These sales were recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Adamstown AreaBILL DORSEY BLVD., 2708-NVR Inc. to Jessica A. and Joe P. Helfer, $554,020. BILL DORSEY BLVD., 2728-NVR Inc. to Bridgette L. and Matthew A. Ernest, $635,675.

INWOOD DR., 2612-Ausherman Homes Inc. to Patricia A. and Alberto A. Marino, $657,975.

INWOOD DR., 2613-Ausherman Homes Inc. to Santhanalakshmi Shanmugam and Subramanian Muthukkumar, $662,200.

Braddock Heights AreaINQUIRY CT., 8735-David and Alexander Wimsatt to Mark Anthony Sarrichio and Jose Alberto Ramos, $218,000.

Brunswick AreaDONOVAN CT., 7-H.D. Investments I to Marijohn G. and Robert K. Kirsch, $499,990. DONOVAN CT., 8-H.D. Investments I to Ronald C. Anstey, $561,365.

FIONA WAY, 149-Lisa M. and Noah A. Maxwell to Kimberly L. Fox, $299,900.

PETERSVILLE RD., 15-Jessica R. Jones to Jennifer August, $240,900.

Frederick City- Adamstown Village AreaCLOISTER WAY, 3011-Wormald Development Co. to Julian E. and Sara N. Dunn, $470,255.

Frederick City- Libertytown AreaAPPLE WAY DR., 40-Phillip W. and Jodi S. Root to Gloria and Carmen Rogelio Orellana, $233,500.

APPLETREE CT., 1324-Gary L. and Judith C. Fauble to Emilio Saenz and Mercedes L. Ralda, $372,000.

BANKSIA DR., 430-Carl C. Thomas Sr., trustee, to Maria R. Valenzuela Trigo and Humberto Trigo Gomez, $269,987.

BLUE HERON DR., 8202, No. 1C-Equity Trust Co. to Betty C. Stull, $228,000.

CAP STINE RD., 4514-John F. and Patricia A. Hageman to Theresa E. Yinger and Thomas C. Frazier, $238,000.

CATOCTIN AVE., 396-Pritesh Patel to Phong Tran and Ngoc Anh Pham, $254,000.

COACHLIGHT CT., 7287-Charles E. Jackson Jr. to Brandon P. Peck, $203,900.

COATS BRIDGE PL., 6, No. 2C-Jeffrey S. Honaker to Naing Aung, $230,000.

COLLEGE TERR. W., 18-Michael M. Stup to George Layman, $350,000.

DUKE CT., 5175-Denver O. and Tara J. Swaby to Sarah E. Burns Spielvogel and Jonathan P. Spielvogel, $255,900.

DUKE CT., 5811-Paul R. Quick to Sean Tucker, $245,000.

EASTBOURNE CT., 1000-Ethel I. Valois to Linda J. and French Thompson Jr., $350,000.

EISENHOWER DR., 558-Robert J. Howk to Malgorzata and Kiran S. Panickar, $282,000.

ELLISON CT., 527-Kristin M. and Anthony J. Zuvich to Taiwo Akinode, $335,000.

GAMBRILL PARK RD., 10848-Joseph Fairfield Holdridge III to Shelley V. and Richard D. Sarmiento, $525,000.

GLENDALE DR., 8106-Martha Concetta Pirrone to Judith C. and Gary L. Fauble, $460,000.

HARVEST DR., 1769-Frank J. and Ralene Damanti to Mindy Novic and Adam Norris, $400,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 810-D-Hannah Lee Alexander to V.P. and D.T. Buckley, $150,000.

HEDGEROW CT., 604-Emerald Farm-Comstock Corp. to Luu L. Nguyen and Steve Tai T. Huynh, $500,000.

HORIZON DR., 9-Carroll C. Webb to Santos Antonio Quintanilla, $260,000.

IVYWOOD NORTH DR., 5308-Todd S. and Andrea W. Forsythe to Margaret E. and Benjamin R. Fetting, $440,000.

JEFFERSON PIKE, 6410-Stephen C. and Michael L. Benner to Olga Diaz, $400,000.

KINGSBROOK DR., 5330-Susan J. Melvin to David Pazos, $445,000.

MAGNOLIA AVE., 403-BBR Properties Corp. to Patrick Muldowney, $792,500.

MALVERN WAY, 2018-Monica L. Riedmuller to Maria Turcios, $297,000.

MOHICAN CT., 1500-PDR Greencastle Corp. to Hope L. and Christopher M. Auth, $469,900.

MOTTER AVE., 821-Thomas E. Carlson to Larry Wayne and Millicent Remington, $188,000.

OBERLIN CIR., 7135-John and Amanda Centano to Christine D. and Robert E. Lee Jr., $300,000.

PENDLETON CT. N., 22, No. 10E-Robert E. Lee Jr. to Salvador Aguirre and Eduardo Hernandez, $229,900.

PENNSYLVANIA AVE., 103-Howard Scott Lokey to Haydee J. Rojas and Jose J. Garcia Tapia, $250,000.

SADDLEBROOK LANE, 6464-Donald T. and Diane L. Ditullo to Phong Tran and Trung C. Pham, $610,000.

ST. LAWRENCE CT., 1556-Thomas P. Sinton to Daniel J. and John R. Spinnler, $242,000.

SEA GULL CT., 6644-Hyon Barr to Eliud Mbowe and Charles Tenga, $270,000.

SEA GULL CT., 6670-Merla Rae Matheny to Ruben Dimo and Sylvie Hangue, $284,990.

