These home sales were recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince William and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Bristow AreaBEDDER STONE PL., 9639-Stephanie M. and Jason P. Meyer to Geraldine L. and Danrem M. Balino, $312,000. BRISTOW VILLAGE BLVD., 12007-Centex Homes to Mamie L. Massey, $499,900.

COLESMIRE GATE WAY, 13522-Cartus Relocation Corp. to Heather E. and Adam N. Shrader, $319,900.

COUNTRY MILL DR., 12039-Rick Everet Yanick to Vickie Cheng and Kevin Ngu, $317,500.

DRUM SALUTE PL., 12184-Hoger Dizayee to Anthony A. Cooper, $332,500.

ELLIOTS OAK PL., 12039-Robert L. and Donna J. Rowland to Jose L. Enciso, $325,000.

INFANTRY LANE, 12004-Centex Homes to Wendy Altizer and Kenneth Robert Schulz Sr., $567,400.

NIGHT WATCH CT., 8680-Richmond American Homes to Brittany R. and Kevin C. Frick, $474,524.

ROBERTS RIDGE CT., 12932-NVR Inc. to Grace H. Barcia and Frederick G. Jones, $724,680.

SELKIRK CIR., 12493-Robert V. Galeoto to Jeffrey A. Shriner and Shawna K. Barnum, $303,000.

SLATE STONE LOOP, 9055-Richard L. Dodson to Giannino H. Fernandini, $362,000.

WALTER TAYLOR RD., 10911-Centex Homes to Kelly A. and Jose M. Nieves, $635,000.

Catharpin AreaSANDERS LANE, 4397-Joy and Lance McCauley to Margot F. and Willie A. Spradlin Jr., $615,000.

Dale City AreaBRAHMS DR., 3416-Rukhsana and Tanveer Butt to Emmanuel Kinsley Jonah and Nina Anto Gyasi, $366,000. BRAZIL CIR., 15218-Bank of New York, trustee, to Hannah Sessay, $334,900.

BREMERTON DR., 14212-Tricia A. and William A. Lewis to Heather and Deon Eaddy, $272,500.

CLOVERDALE RD., 15108-Alfredo and Ana Argueta to Pedro A. Rodezno Santos, $410,000.

DELANEY RD., 13204-Thomas Turner and Evelyn D. Turner to Jose I. Escobar and Eusebio Reyes Carcamo, $389,900.

DELANEY RD., 13843-Greg Norman, trustee, to Jose M. Calles, $357,000.

FERNDALE RD., 14302-Christine Ann Fewell to Alfaro Pedro Rodriguez, $310,000.

FRUIT TREE CT., 14938-Dang Dat Tan and Linda T. Tran to Elizabeth and Jorge Salazar, $545,000.

GENERAL WASHINGTON DR., 14420-Washington Homes Inc. to Debora Rhodes Avant and Frederick W. Avant, $591,556.

GILBERT RD., 13712-Luz and Ricardo Ventura to Eva M. Sanchez, $435,000.

GRAN DEUR DR., 13725-James L. Stevens to MacY G. and Todd S. Mizis, $329,000.

KELLEY FARM CT., 15508-Brookfield Corp. to Bernadine and Robert Fenton, $646,770.

KELMONT CT., 13513-Oscar and Dionicia S. Gomez to Fredis Lopez, $385,000.

KEMPER DR., 4701-Christopher L. and Joanne T. Potvin to Jorge and Federico Hernandez, $351,000.

KENDALL DR., 4539-Julia Stellato to Silian Amezquita and Juan F. Ruano, $260,000.

KERRMAN CT., 13004-Rodney W. Wheaton to Francisca C. Salinas, $379,990.

KINGSMAN RD., 13652-Armando Taborga and Monica Cavalier to Aurea Narvaez, $440,000.

KINGSWELL DR., 12805-Carole B. and Ronald L. Shingler to Maria G. Flores and Raul E. Alvarado, $325,000.

KNOLL DR., 4535-MJH Corp. to Kassandra Silva Cardozo, $420,000.

LESTRIC LANE, 14019-Shandana T. Shah to Mahmood Varnalvi, $355,000.

