These sales were recorded in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun and other Washington areas, visit

Aldie-Braddock Road AreaBERYL TERR., 41932-Stephany A. and James M. Connelly to Curtis Lovett III, $450,000. FELDSPAR PL., 41917-Cristian Carlin to Lauren and Steven Gelfound, $660,000.

MINERAL SPRINGS CIR., 25018-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge to Jamie H. and Chitwan Gahun, $599,000.


Regional Park AreaASHCROFT TERR., 20342-Susan and Terrence A. O'Connell to Tracy and Richard H. Berryhill, $368,000.

CAVENDISH SQ., 46701-Sarah Janet and Thomas S. Boyden to S. Hitchings and Richard Roberts, $380,000.

DOMAIN TERR., 21192-Angela D. Fuller to Betty J. and Glenn W. Saunders Jr., $308,000.

DULANY CT., 31-Edward J. Urbaniak to Maner F. Shaban, $360,000.

FLATBOAT CT., 20989-Julie A. and Robert L. Ortiz to Sara M. and Christopher M. Hiltner, $625,000.

GRAHAM COVE SQ., 46782-Robert Edward Webber to Gladys Quiroga and Nassar Cumpa, $395,000.

HUNTLEY CT., 28-Sdenka and Marco A. Coloma to L. Vargas Luna and M. Vargas Luna, $299,900.

LAWNES CREEK TERR., 46823-Faisal Hasan and Nasima Akhter to Kiran M. and Robert A. Kazmi, $369,000.

MCPHERSON CIR., 43-Jose Ernesto and Pilar M. Jimenez to Reina M. Alvarez and Jose Alvarez, $510,000.

MIRANDA FALLS SQ., 20829-Matthew E. Brodak to Aurora Loan Services Corp., $476,135.

MIRANDA FALLS SQ., 20834-Dianne M. and Derald J. Brecht Jr. to Craig A. Solensky, $484,900.

MONOCACY SQ., 46362-Mariana P. and Lionel S. Cave to Robert H. Lanier, $309,000.

PEBBLEBROOK PL., 46553-Upkar and Varjinder S. Bajwa to Linda V. and Robert I. Layo, $660,000.

WATERFALL BRANCH TERR., 20719-Lisanne F. Morales to D. Chandler and Monica Tressler, $395,000.

WESTWICK CT., 119, No. 8-Comstock Countryside Corp. to Phillip M. Bowles, $296,310.

Ashburn AreaALEXANDRAS GROVE DR., 19967-Edward J. III and Diane M. Murphy to Aimee Redinger and Jason B. Henry, $626,500. BEECHWOOD TERR., 20301, No. 303-Shelley Gwenn Jollimore to Phyllis J. Dodson, $252,000.

BLUERIDGE MEADOWS DR., 44481-Pulte Home Corp. to Angela C. and Dennis J. Manning, $495,000.

BLUERIDGE MEADOWS DR., 44525-Centex Homes to Pratibha and Adarsh Kumar, $477,050.

BOXWOOD PL., 20145-Li Wang and Xiandong Meng to Priya Chityala and Neelu Modali, $620,000.

CHOKEBERRY SQ., 43253-Charles Bram to A. Alexander and Thomas Alexander, $429,967.

COBBLE POND SQ., 21849-Xiao Mei Huang to Nora E. Machado, $345,000.

GALA CIR., 44009-Jennifer and Anthony Herrin to Douglas L. Acord and Cy D. Rubel, $354,900.

INVERNESS SQ., 20066-Margarita and Edmundo G. Morgado to Jo Anne and Bernard S. Gild, $640,000.

LACEYVILLE TERR., 44069-Reginald I.O. Nosegbe to Nicole S. and George Mayor, $325,000.

MALTESE FALCON SQ., 44454-Pulte Home Corp. to Rosemarie Foltz and Steven Hyjek, $422,225.

