Dec. 8

Annapolis Area Christian at CHEN, 3:30

Institute of Notre Dame at Spalding, 5:30

Dec. 9

Broadneck at Annapolis, 5:15

Garrison Forest at Key, 5:30

Meade at Old Mill, 5:15

North County at Chesapeake, 5:15

Northeast at Glen Burnie, 5:15

Severn at Catholic, 5:15

South River at Arundel, 5:15

Southern at Severna Park, 5:15

Dec. 12

Bryn Mawr at Spalding, 5:30

Hammond at Meade, 7

Linganore at South River, 7

Northern at Northeast, 6:30

St. Mary's at St. Francis, 6

Dec. 13

Broadneck at Glen Burnie, 7

St. Peter and Paul at Annapolis Area Christian, 6

Southern at Old Mill, 7

Dec. 14

Chopticon at Meade, 7

Huntingtown at Severna Park, 7:15

Key at Baltimore Lutheran, 5:30

North County at Severn, 5:15

Mount de Sales at St. Mary's, 4

Spalding at Roland Park, 5:30

Dec. 16

Annapolis Area Christian at Key, 5:30

Annapolis at Severna Park, 5:15

Arundel at Southern, 5:15

Broadneck at South River, 5:15

Chesapeake at Old Mill, 5:15

Glen Burnie at Meade, 5:15

Maryvale at Severn, 6:30

North County at Northeast, 5:15

Spalding vs. St. John's at Mt. St. Mary's, 5

Towson Catholic at St. Mary's, 4

Dec. 17-18

St. Mary's at Bullis Tournament, tba

Dec. 19

Annapolis at North County 5:15

Arundel at Saint Francis, 7

Chesapeake at Severn, 5:45

Glen Burnie at C.M. Wright, 7

McDonogh at St. Mary's, 4

Pallotti at Meade, 7

Severna Park at Joppatowne, 7

Spalding at St. Paul's, 5

Dec. 20

Annapolis Area Christian

at Chapelgate Christian, 5

Thomas Stone at Annapolis, 5:15

North County at Mount De Sales, 5

Dec. 21

Bryn Mawr at St. Mary's, 4

Severn at South River, 7

Spalding at St. Francis, 6

Thomas Stone at Glen Burnie, 5

Dec. 22

Annapolis at Arundel, 5:15

Broadneck at Severna Park, 5:15

Glen Burnie at Chesapeake, 5:15

North County at Old Mill, 5:15

Northeast at Meade, 5:15

South River at Southern, 5:15

Dec. 26-28

Arundel at IAABO Christmas Tournament at Prince George's Community College

Meade at Hammond Holiday Tournament

Old Mill at Hammond Holiday Tournament

Dec. 27-29

Severn at Queen Anne's Tournament

South River at Queen Anne's Tournament

Southern at Holiday Hoops Tournament

Spalding at Magruder Tournament

Dec. 28

West Potomac at Severna Park, 1:30

Dec. 29-30

North County at CCBC tournament, tba

Severna Park

at South County Virginia Tournament, tba

Jan. 3

Annapolis at Old Mill, 7

Arundel at Northeast, 7

Broadneck at North County, 7

St. Paul's at St. Mary's, 4

Severna Park at Glen Burnie, 7

South River at Chesapeake, 7

Southern at Meade, 7

Jan. 4

Pallotti at Severn, 5:30

Park at Key, 5:30

Towson Catholic at Spalding, 5:30

Jan. 6

Annapolis at Southern, 5:15

Arundel at Broadneck, 5:15

Chapelgate Christian at Severn, 5:15

Chesapeake at Northeast, 5:15

Glen Burnie at Old Mill, 5:15

Grace Brethren

at Annapolis Area Christian, 4:15

Meade at North County, 5:15

St. Mary's at Mercy, 5:30

Severna Park at South River, 5:15

Jan. 9

Annapolis Area Christian at Severn, 6

Key at St. Timothy's, 5:30

Mount de Sales at Spalding, 5:30

Jan. 10

Annapolis Area Christian at Greater Grace, 5:15

Annapolis at Meade, 7

Arundel at North County, 7

Broadneck at Chesapeake, 7

Severna Park at Old Mill, 7

South River at Northeast, 7

Southern at Glen Burnie, 7

Jan. 11

Severn at North County, 5:15

Spalding at Notre Dame Prep, 5:30

Jan. 13

Grace Bible Baptist

at Annapolis Area Christian, 4

Meade at Chesapeake, 5:15

North County at Glen Burnie, 5:15

Old Mill at Northeast, 5:15

Severn at John Carroll, 7:30

Severna Park at Arundel, 5:15

South River at Annapolis, 5:15

Southern at Broadneck, 5:15

Jan. 14

Washington Waldorf at Key, 5

Jan. 16

