The following home sales were recently recorded for southern Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

ARKENDALE RD., 6214-Elizabeth D. and Albert Engelken to Land Relocation Services, $800,000.

COLUMBIA DR., 6931-Robin A. Darden to Abe Elbakkari, $435,000.

EDGEWOOD TERR., 6027-Gary and Noelle McGlynn to William E. White and Susan L. Moses, $1.695 million.

POTOMAC AVE., 6517, No. B1-William A. Raskin to Donald M. and Stephen A. Collins and David B. Steward, $290,000.

ROLLINS DR., 2232-Theodore S. and Olga Black to Mark R. Kennon, $380,000.

WINDBREAK DR., 2505-Donald Raymond and Rose M. Werner to Tweneboah and Mary Koduah, $420,000.

10TH ST., 6609, No. B2-John D. and P.P. Adams to Constance Combs, $293,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

ASHBY LANE, 7502, No. 12G-Alice James to Christopher Kim and Valerie Ann Cannon, $350,000.

BALLYCASTLE CIR., 5152-Allen W. and Michelle O'Dell to James Patrick Davie, $575,000.

BARRY RD., 7151-John E. Hahn to Robert and Lynn Riche, $950,000.

CHERWELL LANE, 7222-Roy A. Johnson to Samuel J. Boyd, $485,000.

CHISWICK LANE, 6909-Mary Jo Donlin to Benjamin Alden Drew and Angela Renee Yeary, $354,900.

CROCUS CT., 6029-Arash Afrashteh to Preston Plous, $490,500.

CURTIER DR., 6007-Ronald K. and Margaret A. Jones to Frances C. Fisher, $283,500.

DEER GAP CT., 6627-Glen P. Kedzie to Mary Anne Parfitt, $435,000.

ELTON WAY, 7064-Cheryl Craven to Robert Lee and Faith M. Chamberlain, $562,000.

FRANCONIA STATION LANE, 6149-Kevin S. and Eve R. Stroger to Jose A. and Reina E. Hernandez, $555,000.

GREENLEIGH LANE, 6644-Bradley G. Hildebrand and Joan G. Brinsfield to Mathew C. and Christine M. Casimiro, $418,500.

HIGH MEADOW RD., 5911-Joel C. Wittman and Jennifer R. Boyle to Chad and Julie Ferguson, $491,000.

HILLARY CT., 6345-Nathaniel Wheeler to Vincent E. and Kristen S. Corwin, $388,000.

HILLVIEW AVE., 6215-William M. and Rebekah F. Gruel to Zareen Hudson, $500,000.

IVANHOE LANE, 4009-J.T. Kincannon to Gerald D., Sharon and Irene N. Gibson, $500,000.

JOWETT CT., 5583-Ivan M. Martinez and Glenda P. Fabregas to Jorge Palomo, $576,500.

KEYSER WAY, 6907, No. A-Dawn H. Ison to Michael Sean Quealy, $342,500.

KNIGHTS RIDGE WAY, 6038-Adam M. Debin to Stuart T. Jarrell and Ngoc Diep T. Nguyen, $500,000.

MARY CAROLINE CIR., 6929, No. B-Francis A. Tiboni to Zeynep F. Ulusu, $229,000.

MORNING MEADOW CT., 8064-Sandro R. Dicastro and Terry Twitchell to Susanne Maki Uchiyama, $516,100.

OLD CARRIAGE LANE, 6520-Phillip D.C. and Beth P. Lovell to Luis Ramirez and Claudia Vasquez, $387,000.

PARISH GLEBE LANE, 6528-Michael T. and Patricia M. Hammond to Daniel B. and Jennie C. McGibney, $500,000.

ROCKLEIGH WAY, 6650-Harvey W. Lawhorne to Christy H. and Robert Grimste, $410,000.

SALFORD CT., 7400-Eden J. and Jon W. Murrie to Bobby Richard and Kyong Son Sawyer, $556,000.

SANDYFORD ST., 5308-Elizabeth White and Christian Sandoe to Raymond M. Kelly and Cynthia K. Schneider Kelly, $630,000.

SARATOGA ST., 5809-Jagjit and Margaret P. Gulati to Arun and Nita Kumar, $504,000.

SKY BLUE DR., 8023-Jose A. Loza and Andrea Coloma to Workeneh Getachew, $465,000.

ST. GENEVIEVE PL., 5200-Souad Bendoumali and Ashraf Gadelrab to Merlin and Milagros Urbina, $412,000.

SULLIVAN WAY, 6714-Marybeth Butkus to Paul A. Jenny and Christina Dalencar, $605,010.

SUMMER PARK LANE, 6103-Erica J. and Wiley D. Holland to Thomas J. and Stephanie L. Holland, $499,900.

TRASK TERR., 6517-Robert F. and Patricia L. Wollard to Gary, Ralph P. and Eileen Silverman, $676,250.

WALKERS CROFT WAY, 6289-Tehseen Arif to Mian Riaz Ahmad, $530,000.

WESTRIDGE CT., 5933-Leo C. and Rosemary Holmgren to Jamie A. and Thomas J. Kanavaros, $519,900.

WICKFORD DR., 7212-George L. Michael to Eleanor J. Delima, $599,950.

Annandale Area

AUSTIN ST., 7306-William and Regina L. Hodges to Byron S. Schrecker and Lisa M. Wolfe, $574,000.

BOGART CT., 4568-Eusebio Huarachi to Bickie T. Pham, $419,900.

BRENTLEIGH CT., 4669-Ein Soon Jae Woo to Kebebu Agato, $426,000.

CHAMPIONSHIP CT., 4088-Kristaq Tase and Aida Idrizi to Hung Q. Ngo, Anh T.T. Truong and David Ngo, $470,000.

CONWELL DR., 4678, No. 172-Wanda Ruffin and Barbara M. Lee to V. George R. Bott, $227,500.

COUNTRY LANE, 4608-Dale E. and Mack C. Hill to David C. Blessing and Tracey K. Corryn Blessing, $1.175 million.

COVENT WOOD CT., 7493-Ahmed Garma and Khadija Noury to Yussef Ibrahim, $479,000.

DASSETT CT., 7903, No. 103-Dusic and Young H. Kwak to Kim Min, $292,500.

DONNYBROOK CT., 7735, No. 208-Winnie Chu to Kenneth T.K. Sun, $213,500.

DOWNING CT., 6436-David A. Jabro to Full Gospel Church, $865,000.

FARR ST., 7230-Ira P. and Karen A. Farley to Young Suk, Steve Y. Yun and Jina H. Kim, $1.125 million.

FOREST GLEN CT., 4451-Patrick D. McCarthy to Hai Ba and Phung Thanh Nguyen, $319,000.

FOREST GROVE DR., 3718-Dean R. and Anne F. Eliason to Tuan and Lan Bui, $565,000.

GEORGIAN PL., 8504-Gregory S. Gates and Milissa J. Gates to Serapio and Juliana Valenzuela, $630,000.

HOLBORN AVE., 4302-Betty Tran to De Q. Lu and Cam T. Nguyen, $580,000.

HUMMER RD., 3616-Nguyen Kim Anh to QMVS Inc., $875,000.

KAY CT., 8411-Jonathan D. and Belinda R. Lee to Jason D. Oxman and Kristin Loiacono, $601,250.

LAFAYETTE PARK DR., 6925-Ibrahim Mezher to Abdul Khalid and Raafat Mezher, $460,000.

ORISKANY DR., 4955-John C. and Joan C. MacArthur to Joanne F. Schneider, $440,000.

RED FOX DR., 4700-Mohanbhai and Varsha Jasani to Kyoung Bin and Myong Ja Park, $580,000.

