The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Montgomery and other Washington areas, visit

Ashton Area

HIDDEN GARDEN LANE, 17510-Miller and Smith at Sandy Spring to Mian Salman Nasir, $1.06 million.

HIDDEN GARDEN LANE, 17700-Miller and Smith at Sandy Spring to Liu P. and Chung L. Wu, $733,510.

Aspen Hill Area

ADRIAN ST., 4607-Apolonio Bonilla to Lucia Alegria Placencia, $430,000.

ASPEN HILL RD., 4631-Kenneth E. Jr. and N.R. Carpenter to Rosane and Ronald Garland, $415,000.

ASPEN HILL RD., 4634-Richard A. and E.A. Spicher to Wendy R. Cavana and Miguel Angel Tume, $393,000.

BAYNE ST., 4508-M.B. and Joseph L. Cross to Elmer Martinez, $375,000.

CHERRY VALLEY DR., 4809-Charles E. Rinaldi, trustee, to Kimberly A. Marshall, $590,000.

CONGRESS DR., 13901-Ronald P. and S.M. Welch to Nicole V. and Eric D. Eckenrode, $472,900.

CUTLASS DR., 16640-Alan M. and D.F. Montgomery to Gina L. and James F. Emery, $719,000.

ELIZABETH ST., 4306-Decio V. and Soza P.C. Andrade to Erin and Daniel Eves, $439,900.

HORNBEAM DR., 4839-William E. and P.V. Kister to Eve and Erik Fernandes, $690,000.

NADINE DR., 14517-M.K. and Henry N. Fukui to Pablo A. Rodriguez, $465,000.

PARKLAND DR., 13302-Barbara J. Cummings to Alfredo Diaz, $399,900.

PARKLAND DR., 13408-David A. Custer, trustee, to Catherine and Shawn Johnson, $410,000.

TALLAHASSEE AVE., 4612-Lewis E. Jr. and M.E. Leiby to German L. Melara and Maria I. Santos, $413,000.

TANGIER PL., 13422-Ethel J. Skrine to Selvi R. Argueta, $398,000.

VANDALIA DR., 13002-Marion A. McBride to Mariza Diaz, $419,900.

WESTBURY RD., 14801-Mallory M. Constantine to Joan S. and Charles F. Berchane, $891,700.

WISSAHICAN AVE., 4612-Damon J. and Megan M. Manetta to Anya M. and Eric W. Borda, $415,000.

Bethesda Area

BRADLEY BLVD., 6405-Ebrahim M. Kazerouni, trustee, to Colin Dyer, $3 million.

BROAD ST., 6107-Susan L. Lynch to Grace P. Morgan and Brian T. Borders, $850,000.

CRESTBERRY PL., 10100-Prudential Residential Services Partnership to Nancy Leidenfrost, $735,000.

DUNROBBIN DR., 6212-Alexander E. Wassiliew to Stephanie L. Berger, $857,000.

FAIRFAX RD., 7115-D. Reid Fitzgerald, trustee, to Avram Tucker, $1.2 million.

FAIRFAX RD., 7208-Montgomery Lane Corp. to Kathleen S. and Robert L. Mitchell, $1.48 million.

FOREST PL., 5601-Spring Valley Builders Corp. to Nurith B. and Warren H. Weiner, $1.25 million.

GOLDSBORO RD., 6009-Mehrdad Bedroud to Fatemeh and Ali Farzaneh, $927,000.

HARWICK RD., 5603-Jason and Catherine H. Klitenic to Edward A. Spector and Sarah Lichtman Spector, $830,500.

LAMAR RD., 5627-Kenneth C. and G.M. Mundell to Guangsheng Meng and Xiaolan Wang, $920,000.

LAUREL OAK DR., 9201-Kathleen H. Pritchard to Isaac Fogel, $824,500.

LILLY STONE DR., 8315-Perkins C. and A.I. Pedrick to Magali Olano and Mariano A. Polack, $951,000.

MACARTHUR BLVD., 6665-T.R. and N.S. Buchanan to Judith R. Gelman and Steven C. Salop, $2.13 million.

OAK PL., 5523-Hewitt Relocation Services Inc. to Olukayode Kolade, $797,000.

OLDCHESTER RD., 7700-B.H. and Kevin J. Keller to Carter Inc., $985,000.

PARKWOOD DR., 10004-Collier Family Trust to Geny Castro, $598,000.

PARKWOOD DR., 9716-John F. Black, trustee, to John M. Goldman, $799,900.

PERTHSHIRE CT., 6214-Seth C. and S.P. Silber to Deborah L. and Gerard J. Walter, $901,000.

PYLE RD., 7306-S.H. and Thomas W. Hertz to William R. Pendergast, $800,000.

RIDGE DR., 6362-Melissa Lee Andrews to William B. Leblanc, $849,000.

RISING RIDGE WAY, 8314-Cendant Mobility Financial to Tara Marchand Roque, $834,500.

ROCKHURST RD., 6500-Kimberly A. and Henry J. Goeltom to David S. Park, $650,000.

ROOSEVELT ST., 5207-Dan and Amanda Otter to Kathryn R. and Kevin D. Colburn, $820,000.

ST. ALBANS DR., 10313-Fred W. and K.O.D. Albertson to Catherine S. and Mark C. McKaig, $711,000.

SENTINEL DR., 4970, No. 11-15-F.L. and Murry M. Schott to Hereward S. Cattell, trustee, $22,500.

SPRING LAKE DR., 7541, No. 7541-B-2-Edmund Lee to Paul Saiz, $240,000.

SUMMER MILL CT., 8004-Ashraf A. and H.S. Elattar to Marjan Azimi and Madjid Matin, $1.96 million.

SWANSONG WAY, 7135-Edward A. Mishkin, trustee, to Laura G. Williams and Gokhan Vanli, $614,000.

TEMPLE ST., 6113-Michele L.B. Gura to Maryam K. and Ramin D. Azimi, $1.35 million.

WESTLAKE TERR., 7420, No. 212-Helga Velloso to Geraldine J. Connolly, $255,000.

WESTLAKE TERR., 7420, No. 506-Allen Wu to Jamie W. Yu, $260,000.

WHITLEY PARK PL., 9713, No. TH-12-Sassan E. Shaool to Joel L. and Rachelle Levin, $755,625.

WILSON LANE, 5104-Allan and E.O. Rabanales to Barbra A. and Robert C. Stoddard, $925,000.

WILSON LANE, 5116-Debra P. Katz to Denise and Daniel A. Acton, $1.21 million.

WILSON LANE, 6500-Sartaj S. Alag to Marica and Damir Sobonja, $760,000.

WINTERBERRY LANE, 6929-Louis D. Korb to Banoo Kamran, $700,000.

WOODMONT AVE., 7111, No. 918-Crescent Plaza Partnership to Daniel J. Kraus, $328,900.

Boyds Area

ASHLEIGH GREENE RD., 14209-Daniel K. and Janet Bempong to Qun Li and Jianrong Lou, $702,500.

AUTUMN GOLD RD., 14227-Swati K. and Keyur R. Parikh to SIRVA Relocation Corp., $778,000.

BLUE MOON CT., 18417-Valerie K. and Joseph S. Johnson to Edward M. Faraj, $754,000.

FESTIVAL DR., 18913-Cendant Mobility Financial Services to Anthony J. Papandrea, trustee, $649,900.

FESTIVAL DR., 19003-Theofanis and R. Tsiptsis to Shahin Alemazkoor and Yadolah Najafi, $660,000.

GATE DANCER LANE, 14308-Reginald V. and Gloria T. McKoy to Jayne E. and Joseph D. McGrath, $747,500.

HARVEST MOON RD., 14327-Paul C. and Kathleen F. Broe to Jun Gao and Yihong Yao, $735,000.

