The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince William and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Bristow Area

BENCHMARK LANE, 8921-Myung and Yong H. Hong to Marivi Nunez and Jorge Costas, $393,500.

BROADSWORD DR., 10130-Brookfield Braemar Corp. to Patricia Stubenhofer, $618,240.

CORREEN HILLS DR., 12910-Demonia Dean to Mauricio Salazar, $415,900.

CRIDER CT., 10914-Centex Homes to Michelle G. and Tae J. Kim, $653,770.

CUNARD CT., 13430-Karen E. Lawson and Donald E. Prindle to Peggy A. and Joseph A. Milligan, $565,000.

DALDOWNIE CT., 13233-Jennifer A. and Trevas A. Arce to Tracy Lee and Saul Menacho Jr., $470,000.

DUNSTABLE LOOP, 8781-Kristin D. Miller to Traci Lynn Rowland, $384,000.

DUNSTABLE LOOP, 8857-Mohammad D. Karimi and Staiele Zia to Mirtha Caycho, $399,900.

ELGIN WAY, 10176-Kimberly A. and Paul C. Miller to Ann L. and Patrick S. Collins, $405,000.

FALCON GLEN CT., 9013-Karen M. Powers to Romulo Lopez, $379,900.

FRANK HASKELL CT., 11865-Centex Homes to Nadia and Rique Viera, $662,940.

GREAT FALLS DR., 12424-Winchester Homes Inc. to Rosario Vargas and Franklin R. Salazar, $589,450.

GRIMSBY LANE, 12332-John David Richards to William T. and Dorothy A. Rericha, $624,900.

LANIER OVERLOOK CT., 8443-Richmond American Homes to Pamela Brazas, $611,490.

LANIER OVERLOOK CT., 8505-Richmond American Homes to Nurit and Arnaldo R. Dasilva, $639,240.

PANTHER FALLS WAY, 9123-Miller and Smith at Victory Lakes Corp. to Mary E. Ray and Anthony Ryan Mishoe, $364,190.

PANTHER FALLS WAY, 9125-Miller and Smith at Victory Lakes Corp. to Vickie L. Baitinger, $385,260.

RAGING WATER DR., 9067-Miller and Smith at Victory Lakes Corp. to Lisa Michele Durdan, $661,370.

RIFLE RD., 10420-Centex Homes to Linda and Alan Maxwell, $450,920.

SAINSBURY CT., 9071-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Michelle M. and Tyler L. Meador, $625,000.

SIDLAW HILLS LANE, 13053-U.S. Home Corp. to Frances A. Burgdorf, $416,138.

WANSTEADT PL., 13524-Christopher W. and Shawna L. Munson to Cassandra and Gary McAvoy, $460,000.

WARREN FALLS LANE, 9305-Miller and Smith at Victory Lakes Corp. to Ami L. and Gareth E. Tasker, $459,480.

Broad Run Area

MORELAND DR., 5500-Hilda M. and John L. Logan to Christopher L. Pelkey, $440,000.

Dumfries Area

FRANCIS WEST LANE, 16838-Carisa J. and Jack W. Butters to Carol Brock, $425,000.

GLENNVILLE DR., 17491-Catherine S. and Michael E. Gathright to Doresa and Bobby Pickett, $570,000.

LOUNSBERY DR., 17878-Patience and Samuel N. Osardu to Harrison Tetteh, $299,000.

MCCLELLAN CT., 2331-Josefina Y. Smith to Carolyn Fikani, $296,537.

POINT PLEASANT LANE, 16952-Tania R. and J. Krissel Kortney to Michelle L. and Gregory L. Caudill, $330,920.

ROCKY MOUNT LANE, 17337-Michael B. Wang to Gloria T. and L. Douglas Banks, $351,000.

TOMS RIVER LOOP, 16907-Lenwood A. Johnson Jr. to Kokou Henyo, $349,900.

VINELAND PL., 3381-Kazuhiro Iwasawa to Cecilia Osei, $365,000.

Gainesville Area

CERROMAR WAY, 8127-Greg M. Gilliland to Michelle and Michael S. Svedruzic, $400,000.

DANEHURST CIR., 15050-Michelle and Christian H. Lira to Amy L. and Nathan A. McMurrer, $439,900.

DUCKTAN LOOP, 14718-Lauren M. Kish and Nicholas P. Hempstead to Sherly Wirawati and Peter Pianoto, $401,000.

