These home sales were recorded recently in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun and other Washington areas, visit

Aldie-Braddock Road AreaBLACK ROCK TERR., 42227 -- Dan Askin to Janet L. and James V. Mulloy, $366,900. BOOMERANG TERR., 25144 -- Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge to Chestino Sutton and Willetta Sutton, $575,372.

ELOQUENCE TERR., 41769 -- NVR Inc. to Steven C. Sacks, $489,840.

KINGS CANYON SQ., 24667 -- Patricia Szego to Peter Accolla, $555,900.

LENAH RUN CIR., 40714 -- M. Sterner and Margaret R. Miller to Lisa Chapman and Brian Taggart, $879,900.

MASTERY PL., 25275 -- NVR Inc. to Janki and Atul Khanna, $649,470.

ORIBI PL., 25265 -- Christine and Raymond Collins to John and Barbara Robinson, $770,000.

PRECIOUS SQ., 41873 -- NVR Inc. to Jennifer and Nathan Rayburn, $508,090.

PROVERBIAL TERR., 41836 -- NVR Inc. to Harpreet Jutley, $516,540.

SODALITE SQ., 25139 -- Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge to Genevieve A. and Brent I. Gouldey, $541,980.

SWEETNESS TERR., 25373 -- NVR Inc. to Sarah K. Ashton, $131,337.

TERRAZZO TERR., 42225 -- Joseph M. Salamida to Leigh Ann Edwards, $112,704.

TERRAZZO TERR., 42230 -- Erika E. and Jason C. Frescholtz to Tania Husband, $409,900.

VISIONARY CT., 41929 -- Rhonda A. and Bruce A. Sample to Elizabeth Acosta and Ulises Mora, $639,900.

Algonkian Regional

Park AreaBENTON CT., 39 -- Gretchen L. and Benjamin E. Hill to Kimberly A. Graumann, $310,000.

BLUE HERON TERR., 20471 -- Usha K. Anne and Kiran D. Chava to E. Mego Espiritu and Jeffry Vergara, $479,900.

BRIARCLIFF TERR., 20347 -- Pamela S. Delmonte to Melinda Y. Carlson, $430,000.

CRESTMONT TERR., 20583 -- E. Mirmirani and Amir H. Massoudi to Lawrence H. Kilbourne, $444,500.

DARIAN CT., 10 -- Elizabeth Kelley and Derek Smeds to Stephen J. and Samantha Crosby, $450,000.

DARIAN CT., 3 -- Carla H. and George Ray Bryant to Sai Kitte Mar and Wan Waing, $507,000.

DARKHOLLOW FALLS TERR., 47388 -- David K. Etherton to Maya M. and Thaddeus Musser, $415,000.

DONCASTER TERR., 20429 -- Karley J. and Matthew D. Ingemie to Frederick C. Adams Jr., $430,000.

DRYSDALE TERR., 46596, No. 102 -- Donna Mack to Michael D. O'Connor, $310,000.

DRYSDALE TERR., 46608, No. 203 -- Catherine S. Cramer to Leta B. Wilson, $340,000.

DULANY CT., 19 -- Kenneth D. Hall to Robert Jared Gull, $334,900.

DULANY CT., 33 -- Donna Mueller and Joedy T. Mueller to Ana Sanchez, $390,000.

GANNON WAY, 24 -- Vasilly Mulyar to Brian C. Smith, $328,900.

KESWICK SQ., 46785 -- Suzanne K. and Peter R. Villadsen to Kathryn McGuire and Brian Garvey, $485,000.

LAKEMONT SQ., 45521 -- John W. Boyd III to Joseph R. Shimko, $399,000.

LOWERY CT. N., 14 -- Susan B. and Charles J. Johnson Sr. to Jane A. and David T. Cox, trustees, $657,500.

LUDWELL CT., 21 -- Arnold Knickerbocker Jr. to Francisco A. and Berta Ortega, $370,000.

LYNDHURST CT., 5 -- Michelle C. and Irvin W. Hayes II to Adelaida L. Roosell, $399,000.

MARGURITTE SQ., 20393 -- Callae M. and Dwight J. Sparlin to Jenifer S. and Joseph A. Takacs, $479,000.

MUDDY HARBOUR SQ., 20639 -- Anna Marie and Leif Gunnar Mollo to Stephen D. Plys, $579,000.

OX BOW CIR., 47257 -- Jane A. and Stephen L. Biggerstaff to Nassima Magsudi, $851,000.

RHYOLITE PL., 47679 -- Lori G. and Glenn D. Loy to Katherine R. and Michael W. Boyea, $735,000.

RIVER MEADOWS TERR., 46525 -- Marylynn and Douglas A. Fishburn to Suzzette A. Smith, $465,000.

SULGRAVE CT., 147 -- Joy and Kenneth Haney to Michelle Coffey, $399,900.

SWECKER FARM PL., 20439 -- Stephanie L. and Scott R. McIntyre to Simran Kang and Surinder Singh, $760,000.

TRAILWOOD PL., 46836 -- Elizabeth J. Matters to Melanie A. and Alan J. Staiman, $525,000.

UTICA SQ., 46366 -- Marjorie Broe and Russell Vaughn to Eras and Craig Hegna, $381,000.

WILLOWOOD PL., 46794 -- A.M. Realty Corp. to Victor Baskerville, $615,000.

Ashburn AreaABERDEEN TERR., 44049 -- Angela R. Hardy to S. Myers and Peter Perhach, $355,000. ACUSHNET TERR., 44286 -- S. Tripathy and Bijaya K. Panda to Priyanka and Rahul Sharma, $520,000.

AFTON TERR., 43909 -- Lester Zuckerman to Mahmood Ifraz and Saima Ifraz, $372,000.

ANNENBERG DR., 19851 -- Merlyn and George R. Smith to Andrew D. Park, $1.38 million.

APACHE CIR., 44354 -- Richmond American Homes to P. Manargudi and N. Chintalapati, $658,165.

APOLLO TERR., 20736 -- Jennie and Christopher Hill to Grady L. Haymon Jr., $400,000.

AUGUSTINE PL., 43336 -- Christine Turner to Lisa Savinen and Douglas Zimmerman, $989,000.

BALTUSROL TERR., 43260 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Suzanne W. and William H. Meader, $683,975.

BASS ROCKS TERR., 20386 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Timothy John Champney, $438,768.

BEECHWOOD TERR., 20313, No. 203 -- Judy T. and Roger E. Rice to Sean P. Brady, $271,000.

