These sales were recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Montgomery and other Washington areas, visit

Aspen Hill AreaADRIAN ST., 4504-Johnny Lunacek to Jose D. Galdamez, $475,000. BAUER DR., 14126-R. and Amien Loethfie to Tenny Ratna, $495,000.

CHESTERFIELD RD., 14115-Lucia and Emilio Borro to Jessica Yvette Mejia, $510,000.

CUTLASS DR., 16700-M.N. and Alan S. Miller to Andre Mbonda, $720,000.

HAVERFORD DR., 4401-Jordan N. and Holly Bodner to Sharon W. and David Singer, $700,000.

RUSSETT RD., 5006-C.A. and Harold F. Goldsmith to Maura Rodriguez, $465,000.

ST. CHARLES PL., 13017-Anne McFarlane to Maria I. Santos, $465,000.

Bethesda AreaABERDEEN RD., 7816-William W. Rhodes, trustee, to Janet M. and Glenn D. Grab, $1 million.

CEDAR CROFT DR., 4908, No. 103-Barnsley Corp. to Yenny H. Susanto, $161,255.

CEDAR CROFT DR., 4910, No. 104-Barnsley Corp. to Cheryl Murray, $161,655.

DEMOCRACY BLVD., 7501-B-JBN Realty Investment to Mary R. Kim, $194,000.

DICKENS AVE., 9905-William M. and B.L.F. Ratnavale to Heidi Ruth Gailor Loflin and John Christopher Loflin, $725,000.

EDWARD AVE., 10012-Elaine Germano to Anaximandro Moraes, $525,000.

FARNHAM DR., 10504-Maria P. Eaves, trustee, to Cathy L. and Stephen P. Candelmo, $765,000.

HAVILAND DR., 6312-Elisabeth Light to Hui Jiang and Lei Zhang, $705,000.

JAMESTOWN RD., 4802-Judith L. Coe, trustee, to Kathleen T. Buchanan Lee and Robert M. Lee, $1.1 million.

KENHILL RD., 6522-Richard J. and D.R. Greenfield to Kathleen L. and Kevin M. Ryan, $1.25 million.

KENTSTONE DR., 9511-Kristi Weaver Castro to Kellie L. and Doru Zuba, $580,000.

LINDALE DR., 9304-Theresa R. Fetzer, trustee, to Anne Langley Henry and Robert Allan Henry, $605,000.

MAPLE AVE., 4604-Carter Inc. to James B. Frownfelter, $1.54 million.

PARKHILL DR. W., 9301-Jody M. Ferguson to Nicole D. and Austin K. Brown, $665,000.

PELHAM RD., 8507-Norman J. Graham Yooll to Beatriz M. Romero Junquera and George L. Richardson, $1.64 million.

ROOSEVELT ST., 5501-Menditch Homes Corp. to Daniel J. Schwartz, $1.35 million.

ROSEDALE AVE., 4422-P. and Doris Yoon to Sharon Williams, $642,500.

SLEAFORD PL., 7916-M.L. and Lyle W. Gundy to John Gundy, $594,900.

SPRINGER RD., 7902-Pamela Solomon, trustee, to Shelley W. and Sanford C. Reback, $1.01 million.

WESTBARD CIR., 5301, No. 130-Sedgley M. Claire to William O. Suddath, $299,000.

Boyds Area BLUE MOON CT., 18413-Olabisi and Oluyinka Oyefusi to Anthony Jones, $895,000.

ETHEL ROSE WAY, 12812-Pulte Home to Sonali Patnaik and Roopesh K. Das, $450,000.

ETHEL ROSE WAY, 12909-Pulte Home to Ayeshah J. McBride, $455,000.

Brookeville AreaDUBARRY DR., 19517-Robert C. and C.A.W. Remy to Jill D. and Jason V. Chasse, $520,000. OLNEY MILL RD., 19701-Eugene V. and E.R. Byron to Sarah A. and Matthew J. Petusky, $620,000.

Burtonsville AreaANGELTON TERR., 14213-Kevin Kinsey to Sharon Asante, $334,900.

BRYANT PARK CIR., 3902-D.R. Horton Inc. to Wayne Mooring, $446,481.

BRYANT PARK CIR., 3918-D.R. Horton Inc. to Fatmata Kamara, $518,510.

BRYANT PARK CIR., 3921-D.R. Horton Inc. to Kofoworola O. Alli, $526,850.

BRYANT PARK CIR., 3928-D.R. Horton Inc. to Stephanie R. and Kerry Duan Moore, $535,050.

CROSSWOOD DR., 4212-Richard A. Brewer III to Ferdinand X. Ngomeni and Edith T. Nkoua, $359,900.

