The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

ARBOR HILL RD., 5-James E. Boyd to Mary A. Brewer and Mildred Kent, $345,000.

BURNSIDE ST., 527-Alexander C. Cutler to Brett M. and Megan R. Cureton, $865,000.

CANTERFIELD RD., 305-Texie M. Hoon to John S. and Allyson W. Brown, $535,000.

CHANNEL VILLAGE CT., 7026, No. 7026-201-Juan A. Del Real to Kevin Michael Helson, $650,000.

CHESAPEAKE AVE., 223-223 Chesapeake Avenue Corp. to George E. and June W. Davis, $700,000.

CHESAPEAKE HARBOUR DR. E., 2211-James R. Strohecker to Janet L. Campion and Mark D. Mourges, $1.45 million.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 762, No. 762A-John F. Byrne to Carol A. Larcher, $425,000.

GARDEN GATE LANE, 227-Pearl L. Pope to Wade H. and Jean A. Ritchie, $230,000.

MAINSAIL DR., 1137-Richard E. Dresser to Albert and Sally Franceschina, $525,000.

ROCKWELL CT., 31-Iva L. Frantz to Odyssey 359 Corp., $250,000.

SANDSTONE CT., 50, No. K-James Alexander to James E. Johnson and Jeremy Christopher Funk, $236,000.

SILOPANNA RD., 39-Judith F. Rand to Spa Creek Partners Corp., $500,000.

SKIPPERS CT., 5-Tara Z. McLafferty to William F. Jones and C. Allen Foster, $330,000.

SYCAMORE AVE., 1333-Marco A. Mejia to Christopher J. and April W. Sheesley, $379,000.

THOMAS POINT RD., 3335-Daniel F. Clune to Langton Green Inc., $285,000.

TYLER AVE., 805-Stephen L. Jones to Donald R. Smialowicz and Tatiana M. Korba, $397,300.

TYLER CT., 3-James M. Jones to Timothy J. Myers and Anne C. Novel, $450,000.

VAN BUREN DR., 1109-Hannah A. Stires to Elsa R. and Nino R. Pereira, $420,000.

WASHINGTON DR., 1264-Robert Durant to Brian Scarborough, $799,999.

WOODS DR., 187-Bilal Iftikhar to Martinez Jose A. Mojica, $349,900.


Sandy Point State Park Area

ADMIRAL DR., 617, No. 102-Michael D. Golkin to Cathy R. Butler, $284,500.

BALDRIDGE RD., 16-Suzanne F. Cord to Matisse and James Gilson, $490,000.

BRENWOODE RD., 1416-Mark A. Huba to David J. and Irina R. Ortiz, $480,000.

CARROLLTON AVE., 807-Margaret L. Toogood to Mark McMahon, $113,000.

COACHWAY, 819-Peter J. Gordon to Thomas L. and Brenda L. Anderson, $3.5 million.

COMPTON CT., 2009, No. 159-Jerry F. Judd to Pat and Teresa Eliason, $340,000.

CORBIN PKWY., 540-Charles K. Pocock to Thomas C. Jett and Suzanne Matthews Jett, $605,000.

CYNDER CT., 1252-Michael B. McKinney to Carmax Auto Superstores Inc., $361,000.

EAST NAP LANE, 15-Wayne A. Pignolet to Lyn A. Marone and Cyril J. Treadway, $800,000.

GOV. THOMAS BLADEN WAY, 2013, No. 303-Gary H. Zorn to Sherry M. Akyol, $259,900.

HARBOR DR., 2111-Hillar Sarepera to Lawrence J. and Dana L. Cate, $1.025 million.

HARBOUR HEIGHTS DR., 50, No. 501-William M. Sheridan to Ryan N. and Lauren A. Rakvic, $305,000.

HERITAGE CT., 89, No. 47-Gwendolyn L. Coleman to Jeremy Floyd and Mary Bell, $182,000.

HIGHVIEW DR., 1208-Paul A. Wood to Robert G. and Christine M. Ross, $405,000.

HOLLY DR. E., 825-J. Stedman Stevens to Edward L. Ruegg Jr. and Heather H. Cory, $825,000.

LATCHMERE CT., 801, No. 3041-Christie M. Stack to Geoffrey C. Mastro, $312,500.

LITTLE MAGOTHY VIEW, 1117-Bay Country Properties Corp. to Douglas Ritterman, $365,000.