BENT TWIG TERR., 43221 -- Sharon and Chad Westhoven to Rajesh and Dimple Patel, $385,000.

BENT TWIG TERR., 43241 -- M. Sterling and Benjamin Nordmeyer to Denese D. and Russell E. Miller, $425,000.

BLAIR PARK SQ., 43441 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Thomas G. Burson, $487,817.

BLAIR PARK SQ., 43449 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Bonnie G. King and John L. Reeves, $469,003.

BONLEE SQ., 43940 -- Michelle L. and Mark A. Lowenstein to Kabita and Gyani Manandhar, $399,900.

BREEDERS RUN CT., 20631 -- Kathy Martz to Juan F. Alfaro, $505,000.

BROOKFORD SQ., 43242 -- Nicole R. Cyrus to Yar Mella and Alexis Ujueta, $449,999.

BROOKTON WAY, 42940 -- Nissa and Alexandre Alexandrov to James McNelis, $550,000.

BROWNSTONE CT., 43251 -- Tracey L. and Brian J. Cullen to M. Berrie Tees and F.G. Stegmuller Jr., $972,500.

CHESTERTON ST., 43031 -- Umamaheswari and Srinivas Rayapudi to Julia Ann Dolan, $580,000.

CHOKEBERRY SQ., 43210 -- Marla J. Ricigliano to P. Nisco Ll and Kimberly B. Nisco, $395,000.

CHOKEBERRY SQ., 43248 -- Christa M. and Thomas M. Pugh to Claudia and John D. Lindsay, $422,000.

CHOPTANK TERR., 43974 -- Mari T. Craun to Steffney Washington, $387,000.

CROW CT., 44313 -- Richmond American Homes to Inayat Khan, $571,265.

FALMOUTH CT., 44015 -- Brian L. Dematte to Jamie and Aaron Hart, $399,900.

GLENBURN TERR., 20972 -- Diana Romero and Luis F. Cardenas to Jadia S. Chowdhury, $537,000.

GREYSWALLOW TERR., 43374 -- Stephen E. Sincavage to Susan Solo and Christopher Marks, $375,000.

GREYSWALLOW TERR., 43376 -- Cynthia H. Quick to Anne E. Foster, $389,000.

HEDGEROW TERR., 21218 -- Maria Herrera and Azucena Leon to Teodoro Romero, $400,000.

HYDE PARK DR., 21891 -- J.K. and Roberta R. Michalowski to Stephen T. Miholovich, $690,000.

KATHLEEN ELIZABETH DR., 43247 -- Amy F. and Christopher A. Loftus to Lan Kim Huynh and Truc T. Tran, $680,000.

KINGS ARMS SQ., 44037 -- Andrea M. and Joel B. Wilson to Marina Mendivil, $440,000.

KINGS CROSSING TERR., 21806 -- William J. McDonough II to Santos A. Medrano, $399,900.

KIRKLAND ST., 42865 -- Emily J. and Frank R. Chukoskie to Susannah S. and John Brewer VIII, $499,000.

LEIER PL., 20230 -- Julie A. Davis to Claudine M. and Gary R. Edelblute, $745,000.

LITCHFIELD TERR., 44195 -- Tracey L. Bowles to Cynthia M. Fisher, $360,000.

LORDS VALLEY TERR., 44042 -- Elizabeth N. Starr to Liane G. and Rondie Lee Simpson, $475,000.

MIZNER TERR., 19910 -- Theresa L. Ritter to Roxanna and Mati Virunurm, $649,000.

NAVAJO DR., 44313 -- Richmond American Homes to Tien Ha, $617,015.

OLD GALLIVAN TERR., 43050 -- Yulina and Oleg Shein to Stacie Merwitz, $433,000.

POSTRAIL SQ., 43400 -- D. Comstock and William P. Sigalos to Jose Santos Pineda, $380,000.

POSTRAIL SQ., 43404 -- J. Ortuno to Dora Rodriguez, $400,000.

POTTER TERR., 44507 -- Corey and Kimberly A. Richardson to Nerisha C. Bentley, $380,000.

RIDGECREST SQ., 19935 -- Mid-Atlantic Development Co. Corp. to Luesena M. Carroll, $389,900.

ROAMING SHORES TERR., 21075 -- Louella and Charles E. Harmon to Allen Smith and Edith S. Lawson, $529,000.

ROBINDALE CT., 43840 -- Joelle K. and Steven V. Chiodini to Lisa Smith, $715,000.

RYAN PARK TERR., 21799 -- Laurie E. Duncan to Deborah A. Corry, $468,000.

SARATOGA SPRINGS PL., 19655 -- Mary E. and H. Kent McGroarty to Kathryne and Todd Sheller, $1,060,000.

STRONGHOLD CT., 43880 -- Janice and Michael S. Brotherton to Kelley S. and John R. Davidson, $670,000.

SUSCON SQ., 44264 -- K. Kallu and P.R. Kambalapally to Elba R. Gomez, $467,900.

TILBERG ST., 20392 -- Amy P. Dyckovsky to July M. and Ryan C. James, $525,000.

TIMBER RIDGE TERR., 20985, No. 103 -- Stephen M. Putnam to Claire M. and John D. Westbrook, $272,000.

TIMBER RIDGE TERR., 21009, No. 102 -- Douglas N. Whitmore to David W. Whitmore, $208,700.

TIPPECANOE TERR., 44094 -- Amy B. and Christopher Eric Stanks to Luz Vega and Josue Rodriguez, $410,000.

TIPPECANOE TERR., 44131 -- Catherine and Eugene J. Lowe to Karen and Christopher Houck, $427,000.

TIPPECANOE TERR., 44179 -- Joseph S. Harter to Jennifer Morgan and Jeffrey Abell, $450,000.

TRAILS END TERR., 20408 -- Belmont Land Partnership to S. Praveen and Balachandran Praveen, $395,290.

TRAILS END TERR., 20410 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Steven G. Hoffert, $430,218.

VALHALLA SQ., 20024 -- Anne A. and John D. Reynolds to Bradley W. Kopp, $650,000.

VINELAND SQ., 21193 -- Anne M. and Jeremiah Ryan to Michelle Huntemann and Carl Donovan, $420,000.

Bluemont-Frazer Hill AreaFOGGY BOTTOM RD., 19566 -- Jesse Douglas and Mary M. Seaton to Hollie M.S. and Jeffrey Evans, $1.1 million.

