennett to Jeffrey W. McVay and Karen L. Eckstein, $238,000.

ROWANBERRY DR., 6017-Sharon L. Glass to Henry Swann III and Aika Redding, $250,000.

SANDPIPER CT. S., 6205-Jason Edward McGinniss to Thomas Samuel, $226,000.

SANDY RIDGE CT. SE, 5900-Walter P. Hebron Jr. to Thomas V. and Gina M. Lease, $635,000.

WOODVALE PL. NW, 6417-Doo Hyun Kim to Christopher J. and Debra L. Adams, $440,000.

Ellicott City Area

ARGENT PATH W., 3112-Prudential Residential Services to Paulus C.G. Overeem and Helena C. Overeem, $1.3 million.

CHEWS VINEYARD, 4505-Thanh X. Pham to Patricia F. and Alberto E. Raymond, $705,900.

DAWNS WAY, 5115-Dennis Preserve Corp. to NVR Inc., $190,000.

DORSEY HALL DR., 4920-Aaron Hicks to Anitag Nicholson, $248,000.

DUNES DR. S., 3105-Richard G. Hefner to Kevin M. and Ellen B. Flynn, $600,000.

EAST GLEN RD. NE, 5317-Michael J. Ertel to Robert W. and Michele M. Smith, $455,000.

ELKO DR., 8322-Jeffrey Abell to Daniel P. Gleason and Joanne P. Williams, $475,000.

FAIRWAY DR. NE, 10231-John Furman to William G. Henderson and Maralee J. Henderson, $630,000.

FALLS RUN RD. N., 8555-Margaret T. Williams to David E. Scott, $228,500.

FONT HILL DR., 4017-Robert K. Nauman to Dong G. Lee and Soo Ok Kim, $550,000.

GARAND RD. N., 3727-Mechanic Kourosh to Jaime A. and Erika R. Smith, $745,000.

HALCYON CT. SW, 3227-Anthony G. Earle to Parimal and Rajeshri Bachubhay, $390,000.

HARRINGTON DR., 3446-Mark J. Muffoletto to Stephen S. and Collette M. Newton, $285,000.

HORSESHOE RD., 5109-Jasmyn Woods Corp. to NVR Inc., $190,000.

HUXLEY DR. SE, 4405-David Beers to David and Erin C. Beers, $685,000.

JAY EM CIR., 4046-Florence Anne Insley to Jennifer W. and Nathaniel Gordon Knox, $550,000.

JOSIE CT., 5426-NVR Inc. to Tae Sun Lee, $618,290.

KINGSCUP CT. S., 4591-Jason T. Pett to Michael A. and Wendy H. Munoz, $400,000.

KOVACH CT., 6131-Henry H. Choi to Lin Huale and Lihua Zhang and Lin Huale, $450,000.

LOMBARDI DR., 10381-Keith F. Kinsey to Simon and Yong Kim, $430,000.

MANAHAN DR. N., 8770-Robin Graham to Lois Taylor Calhoun, $370,000.

MAYFAIR CIR., 7758-Richard R. Conrades Jr. to Mehrnza Pajoumand, $292,000.

MONTJOY PL., 8803-Winchester Homes Inc. to Nidhi K. and Kamlesh P. Shah, $446,560.

MONTJOY PL., 8807-Winchester Homes Inc. to Jai Lee, $461,325.

PAPILLON DR., 8876-Brendan A. Feeney to Ranganathan Thuthipet and Ranganathan Hemakatha, $412,500.

ROLLING MEADOWS WAY SW, 4550-Scott E. Oaksmith to Christopher G. and Kelly A. Marasco, $523,000.

RUSTY RIM S., 3622-George Edward Duffy to Pranay Sinha and Sulabha Ghosh, $395,000.

ST. JOHNS LANE, 2961-Richard W. Smith to Daniel D. Dennis III, $340,000.

ST. JOHNS LANE, 4032-Scott O. Miller to Robert W. Wheatley and Josette Robichaud, $456,000.

SARASOTA CT. N., 2906-Thomas McKillip to Brian K. and Donna Horn, $700,000.

SKYWAY, 13196-James C. Butler to Iain R. Lamb and Padmaja S. Lamb, $600,000.

SNOWMILL CT. SE, 2720-Lisa A. Scarborough to Rama and Hema Parasuramuni, $445,000.

SPARROW CT., 9611-Bruce Wayne Rollier to Jeffrey P. and Allison J. Hamman, $650,075.

SPLIT RAIL LANE, 3501-Margaret M. Mohler to Ping Gao, $353,500.

STONEHOUSE DR. NE, 8798-Anthony Huynh to Tamil S. Kuppusamy, $473,000.

TYLER DR., 3413-James J. Raggio to Robert H. Kim, $549,000.

WESTHILL RD., 4606-Sherry Lynne Frederick to Bonnie Marie Trey, $385,000.

WESTWOOD DR., 9518-Leon F. Denisuk to Rongze Yang and Lin Qiang, $420,000.

WOODSPURGE CT., 12256-Tae Yune Park to Fernando C. and Regina De Leon, $629,800.