MATHIAS HAMMOND WAY, 502, No. 102-Beverly P. Waller to Erich Hiller, $280,000.

MEADOWGATE DR., 201-Carl G. Napps to James A. and Joan C. Esposito, $775,000.

PEACH CT., 442-Lilian A. Fyock to Steven M. Wakefield, $315,000.

PEGGY STEWART WAY, 2004, No. 101-Joy M. Corson to Pamela T. Greene, $282,500.

PURITAN TERR., 2047, No. 129-Brooke A. Moore to Mary Anne Sammarco, $385,000.

REVELL ST., 10-John D. Alt to David V. Evans, $1 million.

RIVER BAY RD., 1091-Lorraine S. Raker to Thomas and Jeannine L. Conti, $425,000.

SCOTTS CROSSING CT., 2159, No. 001-Michael P. Shebuski to Sonya Bollino, $278,501.

SEVERN ISLAND CT., 617-Henrietta Gee to Jaime N. Arrue, $259,000.

SINGING HILLS CT., 842-Neil H. Campbell to Anne A. Hambelton, $448,000.

WARNERS TERR. S., 2013, No. 138-Susan L. Burriss to John R. and Dorothy T. Zrada, $265,000.

WOOD HOLLOW CT., 324-Heather Campbell to Gill A. Cochran, $231,150.

Annapolis-Sherwood Forest Area

BEACH RD., 1-Raymond P. Jennings to Kenneth A. Godlewski and Jacqueline S. Gradisar, $1.499 million.

LITTLE JOHN HILL, 526-Timothy E. Ryan to Craig A. Vander Kolk and Dana R. Foer, $880,000.

Arnold Area

BRIARCLIFF RD., 1531-John C. Holschuh to Christine M. Wagner, $650,000.

FOX RUN WAY, 33-James F. Curtis to Edward B. Arneson, $345,000.

GREEN VALLEY RD., 106-Isiaah Pearmon to Zohar Shif and Sean Bastille, $300,000.

GREENHILL CT., 548, No. 195-Joseph P. Davis to Karl A. Borg, $250,000.

HEARTWOOD CT., 1226, No. 57-Debra Hrycak to Charles D. and Sheryl L. Hoyt, $240,000.

KNOTTWOOD CT., 454, No. 156-Lisa C. Hogan to Ralph L. Alton, $269,900.

LAKE DR., 930-Donald E. Mosely to Matthew and Kathryn Kelley, $373,000.

LONG MEADOW WAY, 344-Wayne L. Hurley Sr. to Wesley R. and Kristen M. Crawford, $450,000.

MARINER DR., 1407-Gregory R. Zercoe to Larry and Dixie L. Moore, $373,000.

MILL HARBOR DR., 201-Roger M. Frady to Martin A. and Pamela S. Blumenthal, $350,000.

PINE VALLEY DR., 744, No. 23-Douglas W. Collins to James F. and Susan J. Utick, $380,000.

PINE VALLEY DR., 746, No. 24-James C. Fye to Clinton E. Frith, $369,900.

WATERVIEW AVE., 808-Carole A. Dorsey to Rocco Del Monaco Jr., $299,000.

Brooklyn Area

CRESSWELL RD., 309-Brian J. Walton to Deborah A. Welsh, $192,500.

HOPKINS ST., 602-Mary T. Bancewicz to Carmen J. and Sarah Russo, $261,400.

OLD RIVERSIDE RD., 317-Guido L. Morelli to Shermaine C. Butler, $123,000.

REDMOND ST., 5719-Robert C. Marr to Dennis A. and Wendy R. Cueva, $229,000.

Crofton Area

ABERDEEN CT., 1721, No. A-Michael Hinton to Carol A. Grady, $215,050.

ABERDEEN DR., 2227, No. 263-Scott C. Douglas to Jeffrey V. and Maripat Rogers, $255,000.

ANGUS CT., 1622, No. 70-Daniel F. Madrid to Antonio A. Abadia, $324,900.

CAMBRIDGE DR., 1932, No. 67-Douglas M. Riebe to Shawn C. and Rebecca D. Harper, $275,000.

CASTLEFORD SQ., 1769, No. 124-Thomas H. Oaks to Catherine Tighe, $255,000.

CROFTON PKWY., 1769-Clint Baker to Charles H. and Jennifer V. Brew, $549,000.