Broadlands-Arcola AreaAUTUMNWOOD SQ., 43073 -- James H. Joyner Jr. to Heather L. and Dominic M. Coppo, $439,000. CEDAR SPRINGS CT., 42994 -- Leslie and Timothy E. Demarco to Richard Hamilton and Angela Hamill, $700,000.

CHELSY PAIGE SQ., 22072 -- NVR Inc. to Marie D. and David T. Tsuda, $552,995.

CONQUEST CIR., 42803 -- Beazer Homes Corp. to Christine C. Cormack, $656,105.

CONQUEST CIR., 42803 -- Christine C. Cormack to Cynthia L. and Stephen P. Hanlon, $675,000.

CRICKET HILL CT., 22668 -- Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Valerie M. Bowen, $708,094.

CROSSWIND TERR., 43125 -- Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Nicole P. and Matthew C. Skuba, $556,265.

DULLES GAP CT., 22737 -- Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to P. Yalamanchili and Vamsi Yalavarthy, $685,436.

ELLZEY DR., 43013 -- Cheryl M. and Ricky Price to Myong S. and Michelle M. Ko, $685,000.

FALLING LEAF CT., 42838 -- Deborah G. and John W. Mosarski to Chun Cha Palmer and Na M. Kim, $960,000.

FALLING ROCK TERR., 21438 -- Allison L. and James L. Ward to Julie S. Young, $455,000.

FRAME SQ., 21672 -- Paula B. Compton to Farida Miah, $385,000.

GLEBE VIEW DR., 21365 -- Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Tamela A. and Neil F. Ryan, $903,762.

GLEBE VIEW DR., 21381 -- Broadlands Associates to Monica R. and Neil J. Sommerfield, $776,829.

GLEBE VIEW DR., 21393 -- Broadlands Associates to Hazel D. and Thomas M. Harrigan, $972,533.

GOOD HOPE LANE, 42567 -- Bram Neighborhoods Corp. to Jeanette I. and James J. Puryear, $692,176.

HALBURTON TERR., 21939 -- Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Carly Estes and Eric T. Callender, $507,545.

HIGHGROVE TERR., 43227 -- Reine Sloan and Kevin Gagliostro to L. Tyson Bondurant, $460,000.

HUNTERS GREEN SQ., 43099 -- Jessica M. Needham to Michelle Mayhew and Kenneth Langley, $480,000.

INGLEWOOD CT., 21834 -- Charles G. III and Kathleen Hardin to Brandice and Scott Masse, $764,000.

KLONDIKE CT., 42803 -- Centex Homes to Ellice and J. Kark and Jon J. Kark Jr., $772,525.

LEGACY PARK DR., 42644 -- Rupinder K. and Gurpartap Singh to Susan Meli and Sohrab Hamzehpoor, $773,000.

LUCKETTS BRIDGE CIR., 43489 -- Darlene Digennaro to Amel S. and Kaddour Hafsaoui, $760,000.

MAGELLAN SQ., 42543 -- Che N. Pressley and Jason W. Frenz to Kimberly Enderes, $480,000.

MILLTOWN FARM CT., 22782 -- Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Minhnguyet Tran and Bang Nguyen, $767,759.

OGLETHORPE CT., 23076 -- Gulick Group Inc. to Anne S. and Michael J. Rogers, $1.27 million.

REGAL WOOD DR., 42488 -- William R. and Heather W. Gosman to E. Quintanilla and Juan C. Llanos, $519,000.

REGAL WOOD DR., 42493 -- B. Koneru and Venkata Ramineni to Michele Arling, $574,000.

REGAL WOOD DR., 42528 -- Anna and Earl Espejo to Melinda J. Solley, $523,700.

RIDERS SQ., 43195 -- Donna E. and Michael J. Malpeli to Christopher Farbry and Tara M. Flores, $480,000.

ROCKROSE SQ., 42511 -- Michele Jenkins to Annalisa M. Widrig, $280,000.

SPRINGWELL DR., 21369 -- Beth S. and Jonathan F. Williams to Judy S. Xie and Benjamin B. Huang, $630,000.

STOCKHAM WAY, 23117 -- Centex Homes to Lara M. and Kevin M. Black, $751,326.

TATTINGER TERR., 43788 -- Ravita and Dilawar Malik to S. Vaidyanathan and S. Sankarnarayan, $442,500.

VIRGINIA MANOR TERR., 43783 -- Amanda L. and Michael D. Kondratick to Megan and Jason P. Conroy, $434,900.

Dulles AreaCONDUCTOR TERR., 45448 -- Hector Montaut Casas to Jean Baptiste Aguemon, $339,905.

EDWARDS TERR., 45844 -- Kathy P. Nguyen and Andrew Loc Lam to H. Begum and Mohammed Gofran, $450,000.

FLEET TERR., 22957 -- Jesse J. Inestroza to Anh T. Huynh, $111,477.

FREEPORT PL., 43503 -- Toll Virginia IV Partnership to Linda L. and Howard M. White Jr., $979,728.

GRAND CENTRAL SQ., 45526 -- Emil Siminov and Gavrila Mich to Norma M. Vasquez, $439,900.

JOSEPH TERR., 21106 -- S. Kolli and Madhu Allugubelli to V. Donepudi and Aparna Krishnamanaidu, $455,000.

LOCOMOTIVE TERR., 21851, No. 303 -- Sherry Lynne Kenney to Olubukola S. Shabiolegbe, $321,900.

MEADOWVALE GLEN CT., 23241 -- Toll Virginia IV Partnership to Pil Soon Jeun and Huyng Sik Jeun, $909,561.

MEADOWVALE GLEN CT., 23244 -- Toll Virginia IV Partnership to Thu Thi Huynh and Duc Tai Lam, $824,915.

MORNINGTON CRESENT TERR., 21780 -- Kristin and John R. Shillingford to Vani and Srinivasa Vallabhaneni, $420,000.

MOUNTAIN PINE SQ., 45782 -- C. Williams and David Nickelson to Saima Khan and Yousaf Khwaja, $565,000.

READING TERR., 45542 -- C. Ziemniak and Meredith Lefforge to David Radcliff, $415,000.

ROCK HILL RD., 22970 -- Cynthia Wheeler and Michael Kopac to A. Sutti and Vidyababu Kuppusamy, $650,000.

SMOKETREE TERR., 45801 -- Rana L. and Shahid A. Khan to Michael C. King, $577,500.

WEMBLEY CENTRAL TERR., 45694 -- Hassan M. Hassan to Rahaf Khaldi and Louay Nazer, $410,000.

