These sales were recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Howard and other Washington areas, visit

Clarksville AreaSURREY LANE, 6725-James T. Kvach to Deborah L. and Michael Dorsch, $650,000. Columbia-Jericho AreaBARNWOOD PL., 5820-Becky Mayomi Uviovo to Christopher Eckford, $295,000.

CHASE LIONS WAY NE, 5346-Joy E. Gilbert to Donald B. Van Deusen, $420,000.

CROSS FOX LANE, 10536-Paul I. Groncki to David B. Thompson, $176,900.

EMPTY SONG RD. SW, 6424-Dennis R. Gordon to Susan M. Pittinger and Matthew R. Levine, $635,000.

FAULKNER RIDGE CIR., 10518-Monica G. Wood to Terrell D. Reid, $234,000.

GOLDEN HOOK, 6263-6263 Golden Hook, trustee, to Timothy I. and Michelle D. Wood, $400,000.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 5033-Mario Moncur to Thomas C. and Jame M. Tucker, $199,900.

HARPERS FARM RD., 5673-Margaret Ruth Ober Adams to John K. and Claire C. Lea, $260,000.

HUNTING LANE N., 10810-George Papoulias to Dae Yung and In Sik Lee, $505,000.

LIGHTFOOT PATH SE, 5235-Brian K. Duggan to Terrance Shane and Dawn M. Fish, $381,000.

LITTLE PATUXENT PKWY. W., 11420-Bernard Edmond to Susan Plaut, $215,000.

SKILIFT CT., 11263-Petrus Darryn P. to Susana E. Lee, $261,400.

Columbia- Painters Hill AreaAPRIL BROOK CIR., 6264-Chris Nguyen to Angel L. Marcial and Yaritza Diaz, $560,000.

BASKET RING RD., 9646-Temple Matthew Jarrell to Clarissa Melba Coleman, $290,000.

DASHER CT. N., 6652-Malika N. Rasheed to Cheryl Vample, $585,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6033-Joseph H. Scoville to Angela Dalia and Celos Benjamin Martinez, $189,500.

MORNINGBIRD LANE, 5801-Nasser A. Alade Lapaye to Oluwasegun Oyeneyin, $290,000.

OAK BUSH TERR. W., 8427-Dary M. Cabrera to Michael D. and Lilian E. Petrillo, $354,900.

PAINTED ROCK RD. NE, 8330-Srinivasan Narayanan to William R. and Leslie K. Deiss, $520,000.

QUEEN MARIA CT., 8957-Andres Rodriguez to Courtney L. Voynik, $320,000.

SEA WATER PATH W., 8109-Dennis I. Cohen to Jeffrey A. and Sarah L. Hyre, $485,000.

SEWELLS ORCHARD DR. NW, 6730-Kelly Goddard to Kristin Louise and Michael Allen Wright, $445,000.

SHINING OCEANS WAY, 8845-Ryland Group Inc. to Virginia Burt, $611,135.

SHINING OCEANS WAY, 8847-Ryland Group Inc. to Peter T. and Mona T. Quinn, $598,141.

TALISMAN LANE, 7126-Deana A. Estes to Fayiah B. Johnson, $277,000.

TAMAR DR., 8726-Gary T. Coon to Jose Vicente Martinez, $300,000.

THUNDER HILL RD., 5727-8 Metree Way Corp. to Nina M. Williams, $221,000.

WARM GRANITE DR., 8869-Patriot Homes Inc. to Gihad Ali and Nagwa Hussein, $468,400.

WARM GRANITE DR., 8875-Patriot Homes Inc. to Davies Olasumbo Agbe, $444,900.

WIND RIDER WAY NE, 6311-Marianna C. Noll to Saumil S. Shah and Emily Otto Shah, $365,000.

Cooksville AreaCARRIAGE MILL RD., 14812-Larry K. Foust to Eric Rome, $675,000. Elkridge AreaAUTUMN SPELL NE, 5941-Matthew C. Webb to Richard R. and Julie A. Radzville, $372,500.

AVALON DR. N., 6063-Jacob J. Villella to Brian A. Leauby and Cathleen M. Fleming, $700,000.

BROOKVIEW, 7335-Beazer Homes Corp. to Charles E. and Betty L. Scott, $409,254.

CLEMENTS LANE, 6121-Richmond American Homes of Maryland to Jason L. and Theresa A. McPherson, $669,290.

CLEMENTS LANE, 6126-Richmond American Homes of Maryland to Frank Shawn and Lanita Marie Preston, $750,000.