SORRENTO CT., 14508-Charles A. Weller to Ermias Kifle, $357,900.

Calverton AreaCHERRY HILL RD., 11408, No. 301-Jorge Luis Gardellini to Melanie L. Deggins, $170,000. CHERRY HILL RD., 11412, No. 201-Jehad D. Dababneh to Vincent H. Berg, $203,000.

Calverton-Colesville AreaBRONZEGATE PL., 12027, No. 98-Mohamed S. Dumbuya to Paulbert Blair, $320,000.

CARRIAGE HOUSE TERR., 1637-E-Shenglin Chang to Michelle L. Proctor, $184,900.

CHILTON DR., 1323-Sarah C. and Eric J. Blendermann to Prudential Relocation, $459,900.

COLLINGWOOD TERR., 13123-Charles H. and M.K. Steckler to Nancy D. and Agustin Lopez, $475,000.

GAFFNEY RD., 12806-Margaret D. Steffen, trustee, to Caroline C. Kenner, $635,000.

HICKORY LEAF WAY, 2918-Fred A. Biehl to Francis O. Bubui, $315,000.

KARA LANE, 13209-Jose S. and Melendez to Joyce and George F. Arsnow Sr., $525,000.

MAPLE ST., 12714-D.J. and Charlie E. Honaker to Juana Natividad Loza, $450,000.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 12404-Christopher R. and L.B. Flynn to Ingrid J. Fallas and Jose F. Picado, $539,000.

PEBBLE BEACH CT., 13001-Mark S. and N. Gurman to Emmanuela and Pierre Romulus, $774,900.

SEMINOLE CREEK WAY, 602-James and V. Gilbert to Kimelia and John L. Monroe, $775,000.

VENETIAN RD., 13106-Rodolfo Molina Umansor to Mario Guardado, $780,000.

Chevy Chase AreaBLAINE DR., 2724-Ben S. and R.A. Mulitz to Sarah A. and Joel A. Rubin, $685,000. BROOKLAWN TERR., 3141-Harold Corman, trustee, to Arturo Hernandez, $755,000.

CHESTNUT ST., 7213-Scott and Kristen Franklin to Dana and Brandon Fields, $1.25 million.

CHEVY CHASE LAKE DR., 3535, No. 211-Howard L. Weisberg to Andrew Kass, $299,000.

GLENDALE RD., 8042-Gary T. and Jennifer D. Cook to Jessica D. and Patrick G. Flynn, $1.03 million.

HIGHLAND DR., 5815-Lester M. and C.W. Crawford to Frances D. and William J. Blot, $1.83 million.

MELROSE ST. W., 3-Wilfred and B. Goodwyn to George Henry Beuchert and Rebecca Douglas Beuchert, $2 million.

SHIRLEY LANE, 3301-B.L. and Jerome Footer to Gail J. Herzenberg, $755,000.

STEWART DRIVEWAY, 3706-Elizabeth A. Dawson, trustee, to Natalie J. and Jeffrey S. Hedrick, $575,000.

Clarksburg AreaCLARKSMEADE DR., 23752-Marian Zozobrado to Joselito R. Cuba, $490,000.

CYPRESS SPRING RD., 12124-Clarksburg Skylark to Margaret M. and Brian Dyer, $624,690.

GRAND ELM ST., 12740-Clarksburg Village Investments to Maria A. and Jorge A. Garcia, $1.25 million.

MURDOCK RIDGE WAY, 23206-Imran Rashid to Barry D. Douglas, $700,000.

MURDOCK RIDGE WAY, 23213-Theodore Spenadel to Stephane Milongo, $665,000.

POND PINE DR., 12119-Clarksburg Skylark to Sarah D. Hostetler, $525,244.

ROBIN SONG DR., 23209-Clarksburg Village to NVR, $205,500.

ROBIN SONG DR., 23216-Winchester Homes to Lalitha B. and Rama B. Reddy, $673,976.

SASSAFRAS WAY, 12104-Clarksburg Skylark to Silvia R. and Sean A. MacDonald, $686,509.

WINGED ELM DR., 23008-Clarksburg Skylark to Zhe Chang, $483,076.

WINGED ELM DR., 23012-Clarksburg Skylark to Tara D. and Thomas D. Scholz, $485,081.

Cloverly-Ednor AreaCOHASSET DR., 16001-Ricky and L. Williams to Audrey M. and Ronald E. Sturdivant, $799,000. RAINBOW DR., 1501-V.O. and Franklin O. Okojie to Mike Osewingie, $515,000.

TWIG TERR., 1319-Patricia H. and Michael P. Rose to Teresa Ramirez, $375,000.

