The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Broomes Island Area

BROOMES ISLAND RD., 8121-Colleen O'Hare to Lisa Connell and David A. Sampson Jr., $875,000.

Chesapeake Beach Area

C ST., 7826-Rosalie McGovern to Carl Doyle and Paula A. Carey, $353,900.

GLASGOW WAY, 2806-Matthew C. Martin to Douglas L. Peters, $329,000.

KAREN DR., 3070-Roger L. and Catherine S. Hooper to Alice J. and Bernard C. Johnson Jr., $373,000.

12TH ST., 6578-Carl F. Vogtsberger to Virginia and Robert Perkins, $317,900.

15TH ST., 4019-Charles C. Lewis Sr. to Shirl E. Hendley, $625,000.

Dunkirk Area

MAPLEWOOD DR., 11211-John E. and Barbara J. Trotter to Brenda A. and Michael E. Higgins, $422,500.

QUINCE CT., 2504-Kelly L. Myers to Thomas and Karen Lynn Riggleman, $425,000.

TARA DR., 9755-Aaron D. Duvall to Curtis Accipiter and Richard Mitchell, $440,000.

Huntingtown Area

CARSON RD., 845-Virginia L. and Norman R. Beard Jr. to Jennifer L. Chavis, $575,000.

CARSON RD., 925-W. Paul Bright, trustee, to Sherri L. and Michael B. Davis, $229,900.

CROW HAVEN LANE, 1419-William Irvin Hamor to Sarah S. Tuck, $430,000.

DARTMOOR DR., 1635-Tony L. and Elizabeth S. Cothron to Melanie B. and Hal M. Tinsley, $529,000.

ELBERTA LANE, 3701-Kenneth D. and Louise W. Kurtz to Melissa K. and John R. Vasko Jr., $585,000.

LOWERY RD., 1820-Paul E. Quesenberry to James Flaherty, $388,000.

MATTHEW DR., 1302-Builtrite Homes at to Cheryl A. and James G. Bare IV, $1.05 million.

QUEENSBERRY DR., 2780-Kaine Inc. and Alexander Realty Inc. to Lai Ching Cheng and Wing Chan, $145,000.

QUEENSBERRY DR., 2788-Kaine Inc. and Alexander Realty Inc. to Kimberly K. and Shaun M. Mooney, $145,000.

WILSON RD., 1420-Richard E. Jr. and Margo L. King to Michelle A. and Michael C. Smith, $347,000.

Lusby Area

BULLET BEND, 12763-Laurie A. and Jeffrey L. Stone to Ellinor T. Legg, $330,000.

CATALINA DR., 12116-Gertha M. and Larry Shields to Debra McCain, $335,000.

CEDAR LANE, 1410-Sandra L. and Keith B. Derr to Charles R. Weir, $330,000.

COMSTOCK DR., 471-D. and D. Homes Inc. to Donna L. and Jerome L. Savage, $296,895.

CORDOVA DR., 1185-Shawn D. Dann to Frances Gunn, $238,000.

HICKOK LANE, 11248-Willie T. and Lorina Raines to Tracy L. and Paul H. Harley, $270,000.

HOMESPUN LANE, 12106-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Amanda W. and Brian M. Connolly, $441,361.

HOMESPUN LANE, 12112-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Melani Miranda and Marcelino Isidoro Lake, $460,304.

HORSESHOE TRAIL, 11429-Michelle A. and Fred R. Jordan to Daniel L. McConnell, $330,000.

ROUSBY HALL RD., 12950-Margaret P. and Walter C. Staley Jr. to Clinton A. Smith, $155,000.

RUSTLERS RIDGE RD., 12682-Timothy J. and Jennifer L. Young to Amy L. and Anthony S. Elzy, $269,000.

SAILBOAT LANE, 12963-Darryl D. and Magdalena R. Lyons to Weichert Relocations Resources Inc., $285,000.

