Residents throughout Montgomery County suburbs coped with the unplowed streets, icy roads and power outages that came with the Valentine's Day storm. Some vignettes:

What's White Stuff Good for, Anyway?The icy crust made for a fast glide for residents who spent the day skiing and sledding. In East Bethesda, Rocky Delaplaine, 53, used cross-country skis to navigate unplowed streets to Lynnbrook Park, where her 9-year-old daughter, Olivia, a fourth-grader at North Chevy Chase Elementary School, was sledding with friends. Delaplaine had Olivia's skis strapped on her back so her daughter could join her after sledding.

"It's actually quite nice for skiing because it packs well, and with the ice, you get a good glide," said Delaplaine, a yoga instructor whose studio was closed.

At Lynnbrook Park, the air was filled with sounds of a mother shouting, "Lift your feet!" to a boy on a sled and a father yelling, "Lie back, James!" Olivia tried to defy convention by standing on her sled.

"It's great, but it's really icy," she said, "so when I land on my face, it hurts."

Easy on the Snow, Heavy on the IceIn short order, the icy film on the snow's surface became so thick it refused to crunch. Austin Kimes, 26, was among those who got an early start removing the snow while it was wet and heavy but not very dense.

Determined to clear the driveway in East Bethesda so his mother, Mary Ellen Condon, could get to work, Kimes found a layer of ice about a quarter-inch thick beneath a couple of inches of snow.

"It's a lot wetter, so it's harder to pick up," said Kimes, a University of Maryland student.

He suspected that the snow would freeze overnight, so he kept at it even though the ice made the job harder on his back.

"It's not too bad," Kimes said. "I'm just taking more breaks."

Spinning Wheels In Both DirectionsIn the Woodhaven neighborhood of Bethesda, Joe Busch tried for more than 30 minutes to get his sedan to move up his street but gave up after the tires failed to get enough traction. Then Busch had trouble getting his car back into the driveway.

"It was like an ice pack," he said.