KIMONO CIR., 14321-Smart Development Premiere to Alanna K. Beasley, $137,871.

OLD BALTIMORE RD. W., 12810-Pulte Home Corp. to Madekeine R. and John F. Castro, $711,170.

OLD BALTIMORE RD. W., 12812-Pulte Home Corp. to Yen Ching and Lee Jin Lin, $718,126.

PINE NEEDLE DR., 12504-Donald E. and Tracey A. Hubicki to Yee Man Kwok and Stephen Cho, $682,000.

SENECA AYR DR., 21805-Pulte Home Corp. to Jie Min Yu, $179,667.

SENECA AYR DR., 21809-Pulte Home Corp. to Ana C. Lockhart, $179,667.

SENECA AYR DR., 21825-Pulte Home Corp. to Suong and Xinh L. Tran, $179,667.

Brookeville Area

DIMONA DR., 19230-S.M. and Samuel P. Debow to Floyd Lacey Jr., $559,900.

EPSTEIN CT., 2431-Pamela J. Patton, trustee, to Holly B. and Scott B. Richardson, $511,000.

ST. ALBERT TERR., 2440-Thomas J. and Margo E. Bianchetti to Leonard J. and Jean M. Pace, $520,003.

TANTERRA CIR., 3336-B.O. and Jonathan S. Pierce to Dianna L. Murphy, $445,000.

TANTERRA CIR., 3408-Kenneth P. and S.S. Barnhart to Hope H. He and Dong Fang, $494,000.

Burtonsville Area

ANGELTON CT., 3930-Hayden A. Patino to Robert W. Fischer, $335,000.

ANGELTON TERR., 14224-Kathryn A. Lynott to Paulino Ventura Segura, $335,000.

ATHEY RD., 14800-Andrew J. Abell to James A. Shrybman, $580,000.

CROSSWOOD DR., 4221-Donna M. Lewandowski to Janet Sackey, $331,000.

DOWLING DR., 14516-Paul G. Harkins to Mehret Sium and Tesfai Kiflai, $470,000.

LYNCREST CT., 3305-Charles and M. Edwards to Maria and Jose W. Flores, $729,990.

PINE TOP LANE, 15031-Joseph R. Williams III to Aminata Soumare, $352,000.

RED MAPLE CT., 4221-S.S. and Michael W. Arthur to James McGuire Pierce, $315,000.

SWISS STONE CT., 15107-Frank L. Jr. and S. Sfrisi to Gifty and Daniel Antwi, $491,000.

THISTLEWOOD TERR., 4356-Jason and Josephine Tam to Rodeline D. and Manas C. Das, $332,000.

WEXHALL TERR., 14650, No. 1-3-Aicha Z. Geblaoui to Mourad Jazouli, $260,000.

Calverton Area

CHERRY HILL RD., 11400-MG-Leonardo F. Sales to Eric Machado, $185,000.

Calverton-Colesville Area

AGATE DR., 1903-Ki J. and J.N. Suh to Janelle N. and James D. Williams, $556,000.

ALPENHORN WAY, 13019-Willie J. Jr. and Sheree L. Gripper to Kavitha and Rajan Joseph, $640,000.

BROADMORE PL., 1105-Mildred E. Sherrod to Cecilia La Noire, $450,000.

ELDRID DR., 200-Cleveland L. Page to Edward J. Gorman, $599,030.

HUNTERS GATE CT., 14-Syyed and Nahid Abbas to Jin Wen Lu and Zhong Jie Chen, $410,000.

MARTELLO DR., 2700-Margaret G. Khuc to Thanh Thuy K. Nguyen, $705,000.

MONDRIAN TERR., 1020-Du Yubin to George G. Aboagye, $316,100.

NORTHWYN DR., 14209-Celina N. Quintanilla to Papa Arku Arkhurst and Agnes Quartey, $661,500.

NOTLEY RD., 13810-John F. Huntemann Sr. to Ana M. Bonilla and Oscar Galeano, $495,000.

OLD COLUMBIA PIKE, 11839, No. 43-Stephane Sia to Mohamed Matope, $335,000.

PALERMO DR., 12429-S.B. and Leonard M. Weakley to Buntha Nhe, $469,900.

PARTRIDGE DR., 13309-R.F. and Joseph D. Griffin to Nicasio Acosta, $505,000.

SCHUBERT DR., 2962, No. 31-Ashley B. Knott to Deeba N. Zaidi, $293,000.

SHANANDALE DR., 2921-Donald E. and A.R. Critchfield to Candida D. and Santos D. Salazar, $500,000.

SHAW AVE., 9-Rami and Nancy Yair to James Holmes, $725,000.

SPRINGLOCH CT., 12609-Dennis C. and M.A. Ponton to Nicholas and Deborah Eftimiades, $690,000.

SPRINGLOCH RD., 713-Paul M. Spiegel to Kathryn D. Kirmayer, $675,000.

STALEY MANOR DR., 1803-Modupe A. Apassa to Juliet and Derris Jenkins Johnson, $415,000.

STRAUSS TERR., 2847-S.P. and Frank M. Chipasula to Henok Medfu, $400,000.

Chevy Chase Area

BRADLEY BLVD., 5129-Steven E. Calem to Seth Price, $1.01 million.

EAST WEST HWY., 4242, No. 608-H. Shepherd Faught Jr. to Dana H. and Thomas D. Hunter, $301,000.

HESKETH ST., 139-Mathew P. and M.K. Kantor to Jennifer and Pourya Dehnadi, $1.91 million.

HUSTED DRIVEWAY, 3513-Fred E. Engelthaler, trustee, to Keith P. Grimes, $605,000.

PARK AVE. N., 4550, No. 207-U. and Nibha Bhukkanasut to Alan N. Gnaizda, trustee, $609,000.

SUSANNA LANE, 8725-Lidia E. Casasola to Steven D. Pearson, $755,300.

WEST AVE., 6803-6803 West Avenue Corp. to Annette F. Simon and Robert M. Portman, $1.45 million.

WESTPORT RD., 5105-Philip H. Jones to Donald Solberg and Catherine B. Ondis,

$1.25 million.

WILLARD AVE., 4515, No. 94-Matya K. Block to Brad S. Hoffman, $375,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 5600, No. 1-1407-A.N. and Arthur D. Foley to Joyce Hurwitz, $1.39 million.

WOODBROOK LANE, 8603-Jerome Snyder, trustee, to Steven B. Solomon, $600,000.

WOODMONT AVE., 7111, No. 103-Crescent Plaza Partnership to Tracy Sweitzer, $271,900.

WOODMONT AVE., 7111, No. 607-Crescent Plaza Partnership to Mitchell P. Berliner, $379,900.

WOODMONT AVE., 7111, No. 712-Crescent Plaza Partnership to Karen H. Rothenberg, $319,900.

Clarksburg Area

BIRCH MEAD RD., 23039-Clarksburg Skylark Corp. to Nathan A. Hauser, $532,185.

BREWERS TAVERN WAY, 23319-Stephane Duquesnoy to Cheryl L. Caponiti, $470,000.

BURDETTE FOREST RD., 23841-Clarksburgllc Pci III to Fabian Vesoh and Nancy Bumuh, $635,799.

CATAWBA HILL DR., 23937-Miller and Smith at Clarksburg Corp. to Jeffrey Kirschbaum, $536,770.

CATAWBA HILL DR., 23939-Miller and Smith at Clarksburg Corp. to Christopher Sousa, $509,450.

CLARKSBURG SQUARE RD., 13029, No. 20-T. Center Corp. to Roland Davis, $393,060.

FAIR GARDEN LANE, 22115-Toll Maryland Partnership to Bartholomew Rowe, $536,467.

GARDENSIDE PL., 23510-Day Development Co. to Shonda and Kerry Hampton, $515,539.

GRAND ELM ST., 12908-Winchester Homes Inc. to Dana A. Frost, $843,561.

