The following home sales were recently recorded in Alexandria and supplied to The Washington Post by the Alexandria Department of Real Estate Assessments. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Alexandria and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

ABINGDON DR. E., 1415-Heidi R. Kohler and Elke Lia to Emily A. Schubert, $232,000.

ABINGDON DR. W., 1700, No. 302-Colin M. Larose to Khaled Abdul Hadi and Anna Gomes, $272,900.

ARMISTEAD ST. N., 481, No. 302-Aicha Ajjat and Hassan Kamoul to Mahmooda K. Mian, $270,000.

BASHFORD LANE, 603, No. 4-Timothy D. Campbell to Adam Beebe, $296,066.

CANTERBURY SQ., 27, No. 301-Jose N. and Maria C. Duarte to Rebecca J. Kesner, $232,000.

CARRIAGE HOUSE CL., 32-Gregory M. and Susan M. Leiby to Christina L. and Timothy E. Gerhardson, $515,000.

COLONIAL AVE., 1206-Blaise Miller to Jason L. and Julia G. Garza, $440,000.

DUKE ST., 813-Christopher C. Horner to William L. Babcock Jr. and Judy J. Yoder, $750,000.

EDSALL RD., 5911-John R. Hazlett to Matthew R. Calnan and Nathan G. Chaisson, $299,900.

EDSALL RD., 6250-David A. and Grace S. Flester to Azeb and Selamawit Bezabeh, $140,000.

FITZGERALD LANE, 1609-Edward F. Preston to Tracy Smith, $321,900.

GLENDALE AVE. E., 120-Amy M. and Joshua E. McCall to Kristin Goetz, $479,900.

HARRISON CL., 984-Jennifer L. Pickett to Abdelaziz Dahdah and Rachid Elhamdani, $540,000.

HERBERT ST., 7-Bryan J. and Leslie L. Walrath to Robert Castro, $510,000.

HOLMES RUN PKWY., 5340, No. 1608-Charles E. Hand to Lawrence D. Mungin, $265,000.

HOWARD ST. N., 801, No. 470-Louise V. Wall to Ellen S. Price, $395,000.

INGALLS AVE., 3745-Karen J. Kulbe to Harriet K. Patrianakos, $415,000.

JASPER PL., 132-Tommy and Xiuna Y. Wong to Kent W. and Quinn C. McDonald, $420,000.

KINSEY LANE, 4661-Primacy Closing Corp. to Robert H. Murphy, $664,900.

MADISON ST., 400, No. 703-Eileen M. Haybyrne and James B. Haybyrne to Ralph A. Luken, $521,000.

MARTHA CUSTIS DR., 3148-W. Gail Willette to Danielle T. and Richard C. Stilgenbauer, $299,950.

PICKETT ST. S., 273, No. 202-Wesley M. Maciejewski to Jeffrey Ketcham and Carolyn Swindle, $354,900.

PITT ST. N., 801, No. 1209-Frances Sullivan to Deborah M. O'Dell, $305,000.

PITT ST. N., 801, No. 517-Jane C. Yao to Jo Lynn Ricks, $210,000.

PRESTON RD., 1715-Stefanie Hohn Ansell to Barbara Hohn and Jouergen Frtiz, $400,000.

QUAKER HILL DR., 1100, No. 415-Dwight H. Cates to Michael Ogorman, $339,900.

QUAKER LANE N., 1923-George T. Garrell to Tammy Felix and Denise Solomon, $366,000.

RICKETTS WK., 6003-Loc T. Nguyen and Lan T. Truong to Monica M. Partridge, $515,500.

ROUNDHOUSE LANE, 1320-Antoinette Marie Fleming to David G. and Kimberly A. Fiske, $596,000.

STEVENSON SQ. S., 224-Cesar M. and Jennifer Giorffino to Monica Giorffino and Genaro Saavedra, $340,000.

TAYLOR RUN PKWY. E., 207-Victoria A. Urbas to James C. Jr. and Monica B. Ivy, $478,000.

TOBACCO QUAY., 528-David E. and Phillipa A. Wilcox to Katherine Takacs, $639,000.

WOLFE ST., 16-Joan D. and Edward J. Muhl to Charles K. Jr. and Sandra L. Collum, $2.75 million.