RIDGE RD., 4002-Daniel M. and Rita E. Smith to Calvert Homes Inc., $650,000.

SLEEPY HOLLOW RD., 4117-John M. and Denise F. Emery to Hugh W. and Erin G. McGee, $600,000.

VELLEX LANE, 7108-Moon K. Park and Myung Choi to Tu Nguyen and Le Van, $595,000.

WAKEFIELD CHAPEL RD., 4816-Philip G. Anderson to Linh Dang Huu Vu, $635,000.

WATKINS TRAIL, 4130-Margaret P. Miller to Josefina Alvarado and Rosemary Orosco Moya, $615,000.

WINONA CT., 7802-Jose L. Campos to Luis G. Lara, $315,000.

WOODBURN VILLAGE DR., 3300, No. 22-Wendy P. Maylor Newman to Joseph M. McRae, $280,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

DOCKSER TERR., 6375-Tamim Samee to Melissa J. Calmes and Abi Sasongko Soemarko, $695,000.

GEORGE MASON DR. S., 3701, No. 413N-Daniel F. Carroll and Gail M. Johnson to James R. and Robin C. Abbott, $325,000.

GEORGE MASON DR. S., 3705, No. 2409S-Jesse L. Thomas to Zahid Hameed, $339,000.

GLENMORE DR., 3327-Elmer S. Schaefer to Irfana R. and Abdul G. Khan, $550,000.

HARDWICK PL., 6065-Shannon E. Marks and Scott M. Finberg to Dee Bivens, $470,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6141, No. 205-Ariel Estrada to Karen L. Partlow, $199,000.

POWELL LANE, 3800, No. 605-Jameson Cahill to Ingrid M. Swenson, $322,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5501, No. 2204S-Juan C. Bernedo to Fred H. and Masako Taylor, $410,500.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 1517N-Michael P. McManus to Adam D. Noakes and Lauren M. Littlejohn, $257,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 2306N-Bryan J. Richardson to Marjorie Leach, $299,900.

Burke Area

ANNABERG PL., 5944, No. 199-Lynda O. Stowe to Jeffrey D. Fasceski and Lauren E. Svitil, $375,900.

APLOMADO DR., 5902-Joung Rim and Mi Lee Ju to Nora A. and Rolando J. Aguilar, $499,900.

BLACKBURN DR., 9520-William L. and Kelly J. Barry to Aida Lida Thompson, $549,000.

BROOK FORD RD., 9003-Lawrence M. and Carol M. Clarke to William M. and Ellen M. Pramenko, $640,000.

BUFFIE CT., 6363-Alvin Hernandez to Victoria Bernedo, $405,000.

COURAGEOUS CIR., 6908-Bruce D. and Anne G. MacDonnell to Michael J. and Hilary E. Benjamin, $676,000.

FITZHUGH ST., 5813-Mark C. McVicker to Leslie A. MacKall and Donna K. Hartsoe, $599,950.

HERITAGE SQUARE DR., 5944-David M. and Kiljoon Callahan to Erwin and Mabel Castellon, $389,000.

HERON POND TERR., 10211-Sangeeta Navangul and James Ryan to Eiman Siddik, $430,000.

HIGH WATER CT., 9771-Seung H. Lee to Jesus and Emma Rodriguez, $420,000.

HOME GUARD DR., 9102-Jane M. Lukosik and Julia J. Evans to Jane M. and Andre J. Lukosik, $550,000.

KOZIARA DR., 6532-Elizabeth Bowes O'Brien to Shawn and Dana James, $566,000.

LIGHTHOUSE LANE, 5452-Gerald R. Burke to Wesley A. and Heather D. Morrison, $420,000.

MAINSAIL DR., 9319-Gregory A. and Helene P. Russell to Robert A. and Lisa M. Ciola, $670,000.

MARSHALL POND RD., 10112-Steven G. and Wendy J. Germain to William and Ana Maria Melton, $677,000.

MEYERS LANDING CT., 6024-Bradford R. Virgin and Leah Mason Virgin to Erdinal Dalil, $410,000.

NATICK RD., 9902-Gregory E. and Barbara J. Montone to Eric L. Johnson and Rachele Valente, $682,000.

OAKLAND PARK DR., 5915-Raymond L. and Cynthia A. Gaudreau to Eric M. and Kelly T. Nyman, $633,000.

OLD BLACKSMITH DR., 6682-Susan B. and Markus R. Neumann to Thomas and Sheri Tickner, $656,000.

SUMMERDAY CT., 6301-Yeum Y. and Young H. Moon to Edward Hwan and In Kyung Kim, $722,500.

SUNSET WOODS CT., 6715-Carol V. Van Doren to Kewal and Ankur Saini, $465,000.

ULYSSES CT., 9403-John M. and Doris L. Holt to Brenda L. Farrar and Matthew M. Miller, $470,000.

WARDS GROVE CIR., 10022-An S. Murphy to Lourdes Winkler, $579,900.

WOODEN SPOKE RD., 6715-Timothy P. and Anne Marie R. Cowan to Christina D. and Harley Arnold, $625,000.

Centreville Area

AMPSTEAD CT., 14942-Eckard Holdorf to Marvin Lee Bumgardner, $375,000.

ASHER CT., 6113-Jose F. and Arlene M. Pleta to Harold A. and Ilse L. Rombot, $432,000.

BATON ROUGE CT., 13902-Lucille Kos and Richard M. Guest to Lisa German and Wayne Woodyard, $425,000.

BATTERY RIDGE CT., 14523-John G. Boynton to Ravi Saxena, $395,000.

BAUGHER DR., 14622-James F. and Gail E. Thompson to Dennis G. Sweeney and Elizabeth Strader Sweeney, $485,000.

BENTLEY SQ., 14716-Cyril H. and Amy L. Coburn to Brian M. and Sami S. Sloboda, $350,000.

BETSY ROSS CT., 6319-Sung C. and Chun H. Park to Esther K. and Sarah K. Lim, $400,000.

BLACK HORSE CT., 14464-Allen S. and Kimberly A. McElwain to Christopher D. Prone, $335,000.

BLUE ASTER CIR., 5376-Mohamed A. Aboukoura to Zahwa Dibo, $649,000.

BRONZE POST RD., 6757-Matthew T. and Ashley M. Preston to Prudential Relocation Inc., $700,000.

BUGGY WHIP DR., 5514-Mark E. Moffett to Rodolfo T. and Ursula Elmore, $580,000.

CABELLS MILL DR., 13995-Donn P. Stephan to Wayne and Jesus McDuffy, $540,000.

CIDER HOUSE LANE, 14456-Lawrence C. Jamerson to Jerome G. and Susan M. McGinnis, $418,000.

CLIMBING ROSE WAY, 14321, No. 103-Jerome F. Marek to Martin Ball and Christopher Abbott, $247,000.

COMPTON LANE, 6955-Nancy K. Dishner to Melissa Heffelfinger and Jason Kelley, $420,000.

CONNOR CT., 13384, No. J-Brunda Arepalli to David and Shawn Overos, $395,000.

CREEK RUN DR., 6529-Scott L. Higgins to Jay Fineberg and Xian Hua Chen, $505,000.

FOUR CHIMNEY DR., 14441-Nicholas K. Cook to Myung Nam Sanchez, $366,000.

GOTHWAITE DR., 6150-Anne V. Tuthill to Beatriz M. Alzamora, $341,000.

HARTLAUB CT., 14802-Michael A. and Sheri C. Iannucci to Jakir Chowdhury and Jasmin Gracy, $650,000.

HAYSICKLE CT., 14370-Jung W. Chong to In Joo Jung, $425,000.