GRANITE ROCK RD., 12611-Clarksburg Village Corp. to NVR Inc., $163,500.

GRAPEVINE RIDGE TERR., 23812-Miller and Smith at Clarksburg Corp. to Mary Ellen and Marcus Dixon, $532,510.

MURPHY GROVE TERR., 12835-Sandra and Robert Hanagan to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $535,000.

SUGARLOAF CHAPEL DR., 12944-NVR Inc. to Carolyn Vu, $560,590.

TIMBER CREEK LANE, 23122-Centex Homes to Heng Yu Chang, $693,550.

TRADING POST DR., 23917-NVR Inc. to Carline and James Richard, $522,587.

WINDSONG LANE, 13256-Miller and Smith at Parkside Corp. to Kim and Matt Shea, $690,110.

WINGED ELM DR., 23023-Clarksburg Skylark Corp. to Paula L. and Adam Rabin, $495,378.

Cloverly-Ednor Area

BRIGGS CHANEY RD., 1225-John M. and J.W. Hogan to Balqees Begum and Ikram Ali, $835,000.

CLAUDE LANE, 14627-L.P. and John H. Partlow to Samuel E. Laddon, $665,000.

EDNOR RD., 1101-Gregory J. and Lisa M. Rubino to Celina N. and Jose L. Quintanilla, $1.34 million.

EMERSON DR., 17211-C.A. and Gary M. Coates to Douglas R. Margulies, $530,000.

FAIRDALE RD., 14524-Winchester Homes Inc. to Channary Uk and Kettya Ok, $803,525.

HARDING LANE, 1300-Daniel D. Bohrer Sr., trustee, to Laura J. and Neil A. Pullen, $465,000.

MAYFLOWER DR., 2015-Irene J. Balaban, trustee, to Talib Astarabadi and Najla Falaki, $560,000.

PEACH ORCHARD RD., 15004-Daniel and V.A. Wudske to Kyunghi and Sunwoo Nam, $505,000.

WATERGATE RD., 15304-J. and Lucio D'Alessio to Janet A. Kirtanich, $825,000.

Damascus Area

BLOOM CT., 26-B.J. and Roger L. Walker to Wilmer L. Garcia, $395,000.

BUTTERFIELD WAY, 25514-Kevin M. and Suzy R. Gary to Juana M. Sanchez and Larry A. Manosalva, $278,000.

CANVASBACK WAY, 9953-E.C. and Christopher M. Ogwin to Madeline Anne Feltus, $248,000.

CONRAD CT., 25209-James E. and L.G. Torgeson to Renee M. and Kenneth E. Nehrich, $475,000.

HIGHLAND MANOR CT., 25101-K.A. and Roy E. Stanley to Dean T. Builders Inc., $135,000.

MIDDLEBORO DR., 10916-William H. and C.J. Dean to Moira M. and Thomas H. Evans, $620,000.

RIDGE RD., 26820-Linda Vu to Manuel A. Alvarado, $390,000.

Derwood Area

BAEDERWOOD LANE, 16623-Peter J. Frawley to Eun Young Song and Patrick S. Kim, $561,000.

BRIARDALE RD., 17113-Linda C. Stang to Amy S. and Brendan R. Stitcher, $392,500.

FAIRBORN CT., 7802-Kou Y. and Dah H. Lin to Ernest A. and Diana H. Regenthal, $313,200.

OLDE MILL CT., 6700-Sandra De Midence to Sarn and Michelle Bien Aime, $509,000.

VESTRY CT., 17220-Ashok K. and Manjula Sinha to Pia and Ko K. Naing, $560,000.

VINYARD LANE, 17801-J.A. and Francis L. Sullivan to Elline S. Torossian, $480,000.

WARBLER LANE, 7613-Ramarion W. King, trustee, to Timothy J. Shannon, $520,000.

Dickerson Area

BIG WOODS RD., 21821-James A. Stull Sr., trustee, to Ronald P. Welch, trustee, $490,000.

Gaithersburg Area

AMITY CIR., 8209-Thanh Van Lam to Rubert E. Salgado, $310,000.

ANNA CT., 28, No. 287-Jose C. Flores to Karen Arriola, $250,000.

AUTUMN HILL WAY, 15-Robert M. Clinkscale III to Christoph Attieku and Enyo Tachie, $350,000.

AUTUMN MAPLE LANE, 19209-R.A. and Steven C. Lin to Jeanette Ty, $980,000.

AUTUMN MIST CIR., 13245-T.M.C. and Ryan S. Bleken to William W. Levi, $475,000.

BADENLOCH WAY, 7904-Donald C. Heisterman to Shi Yuan and Peiwen Ren, $186,100.

BAYRIDGE DR., 852-Hong Liang to John Tsui, $393,800.

BEACON HILL WAY, 7-Christine M. Steyer to Margaret Lu, $417,000.

BISHOPSTONE CT., 18450, No. 250-Nina M. Wilson to Christopher S. Brown, $251,200.

BLUE SILO CT., 2-Carmen J. and William J. Massey III to Clint Bas, $427,200.

BLUE VIOLET LANE, 18652-Dane C. and P.L. Harris to Hilda Salazar Hamilton and Ian M. Hamilton, $427,000.

BRANDY HALL LANE, 11404-Sang Y. and E.H. Kim to Laura E. and Troy M. Meyer, $609,000.

BRANDY HALL LANE, 11517-Katherine Benedict to Latha and Sai Pothuri, $569,000.

BRASSIE PL., 19435, No. 103-Lori S. Horwitz to Tien N. Vo, $177,000.

BRASSIE WAY, 9743-Yeh Seng Shaw to Sharlise L. Shulterbrandt, $270,000.

BUCKSFIELD RD., 100, No. 100-Kathryn K. Troutman to Sylvette Barr Hanau and Steven L. Hanau, $460,000.

CATHEDRAL WAY, 8704-D.A. and P.K. O'Connor to Hillary E. and Daniel L. Rosenberg, $550,000.

CATHEDRAL WAY, 8707-L.L. and Ricky R. Patterson to William E. Howard, $595,000.

CEDAR SPRING ST., 600-Centex Homes to Wai Kwong and Kalai Chan, $565,985.

CENTERWAY RD., 8948-E.L. and Mitchell W. Mercilliott to Abel Chuong Ho, $325,500.

CHAGALL TERR., 15807-M.R. and Scott K. Levenson to Indra Poola, $860,000.

CHESTERTOWN ST., 567-C.A. and Munier J. Saad to Kenneth L. Frank, $487,000.

CHINABERRY ST., 15307-Yvette L. Woods to Philip I. and Diane L. Seeman, $825,000.

CHISHOLM LANDING WAY, 14748-Charles R. and Maricele Riemann to Danguole and Vytenis A. Senuta, $425,000.

CITRUS GROVE CT., 9-Thomas D. and P.A. Cash to Sandrine and Eric E. Church, $752,500.

CORIANDER DR., 7900, No. 104-Cameron R. Meadows to Nathan E. Meadows, $96,000.

CRABAPPLE LANE, 8129-Son P. Pham to Nelsy K. Castellanos, $380,000.

CULLINAN DR., 13-Joan L. Mears to M. Earl Jr. and Rhonda S. Stewart, $526,000.

CYPRESS HILL DR., 7204-Edward J. Jr. and V.A. Larson to Sallie Walker Paist and Richard A. Paist, $800,000.

DRUM HILL CT., 14608-P.F. and Earl R. Garland to Victor S. Katz, $805,100.

DUVALL LANE, 128, No. 174-102-Edwin R. Molina to Barlow L. Flores, $165,000.

FALCONBRIDGE DR., 12508-Susan C. and Daniel L. Hine to Robyn G. Wohlfarth and George E. Wohlfarth, $685,000.

