The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

BAYSIDE RD., 8728-Sherie L. and Frank E. Clever to Jeffery J. Krahling, $267,000.

BAYVIEW DR., 3521-Renee A. Edman to Linda L. Beam, $500,000.

CHRISTIANA PARRAN RD., 4588-Calvert Corp. to Evelyn and Jerald R. Jarvi, $609,059.

DELORES CT., 7987-Mark O. and Stacey L. Burnett to Nella and Mario J. Orlando, $309,000.

GLASGOW WAY, 2806-Matthew C. Martin to Douglas L. Peters, $329,000.

OLD BAYSIDE RD., 6886-Claude N. Bowman to Keith Bageant, $289,900.

SILVERTON LANE, 3397-Melissa A. Lanzendorfer to Ray A. Tolson, $299,900.

WINDWARD KEY DR., 8197-Florence E. and H.J. Luckett to Roland D. Pelletier Sr., $689,900.

FIFTH ST., 2930-Alice M. Adams to Denise D. and William A. Benhoff, $399,900.

FIFTH ST., 6135-Cheryl L. and Brian A. Cass to Jason A. Witt, $229,990.

15TH ST., 3808-Esther Ann and David B. Ritchie to Timothy Deale, $110,000.

15TH ST., 4019-Charles C. Lewis Sr. to Shirl E. Hendley, $625,000.

Dunkirk Area

ASHWOOD DR., 3019-Elaine Marie and Peter J. Ciaramello to Paul D. Brenner, $468,000.

MAPLEWOOD DR., 11211-John E. and Barbara J. Trotter to Brenda A. and Michael E. Higgins, $422,500.

PLANTATION DR. N., 1980-Kenneth and Carole Parmelee to Pamela D. and Stephen D. Ambrose, $699,000.

Huntingtown Area

COLONIAL OAK CT., 1641-Robert C. and Janet E. Dodson to Constance and Kenneth Lee, $351,000.

HUNTING CREEK RD., 3830-James A. Zimmerman and Debra L. Ward to Marian E. and Jerome E. Fowler Sr., $475,000.

KIMBERLY LANE, 2410-John Kirk and Cheryl L. Correll to Kip E. Pears, $620,400.

LOWERY RD., 1820-Paul E. Quesenberry to James Flaherty, $388,000.

QUEENSBERRY DR., 2821-Robert G. and Susanne F. Schwartz to Carolyn and James Moore, $589,900.

ROBSHIRE MANOR RD., 29-Raymond F. Paiz to Debra Lynn Peery Wilson, $300,000.

SCARLETT DR., 99-Mark A. and Tonya M. Suchter to Denise R. and Jeffrey A. Davis, $615,000.

SOUTH BRANCH CT., 215-Anthony J. and Suzanne M. Pucciarella to Colleen and Daryl Hancock, $550,000.

SYMPHONY LANE, 3021-Mary E. and George E. Norris Jr. to Donna Toney, $435,000.

WILSON RD., 1420-Richard E. Jr. and Margo L. King to Michelle A. and Michael C. Smith, $347,000.

Lusby Area

BARNACLE LANE, 525-George B. and Joanie J. Gantt to Vanessa G. Ghee and Denicole C. Young, $25,000.

BAY DR., 12798-Margaret W. and Charles E. Cook to Richard V. Lacouture, $385,000.

BAY VIEW DR., 505-Catherine L. File Erickson to Jaimie L. and Kevin J. Jeffrey, $235,000.

BERRY DR., 729-Patricia F. and Paul L. Yost Jr. to Albert Styles, $275,000.

BIG SANDY RUN RD., 11520-Mark Sweeney to Barbara L. and Walter R. Bruso, $250,000.

BLAIR RD., 12744-Lisa A. and Melvin W. Bodnar to Robert P. Deasy, $415,000.

BUCKLER DR., 465-Joseph Ronald Gensor II to Mary H. and William W. Leonard Jr., $275,000.

CODY TRAIL, 520-Harvey Kosberg to S.R. Smith Contractor Inc., $35,000.

CODY TRAIL, 527-D. and D. Homes Inc. to Heather and Joseph Scott, $70,000.

COMMANCHE RD., 11312-Shirley and Robert E. Kidd Sr. to Vicki L. and William D. Denenea, $275,000.

COMSTOCK DR., 471-D. and D. Homes Inc. to Donna L. and Jerome L. Savage, $296,895.

COSTER RD., 1635-Sandra N. Monger to Janelle L. Livesay, $249,900.

CRYSTAL ROCK RD., 868-Frank Clelland to Blanche H. and Vincent J. Cook, $342,000.

CRYSTAL ROCK RD., 982-David W. and Ronda R. Wendling to Glenn Russell and Lillian Ruth Cawley, $269,900.

DELAWARE DR., 465-SIRVA Relocation Corp. to Rachel L. Gips and Mark G. Fischer, $310,000.

DUSTY HOOF RD., 12016-Kevin J. and Jamie L. Jeffrey to Barbara E. and Steve K. Kosciusko, $200,000.

H.G. TRUEMAN RD., 10855-Patricia J. Pointer to O'Hennon Corp., $135,000.

HOMESPUN LANE, 12106-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Amanda W. and Brian M. Connolly, $441,361.

HURON DR., 12959-Isidro Delgado to David L. Brown, $185,000.

LEASON COVE DR., 150-Anita B. Williams to Emily Susan Buckley, $650,000.