SANDY WASH CIR., 794-Robert C. Murphy to D. and D. Homes Inc., $67,800.

SITTING BULL TRAIL, 11379-Herman F. Gardner to Donna Drew, $325,000.

TUMBLEWOOD TRAIL, 474-Todd A. Morgan to Matthew Schulze, $204,900.

WAR BONNET TRAIL, 692-Laurel D. Taylor to Carrie and Brian Hays, $189,000.

North Beach Area

DAYTON AVE., 9122-Charles B. Bailey to Jessica L. Whittles, $415,000.

LOUISVILLE AVE., 8918-William and Timothy Deale Nomikos to Karan and Thomas Schwencer, $120,800.

Owings Area

BOYDS TURN RD., 9426-Stephen L. and Merril Lee Rasmussen to Kimberlee and John D. Pulliam, $350,000.

JOURNEY DR., 11724-Dan Andrew and Nina Gail McNeil to Patricia A. and Mark Stiles, $439,000.

LAKE SHORE DR., 7654-Eugene J. and Joyce C. Perticone to Teresa D. and Jeffrey L. Cottle, $600,000.

NORTH SIDE DR., 9550-James A. Francis to Michele D. Owens, $320,380.

THREE BROTHERS WAY, 1805-John H. and Diane M. Korns to Nidhi Jain and Vivek Gupta, $549,000.

Port Republic Area

BIRCH RD., 2234-Mary H.H. Smith to Kathleen Craig and Michael Edward Ellwood, $525,000.

VERN RD., 2345-John and Catherine Heberle to Latanya Robinson and James Herron, $600,000.

Prince Frederick Area

ADELINA RD., 4045-Philip M. and Margaret G. Hildebrandt to Joy A. and Richard J. Cozzens Jr., $950,000.

DARES BEACH RD., 1755-Diana J. and Joseph E. Humm to Eva Maria C. Diekmann, $213,000.

OVERLOOK DR., 5-Carolyn Floyd to Eric R. Pearson and Betty Jo Kulczak, $314,000.

Solomons Area

DRIFTWOOD LANE, 373-Shawn Londo to George Dorsey and Sharon I. Bowen, $360,000.

Solomons Landing Area

PELAGIC LANE, 209-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Elizabeth B. and R. Bennard Helms, $523,005.

PELAGIC LANE, 212-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Kimberly R. and Jonathan D. Pearl, $537,918.

St. Leonard Area

CAPE LEONARD DR., 2365-Jacques and Elizabeth M. Defay to Patricia and Garth Wilbur, $300,000.

LONG BEACH DR., 6325-Eileen J. Demastus to Amanda Lynn and Jason Kadisak, $231,973.

MATAPEAKE CT., 1910-Mary M. Collins to Tia and Rodney Bean, $516,000.

Sunderland Area

VICTORIA LANE, 5620-Archie W. and Astrid G. Chandler to Mark Ray Meadows and Cynthia Ann Millard, $309,700.

Charles County

Brandywine Area

MALCOLM RD., 3120-Naples Development Ltd. to Sherry M. Cummiskey, $500,000.

Bryans Road Area

BUCKNELL RD., 6648-M. Arrington and John W. Burkhard Jr. to Patricia J. Pridham, $274,900.

CAPTAIN JOHNS CT., 6604-Curtis Coleman to Jennifer Dupree, $235,000.

HEATHER DR., 7058-Byron E. and Merle J. Hamilton to Tasha and Roland Harris II, $345,000.

LANDS END CT., 6130-Nakissha N. Jones to Amelia Barber, $233,000.

LANTANA DR., 6820-DDV Developers Corp. to Tanya M. and William A. Clarke Sr., $460,000.

LONGBOW CT., 2620-Carmen A. Starks and Pamela M. Bayes to John K. Porter III, $246,800.

SOUTH LAKE CT., 6325-Deborah Miller to Bobo Diallo and Yakha Toure, $230,000.