FLINTS GROVE LANE, 11509-Prudential Residential Services to Chang D. Yoon and Prudential Residential Services Partnership, $690,000.

FOUNTAIN CLUB DR., 13430-Andre Gregorian to Alice V. and Joseph J. Kalamar, $502,500.

GIRARD ST., 402, No. 11-Nicole McCollum to Fauzia Masud and Kabir Masud, $225,995.

GIRARD ST., 406, No. 32-Ana L. Cortes to Sofia Gonzalez, $200,000.

GIRARD ST., 416, No. 92-Edguin Yangua to Khoi C. Nguyen, $209,000.

GLENHURST CT., 14-E.M. and Roland J. Behm to Primacy Closing Corp., $977,075.

GOLD KETTLE DR., 156-Susan Q. Morgan to Lisa J. and James A. Cohen, $398,000.

GOLDEN ASH WAY, 128-Maryhelen Murch to William Recupero, $553,000.

GOLDEN POST LANE, 11509-Robert D. Buck, trustee, to Laura L. and Rick R. Patterson, $720,000.

GOOD MEADOW CT., 15016-Rosario A. and K.C. Zuco to Ho Pin Ku and Shu Yi Yang, $620,000.

HAPPY CHOICE LANE, 11601-Mary E. Pirtle to Kanimozhi and Ramamohan Maadhavan, $585,000.

HELLINGLY PL., 9710, No. 215-Maureen Frisby to Jillian P. Robey, $261,000.

HIGHLAND RIDGE AVE., 315-Nancy and Carl J. Ruyevcan to Kia Yong Wong, $600,000.

HIGHLAND RIDGE AVE., 438-C. and Gordon Gillerman to Anooshiravan Mostowfipour, $525,000.

HUMMINGBIRD TERR., 9218-Gene W. Wilkes to Minday and Jeremy Mayhew, $365,000.

IVY OAK TERR., 18302-Francis and Gyamfi to Dora and Emmanuel Boamah, $305,000.

JOSHUA TREE RD., 14917-Geoffry M. and Elma E. Doermann to Bin Liu and Yansong Li, $545,000.

KENDRICK PL., 104, No. 18-Ammar Najaar to Mohamed Desai, $340,000.

KILCREGGAN WAY, 19601-Kristen E. and Larry G. Brown to Melan Petrossian, $375,000.

LANGPORT TERR., 8224-William C. Hopkins to Larysa and Richard H. Clark, $467,000.

LARCHMONT TERR., 17604-David E. Cortez to Victor M. Martinez Melendez, $306,000.

LINDENHOUSE RD., 18941-June Sivilli to Maria E. Ugalde and Osvaldo M. Brenes, $528,000.

MAIN ST., 1339-Michael and Lisa Miller to Christiane A. Rufino and Ruben Flores, $879,000.

MANIFEST WAY, 14217-Susmita and Dhruba Chatterjee to SIRVA Relocation Corp., $426,000.

NUTHATCHER LANE, 18618-Douglas M. and V.L. Carson to Mami A. and Trazie E. Bai, $320,000.

ORCHARD DR., 37-Sonia Emma Mack to Erika D. and Florentino A. Casillas, $326,000.

PEARLBUSH DR., 7900, No. 202-Cynthia I. Breslau to Christine L. Gecoma, $186,000.

PELICAN AVE., 503-Centex Homes to Mitchell Aaron Freed and Sara Henick Freed, $548,490.

PONTIAC WAY, 101-Scott T. Hickman to K. Shankar and Someswari K. Rao, $320,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 802, No. 202-Sizu Li to Rui Hua Li, $210,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD RD., 14644-Mi J. Kim to Luis Fernando Correa, $574,900.

RELIANT DR., 18507-Ronald and Kathleen Keats to Jenny and David Crandall, $885,000.

SHADY SPRING DR., 8339-Alfredo Argueta Ayala to Gampolage G. Fonseka, $308,000.

SHARPSTEAD LANE, 156-Johan Gunawan to Hui Chen, $360,000.

SILVER KETTLE CT., 17-C.K. and Marshall W. Suddleson to David S. Croyder, $355,000.

SNAPDRAGON CIR., 14617-Samuel J. Anders Jr. to Sheeba Marsoor and Sayed M. Naved, $785,000.

STILL CREEK LANE, 625-Marsha G. and Henry Hennings to Deborah L. and Michael Rothbard, $990,000.

STRAW BALE LANE, 13525-Menno J. and Valerie J. Baars to Doriska N. and Merritt C. Brown, $740,000.

SUGAR NOTCH CIR., 19900-Senbagapandian Rajamani to Annie and Noble Joseph, $288,000.

SUMMER WALK DR., 135-National Residential Nominee to Cheryl and Gordon S. Gillerman, $640,000.

SUMMER WALK DR., 772-Carl D. and Sonya G. Udler to Sapna and Mohit S. Sehgal, $674,900.

TAMBAY CT., 9923-Betty King to Mbulle S. Palle, $326,500.

TOPFIELD DR., 17634, No. 13-C-Yolanda M. Moore to Angela and Steven Hansen, $175,000.

UPSHIRE CIR., 425-Richard D. Raker, trustee, to Sarah A. and Gerard P. Gaumond, $599,900.

WELLAND CT., 4-Mannsik P. and S.Y. Kang to Jayati and Tapan K. Bera, $950,000.

WEST SIDE DR., 920, No. 17-C-Michelle and John Hamer to Owen J. Martinez Guifarro, $292,200.

WHETSTONE CIR., 18941-L. and Joseph D. Lutz to Relocation Advantage Corp., $570,000.

WHETSTONE CIR., 18941-Relocation Advantage Corp. to Chantal B. and Todd M. Bernstein, $570,000.

WHITCLIFF CT., 316-Leah Haworth to Rosemarie E. Fonseca, $367,500.

WHITE ROCK RD., 15704-Kermit C. and D.W. Smyth to David A. and Lemmietta G. McNeilly, $649,900.

WINERY CT., 9723-Meadow Ridge Seniors Village Corp. to Mark Hockey, $319,875.

WINERY CT., 9733-Meadow Ridge Seniors Village Corp. to Mary Jean Akridge, $129,149.

WINTER WALK DR., 321-Thomas A. and L.S. Valis to Esther and Jack Lin, $584,900.

Germantown Area

AFTERNOON LANE, 20467-P. and Gerald Henry to Duane M. Ritondo, $364,900.

AMARILLO DR., 19001, No. 158-Mozafar A. Hameedy to Joab Noda, $312,270.

AMBASSADOR DR., 13603-Jamie J. and John A. Reynolds to Rosa L. Flores, $334,000.

AMBER HILL CT., 20820-Joe J. and L.N. Macha to Anna W. and William W. Barclay, $545,000.

AMBER RIDGE CIR., 12027-Stacey R. Wilson to Ruth G. Nunez, $391,000.

ANSEL TERR., 13608-M.R. and Christopher Bennett to Jewahir Gibril, $454,000.

APPLEDOWRE CIR., 19932, No. 440-Lawrence D. Pearce to Piedad G. Mejia Vargas, $296,500.

APPLEDOWRE CIR., 20048, No. 253-Willie L. Johnson Jr. to Claire T. Roth and Farrokh S. Namin, $236,500.

APPLEGRATH WAY, 11420-Luigi Crespo to Amy V. and Brian D. Pegram, $316,000.

BARLEYCORN TERR., 12904-Jinhua and W. Lu to Jackeline Z. and Jose Amaya, $585,000.

BAY LEAF WAY, 18606-Usha R. Patrick to Yohannes Admassou, $285,000.

BAY LEAF WAY, 18632-Julie A. and Patrick K. Carroll to Madeline Anne Feltus, $257,000.

BLACK ROCK RD., 16225-Jennifer S. and David W. Robinson to Primacy Closing Corp., $1.1 million.