Great Falls Forest AreaSUGAR MEADOW DR., 10735 -- Maritza Gaviria to Mario L. Chaparro, $650,000. Hamilton AreaBATTLE PEAK CT., 17969 -- Rebecca and Joseph E. Sgarrella Sr. to Tammy D. and Nicholas C. Cayou, $699,900.

BETTIS DR., 38679 -- Richmond American Homes to Sharon and Linwood Stokes, $814,265.

CHARLES TOWN PIKE, 39225 -- G. and M. Homes Corp. Number Three to Linda K. and Gary P. Grimm, $1 million.

DITCHLING PL., 38511 -- Interactive Builders Inc. to Sherry L. and David R. Ward, $1.03 million.

HEATHER KNOLLS PL., 16943 -- Design Builders and Associates Inc. to Thomas L. McKee, $800,000.

MARYLAND AVE., 232 -- Sara and Raymond A. Case to Michael Sifford and Duane Thorpe, $350,000.

RAMBLING FARM DR., 38632 -- Richmond American Homes to Monica Gupta and Satish Unni, $867,640.

Leesburg-Lucketts AreaADAMS DR., 42 -- Margarita Dejesus Romero to I. Mejia and Jose Benitez, $263,000. ADAMS DR., 55 -- C. Rodriguez and Marcos Pineda Lemus to Samuel Villalobos, $255,000.

ARTILLERY TERR., 1524 -- Tamir Ayush and Zamilan Amgalan to S. Dabare and Panduka Prangige, $514,900.

AURORA CT., 703 -- Hayat A. and Andy M. Moshrefi to Ruth and Paul Van Tuyle, $698,999.

AYRLEE AVE., 303 -- Kathy L. and Jonathan P. Gallagher to Robin W. McCarley, $450,000.

BINKLEY CIR., 43133 -- Rosa and Eliseo Reyes to Jose S. Alvarez, $660,000.

BIRCH ST., 911 -- Raynard P. Scott to Marta and Santiago Gonzalez, $485,000.

BONNIE RIDGE DR., 712 -- Sara K. and Leroy Johnson Jr. to Hosne and Mohammed Hashem, $669,950.

BRIDLE CREST SQ., 363 -- John K. Barrett to J. Castillo and M. Velasco De Castillo, $350,000.

BUCCANEER TERR., 18288 -- NVR Inc. to Venetia and Francis E. Rush, $1.11 million.

BUTTONWOOD TERR., 927 -- Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Cristian Thomae, $492,340,000.

CANAL CREEK PL., 43234 -- NVR Inc. to Nedal M. Elshaer and Saad Eljerayed, $1.11 million.

CEDAR WALK CIR., 149 -- Sherri Fawzi to Karolina and Nedim Heremic, $375,000.

CHICKASAW PL., 1611 -- Oguz and Becky J. Erkul to Yesy Salinas, $639,000.

COREOPSIS TERR., 18992 -- Lansdowne Community Development to Nicolle L. and David F. Palmer II, $872,973.

CRANBROOK DR., 206 -- Heather M. and Ryan P. Dixon to Laura D. and James A. Rinier, $550,000.

FAREWELL DANCE DR., 43340 -- Toll Land IX Partnership to Laura and Brian Burkart, $674,235.

FERNDALE TERR., 826 -- Tracey Barber and Andre V. Chinn to Kim M. Wever, $495,000.

GLEN OAK WAY, 18262 -- M.B. River Creek P. Corp. to Wendy K. and Charles Laduca, $723,908.

GOSHEN FARM CT., 43853 -- Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Ansley E. and Gerald C. Clark, $1.28 million.

HABITAT CIR., 43580 -- Lansdowne Community Development to Jeffrey A. and Trisha A. Peters, $864,450.

HEATERS ISLAND CT., 42092 -- Patriot Homes of Virginia Inc. to Dung Quan, $990,007.

HEDGESTONE TERR., 330 -- Lance C. Haldeman to Amy and Luke F. Monck, $380,000.

HUNTMASTER TERR., 1103, No. 201 -- Yaser Ebrahimi to Kesi and Roger R. Buchanan Jr., $245,000.

HUNTMASTER TERR., 1110, No. 101 -- Amanda J. and Brandon B. Buhler to Jennifer L. Schneider, $260,000.

KALMIA SQ., 527 -- Sandra L. and Patrick J. Hahn to Ysabel V. Molina and Edwin R. Cubas, $395,000.

KALMIA SQ., 592 -- Tracy W. and Daniel L. Howard to Florecilda Alvarado, $400,000.

KEMPER LAKES CT., 18313 -- Kimberly and Gregory J. Fortunato to Rebecca E. and John T. Jordan Jr., $1.17 million.

KEOKUK TERR., 1135 -- Frances H. and Lester A. Harding IV to Beverly Lynn Bayless, $450,000.

LANIER ISLAND SQ., 18429 -- Mary N. and Raymond G. Price to Margaret O. and Mark E. Barber, $630,000.

LEES CROSSING LANE, 14830 -- Lisa A. and Michael S. Lease to Richard and Janet D. Lyman, $1.12 million.

LEGRACE TERR., 533 -- Drees Co. to Christine E. and Charles P. Troger, $381,935.

LILAC TERR., 426 -- G. Bravo and Fernando Mendieta to Daniel Anasgo and Giglio M. Leon, $410,000.

LILAC TERR., 503 -- Charlene Majett to Magaly Barnes, $399,000.

NELSON CT., 1007 -- Zikreta and Almir Bekric to Sandra and Eulalio Barrera, $340,000.

NORTHLAKE OVERLOOK TERR., 43047 -- Charles L. Richards to Robert M. Jr. and Anne Kelly, $510,000.

OVERVIEW PL., 43277 -- Basheer Edgemoore Goose Creek Corp. to Hye Sook and Chad Leechor, $1.19 million.

PANORAMA PL., 42217 -- Glynn Tarra Estates Corp. to Chawn Oakley, $978,633.

PEARLBUSH SQ., 427 -- K.M. Justice and Joseph C. Hoffman to Nell and David Woodson, $363,000.

RASPBERRY DR., 41338 -- V.M.K. Associates Joint Venture to Mary S. and Gustavo M. Amaro, $1.43 million.

RIDGEBACK CT., 18812 -- B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Hyung Ja Cho, $1.23 million.

RIM ROCK CIR., 18447 -- Regina H. and David W. Lee to Jean M. and Michael C. Matteson, $900,000.