LAVENDER MIST CT., 5383-Samir Sikri to Manikandan Jagadeesan and Meenakshi Vedhagiri, $530,000.

MALTON CT., 6815-Sebastian Fonss and Amy C. Bolstridge to Aaron and Meredith Norris, $380,000.

RIDGE WATER CT., 6853-Kenneth R. and Elise J. Bashford to Christopher Shim, $430,000.

RITCHIE RD., 14923-Laurie S. Marek to Kevin C. and Ann K. Cheetham, $460,000.

ROCKTON CT., 6036-Diane Ozbay to Dionisio Lemus and Diana K. Archila, $390,000.

ROUND LICK LANE, 14372-William P. and Judith E. Walsh to Samuel L. and Kristine F. Elson, $645,875.

SAWTEETH WAY, 14001-Eunjoo Kim to Yisu Shin, $549,000.

SHEALS LANE, 5607-Yu Ching and Jin Lee to Blaise S. Thompson, $610,000.

SHEALS LANE, 5626-Beazer Homes Corp. to Najia Habibi, $758,160.

SKYLEMAR TRAIL, 6625-Marc S. Frere to Mitchell and Susan Turpyn, $365,000.

STARGAZER TERR., 13547-William E. Hutchings to Kathleen A. Gibson, $519,900.

STONE MAPLE TERR., 6753-William J. and Robin R. Lane to Soon Bo Yoo, $410,000.

STONE RIDGE DR., 5815-Stephen A. and Theresa E. Weigler to Manuel Chacon Sosa, $585,000.

TRAVIS EDWARD WAY, 5109, No. A-Jung K. Kim to Michael G. and Kathleen S. Wixted, $379,000.

TURIN LANE, 14473-Hamaya Mi Ae to Augustine M. Kim, $265,000.

TWIN PINE CT., 5702-Peter F. and Jennifer Defreece to Felix Juan Diaz and Rocio Pastrana, $590,000.

VILLAGE CENTER DR., 5551-Michael E. Daniel and Jennifer C. Weiss to Damon and Nella Shaw, $690,000.

WATERDALE CT., 5815-Stanley V. and Barbara J. Sesky to Sherif A. Elfayomi and Jennifer Calvo, $400,000.

WILD BROOK CT., 5938-Young M. Kim and Kyong O. Song to Ronnie C. Kim, $409,000.

WINDING RIDGE LANE, 14039-Jung H. Shin to George R. Hutchins and Amy K. Marino, $420,000.

Chantilly Area

ARMFIELD FARM DR., 3535-Le Hanh and Nguyen Loan to Marc A. and Erika Frantz Madison, $655,000.

BEECH DOWN DR., 3627-Afsaneh and Abdolrahman Ghahramani to Carlos Contreras, $630,000.

CARRIER CT., 4404-Elizabeth Ann Powers to Maria F. Guevara, $520,000.

COUNTRY CROSSING ST., 13803-Tim K. Beckworth to Bernard C. and Karen R. Moring, $675,000.

DEERWATCH DR., 4616-Kug T. and Mari K. Kim to Ae S. and Woo Jin Choi, $450,000.

LEES CORNER RD., 4007-Raquel Farajidavar to Kathleen O'Connell, $426,000.

MOSELLE DR., 4231-Henry S. Cargo to Alvaro Marazzi, $318,000.

NEWPORT DR., 4143-Daisy M. Rivera to Jorge Sanchez, $385,000.

Clifton Area

BUNKERS CT., 6711-Stephen F. and Victoria G. Wilcox to Lee and Cindy Wilbur, $1 million.

CUSTIS ACRES DR., 11920-James H. and Carol W. Dixon to Joseph H. Kaufman and Marjean D. Kaufman, $1.2 million.

LITTLE BROOK CT., 6005-Jay M. and Michelle L. Norton to Teresa and Marie Rene Roxana Guerrero, $380,000.

ORCHARD HILL CT., 5812-John C. Freestone to Arlene E. Gatchalian, $320,000.

ORCHARD HILL CT., 5874-James A. and Maureen A. Wright to Olga N. Grogan, $281,000.

ROCKLAND CT., 6505-Gerald W. and Brenda S. Sullivan to Milton C. and Pamela S. Abbott, $749,900.

ROCKLAND DR., 6587-Richard M. Bridges to Brian M. and Elaine E. Michl, $665,112.

UNION VILLAGE CIR., 13545-Timothy and Venette Westhoven to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $684,000.

WILDFLOWER LANE, 13634-Jong Sok Kim to Xing R. and Wayne T. Lee, $399,000.

Fairfax City Area

ADARE DR., 10903-Leon and Mary A. Armour to Diana L. and Timothy J. Hartman, $571,000.

ANDES DR., 4306-Robert A. Costanzo and Myra L. Robertson to Shazia Naz, $538,000.

APPLEBY WAY, 4122-Stella Chu to James A. and Bonnie J. Dennis, $680,000.

ASHMEADE DR., 9126-Adolph August Goiser to Ronald P. and Margaret E. Couch, $559,000.

ASPEN HOLLOW WAY, 9716-Nolan Frank Mackness to Randall D. and Julie A. Cudworth, $564,000.

BABASHAW CT., 3114-Daniel E. and Francisca Cortez to Efrain Chalco and Maria Elisa Tamayo, $355,000.

BABSON CT., 9504-Ralph and Cristal Smith to Luke W. Ryu and In Hee Hwang, $394,000.

BRIDGEWOOD DR., 5534-James A. Young to Eun Gyeong Cho, $400,000.

CABOT RIDGE CT., 5436-H. Stephen and Susan L. Houseman to Steven B. and Barbara R. Fradkin, $449,000.

CEDAR LAKES DR., 12418-Tanya W. Piper to Tamas Fekete, $492,000.

CHANTERY CT., 4901-Daniel T. and Kristen E. Sheridan to Jay and Michelle Norton, $539,000.

COLONY PARK DR., 10330-Taras J. and Stephanie Galysh to Tara E. Reid, $404,900.

COLTON ST., 10817-Dennis V. and Margaret M. Ford to Hoa V., Nhu and Phuong Tran, $550,000.

DUSTY WHEEL LANE, 12627-Theodore and Marianna Ong to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $852,000.

FAIRFAX CENTER WOODS TRAIL, 11644-Nuttavuth Punpugdee and Noppamas Chansiri to Jack M. Damsky, $536,680.

FAIRFAX FARMS RD., 3901-Beverly I. Jensen to Talat, Sabba and Ali Nazhand, $595,000.

FOREST HILL DR., 4501-Roger and Maureen Amendola to Angelica Perez, $1.038 million.

FOXHOLE DR., 13311-Nurettin Carkci to Kermit A. and Clay A. Sande, $399,000.

FORT BUFFALO CIR., 12266, No. 496-Sean A. Mentus to Hyon Chu Kim, $358,000.

GARDEN GATE DR., 8922-Cameron M. Kourtesis to Nicholas J. and Maria C. Georges, $930,000.

GRAYS POINTE RD., 12918, No. B-Cindy Aitken to Stephanie Martinez, $270,000.

GREENWAY CT., 12109, No. 202-Terri J.W. and Julien G. Patterson to Juliet Wilkins, $353,000.

HAMILTON DR., 9008-Marvin J. and Ellen Cantor to Robert Feitel and Sandi Rhee, $800,000.

HARPER DR., 12612-Daniel T. Horseman to Anumati, Ashok and Sachin Bhagi, $500,000.

HEART LEAF CT., 13102-John W. and Wendy P. Gasque to Sovannorith Duong and Kohnnavine Om, $710,000.

HEATHERSTONE CT., 4042-David A. and Laura B. Mesko to Gregory Thompson and Hector Lopez, $544,900.