RED CLOUD RD., 356-Ruby T. and Ernest W. Garner to David B. Hall, $19,000.

RIDGE VIEW RD., 8441-White Sands Corp. to Robert Lamar Brinlee, $22,400.

ROPEKNOT RD., 11604-Florence E. and Frank L. Violett to Cynthia Ann Armour, $85,000.

ROUSBY HALL RD., 12506-Michael Kent Gribble to L'Tanya Jones, $539,900.

ROUSBY HALL RD., 12826-Rick Butler to Daniel Barrett III, $32,000.

SAILBOAT LANE, 8432-Sandy Kaye and James Allen Wilson to Christopher P. Coleman, $340,000.

SAN ANGELO LANE, 12620-Joann and William J. Mai to Coronet Builders Corp., $24,500.

SAN GABRIEL RD., 667-David G. Dickson to Natesha and Jason Hammack, $325,000.

WHISPERING PINE CIR., 857-Barbara G. and Ira L. Fetterhoff to Brendan and Patrick J. McGowan, $183,000.

North Beach Area

FREDERICK AVE., 8831-John D. and Myra E. Caspar to Lynda L. and Edward A. Wood Sr., $165,000.

THIRD ST., 3908-Patricia A. Rowe to Brian P. Dryer, $170,000.

NINTH ST., 3838-Thomas P. Stevens to Cecilia and Wayne Williams, $230,000.

Owings Area

HALEY'S WAY, 2145, No. 8-Anita and Raymond Procopio to Richard L. Harris, $299,900.

JOURNEY DR., 11724-Dan Andrew and Nina Gail McNeil to Patricia A. and Mark Stiles, $439,000.

ONTARIO CT., 1152-Richard A. and Kathleen Morris to Karen T. and Joseph J. Pirchio, $569,900.

TIMBERNECK DR., 2007-F. and L. Development Ltd. to Brenda L. and Ronald D. Tyrrell, $350,000.

WILD FIRE LANE, 9700-Philip Keith and Kimberly A. Jester to Ann G. and Allen R. Marquis, $565,000.

Port Republic Area

ROSEMARY LANE, 1960-David C. and Kristin J. Stanley to Amy S. and Paul D. Bunting, $433,900.

Prince Frederick Area

ALLEN EARLIE RD., 4701-William Brent and Michelle Parrott to Lisa Marie and Chamroeurn Touch and William E. and Patricia L. Hillage, $450,000.

CENTRAL DR., 42-Clare C. and David W. O'Shea to W. Stepney, $206,000.

CHAPEL HILLS DR., 335-Denise A. and Blair M. Sampsel to Paige A. Wagner, $404,900.

CHESAPEAKE AVE., 235-Stanley A. Boucree to Dawn J. Holland, $550,000.

GERMAN CHAPEL RD., 1655-Louis and Leslie Allen to Pollanae L. and Alfred T. Johnson Jr., $459,900.

HALLOWING POINT RD., 2590-Max P.T. Sacks Jr. to Denise M. and Chad E. Boggs, $246,500.

TRANQUIL CT., 202-Migdalia and Alberto Borrero to Susan Gemeny, $186,500.

St. Leonard Area

CAPE LEONARD DR., 2365-Jacques and Elizabeth M. Defay to Patricia and Garth Wilbur, $300,000.

CONSTITUTION DR., 1969-Carlus L. and Sherdana T. Watkins to Lynda L. and Madhat N. Astafanous, $500,000.

FLORAL CT., 1046-Jeremy P. Niles to Alberto Borrero, $279,900.

HILL RD., 6021-Donna M. and William D. Kline to Dennis A. Knott Jr., $190,000.

ORIOLE WAY, 1952-Oriole Partnership to Jaime L. and Jeffery M. Stauffer, $450,000.

PICTURE DR., 1085-King J. Coleman to Melinda J. and Barry N. Thomas, $359,900.

Solomons Area

PATUXENT AVE., 14741-Nancy and John Burgoon III to Michael J. Marra, $199,900.

RUNABOUT LOOP, 504-Elizabeth A. Denny to Deborah A. Furey and Alan Morisato, $303,000.

STOWAWAY CT., 13465-Sharon L. Bouton to William J. and Donna J. Stetner, $300,000.

Solomons Landing Area

PELAGIC LANE, 212-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Kimberly R. and Jonathan D. Pearl, $537,918.

Sunderland Area

ASPEN WOODS DR., 5-Howlin Lad Corp. to Christine E. Sheehy and Herbert M. Bell Jr., $555,721.

Charles County

Brandywine Area

MALCOLM RD., 3120-Naples Development Ltd. to Sherry M. Cummiskey, $500,000.

Bryans Road Area

ARBOR LANE, 6909-Barbara A. Anderson to Bradley P. Swint, $290,000.

BLACKBERRY CT., 2417-Andrea E. Moodie to Lashonia R. Matthews, $320,000.

BLACKBERRY CT., 2436-Richard A. and Lynda Russell to Kimberly J. and Dennis Scott, $340,000.

CORNELL RD., 6574-George J. and Mary Ann Cindrich to Betty J. and Barbara Wadding, $325,000.

DAKOTA ST., 2619-Springhaven Homes Inc. to Jennifer Massey, $279,900.

FRASER RD., 3001-Deborah S. and Donald R. Ford to Reina I. Jimenez, $350,000.