RIVERPOINT DR., 43888 -- Lansdowne Community Development to Joel M. and Tammy M. Larrea, $952,685.

ROCKFORD SQ., 859 -- Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Karen R. and Carl J. Bruecken, $364,335.

ROSEBROOK CT., 108 -- Centex Homes to Tahira and Semsudin Jazavac, $635,307.

SCENIC CREEK WAY, 43147 -- NVR Inc. to Seema Z. and Zubair Nasir, $958,860.

SENTINEL DR., 720 -- Maria and Jeffrey A. Desandre to Michael H. Weikert, $654,000.

SOUTHVIEW PL., 709 -- Diane C. Taylor and Todd T. Warr to Allan V. Kotmel Jr., $525,000.

SPECTACULAR BID PL., 40893 -- Renaissance at Beacon Hill Corp. to Deborah T. and Daniel G. Moore, $1.37 million.

SPRINGVIEW CT., 14113 -- Glynn Tarra Estates Corp. to Husam F. Atari, $852,031.

STALLION SQ., 324 -- Karen and Jeff Fitzgerald to Rosybeth Aparicio, $353,500.

TUCKAWAY PL., 43556 -- M.B. River Creek P. Corp. to Oanh and Kevin D. Rubink, $1.45 million.

TURNBERRY ISLE CT., 43403 -- Sharon A. Tees and Harold D. Sisson Jr. to Julie M. and Peter A. Johnson, $950,000.

VIOLA CT., 42812 -- Jackie Asencio to Patrice L. and Kimmel L. Daniel, $830,000.

WARWICK HILLS CT., 43286 -- Susan M. and Michael J. Hawkins to Laura W. and Eric J. Schuppenhauer, $1.23 million.

WILD INDIGO TERR., 43571 -- Lansdowne Community Development to Jeremy R. Beck, $150,426.

WILDMAN ST., 215 -- Carolyna L. and Calvin L. Clark to Barbara J. and Frederick M. Bush, $465,000.

WOODBRIDGE CT., 1609 -- Mirna Zelaya and Jose M. Zelaya to Pedro Funes, $640,000.

Leesburg-Watson AreaBEAUREGARD DR., 513 -- James H. III and Susan Martin to Knute G. and Julie Bidne, $895,000.

CAMELOT PL., 40955 -- Renaissance at Kings Crossing Corp. to Patricia A. and William Sullivan, $1.63 million.

CASLA CT., 813 -- Nan J. and Chang K. Paek to Habibullah and Roohafza Qasimyar, $650,000.

CLUBHOUSE DR., 125-B, No. 6 -- Patricia D. Hollandsworth to Judith A. and Thomas S. Hasson, $235,000.

CLUBHOUSE DR., 125-P, No. 10 -- Steve W. Schiro and Jerry M. Schiro to Tracy Moore and Matthew L. Stevens, $210,000.

CLUBHOUSE DR., 125-S, No. 1 -- Shirley A. Bee, trustee, to Ryan C. Murley, $201,500.

CONNERY TERR., 191 -- Javier Ramirez to Robert L. Gilmartin, $370,000.

CONSTELLATION SQ., 671C -- Bill Galanis to Basilio V. and Theresa B. Lozano, $285,000.

FORT EVANS RD., 104-E -- Robert C. Shrump to Noemi and Sammy Dela Cruz, $269,000.

FORTRESS CIR., 514 -- Lynn O'Keefe and Ronald J. Grabe to Sandra and Douglas Cribbes, $785,000.

FOXRIDGE DR., 354 -- Diane B. and Jerald W. Burch to Steven B. Collins, $440,000.

FOXRIDGE DR., 423 -- Leonard C. Bowman Jr. to Andrew J. Miller, $420,000.

GATEWAY DR., 672, No. 608 -- Alicia and Victor M. Quintanilla to Terri R. Randolph, $277,000.

GENERALS CT., 105 -- Beauregard Overlook Associates Corp. to Nan J. and Chang K. Paek, $823,436.

HAWKS VIEW SQ., 223 -- Washington Homes Inc. to Anne W. Jones, $419,950.

HAWLING PL., 1194 -- Patricia J. and Michael D. Stanfill to Charity Barber and James Heaton, $975,500.

HAWLING PL., 1303 -- Robinette E. and William H. Laclair to Kathryn L. and Nicholas D. Sweers, $770,000.

LOGANS CREEK LANE, 39252 -- Colleen Quinn and Mark Gilbert to Faron J. Lee and Jeanne M. Campbell, $855,000.

MACALISTER DR., 825 -- Gina Arciero and Michael Ammann to Carleen and Robert E. Vann, $725,000.

MCLEARY SQ., 685 -- Sandra A. and Raymond C. Crawbuck to Amanda and Patrick Todd, $450,000.

NANSEMOND ST., 340 -- Robert J. Gilchrist Jr. to Nelly M. Guevara, $330,000.

NICKELS DR., 324 -- Connie P. and Nathan Adam Hrach to Donna Lynn and Clinton Green, $700,000.

NORMAN PL., 20530 -- Anne W. Tees and A. Philip Johnson to Judith A. and Robert J. Prochko, $850,000.

OLD HICKORY LANE, 20975 -- Susan N. and John H. Showalter to Criselda D. and Rodolfo S. Reyes, $550,000.

PROSPERITY AVE., 113-B -- John D. and Jessica D. Cooper to E. Zurita and Blanca Silva, $240,000.

ROANOKE DR., 230 -- Romeo Carelli to Danielle Marie Gotthardt, $292,500.

ROANOKE DR., 311 -- Linda A. and Dennis M. Virts to Pam Makkar, $271,900.

ROCKBRIDGE DR., 608 -- Cory S. and Debra L. Weaver to Pedro Quintanilla, $380,000.

ROCKBRIDGE DR., 611 -- Luana M. Proffitt to Jose A. and Silvia Gomez, $339,900.

SHANA DR., 105 -- Richmond American Homes to Sandra S. Marsh, $664,865.

SHENANDOAH ST., 203 -- Mid-Atlantic Development Co. Corp. to A. Romero and Emeterio Membreno, $330,000.

SHENANDOAH ST., 213 -- Jeremey J. Fudge and Ariane Bruce to J. Flores and R. Velasco and Pedro Ayala, $331,000.

SHENANDOAH ST., 341 -- Candice J. White to Pacita K. Cubias De Melgar, $365,000.

SPENCER TERR., 140 -- Resham Patel to Judy and Roger Rice, $508,000.