WOODBERRY DR., 2345-Ann G. and Joseph L. Briscoe to Diversified Real Estate Consultants, $130,000.

Bryantown Area

BRYANTOWN DR., 6210-Kevin F. and Felicia A. McCarthy to Lori and Sharon and Frank Duduk, $439,900.

Charles Street-

Trinity Church Road Area

STASCH PL., 13511-Edward L. Jr. and Paula A. Williams to Lisa A. and Charles A. Rossi, $589,900.

TUCKER FARM PL., 11160-Mohler Construction Inc. to Maria and Luis C. Munoz, $410,000.

Cobb Island Area

AUDREY RD., 17478-Mary C. Barraco to John L. Pilkerton Jr., $200,000.

CYPRESS DR., 18098-Firmadge W. Crutchfield to Lisa and Constantine Stephanos, $269,000.

NEALE SOUND DR., 12475-Deborah L. and Charles E. Tompkins to Michelle Clark and David Cearley, $275,000.

NEALE SOUND DR., 12482-Miles B. Norris Jr. to Nancy D. and Robert J. Rice, $450,000.

PIEDMONT DR., 18285-James L. and Dorothy L. Doukas to Kay D. Swift, $263,400.

WICOMICO RIVER DR., 18845-Christopher and Nicole L. Spargo to Charlotte J. and Vernon Sampson, $415,000.


Prince Frederick Road Area

ARABIAN CT., 16515-Terry A. and Donna J. Ulrich to Leslie and Rodney Kelly, $480,000.

EMORY PL., 7560-Mil Mar and Sons Builders Inc. to Malcolm J. Freeman, $444,650.

STONELEIGH CT., 7320-Heritage Green Corp. to Lisa E. Swinney, $544,699.

TROTTERS GLEN DR., 6195-John R. and Deborah J. Cavanaugh to Linda and Bruce W. Bennett, $490,000.

Indian Head Area

BREEZEWOOD CT., 5084-U S Home Corp. to Paulette Raymond, $513,719.

DALE DR., 16-Thomas Brady to Tomi A. and Michael A. Ramos, $210,000.

DEER POINT CT., 5077-Patriot Homes Inc. to Dawn T. and Jacque Hightower, $462,957.

HARD BARGAIN CIR., 6332-Terri T. Toczko to Brenda L. Roberson Barnett, $625,000.

INDIAN HEAD HWY., 5180-Thomas E. and Debra A. Gage to Ronda L. and Richard C. Wynne, $220,000.

JENNIFER DR., 202-Burnita L. and Charles A. Weaver to Idowu Olaosebikan, $155,000.

MEADOWSIDE CT., 11-Marianne and John F. Farmer Jr. to Andrew H. Murdoch, $180,800.

RIVERS EDGE TERR., 19-Centex Homes to Zelda Irby, $441,555.

Issue Area

HONEYSUCKLE WAY, 14545-Teresa V. and Lawrence A. Cecil Jr. to Jeffrey M. Lacaze, $380,000.

La Plata Area

ARLINGTON DR., 315-F. and T. Homebuilders Inc. to Tyrone V. Boles, $314,000.

BARLEY DR., 2001-Rachelle and Anthony E. Davis to Kashmir Singh, $600,000.

BEECH LANE, 9930-Linda C. and Jack J. Covert to Valarie R. Thompson McGhee, $435,000.

CHARLESTON CT., 225-Celene M. and Jeanne L. Graves to Regina C. and Walter S. Pankowski, $275,000.

CURRANT CT., 646-Deborah L. and Mark W. Huffman to Elizabeth W. Wills, $325,000.

DARLEY DR., 8845-Lois A. Robertson to Nathaniel Dickinson, $245,000.

HUCKLEBERRY DR., 101-Pamella J. and Terry S. Hart to Denise D. Sullivan, $335,000.