HECATE CT., 5574-Phuong Mai Do to My Tran, $370,000.

HERON NECK LANE, 4810-Jacqueline S. Brown to Armando Torrico, $529,700.

HIDEAWAY RD., 2839-Gomez Nelson to Reyna Alvarez, $825,000.

INVERNESS RD., 3844-Gary M. Gutowsky to Huy Cuong, $535,000.

KINGSBRIDGE DR., 9720, No. 302-Kurt and Judith Fisher to Timothy A. and Karen A. Rock, $279,900.

MARBLE LANE, 4115-Archie R. and Suzanne Patton to Olivia Towne and Sara Han, $475,000.

MARSHALL HALL LANE, 4600-Lillian M. Sexton and Margaret S. Duquette to Shawn M. Campana and Patricia Masterson, $526,000.

MEADOW HILL LANE, 4109-James E. and Colleen L. Stone to Karen P. and Wayne S. Diviney, $577,500.

MILLPOND CT., 3708-Leslie K. Hathaway to Charles V. Dinges and Kelly J. Barnes, $735,000.

MONUMENT CT., 4120, No. A-Jae H. Chong to Samuel C., Deanna M., Kevin D. and Kathleen A. Taylor, $362,900.

MOZART BRIGADE LANE, 4210, No. R-Lisa N. Brown to Yeon Woo Oh and Yoon Joung Kim, $365,000.

PICKSTONE DR., 4006-David J. and Debra K. Watkins to Tuyet T. Pham, $561,120.

POET CT., 13228-John R. and Kathy Cenicola to Lori N. Childers, $580,000.

POMMEROY DR., 5123-Barbara S. Craven to Norma G. Ibay, $510,000.

PUMPHREY CT., 10210-Michael G. and Kathleen S. Wixted to Cornelio Cuba, $645,000.

ROSE PATH CIR., 12481-Robert and Jasbir Gujral to Alexander and Yuliya Shlyankevich, $637,000.

ROSEMOOR LANE, 3016-Gerri Garvin to Beverly Abston, $862,000.

SLEEPY LAKE DR., 4261-Jennifer L. Chaney to Nichole S. Williams and Joseph S. Miller, $465,000.

SUMMIT DR., 5391-Richard R. and Karen P. Laroche to Myung H. Lee, $572,000.

TALKING ROCK DR., 3016-Kevin A. and Joy G. Decker to Robert Hummel and Nori I. Huckabay, $402,000.

TALLOW TREE PL., 3943-Jennifer D. Schwanke to Akiva Iroko and Marva Benn, $470,000.

TAMAR WOODS CT., 5203-Kenneth S. and Terri K. Kim to Paul J. and Julie Strasberg, $695,000.

WASHINGTON BRICE RD., 12417-David G. Maasen to Ran and Dalit Lev Arey Margalit, $580,000.

WHEATSTONE DR., 4870-Jay and Juana D. Fernandez to Cesar and Sandra Echeverry, $550,000.

WHITACRE RD., 4104-Mark R. and Karen H. Semerad to Capital Investments Corp., $522,500.

Fairfax Station Area

BRESSINGHAM DR., 7925-David A. and Petra Cook to Clarence Johnson and Sheila M. Maguire, $875,000.

FAIRVIEW WOODS DR., 5923-John S. and Sarah M. Mitchell to James L. and Denise Comfort, $900,000.

FLORA LEE DR., 11125-Peter P. and Judy H. Buckley to Ellen E. and Gary F. O'Brien, $820,000.

LAUREL OAK PL., 9621-James H. Hall to Richard V. and Kimberly S. Chamberlain, $685,000.

ROSELAND DR., 8236-Spencer E. Robbins to Bien Q. Vu and Gabrielle V. Harrison, $1.33 million.

WILLFIELD CT., 7907-John T. and Barbara J. Allen to Craig and Sandra Decampli, $719,000.

WILLOWBROOK RD., 7421-David B. and Edith D. Hakola to Mariano D. and Jeanne G. Chutuape, $1.193 million.

WOODRISE CT., 7101-Stephen M. and Catherine L. Niemi to Majid H. Ghauri and Farah Zia, $975,000.

Falls Church Area

CHERRY ST., 2847-Lawrence Detrick and Helen Blevins to Victor Gutierrez, $450,000.

GREAT FALLS ST., 2224-Naqi and Shireen Jaffery to Syed Hassan, $1.035 million.

HOLLY BERRY CT., 3215-Paul J. and Julie I. Strasberg to Manuel and Celina Benitez, $609,900.

INVERSHAM DR., 7737, No. 180-Judith E. O'Brien to Raymond Kadji Touomou and Elizabeth Ellen Maurer, $348,750.

IRVINGTON RD., 2933-Jeffrey T. and Kristin E. Connolly to Victor Veizaga and Benedicta Chambi, $570,000.

LAKESIDE VILLAGE DR., 7596, No. G-William L. and Catherine I. Paolino to Michael C. Shine Lin, $300,000.

MICHAEL PL., 7215-Camelia Gallardo to Saul O. Claros and Juvenal Rueda, $517,000.

TERRY LANE, 7102-Anh Q. and Minh A.T. Nguyen to Maria Santos, $500,000.

WESTLAWN DR., 6928-John P. Germani and Christy J. Davis Germani to Reina Majia, $491,000.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

FALLS REACH DR., 7068, No. 302-Pamela A. Hubbard to Jeffrey and Susan Suhanick, $460,000.

FISHER DR., 7503-David D. Black to William J. Meyer, $425,000.

GLENN SPRING CT., 2112-Olga K. Postnikova to Louis T. and Trisha M. Manarin, $535,000.

LEE LANDING DR., 7595-Christopher Mooshian to Laura P. and Armando Enrique Corado, $384,000.

LEE LANDING DR., 7604-Mohammed Sharieff to Hung Quoc Tran and Kimloan Thi Vu, $370,000.

MCLEAN PARK RD., 2205-Michael B. and Corinne M. Adams to Anne M. Rucker, $550,000.

MCLEAN PROVINCE CIR., 6812-Jane B. Fort to Meghan McLane, $660,500.

SNEAD LANE, 7840-Muhammad A. Khan to Felix Pedro Lorente, $479,000.

TREVINO LANE, 7720-Roy T. Jackson to Maureen Scully, $429,000.

Fort Belvoir Area

INLET COVE DR., 6925-Leonard R. and Lydia K. Spalding to David C. Rauhecker, $579,900.

Fort Hunt Area

FORT HUNT RD., 8961-Cora M. Tschudi and J.L. Tschudi to Gregory G. Grammen and Merry G. Dempsey, $630,000.

SOUTHDOWN RD., 7801-Franklin P. and Muriel R. Miller to Barton and Cairn Boucher, $1.9 million.

Great Falls Area

BECKMAN WAY, 10920-Robert W. and Robin L. McCormick to David W. and Mina A. Kondner, $1.495 million.

CUP LEAF HOLLY CT., 1028-Donald W. Barrett to Ugandhar and Jhansi Rani Chalasani, $960,000.

DARLENE LANE, 9701-Sam L. Condit to Barbara D. Jacobi, $900,000.

MILL RUN DR., 9732-Kamran and Soheila Hashemi to Ali R. Mansouri and Zohreh Dada, $900,000.

RIVA RIDGE DR., 1019-Kevin and Tracy E. West to Randall and Lisa Long, $775,000.

WELHAM GREEN RD., 931-Donald A. and Dorothy R. Trinite to Bernard F. and Mary McKay, $960,000.

Herndon Area

ARMADA ST., 2613-Robert W. and Kimberly A. Hodes to Alan and Sharon Young, $535,000.