SPRINGHOUSE SQ., 665 -- Daniel K. Jones to Sharon W. and Mustafa Inetas, $465,900.

THOMAS MILL RD., 39767 -- Robert A. Leier to Donald C. Leins and Lydia E. Pugh, $699,000.

TOBERMORY PL., 17488 -- Toll Land IX Partnership to Ranjit and Pargat S. Kandola, $951,080.

TOBERMORY PL., 17502 -- Toll Land IX Partnership to Arun Iyer, $1.2 million.

TOWN BRANCH TERR., 215 -- John C. and Michelle Wood to Michelle C. and David J. McGregor, $437,000.

VALLEY VIEW AVE., 601 -- Denise and Oscar Burton to Manrique A. Bolainez Caballero, $463,000.

VANDERBILT TERR., 785 -- Carmela and Tucker M. Cornwell to Mohammad E. Osmani, $385,000.

VANDERBILT TERR., 832 -- Thomas Wesley Dunn to Angie Avalos and Brian Ross, $373,000.

WIRT ST., 609 -- Judith Scott and Philip W. Root to Ana D. Gonzalez, $399,000.

Lovettsville AreaBERLIN PIKE S., 9 -- Wilhelmina V. Hetzel, trustee, to Ashleigh M. Britt, $334,000. FOREST GREEN LANE, 13131 -- Hunt Country Homes Inc. to Jennifer M. and Jonathan Gardner, $585,140.

LOUDOUN ST. S., 28 -- Andrea R. Watson to Robert D. Perantoni, $339,900.

LOVETT DR., 10 -- NVR Inc. to Martha Turcios, $593,344.

LOVETTSVILLE RD., 40069 -- Allen and Kathy Wilt and Carol Wilt to Jeffrey A. Wilt, $450,000.

MILLS CT., 10 -- Liliana H. Hines to Jose M. Rivera and Paulo Martinez, $427,000.

MULLEN HILL RD., 13139 -- Kelly and Luis Rodriguez to Julia Rottier and Ayman Aal, $750,000.

PARNELL CT., 38170 -- Equity Homes Partnership to Janine H. and Mikel D. Cernetich, $955,345.

SCOTT MORGAN LANE, 11540 -- Dan Ryan Builders Inc. to Timothy F. Moylan, $771,065.

TOLLHOUSE RD., 39227 -- Dan Ryan Builders Inc. to Edson Fernandes, $642,870.

Purcellville AreaAUTUMN CHASE CT., 441 -- K. Hovnanian Homes of Virginia Inc. to Aletha E. and Dean D. Gale, $688,311.

BERLIN TPK., 15366 -- Susan E. and John D. Younkin to Eduardo Hernandez, $310,000.

DEERBROOK LANE, 37879 -- Linda M. and William T. Butler to Loretta L. and Walton B. Eamich Jr., $729,000.

EASTGATE DR., 37783 -- Gregory Lincoln and Patricia Lincoln to Phyllis D. and Michael Thaggard, $510,000.

FALCONHURST DR., 16742 -- K. Hovnanian Homes of Virginia Inc. to Pamela C. and Mark D. Balensiefen, $1.03 million.

FRAZER DR., 106 -- Julie S. and Thomas C. Embrey Jr. to Cheryl L. and Harold B. Anderson, $364,900.

FRAZER DR., 114 -- Michael S. Pepple to Max R. Kipfer, $325,000.

GOLDENCREST CIR., 16658 -- K. Hovnanian Homes of Virginia Inc. to Aziza and Omar M. Shoja, $899,289.

HACKLEY CT., 206 -- Jaime Pinillos to Julio Jaramillo, $358,000.

HARVEST VIEW CT., 921 -- K. Hovnanian Homes of Virginia Inc. to Angela D. and Darin P. Klinge, $602,111.

HIGHLAND FARM PL., 37963 -- Jeffrey D. Shiring to Nicole and Miguel Tejada, $859,000.

HUGHESVILLE RD., 38245 -- Laura and John C. Scharfenberg Jr. to Rynthia M. and Kathryn R. Rost, $940,000.

MCDANIEL DR., 320 -- Robert Jackson and Harsimran Kaur Jr. to Marcus S. Durden, $364,999.

O ST. W., 104 -- Shannon L. Staley and Loi Van to Kelli W. Parker, $269,500.

PASTURE GATE CT., 408 -- K. Hovnanian Homes of Virginia Inc. to Ono C. and Christopher J. Lukasiak, $788,867.

POPLAR STAND PL., 18229 -- Birchwood Oak Knoll Farm Corp. to Linda and Richard E. Duffy, trustees, $760,455.

SILCOTT MEADOW PL., 36416 -- M/I Homes of D.C. Corp. to Chung Un Bae and Jae Ik Bae, $1.11 million.

ST LOUIS RD., 20634 -- Andrea L. and Brian I. Selfe to Elizabeth A. and Harry N. Newton, $980,000.

Round Hill AreaARROWOOD PL., 17370 -- Sabra A. and Laurence R. Smyth to J. Rivera and Nichelle Watts Rivera, $529,900. CALUMET LANE, 18244 -- Stephanie A. and Randy D. Pritchard to Kevin B. Perkins, $960,000.

GLENCOE CT., 35396 -- Equity Homes Corp. to Johanna Purvis and Donald Brand Jr., $1.35 million.

GREENWOOD DR., 17214 -- Round Hill Investors Corp. to Shazia Sarwar, $535,777.

LETHRIDGE CIR., 17574 -- Round Hill Investors Corp. to Nancy A. and Andrew L. Wilson, $465,503.

LOCUST ST. N., 19 -- Douglas M. Bittner to Jennifer Lee Grafton, $450,000.

MAGIC MOUNTAIN DR., 17168 -- Jennifer R. and Luke F. Edson to Luz Smith and Santos Plascencia, $510,000.

SASSAFRAS DR., 35550 -- Mark A. Craig to Barbara S. Hendrick, $505,000.

TEDLER CIR., 17644 -- Round Hill Investors Corp. to Leo and Norma Van Bellen, $536,281.

South Riding AreaANDERBY LANE, 25775 -- Jennifer R. and Alan B. Bernstein to Bejan Muruwat, $799,900.

APPALOOSA TRAIL CT., 42852 -- K. Hovnanian Homes of Virginia Inc. to Ying Chen and Forest Sun, $987,770.

AYTHORNE LANE, 25790 -- Bonnie J. and Michael K. McSherry to B. Ghumman and Baldev Ghumman, $700,000.