LANCASHIRE CT., 104-Daniel A. and Kimberly A. Long to Leigh A. and Michael A. Batty, $515,000.

NORTHAMPTON DR., 1003-Bonnie C. Johnson to Wanda B. and Anthony D. Kyser, $499,900.

REDWOOD CIR., 1376-David and Stephanie Howard to Teresa A. and Jeffrey D. Sparks, $409,900.

STATION DR., 1101-Barbara L. and William J. Webb to Paul L. Chen, $402,000.

WASHINGTON AVE., 600-Mark and Sandra Sanders to Cheryl and Robert Maddox Sr., $392,500.

WILLIAMSBURG CIR., 272-Hawthorne Greene Corp. to Mary B. Kennett, $332,637.

Marbury Area

MARBURY RUN RD., 5120-Mabel D. Rye to Erin E. Bowie and Michael L. Gordon, $225,000.

Nanjemoy Area

IRONSIDES RD., 8160-Rebecca L. and Samuel I. Brown to John M. Hunt Jr., $275,000.

MARSH CT., 10960-Mark L. and Kelly L. Hancock to Dawn F. and Marion F. Scott, $349,900.

PORT TOBACCO RD., 1970-Teresa S. Butts to Claudie M. Henson, $126,000.


Rock Point Road Area

CLIFFTON DR., 9675-Francis C. Garner to SMIG Corp., $500,000.

LINVERY PL., 13250-Enid B. and E.B. Armstrong Oliver to Wayne Lindstrom and Laura J. Miller, $185,000.

OVERLOOK CIR., 9403-SMIG Corp. to Forrest Builders Inc., $81,000.

OVERLOOK CIR., 9407-R. and R. Builders Corp. to Heather A. and Michael A. Edwards II, $285,300.

SIMMS LANE, 13588-James R. Bradshaw to Joann M. and Robert L. Andrews, $475,000.

Pomfret Area

COLUMBIA PARK RD., 4203-Lucille M. Cramp to David G. Maxwell, $350,000.

SHELTON DR., 4215-Phillip and Carol A. Cuellar to Becky J. and Robert A. Minnich, $393,000.

St. Charles Area

BANNISTER CIR., 1144-Jennifer A. Smith to Kendra D. and Jonathan J. Hale, $293,550.

CHESAPEAKE CT., 1052-Stephanie D. and Paul E. Berryman to Christopher Hovland, $280,000.

CLARK AVE., 1121-Dan R. and Robin K. Finley to Carrie and Keith Akins, $288,900.

FLOYD AVE., 1009-Latisha A. Proctor to Grace M. and Joel L. Samonte, $285,500.

GILL CT., 2761-Kathleen and Robert Sponaugle to Tama Lewis, $193,500.

GITTINGS CT., 2511-Danny L. and Joan Fisher to Candace and Raymond Goode Jr., $335,000.

JEFFERSON RD., 119-Donna L. and Mark J. Bowman to May A. Bermudez, $285,000.

KEMPSFORD FIELD PL., 3723-Alanna Anderson to Phyllis Carroll, $199,900.

OWENS DR., 12846-Sherry L. Michaels to Richard Oleksy, $389,900.

PINEY CHURCH RD., 4846-Ray M. and Emilie A. Eller to Barbara G. and Raymond F. Dunn, $343,000.

QUILLEN CIR., 4413-Joseph F. Hacker to O.A. Thornton and Denver L. Terrance, $299,900.

RED LION PL., 2729-George Birdsong to Gilbert L. Daymude Jr., $190,000.

SMOKETHORN CT., 3537-Nicolas J. Freischlag to Susan C. Sanson, $332,500.

UNIVERSITY DR., 600-Alesia and Steven R. Somervill to Donovan E. Capel, $295,000.

UNIVERSITY DR., 656-Donald L. Huff to Bobbie E. Davis, $295,000.

WEDDING CT., 5402-Erik P. and Deana C. Mion to Rita A. Shane and Hope M. Boyce, $220,500.