EDISTO CT., 10401-NVR Inc. to Blanca and Amilcar Lopez, $531,740.

FALLSMERE CIR., 14300-Go E. Lee to Chin S. and Suk Ho Byun, $540,000.

FOWLERS MILL DR., 14422-Kenneth R. Lee to Chuck Farhat, $407,887.

GAFFNEY CIR., 15008-Azeem Rao and Syed S. Masood to Sun Bok and Yong Woon Lim, $539,900.

HACKAMORE TRAIL, 13639-Janet A. and Patrick M. Callahan to Jodi and Eray Biber, $510,000.

HUNTERS RUN WAY, 14234-Justin Drinkwater and Kara M. Bushey to Roberto and Enrique Cabrera, $391,500.

LORDS VIEW LOOP, 8749-Mohammed Talib to Sheikh A. Nasir, $635,000.

MANAHOAC PL., 6960-Hazel Johns and James P. Chupeco to Veronica Batyan and Ivan Pereira, $365,000.

MANDALAY CT., 6835-NVR Inc. to Keyeria Atta Anwar and Nureddin Abdulkadir, $632,840.

MORVEN PARK LANE, 6408-Alexander J. Amigoni III to Jorge A. Falla, $675,000.

PRESIDENTS LANDING WAY, 14372-Manzar and Farokh Asjodi to Mohammed N. Shirazi, $660,000.

ROBIN MARIE PL., 8288-Gerald W. Orr Jr. to Teresa and Rold Calicho, $570,000.

RODERICK LOOP, 6639-Kim R. and Albert Mizell Jr. to Celine C. and Randy T. Lee, $398,900.

ROGUE FOREST LANE, 6981-James R. Glaze to Myron and Aaron Morton, $389,000.

ROLAND PARK PL., 16008-JGS Residential Corp. to Stephanie N. and Richard A. Niznik, $654,644.

SEDONA DR., 14434-Jacquelyn D. Epps Hardy and Carlton W. Hardy to Lenore Ann Ross and Mark John Ross, $728,000.

SEDONA DR., 14515-Lynn E. and Michael H. Stewart to Karen and Jason Korn, $735,000.

SHERINGHAM WAY, 16094-Kim Min to Jeong Ok Oh, $585,000.

SHERINGHAM WAY, 16132-NVR Inc. to Bryan E. Laird, $608,387.

SHERINGHAM WAY, 16140-NVR Inc. to Luis H. Ardon and Fernanda E. Reyes, $570,940.

SPRINGFIELD CT., 14300-Jennifer Jean and Bryan R. Wise to Kandace M. Henry, $355,000.

SPYGLASS HILL LOOP, 15858-Petra Builders Inc. to Sonja P. and Neil A. McPhail, $1.7 million.

TACKHOUSE LOOP, 8517-Sharon J. and Edward F. Keefe to Donald D. Ratterree Jr., $299,000.

TRADITIONS TRAIL, 6933-Terah A. and Mark L. Haines to Abdelkarim Sarhan, $400,000.

TURNING GRASS WAY, 10530-NVR Inc. to Junnell C. Chan and Jenneth M. Zapanta, $551,530.

Haymarket Area

ADDLERFIELD WAY, 5217-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Barbara and Andre J. Darisse, $481,369.

ARROWFIELD TERR., 5574-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Julieta and Nathaniel Barrett, $443,987.

CRANSWICK CT., 5801-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Young Ja Kim and Myung Kyu Lee, $613,450.

CRUSADE CT., 16143-Jerre H. and Terrance R. Davidson to Lisa G. and Joseph M. Gellene, $710,000.

DUNNBROOK TERR., 6048-Carrie L. and Michael S. Meyer to Sara J. and Robert L. Vanroe, $605,000.

INTERLACHEN CT., 5927-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Diana Kim and Kwang Joo Kim, $754,389.

INTERLACHEN CT., 5932-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Raquel Barbosa and Gary Ewell, $763,121.

LEGACY WAY, 15513-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Joan M. and Richard A. Crum, $477,410.

MONTE VISTA LANE, 15965-Robert A. Mayer Jr., trustee, to Lydia G. and H. David Zigler, $93,000.

PARNELL CT., 15880-Robin L. and Glenn D. Kaplan to Jin Hoi and Song S. Kim, $879,500.