WINDMILL TERR., 14904-D.R. and John C. Kenney to Ana G. Urrutia, $585,000.

Damascus AreaRIDGE RD., 25710-Constance P. Haffner to Kevin G. Whitener, $391,000.

RIDGE RD., 25800-Margaret T. Snow to Cynthia S. Mandley Lowry and Michael P. Lowry, $290,000.

RIDGE MANOR TERR., 10109, No. 4000-E-James P. Cady to Luis A. Lovo, $255,000.

SANTA ANITA TERR., 10521-Christopher A. Corder to Steve E. Urps, $570,000.

Derwood AreaGRINNELL DR., 7313-Scott L. and Lori C. Kaufman to Helen D. and Mark A. Shannon, $610,000. KEATS TERR., 16437-C.A. and James L. Williams to Cecilia K. Rajnic, $490,000.

ROSLYN AVE., 7101-Elizabeth M. Sherman, trustee, to Sonia M. Bonilla Mejia, $495,000.

Gaithersburg AreaANNA CT., 26, No. 286-Ed Delacruz to Victor Alvarado, $318,000.

ANNA CT., 76, No. 263-John F. Natoli to Marta Nimia Avelar, $332,000.

BANNISTER CT., 10-V.J. and Robert L. Stehr to Stacie Navarro, $449,900.

BROADWATER WAY, 19151-Rosa M. Franco to Ruth Eulalia Goyes, $361,000.

CAPE JASMINE WAY, 18409-J.D. and Edward A. Vanover to Jose F. Escobar, $534,000.

CENTERWAY RD., 9009-Uwagboe Imarhiagbe to Jose Guillermo Sequeira and Concepcion Sequeira, $347,000.

DEER PARK RD. W., 428, No. 10-B-Edwin E. Villatoro to Cesar Hernandez, $360,000.

GARTH TERR., 208-Veronique Kouassi to Lassana Sylla, $387,000.

GIRARD ST., 432, No. 204-Betty L. Clark to Samuel Mensah, $178,000.

GIRARD ST., 456, No. 387-Cao Van Nguyen to Truc Linh Thi Nguyen, $200,000.

GIRARD ST., 460, No. 404-Queen E. Duhart to Alfreida A. Palmer, $234,000.

GRANTCHESTER PL., 10-J.M. and Edward O. Peterson to Juan F. Alvarado, $549,900.

GUILDBERRY DR., 18420, No. 102-Mostafa Beshir to Katrina E. Sumter, $191,100.

SMOOTHSTONE WAY, 18901, No. I-3-Eric R. Bethem to Elena Shekhonina and Aleksey Gugichev, $163,300.

WATERSHED CT., 8603-M.L.G. and David F. Cruz to Alejandro Benture, $349,000.

Gaithersburg- North Potomac AreaANSEL TERR., 13636-David S. and D.L. Rosner to Laura M. and Anthony D. Mancillas, $425,000.

BLACKBERRY DR., 15630-Beth D. Frank to Timothy J. Wood and Sally Giovanna Dianderas Wood, $787,000.

CAPTAINS WALK CT., 11125-K.S.M. and Herman H. Yeung to Arlene B. Cohen, $355,000.

FALCONBRIDGE TERR., 15131-Daniel and Ladawn Mason to Carolyn M. and Thomas D. Newton, $654,500.

GALESVILLE DR., 12438-Nancy E. and Jon P. Fryzek to Primacy Closing, $612,500.

GRANITE RIDGE DR., 12666-Carolyn M. and Thomas D. Newton to Haley Groves, $495,000.

GREEN WATCH WAY, 11232-Junli Zhang to Howard H.M. Yan, $665,000.

HIGH GABLES DR., 310, No. 304-Morton Keller, trustee, to Marianna Halari, $387,500.

HIGHLAND RIDGE AVE., 738-National Transfer Services to Joseph A. Violante, $590,000.

HILLSIDE LAKE TERR., 913, No. 409-Andrew Kang to Opal D. Jones, $285,000.

LAKE GENEVA WAY, 13225-Parmvir Singh to Felicia Odametey, $387,000.

LAZY HOLLOW DR., 112-Lisa and B. Gotkin to Bhanu Pratap Sood and Preeti Bajwa, $388,000.

LYNETTE ST., 468-James M. and Mindi N. Squire to Chow K. and Kelly T. Liew, $540,000.

MIDLINE CT., 29-Qi Cao to Kelvin M. White, $353,000.

NATIVE DANCER RD., 14833-C.A. and Robert L. Freeman to Eva June Murray, $804,990.