BLACK SADDLE LANE, 12635-K. and Rhudel A. Stevens to Kevin A. Cuthbert, $320,000.

BLUE BANNER DR., 10004-Larry K. and M.R. Wellman to Angela J. and James D. Fennel, $680,000.

BRANDERMILL DR., 20345-Carlos A. and A.B. Paquete to Janesette Gonzalez and Carlos I. Flores, $465,000.

BRIDGER DR., 13037, No. 1407-Patrick Cross to Melissa C. Balliet, $312,000.

BRITTANIA CIR., 12113-Vickie L. Baldwin to Barry P. Steinberg, $405,000.

BRONCO CT., 14, No. 272-D.H. and Hector L. Padilla to Michelle C. Thomas, $315,350.

CARAVAN DR., 19455-Eric M. Stancliff to Hammad Hussain, $355,000.

CHALET DR., 18120, No. 12-103-Joseph T. Payne Jr. to Achal Dua, $225,000.

CHOCTAW CT., 19914-Julio Garcia to Ernesto and Milka Manlucu, $310,000.

COACHMANS RD., 18108-Jayati and Tapan K. Bera to Soheil Faroghi, $649,000.

DAIRYMAID DR., 13209, No. 32-Linda G. Ely to Norma J. Taber, $227,000.

DEERWATER DR., 13502, No. 4-B-Carol S. Mamber to Amy MacMillan Russell and William F. Russell, $270,000.

DEMETRIAS WAY, 13477-Sudhakar Kota to Carolina Calle, $265,000.

DUCK POND PL., 20605, No. 603-David J. Goldberg to Antwi Kofijr Bawuah, $391,000.

DUNSTABLE CIR., 19965, No. 256-Michael B. Aubrey to Michelle Timmerman, $300,000.

EAGLES ROOST DR., 18540-Kenia Menezes to Diana Encinas, $330,000.

FINEGAN FARM DR., 14925-Finnegan Farm Corp. to Holly L. and Francis S. Soistman, $1.73 million.

FURLONG WAY, 14142-Conrad K.Y. and H.H. Lu to Benu and Tejinder Singh, $370,000.

GATESHEAD CIR., 20004, No. 804-Sharon A. Riser to Leslie A. Kelley Huffman, $309,900.

HARMONY WOODS LANE, 18802-Jane Korsah Nti to Anthony Williams, $364,500.

HICKORY TREE WAY, 12417, No. 223-Pramod Mohan to Khalid Lateef, $180,500.

ISLAND VIEW CIR., 12136-Ming Y. Soon to Keith Jenkins, $369,500.

JUMP DR., 14017-Shuwen Lo to Nohemi I. and Hector Lainez, $419,000.

KITCHEN HOUSE WAY, 12911-P.L. and Kenneth L. Deerberg to Flint Tran, $332,500.

LARK SONG DR., 13725-Zhongping Mao to Qi Zhi Zhang, $320,500.

LEDBURY WAY, 11404-Parkside at Brandermill Corp. to Julia N. Bulaong, $284,900.

LEDBURY WAY, 11447-Parkside at Brandermill Corp. to Mark B. Brooks, $307,900.

LOWFIELD TERR., 13423-Linda M. Bame to Sarah M. and Jeffrey S. Chapman, $330,000.

MILL HOUSE CT., 13057-Vicki L. Bradford to Rosaline Thompson, $328,900.

OWL RUN WAY, 18502-Christina Lee, trustee, to Edwin Roberto Marroquin, $330,000.

POPPYSEED LANE, 18836-Ana and Santos Orellana to Isabel Antonio Leiva, $259,000.

QUIET OAK LANE, 18905-S.B. and Ernesto C. Sarino Jr. to Rebecca M. Schloss, $352,500.

RED ADMIRAL WAY, 12130-Kari Moore to Hanaa Asasi and Bachar Homsi, $675,000.

RISING SUN LANE, 13302-Susan Cadima to Natteeporn Pruksavan, $440,000.

RUSHING WATER WAY, 13392-Zia M. and Sabera S. Alam to Dora Obeng Ahim and Andrew Appiah, $465,000.

ST. JOHNSBURY LANE, 19429-K. and Gordon Ward to Gilberto Sanchez, $349,900.

SHADYSIDE LANE, 13031, No. 12-214-Barbara Simmons to Maria A. and Lawrence M. Ward, $249,900.

SHIPLEY TERR., 20248, No. 6-B-101-Carol E. Clarke to Cesar C. Villavicencio and Laura J. Miller, $225,000.

SIR SPENCER WAY, 11509-William and Shelley Day to Charlene D. and Bradley S. Whitaker, $475,000.

STEEPLE PL., 19025-Melissa and Leland Bettis to Vicki Rivera, $415,000.

STONEY BOTTOM RD., 12255-Andrew and Irene Kent to Kristy L. and Michael B. Henning, $550,000.

STONEY POINT PL., 11431-Parkside at Brandermill Corp. to Vanita Tandon, $218,400.

SWISS CIR., 18200, No. 2-301-Tehmul Mistry to Tonya L. Sims, $244,500.

SWISS CIR., 18212, No. 428-Scott M. Mossberg to Brian S. Peres, $236,000.

TILFORD CT., 13408-Sheri S. and H.R. Emery Jr. to Henrietta and Courtney G. Wright, $505,000.

TOWN COMMONS DR., 13026-Elizabeth D. and Yaman Coskun to George Gretz, $485,000.

TWILIGHT CT., 13109-Martine and Charles Mordecai to Dora N. Buadu, $334,900.

VALLEY BEND CT., 9-Enyo Tachie to David M. Ulisney, $310,000.

VIOLETTS LOCK RD., 13105-J.Z. and Robert D. Kelly to Susan L. Lynch, $739,000.

WHEATRIDGE DR., 17927-James R. Roberts to Serge Weis, $635,000.

WONDERLAND WAY, 13121, No. 13-140-Deborah A. Bredice to Chung Ae Kim, $250,000.

WYMAN WAY, 20021-Jose Batista to Vicotia Pena, $316,500.

YELLOW LEAF WAY, 11127-James and Susan E. Rusnak to Carol Y. and Carl A. Tims, $600,000.

Kensington Area

ANTHONY ST., 4207-Faith R. and Benjamin S. Psillas to Alison D. Beyer, $485,000.

DECATUR AVE., 3003-Martin E. Wetzler to Barry J. O'Brien, $389,000.

EDGEWOOD RD., 3224-Felix E. Gonzales to Gina C. Anazco, $450,000.

FLANDERS AVE., 5008-Mark A. and Christiane G. Deitz to Valerie M. Thomas and Oleg A. Bukharin, $599,000.

LAWRENCE AVE., 3711-J.M. and Michael P. McNally to Rolando A. Cardona, $479,000.

MITSCHER ST., 11221-Marshall H. Riggs, trustee, to Keyvan Farahani, $565,000.

MORRELL CT., 3903-D.O. and Rance A. Hitt to Steven P. Himmelfarb, $520,000.

NIMITZ RD., 3516-Philip D. Yin to Kathleen Mann Koepke, $419,000.

SAUL RD., 4709-Teddy T. and Joyce M. Su to Kimberly and Matthew Seiler, $535,000.

STRATHMORE AVE., 5307-James J. and Amy G. Egan to James Ingle and Gayle E. Lester, $660,000.

STRATHMORE AVE., 5353-Diana B. McChesney to Winnie Jeng and Edison Au, $685,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 3333, No. 1205-Robert A. Wagner to Gayle Zywicke, $235,000.

Laytonsville Area

BRINK RD., 7740-Nectali Flores to Rita Jeffrey and Jennifer Santa, $440,000.

GREENBERRY DR., 28809-M.E. and John M. Patton Sr. to Shelly L. Suddith, $606,800.