WESTMONT CT., 11438-Sandy M. and Bryan J. Ullmer to Deborah T. Miller, $425,000.

Waldorf Area

ALOPEX RD., 6510-Tara Brookover and Doug Zeier to Pamela Peyton, $303,000.

ALOPEX RD., 6516-Kelli R. McClure to Nilda M. Wiman, $309,950.

APPLE CREEK LANE, 3113-Virginia F. and Lonnie A. Redding to Darrin Thiriot, $357,000.

ASHFORD LANE, 2300-William R. and Kathryn R. Peterson to Beverly E. and Gerald Q. Kaye, trustees, $465,000.

BANNISTER CIR., 1108-Eric R. Armstrong to Thomas Tomasky, $230,000.

BLACK BEAR CT., 6014-David P. and Michelle C. Clark to Melissa Kennedy and Bryan D. Milani, $349,900.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4108-Kathryn L. Thompson to Zahir Yousaf, $214,000.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4122-Christian J. and Angela M. Bouselli to Cecily W. and Cecil C. Crawford, $215,000.

BRAMBLEWOOD CT., 3020-Jerome W. and Donna L. Simmons to Loretta E. and James C. Laughrey, $417,900.

BROOK DR., 8830-Eddie A. Nobles to Paulette A. Jacobs, $450,000.

CONSTITUTION DR., 10867-Gretchen A. and Scott A. Murray to Mamie L. Bynum, $480,000.

CONSTITUTION DR., 10875-Anne F. Bisese and Audrey C. Johnson to William H. Walker Jr., $450,000.

COTTONGRASS ST., 8950-Michael B. and Kimberly K. Depaepe to Uchenna G. and Peterpaul I. Ijezie, $524,000.

COTTONTOP CT., 4062-Cheryl L. and Nader E. Ghadaki to Fitzgerald Family Enterprises Inc., $250,000.

CRICKET CT., 10462-Kenneth S. and Katherine C. Smith to Michelle D. and Dennis E. Griffin, $448,900.

DOCTORFISH CT., 5014-Robert John and Susan K. Burgess to Candida R. and Albin L. Moroz, $280,000.

DOWNSHIRE CT., 2001-Centex Homes to Debbie and Mike Allen, $494,085.

DUCKHORN CT., 2152-Tina McBride to Ellery Payton, $372,000.

ENDICOTT CT., 3074-Rachel A. Hudson to Shelbe Fonville, $343,000.

ENGLISH OAK CT., 2013-Joseph F. Cabral to Victor P. Lopez, $329,000.

ENTERPRISE PL., 2539-Jeffrey C. Simmons Jr. to Delwyn S. Merkerson, $277,000.

EVERETT CT., 2188-Wexford Village 4 Corp. to Carl L. and Myung S. Skym, $547,500.

FAIRBANKS CT., 1102-Abinadab Scott to Goldbert Investments Inc., $207,000.

GARIBALDI PL., 5111-Joseph N. Lloyd and Patricia Soley to Sean Brown and Donita R. Lucas, $300,000.

GOLDENEYE PL., 4603-Vivian V. Barbour to Patrick A. Dronsfield, $210,500.

GOLDENROD CT., 2518-Arvind M. Rao to Julie A. and Kyle L. Hadley, $495,000.

GRAY WOLD CT., 6102-Carrie A. and Dennis J. King to Aref Erfani, $355,900.

GREEN PINE RD., 13380-Sandra L. and Richard A. Larue to Joseph G. Callaghan, $399,999.

GROUSE PL., 4540-Don M. and Donna L. Dehanas to Shelley R. and Glenn Hardy Sr., $210,000.

GROUSE PL., 4559-Tonique L. Myers to Nichelle Watts Rivera, $222,995.

HAPSBURG CT., 2051-Centex Homes to David Pointer, $455,300.