PLAIN TREE WAY, 5208-Marcy and B. Davis to Christopher W. Lawrence, $624,900.

SALTVILLE TERR., 5702-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Clarence Goldsborough, $475,135.

SOLHEIM CUP DR., 5799-Luan T. Nguyen to Rebecca and Paul Depenning, $650,000.

SUMMIT DR., 1513-Cendant Mobility Financial Co. to Rebecca Logan and Scott Daniel Fay, $450,000.

TREVINO DR., 5418-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Kathryn S. and Daniel D. Hershberger, $498,696.

WHEELWRIGHT WAY, 5734-Kristine and Kevin Maggs to Hae Yeon Ryu and Pil Mo Ryu, $579,900.

YOUNGS DR., 2541-Rosemary J. and Randy Lee Stombaugh to Hamed Mirzaie, $320,000.

Manassas Area

BESSIE WATSON LANE, 6760-Colleen Wesling and Timothy Wesling to Jeanette M. and Kevin Brennan, $550,000.

BLAND DR., 7508-Mary and Roger E. Cresswell to Miguel Alcides Flores, $346,000.

CAMPBELL CT., 7517-Shannon Ewing and Gary Destefanis to Esperanza Hercules Alvarenga, $318,000.

CLASSIC OAKS CT., 13496-Classic Concept Builders Inc. to Lisa B. and Linwood Stratton Motley IV, $761,951.

COLES DR., 11220-Rhonda S. and John G. Plummer to Linda M. Gray and Troy L. Sloper, $581,030.

COLONIAL VILLAGE LOOP, 6420-Yun J. and Sung Won Cho to Nancy L. and Jerome S. Rice, $580,000.

COLTON LANE, 7408-Danuta K. and Richard Alan Moser to Carlos Joel Blanco, $335,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 8188-Margarita Trevino and Ivan Ortega to Placida A. Quintanilla and Jose Vanegas, $259,900.

COPPERFIELD WAY, 7996, No. 101-Joseph W. King III to Marcelo S. Gutierrez, $262,000.

DABSHIRE WAY, 10719-Bonnie Hicks to Lorena Soto and Erlin J. Rivera Soto, $395,000.

DAMASCUS DR., 9718-Selia G. and Gregg Garcia to Elenilson W. and Oscar Escobar Hernandez, $410,000.

DUBLIN DR., 9512-Dianne S. and Wayne A. Summers to Terry M. Cook, $494,900.

EMERALD DR., 7466-Judy Knight and Stephen Biedrycki to Maximino Quintero, $356,000.

HALL TAVERN CT., 7199-Carol Ann Miskill to Angela and Kevin Huber, $450,000.

HANSON GROVE CT., 8937-Jana L. and Wayne G. Sjoquist to Harold Poku and Linda Bartels, $483,000.

HELMSDALE PL., 7629-Patricia A. and Timothy L. Brooks to Norma and Luis Leon, $375,000.

LANTERN CT., 8025, No. 118-Serena and Jeremiah Maxey to Ossama A. and Marwa M. Abdelfattah, $304,000.

LEMON TREE CT., 10353-Linda F. and Andrew M. Lloyd to Elsy Seqouia and Jorge Parada, $611,500.

MOLLY PITCHER CIR., 11985-Gwendolyn Wilson to Beatrice Akudugu, $548,000.

OMEGA LANE, 6089-Qamar Khan to Angela J. Miranda, $508,000.

OMEGA LANE, 6096-Robina Seddiq to Kwadwo Asare and Vida Seiwaah, $568,000.

QUAIL RUN LANE, 7517-Mary Margaret Deneane to Teresa A. Cruz, $305,000.

RAMSEUR PL., 8205-Angie L. Barksdale to Tony Pham, $410,000.

SHARPSBURG CT., 7898-Maria Alvarado and Javier Lianas to Milton Gonzalez and Alfredo Davila, $290,000.

SOLDIERS CT., 11179-Debra R. and Terry L. Saylor to Erick Velasquez and Ray Pak, $375,000.

STATESBORO CT., 10130-Joel H. and Carol W. Wetherington to Christina Tates, $280,000.

STILLBROOKE RD., 8015-National Transfer Services Corp. to Anh Thi Nguyen, $540,000.

THREE OTTERS PL., 15587-Bradley J. and Christine A. Gable to Brandi N. Jennings and Kris A. Clark, $329,900.