BEACHALL ST., 43023 -- Kristi S. and Brian David Jones to Danielle and Benjamin Dils, $495,000.

BRADFORDS TELEGRAPH CT., 42661 -- NVR Inc. to Jamie J. and Eric A. Bloom, $1.15 million.

CARBERRY DR., 25457 -- Karin and Kuzma Kopano to Ilker Alan, $450,000.

CEDAR POND PL., 43369 -- Drees Co. to Aela P. and Seung Woon Oh, $944,261.

COMMONS SQ., 25800 -- Winchester Homes Inc. to Sekhar Puli and Narasimha Nadela, $518,000.

COMMONS SQ., 25872 -- Winchester Homes Inc. to S. Gopal and Madhusudhana Setty, $546,539.

DEMERRIT ST., 43027 -- Faye Wong and Timothy M. Cheadle to Dragana Veskov, $419,900.

EUSTIS ST., 43001 -- Amy M. and Bradford D. Russell to Robert Walter, $465,000.

FLINTONBRIDGE DR., 25917 -- Lynn F. and Richard A. Hayden Jr. to Nicole E. and Brian A. Hill, $625,000.

GLASGOW DR., 26155 -- Patricia A. and Robert W. Holliday to Brandy Killion and Michael Starr, $825,000.

GOLF VIEW DR., 43212 -- Jacqueline A. and Jeffrey M. Wilson to Ok Ja Kim and Chong Ho Chung, $649,000.

HERRING CREEK DR., 25420 -- Rhonda and Emlyn H. Marsteller IV to Gema G. and Luis M. Fuentes, $420,000.

KIPLINGTON SQ., 43541 -- Sujatha Pasam and Vasudeva Akula to Hue and Dung Hoang Nguyen, $417,000.

KIRKWOOD SQ., 25927 -- Alexandra and Richard Del Vecchio to Yulita Miranda Banks, $570,000.

LAKE MIST SQ., 25340, No. 201 -- Amy L. Cassara and Robert W. Kelly to Natalia Torres and Gloria Casas, $350,000.

LAKE SHORE SQ., 25260, No. 103 -- Julie A. Morse to Rose Bonner, $365,000.

LARKS TERR., 25208 -- South Riding Partners to Megan and William Springer, $572,211.

LEWISTON DR., 42538 -- South Riding Partners to Bok Kyoung Seo, $824,764.

MAPLE CROSS ST., 43230 -- Patricia I. and Richard A. McCoy to Victoria A. and Gary S. Roach, $751,000.

MATTIES TERR., 42980 -- Winchester Homes Inc. to Rana Azeem and Zahida P. Iqbal, $513,712.

MATTIES TERR., 43010 -- Winchester Homes Inc. to Kimberly Williams, $135,080.

MCINTYRE SQ., 25276 -- Lashunta C. and Steven W. Barrow to A. Vijayendran and Arjun Ganapathy, $495,000.

MCINTYRE SQ., 25326 -- M. Delemoine and Sean J. Rogers to Mariane H. and Alberto Romano, $560,000.

NESTING SQ., 25279 -- Karen and Doug Marcinski to Cristita P. and Ronald L. Jensen, $530,000.

OCALA CIR., 26263 -- Richard A. Davis and Julie J. Kim to Kama M. and Richard R. Pollick, $595,000.

PADDOCK TRAIL PL., 27531 -- NVR Inc. to Shari and Koorosh Kaymanesh, $1.38 million.

PELICAN DR., 42614 -- South Riding Partners to Van C. and Dung B. Hoang, $824,849.

POLAND RD., 25394 -- Shari L. Kidd to Pulte Home Corp., $550,000.

PONDEROSA DR., 42346 -- Richmond American Homes to Demis I. and Jose I. Flores, $800,290.

PROVIDENCE RIDGE DR., 42268 -- Kevin N. Primeau to Corliss Jackson and Cecelia Taylor, $871,000.

RACHEL HILL DR., 26013 -- Erin H. and Christopher A. Meier to Ann Kopp McDonough, $690,000.

ROLLING ROCK SQ., 42696 -- Ung and Sun Kim and Nicole Kim to Amanda B. and Adam E. Macaulay, $479,900.

SHALER ST., 42831 -- Mariam Q. and Sajjad Hamid to Hannah G. George, $520,000.

SOUTH VILLAGE DR., 25607 -- Winchester Homes Inc. to Yong H. and Young Sook Kim, $758,580.

SOUTH VILLAGE DR., 25647 -- Allene Murray to Haidee Calore and Troy Keutzer, $950,000.

VALIANT DR., 43132 -- Ngoc Anh Nguyen and Tien D. Phan to Sy Sean Phan, $900,000.

WHIPPOORWILL TERR., 25192 -- South Riding Partners to Li Juan He and Hui Lin Zhang, $459,345.

Sterling AreaAMELIA ST. N., 1201 -- James R. Talbert to Ramon Blanco, $400,000. AMELIA ST. N., 1805 -- Rita Marie and Terry N. Tretick to Serena A. and Vasantha P. Desilva, $522,500.

ANDREW PL., 101 -- Maria Rivera to Pablo E. Orellana, $350,000.

ANDREW PL., 125 -- Alexander J. Roganti to Eric P. Sloman, $269,000.

ASH RD. W., 220 -- Catarina M. and Isabel A. Martinez to Cruz Portillo and Abel Portillo, $405,000.

BRETHOUR CT., 1002 -- Ana Elsy Lopez to Jose A. Ramos, $355,000.

BURNING BRANCH TERR., 46845 -- Rose D. Pegues to Usha Cheriathundam, $500,000.

CAMERON ST. N., 120 -- Nisakone and Vien Khemanivong to Nucharee Phumbut, $525,000.

CANDLEBERRY CT., 15 -- Deborah A. and Albert O. Polston to Dawn P. Tees and Kilian Douglas Mauz, $525,000.

CEDAR DR., 28 -- Joan R. Klunk to Preet and Harmeet Kalra, $640,000.

CHARLOTTE ST. W., 105 -- Jaime A. Perez to Walter Chavez and Jorge D. Ruiz, $480,000.

CIRCLE DR., 600 -- Beatrice Bickford to Ana Delmi Garcia, $425,000.

COLONIAL AVE., 806 -- Maria C. and Jose I. Castro to Victor Cerritos and Jose A. Leiva, $340,000.

CONCORD CT. N., 712 -- Jaswant S. Mahal to Pable Medina Valenzuela, $322,000.