AZALEA WOODS WAY, 12996-David D. and Hsiu Miea L. Chang to Suresh and Srividya Aiyer, $985,000.

BRANCH AVE., 900-An Q. and Yi W.H. Yu to Maria A. Guillen, $377,000.

BROAD OAKS DR., 897-Frederick L. Speir and Sarah J. Obryhim to William J. Baroody and Victoria Fernandez, $660,000.

CENTER ST., 609, No. T2-Athanasios Georgoulias to Carrie E. Joy, $219,000.

COPPER CREEK RD., 2722-G. Mark and Christine E. McGowan to Michael D. and Lisa M. Brown, $793,000.

DUBLIN PL., 1172-Anthony O. Parsons to Magda and Hector A. Cruz, $325,000.

ELEVATION LANE, 13430-Thomas J. and Patrice M. Foster to Joel C. and Sarah E. Amundsen, $426,100.

EXBURY ST., 12328-Neil C. and Elizabeth A. Buchwalter to John M. and Andrea M. Quinn, $560,000.

FALLON DR., 2529-David R. and Judith M. May to Todd and Kimberly Howard, $835,000.

FORBES GLEN DR., 12044-Kathleen Ann Thomas to Franklin B. Finley, $600,000.

FORTNIGHTLY BLVD., 115-Aly Kewan to Burton and Laurie Eller, $650,000.

FOX STREAM LANE, 2455-Laurence B. and Rebecca S. Day to Noriko S. Hunter, $469,900.

FRANKLIN CORNER LANE, 3014-Paul V. Pocialik and Joanne Crespo to Lawrence J. and Molly A. Marino, $775,000.

GLENBROOKE WOODS DR., 12626-Robert H. and Gail M. Leonard to Juanita and Daniel Bogle, $599,900.

GRANT ST., 1014-Barbara J. and Kevin J. O'Connell to Kevin M. and Helen E. Keane, $627,000.

GREY FRIARS PL., 13028-Kenneth E. and Marilyn C. Baker to Dennis M. and Karen A. Becker, $850,000.

MONAGHAN DR., 2127-Doris D.L.P. Sanchez to Maria F. Regalado Guerra, $338,000.

NAVY DR., 3236-Brian C. Kudis and Cordelia M. Danser to Lee A. and Marilee J. Van Arsdale, $1.125 million.

OLD HUNT WAY, 697-Frederick J. and Mary S. Chamblin to Mark J. and Talisa Ernstmann, $804,500.

POINT RIDER LANE, 13336-Elizabeth S. and Andrew R. Parker to Bela Ajay and Naik Ajay, $639,000.

REIGN ST., 2660-Rosalie Bennett to Aaron and Naomi Polar and Melissa H. De Poix, $637,500.

ROUNDING RUN CT., 3233-Robert Joseph and Nancy L. Maiorana to Mark I. and Elaine H. Jones, $615,000.

SEAMAN CT., 2152-Jawad and Syed Saleem to Jose A. Gonzales, $515,000.

SHEA PL., 13347-Bernard F. and Gail V. White to Kathy A. Hale, $354,000.

SPRINGTIDE PL., 1319-Mohammed Elias and Amena Begum to Elmer Lopez and Sandra Barahona, $340,000.

STONE HEATHER DR., 13216-James T. and Tara D. Hagy to John M. and Jennifer M. Lofland, $581,000.

SUMMERFIELD DR., 1219-Ali Billoo to Luis Andrade, $510,000.

TURBERVILLE LANE, 12780-Edward R. and Penny S. Grant to Jason S. and Jenna M. Day, $565,000.

WOODSHIRE LANE, 507-Nancy J. Mikula to Alejandra Hernandez and Eric Urquilla, $545,000.

ZACHARY TAYLOR CIR., 13327-Andrea Michelle Solomon to Cecil and Nicole Burrowes, $492,000.

Huntington Area

ELMWOOD DR., 3105-Rene Gonzalez and Gloria Peralta to Felix Leon and Janet Aguilera, $372,000.

FAIRVIEW TERR., 2338-Vilma Sarazu to David L. Mortimer, $310,604.

HUNTINGTON STATION CT., 2305-Annette E. Reiserer to Mary Ann Lange Howe, $539,000.

LOFTHILL CT., 5702-Suwaman Lohitkoopt to Shen Jen Tsai, $465,000.

Hybla Valley Area

CEDAR LANDING CT., 8229-Michael E. Dehart to Ann M. Rosenberg, $490,000.

COLONIAL SPRINGS CT., 3012-James M. Gaglione to Gabriela and Karim Adassi, $370,000.

FRANCES DR., 7743-Justin E. and Darlene Moul to Eric T. Wierzba and Stacey A. May, $727,400.

GREY GOOSE WAY, 7572-Larry D. Candler to Aina Zheng and Tijin Gao, $495,000.

HARRISON LANE, 6733-Al Mirza to Roy L. Watson, $386,000.

HOLLINDALE DR., 1501-Lawrence M. Kushnir to Paragon Relocation Inc., $699,000.

NORTHROP RD., 7415-Doris Green to Israel Castro and Catalina Lagunas, $464,000.

RICHMOND HWY., 6437, No. 303-Joseph and Susan Stearman to Wayne A. Penn, $200,000.

STONEYBROOKE LANE, 6924-David H. and Marsha I. Rhea Pace to Tyrone D. and Helena H. Taylor, $550,000.

STOVER DR., 7202-George Mathew to Alusine and Hannah T. Kamara, $385,000.

STRAWN CT., 7113-Christina L. Pica to Dana Todd and Marian G. Hickman, $367,000.

WILKINSON PL., 2109-Christine Ann Freeman to Joseph J. Bovy, $780,000.

Lincolnia Area

CHACO RD., 4008-Roxana A. Zurita to Helga N. Montecinos and Ivan Usmayo, $638,000.

CHOWAN AVE., 4950-Paula B. and Lynn F. Dyer to Esperanza Najarro, $585,000.

EVANGELINE LANE, 6352-Wayne E. and Georgia J. Ford to James S. and Clare Y. Huang, $660,000.

INDEPENDENCE CIR., 5661-Sonny and Mirian E. Low to Morris and Sandra N. Lewis, $345,000.

MEDINAH LANE, 6506-Ruth K. Walker to Chung H. and Hyun Hee Lee, $412,000.

OBSERVATION WAY, 5120-Tory and Genevieve Randall to Christian Fehr Allgood and Lucas Huse McCann, $450,000.

SAWGRASS CT., 4545-David P. Lund to Kwang Chun and Myung Sun Kim, $500,000.

Lorton Area

AMERICAN HOLLY RD., 8141-Wesley G. Gillman to Tae Kwon and Woo J. Lee, $900,000.

AVENTON CT., 9122-Terrence K. Mullins to Nguyet K. Tran, Nghi Huynh and Phuoc Huynh, $525,000.

BLUE ROCK LANE, 8538-Gloria A. and Dorothy Gardner to Matthew J. Peter, $331,000.

CARDINAL FOREST LANE, 9250, No. 301-Donald J. Perna to Katie E. Cranston, $295,000.

CORDER LANE, 6830-Richard J. and Ruth J. Linhart to Sirva Relocation Corp., $860,000.

HAGEL CIR., 9921-Jose E. Nunez to Jorge E. Escalante and Magdalena Lezama, $292,500.

HORSESHOE COTTAGE CIR., 8043-Abdul J. and Fouzia Aziz to Malali Sherdil, $525,000.

JANDELL RD., 8823-Rutilio and Maria A. Delcid to Geofredo Ferrufino, $489,000.

JENERIO CT., 9448-Arnold and Sandra Leibowitz to Ana Rivera, $380,000.

