The winners of Arlington's annual PTA Reflections contest were presented awards. Those who win first place at the county level go on to compete in the Fairfax District, which includes schools from Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax and the city of Falls Church. The contest continues at the state and national levels.

In the literature category, the winners in grades K-2 are: Zach Zamoff, Arlington Traditional, first place; Laurel Eddins, Ashlawn, and Luke Wallace, Nottingham, second place; Megan Hahn, Tuckahoe, third place; and Kate Meredith, Taylor, honorable mention. Grades 3-5 winners are: Amanda Hayes, Jamestown, first place; Claire Spaulding, McKinley, second place; Merete Lund, Nottingham, third place; and Arianna Zoghi, Tuckahoe, honorable mention. Grades 6-8 winners are: Clara Nice, Jefferson, first place; Alexander Kopenhaver, Kenmore, second place; Andrew Wagner, Swanson, third place; Helena Nicholakos, Williamsburg, and Honora Walls, Gunston, honorable mention. Grades 9-12 winners are: Megan Burke, Yorktown, first place and Lauren Mathae, Washington-Lee, second place.

For music, the winners in grades K-2 are: Eleanor Wood, Arlington Traditional, first place; Katariina Alanko, Oakridge, and Ella Juengst, Taylor, second place; Ilana Moyer, Tuckahoe, and Elizabeth Woolford, Nottingham, third place; and Abigail Hendricks, McKinley, honorable mention. Grades 3-5 winners are: Sarah Linick, Taylor, first place; Amanda Gaylord, Jamestown, second place; Sarah Dinkelman, Glebe, third place; Merete Lund, Nottingham, and Caroline Meek, McKinley, honorable mention. Grades 6-8 winners are: Kinsey Scholl, Swanson, first place; Elisabeth Laird, Gunston, second place; and Adrianna Gorsky, Kenmore, third place. Grades 9-12 winners are: Corinne Wiesner, Washington-Lee, first place and Jinda Chaijinda, Yorktown, second place.

In photography, the winners in grades K-2 are: Huy Nguyen, Barcroft, first place; Juliana Gruver, Arlington Science Focus, and Ryan Mark, Nottingham, second place; and Blake King, Glebe, and Sam Schachter, Taylor, third place. Grades 3-5 winners are: Christine Schmidt, Ashlawn, first place; Henry Tessier, McKinley, second place; Jack Dobbins, Claremont, and Natalie Slater, Long Branch, third place. Grades 6-8 winners are: Ashley Meredith, Williamsburg, first place; Sophie Frank, Swanson, and Elisabeth Laird, Gunston, second place; and Emily Mathae, Kenmore, third place. Grades 9-12 winners are: Brenna O'Neill, Wakefield, first place; Taylor Castillo, Yorktown, second place; and Grace Handley, Washington-Lee, third place.

Visual arts winners in Grades K-2 are: Malia Washington, McKinley, first place; Daniel Donate-Perez, Jamestown, and Nicole Kolmstetter, Nottingham, second place; Geovanny Morales, Barcroft, and Ella Waide, Tuckahoe, third place; Shaina Brown, Arlington Science Focus, and Catherine Davis, Ashlawn, honorable mention. Grades 3-5 winners are: Nicholas Saunders, Claremont, first place; Aryn Geier, McKinley, second place; Chloe Rogers, Arlington Traditional, and Kacy Tucker, Oakridge, third place; Sophia Hays, Long Branch, Hatisha Mehta, Arlington Science Focus, and Alec Southwell, Barcroft, honorable mention. Grades 6-8 winners are: Ashley Coleson, Swanson, first place; Ashley Meredith, Williamsburg, and Lara Sierra, Gunston, second place; Lan-Anh Nguyen, Jefferson, third place; and Adrianna Gorsky, Kenmore, honorable mention. Grades 9-12 winners are: Nina Stoddard, Yorktown, first place; Amanda Donohoo, Wakefield, second place; and Jennyffer Melendez, Washington-Lee, third place.

For dance choreography, the winners in grades K-2 are: Caroline Fatemi, McKinley, first place; Sophia Bracy, Nottingham, second place; and Leah Felsenheld, Barrett, third place. Grades 3-5 winners are: Giselle MacDonald, Long Branch, first place; Jacqueline Anders, Arlington Traditional, second place; Lily Waldman, Arlington Science Focus, third place; and Jessica Benitez, Oakridge, honorable mention. Grades 6-8 winner is Rebecca Scruggs, Kenmore, first place.

For film/video production, the winners in grades K-2 are: Lucas Lotenberg, Barrett, first place and Lydia Mathews, Glebe, second place. Grades 3-5 winners are: Kelley Mark, Nottingham, first place; Theodore Mendez, Arlington Traditional, second place; Billy Moses, McKinley, and David Thorp, Glebe, third place; and Timothy Bova, Tuckahoe, honorable mention. Grades 6-8 winner is David Ahnen, Swanson, first place. Grades 9-12 winner is Matthew Doyle, Yorktown, first place.

Wakefield High School junior Danielle Day's picture of the Air Force Memorial won the Arlington County 2007-08 decal contest. Her design will be featured on the 2007-08 county vehicle tax decal. Wakefield seniors Thomas Phanand Amanda Donahooand H-B Woodlawn sophomore Isabel Richwere finalists.

Six T.C. Williams High School television production students received awards in the Pre-Produced One-Minute Video Production category of the District 14 SkillsUSA Competition. The team of Tyler DeCourt, Taylor Pearson and John Wilson IVreceived first place for a piece titled "Extreme Skipping," and the team of Brooks Eaton, Reid Scholarand Will Shanklesearned second place for an entry called "US Bowling." All students will advance to the state competition in Richmond in April.