ELSA CT., 2800-Joseph F. Laskowski to Patrick T. and Michelle M. Morningred, $586,000.

FALLOWFIELD CT., 1692, No. 169211-Richard L. Petro to John A. and Michelle C. Carbone, $252,000.

GOLDENRAIN CT., 2422-Richard D. Harman Jr. to Steven J. and Melissa T. Kahl, $689,415.

GRASON LANE, 1616, No. 25-Anne K. Allor to Jonathan D. Bisesi and Meghan R. Brennan, $250,000.

LESH CT., 2508-James R. Swingle to Everette and Carla Harvey, $325,000.

LOWELL CT., 1485, No. 12YD-Julie A. Chambers to Elizabeth Gillette, $230,000.

MONTAUK DR., 2341-Thomas J. Lewandowski to Karen Jean Cammarata, $368,000.

OLD MYSTIC CT., 2412-Sharon B. Wingo to Danielle Pearson Jackson, $377,000.

ROCHESTER ST., 1775-Michael G. Sullivan to Albert J. and Kristin A. Krotz, $650,000.

ROCKLAND CT., 1220, No. 38D-Billy Cogar to Graciela E. Morrow, $295,000.

THORNBURY CT., 1434-Thomas S. Dennis to David E. and Sharon G. Moul, $450,000.

VINEYARD CT., 1472, No. 106YF-Edward J. Casey to Michael J. Finn, $210,000.

WINDY OAK CT., 2572-Carol A. Wood to Michael G. and Dolores A. Sullivan, $370,000.

WINDY OAK CT., 2593-Arthur W. Ward to Stephanie E. Lenzenweger, $369,900.

Crownsville Area

ECHO COVE DR., 642-Donald S. Wilson to Susan E. Van Eaton, $370,000.

NORTHFIELD LANE, 815-Donald L. Avery to Roxanne L. and Daniel K. Ward, $839,000.

SEVERNVIEW DR., 1143-Diane E. Wagner to Sandra L. Foss and Esperanza Investments Partnership, $362,000.

Curtis Bay Area

HIDDEN CREEK WAY, 7863, No. 61-Geoffrey S. Hallam to Christopher D. Schultz, $280,000.

HOLLOW GLEN CT., 1356, No. 347-William R. Knight Jr. to James W. and Gina M. Lambdin, $253,000.

SEASIDE CT., 7896, No. 291-Michael S. Kocher to Patrick W. and Courtney D. Hoffman, $259,900.

STONEY POINT WAY, 1461, No. 230-Melissa Bothoff to Kevin A. and Jessica T. Crawford, $225,000.

Davidsonville Area

LAVALL DR., 1307-David A. Fustich to John J. and June B. Dwyer, $599,000.

MERRIMAC RD., 3451-Harold L. Hughes to Scott B. and Janet K. Hankinson, $925,000.

Edgewater Area

ANNAPOLIS AVE., 922-Gothern N. Newport to Charles Fate, $258,000.

BAY RIDGE RD., 1630-John H. Matlock Jr. to Miguel E. Tejada, $270,000.

CARDAMON DR., 224-Susan J. Venegas to Bruce E. and Lori L. Bell, $610,000.

HIGHLAND DR., 531-Eric A. Renton to Richard Schmitt and Mike Pazienza, $250,000.

HILLTOP RD., 1606-Michael J. Queenin to Patrick Nicodemus and Kelly McDonald, $314,900.

LAKEVIEW AVE., 215-Waterman Inc. to Anne S. Geronimo, $269,000.

PENWOOD DR., 464-James E. Richardson to John F. and Ellen C. Shull, $575,000.

RUXTON RD., 1625-Edward A. Duvall to Michael M. Ziccardi, $180,000.

WATERVIEW DR., 4080-Douglass C. Ludwig to Oliver and Ann M. Leinemann, $428,000.

FIFTH AVE., 3702-Shawn A. Toro to Gregory D. Tawes, $324,900.

SECOND AVE., 3587-Kevin Alton to Ellen M. Gleason, $405,000.

Friendship Area

FRIENDSHIP RD., 155-Virginia E. Crosby to Donna S. Revelle, $150,000.

Galesville Area

GALESVILLE RD., 978-David C. Barnes to Margy A. Ostrusky, $479,000.