LOG HOUSE RD., 24329-Pettit Homes of Maryland Corp. to George C. Hunt, $587,016.

ROSETHORN AVE., 20312-Mahmoud and L. Nassaj to Helen T. and Jose R. Bumbray, $820,000.

WARFIELD RD., 7012-Thomas L. and B.J. Stevenson to Tiffany S. and Kotaro J. Kaneko, $450,000.

WARFIELD RD., 7708-C.E. and William E. Graham Jr. to Milton H. Orrellana, $925,000.

WARFIELD RD., 8401-Kirk D. and B.H. Canaday to Elfy Barbery and Eduardo Peredo, $570,000.

WARFIELD RD., 9218-Michael J. and Mary E. Seville to Donato Pasquarelli and Michelle M. Ruffner, $765,000.

Montgomery Village Area

AMBOY RD., 9402-Eleanor Lyall to Amadou M. Ba, $375,000.

BRASSIE PL., 19549, No. 9A-James E. Coyle to Farahnaz Youssefi, $280,000.

CLUB HOUSE RD., 19303, No. 204-Raymond J. Pitts to Lynne G. and Charles E. Cook III, $205,000.

DELCRIS DR., 8707-Sidney Keilson to Aissa D. Bright, $375,000.

DOCKSIDE TERR., 9833-Linda M. Gale to Wawa Maw Kyaw, $285,000.

DOWLING PARK PL., 8802-Christina M. Holm to Lorenzo Pettus and Crystal Brooks, $269,000.

GENTLE WAY, 20217-Rosa Marlene Pineda to Eric Safo, $289,900.

HERITAGE FARM DR., 7751-Jim Moullah to Yezid Valencia, $430,000.

KEYMAR WAY, 19337-Elaine C. Matzen to Noelia C. and Allan E. Gonzalez, $304,500.

MAPLE LEAF DR., 9805-Janet G. Shure to Totagamuwage P. Jayasiri, $345,000.

MEADOW FENCE RD. N., 18921-Gaye T. and P.H. Snyder to Marta S. and David F. Marks, $559,900.

PIER POINT PL., 18637-Wayne D. Parrott Sr. to Amina Adele Temanda, $265,000.

REMSBURY PL., 20401-Amir Bamdad to George Tobin Jr., $470,000.

ROYAL BONNET CIR., 18015-Radix P. and P.A. Rush to Jose E. and Vilma Contreras, $375,000.

SHADOW OAK DR., 9621-Harry L. Sotzsky to Zakia and Shahjahan Kabir, $350,000.

STEDWICK RD., 10028, No. 202-Ellen Marie Grant to Farnoush Babak, $245,000.

STRATH HAVEN DR., 20567-Kya A. and Anthony W. Marrero to Brian K. Knauss, $285,000.

TINDAL SPRINGS CT., 45-Takayo and Kevin Wagoner to Patrick Marasco, $451,000.

TIPPETT LANE, 9513-N.C. and Robert G. Pelleu to Payam Pour Ahmad Haghighi, $301,000.

WELBECK WAY, 8678-Dora and Norman Yockelson to Jose Ulises Alvarenga, $228,000.

New Hampshire Estates-

Hillandale Area

GATEWOOD PL., 1905-Pavana Prayoonto to Theresa I. and Julius L. Aruna, $524,900.

GATEWOOD PL., 2102-Maureen M. and Matthew T. Stanton to Julio C. Hernandez, $468,000.

QUEBEC TERR., 1015-Abiy Wonderad to Mesfin M. Teklu, $407,000.

Norbeck-Layhill Area

BARN RIDGE CT., 5-John M. Hoffman to Carol and Todd Schweitzer, $1.15 million.

BEAVERBROOK CT., 15300, No. 88-3G-Ruth I. O'Bryon to Susan C. Evanosky, $271,610.

BEAVERWOOD LANE, 3111-M. and Andres Lopez to Amelie Kemogne, $350,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3736, No. 11-Gary Lee Pregi to Clifford Dewey, $125,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3900-Jose R. Delgado to Ulises Moreira, $205,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3970, No. 1-Lyhn C. Keem to Nikitta Williams, $130,000.

BLUFF POINT LANE, 3008-Michael M. Salas to Cecilia and Roberto Ayala, $430,000.

BONIFANT RD., 1823-D.R. and Victor M.R. Palmeiro to Cipriana J. Condori, $849,000.

CHESTERWOOD DR., 3820-Ridgewood I Townhomes Corp. to Yolanda I. and Carlo A. Caraballo, $274,900.

DEWEY RD., 11901-Elsie P. Shell to Luis A. Gonzalez, $340,000.

DUNSINANE DR., 3816, No. 27-Judith W. Eubank to Marta L. Ramos Guzman and Jorge A. Ramos, $330,000.

DUNVEGAN CT., 14924-Jose R. and E.E. Bernal to Doris Boateng and Divine E. Apreku, $395,000.

FARTHING DR., 3405-E.A. and Luther M. Smith to Luis Isaias Luna, $426,000.

FARTHING DR., 3520-Luis A. Banegas to Pedro Morales, $365,000.

GOULD RD., 12500-Julio Lengua to Juan Luis Gomez Sanchez, $430,000.

GREENERY LANE, 2204, No. 301-21-Laurine Dezilwa to George O. Tremble III, $236,000.

GREENERY LANE, 2301, No. 104-5-Katherine F. Wilson to Marlene S. Robbins, $251,500.

HARGO ST., 3514-Joan B. Fitzgerald, trustee, to Pedro A. Argueta, $432,000.

HERITAGE LANE, 14121-John M. and D.L. Wright to Diana C. and David L. Mayer, $595,000.

LADYMEADE CIR., 14929-Matthew N. Savage to Jennifer and Justin Edgar, $340,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. N., 2921, No. 1-402-Anna M. Grimberg, trustee, to Jill Chodorov, $149,380.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. N., 3100, No. 323-Deana and Adam Nachlas to Anna A. Edmonds, $249,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. N., 3200, No. 317-Ruth L. Hurley to Patricia V. and William E. Kister, $490,000.

LUDHAM DR., 3228, No. 197-B-Thomas P. and M.H. Loftus to Jean N. and Edwin S. Addison, $395,000.

MELFORDSHIRE WAY, 14813-Jacqueline J. Moutran to Wai Fong Ho and Fong H. Lou, $390,000.

NORMANDY SQUARE PL., 2401, No. 12-Kenneth Feldman to Reza A. Butera, $255,000.

VALLEYWOOD CT., 13112-Hung Nguyen to Anner J. Arevalo, $365,000.

WAGON WAY, 13920-Albert J. and J.E. Milano to Taiyab Mohiuddin and Ghousia Sultana, $675,000.

WAGON TRAIL PL., 2109-Damian Davis to Lucille Hadley, $438,000.

Olney Area

BOWIE MILL RD., 18325-Antonios T. and G.A. Georgiadis to Julia A. and Timothy M. Boulay, $505,000.

BUEHLER RD., 17810, No. 1-F-5-Janine and Jacob D. Howard to Angela L. Yin, $211,000.

BUEHLER RD., 17824, No. 1-F-5-Patrick D. and Stephanie D. Storey to Nancy and Jesus R. Flores, $219,500.

CENTERFIELD WAY, 16820-Stephen Cho to Marguerite S. Wood, $435,000.

DARNELL DR., 18120-Loukas P. and F.L. Nafpaktitis to Minnie and Mukesh K. Malik, $634,500.

DENHIGH CIR., 18504-Ellen B. and Otto W. Ohm II to Thien Thu Phan, $818,500.

GATEHOUSE CT., 3002-William A. and S.L. Connelly to Michelle R. and Thomas D. Beth, $445,000.

HEADWATERS DR., 18150-Naif L. and M.A. Mahan to Tina and James T. Wong, $549,900.