St. Mary's at Institute of Notre Dame, 4

Jan. 17

Chesapeake at Severna Park, 7

Glen Burnie at Broadneck, 7

Meade at Arundel, 7

North County at Southern, 7

Northeast at Annapolis, 7

Old Mill at South River, 7

Jan. 18

Spalding at McDonogh, 5:30

Jan. 19

St. Mary's at Old Mill, 7

Jan. 20

Annapolis Area Christian

at Calvary Temple, 3:30

Catholic at Severn, 6:30

Chesapeake at Old Mill, 5:15

Meade at Glen Burnie, 5:15

Northeast at North County, 5:15

Oldfields at Key, 5:30

St. John's Prospect Hall at St. Mary's, 7

Severna Park at Annapolis, 5:15

South River at Broadneck, 5:15

Southern at Arundel, 5:15

Spalding at Seton Keough, tba

Jan. 23

St. Mary's at Spalding, 5:30

Severn at Friend, 5:45

Jan. 24

Annapolis Area Christian at Open Bible, 4

Jan. 25

Mount Carmel at Key, 5:30

St. Mary's at Seton Keough, 5:30

Spalding at Mercy, 5:30

Jan. 26

CHEN at Annapolis Area Christian, 4

Jan. 27

Annapolis Area Christian at Clinton Christian, 4

Annapolis at Broadneck, 5:15

Arundel at South River, 5:15

Chesapeake at North County, 5:15

Glen Burnie at Northeast, 5:15

Key at Sts. Peter and Paul, 5:30

Old Mill at Meade, 5:15

St. Mary's at Notre Dame Prep, 4

Severn at Maryvale, 5:45

Severna Park at Southern, 5:15

Jan. 30

Key at Garrison Forest, 5:30

Severn at St. Mary's, 4

Spalding at Institute of Notre Dame, 5:30

Jan. 31

Glen Burnie at South River, 7

Greater Grace at Annapolis Area Christian, 6:30

Chesapeake at Annapolis, 7

Old Mill at Arundel, 7

Meade at Broadneck, 7

North County at Severna Park, 7

Northeast at Southern, 7

Feb. 1

Key at Park, 5:30

St. Francis at St. Mary's, 4

Severn at Pallotti, 6:45

Spalding at Bryn Mawr, 5:30

Chesapeake at Maryvale

Feb. 2

Key at Oldfields, 5:15

Feb. 3

Broadneck at Arundel, 5:15

Calvary Temple

at Annapolis Area Christian, 4:15

North County at Meade, 5:15

Northeast at Chesapeake, 5:15

Old Mill at Glen Burnie, 5:15

Roland Park at Spalding, 7

St. Mary's at Mount De Sales, 4

Severn at Chapelgate Christian, 5

South River at Severna Park, 5:15

Southern at Annapolis, 5:15

Feb. 4

Key at Beth Tfiloh, tba

Feb. 6

St. John's at Spalding, 4

St. Mary's at Towson Catholic, 5:30

St. Timothy's at Key, 5:30

Severn at Broadneck, 5:15

Feb. 7

Annapolis Area Christian at Grace Bible, 4

Annapolis at Glen Burnie, 7

Arundel at Chesapeake, 7

Broadneck at Northeast, 7

Severna Park at Meade, 7

South River at North County, 7

Southern at Old Mill, 7

Feb. 8

Baltimore Lutheran at Key, 5:30

Friends at Severn, 5:30

St. Mary's at McDonogh, 6

St. Paul's at Spalding, 5:30

Feb. 9

Mt. Carmel at Annapolis Area Christian, 4

Riverdale Baptist at Arundel, 7:17

Feb. 10

Arundel at Annapolis, 5:15

Chesapeake at Glen Burnie, 5:15

Meade at Northeast, 5:15

Old Mill at North County, 5:15

Southern at South River, 5:15

Severna Park at Broadneck, 5:15

Feb. 13

Annapolis at Severn, 5:15

Feb. 14

Chesapeake at Southern, 7

Glen Burnie at Arundel, 7

Meade at South River, 7

North County at Annapolis, 7

Northeast at Severna Park, 7

Old Mill at Broadneck, 7

Open Bible at Annapolis Area Christian, 4:15

Feb. 17

Annapolis at South River, 5:15

Arundel at Severna Park, 5:15

Broadneck at Southern, 5:15

Chesapeake at Meade, 5:15

Glen Burnie at North County, 5:15

New Life Christian

at Annapolis Area Christian, 5

Northeast at Old Mill, 5:15

Alexcia Niumatalolo of Broadneck looks to make a pass against Meade.Above left, Old Mill's Kiara Thomas, left, and Glen Burnie's Simone Jones battle for the ball in summer league play. Above right, Caitlin Hill of St. Mary's drives to the basket against Old Mill's Leah Campbell, also in summer league play.