Gambrills Area

ANNAPOLIS RD., 980-Leroy E. Jackson to Gary R. Jackson, $160,000.

DENSMORE BAY CT., 921-Sharon Yeske Amato to Richard and Lisa Billings, $650,000.

KINGSWAY DR., 1501-Stephen A. Bracey to James F. Villella, $540,000.

WHIRL-A-WAY CT., 1294-John J. Guida to Jeffrey L. and Donna L. Nicholson, $530,000.

WINFIELDS LANE, 1530-Saddlebrooke Corp. to William R. and Linda Lou Augustine, $749,068.

Gibson Island Area

BROADWATER WAY, 738-Ann M. Curtis, trustee, to L. Nash Gordon Living Trust, $1.5 million.

Glen Burnie Area

ARGUS LANE, 300-John C.P. Barrett to Christina and Jason Braun, $253,400.

ASTER DR., 1200-Gerald J. Vasas to Robert A. Campbell and Ewa Quinn Campbell, $255,000.

BAYLOR RD., 706-Dawn A. Lay to Claire J.C. Uy, $295,000.

BOSLEY CT., 8033-Charles V. Jacobs to Douglas C. and Traci L. Wolf, $248,000.

CAROLYN RD., 615-Mary L. Lunt to William D. Ames, $235,000.

CAYER DR., 1015-Maureen M. Gebbia to Erin J. Estep and Casey E. Miller, $218,500.

CRAIN HWY. NW, 912-Amy Newgen to Nha Vo, $282,000.

CROSS CREEK DR., 7972-Michelle A. Smith to Maureen M. Gebbia, $330,000.

DARIEN DR., 7926-Anthony Jennings to Taren R. Jones, $359,900.

ELIZABETH RD., 619-Joseph J. Faggio to Frederick J. and Karyn E. Payne, $284,900.

ELVATON RD., 7961-Myong S. Hwang to Michael E. and Judith T. Trippett, $220,000.

HERITAGE HILL DR., 6479-Eugene T. Palumbo to Jaday Investments Corp., $129,000.

MAIN AVE., 100-Vitomir Isailovic to Snezana Isailovic and Oscar Harry, $96,711.

MUNROE CIR., 526-David A. Sadler to Edwin J. Escobar, $235,000.

OLD STAGE RD., 802-Paul M. Crowley to Dennis K. and Sharon F. Rohde, $199,000.

SAUNDERS WAY, 1703-Lyman Smith to Robert J. Scott, $221,000.

THELMA AVE., 313-Cress Homes Inc. to Zeeshan J. Ghauri, $350,000.

VALIANT CIR., 306, No. 3061-Bess Eastin to Randolph and Jessica Bumbasi, $208,500.

WEST CT., 454, No. 15A-Mark T. Zitur to Michelle A. Rabuck, $206,600.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

CASTLE HARBOUR WAY, 1113, No. 3D-Tamara A. Ziegler to Leslie A. and Catherine Potts, $165,000.

CHESTER CIR., 26-Milton E. Barrett to Billy J. and Crystal G. Robbins, $275,000.

DUMBARTON RD., 1043-Legacy Funding Corp. to Vilma Anchor, $210,000.

EIDERDOWN CT., 6611-Dorothy J. Blount to Jerome A. and Malee M. Robinson, $265,000.

GLEN RD., 209-Herbert F. Smith Sr. to Sean and Jessica Mooney, $198,000.

GUILDFORD RD., 1212-Joseph E. Winkler Jr. to Jeffrey Adlington, $185,000.

KEMPTON RD., 29-John L. Mulcare Sr. to Joseph Buckley, $267,000.

MIDLAND RD., 132-Daniel J. Schaefer to Dana L. Cavallaro and Anthony J. Russo Jr., $282,500.

NEW JERSEY AVE. NE, 326-Jana Miller to Robert E. and Barbara A. Johnson, $249,900.

RALEIGH RD., 300-Barbara Johnson Parker to Robert J. Scott, $175,000.

ROGERS AVE., 438-Nicole M. Lever to Michael D. Moreland and Dyan Thompson, $163,000.

ST. AGNES RD., 11-Timothy M. Hyde to Robert and Vanessa Christian, $350,000.

SUMMIT AVE., 204-Caesar D. Manansala to Martin L. and Jennifer L. Schmeusser, $205,000.