DUCKETTS LANE, 6344-Alan J. Monico Jr. to Richard and Christine M. Carey, $260,000.

FOX HARBOR WAY, 7120-NVR Inc. to Patricia D. Buckley, $404,715.

IVY TERR., 6400-Andrew W. Wilkinson to Monica A. Young, $356,000.

MARIOAK DR. S., 7855-Wail Higazi to Lemonte Antonio and Monisa L. Jackson, $279,000.

ROWANBERRY DR., 6037-Ji Hwan Oh to Clyde J. Lucas, $259,000.

SHADYWOOD, 6155-John G. Duffy to Susan R. Spitz, $361,170.

STONES THROW WAY, 7155-Stephen W. Billings to Grace and Kari Agbasi, $360,000.

TALL PIN OAK DR., 7619-Ryland Group Inc. to Thomas E. King III, $365,960.

VALLEY OAK DR., 7751-Ryland Group Inc. to Hiwot Kassahun, $468,450.

Ellicott City AreaACADEMY RD., 8334-Patriot Homes Inc. to Manoj Srivastava and Anuja A. Somalker, $731,004. BONNYBRIDGE PL. N., 3804-Charles Weaver Jr. to Saima Akhtar, $294,000.

BREAKSTONE CT. W., 7818-Michael W. Ward to Jason D. and Stephanie A. Starr, $630,000.

BRIGHTWIND CT., 7903-Michelle L. Anderson to Donald Snyder and Jill Kamenetz, $319,900.

CARSON CT., 5200-Winchester Homes Inc. to Freddie E. and Pamela A. Woodward, $1.06 million.

CARSON CT., 5205-Winchester Homes Inc. to Richard W. and Virginia A. Lane, $870,994.

CHURCH RD., 3757-Dawn E. Dougherty to William and Amy Noggle, $445,000.

DANIELS RD., 2311-Renee L. Rundenza to Michael D. Naylor and Shereen R. Naylor, $425,000.

DORSEY HALL DR., 4970-Parag Goyal to Sarah A. Manning, $277,000.

DORSEY HALL DR. NE, 4770-Tracey L. Jacques to Sarah M. Loder, $295,000.

FOUR QUARTER RD., 8060-Dorsey Family Homes to Jing Li and Timing Gao, $175,000.

FOUR QUARTER RD., 8062-Dorsey Family Homes to Richard A. and Ana M. Link, $175,000.

FURROW AVE., 9235-Rodney L. Shaffer to Jason M. and Stacey L. Tamalavicz, $606,000.

GOLDEN OAK DR. SW, 12649-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Doug E. and Diane Mueller, $1.3 million.

HAYWAGON WAY N., 4522-Suk Cha Ha to Kiran Chand and Suma Latha Makkapati, $504,000.

HEATHER GLEN, 9910-Williamsburg Group Corp. to Padmavathi V. Baskar and Sivasubramanian Baskar, $978,436.

HEAVENWOOD CT. NW, 2708-Thomas J. McLouglin to Barry G. and Paula E. Ward, $950,000.

LEGENDS WAY W., 2622-Jennifer L. Soh to Basilios D. and Rosemary A. Kouroupis, $620,000.

MCKENZIE RD., 2620-Vic Thurai to Srirangarajah Thuraisingham, $750,000.

MILL LAWN CT., 3610-Hock Ng to Madhu and Mahesh Lyli, $460,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. SE, 8387-William C. Choi to Xiomara Herrera, $264,000.

PLEASANT PATH, 4324-Richmond American Homes of Maryland to Benjamin and Carol Holquist, $806,270.

RAMBLEWOOD RD. W., 3222-John J. Henn to Gregory and Shannon L. Fuller, $535,000.

ST. JOHNS LANE, 2803-Jeanne Moore Burke to Lisa L. and Neil E. Broten, $486,000.

STONY CREEK LANE E., 7655-Donald R. Hillman to Dennis and Annabelle Perez, $258,000.

STONY CREEK LANE E., 7658-Rosella Y. Meiron to Aminat I. Asekun, $240,000.

TIMBER VALLEY CT. NW, 8517-Martin Steven Allnutt to Brady L. Stout and Alicia M. Stout, $520,000.

WIDDUP CT. S., 4718-Carl C. Wartzack III to Jeffery G. and Lenora P. Merkey, $585,000.

WINDING ROSS WAY, 8149-Richmond American Homes of Maryland to Stephen Sung and Mee Hong Hwang, $913,980.