KIGER ST., 9007-Moses A. Webb and Trina D. Mayhan Webb to Michael C. and Edith A. Ryan, $797,000.

LORRAINE CAROL WAY, 9777-James K. and Carole A. Hamel to Mark C. and Kelly T. Darden, $595,000.

NEWINGTON COMMONS RD., 8772-David Mitchell and Deborah M. Smith to Wendy J. Tomlin, $300,000.

PINNACLE ROCK CT., 8726-Mohammad Abid and Musarat Afza to Abbas Amini and Shiva Hajimohammadi, $326,000.

PURPLE LILAC CIR., 8908-Valerie A. Mars to Daniel Seep, $640,000.

SHEFFIELD HUNT CT., 9163-Pietro E. and Kristen Canestrelli to Sandra Lorena Canales, $383,500.

STATIONHOUSE CT., 8313-Hector E. and Blanca I. Canales to Ruth and Kwame Bioh, $400,000.

McLean Area

ANTHONY CREST SQ., 6608-Jane E. Chadwick to Thomas E. Patton, $860,000.

CHAIN BRIDGE RD., 753-Robert E. and Sandra J. Montgomery to James Shallcross and Ghislaine Boreel, $1.65 million.

CHELSEA RD., 6900-Richard C. Choi and Sooghin J. Jung to Jung Hee Im, $750,000.

CHURCHILL RD., 7004-Ernest C. and Wendy Baynard to Nelson and Susan Hurr, $750,000.

DOMINION RESERVE DR., 948-Charles I.R. and Elizabeth S. Evans to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $3.15 million.

DUNTERRY PL., 1560-Robert W. and M. Joan Foreman to Renato A. and Gladys M. Scozia, $610,000.

ENOLA ST., 7821, No. 205-William V. Dominguez and Johanna Fermin to Alia Wardak, $325,000.

FELIX ST., 6820-Shigeru and Yoriko Dozono to Susan K. Green, $639,500.

FLEETWOOD RD., 6800, No. 409-Jason Denny to Pauline Ruth Bartman, $295,000.

LINCOLN WAY, 1533, No. 301A-Kim U. Nguyen to Daniel Frank and Jennifer A. Dittenber, $340,000.

MAYFLOWER DR., 1432-Beatrice M. Lindsten to Maura K. and Andrew T. Rezendes, $671,551.

OLD DOMINION DR., 7104-Hans W. Vollmecke to Watermark Three Corp., $725,000.

OLD DOMINION DR., 8500-Carlton M. and Linda S. Hayden to MCW Investments Corp., $1.1 million.

PROVINCIAL DR., 7621, No. 111-Consuelo S. Duran and Augusto Sanabria to Maria Helena Romero, $375,000.

TITANIA LANE, 1323-William E. and Gay L. Einstein to Matthew C. and Jennifer M. Frankel, $908,700.

VIRGINIA AVE., 1944-Raymond J. Kearns and Kathryn Brandel to BDT Homes Corp., $650,000.

WESTMORELAND ST., 1905-Spencer H. and Neeley Wright to Fernando J. and Isabel P. Sabio, $779,000.

WESTWIND WAY, 1798, No. 83-Loula Ayoub to Zheng Yu Ni and Guizhi Yuan, $400,000.

WILSON LANE, 1921, No. 203-Virginia and Robert Klein to Carolyn M. Mann, $375,000.

Mount Vernon Area

BEEKMAN PL., 8645, No. A-Barbara A. Leibowitz to Troy Kasbarian, $180,000.

BUCKMAN RD., 4256, No. 18-Kebede Woldesenbet to Bisrat Habte, $125,000.

CLAREMONT WOODS DR., 8226-Laura E. Leche to Marvin Osorio, $312,000.

CREDOS CT., 8400, No. 1-Wihelm Nupen and Trygue K. Nupen to Rehana Shahzadi, $250,000.

EL CAMINO PL., 3958, No. 9-Gillom Smith to Santos H. Rivera Palacios, $260,000.

FALKSTONE LANE, 8727-Sheikh A. Nasir to Esther R. Cox, $550,000.

HUERTA CT., 8401, No. 172-Rashmi and Santosh Borrison to Kourtney and Michael Keen, $288,000.

LAWRENCE ST., 4820-Lawrence A. Kumitis to Laurie Ann Beayon, $475,000.

LUKENS LANE, 8810-Henry and Lillie M. McClary to Luken Corp., $950,000.

MARIPOSA PL., 3940, No. E-K. Payne to E. Atske, $265,000.

MCCLELLAND PL., 8229-Johnny L. Lineberry to Jack L. Hooper and Cecil M. Stack, $347,500.

SONIA CT., 4207-James P. and Kristen S. Peterson to Raihan I. Ahmed and Atia Mahzabeen, $675,000.

VILLAGE SQ., 8722-Wilmer J. Chandias to Chowdhury M. Aliazam, $235,000.

WOODLAND LANE, 3181-Geraldine P. Pavey to Rosemont Corp., $550,000.

North Springfield Area

CATHER RD., 5217-John M. and Daisy M.W. Larrick to Wilder Sanchez, $517,000.

CLYDESDALE RD., 8513-Julio C. Somoza and Ana N. Manzanares to Huu D. Tran and T. Nhanh, $590,000.

GLENALLEN ST., 5404-Waldo and Lizabeth Vargas to Gustavo Villarroel and Martha Saavedra, $515,000.

HESTON CT., 5507-Amy L. Schaefer to Adam V. Miller, $411,000.

LONG PINE DR., 7615-Gregory J. and Claudia V. Gausepohl to Brian K. Crabtree and Cheri M. Brewer, $560,000.

MEADOWFOREST CT., 6990-Joel W. and Bernadette A. Kernen to Mahmoud N. Achour, $1.012 million.

THAMES ST., 8425-Ronald P. and Margaret E. Couch to Bustamante Javier Sampen, $535,000.

Oakton Area

APPLE BROOK LANE, 3003-Shanna A. Herbert and William D. Mallender to John Michael and Karen Smith Clerici, $2.14 million.

CENTER RIDGE DR., 2808-Thomas James and Gloria M. Bondurant to Richard A. and Sarah J. Mulder, $941,000.

CONESTOGA CT., 11159-Terry L. and Lynn T. Warfield to Richard H. McNeer and Marcia Ellen Gottesman, $825,000.

JERMANTOWN RD., 2952, No. 2-Niloufar Hoorazar to Christopher B. McDermott, $419,900.

MARSHALL LAKE DR., 2807-Ian J. and Ann M. Warford to Ronald G. and Robin Brooks, $1.338 million.

SLEDDING HILL RD., 2604-Kenneth C. and Pamela W. Taormina to Alan J. Nelson and Lisa R. Pianta, $1.425 million.

STRATFORD CT., 3153-Christine Y. Keefe to Douglas M. and Mary Beth G. Pollock, $540,000.

Reston Area

BARREL COOPER CT., 11865-Carmen R. Lizama to Huber and Elisa Letona, $360,000.

BEACON PL., 2020-Teresa K. and Peter J. Hussey to Steven A. Dreiss and Alison J. Ruyner, $792,000.

BEAVER TRAIL CT., 11166-Charles Lin to Xiaoyue Zhen, $310,000.

CHADDS FORD DR., 2018-Guy J. Daley to Steven Frith and Elizabeth Flanagan Frith, $699,900.

HARBORSIDE CL., 11301-John D. and Molly F. Stanard to Martha F. Parowski, $700,000.

HARVEST GREEN CT., 1620-J. and Deborah Szumny to Jonathon Bridges and Allison Colanduoni, $376,750.

HEMINGWAY DR., 11563-George and Michelynn Carellas to Richard W. Klipstein, $950,000.