OWENS GLEN WAY, 11759-John S. Carty to Robin C. Murphy and Stephen P. Mathis, $760,000.

PELICAN AVE., 625, No. 625-NVR to Sowmya Srinivasan and Srikant Chandrasekhar, $375,230.

PRAIRIE ROSE CT., 7, No. 9-4-A.A. and Ramon A. Cruz to Lilliam A. Silva, $314,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 862, No. 102-Cietta and Raynold Mensah to Hadja F. Thiam, $195,500.

RIDGEPOINT PL., 413, No. 16-Florence W. Siegel, trustee, to Chandler A. and Jesse L. Becker, $340,000.

ROTHSCHILD CT., 5-Mary E. and Raymond A. MacDougall to Robert J. Ziobro, $359,900.

SHARPSTEAD LANE, 154-Rosie Y. Taylor to Elisabeth Pea, $330,000.

TALLEY LANE, 12817-NVR Inc. to Young S. and Yong B. Jun, $1.34 million.

TIMBERBROOK LANE, 137, No. 302-Ram Balasubramanian to Charles E. Enman, $359,000.

WEST SIDE DR., 936, No. 19-A-Triny and Ricardo U. Artiga to Saul Aaroon Paniagua, $330,000.

Germantown AreaBRIDGER DR., 13037, No. 1407-Melissa C. Balliet to Cendant Mobility Financial, $334,900. BRONCO CT., 11, No. 259-Jeni I. and Du Ho Lim to Bradford W. Miller, $320,000.

BROOKMEAD DR., 14501-Earl B. and D.W. Jackson to Marisabel Sanchez and Brian J. Kubiak, $539,000.

CALEDONIA CT., 18708-K-Byoung H. Han to Letitia B. Seyire and Cephas N. Lerewonu, $267,900.

CHALET DR., 18120, No. 11-101-Constance M. Raugh to Doris and Benony Koffie, $246,000.

CHALET DR., 18130, No. 8-201-Hyo Young Chang to Tram N. Ly, $230,000.

CLOPPERS MILL TERR., 18003, No. 15-B-John S. Ensign to Karen and Carter Wildermuth, $200,000.

COUNTRY RIDGE DR., 13003-Ayana and Donnell A. Foreman to Margaret George, $341,000.

CROWNSGATE CIR., 18462-Sky Owens to Melinda P. and Raymond J. Foster, $550,000.

DEERWATER DR., 13604, No. 2-C-Fredy A. Rincan to Marco Marchegiani, $306,000.

EBBTIDE CIR., 18909-M.S. and Yong K. Lee to Anthony Strickland, $344,000.

GERMANTOWN RD., 15915-Hossein Razavi to Chinese Christian Church of Germantown, $680,000.

HAZELNUT CT., 20617-S. and Govind R. Gadwal to Juan G. Rodriguez, $555,000.

HIGHSTREAM DR., 18987, No. 829-Payal and Sumesh Suri to Payal Rojas, $314,900.

HIGHSTREAM PL., 13925, No. 738-Mona L. Mayyasi to Yohannes B. Tesfamichael, $290,000.

LAKE PARK DR., 19936, No. 994-Robin Y. McDowel to Christopher A. Hudy, $378,900.

LARENTIA DR., 19804-Jo Lynn Harris to Nafissatou Garba, $304,000.

MOUNTAIN LAKE TERR., 20930, No. 1901-Dhrubajyoti and Barnali Deka to Soon Ja and Chan K. Kim, $385,000.

NEERWINDER CT., 13-Arti C. Patel to Amy B. and Gregory T. Stevens, $420,000.

PICKERING CT., 19, No. 201-Douglas L. Murray to Ying Chen, $243,000.

RED ROBIN TERR., 19029-Juan J. Paredes to Anthony Gantier, $346,000.

REXMORE DR., 12816, No. 18-9-Leonard G. Ross Jr. to Cesar Pena, $308,000.

ROSEBAY DR., 13015, No. 1501-Sharon O. and David T. Vandyke to Mina Kim, $395,000.

ROSEBAY PL., 20906, No. 904-G. and Alicia B. Jean Philippe to Mary Ronald Jean Philippe, $395,000.

SHIPLEY TERR., 20244, No. 6-A-201-Hua Mei Han to Karen M. Schroll, $210,000.

SKY BLUE CIR., 18832-B.L. and Miguel Menendez to Clair N. Villeda, $355,000.

STAGS LEAP TERR., 18123-Cinthia M. Soto to Shirley and Rick M. Fairhurst, $410,000.

SUMMER SWEET TERR., 20609-Curtis E. Horton to Carmen M. Molina and Wilfredo S. Majano, $505,000.