LONGWOOD CT., 13755-Keiko A. and Michael P. Heaster to Hector Cuellar, $356,000.

MILES CT., 5273-Elizabeth A. Claytor and Martin J. Claytor to Shaquan A. and Kevin C. Salmon, $275,000.

NICKLESON DR., 13319-Julian Antonio Madrigal to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., $374,504.

QUADE LANE, 13189-Abdul A. Azeez to Henry and Charlotte Ghansah, $650,000.

RUSKIN ROW PL., 6380-Centex Homes to Susan Kay and Stephen Craig Beller, $911,587.

ST. CHARLES DR., 5592-Herrera Carolina M. to Corral Araceli, $413,000.

TANGO LANE, 12115-Treasa Chidester and Wesley Chidester to Isaac Yaw Abrokwah, $436,000.

WHITAKER PL., 4602-Joel Pulliam to Alejandro and Nely P. Castillo, $290,000.

Dumfries AreaDANCING LEAF PL., 16080-K. Hovnanian Homes to Theresa J. Gibson and Frank E. Gibson, $542,852.

DOMINION DR., 3981-Linda A. and Carl A. Pregenzer to Jose A. Parado, $360,000.

FORT MONROE CT., 1901-Stephen M. Bache to Beatriz Corcuera and Roberto Mantari, $247,000.

GREAT HARVEST CT., 3983-K. Hovnanian Homes to Mary C. and Robert A. Obrien, $380,000.

HARPERS FERRY DR., 17608-Kathleen M. and Michael Thompson to Shah Niwaz, $535,000.

HOLLY CREEK CT., 17313-Tran Dung and Jeni S. Tran to Mary Barillas, $405,000.

KILPATRICK PL., 2417-David J. Pugh and Thomas W. Pugh to Reda W. Pinkney, $224,000.

LAUREL ST., 3986-Rebecca A. and John R. Coughlin to Luis Barahona, $240,000.

MACRAE CT., 18220-Maria Maribel Carbajal to Juan A. Pommier, $369,000.

MCCLELLAN CT., 2337-Valerie D. and Terry Johnson to Carlos A. Martinez Garcia, $260,000.

PALTON DR., 4359-Arif Kamran to Danish Jameel, $540,000.

SHEFFIELD DR., 16203-Dennis and Harriet Parker to Thomas and Bobbie Deleon, $390,000.

TANGARIRO SQ., 17452-Rose Stephenson to Gregory Cooper, $230,000.

TULIP TREE PL., 3172-Patricia Gloy and Dean Gloy to Jorge L. Ayauca, $530,000.

WEEPING CHERRY CT., 3122-Leroy Grant and Walter L. Greene to Francois X. Batalingaya, $453,900.

Gainesville AreaCAMDENHURST DR., 18104-NVR Inc. to Leonard C. Ewell and Sheryl A. Mitchell, $525,420. CARTAGENA DR., 14844-D.R. Horton Inc. to Grace Yoon Ghung Choi, $557,025.

CLUBHOUSE RD., 14245-Megan Mayer and Donald J. Mayer to Julie L. and David B. Ellis, $625,000.

EMMANUEL CT., 6714-Bryan A. Reed to Curtis and Claudia Faubion, $355,000.

FALLSMERE CIR., 14368-Calla and Todd Carver to Deborah L. Brown and Michael P. Mallon, $434,500.

FERRIER CT., 6124-U S Home Corp. to David Loveless, $400,000.

GRACKLE CT., 14300-Brookfield Morris Corp. to Aileen M. Isidoro, $532,590.

KERFOOT DR., 8212-Julie A. and Francisco J. Soutuyo to Juan C. Lopez Boggio, $499,900.

LEGEND GLEN CT., 14300-Sherry R. Hernandez to Sarah and Geoff Graves, $389,000.

ONTARIO RD., 7709-Edith E. Bowers to Dolores A. and James W. Resner, $375,000.

PINEY GROVE WAY, 6012-U S Home Corp. to Emma Daisy and Jimmie J. Logan, trustees, $377,049.

REAL QUITE CT., 13939-Heathcote Commons Corp. to Janet C. and Louis L. Ford, $460,000.