LANTANA DR., 6827-Chesapeake Custom Homes Corp. to Michelle A. and Renford G. Bernard, $395,832.

NEW STEAD CT., 5139-Courtney W. and Vicki L. Chavis to Ginger K. and Lawrence F. King Jr., $375,000.

WATERS EDGE CT., 2841-Jennifer N. Brown to Donna M. Riley, $252,000.

Bryantown Area

BRYANTOWN DR., 6210-Kevin F. and Felicia A. McCarthy to Lori and Sharon and Frank Duduk, $439,900.

LEONARDTOWN RD., 7022-Robert Sapp, trustee, to Diane L. Smith and Scott M. Wilson, $375,000.

Charles Street-

Trinity Church Road Area

ARNETTE PL., 14010-Denise H. and Dwayne V. King to Renee Williams Pulley, $640,000.

SPARKLING PL., 9130-La Plata-Somerset Corp. to Christa and Jeffrey Kuhl, $641,941.

TUCKER FARM PL., 11160-Mohler Construction Inc. to Maria and Luis C. Munoz, $410,000.

Cobb Island Area

CYPRESS DR., 17961-Kimberly A. Williams to Heather D. and Joshua D. Hottenstein, $279,900.

CYPRESS DR., 17971-Craig Thompson to Andria J. and James E. Corby, $299,000.

HIGH AVE., 14330-Letitia J. Lapierre to Kimberly A. Long, $260,000.

NEALE SOUND DR., 11926-Maurice R. Landes to Evan Mitchell, $560,000.

NEALE SOUND DR., 12475-Deborah L. and Charles E. Tompkins to Michelle Clark and David Cearley, $275,000.

WICOMICO RIVER DR., 18785-David T. Norris to Celene M. Graves, $225,000.

Faulkner Area

EDGE HILL RD., 11425-James L. and Brenda Sue Jones to Karen Ayers and James Dillard, $450,000.

FAULKNER RD., 10380-Christina G. and Matthew R. Athey to Diane Ivie, $299,900.

JOE CT., 9555-Lynnel S. and Steven A. Matthews to Bridget R. Holland, $525,000.


Prince Frederick Road Area

OAKS RD., 13988-Brenda M. and Michael J. Woodbury to Allison and Michael Whisler, $390,000.

ORCHARD VIEW LANE, 6970-William R. Jr. and Anita L. Sollars to Jacqueline C. and Scott A. Mueller, $385,000.

STILES PL., 6315-Branchwood Construction Inc. to Karen L. and Lemuel L. Houston Sr., $602,400.

STONELEIGH CT., 7320-Heritage Green Corp. to Lisa E. Swinney, $544,699.

Indian Head Area

BREEZEWOOD CT., 5075-Patriot Homes Inc. to Ann M. Galloway, $445,812.

CABINWOOD CT., 5734-Patriot Homes Inc. to Y. Easley Haley and George W. Haley, $483,710.

CHICAMUXEN RD., 5305-Linda F. and John W. Downing to Mark Rollins Jr., $320,000.

DEER POINT CT., 5077-Patriot Homes Inc. to Dawn T. and Jacque Hightower, $462,957.

DONCASTER DR., 4465-Donnie H. and Rose M. Winfrey to Loretta L. and David A. Berard, $580,000.

HARD BARGAIN CIR., 6332-Terri T. Toczko to Brenda L. Roberson Barnett, $625,000.

JENNIFER DR., 202-Burnita L. and Charles A. Weaver to Idowu Olaosebikan, $155,000.

MEADOWSIDE CT., 11-Marianne and John F. Farmer Jr. to Andrew H. Murdoch, $180,800.

OAK FOREST CT., 5815-U S Home Corp. to Leslie E. and William G. Greene, $523,472.

OAK FOREST CT., 5819-U S Home Corp. to Latasha and Mark Williams, $484,132.

PROSPECT AVE., 4-William T. Devane to Dani S. and James N. Paulin Sr., $205,000.

Issue Area

BUCKINGHAM CT., 14810-Anthony A. and Jennifer M. Lancianese to Melissa A. and Matthew J. Zalesak, $445,000.

HONEYSUCKLE WAY, 14545-Teresa V. and Lawrence A. Cecil Jr. to Jeffrey M. Lacaze, $380,000.

WISTERIA CT., 11510-Porfiria Sanchez to C. Thompson and Leah Estevez, $327,900.

La Plata Area

HAWTHORNE RD., 6780-Aspen Builders Corp. to Andrew P. Fitch and Melinda D. Ward, $429,900.

MALCOMS RIDGE PL., 7355-Somerset Trading Development Corp. to Charlotte R.W. and Jeffrey L. Johnson, $530,341.

MALLARD LANE, 111-Waheed and Lucy Dumalag Akthar to Lisa and Cerraio Villarouel, $485,000.

PATUXENT CT., 422-Peter Felix to Rubina Akter and Mohammed Z. Hossain, $159,900.

PHILLIPS RD., 4675-Metropolitan Development to Kathryn L. and Donnie L. Gilroy, $349,900.

SPRING OAK DR., 7680-Melvin B. Jr. and Patricia D. Bowling to Suzanne M. and David Reyes, $339,950.

STATION DR., 1100-Robert O. Jr. and Melissa L. Rice to Lisa and Charles Parker, $355,250.

STATION DR., 1101-Barbara L. and William J. Webb to Paul L. Chen, $402,000.