MANDALAY CT., 20699-Connie M. and Paul E. Larson to Regina Rocio and Percobe J. Correa, $560,000.

NORTHVILLE HILLS TERR., 20047-Belmont Land Partnership to Kapil Datt and Ashok Datt, $572,205.

OVERLAND PARK DR., 21439-Dorothy E. Bowen to Marcia A. and Charles E. Berenbrock, $445,000.

PLANTATION TERR., 43581-M. Elizabeth Crigger to Ophelia Obeng and Godfrey Ofori, $350,000.

PRAIRIE DUNES TERR., 20144-Sheela B. and Sateesh N. Reddy to Sharmistha Pal and Animesh Chowdhury, $442,000.

PYROCANTHA WAY, 20096-Toll Virginia IV Partnership to Junghwa and Younggeoun Yoon, $610,000.


and Renji George to Cynthia Addy,


TAVERN DR., 43901-Donna L. and Mason A. York to Denise Adkins and Kevin Siwierka, $680,000.

TIMBER RIDGE TERR., 20991, No. 204- Karen Lynn Johnson to Carmen Amaritei, $243,300.

TWAIN TERR., 21380-John M. Trippon to Javier Pereira and Alba Montenegro,


UNIVERSITY DR., 45080-Christine Marie Bilek to Thuy Nguyen, $380,000.

VOSBURG TERR., 20996-Laura M. Urban to R. Saravia and R. Guerrero and Ana Guido, $480,000.

Broadlands-Arcola AreaALLISONS RIDGE TERR., 43395-Nancy R. Rutherford to Riti Desai and Tushar Sheth, $405,000.

ARBOR GLEN CT., 21486-Kathy D. Comeau to Danel Johnson, $655,000.

AVONWORTH SQ., 22049-Broadlands Associates to Nady Samnang, $519,434.

AVONWORTH SQ., 22049-Nady Samnang to Bryan Joseph Novotny, $620,000.

CROSSBEAM SQ., 21667-Jennifer V. and Miguel E. Sarria to Jeannine M. Stark, $419,000.

DILWORTH SQ., 22020-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to A. Linnett and Jeffrey Tyree, $426,470.

DOLOMITE HILLS DR., 22378-Kathleen and William G. Frantzen to Prudential Relocation Inc., $1.02 million.

EXPLORER DR., 42719-Miller and Smith at Brambleton Inc. to Eloise G. Kelley,


EXPLORER DR., 42721-Miller and Smith at Brambleton Inc. to Rasy E. Pin and Joseph T. Wilson, $610,360.

GREEN TEAL CT., 22949-Jennifer B. Ragone to Carol A. and Michael A. Mull, $750,000.

HIGHVIEW TRAIL PL., 22064-Melahat and Soheil Zebarjadi to Beverly Davis Jones and Monica Jones, $840,000.

RED SHALE CT., 42717-Waxpool Village Corp. to Kim D.M. and John F. Goicoechea, $1.09 million.

REGAL WOOD DR., 42535-Meridith L. and Carlos A. Bolado to Lara E. Grant, $467,500.


Datta to Shilpa and Rajesha A. Nayak, $449,000.

Dulles AreaFONTWELL SQ., 23084-Ekaterina Lounkina to William Rivas, $365,000. OLD OX RD., 43220-Belmont Peak Corp. to Horizon Holdings Corp., $1.5 million.

PADDINGTON STATION TERR., 45681-Li Ling Lee and Chao Sheng Chen to Mariya L. and William M. Miller, $395,000.

Great Falls Forest AreaOXFORD CT., 10611-Patricia L. and Lawrence J. McNally to Norma P. Concuera, $559,900.

Hamilton AreaTAYLOR RD., 17997-Toll Land IX Partnership to Nancy L. and Michael B. Dowgiello, $999,990. WILDFLOWER MEADOW CT., 38284-Toll Land IX Partnership to Deborah F. and Phillip C. Chambers, $665,000.