CONCORD CT. W., 136 -- Amir Awad Alfahdawi to Julio Portillo and Wilfredo Portillo, $320,000.

COTTAGE RD. N., 129 -- Nancy Mendoza to Eulalio Molina, $349,900.

CRAIG ST. N., 1801 -- Angela D. Roote to Andres De Leon, $415,000.

EDENBERRY CT., 207 -- Amy R. and Daniel S. Fagerli to Bonnie and Komolkla Kaewkhamphar, $585,000.

EMORY DR. N., 201, No. 11 -- Robert C.L. Wedekind to Jason McCoy, $215,000.

ETHAN CT., 21067 -- Azra A. and Anwar Farooqui to Yasmeen and Amjad Rasool, $499,000.

FARMINGTON LANE, 104 -- Deborah B. and Norman E. Solowey to Jose R. Figueroa, $455,000.

FILLMORE AVE. N., 141, No. 9 -- Robert Renzoni to Jorge Vargas, $217,000.

FILLMORE AVE. N., 201, No. 10 -- Christina R. and Thomas C. Haman Jr. to R. Elias and J. Monterroza Pineda, $210,000.

FLETCHER RD., 204 -- Sharon L. and Joseph J. Mathews to V. Zambrano and C. Zambrano Portilla, $499,900.

GILES PL., 306 -- Helen C. and Robert A. Dickens to Berta Parada and Jose A. Escobar, $327,900.

GILES PL., 710 -- Manuel B. Zelada to Abdon E. Claros Saravia, $345,000.

GREENTREE TERR., 21906 -- Nathan Risdal to Stephen Oberther, $395,000.

HARDING CT., 404 -- Roberto Rivera to Roberto Rivera and Rosa M. Escalante, $400,000.

HAWTHORNE CT., 21071 -- Pamela L. and Thomas P. Fedrick to Kimberly B. Tapken, $459,900.

HOGA ST. S., 705 -- Roupas Group Corp. to Juan R. Ruiz and Osbelio Ralda, $450,000.

HOLBORN CT., 967 -- Maria R. and Christopher Grady to Isaias Mejia Ayala, $357,500.

HOPELAND LANE, 105 -- S. Lee Jessee and Pietro P. Magri to Rebecca Blanchard and Matthew Sowers, $459,900.

HOWARD PL., 30 -- Oscar Oliva to Lucio Lobos, $325,000.

HUMMER CT., 400 -- Christian Duback and Aisha Hajjaj to Dolores Recinos and Jesus Madrid, $485,000.

IRVING RD. S., 307 -- Toni C. and David Michael Miller to Jorge and Ana E. Rivas, $443,000.

KENNEDY RD. E., 1203 -- Marlyn J. and Fred K. Gansel to Ana Portillo and Tomas Lopez, $490,000.

LEATHERLEAF CIR., 21807 -- Clivia M. and Hector Velasquez to Balmore Chicas, $389,000.

LINCOLN AVE. N., 119 -- Yong K. Choi to Alberto Pacheco and Dante Morote, $495,000.

MAPLE AVE. E., 322 -- Martha A. and Stanley S. Mills to Julia O. and Thomas D. Adams, $280,000.

MAPLE AVE. W., 511 -- Emma and George J. Clement to Marc Bessent, $435,000.

MAPLE AVE. W., 611 -- Blanca and Luis A. Mora to N.N. Hernandez and Elba Bernal, $425,000.

MARCUM CT., 114 -- Efigenio Bazan Diaz to Cirilo and Judith L. Ramirez, $358,000.

MARGATE CT., 1021B -- Katty Gomez to Gladis Yessenia Rivera Martinez, $285,000.

MAYFIELD WAY, 22372 -- K.L. Mullins and Ramiro A. Clavel to Ana P. Roca, $325,000.

MEADOWLAND LANE W., 243 -- Carrie L. Marrow to Betty Jane and Alexander Servance, $450,000.

MYCROFT CT., 1016A -- Ana R. Reymundo to Pedro M. Castaneda, $255,000.

NETTLE TREE RD. W., 610 -- Barbara P. and Jack A. Hutcherson to Sasha L. Seute and Ian P. Schrotel, $460,000.

POPLAR RD. E., 310 -- Patricia L. and James W. Lyons to Jose Aleman, $475,000.

POPLAR RD. W., 613 -- Ewe See Khoo and Suan Lee Cheah to Jorge Avalos, $447,000.

RABBITRUN TERR., 46897 -- Robert E. III and Linda S. Tucker to William S. Ammons Jr., $410,000.

RABBITRUN TERR., 46901 -- Karina Nelson to Gina M. and Brian J. Pecoraro, $397,400.

ST. CHARLES SQ., 112 -- Denise Renee Dibari to Mark Kuczynski, $279,900.

ST. JOHNS SQ., 224 -- A. Jiamali and Benjamin Holmberg to E. Huaytalla and Victor M. Gallo, $290,000.

ST. JOHNS SQ., 224 -- S.G. Medrano and Jorge Violante Tobar to A. Jiamali and Benjamin Holmberg, $280,000.

SALISBURY CT., 1026 -- C. Gonzalez De Bruno and Oscar Bruno to Jose M. Morejon, $360,000.

SHERWOOD CT., 953 -- Keleigh L. and David F. Taylor to Gofredo Barrios and Jacoba Barrios, $340,000.

STERLING BLVD. N., 716 -- Dora A. De Bouhlas to Sonia M. Sandoval, $523,400.

SYCAMORE RD. N., 111 -- Pedro A. Villa to Jose S. Hernandez, $445,000.

TAMARACK RIDGE SQ., 21492 -- Mary Joan Hartz to Christopher R. Lee, $494,000.

TRUMPET CIR., 46890 -- Addisalem and Kone J. Fseha to Jennifer Jackson, $409,000.

VERMONT MAPLE TERR., 46833 -- A. Littlefield and Patrick Bledzki to Bhaskar Katike, $490,000.

WINDSOR CT., 910 -- Douglas Hawley to E. Pacheco and Luis E. Rivera, $325,000.

WOODMINT TERR., 46751 -- Kimberly N. and Gregory P. Thomas to Sally Dakdouk Harb, $415,000.

Waterford AreaBARLOW DR., 15097 -- Toll Land IX Partnership to Hedy and John Allgood, $957,610.

HAMILTON STATION RD., 16046 -- Robert J.H. Sands to Sandra L. and David A. Nordgren, $1.29 million.