TEAKWOOD CIR., 19708, No. 72-John A. Gordon to Ricardo Bernard and Novlette M. Williamson Bernard, $295,000.

WONDERLAND WAY, 13232, No. 384-Joanna C. Shaw to Luis F. Cabrera, $302,400.

Kensington AreaANTHONY ST., 4207-Alison D. Beyer to Rita M. Haley, $485,000.

BALTIMORE ST., 3951-Ralph L. and F.B. Rector to Jodi Longo and Dean Bujak, $620,000.

BRUNSWICK AVE., 10708-P.L. and Kenneth C. Stenger to Scott R. Stenger, $380,000.

FARRAGUT AVE., 3405-Edward Chandler Cavin to Filiz Basaran, $540,000.

NEWPORT MILL RD., 11210-Joseph R. Varrella to Catalina R. Bongbonga, $460,000.

Laytonsville AreaGOSHEN SCHOOL RD., 22407-Duyen Doan to Bao T. Nguyen, $880,000. PECAN GROVE LANE, 24021-Karen and Thomas D. Cassera to John Willinger, $530,000.

Montgomery Village AreaAPPLE RIDGE PL., 19811-Mirna H. Sanchez to Alma and Dagoberto Osorio, $315,000.

BATTERY BEND CT., 1-Gilberto Castilla to Veronica Castilla, $430,000.

BROOKRIDGE CT., 9861-Oscar W. Urquilla to Kimela J. Ferguson, $282,500.

CHADBURN PL., 9202-Elaine Cooper to Julia and Brian Scott, $230,000.

GRAZING TERR., 9301-Stacie Navarro to Juan C. Canas, $320,000.

IVYBRIDGE CT., 20414-Thomas A. and Margaret D. Peacor to Grace D. and Anthony C. Eitrem, $424,900.

LAUREL VALLEY LANE, 8700-Daniel A. Poole, trustee, to Gregory Doyle and Dorothy J. Wandell, $530,000.

MARKETREE CT., 4-Stephen C. and N.E. Divita to Antoinette S. Allen and Roland B. Talley Jr., $545,000.

RIDGELINE DR., 10201-Jennifer Pauritsch to Meyrin Reyes, $255,000.

SUGAR NOTCH CIR., 19907-Hiep L. Pham to Imelda A. Bonsol, $315,000.

TRANSHIRE RD., 19315-Henry A. Villalta to Teresa E. Mendea, $310,000.

WALKERS CHOICE RD., 18624, No. 4-Ana L. Medina to Liliana Malah, $255,000.

New Hampshire Estates- Hillandale AreaOAKVIEW DR., 1622-Anh T. Vo to Jose Mario Mejia, $435,000.

SWEETBRIAR PKWY., 10620-Susan M.K. and John R. Cotter to Howsoon Ho Cham, $650,000.

Norbeck-Layhill AreaASHMONT TERR., 2722-Madeline J. West to Liliana M. Gamez, $359,900. ATHERTON DR., 12508-E.S. and John D. Sievers to Julio C. Hernandez, $396,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3754, No. 9-Marcy J. and Andrew R. Schechter to Vilma M. Moncada, $190,000.

CHARLES RD., 12301-Brenda and Jose Lobos to Carlos F. Posada Cruz, $424,000.

CLEARFIELD RD., 4409-Allan Perdomo to Martha J. and Oscar R. Perdomo, $400,000.

CLEESE CT., 14911, No. 4-B-E-Nomita Advani to Stephen T. Lezinski, $240,000.

FITZHUGH LANE, 3533, No. 77-A-Kathleen U. Fornatora to Charlotte Korb Stone, $390,000.

FOXHALL DR., 13117-Patricia W. Shao to Syed Mohammad Omar Farooq and Gulsan Pervin Farooq, $495,000.

GAWAYNE TERR., 3818, No. 32-M. and Gricela Martinez to Stella H. Ablorh, $385,000.

GOODLOE RD., 11706-Mildred E. Chesky, trustee, to Miguel A. Garza, $365,500.

HATHAWAY DR., 12607-M.C. and Mark P. Caton to Ana Matilde Loza, $350,000.

HATHAWAY DR., 13414-Dong Rye Kim to Gricela Martinez, $560,000.

HYDRUS RD., 14936-Una P. Jarboi to Nora F. Savage, $349,990.

INGRAM TERR., 1521-Kun S. and J.S. Kim to Olga and Douglas Doty, $415,000.