WOLFE ST., 42-Mary Ann Best to James Zang, $1.025 million.

YALE DR., 310-Justin T. Holl Jr. and Nataliya A. Holl to John M. and Mary M. Irvine, $650,000.

YOAKUM PKWY., 307, No. 1006-Walter R. Koon Jr. and A. Blank Corinne to Rochelle Ann Blackman, $310,000.

28TH ST. S., 3320-Madonna Lewis and Zanga Toure to Tomas Gonzalez Solano and Mercedes D. Gonzalez, $240,000.

28TH ST. S., 3342-Dirk D. Thomas and S. Keel Norwood Jr. to Jessica Glover, $200,000.


The following home sales were recorded in Arlington and supplied to The Washington Post by the Arlington County Department of Real Estate Assessments. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Arlington and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

ADAMS CT. N., 1321, No. 301-Marian T. and Gordon B. Bingaman to Lindsay L. Warner, $520,000.

ARLINGTON MILL DR. S., 2588, No. 3-Patricia O. Blyer to Dorothy E. Barton, $374,900.

BARTON ST. N., 318-Stephanie L. Berger to Christine M. Lloyd and Todd M. Ernst, $675,000.

BARTON ST. N., 800-Lucia and Joao L.G. Ronte to Achmaa Vaanjilnorov, $500,000.

BUCHANAN ST. S., 2888, No. A2-Robin Lauder to Stephen M. Backmeyer, $405,000.

CLARENDON BLVD., 2400, No. 1004-Robert S. Monahan to Heidi R. and Martin M. Franklin, $570,000.

CLARENDON BLVD., 2400, No. 310-Heather L. Huber to Richard R. O'Connor, $446,300.

COLONIAL TER. N., 1593, No. 205X-Andrew H. Choi to Jeffrey M. Auerbach, $305,000.

DINWIDDIE ST. N., 3500-Heidi L. Wagner to Brooke E. and Paul B. Kurtz, $1.299 million.

FAIRFAX DR., 6940, No. 306-Bridgette L. Taylor to Soliman M. and Alba C. Ben Barka, $436,000.

FOUR MILE RUN DR. S., 3705-Darwin A. Reyes to Hung Hoang, $435,000.

GEORGE MASON DR. N., 202, No. 202-1-Debra Montanino to Amanda S. Crowe, $265,500.

GEORGE MASON DR. S., 1500, No. 12-Martha Quezada to Pedro Miguel and Bernarda Hernandez, $287,000.

GLEBE RD. N., 851, No. 1708-Sunhee Choi to Michael R. Kay, $410,000.

GLEBE RD. S., 2016-Arshad Mahmood to Enamul Haq Mohammad Moni and Sabitri Karki, $575,000.

GLEBE RD. S., 3020-Shaun T. Kelleher to Melanie Moss, $525,000.

GREENBRIER ST. N., 1603-Debbie K. and Lee Standlee Holmes to Sheryl M. Modlin and Nicholas K. Unger, $879,900.

GROVE ST. S., 3113-Chao Pin and Ku Hui Chuan Hsu to Gloria Bustamante, $440,000.

HENDERSON RD., 4141, No. 1214-Lesley K. Durham to Christine P. Bump, $295,000.

HIGHLAND ST. S., 127-Ralph M. Turpin to Angel Rivero, $720,000.

IRVING ST. S., 113-Geneva P. Bumgardner to Lauren and John Marcus Hicks, $675,000.

KEMPER RD., 3729-Walter A. Navarro to Max Olson, $380,000.

KEY BLVD., 1530, No. 510-Christopher W. Nutter to Sang Youl and Byung Jin Choi, $449,000.

LEBANON ST. N., 1010-Theodore C. Moon to Carolyn J. Cimmet and Scott J. Mitchell, $605,000.

LORCOM LANE, 3821-Jonathan H. Wright to Todd A. Bennett and Alison R. Kinn, $815,000.

NASH ST. N., 1200, No. 837-Lawrence L. Reed to Karen B. and Kenneth A. Kress, $615,000.

OAK ST. N., 1600, No. 831-Eric G. Mansfield Jr., trustee, to Mohamed Kusi, $385,000.

OAKLAND ST. N., 2088-The Bromptons at Cherrydale to Kyung H. and Douglas J. White, $886,259.

