These were among sales recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View AreaPARK TERRACE DR., 7500-Corrine K. Thorp to Manesh Gurbux and Carina Pernia Nachnani, $792,500. POTOMAC AVE., 6607, No. A1-Alastair Jordan to Alicia M. Ensey, $259,950.

WAKEFIELD DR. W., 6716, No. C1-Catherine Rubino to Mark C. Hogsett, $279,000.

Alexandria-Franconia AreaASHBY HEIGHTS CIR., 6018-Lisa My Pham

to Thomas A. and Melanie R. Birchler, $860,000.

BARRY RD., 7148-Emilio Herbas to Victor Antezana, $570,000.

DEVEREUX CT., 7220-Rachna Mawla and Sheikh G. Mawla to Paul S. and Cynthia Eftis, $630,000.

DESIREE ST., 7746-Truc An To to Cynthia Obas and Latrent Burdette, $440,000.

GOLDENROD DR., 6026-Mahmood Haider to Fredys Arriaza and Gregoria D. Urias, $395,000.

GRANGE LANE, 6553, No. 403-Craig P. Reifsteck to Lauren E. Forgacs, $389,900.


and Joanne C. Edwards to Bahaa Afifi, $480,000.

HOUSTON CT., 6115-Charles Q. and Susan P. Junkins to Oscar Efrain Quinteros and Tomas Berrios, $463,000.

JOHN ROCCATO CT., 6004-Seth A.

Weinstein to Oscar M. and Maria C. Bonilla, $610,000.

JOWETT CT., 5582-Amy M. Oviedo to David J. and Alysia B. Han, $494,000.

KELSEY POINT CIR., 6533-Rita M. Sampson to Roya Navid and Steven H. Kaminski, $490,000.

LINCOLN AVE., 4916-Ayan Ali Wehlie to Abdullahi A. Ahmed, $775,000.

MADISON HILL CT., 3094-Kenneth and Marlyn A. Schwartz to Shawn D. and Amy M. Pollard, $585,000.

MORNING VIEW CT., 6626-Robert H. Taylor to Tyler and Debra Owens, $363,000.

OLD BRENTFORD CT., 6111-Thomas and Karin S. Killeen to Jeffery W. and Jennifer Ann Stansfield, $410,000.

RIDGE VIEW DR., 6017-Mohammad E. Azim to Bilal Haider, $530,000.

ROCKLEIGH WAY, 6647-Diane J. Armstrong to John F. and Brianne Klejdys Long, $400,000.

ROLLING CREEK WAY, 6872-Lewis O. Spivey and Marina E. Spivey to Charles C. and Gia E. Mulieri, $590,000.

ROSE HILL DR., 6420-Luz M.P. Ospina

to David Francis, Linda Ann Nichols,

Michael Kevin White and Debra Jo White, $420,000.

WALHAVEN DR., 6014-Kevin S. and Lisa L. McGuin to Ernestina Bonilla and Evaristo Pachacama, $549,000.

WOODEN VALLEY CT., 3311-Daniel M. and Valerie R. Haas to William H. and Sandra R. Jewell, $630,000.

YADKIN CT., 6506-Patricia A. Hutton to Charlotte Fayorsey, $360,000.

Annandale AreaAMERICANA DR., 4269, No. A-Joyce E. Hall to Jason Hitt, $150,000. AMERICANA DR., 4929, No. 210-Brian N. Cunningham to Jason Hernandez, $220,000.

AMERICANA DR., 4951, No. 102-Geoffrey A. Rowe to Jessie L. Kreider, $240,000.

BRAEBURN DR., 8620-Paul E. and Mary C. Gonzales to David P. Gonzales, Ada R. Todd and Geraldine Joan Todd, $607,000.

BRUNSWICK ST., 6021-Richard Warren Kraus to Jeanette Portillio, $460,000.

CHAMPIONSHIP DR., 3989-John Louis and Barbara E. Conway to Iris Quinteros, $436,500.

DOGWOOD LANE, 8638-Phuong Vo to Hong Q. Duong, $1.25 million.

KALORAMA RD., 7650-Viet D. and Nga T. Vu to Basilio Rojas and Lily D. Berrospi, $525,000.

LOCUST WAY, 6627-Myung Sung Kim to Michael and Jerylen Daniels, $1.45 million.

POE CT., 3818-Robert B. and Susan D.

Lyle to Hoang M. and Loan K. Nguyen, $549,000.