THREE OTTERS PL., 15625-Rose Marie and Samuel C. Still to Soung Eun Her, $379,900.

TIMBERLANE DR., 12351-Nadine H. and Phillip Lindgren to Kim and Christopher E. Calavas, $500,000.

TRINIDAD CT., 10519-Joanne and William J. Smith to Maria Faiz, $349,999.

VISIONARY CT., 7702-Laurie Lee and John A. Taormina to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $711,850.

WEBSTER TAVERN WAY, 8605-Ronald L. Wadford and Phillip M. Eaton to Karen M. Hanssen and Kenneth P. Stanford, $485,000.

WYCLIFFE CT., 8226-David J. Deaver to Jasbleidy Cruz, $288,900.

Manassas Park Area

ALLEGHANY RD., 7506-Velma I. Sosa and Felipe Benitas to Edgar Gomez, $385,000.

ALLEGHANY RD., 7540-Enrique Castillo to Santos A. Diaz, $375,000.

BOSBURY CT., 7517-Alexander Molina to Manuel Uzcategui, $285,000.

CHARDON CT., 7341-Jamie D. Lord to Kristin N. and William A. Morgan, $499,999.

MANASSAS DR., 7912-Glen Eugene Gibbs to Ana Hernandez and Isidro S. Paz, $442,000.

MEANDERVIEW CT., 10961-G.P. Namyak and Karen M. Galdieri to Cynthia Cardoso Iken and James L. Iken, $800,000.

RUGBY RD., 8718-Marianne A. and William H. Bacon Jr. to Salma Sarwari, $412,000.

SOMERSET LANE, 7664-Maximino Diaz to Darwin Sanchez, $270,000.

TINSLEY WAY, 7261-D.R. Horton Inc. to Cheryl A. Thomson, $977,425.

Nokesville Area

REID LANE, 11604-Cheryl J. and Guy B. Hamilton Sr. to Roberta L. and Thomas D. Haggerty, trustees, $510,000.

Occoquan Area

OVERLOOK DR., 329, No. 4-329-Jacqueline R. Meeks to Karen A. Hohman, $418,000.

Triangle Area

KATIE PL., 3773-Melissa A. and Richard A. Macias to Elizabeth and Baffour Frankie Ennin, $527,500.

STONEWALL MANOR DR., 3723-Edgemoore Stonewall Corp. to Francisco A. Rodriguez, $560,814.

Woodbridge Area

ALABAMA AVE., 15029-Lucy M. and Ronald V. Norman to Rick Picon, $350,000.

AMARA PL., 11607-Vanessa Morgan to Ariful and Mohammed Nazrul Islam, $392,000.

ANCHORSTONE DR., 5052-Prince William Townhouse Associates Corp. to Pamela J. and Terry A. Perrine, $333,041.

ARMADA PL., 12536-Harry Council Jr. to Ruth and Alvin Holmes, $324,000.

BALSAM ST., 14640-Sonny Souvannavong to Therese and Leon Thavone, $72,000.

BARRISTER PL., 13213-Joyce E. and Fered M. Gloeckler Jr. to Susan K. Levin, $496,000.

BASQUE PL., 12541-Enrique G. Oveido to Carlos A. Bonilla, $325,000.

BATH CT., 3511-Jose L. Canales to James Ondercik, $265,000.

BATH CT., 3517-Denise Felipe to Maria and Richard Gutierrez, $262,000.

BEAUFONT SPRING CT., 4612-Tufail Mirza to Evangeline Thomas Chambers and Ronald Bailey, $895,950.

BELLEVILLE AVE., 14328-Mericy Clarissa and Jose M. Gallegos to William N. Ortiz, $350,000.

BERKSHIRE DR., 14386-Silvia Isabel Alvarenga and Israel Ventura to Santos N. Machado, $275,000.

BERWICK PL., 4421-Cynthia A. and Patrick M. Conway to Amy S. and Samuel L. Tate, $569,950.

BLACKSMITH TERR., 15315-Charles S. Barclay to Vilma E. Coreas, $310,000.

BLUE JAY CT., 4522-Joann Gray to Charles Grillo, $226,000.

BOBOLINK DR., 15809-NVR Inc. to Long Ying Lu, $429,240.

