These were among animal cases handled by the Prince George's County Department of Environmental Resources Animal Management Division. Call 301-499-8300 for recorded information, including directions to the Prince George's County Animal Shelter, hours of operation, and adoption and licensing procedures. The shelter's Web site is at; click on "Government," then go to "Department & Agency Index."

Dog's Ownership Denied CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Hastings Dr., 6900 block, Feb. 11. A man holding a stray brown puppy in his yard reported that he took it to a neighbor who he believed owned the dog. When the puppy would not go inside the house, the neighbor closed the door and left the dog outside. An animal control officer picked up the dog, a 1-year-old brown female Dachshund mix wearing a silver-studded red collar but no tags. It was taken to the shelter and made available for adoption.

Dog Tag Saves Owner a Fine HYATTSVILLE, Forest Road and Parkway Place, Feb. 11. A resident saw two dogs running loose but was unable to catch them. A field supervisor investigated and found a 7-month-old black neutered male beagle mix wearing a black nylon collar and tags. The supervisor contacted the dog's owners and explained the county's confinement requirements and the dangers of allowing an animal to run loose. Because the dog's collar provided current license information, the dog was not taken to the shelter and the owner was not fined.

'George Bush' May Be Illegal HYATTSVILLE, Rosemary Lane, 3100 block, Feb. 11. A resident reported that an "extremely thin" medium-size white pit bull dog had been running loose and that someone had beaten it to force it into a nearby house. An animal control officer investigated and found the dog, reportedly named George Bush, but no one claimed to own it. The officer took the dog, a large 3-year-old male white-and-black pit bull, to the shelter. The dog had no collar or tags. It will be held as a stray until its owners claim it. Most pit bulls younger than 10 are illegal in Prince George's County. Hawk Found Uninjured TEMPLE HILLS, Old Branch Ave., 5900 block, Feb. 10. An animal control officer picked up a hawk that was reported as having a broken wing. Because the bird did not appear to be injured, it was taken to the Chesapeake Wildlife Sanctuary.

New Pet Proves Elusive DISTRICT HEIGHTS, Marbury Ct., 7000 block, Feb. 9. A man who adopted a beagle from the shelter a week earlier called to report that the dog was running loose. Whenever the owner got close to the dog, named Rocky, the animal would run away again. The man requested a trap, which is available from animal management for a $40 rental fee. Instead, an animal control officer was able to catch Rocky and, because it was current on his rabies vaccination and license, returned it to its adoptive family. The officer reported that the family and its new dog were happy to be back together. Owner Fined in 2 Dogs' CasesCAPITOL HEIGHTS, Pleasant Valley Ct., 7000 block, Feb. 8. A resident found a stray miniature pinscher and held it at her home. An animal control officer picked up the dog and traced its owner through a microchip ID. The owner called to reclaim the dog, named Rocko, and later went to the shelter where she paid fines totaling $105 in connection with Rocko's running loose. She also paid a $100 fine in connection with a cocker spaniel which, officials said, she failed to have neutered within a specific time period after she had adopted it from the shelter. The owner said financial matters prevented her from having the dog neutered in a timely fashion but showed proof that it was eventually done.

Cat Spends Days Up a TreeLANHAM, Good Luck Rd., 9900 block, Feb. 7. A resident saw a cat stuck in a tree behind his apartment building and tried to reach the animal for two days before calling the animal shelter. An officer used the apartment complex's ladder to climb the tree and remove the year-old buff male cat. The cat was being held as a stray until an owner claims it. If no one comes forward, the cat will be sent to Advocats Rescue. Dog Is Protective Mother RIVERDALE, 58th Ave., 6200 block, Jan. 29. A resident reported that a "very aggressive" stray rusty-brown chow-type dog was in his yard, barking and growling. When he approached the dog, it ran under the porch, then came back and tried to attack him. An animal control officer was able to contain the dog, a 3-year-old brown female Jindo, then crawled under the resident's house to rescue four 1-week-old puppies. He took the very protective dog and its puppies to the shelter to be held together as a family until an owner comes forward to claim them.

Stray Dogs Taken to ShelterCAPITOL HEIGHTS, Yost Place and Baltic Avenue, Feb. 11. An animal control officer responding to stray dogs running loose found a 3-year-old tan female German shepherd with black markings. The dog had no collar or tags, and was taken to the shelter to remain until it is claimed or adopted. An officer took a trap to the location in an effort to confine the other reported strays.

RIVERDALE, Longfellow St., 6100 block, Feb. 11. A woman found a stray dog, held it in her basement and called animal management. An animal control officer picked up the dog, a 3-year-old black-and-white female Boston terrier mix with a collar but no tags. The dog was taken to the shelter to be held until it is claimed or adopted.

CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Walker Mill Rd., 7700 block, Feb. 10. A Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission police officer reported a dog running loose. An animal control officer picked up the dog, a large 1-year-old male brown-and-white bull mastiff wearing a silver choke chain with a small padlock but no tags.

HYATTSVILLE, Navahoe Dr., 8400 block, Feb. 8. Prince George's County police reported a large, "extremely aggressive" black "German shepherd." An animal control officer picked up the dog, an aggressive 1-year-old black pit bull with a collar but no tags. Most pit bulls younger than 10 years of age are illegal in Prince George's County. The case was continuing.

-- Compiled by GERRI MARMER