Ten T.C. Williams High School marketing students won awards at the DECA District 10 Leadership Conference and advanced to the state competition. The awardees are: Trez Bentley, Business Services Marketing; Katherine Jones, Fundamentals of Marketing; Stephan Allicock, Rosemary Henriquezand Agatha Aramayo, Quick Service Restaurant Marketing; Cynthia Cruzand Kamaria Keys,Retail Merchandising Associate Level; Natasha Lopes, Food Marketing Associate Level; and Leonard Barrettand Gabriel Brumett, Sports and Entertainment Marketing.

T.C. Williams High School drama studentswon third place at the Patriot District One-Act Festival Competition performing a comedy titled "Jimmy the Antichrist," by Keith J. Powell. Morgan Gradywas voted best actor and Maggie Rosenblattand Alina Collinsreceived all-star awards.

Yorktown girls' swim and dive teamwon the state championship at the Virginia High School League AAA State Championships at Bayview Recreation Center in Virginia Beach. The swim team is the first team from Yorktown to win back-to-back state championships since the 1972-1973 school year. Sophomore Maren Taylorwon the diving championship; seniors Kristin Wolla, Katy Hinkleand Thea Kromerwon the 200-meter freestyle relay and set the state and national record with a time of 1:49.04. The three seniors, along with Abby Ortmayer, took their place in the record books once again as champions in the 200-meter medley relay, setting the national record in a time of 2:01.35. Sophomore Hilary Stetekluh, freshman Kaitlin Wolla, junior Edmi Vazquez-Ramosand junior Meg Aldermanalso made significant contributions to the team's victory. The team coaches are head coach Dave Lassiter, dive coach Bobby Meeks and assistant coach Jackie Kuntz.

Yorktown High School theater artsstudents took first place in the district competition in January and advance to the state competition of Virginia State High School League One-Act Plays competition on March 17.

The following Virginia Tech students were named to the Dean's List for the fall semester. From Arlington: freshmen David L. Bodner(political science); Tyler W. Buxton(communication); Matthew B. Clements(university studies); Raymond J. DiNunzio(biological sciences); David C. Greenawald(geosciences); Hahn L. Liu(general engineering); Ellen S. Mendyk(international studies); Ryan M. Probasco(university studies); and Mudib S. Rawoot(general engineering). Sophomores Anna M. Au(biological sciences); Stephanie M. Balshaw(economics/science); Alison S. Beale(university studies); Michael P. Cassidy(history); Daniel F. Caughran(electrical engineering); Michael J. Fraser(electrical engineering); Ingrid E. Freemyer (communication); Sharyn L. McAllister(apparel and housing resource management); Laura E. Puglisi(marketing); Bryce W. Stucki(university studies); Christopher T. Valtin(university studies); and Melissa M. Westrick(nutrition, foods, and exercise). Juniors Franklin D. Balseca (electrical engineering); Maria J. Barreix(architecture); Scott K. Burger(aerospace engineering); Ryan J. Finley(history); Joanna J. Lundquist(international studies); Ashley E. Mannes (communication); Lincoln A. Nesbit(history); Christina D. Niner(business information technology); Ryan S. Pearson(computer engineering); and Dana C. Senatre(marketing). Seniors Michael A. Berger (history); Jeremy J. Davison(communication); Henrique T. Lage(aerospace engineering); Kristin E. Madsen(apparel and housing resource management); Timothy S. Walters(landscape architecture); and Thomas N. Wukitsch(mechanical engineering). From Alexandria: freshmen Kerry M. Biechman(management); Stephen L. Groat (general engineering); Luke A. Navarro(university studies); Kathleen M. Newbould(general engineering); Conor B. O'Brien(accounting and information systems); Joseph T. Rice(general engineering); Katherine A. Silverwood(university studies); Sarah E. Tanner(art-fine arts); and Laura M. Toole(psychology); Sophomores Morgan S. Allen(communication); David M. Giammittorio(political science); Sarah M. Greene(political science); Michael D. Gultneh(architecture); Magee F. McDonald(finance); Daniel J. McFarland(general engineering); James A. Norwood(communication); and Kelsey L. White(architecture). Juniors Kirsten E. Lovo(political science); Christopher A. Porto(finance); and Marylee V. Worley(biochemistry). Seniors Geoffrey K. Adams(biological sciences); Stephanie C. Beck(communication); David P. Byrne (finance); Jasmina Jazic(electrical engineering); Elizabeth A. Norwood (architecture); and Jennifer M. Uchida(art-fine arts).

Laurie Dodsonof Francis Scott Key Elementary School was named Arlington Public School Elementary Counselor of the Year.

Elizabeth Macon Riddleof Alexandria Public Schools received the 2007 George Talmadge Webber Outstanding Public Service Award from the Alexandria Jaycees.

Jessica Killeenof Alexandria was awarded the 2007 Woman of Distinction Award by James Madison University.

Ricardo Drumond, Alexandria volunteer coordinator for the city's Department of Human Services, was named a 2006 Washingtonian of the Year.

Five honorees were awarded community appreciation awards by the Alexandria Jaycees. The recipients are: DeSha Winstead,Alexandria sheriff's office, William G. Truesdale Award; Stafford Farmer-Lee, Alexandria Police Department, Charles W. Hill Award; Patrick Evans, Alexandria Fire Department, James E. Shortt Award; Elizabeth Riddle, Alexandria Public Schools, George Talmadge Webber Award; and Michael Mackey, city manager's office, E. Judith Krasnow Award.

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