LAFAYETTE DR., 17908-M.M. and Brian W. Page to Jeanie L. Ahearn, $580,000.

LLEWELLYN FIELD RD., 3301-B.M. and Minas C. Kazanjian to William M. Trout, $540,000.

O'HARA CIR., 18024-Thomas H. Chadduck, trustee, to Jennifer Dorsey, $292,000.

PALADIN TERR., 3003-Donald J. Schmelter to William M. Shechtman, $370,000.

ROLLING MEADOW WAY, 18100, No. 255-Kelly M. Segreti to Jennifer L. Woolever, $319,000.

ROLLING MEADOW WAY, 18214, No. 43-S.C. and Nathan J. Davis to Judy L. Brundage, $281,500.

ROLLING MEADOW WAY, 18288, No. 3-Deborah L. Justus Thompson to Meredith J. Kroehl, $259,000.

SNOWBERRY WAY, 18429-Nguyen Hong Hanh Houng to Martha A. Gover and Scott A. Bredow, $635,000.

TOTHILL DR., 4809, No. 47-Rajita Mathur to MHP Scattered Site Inc., $107,776.

Poolesville Area

FISHER AVE., 18909-Christopher C. Joyce to Pamela D. Schneibolk, $460,000.

WOOTTON AVE., 19412-Ronald W. Williams to Lesly Flores, $419,000.

Potomac Area

BEEKMAN PL., 11704-Richard A. Waxman to Yekta Dianatnejad and Alireza Pourahmad, $1.41 million.

CANDLELIGHT LANE, 11106-Dong Sheng and M.C. Chen to Yusong Hu and Wei Ding, $800,000.

CODDLE HARBOR LANE, 7623-Evelyn J. Nannicola to Jane H. Bell, $582,000.

DEBORAH DR., 10851-L. and Peter M. Goodstein to Victoria Keich, $586,050.

EDGE PARK CT., 12013-J. and Jay Blomquist to Patricia M. Hickey, $1.03 million.

FOX RUN, 8617-Stephen C. Jones to Pauline and Amir Bamdad, $955,000.

GAINSBOROUGH RD., 10225-Eric D. Lawrence to Mary E. Markarian Barrett and Mark D. Barrett, $820,000.

GAINSBOROUGH RD., 11711-Mark G. Dodds, trustee, to Ann Dodds Frerichs, $650,000.

GEORGETOWNE CT., 11611-Carl B. Edelin Sr. to Martha L. Pavon and Wilfredo Cerna, $620,000.

HEATHERTON LANE, 7879-Dafna Y. and Brian E. Berman to Jeffrey Berman, $600,000.

HIDDEN TRAIL CT., 10809-LandAmerica OneStop Inc., trustee, to Jessica S. Lee, $1.25 million.

HORSESHOE LANE, 7813-David S. Pellegrini to Andrea O. Pierce and James A. Stolpestad II, $1.3 million.

INVERNESS RIDGE RD., 8015-Sharlene P. Shugarman to Suk Y. Hyun and Jeong H. Kim, $555,000.

LE HAVRE DR., 11612-Debra L. Wolman to Julie and Andrew J. Egber, $1 million.

ORCHARD BROOK DR., 9116-Aloysius Kuo, trustee, to Gena Lai and Bartrand Tzeng, $727,500.

ORCHARD WAY N., 15-David H. and A. Drazin to Anne Lewis A. Dessart and Alexander M. Dessart, $730,000.

OVERPOND WAY, 12312-Ira Sherman to Sharon E. and Lawrence G. Lazar, $862,500.

PATRIOT LANE, 11416-Churchill Development Corp. to Robin Ellen Klein, $1.63 million.

PINEY MEETINGHOUSE RD., 11501-11501 Corp. to Rachel and Thomas H. Sullivan, $1.2 million.

POTOMAC SCHOOL DR., 9235-Jerome F. IV and M.K. Kinney to Kristie and Joseph K. Haley, $1.4 million.

SMOKETREE RD., 11715-J.F. and Edward D. Hays to Claritza Motayne, $572,000.

TUCKERMAN LANE, 8304-G.B. and Luis S. Ortega to Xiaobing Li, $749,900.

WHITERIM DR., 10836-James S. Branner to Robert R. Biggar, $387,403.

Rockville Area

AZALEA DR., 745, No. 36-B1-J.N. and Jose R. Salgado to Fatima M. Stimpson, $340,000.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12411, No. 535-Schachar and Keren Sarig to Lena L. and Mark T. Smith, $262,050.

BRICE RD., 804-Ali Keshavarz Shokri to Mohammad N. Paryavi, $469,000.

CALABASH CT., 54-Stephen G. and E.K. Montgomery to Shruti Japee and Ram Balasubramanian, $731,000.

CARNATION DR., 1034-L.C. and William R. Case to Siele Silue, $750,000.

CEDARWOOD DR., 11170-Katherine Degroff to Elana S. Pepper Maroof and Joshua Adam Maroof, $667,000.

CREEK SHORE DR., 4807-C.B. and Timothy W. Alderson to Heidi G. Elmendorf, $470,000.

DON MILLS CT., 1-Christine M. Lefevre to Janet P. and John Brown, $630,000.

DUKE ST. S., 22-John C. and J.C. Binkley to Carrie R. and Gregory A. Wright, $730,000.

DUKE ST. S., 26-A.S. and Simon M. Paimpalil to Ahmed Abdullah, $595,000.

FREDERICK AVE., 207-Carlita T. Munson to Terry R. Marshall, $256,000.

GLOXINIA DR., 10713-Rudolph V. and C.T. Williams to Robin R. and Clarence L. Smith, $705,000.

GRAND CHAMPION DR., 614-Jeffrey L. and Patricia K. Menard to Brett J. and Lisa P. Hoffman, $775,000.

GREENPLACE TERR., 1801-Johnand C.A. Nestoriak III to Anita Verma and Santosh Nanda, $716,100.

GREY HOLLOW CT., 11906, No. 84-Mindy S. Houri to Kyung Suk Lee and Raphael H. Chun, $650,000.

GROSVENOR PL., 10401, No. 413-Mary O. Fling to Monique L. Voisin, trustee, $326,500.

HERITAGE FIELDS AVE., 1000-Thomas G. Rogan to Hai N. Tran, $799,000.

INMAN PARK CIR., 5804, No. 1007-Gina Carbonaro to Amy M. Schiller, $445,000.

KINGS RIDING WAY, 10701, No. 102-14-Jude R. Alexander to Yvonne M. and Mark S. Bennett, $450,000.

KINGS RIDING WAY, 10712, No. 101-15-Patricia N. Phillips, trustee, to Leyla and Alireza Mohadjer, $449,000.

MCCORMICK RD., 2302-David S. and T.B. Dejong to Alla and Robert M. Levin, $750,000.

MCCORMICK RD., 2425-Jerome A. Kaplan to Ze and Yifan Chen, $497,000.

MIST HAVEN TERR., 10757-Audrey and Seng Chee Ho to Reza Shayesteh, $580,000.

MONROE ST., 20, No. 301-D.V. and Michael J. Fiedler to Faruqul Islam, $345,000.

OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 11710, No. 1029-White Flint Place Partnership to Augosto N. and Dayana Urena, $528,400.

OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 11710, No. 1421-White Flint Place Partnership to Judith and Terry L. Chuvala, $359,900.

PLEASANT DR., 615-Selva Gunenc to Diego Correa, $639,000.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 10500, No. 1324-Richard C. Wright to Luis Enrique Lazo, $216,000.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 11801, No. 1507-Donald L. Myers to Rachel and Eliaou Dahan, $220,000.

SWEETWOOD AVE., 10211-Susan and Eli Y. Chao to Li Ye and Jianguo Yu, $1.06 million.

TEMPLETON PL., 1377-Kineret and Rahm Dvir to Navid Golpayegani, $542,000.