-Lansdowne AreaBELLVIEW CT., 808-Laurien and Richard D. Dowdy to Jennene M. Evans, $439,000.

CALEDONIA CT., 43037-Mahnaz Zeinali and Timothy A. Zullo to Jennifer M. and John E. McGovern, $680,000.

CASTLEGUARD CT., 19001-Susan B. and Dan A. Schneider to Syrena M. and Thomas R. Price IV, $685,000.

COLLEEN CT., 103-Barbara P. and Mark L. McDermott to Kathleen D. and Theodore R. Welti, $575,000.

EDWARDS FERRY RD., 610-Thelma F. Everhart to Eileen S. Boer, $420,000.

FOXHUNT TERR., 1002, No. 102-Nelia P. Alacbay to Cherie A. Palmer, $219,000.

HUNTMASTER TERR., 1104, No. 301-Brian C. Watson to Oscar Melara, $229,900.

LARCH VALLEY CT., 802-Mary Kate and Brandon P. Noble to William Mathews Tantum Jr., $689,000.

MILLWRIGHT TERR., 43492-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Joellyn and W. Michael Rzepiennik, $700,000.

PILEATED TERR., 19088-Michael Levy to Vernetta and Larry Hack, $430,737.

PLAZA ST., 124-Kenneth W. Rowland Jr. to Linda and Roscoe Johnson, $475,000.

RUNNING RIDGE WAY, 43008-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Lori and Michael Levine, $770,000.

WARWICK HILLS CT., 43271-Maureen M. and James N. Diclementi to Karen S. and Rui M. Garcia, $930,000.

WATERFIELD TERR., 307-Suzanne K. and Bruce W. Pardue to Adnan Nami and

Michelle H. Jabbour, $315,000.

Leesburg- Watson AreaCANBY RD., 17956-Elizabeth B. and William K. Reilly to Nelson A. Desouza, $846,130.

DALHART DR., 114-Carol Codjoe to Susan and David Beaupre, $517,000.

DEERPATH AVE., 336-Monica L. and Matthew D. Donahue to Marcial Resendiz, $425,000.

GATEWAY DR., 672, No. 606-Sampson Sloan Jr. to Mary Beth Grimes, $204,000.

LOUDOUN ST., 243H-David W. Stradley to Matthew P. Kilroe, $225,000.

MASONS LANE, 202-Gracalee F. Miller to Georgia Dean, $420,000.

MEHERRIN TERR., 121-Gerry and Michael Boyle to Scott E. Reedy, $390,000.

SUNSET VIEW TERR., 507, No. 304-Toll Stratford Corp. to Walter Britt Nichols, $304,975.

SYCOLIN RD., 350-Patricia Ann Horrocks to Park Street Beauregard Development, $1.25 million.

YORK LANE, 612-Gerber F. Diaz and Nelson Romero to Salvador E. Canas, $410,000.

Lovettsville AreaAPRIL CIR., 13282-Advantage Homes Corp. to K. Wunderlich and Robert W. Bolton, $899,000. BOOTH RD., 12912-Lora J. and James T. Washburne to Jack W. Anderson, $485,000.

HAMMOND DR., 3-Michael Harris Lovettsville Corp. to Trina and Daniel L. Clever, $625,000.

Purcellville AreaHEATON CT., 205-Gridley Associates Corp. to Mary Lynn Fones, $285,000.

SHADOWBROOK LANE, 14601-Laurie Fairchild to Tami M. and Mete Sahin, $1.13 million.

SILCOTT MEADOW PL., 36144-Christopher D. Hardy to Cynthia F. Hardy, $1.45 million.

TOWERING OAK CT., 909-K. Hovnanian Homes of Virginia Inc. to Patricia Ann and Maurice T. Bell, $764,484.

Round Hill AreaGREENLEAF PL., 17704-Kathleen P. and James R. Rowley to Kellie R. and Peter H. Figur, $699,900. HARRY BYRD HWY., 34790-Donald L. Bowman estate to D. Torrance and Rodney Torrance, $1.13 million.