BRENTWOOD CT., 14470-Iris O. and Jose O. Argueta to Erika O. Santos and Carlos Umanzor, $300,000.

BURGUNDY PL., 2898, No. 9-5-Linda L. and Joseph M. Obis to Mary S. Northup, $232,500.

CAGNEY CT., 15421-Deborah L. and Titus S. Simmons to Abdullah Khan, $594,900.

CALEDONIA CIR., 3482-Jmana Khalifa and Akram M. Alattar to Gabriela Thomas and Lucia Matta, $330,000.

CANARY CT., 4500-Regina M. and Edward Francis Smith Jr. to Courtney W. Ferrier, $285,000.

CAPTAINS CT., 12206-Linda R. and Carlton John Peterson to James F. and Irmgard K. Buckley, $499,000.

CARDINAL CREST DR., 3992-Beverly J. Mason and Russell A. Mason to Lourdes Gomez, $570,000.

CASTLE HILL DR., 3483-Rebecca Lucena and Joel Rodriquez to Wilber A. Garcia Ochoa and Saul Santos Ochoa, $285,500.

CAVALLO WAY, 4831-NVR Inc. to Deborah Dejene and Daniel D. Mekonnen, $557,740.

CHAUCER LANE, 12129-Sema Hakeem to Amy and Brian Young, $219,900.

CHELTENHAM CT., 2013-Kathryn Gill Delaney to Lois A. and Robert T. Remsberg, $525,000.

CHEVINGTON CT., 734-My Chau Falkner to Ha T. Phan, Khanh Vinh Cam and Tu Duc Cam, $490,000.

CHRISTY LANE, 3529-Diane R. and John T. Boyd to Quang X. Truong, $365,900.

CLOVERDALE RD., 14667-Angelica M. and Ernesto A. Castro to Mery and Edwin Medrano, $384,000.

CONQUEST CT., 3961-Howard R. Nevitt Jr. and Jason C. Nevitt to Charles Barnett, $300,000.

CRANES BILL WAY, 1386-Matthew M. Canfield to Rhonda M. Trent and James L. Bina, $459,990.

CREEK MOOR CT., 2614-Angela M. and Kevin J. Diermeier to Shahid Shah, $355,000.

CREEL CT., 3039-Kris T. Johnson to Peregrine Corp., $339,000.

CRESSIDA PL., 4082-Enkhjargal Custodio to Meskerem Tesfaye, $398,000.

CRESSIDA PL., 4094-Kenneth A. Springer to Robert Lee Patterson Jr., $377,000.

CROAKER LANE, 4070-Teresa L. Burke and Edward J. Burke Jr. to Mukta and Rajiv Mehra, $426,000.

DILLWYN CT., 15305-Wahid Azimi to Gita and Arun B. Bhandari, $750,000.

DULCINEA PL., 12664-Karla X. Rodriguez and Maria E. Castillo to Adolfo Foronda, $330,000.

DUNBAR LANE, 14722-Teresa and Wilberth Hernandez to Rosa C. Villatoro, $384,000.

ENTERPRISE LANE, 14928-Gloria Winbush Alexander to Ejaz A. Nasir, $325,000.

EVANSDALE RD., 4619-Ana L. and Jorge W. Zelaya to Ana I. and Mario R. Gonzalez Orrego, $330,000.

FERRARA TERR., 4147-Felix I. Garcia and Quenan M. Blanco to Angel A. Alvarado, $300,000.

FOOTHILL ST., 3249-Francia M. Lacson and Robert Lacson to Joyce Anne Assenza, $350,000.

FORESTDALE AVE., 3602-Salvador Cruz to Jose A. Granados, $350,000.

FORGE DR., 4025-Lourdes P. and Bryan L. Jerkatis to Lois A. and Russell C. Watkins, $400,000.

FOX RIDGE CT., 2546-Suzanne Prasasouk to Ian G. and Kou Nina Smith, $270,000.

FRANCES DR., 1505-Edith D. and Elbert H. Stone, trustees, to Richard Raul Gamarra Orihuela, $370,000.

FRONTIER LANE, 12803-Robert Kann and Devra K. Holmberg to Marcie Darlene Christy, $360,000.

GAILEMONT CT., 11750-Basheer Edgemoore River Falls Corp. to Dana J. and James E. Collier, $814,289.

GARDENVIEW LOOP, 1060-Barbara J. and Owen J. Moholland to Nira Shahi and Ravinderpal Singh, $270,000.