SPRINGWATER CT., 6343, No. 1041-Mary Snook and Raegon B. Clutz Jr. to Sandra L. Wagner and Charles E. Jackson, $253,000.

SPRINGWATER CT., 6512, No. 4102-Myrsonia Diaz to Daria B. Knupp, $217,000.

TOWNCREST TERR., 6431-John P. Donaghy to Grace A. and Claudette E. Demetrius, $269,900.

TRAIL AVE., 600-Marshall D. Rood to Nichole and William H. Irwin Jr., $288,000.

VICTORIA SQ., 40-Brian R. Welshons to Lory C. Robinson Gardner and Daniel E. Gardner, $270,000.

WHEYFIELD DR., 1514-Darla J. Murphy to Brindley F. and Matthew W. Swaney, $305,000.

WILD HUNT RD., 664-Beazer Homes Corp. to Peter Kilasara Maghimbi, $316,294.

Frederick City- Mountaindale AreaCOBBLESTONE WAY, 2432-Charles D. and Mikell Galloway to Kelly L. and Christopher E. Sherman, $549,900.

GARFIELD CT., 2101-Cheryl M. and William H. Ahalt Jr. to Jean Critcher, $495,000.

GRANBY WAY, 1818-NVR Inc. to Paula and Sampach Prak, $857,101.

STEEPLEVIEW CT., 2406-NRT Relocation Corp. to Caryn E. and Anthony W. Driebelbies, $493,000.

WHISKEY CREEK CIR., 114-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland to Merredith Wile and William Gibbs, $249,900.

Garfield AreaJOHN KLINE RD., 13740-Lois A. and Robert W. Baumbach Jr. to Lenore Seliger, $450,000. PLEASANT VALLEY RD., 14330-Ellen P. and J. Emilio Rodriquez to Mitchell A. Rose, $299,900.

Ijamsville AreaAVERLEY RD., 3021-Steven R. and Kristin B. Grunch to Linda A. and David E. Meredith, $851,000.

BELGRAVE CIR., 4006-NVR Inc. to Tiffany A. and Jason A. Mahaney, $679,665.

CARRIAGE HILL ST., 9410-NVR Inc. to Yuri S. and Charles T. Dinh, $439,130.

HILLSIDE CT., 2710-Gabriela Tudor to Kimberly and Mark E. Kline, $550,000.

PRESTWICH TERR., 10026-Robin R. Lunsford to Timothy Conlon, $700,000.

Jefferson AreaCARONE DR., 2911-Eddie E. and April L. Stevenson to Loree A. and John A. Gearheart, $525,000.

SOLSTICE CT., 3296-Robert W. and Elizabeth N. Pickett to Melissa A. and Michael K. Disney, $370,000.

Knoxville AreaKNOXVILLE RD., 256-Addison C. and Ruby E. Greene to Ellen L. and Roscoe G. Bartlett, $240,000. Middletown AreaTULIP TREE LANE, 4488-Mary D. and Blaine T. Shatzer to Leslie A. and Donald E. Crown, $342,000.

Monrovia AreaSCENIC VIEW CT., 11305-Ralph W. McNinch Jr. to Prudential Relocation Inc., $409,500. TREEVIEW LANE, 11303-David E. and Linda A. Meredith to Amy B. and John E. Hall IV, $485,000.

Mount Airy- Linganore AreaBUFFALO RD., 4844-Lori M. and Peter C. Keifer to David A. Glazier, $420,000.

EAGLETRACE DR., 11105-Francisco and Ligia Velasquez to Suzanne P. and Frederick A. Gross, $525,000.

LOMAR DR., 4027-Pamela R. and James M. Melby to James A. Mangano, $545,000.

MANOR TERR., 13256-Syed and Andrea S. Ahmad to Diane D. and Lonnie W. Broadnax, $545,000.

ROLLING ACRES DR., 4204-Charles L. and Evelyn M. Sullivan to Catherine R. and Eric Smith, $360,000.

STEAMBOAT WAY S., 6172-R. Thomas Trout to Mary L. Carroll, $280,000.

WESTRIDGE DR., 203-Richard M. Tuohey to Jhony Koc and Roxana E. Huaicochea, $409,900.

Myersville AreaASHLEY CT., 96-George W. Cox and Christine M. Pacula-Cox to Stefanie E. and Ronald G. Charette, $459,900. New Market- Lake Linganore AreaBURGESS ST., 111-D.R. Horton to Kimberly Brandenburg and Sean Eubanks, $595,284.

Point of Rocks AreaCANAL RUN DR., 1711-Ausherman Homes Inc. to Jacqueline S. and Frederick A. Catoe, $581,085. ROCK HALL RD., 4143-Helen L. Phillips to Valerie M. Jewell and Earle M. Lavely, $304,500.

Thurmont AreaANGLEBERGER RD., 11229-Dorothy and Frank E. Dubel to Gary W. Bell, $285,000.

SANDY SPRING LANE, 19-Miriam K. Danaher to Gregory A. Brashears Sr., $239,400.

SYLVIA CIR., 14-Dianne D. and Gail L. Emerson to CRS Relocation Corp., $399,500.

Urbana AreaTAVISTOCK RD., 3654-Weichert Relocation Resources to Heather M. and Andrew D. Gutberlet, $415,000. Walkersville AreaGRANTHAM CT., 119-Michael Slifer to Luis Jaime Zavala, $270,000.

INSPIRATION CT., 8793-Dorothy E. and Stephen P. Bisig to Dorothea Spencer, $299,900.