STATION DR., 1106-Jeffrey G. Reed to Kevin Shifflett, $345,000.

THOMAS JEFFERSON ST., 108-Carolyn Woods and Pauline Bloom to Irene F. and James J. Gambino, $280,000.

WORCHESTER ST., 708-Walter A. and Mary L. Brown to Laura and Michael Metz, $270,000.

Nanjemoy Area

LIVERPOOL POINT RD., 2675-Yvon J. and Donald L. Posey to Isaiah L. Cunningham, $100,000.

MARSH CT., 10960-Mark L. and Kelly L. Hancock to Dawn F. and Marion F. Scott, $349,900.

WILLIAM DALE PL., 4515-Dana Marie and John Mark Dennison to Kevin J. MacKey, $499,900.

Newburg-Rock Point Road Area

BRANDON CT., 13645-Mickey J. Deavers to Linda L. and Michael Grosstephan, $350,000.

CLIFFTON DR., 9675-Francis C. Garner to SMIG Corp., $500,000.

HATTON LANDING DR., 15270-Beryl R. Smith to Barbara A. and Mark A. Hoy, $875,000.

HELWIG FARM RD., 3810-Jeffrey M. and Karrie Bray Fielding to Joyce D. and Joseph M. Santora, $158,000.

LINVERY PL., 13250-E.B. Armstrong and Enid B. Oliver to Wayne Lindstrom and Laura J. Miller, $185,000.

RIVERVIEW DR., 12128-J.M. and Paul C. Minning to SMIG Corp., $75,000.

Pomfret Area

COLUMBIA PARK RD., 4160-Aaron J. and April C. Kellerman to Mary A. and Richard S. Carney, $350,000.

MARSHALL CORNER RD., 9415-Henry C. Jr. and Nancy E. Kilby to Sharon V. and David W. Legal, $539,000.

MIDDLETOWN RD., 4335-Michael Fitzgerald to Shawn P. Branham, $243,000.

WOODLAND RD., 9330-David D. and Margaret Conklin to Maria and Dwayne A. Simonsen, $442,000.

Port Tobacco Area

CARLEY DR., 7650-Frank R. and Barbara D. Epps to Antonia S. and Ishmael D. Camp, $955,000.

CHAPEL POINT RD., 7745-William M. and Janet M. Marsh to Susan F. and Jefferson M. Ball, $434,900.

SIMMS LANDING RD., 7325-Donald M. Griggs to Gary Keyes, $385,000.

SIMMS LANDING RD., 7597-Elsie H. and Donald Head to Loren N. and Justin R. Belfield, $240,000.

TIVERTON DR., 8190-Michael J. and Debra S. Isaac to Cathy Thornton and Glenn Stewart, $725,000.

St. Charles Area

BRIGHTWELL CT., 1755-Dorothy A. and Francis W. Murphy to Lisa Jones, $183,000.

CHAPELSIDE CT., 2056-Joseph M. Jr. and Alice Bell to K.T. King Walker and Alan D. Walker, $328,500.

CONISTON CT., 1-Christopher J. Bilitsky to Patricia L. and Eric J. Piper, $345,000.

DIAMOND OAKS CT., 4982-U S Home Corp. to Anita Smalls, $460,815.

DORSET DR., 1017-Krista L. Waselewski to W. White III and Stephanie A. Phipps, $185,700.

DORSET DR., 1019-Karlyn R. McCutcheon to Reginald R. and Nekia J. Butler, $216,000.

GATEVIEW PL., 3854-Ronald and Evelyn M. Dawson to Brent A. Sweet and Ronald G. Davis, $250,000.

GIBBONS CT., 2111-Judith A. Buckler to Sheila E. and Jacob L. Moore, $285,000.

GILL CT., 2761-Kathleen and Robert Sponaugle to Tama Lewis, $193,500.

HACKNEY LANE, 2913-Abimbola and Ramon Oyegbola to Shaheen A. Matin, $335,000.

HARROW CT., 3173-Joan F. and Wayne A. Johnson to Jennifer L. Rector, $322,900.

HARVARD RD., 1171-Wanda J. and John H. Lawson III to Theresa A. Babczak, $270,000.

HARVARD RD., 1173-Gail Bianco Frye and Stanley M. Frye to Latia Adams Williams, $324,953.

HEATHCOTE RD., 3034-3034 Heathcote Corp. to Henrietta L. and Samuel L. Stokes, $185,000.

HEATHCOTE RD., 3101-Jenese C. Brown to Clarence McLeod, $185,000.

HUNTINGTON CIR., 3296-Steven D. Randall to Wanda R. and Kevin A. Willis, $330,000.

KEARNYS INN PL., 3817-Robert C. Harris to Andreana Walton and Corey L. Yancey, $203,000.

KEARNYS INN PL., 3845-Julius A. Brown to Cornelius M. Wilson, $199,000.

KEEPSAKE PL., 30-Linda G. and Kenneth D. Rye to Robin Nelson, $195,000.

KEMPSFORD FIELD PL., 3677-Phyllis A. Bell to Rita A. Shane and Hope M. Boyce, $125,500.

KNOLEWATER CT., 3109-Sheryl M. and Dale L. Crowl III to Charles F. Latenser, $316,000.

MILSTEAD CT., 3401-Ernest J. Keller III to Nakiea and Kevin Dade, $162,000.