REAL QUITE CT., 13951-Heathcote Commons Corp. to Julie A. and James E. Tillison, trustees, $481,703.

SUNDAY SILENCE CT., 6901-Heathcote Commons Corp. to Mary M. and Smith Bullington, $510,000.

SUNDAY SILENCE CT., 6948-Heathcote Commons Corp. to James F. and Margaret M. Obrien, $474,889.

TRIPLE CROWN LOOP, 13183-U S Home Corp. to James F. Dysbvad, $360,000.

VILLAGE HIGH ST., 14456-Centex Homes to Claudia Patricia and Yuval Bar, $363,009.

YELLOWTHROAT CT., 8800-NVR Inc. to Kesha Harris, $435,000.

Haymarket AreaCARIBBEAN CT., 5752-Su Do to Hai Van Nguyen, $840,000.

CURRAN CREEK DR., 5078-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Sheila B. and Frank A. Rogala, $602,150.

DRAKE LANE, 3701-SYG Associates Inc. to Kathleen F. Brannigan, $975,000.

DRAKE LANE, 3801-SYG Associates Inc. to Derek W. and Mary Kathryn Ghadban Hamill, $1.1 million.

FALDO DR., 5109-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Arlene and Joseph F. Chmielewski, $698,955.

HILLSMAN FARM LANE, 5537-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Raul A. Quintero, $746,641.

LEGACY WAY, 15470-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Mary Belle Swann, $932,360.

POPES CREEK PL., 6104-Washington Homes Inc. to Newland K. Agbenowosi, $344,109.

ROYAL CREST DR., 15251-Regency at Dominion Valley Corp. to Elyse Lynton Fn, $331,420.

Lake Ridge AreaAVIARY WAY, 3432-Susan Hellerman and Gerald Hellerman to Fredis Velasquez and Manuel D. Martinez, $334,000. BRUSSELS WAY, 3989-Stacy H. Beboer and Jeremy N. Bingham to Lonja M. Calhoun and Shawn L. Calhoun, $399,999.

CAVALIER DR., 12449-Virginia Property Solutions Corp., trustee, to Felicito Soriano, $438,000.

CHARTER CT., 4759-Raquel L. Frindt and Giulio Arseni to Prudential Relocation Inc., $855,000.

CRAB APPLE CT., 2714-Barry G. Cole to Kenneth Huntress and Sherry Tyra, $181,041.

FREESTONE CT., 12925-Amy Ratcliff to Norliza Abdul Ghani and Jamal Khir Mdkassim, $327,000.

HARTLAKE ST., 3957-Elizabeth J. and Jeffery William Sisto to Christine M. and Jeffrey B. Ashley, $369,000.

HEDGES RUN DR., 12465-Sylvia E. and Johnny R. Thomas to Robert M. Tchemeny, $380,000.

HOLLY VIEW DR., 11978-Jacqueline Crum to Pilar Gonzales, $380,000.

MARSALA CT., 2946-Mohammed A. Khan to Mohammed Shahabuddin, $360,000.

MATURA LANE, 3732-Anthony Z. Nuriddin to Curtis Roberts, $420,000.

MAYFLOWER DR., 2009-Rebecca Blackwell to Reyna Alfaro, $313,000.

PRESIDIO WAY, 12115-Tahmina Chowdhury to Lynn M. and Christopher J. Leclair, $320,000.

SHERBROOKE CIR., 3560, No. 203-Erica L. Vandover to Keisha M. Davis, $245,000.

STALLION CT., 12147-Cynthia A. and Getachew Zegeye to Sanave Rolin, $314,900.

TECUMSEH CT., 3105-Karen L. Johnson to Felicita M. Juarez, $324,000.

TORY LOOP, 13042-Kevin Ernest Goninan to John B. Lopez III, $305,000.

TREE HOUSE DR., 2486-Banjonglak and Thumrong Duangrat to Noreen T. and Ronald D. Swenson, $1.32 million.

TRIAD CT., 3871-Judy Harff and Todd P. Harff to Janet M. Atarthi Dugan and Brian C. Dugan, $585,000.

TRIAD CT., 3891-TM Mortgage Corp. to Jeannette L. and Juan Carlos Montalvo, $690,000.

