OCT. 28

Mallory Evelyn Thompson, a daughter, to Jill and Craig Thompson of La Plata.

OCT. 31

Tyler James Moreland, a son, to Stacey and Jamie Moreland of Waldorf.

NOV. 1

Jolie Brooke Lombardi, a daughter, to Heather and Christopher Lombardi of Mechanicsville.

NOV. 2

Evan John McCray, a son, to Tonya and Duane McCray of Waldorf.

NOV. 4

Morgan Joseph Magargle, a son, to Amanda and Sean Magargle of Mechanicsville.

NOV. 8

Madelyn Karoline Posey, a daughter, to Michele and James Posey of Newburg.

NOV. 9

Owen Laurent Garity, a son, to Julie and Michael Garity of Waldorf.

NOV. 10

Katherine Mak Bowling, a daughter, to Clara and Steuart Bowling of La Plata.

Joshua Daniel Robinson, a son, to Kathryn and Mathew Robinson of White Plains.

NOV. 11

Alexandra Marie Gudgel and Hailey Marie Gudgel, twin daughters, to Tina and Keith Gudgel of Waldorf.

Sydney Mallory Beard, a daughter, to Rominna and Jarrett Beard of Waldorf.

NOV. 13

Robert Deshon Harlan Jr., a son, to Linda and Robert D. Harlan Sr. of St. Charles.

NOV. 15

Milla Redd Magno, a daughter, to Juharia and Edward Magno of White Plains.

NOV. 17

Brandon James Evans, a son, to Penny and Brandon Evans of Mechanicsville.

Sophia Catherine Wallace, a daughter, to Cristina and Kevin Wallace of Waldorf.

NOV. 18

Wyatt Henry Tempalski, a son, to Lisa and Richard Tempalski of Waldorf.

Joseph Antonio Jenkins, a son, to Rose Myers and Joseph Jenkins of Faulkner.

NOV. 19

Aidan Dallas Kline, a son, to Amanda and Ronald Kline of Port Tobacco.


OCT. 10

Michelle Torres, a daughter, to Dioselina Chavez and Miguel Torres of Lexington Park.

Shauna Louise Harper, a daughter, to Kim and Wesslee Harper of Leonardtown.

OCT. 11

John Andrew Kovach, a son, to Lynda and John Kovach of California.

OCT. 13

Katrina Michelle Socher, a daughter, to Jennifer Erskine and Christopher Socher of Mechanicsville.

Joseph Thomas Gale IV, a son, to Katie Bowling and Joseph T. Gale III of Indian Head.

Brooklyn Paige Winfrey, a daughter, to Jessica Spencer and Nicholas Winfrey of Mechanicsville.

Alyssa Suzanne Morgan, a daughter, to Janeen Morgan and Eric Babcock of Callaway.

OCT. 14

Lillian Nicole Cornett, a daughter, to Melinda Cornett of Prince Frederick.

Elaina Carlie Hiatt, a daughter, to Katie and Kyle Hiatt of Mechanicsville.

OCT. 16

Sophia Grace Whittington, a daughter, to Kristen and Robert Whittington of Great Mills.

OCT. 19

Megan Catherine Readyhough, a daughter, to Amy and Eric Readyhough of Leonardtown.

Johnathan Aaron Panciera, a son, to Sharon Reese and Justin Panciera of La Plata.

Katelyn Marie Chisholm, a daughter, to Candice and Travis Chisholm of Hollywood.

Megan Ann Reppel, a daughter, to Tonia and Danny Reppel of Scotland.

OCT. 21

Julia Nicole Repasi, a daughter, to Christine and Dennis Repasi of Mechanicsville.

Kyla Eileen Linz, a daughter, to Lisa and Eric Linz of Leonardtown.

OCT. 22

John James Rohulich III, a son, to Charlene and John J. Rohulich Jr. of Lexington Park.

OCT. 23

Peyton Robert Murphy, a son, to Jennifer and Matthew Murphy of Lusby.

OCT. 24

Riley Michele Towne, a daughter, to Courtney and Michael Towne of Mechanicsville.

OCT. 25

Sydnee Reanne Alsup, a daughter, to Amy Darnall and Derrick Alsup of Hollywood.

OCT. 26

Nathaniel Zachary Hardesty, a son, to Amber Hardesty of Hollywood.

Rex Robert Phipps, a son, to Amy and Peter Phipps of Patuxent River.

James Eamon O'Hara, a son, to Maryann and Joe O'Hara of California.

OCT. 28

William Smith, a son, to Lisa and Eric Smith of California.

OCT. 29

Brian Austin McMichael, a son, to Patricia and Jeffrey McMichael of Hughesville.

Abigail Jean Hierstetter, a daughter, to Dawn and Brad Hierstetter of Callaway.

Emily Charlene Mister, a daughter, to Kimberly and Joseph Mister of Lexington Park.

OCT. 30

Teonne Jaquis Thomas, a daughter, to Keysha Thomas of Hollywood.

Dagas Aric Gutierrez, a son, to Malanena and Marcanthony Gutierrez of Patuxent River.

NOV. 2

Isabelle Maria Brooks, a daughter, to Paula and Marlin Brooks of Lexington Park.

Nathan Robert Tennyson, a son, to Amanda and Bobby Tennyson of St. Inigoes.

Cade Anthony Keen, a son, to Tracy and John Keen of Drayden.

Cortez Norfolk, a son, to Tiffany Greene and Michael Norfolk of Lexington Park.

NOV. 4

Emma Pauline Bicknell, a daughter, to Julie and Bart Bicknell of Lexington Park.

NOV. 6

Joseph Linehan Greenwell IV, a son, to Melissa and Joseph L. Greenwell III of Dameron.

NOV. 7

Dennis LaJuan Swaringer Jr., a son, to Valarie and Dennis L. Swaringer of Lexington Park.

Madison Jade DiBenio, a daughter, to Cristina and John DiBenio Jr. of Leonardtown.

Michael Christopher Dufour Jr., a son, to Jessica Eller and Michael C. Dufour Sr. of Mechanicsville.

Edward Glenn Franz, a son, to Terra and Edward Franz of Patuxent River.

NOV. 9

Jackson Davis Weeks, a son, to Chrissy and Kelly Weeks of Hollywood.

NOV. 10

Ava Sophia Vallencourt, a daughter, to Randi and Justin Vallencourt of California.

Autumn Rose Burch, a daughter, to Kristin Powell and John Burch of Ridge.

Jacob Pingleton, a son, to Natalie and Joseph Pingleton of Clements.

Taylor Meredith Basso, a daughter, to Kim and Kevin Basso of Lexington Park.

NOV. 11

Mary Elizabeth Evans, a daughter, to Frannie and Bobby Evans of Ridge.

Bradley Dewayne Lloyd Schrader, a son, to Jackie and Joshua Schrader of Leonardtown.

NOV. 12

Grace Rylee Gutierrez, a daughter, to Melissa and Curt Gutierrez of Leonardtown.

Autumn Brooke Davis, a daughter, to Heather Poz and Bobby Davis of Lexington Park.

Anna Grace Redman, a daughter, to Maggie and Gregory Redman of Hollywood.

NOV. 13

Elizabeth Anne Wood, a daughter, to Terry and Benjamin Wood of Lexington Park.

Alex Lorraine Hayes, a daughter, to Christa and Dorron Hayes of Leonardtown.

Autumn D. Allen, a daughter, to Jessica Allen and John Redman Jr. of Lexington Park.

NOV. 14

Katrina Rae Morrissette, a daughter, to Melissa Allen and Jonathan Morrissette of Mechanicsville.