HARWICH DR., 4628-Harry C. and Roxanne C. Burgers to Lawrence C. and Leslie C. Slaybaugh, $285,000.

INDIAN LANE, 12618-Paul Madigan to Tracy Davis Brown, $300,000.

JOSEPHINE RD., 6328-Guye R. Jr. and Carole Winfield to Joy Harvey and McKinley Harvey III, $311,000.

MARSH HAWK DR., 2925-Dorothy L. Carter to Jian G. Lin, $419,000.

MCIVER DR., 902-Scott J. Frankel to Maritza and Edwin Seda, $280,000.

MEADOW PL., 10-Derrick L. Franklin to Deirdre N. Reid, $204,000.

MICHAEL RD., 5926-Patricia E. and Thomas B. Fort to Fredy M.R. Hernandez, $310,000.

MINK CT., 6723-Stewart J. and Maureen I. Bybee to Kristi L. and Edward S. Lukenich, $369,900.

MOCKINGBIRD CIR., 4248-Erik L. Scott to Kathryn L. Reynolds, $285,000.

MOFFIT PL., 9870-Patricia F. Thompson to Douglas D. Young, $315,000.

MOLLY MILLER CT., 3801-Heather Holness and Anthony C. Levy to Kenneth E. Hill, $360,000.

PAWLEYS PL., 15165-Forrest Builders Inc. to Yolanda L. and Kenneth A. Brown, $692,035.

PINEWOOD DR., 2662-Newman Enterprises Corp. to Bobby C. Brotherton, $310,000.

PINEWOOD DR., 2718-Mildred E. and George A. Holmes to Brian Oestringer, $280,000.

PORTOBELLO CT., 2836-Shelly M. and James P. Corcoran Jr. to Felicia D. Denman, $369,900.

PORTOBELLO CT., 2912-Dennis M. and Sandra Hope to Kimberley Andersson and Alain Cimon, $375,000.

POUNDBERRY CAMP PL., 11104-Steven and Billye J. Wilkins to Devon Mason and Johnniece Geter, $295,000.

RED LION PL., 2723-Akua A. Digregorio to Kimberly R. Watts, $188,200.

RED LION PL., 2745-Donald S. Lupton Jr. to Tavarus Young and Amanda Hathaway, $185,000.

RED SQUIRREL PL., 6089-Dorothy A. and Kermit J. Clawson to Karen D. Maguire, $264,000.

RED WOLF PL., 6011-Kim R. and Michael C. Lauer to Errol Casseus, $256,000.

RED WOLF PL., 6022-Sharon C. Beland to Brian Graham, $255,000.

REDHORSE CT., 5004-Mark W. Wysocki to Kimberly G. and David M. Squires, $350,000.

ROCK CT., 4379-L. Parker Briscoe and Joseph Briscoe to Eun Mee Yang, $293,000.

RYON CT., 3414-Pamela S. and Jimmie L. McMillon to Shelley L. Smith, $205,000.

SAGEWOOD CT., 2454-Natalie R. Deese to Gloria Houck, $225,000.

SNOW OWL PL., 11329-Anthony Woolsey to Serena Smith Bush, $281,100.

SOUR CHERRY CT., 3470-Everett C. III and Molly M. Dewolfe to Cynthia A. and Jeffrey M. Thornley, $275,000.

STONY COVE DR., 11371-Tabatha R. Johnson Kelly to Tonique Myers, $335,000.

TADCASTER CIR., 14-Mary J. and Anthony J. Papandrea to Alicia Gordon, $250,000.

TALISTER CT., 9338-Centex Homes to Mohammad Azam, $425,235.

TAWNY DR., 2395-Murrel J. Jr. and Kathleen F. Guidry to Norman O. Jr. and Tamara Trowell, $389,000.

THISTLE PL., 484-Robin W. Harvey to Mable Bell, $205,000.

TRURO CT., 801-Taisha and Rahsaan R. Turpin to Christy Fennell McKnight, $302,000.