LAYHILL RD., 13118-I.D. and George E. Abid to Peter K. Seng, $490,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. S., 2901, No. 104-Rossmoor IDI Creekside to Barbara L. and Carl L. Wenrich, $274,550.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. S., 2901, No. 301-Rossmoor IDI Creekside to Helen and William Luksenberg, $483,700.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. S., 2901, No. 417-Rossmoor IDI Creekside to Betty Jane Amason Engelgau, $337,600.

LONG GREEN DR., 14254-Benjamin O. Oddiah to Suzane Diop, $340,000.

LOYOLA ST., 13503-Tigest Kefla to Walter V. Britto, $429,900.

MATEY RD., 12917-L.M. and Ovidio Valderrama to Tony Revelo, $474,220.

MAY ST., 3604-N.J. and Martin H. Cannon to Jose Argueta Guzman, $439,000.

MCKISSON CT., 14911, No. 6BD-Darlene P. George to Jose Ayala and Maria A. Guevara, $255,000.

MORAY RD., 12911-Pearl Slafkes to Reina and Tomas Guevara, $424,900.

PARKER FARM WAY, 14102-George A. Vincent to Norani Che Wan and Suhaimi H. Said, $476,000.

SADDLEBROOK DR., 12908-Prudential Relocation to Yerty C. Valenzuela, $568,000.

SHAMROCK RIDGE RD., 15029-Eric D. and C.S. Wisler to Ana Julia Rocha Glehn and Klauss A. Von Glehn, $400,000.

WAGON TRAIL PL., 2116-Barbara J. Myrick to Roy J. and Lakesha A. Ranglin, $495,000.

WENDY LANE, 3701-Fernando and M.E. Garcia to Jose Coreas Velasquez and Maria Ines Bonifacio Coreas, $440,000.

Olney AreaBANTRY WAY, 3423-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Diego Carrera Jimenez, $360,000.

BUEHLER RD., 17608-C.M. and Donald J. Carswell to Joshua Allen Russell, $524,900.

BUEHLER RD., 17815, No. 2-B-1-Jeanette T. Gazer to Cherie Nicole Saunders, $175,000.

HIGH ST. N., 3433-Karen Rollings to Alan R. Wandell, $650,000.

PRINCE PHILIP DR., 17515-Ana E. and Ricardo A. Gamez to Enrique Chapoy and Elizabeth Arango, $685,000.

ROLLING MEADOW WAY, 18130, No. 192-Brenda A. Acton to Timothy Dignen, $293,000.

WESTON PL., 4621-Nam Sup and Soon Ok Lee to Maria C. and Rolando Sanz, $455,000.

Potomac AreaDEBORAH DR., 10921-Jeffrey L. and M.L. Katz to Ori Lev and Yardena Samuels, $517,000. DEMOCRACY LANE, 10616-J.J. and Patricia A. Pinkard to Pamela Nunzio, $835,000.

FALLSWOOD DR., 1413-Debra B. Powell to Rosita I. Pardo, $670,000.

GAINSBOROUGH RD., 11925-K.H. and Stephen C. Tagg to Taeko Rothstein, $960,000.

LOST TRAIL WAY, 9438-Charles A. and H.M. Lileikis to Carol A. and Robert L. Freeman, $825,000.

MARWOOD HILL DR., 11215-Toll Maryland IV Partnership to Anne H. and Gregory S. Nickerson, $3.56 million.

MILBERN DR., 11808-Joan A. Greenberg, trustee, to Xingyu S. and David B. Kordel, $624,900.

RAYMOND LANE, 8205-Michael E. and Rachel L. Ravin to Cecilia L. Coscaron Arias and Carlos G. Arias, $620,000.

Rockville AreaANTIGUA TERR., 10838, No. 105-Embassy Row Properties to Beth E. and Gary H. Wisinski, $330,000.

BLOOMINGDALE CT., 3-James E. McWhorter III to Elizabeth and Soleyman Maroof, $750,000.

BLOSSOM DR., 607-Michael B. and K.J. Krackov to Cheri M. Sanger and Scott W. Rogers, $650,000.

BRATTON CT., 2-Greenwold Family, trustee, to Julianne C. and Rick J. Band, $1.41 million.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12215, No. 111-Shuangyan Zhang to Agustina D. Baires, $224,000.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12403, No. 468-Peter Chuknyisky to Rebecca Alvarez and Mauro Sarmiento, $312,000.

BREWER HOUSE CIR., 5704, No. 201-10-L.A. and Charles L. Smith to Victor Sapojnikov, $424,900.

DIAMOND COVE TERR., 15311, No. 5-A-Marion G. Arkin to Barbara A. Cino, $365,000.

GROSVENOR PL., 10101, No. 202-10101 Grosvenor Park Corp. to Ludwig and Marie L. Ludecke, $200,580.