OWENS DR., 12846-Sherry L. Michaels to Richard Oleksy, $389,900.

PIMLICO CT., 2458-Catherine T. Ellison to Robert Taylor and Eric A. Fatzinger, $210,000.

QUINN CT., 4467-Carl J. Johns to Delores Jasper, $350,000.

SMOKETHORN CT., 3537-Nicolas J. Freischlag to Susan C. Sanson, $332,500.

STODDERT AVE., 1008-William H. and Dawn M. Daly to Veronica M. and Billy J. Gregory, $299,900.

SUNFLOWER PL., 3459-Nalita Viney to Michelle Quigley, $249,000.

SWEETWOOD PL., 12234-Lisa Robinson and James H. Foster Jr. to John E. Leo, $203,500.

TOMMY MIDDLETON LANE, 12770-Wayne E. Coulby, trustee, to Carol A. and Paul J. Buzolich, $282,000.

UNDERWOOD CT., 4820-Christopher B. Thompson to J. Kackley and Josh A. McCullough, $193,800.

VALERY CT., 2305-Barbara C. Beavers to Xuejing Chen, $274,900.

WILLOW VIEW PL., 12656-John C. Brucculeiri Jr. to Andrew M. Cruikshank, $275,000.

Waldorf Area

ALOPEX RD., 6516-Kelli R. McClure to Nilda M. Wiman, $309,950.

AYRES CT., 3117-Lance B. and Melissa S. Sigmon to Dennis J. and Dawn R. Eflein, $450,000.

BANNISTER CIR., 1108-Eric R. Armstrong to Thomas Tomasky, $230,000.

BARRINGTON DR., 717-Stephen E. and William R. Trumbull to Victor L. Terry, $169,900.

BEECHWOOD DR., 10532-Darra E. and Corey P. Worthington to Elanda L. Blue, $336,000.

BIGHORN CT., 6216-Richard F. Mori to Sheila M. Fletcher, $323,000.

BILTMORE ST., 9450-Centex Homes to Heidi and Tommy Allen, $479,030.

BILTMORE ST., 9456-Centex Homes to Michelle M. and Jonathan L. Vieley, $468,485.

BLENNY CT., 5074-Miguel H. and Nichole R. Devaney to Renee A. and Anthony L. Hayes, $333,000.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4041-Horace and Shenita Hamlin to Irene D. and Patrick F. Ravanera, $200,000.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4108-Kathryn L. Thompson to Zahir Yousaf, $214,000.

BONNIE LANE, 2148-Maryann F. and Mark A. Mlinac Jr. to Daniel S. Northsea, $365,000.

BREAKWATER CT., 2508-Deirdre M. and Allen E. Reynolds to Lucky O. Oligie, $350,000.

BRIDLE PATH CIR., 10914-Catherine F. Potter to Tabitha and Kevin P. Kane, $292,000.

BRIDLE PATH CIR., 10920-Thomas A. and Susan M. Angelini to Alfred Meyer and Amber M. Behe Meyer, $300,000.

BROADBILL CIR., 4035-Liyin and Sum W. Cheng to Robin V. Abbit, $313,000.

BRYANTOWN RD., 4827-Branchwood Construction Inc. to John and Latisha A. Evans, $555,000.

BUENA VISTA CT., 10911-Lionel A. and Jacqueline A. Chasse to Carolyn L. and Charles Coaston Sr., $418,000.

BUTTE PL., 2314-Rosanna W. and Willie York Sr. to Tammy L. Diehl, $284,950.

CONSTITUTION DR., 10879-John W. and Linda M. Hopson to Robert G. Grimsley and Diana Berg, $487,000.

COPLEY AVE., 869-Frank T. and Mary Ann DeGeorge to Tina and Robert Dillard, $275,000.

DOCTORFISH CT., 5009-Brett H. Kolpan to Mark W. Huffman, $309,900.

DOCTORFISH CT., 5014-Robert John and Susan K. Burgess to Candida R. and Albin L. Moroz, $280,000.

DORIS DR., 5319-Rene J.A. Bedard to Marva L. and Charles Wheatley, $350,000.

DRAKE CT., 4313-Sue E. Boston to Dominique Adams, $240,000.

ENTERPRISE PL., 2543-Juliet V. Ross and Cloretta Lloyd to Jason D. Frantom and Taisha M. Palin, $275,000.

ENTERPRISE PL., 2573-Callista Harris to Kingsley Sarpong, $232,500.

FALMOUTH RD., 1112-Robert W. and Terri L. Koven to Marle Jackson and Lucy Chapman, $325,000.

GOLDEN EAGLE PL., 11307-Candace R. Hill to Myung S. Skym, $258,000.

GOLDENEYE PL., 4603-Vivian V. Barbour to Patrick A. Dronsfield, $210,500.

GRAY WOLD CT., 6102-Carrie A. and Dennis J. King to Aref Erfani, $355,900.

GRAY WOLF CT., 6115-Kimberly S. Spangler to Tracey L. and Thomas P. Talactac, $335,000.

GRIST CT., 2975-Guadagnoli Properties Inc. to Johniece W. and Tarik K. Johnson, $456,768.

HALIBUT PL., 5317-Cheryl A. and James G. Bare IV to Mandy and Matthew Cameron, $260,000.

HERON PL., 11218-G.A. Bucklew and Amanda L. McAllister to Cynthia A. and Jeffrey M. Thornley, $289,900.

