These sales were recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert CountyChesapeake Beach AreaC ST., 8722-Alan J. Twohig III to Gayle L. Cody and Alvin C. Mayo, $475,000. COX RD., 3145-Clarence W. and Catherine T. Gregory to Sarah R. and James E. Larson, $250,000.

D ST., 8200-William D. and Bonita R. Greenwell to Gloria L. and Oliver L. Jones, $295,000.

GLASGOW WAY, 2822-Robert William Jr. and Linda J. Mallonee to Sharon D. and Dennis M. Gheen, $375,000.

Huntingtown AreaHEATHER LANE, 1699-Michael B. and Margaret C. Webb to Theodore Edward and Brenda Wolfe, $530,000.

Lusby AreaBOOTSTRAP CT., 11522-John A. and Shirley M. Burch to Roberto Bravo and Maria Ospina, $240,000. BOOTSTRAP TRAIL, 11549-Louis Kavades to Joseph F. Fenwick Sr., $285,000.

COVE DR., 270-L. Michele Green to Cindy K. and Robert A. Kellner, $335,000.

EL DORADO DR., 1125-Charles L. and Crystal M. Zorbaugh to Courtney and Christopher Shannon, $255,500.

HEMLOCK RD., 11975-O'Hennon Corp. to Summer D. Waite, $310,000.

LIGHTHOUSE BLVD., 3143-Bonnie Boyd Smithers to Kathleen J. Duncan, $340,000.

MICHAEL DR., 12029-Fern and Frederick Jefferson to Jeremy S. Emerick, $224,999.

North Beach AreaBUCKINGHAM CT., 8789-Built Rite at San Francisco Inc. to Mark B. Moore, $451,866.

Owings AreaCOVENANT CT., 9550-Farms Corp. Marcellas to Dorothy D. and Richard F. Gingue, $250,000. MARY ANN DR., 9074-Linda Ann and Reuben B. Houchens to Jeffrey M. Allebach, $429,900.

STEVENS RD., 7977-Sidney W. and Nancy L. Nichols to Regina Valenti King and Michael B. King, $435,000.

Port Republic AreaGLENMONT CT., 3860-Lawrence C. Jr. and Kathy Swartz to Patricia M. and Douglas Z. Doty III, $379,900.

Prince Frederick AreaADELINA RD., 2685-Roland A. Plater Jr. to Robert L. Hilderbrand, $275,000. CALVERT TOWNE DR., 834-Maureen Robertson Baggett, trustee, to William R. Kyler, $180,000.

CAMBRIDGE PL., 250-Thomas E. Nicholson Jr. to Martha E. Hyde, $329,000.

CAMBRIDGE PL., 411-Tracy L. Franks to Mark Fudoli, $320,000.

HAWK HILL DR., 638-C.B. Bernie Fowler Inc. to Crossroads Development Group Corp., $175,000.

St. Leonard AreaLONG BEACH DR., 5760-John C. and Marian E. Roper to John W. Bowie and Lisa M. Shumaker, $227,500.

Solomons Landing AreaMARLBORO CT., 537, No. 44-Gilbert L. Dorest Jr. to Sheila Olson, $409,900.

Charles CountyBenedict AreaWHARF LANE, 18300-Peggy L. and Dennis R. Welch to Linda M. Walker, $200,000. Bryans Road AreaGERARD CT., 2420-Karla and T. Funchess Kornegay to Ingrid O. and George Vest, $307,000.

Indian Head AreaCHAPMANS LANDING RD., 6380-Justin B. and Amber C. Allen to Sandra J. and Harry K. Mattingly, $350,000. DOVE TREE CT., 11-Helen J. Adams to Christopher and Shanneece Alberts, $200,000.

EAST RAYMOND AVE., 1203-Francis T. and Beatrice Bernard, trustees, to George M. Jr. and Linsey D. Bowie, $190,000.

RIVERSIDE RUN DR., 88-Jennifer M. and William Ledford III to Stacy L. Baker, $205,000.

Issue AreaJASMINE CT., 14450-Michelle L. and Keith D. Conner to Brian L. Still, $393,000.

La Plata AreaCURRANT CT., 616-Grace F. and Jeroen Vanderlinden to Ruby Razaq, $379,900. MAY PL., 4885-Shea Harding to Associated Partners Development Corp., $245,000.