NEWBRIDGE CT., 11649-Anthony Hammock to David and Donna Labranche, $459,000.

PARK GARDEN LANE, 1435-Kelly A. Parker to William Davison, $539,000.

RACCOON RIDGE CT., 11013-William H. and Judith R. Baird to Hye Gyeong Jang and W. Jeffery Weidman, $862,500.

SAWBRIDGE WAY, 1301-Susan A. Savacool to Thomas S. and Gail M. Russell, $1.25 million.

SIERRA WOODS DR., 1647-Trinh D. Vo and Tran Loan to Li P. Truong, $425,000.

SOUTH SHORE RD., 11231-Pamela Lupien to Jason M. and Alexandra J. Walker, $755,000.

VANTAGE HILL RD., 11603, No. 21B-Jorge Garcia to Piedad Suarez, $250,000.

WANDA WAY, 2420-Mikhail Voitsekhovski and Larissa Olentyr to Mary Ann H. Evans, $400,000.

WATERFRONT RD., 1439-James G. Custar to Pamela J. Lupien, $1.1 million.

WHITETAIL CT., 2313-Nicholas J. Gaglio to Altaan Ahmed Choudhry and Kavita Vasant Chavan, $450,000.

Seven Corners Area

BEACHWAY DR., 6306-Joseph J. McCarthy and Mary E. Tiemann to Paul A. Kress and Wanda L. Font, $749,000.

CRESWELL DR., 3123-Jerry M. Whitlock to Timothy A. McMichael and Tracy Bolo, $599,000.

JUNIPER LANE, 3138-Richard Oppenhem and Clear Sky Properties Corp. to Leny Nikolov and David M. Hicks, $749,900.

MANCHESTER ST. S., 3100, No. 432-Deborah N. Frank to Francis and Catherine Rozario, $242,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 3049, No. 101-My N. Tran to Minh Dinh, Kim Hoang Nguyen and Le Nghi, $175,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 3301-Dennis G. and Susan H. Reed to Erik W. and Caroline J. Black, $620,000.

SQUIRES HILL DR., 6211-Hyre Bysal to Kevin Resch, $592,500.

WILLSTON PL., 2910-Charles Hitselberger to Mid-Atlantic Development Corp., $170,098.

Springfield Area

ALAMO ST., 6204-Angela Crisp to Alfredo and Elsa Bermudez, $495,000.

BEACHWAY LANE, 9122-Timothy J. and Marguerite E. Dwyer to Daniel and Shivaulie Feliciano, $615,000.

BONNIEMILL LANE, 7308-Khanh and Anh N. Tran to Aura Lopez, $539,900.

BUBBLING BROOK CIR., 7934-David A. Orth to Larry Frimpong, $421,000.

CRAIG ST., 5904-Utah S. and Rose A. Walton to Gonzalo and Eyman Maldonado, $500,000.

CUTTING HORSE CT., 9205-Robert E. and Leona A. Pospichel to Mark B. and Celeste C. Mullins, $570,000.

DEBRA LU WAY, 6651-Jon and Renee M. Marsicano to Fernando A. Dietrich and Sandy L. Romero, $515,040.

DUNN CT., 6325-Marcia Santillan to Ariel Benyishay and Jessica Sapalio, $530,000.

ERSKA WOODS CT., 7424-Robert J. and Deborah N. Reeves to Robert E. and Carol J. Schaub, $399,000.

ESSEX AVE., 6938-James D. and Barbara A. Rudd to Tai Pham and Thai Tran, $560,000.

FINLAY CT., 8407-Raymond P. and Robin L. Taylor to Syed Ali and Alesa Begum, $560,000.

GRANDVIEW CT., 8058-Amber N. Sorenson to Balwinder Kaur, $345,500.

JOVIN CIR., 8393-John K. and Maureen O. Zimmerman to Rosemary A. and John W. Ross, $541,600.

MILVA LANE, 6493-Scott W. and Cameron U. Curtis to Joann M. and Joseph Schneider, $499,999.

NORTHERN OAKS CT., 7666-Christina L. Haymes to Robert E. and Amanda Fleming, $379,900.

NORTHUMBERLAND RD., 7991-Thomas G. Morris to MSM Properties Corp., $350,000.

SCOTT ST., 9139-Richard C. and Lois S. Smith to Mark Spisich, $699,000.

SONTAG WAY, 7146-Erik C. and Cynthia A. Anderson to Matthew T. and Ana C. Young, $601,000.

SPRING CREEK CT., 8642-Marilyn A. and Andrew J. Mazzeo to Paul A. and Michele E. Sanchez, $377,300.

SPRING GARDEN DR., 7094, No. 203-Mansour and Saida S. Wassel to Sadia Malik, $270,000.

STEEPLECHASE CT., 8083-Renato T. and Emmalyn M. Nicolas to Antonio Magarinhos and Ana Paula Alves, $415,000.

TANGIER DR., 7776-George W. and Martha J. Runyon to William and Patricia Johnson, $720,000.

WILLSHIRE HUNT CT., 7410-Sossane Tokhi to Taufiq Tokhi, $425,000.

Vienna Area

BATTLE ST., 102-Leland E. Pierson to 102 Battle Street Corp., $500,000.

CEDAR POND DR., 10214-John M. and Jill P. James to Hewitt Relocation Services Inc., $1.45 million.

CENTER ST., 9516-Lynda Maguire to Ryan W., Laura K., Janet R.S. and Craig S. King, $607,000.

DERAMUS FARM CT., 9476-Krishna Tayal to Eric J. and Susanne M. Larsen, $1.287 million.

DUNN MEADOW RD., 10501-Arthur H. and Christine R. Osgood to Cheryl Anderson and Richard T. Ney, $1.35 million.

EAST ST., 401-Maria H. and Vivian H. Olson to Warren and Martha Strauss, $600,000.

FAIRWAY DR., 1116-Diane E. Eaton to Delfina Pampamallco and Natalia Toledo, $705,000.

FORESTREE CT., 8305-F. Michael Tillman to Scott M. and Cynthia M. Sauer, $840,000.

GALLOWS RD., 2726, No. 114-Wilton House Apartments Corp. to Soon W. Chung, $279,900.

GALLOWS RD., 2726, No. 308-Wilton House Apartments Corp. to Victor Ibrahim, $482,400.

GLENDEVY CT., 9654-Sok R. Kim to Jin H. and Young H. Kim, $710,000.

GLENGYLE DR., 2406, No. 268-Jose G. Frias to Yuhua Ren, $381,800.

HILLINGTON CT., 10160-Ronald E. and Linda A. Ball to C. William and Deborah D. Waddill, $992,000.

HOLLIS LANE, 8428-Elizabeth V. Barrer to D. Kirk and Diane M. Roberts, $630,500.

HUNTER CT., 810-Lynn C. Holstein and Cheryl Didier Holstein to Roberta M. Wacur, $575,500.

LARKIN LANE, 8157-Robert B. Laing and Marcia S. Kline to Steve D. and April C. Sprague, $485,000.

LAUREN LANE SE, 904-Lloyd J. Miller to Kenneth J. and Rebecca D. Wilkinson, $523,000.

LITTLE RUN FARM CT., 10600-Barry S. and Arlene J. Goldman to Nicholas F. and Michelle Karim, $1.2 million.

MADRILLON CT., 8154-Daniel C. Rabun to Stephanie B. Fraser, $752,000.

NORTHERN NECK DR., 1477-Kristin Pumphrey to Keyvan Ejteman, $750,000.

OAKDALE WOODS CT., 9818-Maidinay Musabay to Dong Sun Lee, $394,000.

PATRICK ST., 306-Pongsak Denpattanapitak and Wongtheera Suvannin to Ji Tae Kim and Seong Sook Kim Cho, $492,000.