UNIVERSITY DR., 398-Thomas and Michele Tidd to D. Peterson Brown and Charlie Brown, $305,000.

WATERTRUMPET CT., 2309-Debra K. and Kelly A. Wing to Joseph W. Liberatore, $459,000.

WESTDALE CT., 3162-Kristina M. Naber to Kimberly R. Bolden, $225,000.

WESTDALE DR., 3207-Carole J. and William M. Bogan to Regina Rainey, $212,000.

WESTWOOD DR., 2188-Kevin G. and Wendy A. Cross to Linda E. and James C. Coppage III, $299,900.

WILDMEADOWS ST., 11279-Wexford Village 4 Corp. to Tanya Y. Coram, $438,950.

WOODLEY RD., 3600-Pamela E. and John W. Carls to Binokhar Harris, $356,000.

White Plains Area

DULEY DR., 4624-M. Douglas and Marian B. Lingsch to Ramona L. and Patrick G. Higgins, $590,000.

ESPRIT PL., 10773-William E. Deavers Jr. to Andrei Barros, $285,000.

QUEENS GROVE ST., 4633-Darryl A. and Mercedita White to Doris and Z. Kamara and Ramatu Kuyathe, $439,900.

SEXTANT PL., 10433-Carlus I. and Jovetta W. McCormick to Chiquita and Kevin Hairston, $281,700.

TARRINGTON PL., 3758-Michael J. and Danielle W. De Rosa to Robert T. Wright, $406,500.

TREE FROG PL., 10210-Laurie A. and Louis C. Schmidt III to Jennifer M. Moore, $315,000.

TUCKER LANE, 10159-William J. and Linda A. Beck to James C. and Candis D. Oliver, $339,900.

WHITTIER CT., 10320-Maryland Homes CG Corp. to Bonita G. and Frederick B. King, $453,662.

WORTHINGTON ST., 3700-Maryland Homes CG Corp. to Maurice J. Adside, $497,754.

St. Mary's County

California Area

ABELL DR., 45381-Charlene M. Cummings to Anthony S. Colonna, $269,000.

BAREFOOT DR., 45364-Brian H. Jackson to Gregory Scott Lachowsky, $249,900.

KILBEGGAN CT., 45515-Hickory Hills North Limited to Linda and Gary Glaser, $204,264.

KILBEGGAN CT., 45536-Hickory Hills North Limited to Cecile T. and Norman T. Toledo, $271,580.

NOLTE CT., 45890-Roger A. Awkward Sr. to Robert E. Boblits, $104,310.

WHITE PINE CT., 44550-Janet Ruth and Henry Calvin Sanders to Wanda Read, $315,000.

WOODSTOWN WAY, 45271-Rebecca L. Johnson to Alan Ngo, $170,000.

Charlotte Hall Area

PINE ST., 30310-Virginia Brash to Wanda Sue and Larry Dean Brash, $196,000.

Great Mills Area

BARKENTINE CT., 21967-Lorace A. Merriweather III to Lisa M. and Timothy P. Kuno, $279,500.

WESTBURY BLVD. W., 46013-Oakridge Housing Corp. to Edwardo Castillo, $253,916.

WILCUTT ST., 21512-Oakridge Housing Corp. to Bella K. and Jon William Tarrant, $305,614.

Hollywood Area

APPLE SAUCE LANE, 24646-Chapel Point Development to Holly E. Brown and Julia K. Kopp, $359,405.

HALF PONE POINT RD., 24810-Lester and Joann Robertson to Leon G. Anderson, $820,000.

JONES WHARF RD., 26358-Matthew W. Hardesty to Theresa M. Herrity, $249,900.

PALAMINO DR., 43832-Denise Allane Kleber to Contance E. Steinel, $279,900.

PAPPYS WAY, 25045-Newton Manor Somerset Corp. to Ronald S. and Tara L. Menello, $503,623.