RAVENSWORTH RD., 4916-Geoffrey K. and Susan Phillips to Edgar Bellot, $470,000.

TERRELL ST., 4908-Karen M. Corcoran to Sirva Relocation Corp., $595,000.

TOBIN RD., 8312, No. 8312-21-Leonard R. and Stacey A. Winter to Ho Dinh Nguyen, $205,000.

WEYBURN DR., 4519-T. Sai to H. Trinh, $550,000.

Baileys Crossroads AreaROSSER ST. N., 3704, No. 102-N. Caroline Tryon to Olukemi Are, $200,000.

Burke AreaBURKE MANOR CT., 5829-Pietro and Pamela Michelucci to Kesang Tshering and Sonam Choezom, $320,000. JUDSON CT., 8906-Nicholas and Maria Ryckert to David and Vanessa Bergh, $590,000.

LAKE MEADOW DR., 6404-Gary W. and Diane E. Reedy to Walfred Osorio, $1.53 million.

MARTINS LANDING LANE, 6010-Pedro P. Gonzalez to Carmen D. Quant and Martha L. Dossman, $399,500.

POND SPICE TERR., 10326-Chitwan Gahun to Kathleen Newman and Halcott T. Newman, $376,000.

Centreville-Balls Ford AreaBELT BUCKLE CT., 14221-Wilma W. Blue to Carmelita Renee Braxton and Malcolm B. Glover, $420,000.

BETSY ROSS LANE, 14063-Michelle J. Shirley and Robert J. Moore to Michael D. Thorne and Jessica H. Mullis, $374,000.

CHASEWOOD CIR., 6818-Young A. Cho to James D. Sheldrake and Melissa A. Hatch, $335,000.

CLAY PIPE CT., 6294-Carl V. Pocaro to Benedict E. Anaele and Maryam Adamu, $430,900.

DEER HILL CT., 6069-Deborah L. Engle to Michael Alan Davis and Julie Anne Stepp Davis, $319,000.

FOUNT BEATTIE CT., 13821-John M. Rossi to Jared and Rocio Leib, $348,500.

SELBY CT., 6450-Charles G. and Teresa P. Smith to Francis J. Hernandez, Melvin J. Fonseca and Janice E. Fonseca, $369,500.

ST. TIMOTHYS LANE, 6389-Kathleen Fulford to Karin G. and Bridget A. Merz, $362,000.

WINDING RIDGE LANE, 14011-Eric D. Hall to Waqqaas Tehseen Chohan, $417,000.

Centreville-Sully Station AreaBASINGSTOKE LOOP, 14800-Sung Ok and Younjin Shin to Walter Melendez, $359,900. GLEN MEADOW PL., 5271-Martin A. and Maria E. Cuzzi to Manuel V. Porras, $410,000.

RIDGE HAVEN CT., 6101-Kevin M. and Pamela Walsh to Edgar S. and Kathryn Castor, $647,500.

SALISBURY PLAIN CT., 14465-Baljeet Singh to Raul Aguilar, $349,000.

SAPPHIRE SKY LANE, 5131-Xu Zhang to National Residential Nominee Services, $559,000.

SECRET HOLLOW LANE, 6229-Kathleen Urban and Prudential Relocation Inc. to Elida Aguirre Martinez, $450,000.

STREAM POND DR., 14637-Terry G. and Erin E. Mason to Owen and Amanda Shifflett, $385,000.

WATERS CREEK DR., 15465-Stanley T. and Denise L. Fleming to Flint H. and Patricia V. Lewis, $700,000.

Chantilly AreaDEERWATCH DR., 4647-Marian C. Bothwell to Eui Jin Shin, $390,000.

ELK RUN RD., 15211-Mark T. and Stephanie M. Lacey to Prudential Relocation Inc., $484,250.

FLOWING BROOK CT., 13769, No. 37F-Francesco Lauretti to Samuel N. Evans, $249,000.

NOVAR DR., 4160-James D. Chenvert and Lise Kojima to Zafer Pervez, $370,000.

Clifton AreaCHAPEL ST., 12746-Robert B. and Pamela R. Wallace to Stephen N. and Kimberly K. Bittner, $855,000. MARLEIGH LANE, 14002-James C. and Veronica M. O'Brien to Kathy and Daniel James Lazzari, $615,000.

Fairfax City AreaALDER WOODS DR., 12754-James M. and Marilyn C. Amodeo to Zenebech Haile and Sirak Mulatu, $920,000.