WATKINS POND BLVD., 100, No. 2-201-Jose A. Amaya to Dok K. Chang, $355,000.

WOLFTREE LANE, 7071-William J. Voss, trustee, to Haim Shmul, $775,000.

Sandy Spring Area

BROOKE RD., 18601-Estella C. Williams to Timothy Cornell Sr., $398,500.

NESBITT FARM LANE, 17509-MB Bancroft Corp. to Shayan and Mansoor A. Qureshi, $500,000.

Silver Spring Area

BRADFORD RD., 8509, No. 5-1-Robert R. Sheldon to Jason and Noelle Spencer, $365,000.

BURNT MILLS AVE., 415-Milton Rosenthal, trustee, to Kebenu Weyessa, $499,000.

CADDINGTON AVE., 821-Richard M. and S.A. Kirkpatrick to Lindsay Burke Northam and Christopher Lee Northam, $454,000.

CONCERTO LANE, 643-Juan R. and M.E. Proctor to Barbara and Ryan Zeiss, $395,000.

EASTMOOR DR., 105-Michael and Rachel Woodburn to Tammy M. and Nicholas A. Brady, $520,000.

GRACE CHURCH RD., 1920-Michael J. Barrett to Alex Rene, $789,000.

HILLMOOR DR., 409-E.M. and Frank C. Fellows Jr. to Mary Ellen Saunders, $515,000.

HOLLOW GLEN PL., 9894, No. 2542-B-Jay Ladin to Damon Collie and Sarah Muenzenmayer, $321,000.

HOLMAN AVE., 2617-John L. Parascandola to Per Christian Wolden, $325,000.

LEIGHTON AVE., 403-Loren F. Reese to James Aaron Nix Gomez and Jennifer Keeney, $540,000.

LYCOMING ST., 617-William C. and D.L. Hewitt to Patricia A. and Nigel P. Howard, $575,000.

LYTTONSVILLE RD., 1919-Karen L. Bond to Lora Polowczuk, $410,000.

MANCHESTER RD., 8612, No. 5-London Terrace Cooperative Housing to Helen and Chike Llochi, $187,696.

MANCHESTER RD., 8616, No. 8-London Terrace Cooperative Housing to Jose Carlos Arana, $230,379.

MANCHESTER RD., 8622, No. 3-London Terrace Cooperative Housing to Ricardo M. Callejas, $187,696.

MANCHESTER RD., 8700, No. 10-London Terrace Cooperative Housing to Tatiana and Daniel Shukhin, $141,928.

MANCHESTER RD., 8700, No. 6-London Terrace Cooperative Housing to Jose Rocca, $141,927.

MANSION DR. S., 1014-Loran Wenrich, trustee, to Tawana E. Davis, $679,390.

MIDWOOD PL., 1303-Josephine A. Checchi, trustee, to Stacey D. and Daniel F. Styslinger, $710,000.

NOYES LANE, 1719-John W. Ott to Sheri L. and Samuel B. Feld, $450,000.

PIERCE DR., 10117-M.A. and John R. Abare to Ron Hanan, $439,900.

RIDGEMOOR DR., 10304-Linda Maloney, trustee, to Grace and Timothy Kwenah, $300,000.

RILEY PL., 9403-Rodney S. Crawford to Abigail A. and Nicholas I. Allen, $389,900.

SLIGO CREEK PKWY., 9039, No. 302-Rose Nemiroff, trustee, to John D. and Carrie Ann Betteridge, $280,000.

THAYER AVE., 575, No. 207-Colin Austin to David A. Proctor, $90,000.

THAYER AVE., 575, No. 303-Bettie A. Jorgensen to Eileen Levi, $201,500.

WAYNE AVE., 808-Guido and Paz Guevara to Cynthia and William P. Milloy, $453,000.

WHITESTONE RD., 424-Karen L. Lucey to Jeffrey I. Martin Pressman, $559,998.

Takoma Park Area

BAYFIELD ST., 803-Mary F. Boyer to Marisol Mendoza, $370,000.

GLENSIDE DR., 8014-Roseanne M. Carey to Dana Rogers Haden and Gary Lynn Kettler, $420,000.

HEATHER AVE., 1003-Sara A. and James A. Stacy to Ross Wiczer, $575,000.

LINCOLN AVE., 334-Robert A. and S.L.G. Mitchell to Laura O. and Richard B. Barclay, $655,000.

MAPLE AVE., 7120-Patricia Weidman to Vanessa Wight and Nicholas Curabba, $657,000.

MAPLE AVE., 7611, No. 104-Michael J. Laukaitis to Kristina L. Windom, $235,000.

PINEY BRANCH RD., 7329-George H. McCabe to Kristin and John C. Peyrebrune, $606,000.

WILDWOOD DR., 7610-Jorge A. Fernandez to Dora A. and Roberto Diaz, $459,000.

Twinbrook Area

ATLANTIC AVE., 12704-Richard M. and J.C. Brown to Natalia Pylypenko and Vadym Berkout, $400,000.

CRAWFORD DR., 1021-N.R. and Reid W. Arney Jr. to Rogelio Alfaro, $465,000.

CRAWFORD DR., 5707-Joel K. Sr. and Sharon J. Duncan to Sherri L. and Edward S. Hammerman, $305,000.

FARRAGUT AVE., 1621-Narada M. and Datquan H. Lee to David A. Bates, $388,700.

LYON PL., 806-Qing Zhang to Nazeh Natur, $397,000.

PAUL DR., 1007-E.I. and Martin Koubek to Josh Greene, $424,000.

TWEED ST., 1614-A.D. and Taras Denwick to Deborah Jenkins Strauss, $418,000.

Wheaton Area

AMHERST AVE., 10603-Mahendra B. Shah to Melissa A. Brown, $485,000.

AMHERST AVE., 11046-Frances W. Berk to Whitney P. and Dallas S. Brooks, $575,000.

ARCOLA AVE., 915-Peter G. and C.H.T. Miller to Juana Y. Lazaro and Jose U. Chavez, $485,000.

BILLMAN LANE, 1609-Patrick T. and Deirdre R. Mailloux to Kimberly A. and John P. Polk, $570,000.

BROOKHAVEN DR., 12216-Ralph E. Duxbury to Mary E. Arobaga Reardon and Douglas C. Reardon, $620,000.

COBBLE HILL TERR., 2342-Alfredo A. Kolster to Patricia Hill Collins, $620,000.

CODY DR., 1703-Julia Dee Silver to Omar B. Halwani, $500,000.

DARROW ST., 2409-Robert F. Brouillette to Robert Brown, $229,000.

EAGLEWOOD CT., 12025-Robin M. Rompre to Armi A. and Alvin L. Colasito, $371,000.

FLOWERING TREE TERR., 1928-Stephen Birbalsingh to Monica B. Lugo and Kevin J. Fandl, $400,000.

GRANDVIEW AVE., 12113-Regina Carlow to Khamis Mgambo, $375,900.

LINDELL ST., 2800-N.A. and Kenneth J. Nickerson Jr. to Kenneth J. Nickerson Jr., $72,000.

MEDWAY ST., 3035-B.E. and Ricardo Jovel to Francisco A. Reyes, $340,000.

PLYERS MILL RD., 2721-John Magnino to Angela M. Moore, $530,000.

SOMERSWORTH DR., 12201-Gail A. Griffin to Andrea F. and Jeffrey S. Weber, $580,000.

STONINGTON PL., 11807-Joseph H. and M.J. Easley to Nicholas and Deborah A. Eftimiades, $475,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 1121, No. 1107-B-Toby and Harold Orenstein to Bratati and Bhabadeb Chowdhury, $152,000.

WALSH VIEW TERR., 2103, No. 16-201-Pathma Liyanapathirana to Neeru and Vijay Paul, $210,000.