HERON PL., 11219-April B. Jones to Tracy L. and Jeffrey M. Ashline, $298,000.

HUMMINGBIRD DR., 4703-Brandon and Holly Shaffer to Vera Paladino and Edwin O. Haynes Jr., $341,000.

INDIAN LANE, 12618-Paul Madigan to Tracy Davis Brown, $300,000.

JACKSON CT., 2909-Lisa L. Dickson to Rosalind and Howard Logan, $300,000.

KEMPSFORD FIELD PL., 3613-Alma Sumaray and Robert K. Wrenn Jr. to Mejebi Amaju, $195,000.

LELAND PL., 11432-M. Moncayo Huerta and Eduardo Huerta to Nalita A. Viney, $325,000.

LUCY DR., 5415-Alfred C. and Dale S. Ehrenstein to Carol S. and Donald M. Kern, $320,000.

MARSHALL RD., 23-Rebecca and Alan Kropf to Jason Kretschmer, $260,500.

MERCHANT CT., 2900-Guadagnoli Properties Inc. to Timika S. and James A. Sherman, $456,555.

MIRKWOOD CT., 2641-Keith Vandagriff to John Kirby Jr., $224,500.

MOCKINGBIRD CIR., 4227-James P. Jr. and Margaret E. Kozo to James Maldonado and Sylvia Estep, $325,000.

MONROE CT., 2511-Richard R. and Sherry A. Gibson to Elena M. and Keith E. Chamberlain, $475,000.

PIN OAK DR., 1622-Robert M. Nargi to Leila P. Warren, $215,000.

PINEFIELD RD., 2318-Jason J. Schelke to Misti and Justin McGowan, $292,000.

POUNDBERRY CAMP PL., 11053-Tyhisa S. Johnson to Susan M. Adams, $301,000.

RACCOON CT., 6834-Michael and Patricia Morey to Monica and David T. Dudek, $383,000.

RED LION PL., 2723-Akua A. Digregorio to Kimberly R. Watts, $188,200.

RED SQUIRREL PL., 6110-Earl Roger and Theresa A. Tolley to Mohammed B. Yousaf, $265,000.

RED WOLF PL., 6022-Sharon C. Beland to Brian Graham, $255,000.

RED WOLF PL., 6052-Carol D. Donohue to Rachael L. Wolfe, $265,000.

RICHMOND WAY, 2443-John D. Golden to Shawn P. Gallagher, $370,500.

ROBBERS ROOST CT., 15177-Fallon Homes Inc. to Myra and Herman Juggins, $255,000.

ROCK CT., 4379-L. Parker Briscoe and Joseph Briscoe to Eun Mee Yang, $293,000.

RYCE DR., 2513-Marion and James Gwyn to Joseph N. Obi, $485,000.

SAILFISH CT., 5013-William L. and Susan Perrott to Shiquita Wright and Kenneth Walker, $314,900.

SASSAFRAS DR., 3651-Joseph G. and Elizabeth J. Bayerl to Unsuk and Carl L. Heath, $310,000.

SEA RAVEN CT., 5316-John T. and Aimee L. Cunningham to Jane I. and Craig A. Lawrence, $410,000.

SIRENIA PL., 6061-Anita C. and Richard J. Williams to Kashan Alamin, $238,000.

SNOW OWL PL., 11329-Anthony Woolsey to Serena Smith Bush, $281,100.

SOUR CHERRY CT., 3470-Everett C. III and Molly M. Dewolfe to Cynthia A. and Jeffrey M. Thornley, $275,000.

TANGLEWOOD DR., 2019-Lola Avazova and Richard Lydick to Mirian Cepeda and Raul Castro, $186,000.

TANGLEWOOD DR., 2033-Robert Bernier to Michael B. Dipoli, $160,000.

TIMBERBROOK DR., 11503-Lam Yam Pan to Keith Richards, $251,490.

TIMBERBROOK DR., 11529-Leigh A. and Michael A. Batty to Tiffany J. Lopez Winters, $310,000.

TRURO CT., 803-Carlo Croce to Gregory A. Eardley, $343,000.

TUCKAHOE CT., 2454-Winston and Yivetta McGhee Starke to T.L. and P.E. Nissen, $440,000.

VALERY CT., 2309-Joan B. Dunlay to Nancy A. Ewing, $280,000.

WATERTRUMPET CT., 2309-Debra K. and Kelly A. Wing to Joseph W. Liberatore, $459,000.

WESTDALE CT., 3244-Floyd and Floyd Wheeler Sr. to Shnesha and Michael Hanks, $235,000.

WESTWOOD DR., 2188-Kevin G. and Wendy A. Cross to Linda E. and James C. Coppage III, $299,900.

WHITE FIR CT., 3407-Herbert Manley to Jeffrey R. Jones, $225,000.

WILDMEADOWS ST., 11279-Wexford Village 4 Corp. to Tanya Y. Coram, $438,950.

WOODMONT LANE, 4255-Gregory R. and Lois D. Yates to Colby and Michele Montgomery, $398,000.

Welcome Area

HENSON LANDING RD., 7250-Dorothy C. Duffield to Clinton G. Jr. and Mary J. Cupples, $175,000.

White Plains Area

BLOOMSBURY PL., 8055-Laverne L. and Duane P. Brown to Walter R. Williams Jr., $300,000.

ESPRIT PL., 10721-Shelia R. Brevard to Erica M. Lynn, $300,000.