OAKLAND ST. N., 3648-Brian D. Hedges to Carmen D. and Jim R. Keene, $775,000.

OLD GLEBE RD. S., 22, No. 3D-Sohrab Khosraviani to Roni M. and Razon M. Ali, $252,000.

OTTAWA ST. N., 2444-Barbara M. and Roger Edwin Cubby to Robert G. and Dawn M. Fogg, $799,000.

POLLARD ST. S., 1501-Elizabeth Ann and Stephen Craig Bennett to Jose W. Ortiz, $613,000.

QUANTICO ST. N., 1804-Celita Blevins Varn to Patrick R. Ryan, $612,000.

QUEENS LANE, 1736, No. 3-190-Craig A. Sterkx to Michael M. Ibay, $318,000.

QUEENS LANE, 1817, No. 2-163-James P. and Patricia L. Downey to Michael Siegfried Willner, $315,000.

ROLFE ST. S., 929, No. 1-Patricia Petraszko to David A. Chacon, $445,000.

TAYLOR ST. S., 610-Mara C. Osman and Daniel V. Coulter to Jennifer L. and Michael J. Pugliese, $899,990.

THOMAS ST. N., 256, No. 256-2-William D'Costa and Raj Lalvani to Bradley L. Hill, $280,000.

TROY ST. N., 1707, No. 7-380-Michelle E. Lee to Raymond M. and Anthony F. Porcelli, $400,000.

UHLE ST. S., 2735-Peter Kenny and Christine B. Schuman to Andrea M. Krcmar and David J. McGuire, $415,000.

UTAH ST. N., 1137-Hongsun Yoon to Brian M. and John Alden Pierce, $522,500.

UTAH ST. N., 1925-Jamie R. Stout to Jak Enterprises Inc., $597,500.

WALTER REED DR. S., 2711, No. B-Kimberly J. and Thomas R. Delaney to Caroline Dwyer Kirk, $345,000.

WALTER REED DR. S., 2725, No. C-Julie A. Matysek to Jennifer A. Bayat, $376,000.

WASHINGTON BLVD., 6422-Rosemary W. and Russell W. Schoonover to Virginia L. and Roberto K. Bautista, $679,000.

WASHINGTON BLVD., 6707-Cyndia Biver to Robert John Quinn, $549,000.

NINTH ST. N., 3835, No. 301E-Brigid M. and Tony R. Bell to Nancy J. Powell, $644,900.

NINTH ST. N., 3835, No. 510E-Hugh Hollman to JKL Rentals Limited, $538,000.

10TH ST. N., 5113-Sharon K. and Ronald J. Frey to Erik Joseph and Tanya Marie Sullivan, $1.04 million.

12TH ST. N., 1412, No. 1412A-Terry Cooperman and Robin Sanders to Robert L. Williams, $539,250.

13TH RD. S., 2912, No. 12102-Thomas Russell to Thierry P. Driscoll, $300,000.

13TH ST. S., 2708-Amy Comer to Susan C. Langston, $598,000.

13TH ST. S., 2815-Charlotte E. and David C. Caldwell to Martha Campoy and Gabriela Medina, $612,500.

14TH ST. S., 3414-Mary E. Finch and Paul J. Saunders to German Reyes, $490,000.

17TH ST. N., 5012-David J. and Joseph T. Zadareky to Suzanne and Robert McDonald, $725,000.

20TH ST. S., 1207-Kim C. Haynes to Joshua Millsapps and Aidan Duffy Millsapps, $950,000.

27TH RD. N., 5119-William S. Hall to Kirsten M. and Andrew T. Priddy, $565,000.

28TH RD. S., 4524, No. 13-8-Wendy Rogers to Kelli L. and Gregory S. Thompson, $414,500.

29TH ST. N., 6312-Maria C. and John P. Deasy Jr. to Julie D. and Jeffrey M. Bauer, $641,000.

32ND ST. N., 5601-Mary M. and Wayne K. Baker, trustees, to Karen Kremer and Ernie Dubester, $725,000.

33RD ST. N., 5030-Janice Yvonne and Guy Billingsley Latimer to Betty S. and Gerard F. Foley, $660,000.

35TH ST. N., 5707-Glen David Gaddy to Great Jones Properties Corp., $613,300.