ARISTOTLE CT., 3851, No. 1-314-Fairfax Ridge Development Corp. to Aphrodite Stergioulas, $260,108.

ARISTOTLE DR., 11351, No. 8-404-Fairfax Ridge Development Corp. to Adrian I. Muntean, $297,900.

ASHLEIGH RD., 5540-Hannah A. and Sam K. Moon to Kelly Kilga and Michael Shupp, $689,000.

BAILEY LANE, 9290-Patricia A. Rolfes to Larry D. and Nichole L. Blankenship, $475,000.

CAVALIER LANDING CT., 11620, No. B-Jay M. Liao to Gregory L. Siler, $410,000.

CONCORDIA ST., 5103-Michael R. Innella to Bernard D. and Linda Dunn, $600,000.

CORALBERRY DR., 13202-Charles R. and Nancy C. Preston to Derwing and Susan Harris, $710,900.

DEER HOLLOW WAY, 2931, No. 201-Clifford J. and Sylvia F. Brock to Debra Mosel, $410,000.

FAIRFAX CENTER CREEK DR., 4102-Seth A. Nylund to Richard and Randy S. Deasy, $506,000.

FAIRFIELD HOUSE DR., 12205, No. 602B-Patrice S. Drew to Robert L. Doney, $320,000.

GARDEN GROVE CIR., 12144, No. 102-Fairfield Fairchase Partnership to Laura J. Schlader, $87,816.

GLEN ALDEN RD., 12020-Stacy Bree to Janet Ndikum and Robert O. Duah, $395,000.

GRAYS POINTE RD., 12930, No. B-Jeremy Ash to Laverne Pitts Marrow, $258,000.

JASPER RD., 13207-John and Susan L. Chudovan to Heather J. and Jeremy J. Putman, $560,000.

KINGSBRIDGE DR., 9704, No. 302-Jewell B. Baker to Elizabeth M. Quinn and Matthew S. Avery, $262,000.

LINCOLN DR., 5003-Rowland S. and Anne D. Oliver to John and Susan Chudovan, $840,000.

LORELEIGH WAY, 9070-Joan C. Dalrymple to Elizabeth L. Spence, $395,000.

MIDDLE RIDGE DR., 4009-Toby D. McCoy to George Mokhsijerjian, $480,000.

MURDSTONE CT., 4015-Sandra G.

McKenzie to Dominic L. and Maryann Bratta, $410,000.

PARSON LANE, 13011-Mark D. and Mary Anne P. Stephen to Mavis Darkwah and Emmanuel Okine, $515,000.

PEEP TOAD CT., 11301-Harry L. and Sandra M. Wiggins to Ramagopal and Mangala Kolluri, $575,000.

POMMEROY DR., 5104-Tony R. Carter to Chris W. Matschke, $489,000.

QUIET CREEK DR., 4013-Keith R. and Anne Ashby to Deborah K. Skold, $560,000.

SLEEPY LAKE CT., 12311-William B. Ossakow to Robert T. and Melissa L. Mears, $417,000.

VICTORIA STATION CT., 12624-Steven E. Finkel to Eric C. and Keri M. Moorefield, $447,000.

Fairfax Station AreaINNISVALE DR., 5904-Gregory S. Miller to Matthew L. and Mary E. Pincombe, $720,000.

WOLFS LANDING, 11410-Albert and Angela Myres to Anthony and Oretta Onianwah, $1.45 million.

Falls Church AreaBRANDY CT., 3317-Gary R. Smith to Roman Vallejos and Maria Peredo, $525,000.

NEW PROVIDENCE DR., 7756, No. 14-Caren E. Smith to Ericka Battle, $257,000.

WALNUT HILL LANE, 7527-Shirley M.

O'Neal to Jose R. and Emily G. Vazquez, $805,000.

WOODLAWN AVE., 2942-Kelly E. Kilga and Michael T. Shupp to Edward E. and Barbara S. Brookover, $519,000.

YARLING CT., 2827-Robert A. Robinson to Jiwan Kim, $265,000.

Falls Church-Pimmit AreaHAYCOCK RD., 7029, No. E-William G. and Colleen M. Shaw to Walter F. Zenner, $523,000. HILLSIDE DR., 2057-Liam F. Coakley to Michael L. and Vanessa Seifert, $1.18 million.