ESPRIT PL., 10748-Nanette Nickens to Peter Snyder Jr., $286,000.

ESPRIT PL., 10751-Evan Mitchell to Donna M. Banks, $295,000.

GATEWAY BLVD., 4166-Charles E. Jr. and Manuela Robinson to Kelly Ferriter and Sean Moore, $305,700.

HANSON RD., 4024-Unsuk and Carl L. Heath to Terri L. Culp, $373,900.

HEDGEMEADE CT., 3912-Lenhart Hunter's Run Corp. to B.M. Clinton and John E. Fantroyal, $470,285.

HEDGEMEADE CT., 3939-Lenhart Hunter's Run Corp. to Gwendolyn Edwards, $421,000.

KINGSWAY DR., 8558-Kenya N. and Tony B. Wiggins to Dianne Smith, $390,000.

KNIGHTHOOD PL., 8282-Amy E. and Joel R. Carney to Brenda E. Farrare, $287,000.

PICKERAL ST., 4545-Ruth E. Winkler to Phyllis L. Keeling, $250,000.

SAXTON CT., 3865-Laurie A. Von Roemer to Sheryl M. and Dale L. Crowl III, $405,000.

St. Mary's County

Bushwood Area

HILLTOP DR., 23260-Ernest S. Carter to Kristy L. Deluca, $235,000.

California Area

ASPEN LANE, 44548-James C. Flanders to Todd C. Standish, $385,000.

AUTUMN LEAF WAY, 23118-Deborah S. and Gary Conrad Faller to Dawn A. Janczewski, $333,000.

HOLLY HILL LANE, 23261-Mollie D. and Michael H. Snell to SIRVA Relocation Corp., $356,000.

HOSTA WAY, 43928-Edmund W. Wettengel to Nancy E. Bressler, $250,000.

INDIAN BRIDGE RD., 21273-W.P.J.M. Higgs Corp. to Candice Lee and Scott Keith Anderson, $175,000.

KILBEGGAN CT., 45519-Hickory Hills North Limited to Julie E. and Matthew S. Tillman, $268,482.

KILBEGGAN CT., 45536-Hickory Hills North Limited to Cecile T. and Norman T. Toledo, $271,580.

PARKVIEW DR., 22659-Frank R. Sr. and Jean T. Jones to Cynthia A. and Lanny J. Nelson, $239,000.

PARKVIEW DR., 22712-Janeal and Rickie A. Bartels to Vincent M. Diangelis, $270,000.

PLUMLEAF WAY, 43924-Stephen W. Bartlett to Isidro J. Marti, $459,000.

SANDRA LANE, 22397-Marvin Franzen to Christine and Michael Jordan, $289,000.

WESTMEATH WAY, 45511-Edmund G. Vayan to Matthew V. York, $182,800.

WHITE OAK CT., 44691, No. 5A-Dennis C. Minton to Nicholas A. Reynolds, $141,950.

Coltons Point Area

BAYVIEW RD., 38451-Norman R. Sullivan to Patricia A. Montgomery and William C. Burgess, $672,000.

Drayden Area

VERNON CT., 18756-Porto Bello Estates -Somerset Corp. to Shirley K. and Michael G. Berkin, $551,470.

WINDMILL POINT RD., 18443-Theresa M. and Dennis Robert Connors to Michele and Timothy Bowman, $198,500.

Great Mills Area

ALTMAN CT., 45918-Oakridge Housing Corp. to Kenya T. and Michael E. Holmes, $298,701.

ATHBOY CT., 45594-Francis A. Wendolek to Greg Alex Douglas, $243,700.

BRAWNY ST., 45495-Roger J. Joe to Rosana D. and Cameron C. Toms, $285,000.

CARAVEL CT., 22092-Terry and Marion P. Sullivan to Patrice Austin, $272,000.

FLAT IRON RD., 19822-Stephen W. Greenwell to Sandra R. Pectol, $375,000.

GREENS REST CT., 46266-SIRVA Relocation Corp. to Kimberly and Richard A. Grabenstein, $509,900.

MARK WAY, 19641-David P. Seaver to Jeffrey P. Kohn, $425,000.

Hollywood Area

CLIFFORD CT., 23415-Qualshire Land Development Corp. to Donna H. and Cecil E. Barton, $85,000.

HALF PONE POINT RD., 24810-Lester and Joann Robertson to Leon G. Anderson, $820,000.

PAPPYS WAY, 25045-Newton Manor-Somerset Corp. to Ronald S. and Tara L. Menello, $503,623.

PAPPYS WAY, 25065-Newton Manor-Somerset Corp. to Kim and Jude Edward Waddy, $622,816.

PENINSULAR DR., 26435-John D. Barrow Jr. to Joseph M. Pelletier, $210,000.

Leonardtown Area

ARCHER ST., 22249-Emily J. Windham to Carolyn Jean White, $228,000.

BAYSIDE RD., 22483-James Leroy Payne Sr. to Joseph L. Lacey, $185,000.

GUNNELL DR., 23572-Kamran Syed to Teresa V. Yorke Cecil and Lawrence A. Cecil Jr., $530,000.

HELEN LANE, 21910-Henry S. Bunting to Debora D. and David R. Messersmith, $1.08 million.

HOLLYWOOD RD., 23750-Guenther Construction Co. Inc. to Anhsang N. and Chanh Q. La, $264,500.