GROSVENOR PL., 10101, No. 304-10101 Grosvenor Park Corp. to Ansalan E. Stewart, $330,900.

HAMPTON MILL TERR., 10821, No. 616-Carla Campagnari to Spencer Hecht, $393,000.

HUNTERS LANE, 12220-C. Curt Shiflett to Chevelon Fariles, $438,000.

MONROE ST., 104, No. 101-Stephanie B. and Brian N. Tignor to Donald W. Knuth, $309,500.

MOUNT PROSPECT DR., 13706-Vimal and A. Kapoor to Marina I. and Charles A. Miller, $1.25 million.

OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 11800, No. 1216-Toll Maryland IX Partnership to Mutaz Abdallah, $160,472.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 10300, No. 201-Robert C. McLean to Kathleen H. Dwyer, $270,000.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 10500, No. 405-Molook and Manouchehr Ahdoot to Robert E. Gift Johnson, trustee, $206,000.

SCHUYLKILL RD., 11110-Enid E. Rush to Herlindo A. Delcid, $415,000.

SUGARBUSH TERR., 10902-John W. and L.C. Mathisen to David Cho and Anna Park, $1.03 million.

VANDERBILT CIR., 10022, No. 2-13-Jimmy D. Vass to Christine M. Shea, $272,500.

WINDERMERE CT., 18-Jesse C. and Caren L. Sadikman to Debra C. and Anton J. Cohen, $1.08 million.

Sandy Spring AreaAUBURN VILLAGE DR., 17614-Winchester Homes to Manikya L. and Rao N. Linga, $1.25 million. Seneca Park- Cedar Grove AreaALDBURG WAY, 11524-Messan Missihou to Rose K. Mukoro Kwende, $320,000.

ARCHDALE RD., 19348-Edward Davis to Santo Joseph, $280,000.

ASHBROOK CT., 11809-A.R. and Raymond Bryant to Franklin Castro Ramos, $301,000.

BRUNDIDGE TERR., 11535-Danielle D'Anna to Cesar Quispe, $344,900.

CAMOMILE CT., 21102, No. 104-Eric J. and Carisa A. Rousseau to Olivia Seiceanu and Mohammad Rajabtavousi, $400,000.

CROSS LAUREL DR., 11011-Michael E. and S.S. Yates to Eleanor A. and James A. Afful, $589,000.

FRUITWOOD WAY, 11450, No. 92-Oumaima Lkorchy to Jose A. Ortiz, $290,000.

HEREFORDSHIRE WAY, 11411-Parkside at Brandermill to Carey Jacqueline Ventura and Rene Antolin Ventura, $312,900.

MILL POND TERR., 20400-R. Kendal and K.D. Greene to Veronica and Richardo Todd, $610,000.

TWINFLOWER CIR., 19600-Nicholas F. Vela to Joaquin Vasquez Vega, $295,000.

TWINFLOWER CIR., 19602-Kevin C. Ziminsky to Samuel Holland, $310,000.

Silver Spring AreaBLACK OAK LANE, 1703-Robbyn E. Glisson to Erin L. and Aaron M. Lane, $566,500. BLAIR MILL RD., 1220, No. 310-Springwood Blair Mill Associates to Sadi Sahbazian, $305,900.

BLAIR MILL RD., 1220, No. 502-Springwood Blair Mill Associates to Monique and Carlos Robinson, $313,900.

BLAIR MILL RD., 1220, No. 610-Springwood Blair Mill Associates to Nanan Yehia, $313,449.

BONIFANT ST., 606-Elsa S. Duda to Charles Godue, $685,000.

BONIFANT ST., 607-Kara and Bradford Spooner to Weichert Relocation Resource, $630,000.

BURNT MILLS AVE., 413-Tony Q. Thai to Trung C. Pham, $510,000.

CHISWELL LANE, 1023-Martha E. and Brett R. Joseph to Edwin P. Sequeira, $450,000.

DEVON RD., 6-Jane R. Davis, trustee, to Jacqueline Wallen, $495,000.

EAST WEST HWY., 1812, No. 1812-Kelly B. and Brian J. Haney to Tracy Alston, $295,700.

EASTERN AVE., 7923, No. 1003-Yisa O. Yussuf to Shameka J. Ottman, $369,850.

EDGEWOOD AVE., 10432-Richard E. and L.C. Jordan to Sara S. and Michael T. Davis, $512,500.

FLEETWOOD TERR., 166-Harold L. Hutch, trustee, to Belmin A. Sanchez Narquez, $468,000.

FOXGLOVE LANE, 11108-E.J. and Mitchell W. Finkel to Mario R. Zacarias, $415,000.