PEMBSLY DR., 2716-Richard A. and Dana L. Baron to Keith D. Akerson, $680,000.

PRELUDE DR., 1912-James S. and Gretchen H. Spiridopoulos to John M. and Sandra K. Simms, $745,000.

QUINN TERR., 8133-Gary J. and Kathleen L. Dreier to Donald G. and Julie Anne Mutersbaugh, $679,000.

SHAWN LEIGH DR., 2726-Bradley L. Whitman to David Magli, $545,000.

SIBELIUS DR., 9342-Charles W. and Joanne M. Katis to James H. and Sue Ellen K. Beggs, $887,100.

SUNNY CREEK COVE, 1805-Victor A. and Julie K. Tyler to Arthur M. and Keiko N. Brown, $1.035 million.

TALISMAN DR., 9225-Joseph P. Noonan to Tony and Ngoc Mai Truong Nguyen, $625,000.

UPHAM PL., 616-Joseph H. Fishman and Amy A. Nathans to Frederick H. and Susan L. Rexroad, $710,000.

VILLANOVA DR., 2508-Shaun J. and Jennifer P. Ryan to Michael D. Masterton, $562,000.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9480, No. 302-Dana R. Harding to Jessica Burris, $360,000.

WARE ST., 1203-James A. McCoy to Concepcion G. and Hector D. Joya, $560,000.

Vienna-Dunn Loring Area

RAILROAD ST., 8018-Kosar Aftab and Qureshi Aftab to Sean and Kathy Andrews, $1 million.

West Springfield Area

AINSWORTH AVE., 8105-Dennis L. Hunt to Ajmal Ghani, $515,000.

BLARNEY STONE DR., 9058-Sung S. Jackie Yoon to Ruben Rincon, $444,000.

BRIARCLIFF DR., 7196-Kyu Seok and Young A. Jung to James Clark, $715,000.

CHARNWOOD ST., 6303-Jeffrey Scott Rashka to Hudson Orellana, $530,000.

DUNHAM CT., 8358, No. L-Erin M. Nieman to Michael Shawn and Militza Drenning, $280,000.

GALGATE DR., 7103-Alan R. and Vicki Blackburn to Subash and Sudarshna Joshi, $560,000.

HARWOOD PL., 7707-Lewis M. and Judith V. Barasha to Carl D. and Jennifer L. Drake, $515,000.

HILLSIDE RD., 6262-Long C. Nguyen to Hugo L. and Rossana V. Molina, $391,000.

O'KEITH CT., 9003-Robert D. and Angela J. Stephenson to Cesar Gayoso, $420,000.

OAKFORD DR., 8509-Kenneth L. and Carole L. Carlsen to Mathew D. and Kathryn D. Bliven, $605,000.

OLD KEENE MILL RD., 8800-Michael G. and Patricia M. Ferrick to Prudential Relocation Inc., $815,000.

PHILLIP CT., 6396-David C. and Milagros E. Emerson to Anthony Dean and Kimberly Drane Krogh, $649,900.

REXFORD DR., 5801, No. K-John J. Vittori to Daniel James Wentworth, $276,500.

SOLOMON SEAL CT., 7035-Joseph J. Caravello to Saba Derbew and Zerihun D. Melesse, $465,000.

STREAM WAY, 7328-Mamoun Mustafa to Mohammad Sharif Awan, $410,000.

WINDING HOLLOW WAY, 8801-Carlos E. Cobos to Dawa Bhuti, $462,000.

Falls Church

The following home sales were recently recorded for Falls Church and supplied to The Washington Post by the City of Falls Church. This list is published periodically in the Fairfax Extra.

ANNANDALE RD. W., 112, No. 322-Abdul Wasey Khaliq and Debbie K. Khaliq to Kristin L. Henderson, $399,900.

ANNANDALE RD. W., 133-Christopher R. Werner and Sara H. Bausch to Srinath Jay Govindan, $482,900.

BROAD ST. E., 804-Thurston Shropshire to James Lam, Sa N. Lam and Ann Y. Lam, $650,000.

BROAD ST. W., 502, No. 309-Chang H. Choi and Sun St. Pierre to Benjamin L. Flammey and Janet Flammey, $575,000.

CAMERON RD. W., 206-Lydia K. Powell and Joyce K. Timms to Erik Rasmussen and Ashlie K. Rasmussen, $500,000.

COLUMBIA ST. E., 425-Raymond J. Schmitt and Maria M. Schmitt to Eric H. Mora and Tara N. Mora, $920,000.

ELLISON ST., 1005-Novus One Corp. to Douglas Hampton McGregor and Jenifer Ellen Kern, $1.34 million.

ELLISON ST., 1306-Michael Alan Damsky to Jonanna Behrens and Michael Behrens, $875,000.

GREAT FALLS ST., 207-David E. Welch and Carolyn H. Welch to Robert E. Henderson and Mary J. Henderson, $827,000.

GUNDRY DR., 231- Parimal Kumar and Asha Bhatia Kumar to Benjamin Fred and Lori Fred, $500,000.

GUNDRY DR., 267-Yolanda E. Gawlik to Catherine Melquist, $522,167.

HAYCOCK RD., 120, No. A4-Alan M.

Grayson to Michael Otis and Rochelle Otis, $257,500.

HICKORY ST., 7209, No. 218-Soon Woo Cho to John R. Hutchison and Leslie D. Hutchison, $685,000.

HILLWOOD AVE., 411-Edwin A. Bondurant and Anastasia K. Bondurant to Alex E. Gabbrielli and Tina W. Gabbrielli, $749,000.

JAMES ST., 331-Thomas R. Harris and E.S. Winer to Nancy K. Lee, $515,000.

KNOLLWOOD DR., 606-Warren W. Suleske to Michael Polchert and Maria Polchert, $700,000.

MAGNOLIA AVE., 3224, No. 124-B1-Kenneth J. Mahon to HRC Realty Enterprises Corp., $400,000.

PARK AVE., 301-Michael O. Koontz and Barbara L. Koontz to West Wing Properties Corp., $455,000.

PARKER ST., 1000-Michael F. Leamon and Anne S. Leamon to Eric G. Nelson and Deanna L. Dehaas, $625,000.

REES PL., 130-Roy Kirk Marsan, Arline Ruth Marsan and the Marsan Living Trust to Dinah Shelton, $810,000.

ROLLING TRACE, 136-Timothy W. Clayton and Cheryl A. Clayton to Robert Jason Rorrer and Angelia Gaye Rorrer, $181,492.

ROLLINS ST., 405-Vivian B. Lin to Edwin K. Fields and Tonya H. Fields, $560,000.

ROSEMARY LANE W., 316-Sharon M. Schaaf and Raymond L. Schaaf to Dennis L. Zaenger and Eileen M. Zaenger, $602,000.

SEATON LANE, 1104-John C. Conlin and Anne E. Conlin to Alison F. Creswick and Brian P. Creswick, $680,000.

SHERROW AVE., 430-Jonathan S. Padgett to Paul W. Bates and Ricki E. Bates, $535,000.

SMALLWOOD WAY, 103-Andres J. Valencia and Deborah C. Valencia to Philip Schneider and Clara Schneider, $750,000.

WELCOME DR., 2715-Bahjat Saleh and Jennifer Saleh to Tawia Addo-Ashong and Michael Addo-Ashong, $700,000.

WESTMORELAND RD. W., 115-John M. Dallas and Lisa M. Dallas to Jeffrey P. Cowan Jr. and Donna D. Cowan, $505,000.

WESTMORELAND RD., 230-Patricia E. Logsten to Kristin Snyder, $500,000.