SECOND ST., 1011-Anthony F. Amoia to Charles E. Frey, $290,000.

Hanover Area

EAST PLATEAU DR., 7503-Thomas K. Kim to Damon A. Coleman, $323,000.

GESNA DR., 1427-Alexander V. Vogel to Scott and Liane Sayers, $335,000.

GREENKNOLL BLVD., 60-Gary N. Stone to Michael Hamm, $349,900.

Laurel Area

ELKTON S., 234-Richard M. Keniston to A. Luis Navarro, $213,200.

FLOATING LEAF LANE, 3559, No. E203-Raymond E. Willis to Christopher Huffman, $235,000.

INDIAN SPRINGS RD., 8627, No. 9-Jerry A. Moye Jr. to Michael and Vanessa Boyd, $370,000.

LINDENWOOD DR., 3413-Francis E. McHenry to Steven D. Hyde, $275,000.

MISSISSIPPI RD., 8155-April L. Martinez to Helen Y. Lee, $364,900.

PATUXENT LANDING LOOP, 8007-Chad A. Timonen to Terry L. and Ana M. Rich, $538,000.

PINEY WOODS PL., 3527, No. H202-Jacqueline M. Scott to Renee Goudy, $243,000.

SHORELINE BLVD., 3007-Robert L. Patterson to David J. and Maria I.C. Cummings, $510,000.

WOODRIDGE PL., 104-Daniel A. Snyder to Victor E. and Joann M. Chavez, $293,000.

Linthicum Heights Area

HAMPTON RD., 14-John T. Ervin to Michael J. and Lynn C. Rhodes, $312,000.

HAWTHORNE RD., 526-Tracy E. Hart to Christopher and Nicole Schiro, $195,700.

Mayo Area

LINDEN AVE., 221-3603 Partnersip to Jon R. and Carrie A. Babylon, $379,000.

Millersville Area

AHEARN CT., 333-William P. Wentworth Jr., trustee, to Steven W. and Dymphna M. Loring, $297,000.

BEECH GROVE CT., 315-Michael J. Keegan to Randall D. Fisher and Mary C.M. Lewis, $629,900.

CHALET DR., 341-Richard J. Billuk to Frank L. Oritz, $215,000.

CHALET CIR. E., 272-Dorothy A. Schmidt to Maria L. Ervin, $225,900.

CONNORS LANE, 8201-Vernon Connors to Diane M. and Robert D. Souffie, $575,000.

NICOLE CT., 204-John M. Ramirez to Timothy B. and Karen L. Atkins, $900,000.

OAKWOOD RD., 8337-Sarah E. Dorschel to Sandra K. and Hugh A. Feeley, $301,000.

PINEWOOD RD., 279-David C. Dulin to Christopher D. and Angela N. Gahres, $397,000.

REBECCA ANN CT., 208-G. William Shuey Jr. to Michael B. and Diane M. Arthur, $166,000.

VALLEYWOOD RD., 502-Paul J. Wityk to James Bordigon and Terrell Burns, $222,500.

North Beach Area

BRANCH PL., 655-Sheila P. Pridgen to William V. and Sandra L. Shockley, $200,000.

CHARLESTON AVE., 7303-Andrew J. Nickerson to Laurence Michael and Rhonda Rose, $750,000.

Odenton Area

APPLE BLOSSOM LANE, 2456, No. 202-Patricia A. Rogers to Evonne M. McCabe, $250,100.

ARTILLERY LANE, 1914-Michael T. Benham to Roy W. and Sara Luongo, $468,000.

ASPEN GROVE CT., 8652-James R. Braun to Brendan P. O'Connell, $268,000.

ASTILBE WAY, 2021-U.S. Home Corp. to Harriett M. Lee, $327,055.

ASTILBE WAY, 2024-U.S. Home Corp. to Tokunbo O. Ogunyemi, $303,249.

ASTILBE WAY, 2032-U.S. Home Corp. to Dana Devance, $304,043.

ASTILBE WAY, 2036-U.S. Home Corp. to Alexsey G. Nagoga and Svetlana I. Novikova, $315,194.

BENOLI CT., 1622-Neelam Goel to Nilesh B. and Paul N. Patel, $450,000.

BRAGG BLVD., 125-Philip Bruce to William R. and Jessica M. Knight, $421,500.