GEORGIA CT., 1603-Donald D. Ratterree Jr. to Mohammad Akram, $412,000.

GLENDALE RD., 4220-Jane P. and Jesus T. Moreno to Jackie and Raymond Schmitz, $368,000.

GREENACRE DR., 13409-Karin Lynn and Byung M. Lee to Mabel E. Santos, $349,000.

GROVER GLEN CT., 1756, No. 139-Brendan Jackson to Christopher Glasgow, $312,500.

GRUNDY RD., 2208-Karen A. and Richard L. Wells to Demetrio Suarez, $410,000.

GULLANE DR., 13895-Centex Homes to Richard K. Rapoza and Shannon E. McIlwrath, $389,565.

GULLANE DR., 13897-Centex Homes to Maria M. Olivieri, $354,630.

HAYES LANE, 16057-Martha L. and Robert F. Arevalo to Kathryn and Dennis A. Hafer, $580,000.

HEATHERBROOK CT., 1936-Gurmeet S. Rana to Rosa E. Hernandez Rublo, $365,000.

HEMINGWAY DR., 4106-Vivian Annette Morrison to Herving F. Blanco and Roxana E. Moreno, $335,000.

HERONS RUN LANE, 971-William O. Wade III to Dusu Koromah, $460,000.

INVERNESS WAY, 12708-Jason Robert Dever to Matilda Allotey, $375,000.

JENNINGS ST., 2147-Amsale Adefris to Terrylynn Harrell and Russell Dillard, $674,500.

JOYCE RD., 13728-Elizabeth L. Maleski to Lindsay C. and Nicholas J. Drunasky, $396,900.

KAYE RD., 4902-A.E. and Juan Carlos Nina to Santiago Vilcapoma and Dora Romani, $489,900.

KENTLAND DR., 4315-Trista M. and George W. Ingrodi Jr. to Yeni Ulloa, $361,900.

KEYSTONE DR., 13307-Jose A. Cruz to Maria M. Cisneros, $362,000.

KIRKDALE DR., 4906-T.K. Harland to R. Guzman, $415,000.

KNOLL TOP LANE, 1976-Robyn Leslie McClun and Raymond Michael Hyatt to Jose Ulices Turcios, $340,000.

KNOWLES ST., 13717-John G. Baker to Maria M. and Jose M. Diaz, $360,500.

LACROSSE CT., 3452-Gillian and David Kwame Agyemfra to Alfredo Hernandez, $480,000.

LANGER LANE, 4852-Todd W. Hargest to Shatchai Phantriyavong, $366,500.

LOCK LOOP, 13524-Schomp Family Corp. to Cynthia Conrad and Abjullah Rateb, $355,500.

LONGVIEW DR., 2290-Sabrina Y.K. and Francisco J. Arboleda to Fidelicia Trejo, $440,000.

LORD CULPEPER CT., 15258-D.R. Horton Inc. to Samuel and Agnes Appiah Twum, $593,000.

LORD CULPEPER CT., 15286-D.R. Horton Inc. to Kilcha Lee and Pyong S. Yu, $578,265.

MACWOOD DR., 5304-Sandra P. and Jose L. Flores to Diane L. and Craig M. Smith, $374,900.

MADRIGAL DR., 14090-Theresa E. and William T. Humphries to Maxwell Dong, $380,000.

MANCHESTER WAY, 12464-John Gavin Davy to Eileen McGlone Clements, $384,000.

MARINER LANE, 1953-Laurie P. and Charles E. Badley to Heidi J.M. and Michael T. Thorpe, $325,000.

MAYFLOWER DR., 2196-Tomiko Vasey, trustee, to Yong P. Saporito, $430,000.

MICHIGAN RD., 15213-Alex Hejazi to Santos R. Arriaza, $399,900.

MILL HOUSE CT., 12864-Laura K. Roden and Mark D. Roden to Anthony E. Sterlin, $350,000.

MINNIEVILLE RD., 14444-Ali Imran to Jessie Y. Johnson, $525,000.

MONTOCLAIR LANE, 13882-Janet K. Lewis, trustee, to Manuel D. Linares, $383,897.

NOBLE FIR CT., 2789-Rosemarie and William A. Rozar to Teresa A. and Franklin O. Johnson Jr., $590,000.