Fort Belvoir AreaBACKLICK RD., 9124-Esther Boateng to David and Vida A. Sey, $505,000.

Fort Hunt AreaARCTURUS LANE, 1114-Mara J. Ballenger to Jameson E. and Inna V. Hamilton, $665,000.

WITTINGTON BLVD., 2112-Bruce D. and Eva I. Scull to Lee and Jennifer McAllister, $626,120.

Great Falls AreaARNON CHAPEL RD., 9414-John A. and Sharon S. Heffley to Christine Maron and Jonathan Ferrell, $1.17 million.

GOULDMAN LANE, 717-Kultar S. and Darshan K. Kang to James D. and Mary M. Klote, $2.4 million.

INGLISH MILL DR., 11250-Primacy Closing Corp. to Kenneth M. and Sharon G. Callaway, $1.05 million.

WALKER RD., 1115-Charles F. and Ellen Rule to Peter C. Speros, $1.65 million.

Herndon AreaASHNUT LANE, 13186-Kimberly K. Podulka to Joseph B. and Brigitte M. McMillan, $465,000. BAYSHIRE LANE, 1424-Michael J. and Patricia O. Redford to Glenn M. and Melissa M. Rife, $426,500.

BECKINGHAM DR., 13629-Indranil Sengupta and Suneeta Singh to Raja and Sureka Kakarlapudi, $440,000.

CENTER ST., 605, No. T3-Ivy Sinclair to Jorge Pineda, $224,000.

COPPER COVE WAY, 13233-Marc H. Lenzen to Hugo Guevara, $425,000.

COURTNEY CT., 12108-Vedad Jafari to Donna A. and Michael R. Tallon, $736,000.

JEANNIE ANNA CT., 3009-Steve Gaskins

to Laurie Hunt and Barbara T. Battle, $810,000.

KEACH PL., 13221-Lakeview Townhomes Corp. to Andrew D. and Natasha E. Smith, $254,900.

LEYLAND RIDGE RD., 2490-Amy B. Desherow to Joshua H. Herman and Lisa C. Spiridopoulos, $663,000.

ROUNDING RUN CIR., 13161-Brian C. and Denise T. Eckert to Thomas and Seong Haid, $635,000.

WHITWORTH CT., 1138-Leroy Danforth to Flora Osorio, $428,000.

Huntington AreaELEANOR CT., 5603-Michael L. and Mildred N. Gallahan to Marlon K. Amaya, $402,000.

WYOMISSING CT., 5818-Michele L. Labbe to Arturo Flores, $414,000.

Hybla Valley AreaBEECHCLIFF DR., 3335-Munawar Khan, Asim Mumtaz and Masood Ahmad to Louis M. and Gladys Felan, $570,000. BOSWELL AVE., 2608-The Windsor Estate

Inc. to Richard E. and Carol A. Christ, $950,000.

BROSAR CT., 3126-Calvin J. and Sharon Y. Gunn to Rosa Revelo, $368,000.

CLIFTON FARM CT., 8212-Charles E. and Carol A. Robertson to William A. Staten and Shontai S. Staten, $449,500.

HUNTINGTON GROVE SQ., 2981-Susan Wassermann to Sixto Benitez Medrano and Alvarenga Guadalupe R. Villatoro, $445,000.

RANSOM PL., 3603-Bradley and Michelle Wollmann to Jason A. Fuehner and Alyssa D. Keefe, $435,000.

SNOWPEA CT., 7514, No. E-Kathleen A. Teitel to Erin and Gene Williams, $291,000.

Lincolnia AreaEVERGLADES DR., 6207-Hazel Spradlin to Joseph Efren Mercado Arzadon and Purificacion Mercado Floren, $440,000.

LANDESS ST., 6340-Robert Eades to Victor M. Eyzaguirre, $440,000.

ROLLINS DR., 1931-Kenneth J. Kealey to Michele Krause, $325,000.

SUMMER MOON LANE, 6327-Jimmy D. and Donna J. Williams to Robert A. Johnson and Rupal G. Pujara, $490,000.

Lorton AreaENOCHS DR., 8511-Thomas Zane Wood to Renee Michelle Mantei and David Brian Kayal, $390,000. HAWKSHEAD DR., 9658-Inayat Bibi to Ishrat Inayat, $720,000.

KOLUDER CT., 8558-Michael David Janer and Veronica Maureen Fells to Francisco Patricio Velasco, Richard Venecio Aluisa Vaca and Alicia Margot Pilaluisa Torres, $305,000.