BROKEN TWIG CT., 810-Grayson Homes at Brookwood Corp. to Jeffrey R. Gorski and Kersten M. Wagschal, $530,000.

CAMELIA CT., 1980-SHC Seven Oaks Corp. to Marlon A. Hester and Velicia Vessels Hester, $215,555.

CANTEEN CIR., 2235, No. 144-Paul D. Pugh to Stephen G. and Diem N. Sepp, $305,000.

CAPISTRANO WAY, 8617-Stephen C. Pikiell to Dong Ju and Mi Su Jang, $325,000.

COOPER POINT CT., 2019-Steven T. Ward to Eric L. Richardson, $280,000.

FOREST WALK LANE, 601, No. 301-Kisha L. Webster to Yasmin A. Grant, $211,000.

GLEBE CREEK WAY, 1727, No. 79-Geoffrey R. Hileman to Michael C. and Crystal Pariseau, $320,000.

GOLDEN CHAPEL RD., 2321-Ralph Giraud Jr. to Omar A. and Stacy M. Gonzalez, $537,000.

GOLDEN CHAPEL RD., 2329-Charles L. Travers Jr. to Brian N. Chittum, $550,000.

HARVEST RUN DR., 703, No. 101-Shelly M. McCormick Randall to John A. Evans, $262,900.

HERRING CREEK CT., 817-Jose L. Gelabert to Matthew T. and Davida O. Bortmes, $300,000.

HICKORY KNOLL CT., 2707-John B. Steckel to Todd Bortnick, $352,000.

HIGGINS DR., 546-Donald Ramey to Shawn C. and Karen G. Bryan, $500,000.

ISAAC CHANEY CT., 926-NVR Inc. to John E. and Katherine Fuller, $389,265.

KILLARNEY TER., 2438-Winchester Homes Inc. to Samuel J. and Donna Christine Sweet, $393,695.

KILLARNEY TER., 2442-Winchester Homes Inc. to Daniel J. and Kimberly M. D'Onofrio, $417,830.

LEEDS CREEK CIR., 122-Roosevelt Pollard to Ladana H. and Tirene Crowell, $365,500.

LILY WAY, 1031-Tin Roof Court Corp. to Nicholas and Shannon Skelly, $431,422.

OAKTON RD., 515-Christopher Jones to Makawi S. Yagoub, $329,000.

PROVANCE PL., 8614-Ruby L. Ackermann to Kimberly A. McCready, $312,800.

RAINY SPRING CT., 2628-Dwayne A. Mentis to Paul T. and Lynette F. Marbley, $400,500.

RAINY SPRING CT., 2638-Larry E. Hill Jr. to Latasha E. Pennant, $309,900.

REALM CT. W., 627, No. 21-138-Ryan P. Dempsey to Conor Washington and Lauren Tichenor, $259,150.

REIGLE CT., 12-Severn Associates Inc. to Robert L. and Shelly M. Randall, $349,900.

RUNNING WOLF TRAIL, 2526-Allen A. Peek to Ryan A. and Amanda R. Elofson, $399,000.

SCAFFOLD WAY, 1887-PCI Seven Oaks Corp. to Marina and Sean E. Becker, $442,885.

STAR STELLA DR., 1550-Winchester Homes Inc. to Norman A. and Michelle M. Whitehead, $709,287.

SUMMER RIDGE CT., 710-Omar A. Gonzalez to Dustin E. and Kristin M. Gilbert, $344,500.

VULPE CT., 7612-Pediment Avenue Corp. to Joel Wexler and Wendy Goldstein, $482,326.

WILLIAMSBURG LANE, 546-Shawn C. Bryan to Michael D. McNair and Sam School, $390,000.

WINESAPP DR., 1618-Winchester Homes Inc. to Diane A. Thompson Bouknight, $691,175.

Owensville (West River) Area

BILTMORE AVE., 1023-Joseph E. Torreyson to Robert D. Fisher Jr. and Heather E. Tierney, $359,900.

GEORGES LANE, 925-Sharlana F. Edgell to Vickie M. and Timothy Shaw, $660,000.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

ALVIN RD., 8434-Mollie M. Tribull to WCT Properties Corp., $60,000.

BIRWOOD CT., 6-Jeffrey Jenkins to Cynthia A. Villiard, $199,900.

BRIGHTON CT., 7879-Thomas H. Barnard to Kenneth D. and Kathleen L. Englert, $340,000.