WINDERMERE VIEW PL., 4305-Basheer Edgemoore River Falls Corp. to Aleth Florence Yu, $1.42 million.

Manassas AreaALAN CT., 9851-Rebecca C. and Darryl E. Bowens to Eleazar Rodriguez, $425,000.

BASILWOOD DR., 9570-Julio M. Bonilla and Julio M. Molina to Lourdes Quispe and David Jamie Quispe, $570,000.

BELLE GRAE DR., 7515, No. 11-Sylvester Y.A. Anti to Herzon Merida, $275,000.

BREWER CREEK PL., 8937-Independence Corp. to Ashley C. Newell and McArthur Newell II, $355,000.

BREWER CREEK PL., 8941-Independence Corp. to Samira Tabboubi and Taoufik Lamharhar, $347,298.

BREWER CREEK PL., 8943-Independence Corp. to Maria C. Purchell, $360,595.

BREWER CREEK PL., 8967-Independence Corp. to Donna Lajoie, $336,638.

CHINABERRY CT., 12259-Catherine A. and Wayne A. Maffett to Joseph M. Sackett, $475,000.

DUMFRIES RD., 12704-Linda Marshall to Jose Luis Gutierrez, $335,000.

FINCASTLE DR., 5797-Sherri N. Pardo and Gregory P. Pardo to Lucy and Marvin Blakeney, $480,000.

HIGHVIEW ST., 8389-Young Mi and Brian Paul Leblanc to Cynthia J. French, $460,000.

HIRAM CT., 11011-Francisco and Luz A. Roldan to Maria Melgar and Jose V. Martinez, $255,000.

HOBSONS CHOICE LOOP, 5582-Laurel R. and Jonathan E. Thomas to Joseph C. and Melissa A. Alexander III, $399,900.

IRONGATE WAY, 8371-James Harrop to Fidel Suriano, $300,000.

KEMPS LANDING CIR., 12028-Puran Mittal to Pamela Y. and James L. Jimerson, $365,000.

MAYFIELD TRACE PL., 10872-Pulte Home Corp. to Maria I. Palma, $692,350.

PASSAGE CREEK LANE, 6670-Centex Homes to Gloria and Apolonio Cano Martinez, $711,000.

PURCELL RD., 12519-Scott A. Dinneen to Victor Lucas and Magna Lucas, $350,000.

RAYBORN CREEK DR., 11986-Tamatha L. and Robert H. Dao to Amanda O. Candelas, $460,000.

REBEL WALK DR., 7893-Carey E. and Joseph F. Shenal to Jose and Adalinda Vasquez, $350,000.

ROXBURY AVE., 7401-Linda C. Needham and Thomas E. Needham to Ira Metas and Iraheta Roberto Rivas, $406,000.

SHERATON DR., 7326-Mary Nicholson and Edward Nicholson to Lisa and Terry Cunningham, $585,000.

STILLBROOKE RD., 8040-Beth A. Lemay and Richard K. Lemay to Freedom Financial Services Corp., $344,000.

SUDLEY MANOR DR., 9427-Leandro Cruz and Elizabeth Corea to Rosario E. Hernandez, $485,000.

WESTMORELAND AVE., 9505-Edgar Ventura and Adita Leiva to Isela I. Gonzalez, $400,000.

WINFIELD LOOP, 10606-Henre Pena to Fidel A. Fuentes, $410,000.

WOODBURY DR., 10142-Orinoco Ventures Corp. to Reynaldo Enamorado, $425,000.

Manassas Park AreaCOURTLAND CIR., 7453-Henry Matilde Pineda to Israel Arana Escalante, $375,000. LEIGHLEX CT., 8301-Washington Homes Inc. to Danessa K. Quispe, $403,840.

OAK ST., 8108-Chang Soo Kim to Guillermo Oliva, $440,000.

VERMONT PL., 8233-Tabitha A. Glading to Rudis Portillo and Hermin Requeno, $339,900.

Nokesville AreaAQUA VIEW CT., 10204-Duncan J. MacPherson and Margaret Pharr to Lucia D. Damas, $495,000.

HOOKER LANE, 12069-Cherokee Industries Corp. to Cynthia L. and Brian P. McNally, $1.01 million.