PENINSULAR DR., 26435-John D. Barrow Jr. to Joseph M. Pelletier, $210,000.

PINTO DR., 25085-Gerald L. Shiplett to Leonard E. Sr. and Sharon L. Ferris and John C. Tribett IV, $160,000.

Leonardtown Area

CHESTNUT RIDGE DR., 20857-Charles M. Rowan Sr. to Lisa A. and Robert D. Reed, $495,000.

CROSSBILL LANE, 22398-Robert J. Labelle to Silvana P. and Michael Joseph Martirano, $649,000.

GUNNELL DR., 23616-The Villages at Leonardtown Corp. to Ezequiel and Melanie K. Maldonado, $415,254.

MAGEE DR., 40735-William H. III and Ann E. McBride to Christina L. and James E. Price, $419,900.

NEWTOWNE NECK RD., 21885-Homesales Inc. to Christina Komar, $340,000.

PIN CUSHION RD., 24400-Karen Taylor to John Erskine Inc., $175,000.

SHADY PINE CT., 42537-Thomas Rolston to Stephanie L. and Douglas J. Mousseau, $250,612.

Lexington Park Area

COLUMBUS DR., 46353-Jeffrey L. Barnes to Jesse A. Culberth, $151,000.

DEMKO RD., 49186-Joseph Welsh to Lorina and Willie T. Raines, $315,000.

DUNLEIGH DR., 22538-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Terrell L. and Tonecia T. Porter, $304,319.

EASTON CT., 48263-Sirva Relocation Corp. to Malaenghoos S. and Joseph A. Cooper, $338,000.

EASTON CT., 48270-Douglas M. Crane to Melissa and Kevin J. Sproge, $340,000.

LEACHBURG RD., 48352-Tony A. Condle to Maria Luisa Luna and Octavio Moncivais, $213,000.

LYNN DR., 21481-Patrick N. Stanley to Adalia Arcena and Patrick Dyson, $250,000.

MIRAGE CT., 46444-Robert J. Hudson Sr. to Maria Patricia P. Austria, $550,000.

PEACHTREE WAY, 48131-Londeana Sherry Brown to Muhammad A. Abu Ali, $194,900.

POPLAR RIDGE RD., 20731-Jessica and Wesley Senn to Martin Monter De Oca, $232,000.

SORREL DR., 47085-LandDevco Corp. to Linda and Gary Glaser, $335,212.

SURFSIDE DR., 48359-Gary Glaser to Daniel John Ferko, $306,800.

WILLOW WOOD DR., 47314-Greenbrier Corp. to Jana L. and Brent D. Coffey, $100,000.

Mechanicsville Area

ARMY NAVY DR., 35635-Stephen Lane Schilling to Brandy and Jason Fitzhugh, $252,500.

BEACH DR., 40415-Joseph and Crissy Boling to Lisa C. and Adrian D. Norris, $625,000.

DUDLEY RD., 30175-Joseph M. Fleshman to Marie T. and Wayne C. Steadman, $349,900.

GUY FARM DR., 27627-William Edward Guy to Jean H. and William R. Coates, $225,000.

HARPER WOODS WAY, 27165-Vincent E. and Joanne L. Eckert to Deborah S. and Jeffrey R. Gagliano, $360,000.

HIAWATHA CIR., 39530-Ernest W. Bean Jr. to Lucy C. Anderson, $228,000.

HIDDEN ACRES CT., 26891-Robert A. and Jeanene M. Moon to Evelyn Fulcher and Ronald Vento Jr., $425,500.

HUNTT RD., 30050-Douglas Claude Hayes to Susan R. and Thomas E. Osborne Sr., $310,000.

QUEENTREE RD., 27030-Frederick Day to James R. and Carole D. Guy and Dale C. and Cindy Abell, $222,000.

TALMADGE CT., 41223-Kevin T. Corley to Terra L. Gough, $260,000.