Fulton Area

PINDELL CHASE DR., 11755-Toll Maryland Partnership to James and Sabrina Cobb, $1.18 million.

Glenelg Area

TRIADELPHIA RD., 13980-Ernest C. Claypoole to John M. Chapman and Janet K. Burckhardt, $699,000.

Glenwood Area

SHARP RD., 3334-Edward Brown Jr., trustee, to John V. Narron, $537,900.

Hanover Area

FLOREY RD., 6021-Monika Mangla to Justin W. and Erin K. Triplett, $605,000.

Highland Area

VILLADEST DR. N., 13454-Kenneth J. Held to Robert C. and Katrina T. Brown, $652,000.

Jessup Area

LINCOLN DR. W., 8265-Wendell Brooks Jones to James C. and Patricia A. Jestes, $475,000.

Marriottsville Area

CRYSTAL RIDGE RD. SW, 1218-David J. Butler to Johnathan S. and Leah Tucker, $1.15 million.

ENFIELD DR., 10788-NVR Inc. to Maksym Moyseyev and Tetyana Petrukhina, $410,731.

HILLINGDON RD., 10722-NVR Inc. to Young Hee and Yeon Soon Lee, $454,925.

ST. JAMES RD., 2098-Marshall J. Robbins to Lisa A. Graczyk, $682,500.

Mount Airy Area

MIDDLETRAIL CT. S., 740-Howard E. Schisler II to Karen Hensel, $415,000.

Scaggsville-Laurel Area

ALL SAINTS RD., 9412-Joseph B. Sanchez to David L. Kerr, $359,900.

CABOT CT. E., 9341-Henry Mesias to Craig A. and Deanna M. Hall, $289,999.

CABOT CT. N., 9309-John A. Stathers to Ricardo H. Pinto, $303,000.

DAPPER TOWN ROW, 9629-The Ryland Group Inc. to Hou Yao Zhuang and Sandy Guang Xing Sun, $664,793.

EARLY BUD WAY E., 8405-Christopher J. Connors to John T. and Bonnie L. Dixon, $659,900.

EARLY BUD WAY E., 8437-Stephen F. Brennwald to Gary A. and Marcella J. Westermeyer, $650,773.

EASTERN MORNING RUN, 8618-John W. Fisher III to Damon J. and Allison J. Michels Pettinelli, $665,000.

FRAGRANT LILIES WAY, 9921-John P. Martin to Adam Schrum, $532,500.

FULTON AVE. E., 9229-Deanna J. Sebastian to Leroy and Laverne Dawkins, $515,000.

GORMAN RD., 10425-D. Stephen Mayer to Israel and Lucille Krause, $632,500.

HADLEIGH CT. E., 9614-Gregory Hendrix to Clarence and Peggy Mayfield, $369,900.

HARDING RD., 11044-Joseph T. Ashby, trustee, to Thomas J. Owens and Lynn Loris Owens, $419,900.

HITCHING POST LANE, 9155-Leenan V. Poteat to Augustine O. Oranwusi, $209,815.

HOWLAND RD. NW, 9222-Lorina R. Butler to Mosunmade Shade, $350,000.

IRONLEAF TRAIL, 9686-Williamsburg Group Corp. to Milton Green, $760,048.

LIGHT MOON WAY, 8526-Jack Lin to Henry and Helenor Mesias, $499,900.

SNOW BIRD LANE, 9850-Beazer Homes Corp. to John W. and Sarah D. Jurgensen, $514,076.

SNOW BIRD LANE, 9854-Beazer Homes Corp. to Dong S. and Jung S. Kim, $545,765.

SNOWDRIFT DOWNS, 10109-Douglas Homes Inc. to Thomas and Linda Franke, $705,674.

STANSFIELD RD., 10132-John Redfren to David W. Redfern Sr., $250,000.

SUMMER GLOW WALK, 10141-David S. Shaprio to Narsimha R. Doma and Anuphma Doma, $691,000.

Sykesville Area

DAY RD. NW, 948-Richard J. Conroy Jr. to John V. and Susan D. Civitelli, $753,000.

UNDERWOOD RD. W., 1722-Mercer Custom Homes Corp. to Willy and Myrna Chang, $899,900.

West Friendship Area

FOX STREAM WAY, 13607-Northridge Development Corp. to Charles R. and Karen A. Sweeney, $457,500.

Woodbine Area

MORGAN STATION RD. E., 705-John C. Leonard III to Siamak Negahban and Fariba Korangy, $680,000.

WOODBINE RD. SE, 427-Gary Lee Nelson to Michael V. and Kay E. Mathis, $250,000.

Woodstock Area

BARNET CT., 2204-Chauncey L. Winbush to Seung Kang II and Min Jeung Kal, $429,900.

CHESTER WAY N., 10536-Mark R. Schade to Kevin and Kristin L. Farrell, $699,900.

FOLKESTONE WAY, 10760-Eric S. Lee to Allyson R. Hawkins, $560,000.

NEW HAMPTON LANE, 1701-Michael D. Alsop to Ted and Andrea Doederlein, $490,000.

WOODSTOCK RD., 1676-Forty West Group Inc. to Patrick and Angela M. Costello, $750,000.