MORRIS DR., 111-Effie I. Neal and Leo D. Butler to Rajwinder Kaur and Lakhvir Singh, $330,000.

RUPERT DR., 12330-Cynthia D. and Lawrence R. Novak to 12330 Rupert Corp., $590,000.

SHARON AVE., 9695-Stephanie L. Dodd to Betty and Charles Dunnington Jr., $334,900.

VALLEY RD., 6395-Walter D. and Phyliss Meadows to Brenda F. and Wendell E. Stokes, $325,000.

WICOMICO ST., 707-D. Yarnell and Linda Darosa to Civista Care Partners Inc., $338,000.

Nanjemoy AreaNEIGHBORS PL., 3685-Lloyd A. Cobey to Percy O. Thompson, $313,000.

Newburg- Rock Point Road AreaGLASVA SCHOOL RD., 11055-Mohler Construction Inc. to Ruben Ochoa, $550,000.

MEADOWVIEW DR., 9812-Janice F. Sprouse to Joseph Culbreth, $250,000.

OVERLOOK CIR., 9437-Forrest Builders Inc. to Beverly G. Tallmadge, $484,550.

St. Charles AreaADDISON CT., 1205-Michael D. and Melody A. Coates to Lulita and Richard Ugalino, $380,000. ALL HALLOWS CT., 2008-Beth A. and Dwayne L. Williams to Thomas N. Wood, $255,000.

BANNISTER CIR., 1213-Chris J. Malloy to Tracy D. Green, $235,000.

CAVE CREEK CT., 4821-Joseph J. and Wendy P. Sackett to William D. and Gina L. Edelen, $525,000.

CORDOVA CT., 4901-Saudia T. and Evan L. Claytor to Sherdonna T. Brown, $450,000.

ELGIN CT., 2203-Wayne V. Stevenson to Sharron D. Hicks, $260,000.

HEATHCOTE RD., 3055-Masresha G. Ali to Phillip Cobey, $185,000.

HEATHCOTE RD., 3085-Vanessa F. Proctor to Charlene Hill, $196,000.

HOPKINS CT., 2264-Ryan D. and Tonya L. Smith to Yevonne M. Robinson and Richard Cole, $289,975.

MARYLAND WOODS CT., 10912-ARV Investments Inc. to Rhonda and Allister A. Bennett, $399,900.

PAWTUCKETT LANE, 12137-U.S. Home Corp. to Nora C. and Conrado M. Samson, $494,991.

PAWTUCKETT LANE, 12138-U.S. Home Corp. to Tammy and William Zarychta, $501,991.

PAWTUCKETT LANE, 12149-U.S. Home Corp. to Oscar A. and Mauricio E. Amaya, $499,991.

PEBBLESHIRE CT., 4652-U.S. Home Corp. to Candice A. Barnes, $453,990.

UPTON CT., 4862-Andrea M. Filipovic to Tonya Clark, $240,000.

WILLOW VIEW PL., 12643-Valerie Loretta and Robert B. Walker to Emilia S. and Ruben T. Roldan, $305,000.

Waldorf AreaBASSFORD RD., 15350-Eagle Ridge Estates Corp. to NVR Inc., $200,000.

BEECHWOOD CT., 10962-Robert S. McCourt to Patricia A. and Dwayne Session, $250,000.

BELL TREE LANE, 2154-Patrick H. and Marlene J. Dottellis to Eric L. Harley and Brandy J. Holton, $325,000.

BIGEYE CT., 5047-Walter D. and Keith Ritter to Sheila and Reuben Izlar, $346,000.

COTONEASTER CT., 2674-Tyrone D. and Tina L. Craven to Chunran and Thomas J. Mahoney, $395,000.

DEERWOOD CT., 6215-Gloria D. Cooper to Candice M. and Linda A. Wimberly, $272,500.

DRAKE CT., 4200-Christie L. Madden to Shauna R. Hawkins, $245,500.

DRAKE CT., 4276-Yuri E. Clark to Tyrone Hodge, $250,000.

EAGLE CT., 4347-Eloise Parker to Mersidees Ford, $243,000.

EDMONT PL., 11851-Debra A. Nelson to Dionne Rosche, $269,900.