OAKWOOD DR., 11905-Iris D. and Manuel Arenas to Joy Y. and Richard Harding, $525,000.

OAKWOOD DR., 11915-Naomi M. and Paul W. Nelson to Rene M. Ramirez, $460,000.

PANORAMA DR., 16858-Fredric H. Leigh and Karyn Trader Leigh to Francine B. and Steven E. Mitchell, $595,000.

PEMBROKE CT., 2513-Pamela M. Maxson to Rodney J. and Bobbie S. Howard, $450,000.

POWDER HORN TERR., 1777-Eliza M. Gramarye and William J. Fruit to Mohamed Kamal, $309,000.

PUTNAM CIR., 13176-Jay S. Forsberg to Kimberly A. and James J. Ebel Jr., $280,000.

QUARLES CT., 5414-Christopher D. Dotson to Kwabena Adom Fosu, $297,000.

RADBURN ST., 16172-Zia Ul Hassan Shah and Jay Shreyas Dode to Hector S. and Carmen K. Figueroa, $590,000.

RENATE DR., 1604-Ruth Woodard to Akbar Jalali, $200,000.

ROPE DR., 13919-Robert M. Klebart to Ciro Lagunas, $358,500.

ROSA DR., 1708-Jo Ann P. Jones to Evaristo Benegas, $370,000.

ST. CHARLES DR., 5644-Christine T. and Brian K. Fitzwater to Anabel T. Galarza, $380,000.

SALEMTOWN DR., 12160-Timothy N. Blayman to Indira A. and Angel E. Maysonet, $295,500.

SHERWOOD PL., 16531-Gloria V. and Miguel A. Galliani to Adela and Jose E. Rivas, $290,000.

SKIPJACK CT., 12017-David N. Smithe to John F. Esposito, $458,000.

STALLION CT., 12054-Lizbeth Mendieta and Lourdes M. Saenz to Toufique Matin, $356,000.

STARGRASS CT., 2010-Susan Falkenthal to Erin P. and Daniel P. Sherman, $330,000.

STARLING CT., 4428-Gerald T. Jekielek Jr. to Najia Hiou and Mustapha Mohcine, $315,000.

TAMARACK PL., 14753-Marianne C. Ideboen to Nana Adomako Jr., $285,000.

TEAL WAY, 1550-Steven M. Mager to Blanca Guzman, $545,000.

TECUMSEH CT., 3091-Ramon A. Pazumana to Nana K. Budukuma, $335,000.

TERMINAL WAY, 12963-Amy N. and Stephen P. Shurtliff to Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., $379,000.

TIDESWELL MILL CT., 12249-Coventry Glen Corp. to Eleanor M. and Donald J. Chomicz, $745,155.

TITANIA WAY, 12881, No. 2-Judy A. Varljen Nevers to Adil Aghandous, $384,000.

TREETOP CT., 13208-Augustina G. and Humberto Vargas to Ephifanio Martinez, $375,000.

VALLEYWOOD DR., 12887-Jennifer L. and Warren Low to Jenny and David Raidman, $504,000.

WADSWORTH WAY, 12318, No. 4-Shelia A. Earles to James C. Baker, $270,000.

WALNUT ST., 1416-Faiza Ambreen and Ali Imran to Carlos Jovel, $485,000.

WENTWOOD LANE, 15191-Gregory G. Genotti Sr. to Aurora Palma, $315,000.

WENTWOOD LANE, 15252-Joann F. Wade and Christopher S. Wade to Jose A. Alvarez, $340,000.

WETHERBURN CT., 2912-Michael V. Demaio to FCA Inc., $197,500.

WHITELY CT., 4678-Amanda M. Darden to Samad Javid, $260,000.

WILLIAM AND MARY CIR., 12022-Judith L. and Roger Allan Semplak to Carol S. and Robert F. Kala, $540,000.

WINDING LOOP, 14868-Eleanor M. Francen to Jagdeep S. Dhaliwal and Jaswinder Kaur, $345,000.

WINSTON CT., 2764-John P. Marquis to Robin S. Ferguson, $376,000.

WOODSIDE DR., 1626-Elaisco Moreno to Concepcion Diaz Ramos, $350,000.

WYTHE CT., 2914-Elsa Molina to Valeria I. Oropeza, $289,000.

WYTHE CT., 2925-Michael Martin to Jose Portillo, $283,000.