South Riding AreaASTELL ST., 42998-D. Shane Gray to

Angela E. and Paul W. Tsai, trustees, $356,000.

BIDDLE LANE, 43724-Leah and F. and J. Garcia and John Garcia to Jennifer J. and Jason John Riley, $635,000.

DUNVEGAN SQ., 25234-Susan R. Jennings

to Jharana Sedai and Roshan Sharma, $345,000.

EARLSFORD DR., 24907-Pinebrook Corp. to Nachhattar Gill and Kamaljeet Singh, $560,000.

IVERSON DR., 26160-Christine and Stephen M. Cataldo to Stephanie P. and Steven C. Dickson, $680,000.

KIRKWOOD SQ., 25810-Nikita M. and Mihir Shah to John Bright, $530,000.

RAWLEY SPRINGS DR., 25799-Maurice X. Ho and Thi D. Hoang to Dung Pham, $825,000.

STADLER LANE, 42751-Michael and Heidi C. Waters to Amy K. Ford and James P. Velardi, $432,000.

UPPER CLUBHOUSE DR., 25450-Dirck R. Thompson to Steven D. Edmonds,


Sterling AreaAMELIA ST. N., 729-Amy L. Heydman to Gerber Alexander Villalta Torres, $449,999.

BRIXTON CT., 1048A-Patrice M. Perkins to Brooke A. Rogers, $195,000.

BULLFINCH SQ., 46711-Nina and Mario Torrisi to Mario R. Mendoza, $391,000.

CHURCH RD. W., 205-Ester C. and Elmer I. Pineda to Maria Graciela Hernandez, $490,000.

CHURCH RD. W., 631-Marlene N. and Miguel Torres to Cecilia Garcia and Edwin Castro, $670,000.

CONCORD CT. S., 611-Yvonne N. and John G. McAllorum to Juanita Drummond, $305,000.

DICKENSON AVE. S., 111-Candido A. Sandoval to Mario R. Sandoval, $475,000.

HANFORD CT., 318-Lily G. Negash and Kirk D. Johnson to Josefa Arias, $440,000.

HARRISON RD. S., 502-Betty L. and Louis E. Robinson to Adela Batres and Sergio Ayala, $460,000.

HOBBLEBUSH TERR., 46748-William W. Perkins to Maria Arraco and O. Morales Vivo, $330,000.

HOPELAND LANE, 101-Leslie H. Newman to Kenneth R. Wilber, $370,000.

IMAGE CT., 405-Julia A. Nord to M. Gallegos Paz and Alexander Salinas, $360,000.

LEE RD. E., 1204-Carmen and J. German Cornejo to D. Espinoza and Gerardo Paulette Ruiz, $540,000.

PENNY LANE, 220-Donna and Timothy Gallagher to Paula Marino and Carlos Perera, $405,000.

POTOMAC VIEW RD., 21084-Nancy and Simon A. Warner to Jerry Hudson Jr., $579,900.

ST. JOHNS SQ., 225-Stephen J. and Amy B. Kramer to Jenny T.N. Nguyen and Hien Duc Bui, $270,000.

SCOTT DR., 115-Jose A. and Dinora Benitez to Nora E. Zavala, $470,000.

STABLEHOUSE DR., 22390-Jonathan Kent Miller to Carrie and Timothy L. Waltz, $300,000.

STERLING BLVD. N., 904-Helen V. and Joseph J. Bachmurski to J. Luna and D. Robles and Luis Luna, $352,000.

VERMONT MAPLE TERR., 46831-Sarat Chandran to Rupali Kale and Keshav S.V. Kiran, $455,000.

VICTORIA PL., 127-William R. Baird to Karrie L. Martin, $400,000.

WINDSOR CT., 907-Mo and Boonkham Phonseya to Kinard J. Carter, $314,000.