MIDDLEBROOKS TERR., 10108-Oak Ridge Inc. to Everardo Barrera Montoya, $687,941.

NOKES ST., 11707-Expedition Properties Corp. to Jack L. Cochran, $382,300.

Occoquan AreaWASHINGTON ST., 114-Amanda P. Bolling and Christina I. Collins to Heather L. Churchill, $280,000. Triangle AreaAGENCY LOOP, 4149-Washington Homes Inc. to Samson Y. Beyen and Dawit Haile, $450,000.

CARDINAL HEIGHTS RD., 19232-Kim Marie and Stephen J. Goll to Mallah and Richard Skidmore, $330,000.

CROWS NEST PT., 3653-Charles L. Beldy Jr. to Maria Y. Reyes, $293,500.

KERILL RD., 18614-Thien Hoang to Jenny Phan, $830,000.

LADY CATHERINE CIR., 3357-U S Home Corp. to Lynette J. and Glynis A. Hall, $496,000.

LADY CATHERINE CIR., 3360-U S Home Corp. to Ziad M. Khan, $450,000.

ROSINGS WAY, 18982-Brookfield Bolognese Corp. to Jose O. Trinidad Almedina, $559,000.

Woodbridge AreaAIDEN DR., 1408-Morteza Ghalambor and Heidi Pommer to Sobeida Rocha, $415,000.

ARMITAGE CT., 2163-D.R. Horton Inc. to Bhavna Kohli, $407,345.

BELMONT BAY DR UNIT 203., 500-Roberta A. and Richard V. McKinzie to Judith H. and F. Kenneth Baskette Jr., $555,000.

BROOKMOOR LANE, 2429-Pulte Home Corp. to Rondell and Tamara S. Jones, $400,000.

CHESLEY PL., 16940-R. Oaks Corp. to Tseday Yimer and Iyob Zenebe, $489,755.

CHESLEY PL., 16941-R. Oaks Corp. to Philip O. Amofah and Charles Kumi, $460,761.

CROSSFIELD WAY, 14501-Pulte Home Corp. to Enetta F. and Shanika Jackson, $450,000.

CROSSFIELD WAY, 14512-Pulte Home Corp. to Patricia Estrada, $445,302.

EXMORE CT., 15529-D.R. Horton Inc. to Jennifer K. and Hyenan Sabotta, $441,405.

EXMORE CT., 15534-D.R. Horton Inc. to Carlo and Rosario S. Jover, $380,755.

FLOTSAM LANE, 16329-Engle Homes to Farida and Zaheer Ahmed, $415,585.

GARDENVIEW LOOP, 1030, No. 302-Su Hwa Kim and Daniel M. Kang to Kara M. and Jeffrey R. Easton Jr., $240,000.

MATHEWS DR., 13906-Mary Ann Bowser, trustee, to Maria O. Ponce, $340,000.

MAURICE DR., 1538-Agustina and Adelio Perez to Julio C. Romero, $400,000.

MCGUFFEYS CT., 2740-Rebecca A. and Scott M. Shields to Megan Balli and Aaron Anthony Acker, $310,000.

MICHIGAN RD., 15207-Beeren and Barry Investments Corp. to Ubaldo A. and Edith A. Romero, $329,950.

OLD POST TERR., 1932-Zoila Elena Ramos and Jose Ricardo Ramos to Maria D. Hercules, $320,000.

PATRICK ST., 2116-Gloria and Luis R. Salinas to Gilberto V. Lopez, $395,000.

RADBURN ST., 16274-Munir Dellawar to Sergi Cardoza, $650,000.

ROCK RIDGE LANE, 13126-Adel Dabaie to Cruz Norma I. Navarro, $350,000.

ROYAL CT., 16556-Carmel Properties Corp. to Stephanie and Brett McMahan, $175,000.

RUSTY RUDDER DR., 16363-M/I Homes to Sheva R. Middleton and Annie Collier, $740,108.

VALLEY STREAM DR., 15201-Shirley A. Triplett to Lazarus Stanley and Abbey Rhodes, $266,000.

WILLIAM BAYLISS CT., 15677-Thomas S. Dunn II to Jorge Portillo, $575,000.