WOLFORD WAY, 7738-Cynthia Wilson to Jessica Leigh Kerwin, $335,000.

McLean AreaCAPITOL VIEW DR., 7105-Raymond D. Barrett and Cynthia B. Beck to Russell and Susan Marks, $810,000.

FOREST VILLA LANE, 1553-David Arthur and Rochelle G. Zohn to Marianne O. Voight and Kenneth S. Rose, $1.08 million.

GRADY RANDALL CT., 1413-James D. and Mary M. Klote to Ramesh Govindaraj and Preethi R. Govindaraj, $1.5 million.

HAMPTON VIEW PL., 6638-John W. Condit to Stacey Leigh Feldman, $980,000.

MACARTHUR DR., 1917-Paula A. Craver to Arthur J. and Leigh E. Horner, $730,000.

Mount Vernon AreaCANDLEBERRY CT., 9427-Richard A. Polhamus to Isaac Seku, $397,500. GATESHEAD RD., 8818-Armin O. and Bonnie C. Hellmund to John B. Walsh, $579,900.

HALLIE ROSE PL., 8514-Armando E. Rodriguez to Henry Koonson and Atta Eyison Comfort, $489,900.

STEADMAN ST., 8013-Eddie Lee and Emma L. Richardson to Alba C. Canales, $500,000.

VILLAGE WAY, 8631-Gerald Vermillion to Phuong Thanh Nguyen, $280,000.

North Springfield AreaTRAFALGAR CT., 8812-David and Vanessa A. Bergh to Janet and Stuart R. Heath, $515,000.

Oakton AreaJERMANTOWN RD., 2817, No. 410-Mark and Janet M. Auerbach to Esther L. Berg, $364,000. SUMMIT SQUARE DR., 3176, No. 4-B2-Summit Condominiums Corp. to Jessica and Juan Carlos Marazzi, $359,450.

VALE RD., 11316-John M. Mouser to Faisal and Mary Ann Rashid, $710,000.

FIFTH PL., 9512-Anthony R. Piti to Omar Ahmad Sarhan, $840,800.

Reston AreaAUTUMN RIDGE CIR., 1529-Margaret M. Huffaker to Robert D. Blyth, $429,900.

BEACON HEIGHTS DR., 2020-John T. and Cynthia A. Westermeier to Susan Okula, $995,000.

FIELDVIEW DR., 1167-Michael D. and Jodie S. Hazel to Damon V. and Heather L. Griggs, $1.29 million.

GLADE BANK WAY, 2303-Terry W. and Sandra J. Finch to Jacques K. Bloomfield, $360,000.

HARPERS SQUARE CT., 10905-Steven Kaufman to Jon T. Barry and Kristen K. Grifka, $399,000.

HEMINGWAY DR., 11528-Kevin J. and Susan Coyle to James Fontenot and Fariba Ziaie Dehabadi, $775,000.

LAKE SHORE CREST DR., 1716, No. 11-Marti M. Spaulding to Carolyn F. Schmidt, $259,900.

NORTH SHORE DR., 11777-John M. Aragona to Stephen T. Ahearn and Rachel J. Wood, $413,000.

SIERRA WOODS DR., 1638-Edward L. Kowalczyk to Brice R. Kutch, $187,000.

SOUTHGATE SQ., 2208-Concepcion Lopez to Mario Medina, $398,500.

SUNRISE VALLEY DR., 11760, No. 112-JBG Rockwood Reston Square and Residential Corp. to Harry Thompson Beach, $299,325.

SUNRISE VALLEY DR., 11760, No. 703-JBG Rockwood Reston Square and Residential Corp. to Cynthia Henriquez, $433,130.

SUNRISE VALLEY DR., 11760, No. 911-Sang Park to Alison Sung Sill Cho, $275,000.

TOURNAMENT DR., 12809-Naveen Vavilala and Laxmi Bhanuri to Douglas E. Wade and Leigh A. Bradley, $650,000.

VANTAGE HILL RD., 11600, No. 11B-Heidi S. Santos to Karen Bieber, $245,000.

WOODHOLLOW CT., 11586-Vicki M. Leon to Michael Anthony and Jennifer Leigh Klein, $387,500.

Seven Corners AreaCASTLE RD., 3039-Jose E. Trejo Cruz to Rosa E. Medina, $577,500. WILLSTON PL., 2918-Nelson W. Gailey to Mekdessee Mekonnen, $187,000.