CARDINAL DR., 560-Daniel P. Gerben to Allen R. Blankenship, $557,600.

CASTLE ROCK CT., 8092-Adam W. Palinkas to Robert T. Holland, $230,350.

COLONIAL BEACH RD., 7669-Annesley Corp. to Van W. and Dina M. Gray, $1.657 million.

COLONY RD., 1655-Adam Leisner to Daryl D. and Laura J. Disney, $300,000.

CORNFIELD RD., 205-Boryk Construction Inc. to Michael A. Boryk III, $540,205.

DUNLAP RD., 138-Patrick J. Coffey to Wendi L. and Bryan R. O'Dea, $195,000.

DUVALL HWY., 704-Raymond F. Fisher to Barry Nichols, $223,000.

EAST SHORE RD., 7846-Ernest W. Hill Jr. to Wilfredo M. Acosta, $295,000.

EDGEWATER RD., 470-David Keith to Jeanne H. Brush, $485,000.

EDGEWOOD AVE., 7698-Lawrence L. Creamer Jr. to William C. Trevillian, $262,500.

EGMONT HARBOUR, 1188-Christan P. Sexton to Matthew R. Dietzel, $249,000.

ELIZABETH RD., 8038-Dennis M. Bartkowiak to William C. and Rachel Lynn Danton, $337,000.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CT., 335-Ad Properties Corp. to Bradley P. Dunn, $265,000.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CT., 349-Michael D. Rempfer to Brenda Radtka, $260,000.

HALIFAX CT., 3408-Thomas M. Godwin to Donna L. Ruschell, $309,100.

HILLTOP RD., 1905-Shannon S. Tremont to Marion E. Deck, $190,000.

HOLLY RD., 7957-David J. Thomas to James and Ann Crawford, $915,000.

HOULTON HARBOUR, 8623-Mark E. Schindler Jr. to David and Beth Niccolini, $260,000.

JACKPINE DR., 102-Thomas B. Owens to Lori E. Gill and James M. Williams, $299,900.

JUMPERS HOLE RD., 8027-Roman Catholic Church to Jumpers Investment Associates Corp., $290,000.

MAGOTHY BLVD., 303-Pamela J. Barnes to Lan T. Tran, $312,500.

MAGOTHY BRIDGE RD., 300-Nina H. Thompson to E. Jay and Diane M. Zuspan, $1.277 million.

MULBERRY RIDGE CT., 224-Shane D. Officer to Catherine Alexander, $249,000.

PARADISE BEACH RD., 7628-A.N.T. Inc. to Kimberly L. Gaspari, $220,000.

POPLAR RIDGE RD., 1974-Charles G. Stone Jr. to Kimberly A. and Dru M. Tyson, $720,485.

ROCKANNA RD., 7750-William P. Smith Sr., trustee, to James and Linda M. Muzik, $312,000.

ROYAL STAR CT., 8209-Richard M. Zambotti to John J. Richter Sr. and Tammy E. Tuttle, $545,000.

SPRING RD., 8416-Michael J. Altman to John H. Williams Jr. and Katrina D. Krauss, $239,900.

SUNSET KNOLL RD., 557-Robert Hopkins to Robert and Emily R. Loya, $312,000.

VIRGINIA AVE., 234-Jeffrey M. Schultz Sr. to Harbor Bay Homes Corp., $86,500.

WATER OAK POINT RD., 7832-Russell J. Dadds Jr. to Kelley Building Corp., $172,000.

WHITE ROCKS CT., 316-William D. Pine to Doug Argy Jr., $280,000.

11TH ST., 976-Mark A. Young to Michael S. and Hilda Z. David, $290,505.

208TH ST., 649-LTC Enterprises Inc. to David and Rosemary Mank, $279,900.

208TH ST., 829-Daniel L. Bachman to Weston Builders and Developers Inc., $425,000.

209TH ST., 809-Charles N. Sullivan to Katherine A. and John E. Nolan, $362,000.

211TH ST., 766-Jack Schroeder to Stephanie N. Stinchcomb, $210,000.

218TH ST., 700-CL Payne and Associates Inc. to Giovanni M. Herrero, $329,900.

224TH ST., 767-Barbara K. Jones to Timothy D. and Bonita R. Shue, $337,500.

Severn Area

CLARK STATION RD., 8030-Dorothy L. Tester to Deborah C. Tester, $100,000.