EUTAW FOREST DR., 2936-Eleanor J. Karimi to Michelle J. and Scott D. Thomas, $355,000.

EVERGREEN DR., 7001-Vernell and Curtis Jordan to Batavia A. Makell Woodard, $360,000.

FLORA SPRINGS ST., 2286-Russell S. and Rita R. Rodgers to Keesha M. and David J. Gordon, $445,900.

GROUSE PL., 4508-Jenny S. Powers to Tamika Williams, $270,000.

GROUSE PL., 4534-Monisha Lloyd to Bilal M. Maddox, $248,000.

HAVENSBROOK DR., 13555-Patrick M. and Virginia L. Beswick to Margaret S. and Kelvin A. Edwards, $539,935.

MANUEL PL., 3145-Thierry and Leslie Dechaunac to Michelle L. and Keith D. Conner, $385,000.

MEADOW LANE, 65-Thomas Tomasky to Amber D. and Kevin A. Reese, $257,000.

MOCKINGBIRD CIR., 4213-Tiffani L. and Louis E. Bond to Tajuanna Hawkins, $335,000.

MOORHEN CT., 2816-Helen Colosimo and Matthew A. Barlow to Lillian and Carlton Stewart, $499,900.

MOURNING DOVE PL., 2982-Rita Griffin and Denise Contat to Michael F. Barriteau, $313,976.

NORTHGATE PL., 3910-Arundel A. Robinson III to Ashley R. and Joshua M. Palochak, $240,000.

RECESS CT., 2643-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Daniel Oduro, $452,160.

ST. PETERS CHURCH RD., 2694-David Russell and Steve Heilmeier to Carlena and Thurman T. Fooks, $205,000.

SEDGEWICK DR., 3131-NVR Inc. to D. James Hicks and Eric L. Hicks, $404,675.

SOURWOOD AVE., 10638-Autumn Hills Corp. to Woodrow G. and Noemi J. Rebanal, $548,500.

SPRINGFISH PL., 5710-Kathleen M. and Christopher M. Duke to Shelli A. Martin, $294,900.

SUGARBERRY ST., 10515-NVR Inc. to Tatsuko I. and Robert V. Kass, $550,865.

SUNFISH CT., 5911-Lata Mehta and Bakul Jyotishi to Kylus and Lydia E. Harris, $380,000.

UNITED CT., 10812-Donna M. Finley to Melita A. and Chester West III, $469,900.

WENDY LANE, 12209-A.J. Wendell and Paul S. Windsor Jr. to Sharon L. and Brian A. Degen, $284,900.

WINBRELL CT., 2692-Alipio Gerald A. Bernardo to Angelo T. Franco, $425,000.

Welcome AreaCEDAR GROVE DR., 6845-Jerry E. and Patricia A. Adkins to Robbie N. and Joyce and Jhonni M. Jones, $435,000. MARGARITAVILLE PL., 9170-Mabel L. Bowie to Kimberly F. and David A. Dixon, $550,000.

MELODY ACRES DR., 8365-Thamas Brady and James E. Johnson Jr. to Lisa A. and Todd E. and Helen R. Riley, $549,000.

White Plains AreaBRAEMAR CT., 3388-Maryland Homes HG Corp. to Stephanie R. Buffalow, $738,186.

CATALINA PL., 10547-Brian H. and Elizabeth L. Harned to Marlon D. and Jody S. Garner, $296,225.

ESPRIT PL., 10747-C. Irwin and Dennis Maguire to Lauren and Benjamin Milarch, $315,000.

GAITHER WAY, 3605-R. and R. Development Inc. to Meaza Haile and Mekonen Aredo, $506,710.

HEARTHFIRE CT., 3458-Richard and Lisa Williams to Adriane M. and Frederick E. Minor III, $570,000.

RIVA PL., 10613-Veronica Chaney to Daniel G. Cobb Sr., $314,900.

TOTTENHAM DR., 7554-Maryland Homes HG Corp. to Wanda Gordon, $564,160.

TOTTENHAM DR., 7559-Maryland Homes HG Corp. to Kimberly J. and Michael H. McCormick, $644,950.

TOTTENHAM DR., 7567-Maryland Homes HG Corp. to Towanda and Decarlo Coley, $576,725.

WINDSOR HEIGHTS PL., 4185-Valita A. Wright to A. Stewart III and Michelle Wallace, $305,000.