Springfield AreaATTLEBORO DR., 7826-Robert G. and

Jane G. Turner to Leticia F. Fernandez, $525,000.

BELINGER CT., 7216-Yang Ja Eckman to Bejarano Mario A. Flores, $462,000.

CEDAR FALLS CT., 8403-Robert J. Matikonis to Robin P., Joanna P. and Jonathan Robson, $325,000.

CRESTMONT CIR., 8262-Uelker Oezdemir to Leon Carlos J. Perez and Vanessa C. Salamanca, $325,000.

ELMWOOD DR., 3805-Shaqir and Anna

Salihi to Luis M. and Ana M. Abrego, $436,000.

HANKS PL., 7127-Arnold C. Rausch to Craig P. and Stephanie L. Stine, $600,000.

ORIOLE AVE., 7208-Spencer D. Peck to Klaus and Patricia Heerwig, $535,000.

RHODELL LANE, 8104-Traci M. Allan to

Michael A., Debra and Gregory Davis, $409,000.

SPRING GARDEN DR., 7091, No. 201-Deborah J. Ragan to Mohammad Kohistany, $233,500.

SUMMER BREEZE LANE, 8501-Miriam Terrazas to Maria S. Fiengo, $470,000.

TRIPS WAY, 6372-Tran Dung to Jamshed Khan, $430,000.

WILLOWDALE CT., 8156-Olegario Otero and Patricia Mimbela to Claudio Alderetes, $359,000.

Vienna AreaBATTLE ST., 112-Martin D. Mobley to Prudential Relocation Inc., $793,000. DELLWOOD DR., 9028-Andrew C. Ward and Mary C. Johnson to Kenyon R. and Elena L. Miller, $529,900.

DERAMUS FARM CT., 9470-Gary and Patricia Kesling to Sanjay and Ritu Kansal, $1.46 million.

HORSESHOE DR., 1961-Roy Eugene and Roxann B. Barrett to Colleen K. McGlen, $630,000.

LINDEL LANE, 9912-James L. and Lorraine R. Graham to Peter B. and Clare A. Kersten, $650,000.

LOCH LOMOND DR., 2237-R. Douglas and Tomo Brown to Peter R. and Bernadette K. Geyer, $675,000.

MEMORY CT., 1906-Dianne Y. Chisholm to Ilona T. Conolly, $699,000.

PEKAY ST., 1108-Joseph Daniel Moy to Yanett Sanchez, $564,000.

ROBNEL PL., 9370-Donald J. Chandler to National Residential Nominee Services Inc., $675,000.

TAMARACK DR., 10223-Jennifer P. Rampton and Malan D. Rampton to Constantin and Elizabeth Henson Tudan, $629,500.

TYSON OAKS CIR., 7895-Laura M. Welsh to Rudy E. Realegeno and Angela E. Rivas, $450,000.

VILLANOVA DR., 2535-Edward J. and Roberta W. Flanagan to Geoffrey Kamen and Ruth Heidi Choy, $530,000.

WILLIAM TERRY DR., 10503-Cameron P. Lewis to Douglas H. and Rebecca K. Wood, $985,000.

Vienna-Dunn Loring AreaSANDBURG ST., 2347-John A. Schehl and Amy M. Englat to Desmond M. and Susan L. Burke, $940,000.

TYSONS EXECUTIVE CT., 2122-Carlton S. Petitt to Allen Peter and Elizabeth Hart, $1.09 million.

West Springfield AreaBLARNEY STONE CT., 6442-Paul Kolf to Nitphaphone and Chanhmanison Phanthalack, $408,000.

FORRESTER BLVD., 8344, No. 452-Gloria C. Hall to Scott N. and Diana L. Sundsvold, $270,000.

OAKFORD DR., 8306-Bruce Smith to Catherine L. Keane, $550,000.

PRINCE JAMES DR., 5911, No. E-Sarah E. Ketcham to Britt Powell and Nicole Banks, $210,000.

RATHLIN DR., 6243-Bill E. and Judy C.

Hudson to Robert J. and Jessica L. Landon, $405,400.

SHOOTINGSTAR DR., 7705-Robert Rudolph and Denise J. Hobson to Ricardo A. and Maria K. Dinatale, $465,000.

WAINFLEET CT., 6422-Elisabeth J. Seidita to William E. Douglas, $489,900.