COLONIAL PARK DR., 1210-Michael J. Kociolek Sr. to Bruce Lewis and Nina M. Diana, $695,000.

DARBY LANE, 7919-Silliman Corp. to Ronald W. and Lisa D. Thompson, $561,013.

EVESBORO DR., 7915-Walter C. Goodall to Anthony S. Ceraolo and Kimberly J. Hamric, $460,000.

GOLDEN PINE CIR., 7841-Gullermo Ramos III to Gerard J. Klein and Mary C. Peroutka, $448,000.

GOVERNOR JOHNSON BLVD., 1402-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Kimberly D. and Timothy A. Rassa, $489,176.

ILLINIOS AVE., 1433-Ronald P. Zarski to Charles E. and Linda L. McCoy, $465,000.

JAYBIRD CT., 1824, No. 3-Reginald A. Griffin to Theodore Butler, $166,500.

LARCH RD., 1410-Melanie M. Parker to Douglas W. Adolphsen and Arleen E. Talley, $328,000.

MCCAMISH CT., 210-Victor R. Peguero to Christopher and Rae Ann Cinquanto, $560,000.

MYRTLE AVE., 147-Scott D. Marlow to Robin A. Langley, $397,000.

POPLAR GROVE RD., 7900-Robert L. Hoff to Andrew and Lori J. Ogden, $572,000.

SANDY HILL RD., 601-Charles E. Niemeyer Jr. to Michael and Teresa Kociolek, $749,900.

SEBRING CT., 8277-Carol L.B. Sams, trustee, to Isaac and Esilda R. Fabrega, $153,000.

SEVERN TREE BLVD., 7930-Dale S. Dutcher to Brian J. and Sarah H. Poole, $350,000.

TWIN OAKS RD., 7713-Herbert W. Hentschel Jr. to James R. and Pauline M. Swingle, $420,000.

TWIN OAKS RD., 7748-Albert M. Allen Jr. to Edmund B. Hicks, $316,250.

Severna Park Area

ALFRETON CT., 444-Hewitt Relocation Services Inc. to Sudarsanam and Vijayageetha Bandla, $530,000.

AMOSS RD., 606-Eric Cada to Homer M. and Sahron M. Sandridge, $825,000.

BALDY AVE., 44-Habib R. Malik to Nisar Ahmad and Kausar Nisar, $449,000.

COTTONWOOD DR., 861-Forrest M. Noel to Susan M. and Paul Lepley, $425,000.

EARLEIGH HEIGHTS RD. W., 124-Gershon Hoffer to Tagg Leduc and Laguel Cuozzo, $269,900.

EDGEWATER LANE, 3-Nancy L. Cosgrove to Milton and Mary G. Horn, $1.075 million.

HOLLAND RD., 217-Gordon D. Mundy to John W. and Kimberly A. Denman, $435,000.

HOLLY RD., 12-Stephen D. Rudik Sr. to Jeffcoat Family Partnership, $394,875.

LOWER MAGOTHY BEACH RD., 278-Richard C. Dickinson to Tracy A. Sales, $466,000.

MELROSE LANE, 531-Michael W. Wroten to James P. Stracbein and Cheryl Luteran, $347,500.

PARK RD., 616-Emerald Homes Inc. to Robert Dotson and Carmetta Bouchard, $459,900.

PUMPKIN CT., 254-Wagner Properties Inc. to Nicole S. and Brian A. Evans, $555,726.

RIVER DR., 11-James N. Price Sr. to Patrick A. and Heather K. Bobbitt, $422,500.

RIVERDALE RD., 308-Thomas E. Calvert to Franklin and Latonya Smith, $344,000.

SACKETT CT., 454-Steven M. White to Michael A. and Angela M. Delarosa, $1.1 million.

SHEFFIELD RD., 350-Barbara A. Logan to Mark and Sandra Sanders, $775,000.

STRATFORD DR., 91-Ronald M. Sturey to Jolinda C. Wagner, $350,000.

WHITE OAK DR., 516-James F. Donnelly to Chad D. and Tay E. Harris, $415,000.

Shady Side Area

ELM ST., 4959-Richard A. Poole Jr. to Joseph E. Tintle, $260,000.

WHIPPLE WAY, 4913-Nick Pratchenko to Mary Haller Griffin, $850,000.