St. Mary's CountyCalifornia Area CAMELLIA CT., 23434-Wildewood Neighborhoods Corp. to Bekki M. and Daniel K. Reighard II, $430,762.

CAMELLIA CT., 23446-Wildewood Neighborhoods Corp. to Tihana and Fuad Bouhussein, $517,361.

OLD PINE CT., 23118-James Timothy Newingham to James P. and Lydia A. Newingham, $281,000.

PEONY PL., 43971-Wildewood Neighborhoods Corp. to Suzanne M. and Michael C. Prevost, $370,837.

VIOLET LANE, 43970-Wildewood Neighborhoods Corp. to Holly P. and Adam D. Ferreira, $547,478.

WILDEFLOWER LANE, 43875-Kimberly C. and Bruce E. Davidson to Erin C. and Jason G. Goff, $415,000.

Callaway Area PINEY POINT RD., 20450-Rodger T. and Kimberly Shepko to Bradley and Jessica Saratt, $490,000.

Chaptico AreaDANNYS LANE, 36875-Sterling E. Walker to Dora Lyn and James Timothy Hill, $200,000. Clements AreaBUDDS CREEK RD., 24485-Gary H. Bowling to Tammy R. and Michael W. Richards, $315,000.

Great Mills AreaCOOSAN CT., 45525-David L. Kramer to Jeffrey J. Corby, $232,000. GREENVIEW CT., 22408-Richard H. Whalen to Bryan V. Stahan, $180,000.

Hollywood AreaCIDER LANE, 42180-Chapel Point Development to Susanna O. and David J. McNamara, $494,529.

COUGAR CT., 24635-Harvey Williams to Cedro Limited, $150,000.

HOLLYWOOD RD., 24420-Jeffrey Alan Marquess to Adam M. Dennis, $200,000.

Leonardtown AreaBRETON VIEW DR., 40427-David Maurice and Patricia Ward to Caroline M. and Steven V. Holden, $277,000. LADY BALTIMORE AVE., 39944-Jeremy H. and Aubrey Stalling to Victoria A. and Joseph L. Alvey Jr., $320,000.

POINT LOOKOUT RD., 22091-MAFC Residential Inc. to Yvonne A. Huffman, $277,400.

Lexington Park AreaCOLBY DR., 20688-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Maybelle and Mitchell R. Tan, $368,287.

COMPASS CT., 21457-Ryland Group Inc. to Kaletus L. and Edward R. McCain, $497,732.

DEFENDER ST., 21580-Derrick A. Lindberg to Joyce K. Daftarian, $283,000.

FREEHOLD RD., 47997-Jeffrey P. and Jennifer H. Orzolek to Elsie L. and Jason R. Summers, $344,000.

HERMANVILLE RD., 20705-Richard G. Lang to Geri L. Arnold, $265,000.

JETTISON DR., 21362-Ryland Group Inc. to Jean Fontayne Mundell, $302,990.

MARIA WAY, 46089-Christopher L. Carter to Fank William Grube III, $170,000.

QUINCY LANE W., 45878-James Ryan Bell to Edith M. Ramos, $235,000.

SALTMARSH CT., 46103-Ryland Group Inc. to Melvin R. Newman and Shernise T. Williams, $377,990.

SUNBURST DR., 48372-Frank D. and Linda C. Gass to Donna Lynn Wheeler and Eliott S. Cheng, $308,000.

Mechanicsville AreaHARRISBURG CT., 38635-John W. Jr. and Allison H. Betz to Mary A. Brunasso Smith and Daniel L. Smith, $540,000. HUNTT RD., 30135-Dale and Mary Kershaw to Cynthia Gardner and Joseph L. Murphy III, $329,900.

NEW MARKET RD., 37107-Gideon A. Dyson to W.J. Fitzgerald, $255,000.

OAK RIDGE DR., 26881-Matthew A. Hays to Mary M. Guy, $245,000.

SYCAMORE DR., 26120-Roy W. Nelson III to Charles Nelson, $291,000.

VIRGINIA LANE, 42255-Eugene F. Wright to Karen and Timothy Allen, $399,000.

Ridge AreaAIREDELE RD., 49880-Walter R. Everett to Kirsti Dunn and Keith W. Wood, $465,000.