LOCKWOOD DR., 11025-Hung V. and Lynn Nguyen to Michelle R. Davis and Eric L. Carter, $458,000.

LOCUST GROVE RD., 1809-Emmanuel Noundou to Agnes Tebia Watson, $550,000.

LONG BRANCH PKWY., 9228-Jane Roller to Juan F. and Carmen Vargas, $350,100.

LYNNMOOR DR., 108-Kate F. and Stephen Webber to Mary K. and Paul L. Sorisio, $495,000.

MANCHESTER RD., 8601, No. 218-Elizabeth O. Parker to Consuelo R. Hernandez, $240,000.

PINEDALE DR., 10507-M.E. and Coleman R. Seward to Wendell C. Taylor, $375,000.

SEPTEMBER LANE, 9124-Olga S. Ekume to Gwendoline Ntungwe, $390,000.

THAYER AVE., 734-C.L. and Andrew Matzel to Damon B. Callis, $517,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. E., 321-Cindy Kim Chi Nguyen to Ali Eshghi, $395,000.

Takoma Park Area

KIRKLYNN AVE., 1203-Michael G. Sullivan and Linda J. Weippe to Mirian D. and Francisco J. Rivas, $430,000.

Twinbrook AreaAUTRE CT., 1214-Jeffrey Loether to Angela Mayonado Bradford and Stephen P. Bradford, $417,000. BROADWOOD DR., 1205-G.S. and Harry L. Reese to Donald Van Ryk, $360,000.

DEAN DR., 325-H.M. and Christopher J. Rothfuss to Maria M. Gomez, $410,000.

DENFIELD RD., 5702-Eric F. and Elise E. Johnson to German S. Lemus, $360,000.

LEWIS AVE., 1941-Matthew R. Wyatt to Juan Alfredo and Silvia J. Lopez, $410,000.

MCAULIFFE DR., 2200-Dolatrai N. Mehta to Edna V. Motaghi, $465,000.

SIMMONS DR., 1203-Ronald E. Howard, trustee, to Ryan Kiernan, $320,000.

Wheaton Area BERRY ST., 12034-Eddy Bencosme to Rosa Elisa Ortega, $300,000.

BLUERIDGE AVE., 1809-Matthew Socknat to Christopher N. Plum, $582,500.

BUCKNELL DR., 10705-Mary E. and Paul Kirrkamm to Israel Bermudez, $455,000.

BUCKNELL DR., 11512, No. 112-Andrew Blake to Dexter R. Conley, $221,000.

CLARIDGE RD., 12044-Carlos A. Mendez to Carlos Martinez, $350,000.

COLLEGE VIEW DR., 11617-L.V. and John V. Quinn to Karen I. Orozco, $485,000.

EDWIN ST., 3523-Kamal J. Singh to Belinda Alfaro, $310,000.

FLORAL ST., 3308-Dau Van Nguyen to Martha Martinez and Mario Bringas, $415,000.

GARDINER AVE., 10107-Valerie Petersen and Gene D. Beard to Steven I. Jackson and Cynthia M. Wayne, $655,000.

INWOOD AVE., 10415-Dougals Jemal to Andrew Foster, $378,813.

KING GEORGE DR., 11326, No. 7-Annette H. Watkins to Michael Tran, $333,000.

KORTH PL., 1512-K.M. and Own Lach to Adelso I. De Leon and Maria F. Miranda De Leon, $485,000.

LADD ST., 1605-Willie H. Allen, trustee, to Adewale O. Audifferen, $450,000.

LAFAYETTE DR., 11915-Zoila M. Ayala to Mauricio G. Hernandez, $470,000.

LEDER RD., 10103-Darren B. and Lena K. Jackson to Aleksandra and Marko Zivkovic, $471,000.

MONTERREY DR., 11400-Alcides A. and Maria M. Guevara to Elmer J. and Juana Diaz, $424,000.

RANDOLPH RD., 2702-Ann F. Otts to Jamile A. Assy, $325,000.

RANDOLPH RD., 3812-Xuan Sinh T. Nguyen to Ngan Cong Nguyen, $465,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 1111, No. 1019-A-Elinor R. Chidel to Miriam A. Lizardi, $229,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 1111, No. 1311-A-Max Boyarsky to Jade Nicole Kirkley, $194,500.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 1111, No. 1416-A-Eduardo Zaldivar to Alexander H. Neustadter, $305,000.

WALSH VIEW TERR., 2115, No. 8-301-Henry Matthew Nowakowski to Timothy Burrow, $245,000.

WEISMAN RD., 2808-Amy H. and Charles L. Thomas Jr. to Blanca A. Abarca, $417,000.