J.M. GOUGH CT., 23682-The Villages at Leonardtown Corp. to Cecilia L. and William F. Cords, $403,616.

JUNIORS WAY, 40559-Cameron Construction Inc. to James P. Goddard, $445,000.

LITTLE ST. ANNES LANE, 21435-Thomas L. Barnes to Julie S. and Michael W. Cronan, $415,000.

LOKER CT., 41982-P.F. Summers Inc. to Lyndell A. and James P. Hanley, $162,000.

LOKER CT., 41997-P.F. Summers Inc. to Mary Jean Brown, $159,000.

MEREDITH CT., 23959-Tommy Mora and Bridid S. Mora to Karen Ann C. Tucker and Jeremy D. Tucker, $575,000.

MILES CT., 41879-P.F. Summers Inc. to Roanna L. Kingman, $117,000.

NEWTOWNE NECK RD., 21885-Homesales Inc. to Christina Komar, $340,000.

ROSEBAY ST., 21080-Robert E. Miller II to Mary Ann and Robert G. Nash, $420,000.

ST. ANDREWS CHURCH RD., 42910-Tony J. Hill to Frances V. and Charles H. Banagan, $143,000.

WHITE POINT RD., 20583-Dale T. Cropper to Janice L. Walker, $211,400.

WOODBURY PL., 42544-Debra M. and Amos D. Alley to Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., $405,000.

Lexington Park Area

CONSTELLATION ST., 21610-Harry D. Snellen Jr. to Devinder K. Mahal, $250,000.

DUNLEIGH CT., 46341-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Rebecca S. and Omar M. Ali, $313,667.

DUNLEIGH DR., 22564-Quality Built Homes Inc. to James T. and Agnes E. Dove, $290,511.

EASTON CT., 48263-Abraham Valdez to SIRVA Relocation Corp., $338,000.

ESPERANZA DR., 22958-Richard A. Parr to Lynnette and John Curtsinger, $280,000.

FLOWER DR., 46869-Dorothy I. Brawner to Tesha Y. Horne, $118,000.

FOREST PARK RD., 21660-Nicole T. Zenz to David Smiley, $163,000.

GREEN HOLLY RD., 23061-SIRVA Relocation Corp. to Dale A. Ford, $364,900.

GUNSTON DR., 23010-John S. Goode to Ronda M. and Michael G. Oliver, $268,000.

HERMANVILLE RD., 20779-Myrtle Louise Butler Barnes to Theodore Newkirk Jr., $230,000.

PATUXENT RD., 46860-David Simard to William A. Beem, $97,000.

POPLAR RIDGE RD., 20260-Poplar Ridge Road Corp. to Earl Vincent Bonds and Francis Paul Bonds, $142,000.

SORREL DR., 47085-LandDevco Corp. to Linda and Gary Glaser, $335,212.

SUNBURST DR., 48360-Arlene and Scott Marshman to Ronald S. Dittmer, $300,000.

TIPPETT RD., 20150-Ottaway C. Ridgley Jr. to Catherine Unkle, $149,000.

Mechanicsville Area

ARMY NAVY DR., 35635-Stephen Lane Schilling to Brandy and Jason Fitzhugh, $252,500.

ASHER RD., 37719-Donald Wayne Farmer Sr. to Joann Cullison, $242,000.

BEACH DR., 40415-Joseph and Crissy Boling to Lisa C. and Adrian D. Norris, $625,000.

BIRCH MANOR DR., 39125-John Henry and Sandra Kay East to Erin Lynnette and Kenneth William Rice, $308,000.

DAVID DR., 36898-Walter A. Mason Jr. to Senan Brady and Denise Lourette Brady, $245,000.

EDINVIEW CT. E., 38087-Shannon Estep to Mary R. Cave, $309,900.

GOLF COURSE DR., 35530-Teresa L. Rollo to Jason M. Johnson, $333,000.

JEFFERSON RD., 29826-Richard Allen Copsey to Jennifer L. Scribner, $359,900.

LAKELAND DR. W., 36724-Angelina and Eggert J. Jonsson to Brandie Gorman, $278,900.

NEALE CT., 27160-Leroy W. and Brenda Hetrich to Billie S. and James L. Greene, $350,000.

SHENANDOAH DR., 25981-Mark A. Jackson to Gloria and Thomas W. Murphy, $295,000.

SPICER DR. E., 37238-Robert and Margaret C. Bounds to Rachel E. and John Fabrizio, $240,000.

TALMADGE CT., 41223-Kevin T. Corley to Terra L. Gough, $260,000.

TRENT HALL RD., 40280-Gwynn Park Partnership to Christine Phyllis Meinhardt, $216,000.

VINCENT CIR., 29781-John W. and Karen M. Dorsey to Mary and Max A. Gould, $260,000.

ZANE CT., 38202-Timmy D. Goldsmith to Ethel L. and Mark A. Bourgeois Jr., $329,500.

Piney Point Area

RIVER RUN LANE, 46265-Kristine Talton to Patricia R. and James R. Elliott, $493,590.

STARK DR., 45345-George R. and Leona June Ryan to Robbin C. and David Wayne Willett, $500,000.

Scotland Area

E WAY, 14511-Jonathan D. Moltumyr to Karl Martin Operle, $375,000.

Tall Timbers Area

RIVER RD., 18097-Joseph Santullo to Douglas H. Hallgren, $545,000.