YELLOW PINE DR., 8125-NVR Inc. to Denise P. Kamuck, $356,015.

YELLOW PINE DR., 8125-NVR Inc. to Theresa C. Nugent, $328,957.

YELLOW PINE DR., 8125-NVR Inc. to Paul and Dorothy Crawford, $277,870.

YELLOW PINE DR., 8125-NVR Inc. to Richard F. and Teresa Kirchner, $310,085.

Fulton AreaCLARKSON DR., 8512-Bruce Edward Crow to Brett J. and Hope G. Ripkin, $775,000.

EARLY MORNING ST., 7804-MB Maple Lawn Corp. to Victoria W. Lebanc, $1.07 million.

ELLINGTON ST., 11402-Miller and Smith Inc. to Peter J. and Lorraine E. Kish, $888,290.

ELLINGTON ST., 11412-MB Maple Lawn Corp. to David E. Araojo and Richardae T. Araojo, $849,725.

PRESIDENT ST., 7673-MB Maple Lawn Corp. to Jeffery B. Kozero, $1.05 million.

PRESIDENT ST., 7675-MB Maple Lawn Corp. to Minho Choe, $780,634.

Glenelg AreaGREYFOX RUN, 13702-Rylea Homes Inc. to Rajendra and Swati Albal, $1 million. Highland AreaMINK HOLLOW RD. NW, 6980-Sidney Donald Michelin to Mark Millstein and Linda Lee Earl, $472,500.

Jessup AreaASPENWOOD WAY NE, 8161-Jonathan D. Cohen to Daniel P. Shriner and Tiffin A. Lilly, $305,000. ROSEWOOD WAY W., 8945-Joseph A. Sauro to Roderic A. and Darlene R. Wallace, $319,000.

WELLINGTON PL. N., 8247-Susan M. Pittinger to Maria G. Marquez and Maris S. Hernandez, $285,000.

WYE AVE., 7380-Harold E. Hamm to Habitat for Humanity of Howard County, $220,000.

Kings Contrivance Village

AreaCLOCKTOWER LANE, 9426-Bruce Flanagan to James L. and Laticha B. Willis, $325,000.

CLOCKTOWER LANE, 9547-Richard L. Henderson to John S. Englehart, $330,000.

EARLY APRIL WAY NE, 9042-Doris A. Carnaggio to Seth Mann, $335,000.

EDEN BROOK DR., 7321-Carol A. Walls to Jill D. Clark, $351,000.

GUILFORD RD. NE, 9579-Gilford L. Smith to Philip Bonsu, $449,000.

SUMMER PARK CT. NE, 9756-Xu Zeng to Aishatu O. Mohammed, $327,500.

WAYOVER WAY, 10264-Charles Shaffer to Millann Funk and Deena M. Harley, $555,000.

WAYOVER WAY NE, 10288-Dana Keistin Oles to Fortune Ayeola and Calvin Hewitt and Fortune Ayeola, $450,000.

Marriottsville AreaCHAMBERS CT., 11110-J-NVR Inc. to Dennis and Katharine Avgerinos, $317,158. CHAMBERS CT., 11110-D-NVR Inc. to Charlotte M. and Merion E. Solomon, $311,261.

CHAMBERS CT., 11110-L-NVR Inc. to Charles W. and Regina E. Zielinski, $367,152.

Mount Airy AreaFREDERICK RD. SW, 16499-Timothy William Hopkins to William E. Hopkins, $280,000.

LONG CORNER RD., 1090-John B. Lyons to Richard and Carolyn Lyons, $300,000.

MOSS MEADOW WAY, 16976-Kenneth A. Brow to Christine Benally, $399,900.

Scaggsville-Laurel AreaCARDINAL FOREST CIR., 8772-John Porter to Peter Monti and Christine Adams, $542,500. DONNAN CASTLE CT. SE, 9546-Carlton S. Anderson to Rodney M. Jokerst, $310,000.

HITCHING POST LANE, 9180-Deborah K. Stark to Virginia B. and John Louie Velasquez, $207,000.

TUMBLEWEED RUN, 9120-James Fletcher to April K. Cunningham, $255,000.

Sykesville AreaRIVER RD., 634-Nathan P. Bowers to Micahel S. and Mary F. Wall, $690,000.

Woodbine AreaTIMBERLEIGH WAY, 17504-Randolph F. Wykoff to Thomas M. and Catherine G. Franklin, $600,000.